Ruby’s II



2362 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 6605


41.1627936, -73.2217345




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Free lunch buffet daily noon-1:30pm
Free attended parking day and night
More of the Best looking dancers
8 large screen tv’s for sports events


Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





828 reviews for “Ruby’s II

  1. Richie Rich

    This is truly a hidden gem of CT. This club is smaller than all the other elite clubs it competes with, but what it lacks in square footage it makes up for in the talent that works here. Club is known for having the hottest girls in the industry. Beautiful fit girls, the body enhancements are just right. some sloppy ghetto chicks with guts, freakish looking ass injections, bad tattoos, stretch marks, gunshot wounds, c-section scars. You won’t find that here. The girls are not pushy here, they know how to give you your space. You can attribute their patience to the clientele at this establishment. It’s an older, well moneyed crowd. The prices also reflect this, if you’re coming here for the first time you may experience some sticker shock. As bad as the music selection is, it’s not enough to make me deduct any stars. That’s a testament to how great this place is. If the music and decor were updated i would give this place 6 stars. Can’t wait to make my next appearance here.

  2. rpmjc8

    Outstandinng poset but I was wanjting to know if youu could
    rite a litte more onn this subject? I’dbe very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further.

  3. Gino

    heard this guy Richie from Rubys went broke And went to prison for sexual assault kidnapping and rape charges can anyone corroborate what really happened to this guy… this club still in business?

  4. Chris

    What a great club. Was drive in Bridgeport when I saw the sign, had to stop a visit. I was 18 when I went to Ruby I in East Haven. Each girl was better then the last. Only issue I had is that when two girls dance, they don’t have time to tease each customer. There were six guys and the girls only got to two each before they were pulled from the stage. Minor. There was a thin girl, small breast and small ass but what a lap dancer. Dark haired honey. She worked on Saturdays and will be there next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Does anyone know her name?

  5. Joey Boy

    This place has gone downhill recently. Quality of dancers is poor. Mostly hispanic with a few white girls now and then. This place serves no booze so you have to bring your own which is a pain if you only want a drink or two. The area is bad with a lot of drug activity so be careful where you park if the lot is full.

  6. Ricardo

    Yo is this place still around they used to offer, free lunch buffet daily noon-1:30pm I don’t know if that guy Richie still owns the place or what? Last time i was there the girls were telling me about all this drama as a result of this guy. I just want some good drinks decent food and sexy girls to sit on my lap.

  7. mr t

    when are u guys doing your next party

  8. Freddie

    Had a good time will be back for sure

  9. Hugo

    The best club i have been too , No dissapointments , girls were so fine looking , staff was pleasant and friendly , girls weren’t pushy either , will be back again !

  10. Dos Equis guy

    This club is a lot of fun, Anna is amazing. Beautiful body and so personable too,. very east to talk to I liked her from the start.

  11. BODY MAN

    Great place !

  12. zebra

    what a great club thanks for the great reviews that made me drive here

  13. adam
  14. A no brainer

    I will come back again , had a great time last night , Paula is so beautiful and friendly !! A +++++++

  15. cris
  16. Mr Saturday Night

    I love this club!

  17. Happy Customer

    This place is great, the girls are really hot in the day shift, and the free buffet is excellent , i am coming back for sure !

  18. Al

    This place is average. Dancers are mostly Brazilian with attitude. The time I was here a lot of bikers came in so I left. The area around the club is not the best-better to come here during the daylight.

  19. Gawker
  20. omar
  21. Rick G

    Great place to hang for a good time.Good club atmosphere.

  22. handjive
  23. zeek

    still my favorite club and i like all the employees even maria

  24. Nice!

    Nice Nice NIce!

  25. Big John

    Emma is the best stripper in the city

  26. Big Al

    Cool place .

  27. dave b
  28. night_rider

    Excellent club!! Amazing girls!! Simply great!!!

  29. Steelers fan

    Best looking variety of girls in the area!!

  30. Jackjrct

    What a great club. Was drive in Bridgeport when I saw the sign, had to stop a visit. I was 18 when I went to Ruby I in East Haven. Each girl was better then the last. Only issue I had is that when two girls dance, they don’t have time to tease each customer. There were six guys and the girls only got to two each before they were pulled from the stage. Minor. There was a thin girl, small breast and small ass but what a lap dancer. Dark haired honey. She worked on Sat 3/20 and will be there next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Does anyone know her name?

  31. Happy Birthday Nyara!
  32. bob the plumber

    my favorite club also

  33. gus
  34. chet
  35. top cat
  36. Blame game

    Stopped in thursday nite,nice to see nikita and a bunch of other hotties

  37. dj
  38. richard

    look for sunny,beautiful

  39. andty
  40. Lou

    This place is a nice club compared to others in Bpt. Most of the patrons are nice, the dancers mostly Brazilian. My only complaint is they allow smoking here-I had people all around me smoking. I would have stayed longer. Perhaps you could designate an area for smoking.

  41. Sly35

    Rubys is the best club in CT.When will Wild Cherry be working next and her friend Mercedies?

  42. Jack T.

    Not bad. would recommend. hot dancers

  43. The food

    For a “free buffet”,I thought the food was excellent.Nice surprise for my first time there in the day-time.

  44. willie
  45. Traveling Man

    I had a great time. There was a variety of girls and I hit it off with several. Veronica is great! I got a private dance from her and left happy! I’ll go back.

  46. Joe

    This place has gone downhill recently. Quality of dancers is poor. Mostly hispanic with a few white girls now and then. This place serves no booze so you have to bring your own which is a pain if you only want a drink or two. The area is bad with a lot of drug activity so be careful where you park if the lot is full.

  47. fan club
  48. Secret Santa

    Dam that Gianna is sooooo fine , she is a must see !

  49. vince h

    super hot dancers seen melody worked thur and friday will be on saturday super hot

  50. 1st time visitor

    Must say I really enjoyed the club.Nice selection of girls and a friendly staff.Nice relaxing atmosphere,which was nice,compared to a lot of other clubs.

  51. Bravo

    Must agree with the previous posts,this is an EXCELLENT club for a great time!!

  52. Zed
  53. Dick

    This place blows!!!

  55. Dr A

    Ecellent!Love it i will cOmme again.

  56. ASAP

    Cant wait to see Shy again!!!

  57. Funny

    This is the best club in the area.They have the better looking girls of any of the area clubs.Funny that people like “JOE”aka”ROGER” aka”CHET” or any of the other ficticous names you are using continues to try to knock the place ,yet he says he keeps on going there.By the way “JOE”,the college you went to should give you your money back,learn some grammar fool!

  58. todd

    one word sweet

  59. Saturday Morn Blues

    THE BEST !!! A++++++++++++

  60. ob System

    Great system,saves a lot of money.

  61. CHAD

    Love the club and the girls !!

  62. Camel Toe Joe

    A +++++++



  64. Happy Man

    Guys, this place will not disappoint you. I was in Thusday night and I could not believe the number of really attractive girls who were working. They were friendly without being pushy and there was a hotty for every guy’s taste , I rate this club a 10 + !!

  65. gerry
  66. Obama Sukcs
  67. Cycle Trash

    Great music, girls are hot, this place is number one in my books!

  68. Anderson

    Spent Friday and tonightat the club.Much better than the clubs in my home area.Check out Nicole,Nikki,Anula and Hunter just to name a few that I thought were really hott!

  69. JT

    Great club, I could never stay away. It is always my home away from home. Ruby’s is the club I always felt the most comfortable at.

  70. jersey boy

    great club best price in the tri state to have a good time, please clean up the smoke.

  71. Paul

    Best around…no coparison.

  72. Obama Sucks

    This is an awesome club , the best I have been to in the tri state area , Dancers are plentyful and there is someone for every taste , great attitude from everyone and the place has a nice layout inside , Lots of fun !

  73. Joe-time

    Stopped in Saturday night.Nice selection of girls.Best thing was a nice atmosphere,met a lot of nice people.

  74. Big Fan

    Awesome club!Lots of new girls.

  75. ggg
  76. Mr Jerry

    Emma is gorgeous!!

  77. Jason

    I must agree,this club definately puts on the best holiday parties.

  78. sal p

    great club best dancers

  79. Bottle Boy

    Happy New Years to the best club around !

  80. ned k

    had a great time thursday nite great dancers cute staff very friendly, and mgmt that runs the air cond.

  81. clubluvr

    like alot of other clubs, some hot girls, some ugly girls

  82. Tonight

    That new girl tonight was totally awesome.Cant wait to see her again

  83. Ruby's II dancers

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  84. Stagger

    Great evening out for the money spent!!!

  85. malik

    i think this club is a 10

  86. Mike F

    New to the area.This place is a hidden gem.Nice laid back atmosphere and really good looking girls.Free attended parking is great and I love the byob concept.

  87. Brewstar

    I don’t understand all these 5 star reviews. Must be owner and dancers. BYOB and I have to PAY to drink it! Min 2 drinks! Lap dance fee PLUS the $20 for nothing,rushed 1 song. No value, no fun 🙁

  88. great time
  89. mel
  90. WOW!!

    Jasmine is HOT!!


    You guys rock.No one has better girls.Happy b-day Big Mike!!

    When will Bankie be back?

  92. Jackson

    Nice club

  93. eee
  94. Finster Boy

    Ruby’s has always been #1 a cut above the rest !!!

  95. I'm impressed

    Great show last night!!!

  96. review
  97. Rick

    The new girls are sweet.

  98. ernest h

    great lineup of hot girls friday nite

  99. dfr
  100. jorge
  101. banker

    Club is well run.Very impressed.

  102. ?

    Best club? I don’t think so. The talent at Gold Club or Beamers is far superior. This place is average-but for Bridgeport that is a compliment.

  103. Frank M.

    Happy New Year to the hottest babes around!

  104. lloyd
  105. CF
  106. Falcon

    I have been to alot a clubs but this one IS THE cut above the rest !

  107. PHAQ
  108. chaz
  109. Tommy Z

    This is the best strip club ever. there were hot girls everywhere , our bachelor party and especially the bachelor were treated great , it was really a fun time great atmosphere and mood , we checked out some of the other clubs in Bridgeport and they were just kind of sad. Thanks for a great time and will be coming back soon.

  110. # ONE CLUB
  111. observer


  112. Michael W

    Talked to Alyea tonight at the club,shes there tonite & tomorrow day & night.She is HOTT!!!!

  113. Little Mike

    Great club!!!

  114. 49er

    Gettin ready for the Super Bowl Party.

  115. James

    Had a great time on Friday , So many pretty girls working here. Not one girl was rude or nasty much unlike my experiences at other local clubs.

  116. MARK
  117. Jocko
  118. lee
  119. KNOW IT ALL

    I love this place 10 ++++++

  120. bravo1

    Great girls, reasonable prices

  121. peter

    no club comes close to rubys,

  122. The No Brainer W.D.

    Came to Ruby’s II last night for the 2nd time but first time posting about it here on this site , well the dancers were very hot and friendly like last time and plenty of them and not too pushy like other clubs , love the lap dances,( had 2 ) friendly environment, great service with Cheap BYOB prices , was well worth coming here again ( and posting about it ) I’ll be coming in more often ! This place deserves a 20 score rate not a 10 !! Peace !

  123. # ONE
  124. Randy

    I love this place!

  125. andy w
  126. P

    Average strip club compared to others I have been to here and abroad. Bartenders seem nice as do most of the dancers. Quality of dancers is not what I’m looking for, but for the most part the place was okay.

  127. Sick Rick

    Wow that new girl name Michelle is sooo freakin cute !

  128. Gerald

    Great spot!Prices are very reasonable.New girls all the time.

  129. snoopy

    this club rocked monday nite

  130. Club Dude

    I’ve always had a great time here! Very friendly staff. Girls are the best of any of the clubs I’ve been to in the area, their drink and lap dance prices are reasonable, will be back again !

  131. Patrick

    Fantastic Club

  132. Rosy

    Cool club

  133. Kid
  134. jack
  135. Boomer

    Katia is SUPER HOTT!!!!!

  136. guy
  137. gwen

    great couples nite saturday, and i also love the new dancers, and great free mini pizzas mike havent had them in years

  138. Helkyea
  139. AWESOME

    Must say the place was loaded with totally hot girls tonight.Best around for sure!

  140. Milkboy

    Hands down best club in the tri-state area !

  141. five o
  142. 69Chev
  143. bo dog

    great club

  144. puna

    great suberbowl party love the new dancers

  145. Heil

    The gustapo bouncers watch your every move so be careful what you do. Thought I was having a great time until I got thrown out by the bouncers. I wont be back

  146. Earl Jones

    Love the place , hot chicks , low cost , will be back again !

  148. Rob
  149. Old Man Ted

    This club is the best.

  150. Scott

    During the day, it’s the same old faces, mostly non-

    Engish speaking women. They need to hire some fresh new faces, we get sick of the same women all the time.

  151. Mark D

    best in the city.

  152. don
  153. Goober

    I love nude clubs and bringing in your

    own booze love the smell of “box” in the air

  154. troy

    first time in byob this place rocks, drinks 3.00 lap dance 20.00 and a smoking room, disney land in the east, my new hangout

  155. jon and kate

    great halloween and couples nite saturday nite at rubys

  156. Kobe
  157. Town Cryer

    Excellent selection of Beautiful girls all the time ! I rated this club a 10 +


    Big ups to BIG MIKE!! Greaaaat party today!! Class act.

  159. derm
  160. AAA

    Gettin ready for the weekend!!

  161. Earl
  162. Tommy

    Great club!!

  163. TJ

    Love the club.Great girls,great atmosphere and great music.A real gem in the city of Bridgeport.

  164. J.Jay

    Went to Ruby’s with some buddies of mine and Ruby’s has done it again. They have a few new girls a little Columbian i didnt catch her name she is a beautiful 100 lbs. long brown hair and a perfect body,then there is this beautiful Dominican sweetheart,Kaya i believe. Ruby’s gets a 10 for all their girls. Check out Adrianna and Angel they are awsome these girls all know how to show u a good time

  165. Yankees fan

    Without a doubt,the BEST club in the Fairfield County area.

  166. Egor

    RATED 10 +++++

  167. Traveler

    Great job,love the club!

  168. Coffee Time

    I just love this club , beautiful girls all the time , and that free buffet during the day , ain’t nobody putting out a spread like that any time soon !

  169. EXPERT

    Anula is super HOT!!!!

  170. John Franco

    Best place for a bachelor party!

  171. Jimmy

    Had a great time this weekend,will be back

  172. Norton

    Great club is right. This is great club.

  173. George Steinbrennar

    This is the best club in CT by far stop hating on it you jealous bastards wish your club was as rockin as RUBY’s.

  174. Locomotive man

    Go to the club 4-5 times a month.By far the best club in Bridgeport.Always good lookers.

  175. bosco

    great staff awsome dancers had a great time sat nite

  176. gilbert
  177. Julia

    Hey guys,come see me at the party tomorrow.Gonna be a great time!!!

  178. Bill F

    Great club!!

  179. rating
  180. Zee

    Overall its the best club in the area.

  181. Chris

    We went here for a bachelor party and it was great !

  182. Derby WINNER

    Love this club!!

  183. First Class

    Club with just awesome dancers !


    Excellent club for a great time , girls were very cute , not to pushy for a lap dance ,they have the BYOB system which seems to be a great bargain , will visit again.

  185. Joe B

    Rubys is on top of their game.

  186. Joe Giradi

    Looking forward to the party!!GO YANKEES!!

  187. veto c

    great club folks worth the drive

  188. 49er guy

    First class club.

  189. greg
  190. Benz

    Great girls, great sounds, great time

  191. us army

    does anybody know when the 2 smokin life guards from monday nite are back

  192. Stump
  193. RUBY'S II

    Ritchies B-Day party Sat.May 14th.Starts at 2pm.Lots of girls!!!!

  194. theOriginalWhereTheGirlsAre

    Overall,still the best club in Bridgeport.The original “WHERE THE GIRLS ARE” Remember,”OFTEN IMITATED,NEVER EQUALED”

  195. uop
  196. Jeremy
  197. ws
  198. Jay

    Excellent club for a great time , girls were very cute , not to pushy for a lap dance, they have the BYOB system which seems to be a great bargain, will visit again.

  199. Duke Booty

    A really laid back strip club with a sports bar feel. if you like chicks and sports its worth the trip!!!

  200. mayer
  201. the best
  202. corona guy

    my favorite place

  203. Moose Kane

    Best place to watch the game.Looking forward to the Super Bowl.

  204. burns
  205. pete

    that was the best superbowl party i have ever attended hot girls great food a nice tvs to watch the game this place is number 1

  206. del
  207. Lets See

    This site is a joke.Rubys is a great club and so are a lot of others.Lets see whats up???

  208. The KID

    The new plasma TV’s look great.Best club around.

  209. Destiny Fan

    She is just awesome !!!!!!!

  210. SNAKE


  211. rocket

    you have some hot dancers here

  212. I agree

    Recommended for everyone!

  213. Wally
  214. Joe F

    Coming soon!!!DJ Gus’ birthday Party………

  215. bbb
  216. u.i.
  217. andre

    this place is wort the trip

  218. pac man
  219. Re Tiona

    Rubys II is without a doubt the best run club in the city!!

    Do yourself a favor,when your not working at Scruples,go back to school and learn how to type and learn some grammar skills!

  220. mm
  221. MACCO


  222. fat wally

    where doyou guys get all these women sat nite was great

  223. Jerry K

    Club is clean, women are HOT!!! Took my brother in law there last week, he can’t wait to get back in the spring and do it all over again. Keep up the great work!!

  224. Hip

    I used to DJ here.Best club ever.

  225. Gorrilla

    My favorite club

  226. wfan
  227. Party Time

    Big Mikes B-day,wet t-shirt contest and end of summer bash Sat nite Sept.17th.Free barbacue.Lots of dancers!!!

  228. yankee guy

    great place to watch the games and look at the areas finest eye candy

  229. shaved head

    now that its no smoking im done a scruples and keepers they cant touch this place, the smoke was the only thing that kept me from coming offen

  230. Sobee

    Best all around club!!!

  231. point guard
  232. maureen
  233. kenny
  234. The Girls


  235. big t
  236. osha

    Now that they finally stopped the smoking, this club is perfect!!! I will be going more and spending more.

  237. Spanky
  238. Russ
  239. Flash

    This is still the best club in the area, hands down.

    The girls here are good looking and friendly. Most do not pressure you. The BYOB system works fine, it allows there to be full nudity instead of just topless like the other clubs. There a 2 package stores near by so there is no problem getting a bottle.

    The lap dance quality varies by girl like every place but I’ve never been disapointed.

  240. hank
  241. deja
  242. Dale Gribble

    Place is decent.

  243. cashman
  244. BIG Rubys fan

    Julianna is amazing!!

  245. Walt

    GREAT party as usual.THANKS!!

  246. joe l
  247. STAN

    The new girls look great!!

  248. Truly

    A first class operation.Best in Bridgeport.

  249. bob l

    the swim across the sound party was awesome. thanks richie for supporting a great cause and providing great food and beautiful women. ruby’s is #1

  250. local
  251. rated
  252. Mikel

    Breat club wish I had money to go every night.

  253. Michigan Man

    Go to this club. My wife and I were visiting a friend in Westport and decided to hit the club. We had been there before, but that was a couple years back. Big improvement. The girls are hot, you can drink relatively cheap with the BYOB system,the guy at the door was courteous and explained the BYOB policy and upcoming events, the barmaid had a good disposition, the dancers were not pushy and if you were not interested they understood.The negatives I noticed were few. They include a 10.00 cover at the door (which you can defray by sticking doing BYOB), the waitress on the floor was not always attentive (which is how we got to know the barmaid) and they frown on any touching of the dancers on stage. The last complaint may not be legit, since I’m thinking it is a code violation. In Michigan, my wife and I are able to push the boundries. Overall, a very positive experience. I guess that is why we went back twice this trip. Will be back again. Also dig the t-shirts they have. Should’ve picked one up.

  254. Papillon

    Rubys II is the Best overal club in the area by far.The others dont even come close.Lots of jealous,rejected posters on this board ned to get a life.

  255. Wilson
  256. tna
  257. trucker

    Best kept secret.The place is great.

  258. Joey B.

    I drive down twice a week from Hartford.Best looking girls around.Well worth the trip!

  259. U CONN guy

    Watchin the games and the hot girls at Rubys II.

  260. Emeril


  261. Max

    None better than this club

  263. BLUE EYES

    Wow this place has it all , best looking girls , along with cheap drinks prices , and that pizza has to be far the best i have had compared to any other club , I WILL BE BACK !

  264. Salesman

    Very friendly staff.

  265. Alex G.

    Great spot to view sports.Nice tv’s.

  266. JB
  267. Victor

    I travel here from Long Island as often as possible. It is worth the trip each and evert time. I always feel comfortable here, it’s my home away from home! Ruby’s II is one of the best clubs around!

  268. duke
  269. Billy Bob


  270. RG
  271. Jake

    I love this place , been to alot of clubs but nobody compares to this place for a great time ! A +++++

  272. Edward

    For sure the best strippers in the state

  273. bobby
  274. ed
  275. happy

    great club

  276. Jimmie

    Club is loaded with good looking girls!!

  277. IMO

    Still the BEST strip club around!

  278. Santa

    Nobody does it better than Ruby’s !

  279. Birthday Boy

    Had a great time celebrating my birthday at Rubys.Thanks for a great party!!

  280. LOL

    This is the only strip club where I feel comfortable. No one hassles you. There are always some girls that complain and are pushy regardless of where you go. The talent is not always great but…If you demonstrate respect for the performers you are likewise treated very well in the club. I think its the best club in the area period.

  281. Mr. Bojangles

    Best club for your money ! A ++++++

  282. hap
  283. oufa

    vendor at the vibes told me of this place, very nice all around, great looking friendly girls

  284. Danny

    Great club for class entertainment

  285. newman
  286. turkish teddy

    can anyone in mgmt confirm this today an employee said u may see over 30 dancers for mikes party friday nite

  287. Clown Guy

    Love this place.

  288. By the readers poll:

    Great FREE buffet at lunchtime.B.Y.O.B and free lunch with hot strippers.How can you go wrong?

  289. xman
  290. L.I. MAN


  291. Tony Paige

    When I’m in Ct. I always stop by Rubys!

  292. Steve S

    Thee BEST!!!

  293. Bridgeport native

    “BEST GENTLEMANS CLUB”around……….

  294. Roundman

    Great club to hang out in , relaxed , casual , not too loud and affordable , very pretty girls who are not pushy , coming in this Saturday can’t wait !!

  295. Nathan

    Great place and I will be back for more!

  296. gas man
  297. Tony D

    Girls are amazing. Lunch buffet is best around and free !

  298. John
  299. UNCLE AL


  300. StilltheBEST

    Overall top rated everywhere

  301. Joseph

    Thanks for my great stag party,had a great time.

  302. Attention Dancers

    Rubys II is now hiring new dancers.Contact the club for an audition.

  303. ike
  304. Art

    Great party place

  305. TO MUCH
  306. Trevor

    Best club around

  307. Greer

    Greatly improved…be back for sure.

  308. limo fred

    everything about this place is great

  309. thad
  310. todd jenlin

    great line up thursday nite

  311. quick
  312. gary
  313. the best club
  314. turbo

    great place to hang and have fun with good looking women

  315. jeff
  316. KING PIN

    I love this club , best in town , top rated !!

  317. RJ

    Terrific girls and a easy location. Service is always first rate !

  318. HOT

    dancers on a cold night

  319. Cal

    Great girls this weekend

  320. Alex T
  321. doc gibbs
  322. Like it or not

    Best legit entertainment in Bridgeport.

  323. dean
  324. neil

    nice club safer then misteek nice safe parking here and better girls

  325. Max Bundy
  326. Eat Right !

    First time traveling though Ct from Florida to Mass. for my business , I made a stop here after finding the club on this site and ( I’m glad i did !! ) , this is a nice place, run by nice people with reasonable BYOB drink prices , I was there last Wednesday on a weeknight when there were 16 dancers and about 30 patrons , 15 out of the 16 dancers were very attractive they were all nice and not pushy for drinks or lap dances , I will be coming through this Wednesday and i’m going to stop here again , i can’t wait !!!

  328. king
  329. teddy
  330. man
  331. Dutch Treat

    Thank Rubys for making my time in the club all nothing short of spectacular. You have fine and very friendly ladies! Thanks For Having Such a Great Club to enjoy the most fun and definitely some of the finest Ladies of Connecticut ! Keep up the Great Work! I rate it a 10 + !!!!

  332. ZEKE

    Still my favorite place!!!!

  333. StaggerLee

    Great value for the money spent. BYOB best idea yet to keep price reasonable…that means more left for tips

  334. Chris W

    great club.Imitation is the best form of flattery.The ads some of the other clubs are running are too funny.Almost word for word from what Rubys has been using for years.Sorry guys,Rubys will always be the best.

  335. Where is she????

    Ruby’s ii is the best CLUB no doughb.. But i

    wonder where Nasha??? A hispanic girl dark

    hair light skin. She greAt reallu sweet and

    man great lap dances…. Well i really hope

    she comes back!!!

    I also like Bella and Leila the OMG and

    Natasha!! I just got this thing for hispanics!!!!

    But hope NAsha Comes back soon!!

  336. Hottest Girls

    Best around!

  337. D

    Average at best. Quality of dancers has gone downhill.

  338. ajt
  339. Alan
  340. Wild Bill

    Huge HALLOWEEN BASH Sat.night,Oct.30th.Amatuer girls will be there as well as Wild Bill’s Party Army.Stay tuned to for further details.

  341. me
  342. Top Notch

    Most definately the best club in the area.Best variety of girls.Clean,safe club.They throw excellent parties.A must stop when in the area!

  343. Mugs

    This club rules! I heard about it years ago from a dancer who loved to work there, and I accidentally found it while conducting business in the area. The girls are hot and really love to be there, the atmosphere is intimate yet erotic, and you’ll just feel like staying to see what happens next! Great experience for your buck! I rate it a 10 +

  344. Simon
  345. tyree
  346. Sonny

    For Connecticut,this is a really nice club.

  347. LorJoe

    Had an amazing time as usual at Ruby’s II! Violet is our new found favorite and will be coming back to see her real soon!

  348. Luv the club

    Great spot to unwind after work.

  349. Mr X
  350. SS
  351. LAZY BOY

    BEST CLUB AROUND 10 ++++

  352. mj
  353. x man
  354. sony
  355. David

    Great club,great girls,great music!

  356. royal 1

    great time at this club girls were nice great prices will be back

  357. XRATED


  358. skunk
  359. bigg
  360. John S

    Best club around for your money !

  361. Oliver

    Great Memorial Day cook-out.Had a super time.Jenifer is really nice!!

  362. ftg
  363. herman
  364. agent


  365. Tom
  366. ryan

    yes club is a solid 10, nobody in this state comes close.

  367. Brian C


  368. joker
  369. Awesome club

    nice relaxing atmosphere.

  370. Jimmy O

    Katia is HOT!!!!!

  371. ron
  372. ROY


  373. Comment below

    I know the person who wrote that and why.Comment is totally false as everyone knows.

  374. lance

    Had a great time there.

  375. Hot blonde

    Goes by Danielle.Gotta check her out!

  376. joe d

    cant wait for yhe wed christmes bash

  377. good time

    great time today. dances with bia and isis. both great and worth your money

  378. dd

    From my point of view, I like this club. They seem to know what they are doing.

  379. Andy

    Nothing much here anymore. Quality of dancers is average, mostly Brazilian. Place was dead when I was here. The old days are long gone.

  380. NEW GIRLS!!

    I fell in love with these hot new girls:Nicole,Lee-ann,Lianna,Kendra and Star just to name a few.Best club around!!

  381. Jerry

    this is the place to go

  382. Mickey

    It’s just average for the area.

  383. skieElzbth
  384. gman
  385. Workin Man

    Very comfortable atmosphere.Great girls.

  386. espn
  387. debb
  388. Tall P.

    This club is excellent. The girls are gorgeous, they’re not too pushy, I like the BYOB gig and I just feel comfortable here. I don’t feel this way about any other club.

  389. #1 CLUB

    Best club around….Hey V,that comment is to intelligent.How old are you about 5 ???

  390. cyrus

    great place to be

  391. Big Dog

    Best club around.The dancers are great!

  392. Snaggle Puss Jones


  393. Santa
  394. slim jim

    some hot smokin gals wednesday nite

  395. vic
  396. ccc
  397. Yankee fan

    Best place to watch the games.

  398. Thanksgiving Party

    is Wed.Nov.24,noon till…50 Girls,FREE turkey buffet.No-one tops Ruby’s Thanksgiving Party.

  399. brian o
  400. theOriginalWheretheGirlsAre

    Overall,still the best club in Bridgeport.The original “WHERE THE GIRLS ARE” Remember,”OFTEN IMITATED,NEVER EQUALED”

  401. My favorites

    Anna,Bella,Anula,Layla and Eva are all beautiful!!

  402. Stripper magazine

    Best club to ring in the New Year.B.Y.O.B.,free buffet and lots of hot dancers.No better value anywhere.Always a good party.

  403. petre
  404. figuora
  405. cody
  406. Peaches
  407. super dog

    real nice club, hot dancers, good old fun

  408. Frank Matarese

    This place is off the hook, you have to check it out!!!

  409. A+

    . A+ rating .

  410. go daddy

    nice club

  411. mike b
  412. clark

    rubys great derby party on saturday. with the bad times around its nice to feel at home at rubys, also the prices are the best around. thanks to the rubys staff and dancers

  413. Alan S.

    Very impressed.

  414. Puff Dragon

    Rubys always has new girls coming in ,a weekly free buffett,and the BYOB system is the best around !!

    I rate the club a 10 +++++

  415. Dr. Rick

    Best Club in the Tri-State Area !!

  416. watcher

    a real nice club

  417. Vernon

    fantastic place all around

  418. RG


  419. NJ buisnessman

    Went to the club for the first time because of this site.Must say it was well worth it!Never expected a free buffet (was delicious) and the girls were great.Will be back soon.

  420. Doc Holiday

    I have to say I’m proud to be a regular customer. Anyone can say anything negative they want about this club, but it’s my absolute favorite strip club. I always bring in my friends (male and female) from out of town whenever they’re here, and we’ve had a blast every single time. The staff is always welcoming, the girls are beautiful and extremely friendly, some esp. with another woman 😉 Last weekend I had several very hot dances from a petite gorgeous blonde named Daisey , Rubys will always be a cut above the rest , I rate this club a 10 + again !

  421. MR. RIGHT
  422. Terrace

    Excellent club…good time

  423. Mr.j
  424. Tony P

    My favorite club,great lunch buffet

  425. ck
  426. John The Baptist

    A +++++

  427. Q-Bert

    Best variety of girls .

  428. The Family

    A ++++++

  429. How

    Ruby’s is awesome!

  430. UNREAL

    Wonder what dump Sean works for???

  431. Nick

    Nice place to party with friends.

  432. zappa

    grrrrrreat club , had a dance with adriana wwwwwwwwwwwwow she a bueaty,a big 10 in my book.will be back to see her again.again and again

  433. ben h
  434. Midnght

    The clubs good. I really liked it. But I went there this Friday and was put off to not likely go back again unless management apologizes (Highly unlikely).

    See good thing about Ruby’s II is you can smoke there. Well after having gone there for two days prior and on the third day to be told due to customer complaints I can’t smoke clove cigarettes in the club. Well I’m out the door. It’s really sad to because i brought 4 other people with me in the course of three days and paid girls better than the bastard who complained I’d wager. Anyway it’s a nice place but if you smoke anything that remotely might smell good, other than stanky normal tobacco don’t bother going.

  436. Drew

    Love the weekends at Rubys 2.

  437. James T.

    not enough variety of girls, never any hiphop music bein played

  438. Iagree

    Cant beat the prices.

  439. Roger

    Too many old Brazilians here,wonder if any of them ever heard of a gym?

  440. mvp
  441. EYE CANDY


  442. jenna
  443. Crazy Harold

    Had a really good time–be back for sure.

  444. Ruby's veteran

    PLEASE, RICHIE, ELIMINATE THE SMOKING!!!! I would come here more often and stay longer = spend more if you would just go non-smoking. Do your customers and employees a favor for their health. Women are gorgeous, sensual and great actors.

  445. one eye

    great party sat nite food was out of this world ,great costumes , hot dancers

  446. Suggs
  447. still the best
  448. allen
  449. Rock
  450. Mike S.

    Had a great time today.Girls were awesome!

  451. Ray

    Best club in the area.Lots of really nice lookin girls.

  452. red white and blue guy

    what a great party last nite, great food, nice dancers, oversized drinks, and cool ac on

  453. Dan

    This club is the best around. I’ve been going here for years, the hottest girls in the area work here.

  454. carl
  455. #1rubyfan

    Ilove it here.

  456. ed t

    spent the 4th at rubys good food and good times new girl is so hot

  457. suger ray

    love this place

  458. Will

    Far best in connecticut these girls have class.

  459. dr love

    great friendly club close from everywhere 10 stars from me

  460. Finest

    This club easily has the best looking girls.Very well run club.

  461. My favorite

    Bella is so HOT!!!

  462. great mix

    bia, ana , isis, and sunny. what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. wish i had unlimited money !!!!

  463. money wad

    im hooked on this place

  464. edr
  465. Jets fan

    Had a great time last night watching the game.Great girls!!

  466. Boston bound

    The best club in New England. The bartender (Maria) is a high spirited person with an outgoing personality. The girls in the place are very, very, very friendly.

  467. mr rios
  468. kersey
  469. Old Triumph Rider from StamCT

    used to come here all the time. place has always been great. still is. had an opportunity to stop in a few weeks ago & i felt like i was home. always been a fun place, nothing’s changed. I’m sure richie will see to that. btw, i heard minx drops in for a drink occasionally. anyone seen her? if you do, tell her i said hi.

  470. Destiny--

    Is lookin better than ever!!!!

  471. Nasty Habit
  472. feature
  473. hot shot

    what a great place for the money

  474. Super Bowl Party

    Starts at 6pm. 8 giant screen tv’s,FREE food,Super Bowl style during the game and the hottest girls around to help you root in your favorite team.No-one does it better than Ruby’s!

  475. Saturday Blues

    A cut above the rest , # 1 adult club in the tri state area

  476. slim
  477. pete b

    this club is the real deal

  478. Customer

    In for lunch,nice selection of girls.

  479. GOD
  480. Passin through

    I like the layout of this club.Nice people,nice girls.Will definately return.

  481. T
  482. # 1 club
  483. AJ
  484. Mr Smith

    Excellent Club. Great Girls, great times

  485. army guy

    love violet and the club

  486. C

    My favorite club.None better,hot girls!Glad they got rid of Chloe!

  487. #ONE
  488. MR MAC


  489. Henry

    Stopped in Sat nite with a group of friends for a bachelor party.Good time,nice looking girls.

  490. Factsman

    the only “real”gentlemens club in Bridgeport.

  491. Rick Whitecoat

    Best Club in the tri-state area !

  492. WHO

    The girl sobee or sovee is smokin!Got all my money

  493. Stump2
  494. lap dog

    new girls tiffiney and cloee are hot

  495. Gov. Spitzer

    Had a great time here , girls are cute and friendly , excellent savings on the BYOB system compared to other clubs prices , will be back !

  496. Brad

    Went there last night and had a BLAST! The dancers were top notch, the people working the bar were super friendly and the place was clean! Can promise that I’m now a regular customer!

  497. papa roach

    moved from area 1 year ago, back in town sat nite at rubys, cant belive the great talent still at this club. great job rubys, also i love your smoke free rooms, and great idea to give smokers a place also. 10 stars on this place

  498. Nick D

    I went into this club last night and had the greatest time with the most beautiful girl named Venus. She is so intelligent and fun that time just slipped away with her. The other girls were also very attractive and friendly. I highly recommend Venus though.

  499. sal
  500. scl
  501. wanita
  502. Hangover

    best place for a bachelor party,trust me

  503. Evert

    Sunny is beyond beauty

  504. Vinnie

    Best girls of any club around.

  505. No Fly List

    Best place to see hot ladies ! I rate it a 10 +

  506. tex
  507. Lust Boy

    That Clohie girl has a very beautiful smile and a personality to go with it , definably a keeper !

  508. der
  509. pat
  510. major
  511. mike
  512. sammy 2

    nice club



  514. Louie

    Place is average at best. Too much smoking-I reeked when I left. The dancers were all Hispanic. Felt like I was in the South Bronx. Went to Scruples-was no better talent wise, but at least smoking was not allowed.

  515. Carlito

    You wont find a better club in the area.

  516. Anthony

    Lookin forward to the Super Bowl Party!!


    One Happy Customer here !!!

  518. JIM H
  519. Uncle Willie

    Looking forward to the Halloween party this Saturday nite.Gonna be awesome.

  520. Butch O

    Great party Saturday nite.

  521. Harold

    Hot, hot dancers friendly easy to overspend…but worth it.

  522. carton
  523. Crooked leg Jim

    Great Place , Cute dancers , cheap BYOB , Totally nude !

  524. matt
  525. kayla

    i disagree….

  526. paul regret
  527. cello
  528. Brian

    Ruby’s has a certain charm to it. If you want a glitzy gentlemen’s club with a thumping sound system and 75 hot high end dancers hustiling like it’s their last day on earth, this is not your place. Ruby’s is very mellow, you can come here and relax, have a few drinks, not get smothered by the ugliest dancer in the house for a dance. It’s BYOB which I can’t fathom why some people complain about it, it works out even more economical than if you were at a regular bar. Buy a bottle, give it to them, they charge you $2 a drink after that, how can you beat that? Now for the dancers, this can be so so. You don’t always find a diamond in the rough. But they are there, just not a consistently as some other clubs. Check out Ruby’s.

  529. ARTIE
  530. Cairoboy

    The club is great

    Girls are good lisa gives good ld’s

    Does anyone knows lisa and natasha’s schedule

  531. Tony

    Nothing like the old days. Dancers are mostly Brazilian. Would be nice to see some pretty white girls. BYOB policy is a good value. Overall the place is average, but that is better than most of the other titty bars around.

  532. Mr. Tidbit

    Best club #1 Hands down !!

  533. fred
  534. Ralph H

    I’ve been to so many clubs in my lifetime, and I’ve been to all the Connecticut clubs… By far, this is the most friendly and sociable club in the area… the dancers are hot!!!!!!!!!

  535. kind man
  536. PARTY TIME!!!

    There will be over 30 girls Friday night for Big Mikes Birthday Bash.But then again they usually always have around 30 girls on Friday nights.See you at the party.Cant wait to hear Bankie Banx!!!

  537. laker
  538. Excellent

    Great free lunch buffet.Perfect place for lunch with a view.

  539. Kendal

    This bar is awesome. Most of the girls are a 7 or above. The only bad thing is there are way too many brazilians.

  540. RJ

    Hottest babes around and lots of them!!!

  541. billie
  542. Ct man
  543. railbird
  544. tnt
  545. ted
  546. buddy
  547. Eddie

    Had a very, very good time.

  548. Ritchies Birthday bash

    This Saturday,May 18th.2pm till??? Free BBQ,gorgeous dancers!! Special performance by The Tony Ferrigno Band.Band starts at 8pm.No-one throws a better party…….

  549. $$$$$$

    Best overall value for your money.

  550. Jim B.

    Love this place.Always a great time.Nice people and beautiful girls.

  551. Johnny M

    Looking forward to the week-end party at Rubys

  552. the readers poll

    Great FREE buffet at lunchtime.B.Y.O.B and free lunch with hot strippers.How can you go wrong?

  553. Anonymous

    Best place for the value of your money !

  554. perez
  555. RII

    This is by far the best club in the State !

  556. Rubys

    Rubys has the hottest looking babes!

  557. Paulie D

    My favorite club in Connecticut!

  558. The Watcher

    Lena = Sweet and Sexy !

  559. Got to give credit ...

    where credit is due.Was most definately the BEST Super Bowl party I have ever attended.Lots of great looking girls and the food was amazing.The grill out front was a nice idea,just like tailgating before the game,and I have never seen such a variety of food put out for the game,FREE!!!My favorite club for sure,wish I could get there more.Dave.

  560. best
  561. vinny
  562. ned w

    club has hot dancers i give it a 9

  563. JETER

    did anybody see the new blonde twins amazzzzing

  564. woody

    like that guy zeek my favorite club too

  565. Jack Straw

    Ruby’s throws the BEST holiday parties bar none!

  566. The King

    Great time last night.Monica is awesome.

  567. Joe B.

    Great club to relax an have a good time.

  568. JETS,jets,jets,jets

    Yes,Michelle is absolutely gorgeous!!

  569. Halloween Party

    Wednesday night,Oct. 31st.Beautiful girls,2live bands,free buffet.Costume party with cash for info.

  570. agree with sal

    nice new talent

  571. brett

    im in love with violet

  572. Omega Man

    This club rocks EVERY nite !

  573. George

    Good club—friendly atmosphere—pretty girls—good value for the dollar.

  574. sds
  575. Ruby's fan

    Great place to watch the ball game,reasonable prices,good looking girls.

  576. chris
  577. John from Rochester

    All I can say is WOW!! What a great party Saturday nite.The girls were great and the costumes were awesome.The amateur girls going up on stage was wild.The band was a nice touch to change things up a bit and the food was delicious.I travel this area 2-3 times a month and I was glad I was able to attend the party.Must say,the other clubs in the area are no comparison.

  578. Bubba

    Love the club!!!

  580. Slammin Sammy

    absolutely awesome place!! second to none!!

  581. Chicago Man

    Stopped in here yesterday while in town on business. There were only about a dozen customers in, maybe 8 or 9 dancers. A couple were cute but most were average. I didn’t know the place was BYOB so that was disappointing. The bartender was friendly. Tried talking to a couple of dancers but their English was poor. The area seems to be a little on the ghetto side. Overall the place was ok-don’t know if I would come back though. Any better places in the area?

  582. another reg

    this place is one of the most comfortable and hospital strip clubs i have gone to.the dancers are so sometimes…. but a couple of them can really put on a show. also… chef made free food.. complaints anyone? didnt thinks so.the smoking could DEFINITLY cut down but other than that… this isnt just a strip club, its a neighborhood bar where most the hot nude women treat you well… always going to be a regular there. the variety of girls is always pretty impressive

  583. Norman

    The Best !!

  584. Ole man winter


    Best girls around!!!

  585. DANCER

    Good money,really nice people,highly recomend.

  586. Billy

    a AAA club

  587. Leo

    I was here Thursday Friday and Saturday night, I love this club, it’s full of hotties

  588. kim
  589. Window Man

    Best club in the Tri-State area for adult entertainment, the girls are cute with nice firm bodies and their totally nude too !!

  590. El Padron

    Happy Fathers Day!!

  591. Nikki

    The best club to dance at.

  592. Party!!!!

    New Years Eve Bash!!!Hot Girls,FREE Buffet,FREE Champagne toast at midnight!!!See you there!!!

  593. bird
  594. Micky

    The place is run down inside. The stage is just old plywood painted with spray

    paint. The chairs around the stage are like those you find in a banquet hall and

    very uncomfortable. You can’t get a drink at this club unless you bring it

    yourself and give it to the bartender. Then they charge you to serve you back

    your own booze. WTF? I got a splinter from one of the plywood dividers in the

    lap dance area. And what’s with the chairs back there?

  595. ken

    Plenty of beautiful girls and they were all very friendly. I will visit this club again.

  596. kk
  597. Vito

    Da Best !!!

  598. POPS

    Place is the Best in the area.No-one even comes close!!

  599. Red

    Excellent club…highly recommend.

  600. bj21
  601. celts9
  602. natasha

    i was lost & now im found

    is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    bless this place its the best in my world and im going back 2 seee my real frieds i love you yall

    ready? wink.


  603. sparkie

    It’s an ok club. A little rustic, not very modern. For the most part the girls are average to a little better than aversge. I like the place because it’s laid back.

  604. Rick 1/25
  605. Viking fan

    getting ready for the Thanksgiving party on Wednesday.The best!

  606. bia

    wow !!! check her out during the day.

  607. mr kittle

    great to see issis back she is hotter then ever

  608. ****BIG MIKE****

    Just want to thank all the great customers and friends that came out for my birthday bash, and were treated to Bankie Banx and the band, they played rubys on the start of the their USA tour last nite. Bankie and the boys played over 2 hours, can any club even come close to the wild events at Rubys 2. How about not even close, thanks again

  609. Harry

    The best club !!

  610. USA
  611. Mario
  612. Rick 1/23
  613. SAM
  614. Major Tom
  615. oscar

    good time sunday nite

  616. A.J.
  617. strip club expert

    “Highly recommended”

  618. 1st timeer

    Really nice,fun club!

  619. Christmas Party

    this year is on Thursday Dec.23rd.50 plus girls!!!FREE buffet!!!BEST party going!!!

  620. Mac the Knife

    Without a doubt , a cut above the rest , this club is the best in the Tri State area A +++++++++

  621. linda
  622. TK
  623. rocky

    nice place to hang out and see goodlooking women

  624. ramon
  625. clem
  626. larry
  627. Steve

    had a good time

  628. phil
  629. frenchy

    looking forward to this superbowl party sunday cant wait

  630. LT
  631. mort

    best girls best prices best place to have fun

  632. buzz

    ex scruples cust this place is better

  633. Chief

    Theres a Big party for Big Mikes birthday this Friday nite.Definately will be there!

  634. Southern Man

    Great time!Courteous staff.Helped me save a bunch of money.Will be back for sure.Thanks Big Mike!!!

  635. daily guy

    whats the word on a party or band next week

  636. AW
  637. ed b
  638. nik

    Hands Down Best Club In The Tri State Area !!


    Not the best I’ve seen,but definately the best in the area!!

  641. alfred b
  642. Frank

    Dancers I saw were fair. Had trouble staying long enough to finish my beers. Too much smoking! Get prettier dancers and eliminate the smoking-your business will get better.

  643. winston

    wow attended a stag at this club saturday nite, the girs were awsome the food was great, cant wait to come back

  644. Bill

    Does anyone know how Natasha is doing? Miss that hot lady

  645. jay dunn

    that violet is smokin hot

  646. bud

    what a place to watch the game

  647. Rossey

    Not the newest or smartest club around, but great girls, fun and comfortable environment. Nice mix of regulars and occasional visitors.

  648. Senator

    If you like hot girls,this is the place.

  649. William

    Went there Saturday night with a bachelor party.Had the best time.Will be back!

  650. Donny

    Great club.Girls are super!

  651. Klein

    Killer dances.

  652. dav
  653. Skipper

    Great selection of girls.Really cool club.

  654. Hi haters

    Still the best club around!!!

  655. Big Cheese

    This Club has some seriously fine women! A really relaxed atmosphere and one hell of a good time ! I rate it a 10 !

  656. gill
  657. Gator fan

    Rubys ROCKS!!!

  658. Satisfied

    Simply Fantastic , i went for my best friend’s bachelor party, completely ruined me for any other strip club. The $20 lap dances were simply ridiculous they were so good. I’d recommend this to everyone!

  659. Glazed n Confused
  660. xpert
  661. Alex
  662. garth
  663. Nasty Heart
  664. great
  665. frank g

    Best club in the area.

  667. Obams sucks
  668. Rich

    Must agree,Julianna is awesome.

  669. donnie
  670. ok
  671. Hal
  672. Jacob

    First time here , very Pleasant experience, my wife even had a great time.

  673. Nimrod

    This place has the hottest chicks around !

  674. TRUTH
  675. Bill J
  676. raj

    its Fabulous enjoy …

  677. Jonny
  678. Abe
  679. Marlboro Man

    I love this place! Been here more times than I can count and always have a great time. There’s a terrific assortment of girls working at any given time… a little of something for everyone.

  680. still da best
  681. Sudds
  682. bogart

    Very Cool Place.

  683. Pope Benedict

    Great Place , the girls are the sweetest angels !

  684. CapnJak

    Great Club!!!!!

  685. cw
  686. Money Man

    On my way to Rubies to spend all my money on Stephanie.She is a FOX!!

  687. Lone Wolf

    I found this club by using the Strip Club List. I was in town for business, and as i frequently do, i wanted to meet the locals. I must say that this was one of the better clubs that i have been to, and i have seen quite a few in travelling the country. I compared the LD quality to what i have experienced in Houston and Tampa clubs. The girls were young, very cute, very friendly, but not pushy at all. Very good ethnic variety, european, brazil, hispanic, portuguese, american, black – only asian was missing. The lap dances were $20 each – and full contact. The LD room was just right and i felt very private with my dancer, I will be back in town for more business later this year and i will definitely be back at Ruby’s

  688. dic johns

    just an old customer

  689. ace
  690. bo
  691. ned

    smokin hot

  692. Eddie Q

    Happy New year to all the beautiful dancers!!

  693. Andrew

    VERY friendly girls

  694. Bruce H

    Great selection of beautiful women.

  695. ert
  696. bill
  697. SPIKE
  698. gabe
  699. Friday night

    Awesome girls.Never mind all these other clubs bullshit,this is the best club around.

  700. Tom K.

    The girls were hot and very friendly. There was a lot of pretty talent in there.

  701. Great Club

    Friendly staff,good looking dancers,and you cant beat the drink prices anywhere.Two thumbs up!

  702. Dennis P

    I travel alot and go to alot of these places! I was in town with a buddy that plays pro football for new york jets .We went in not knowing it was a byob so we had to leave go get some beer and come back… didnt care for that to much..But once we checked in and got seated we had a blast.Great girls and a lot of nice people.Cant wait to go back!!

  703. elrod
  704. Sportsfan

    Great spot to beat the heat!Nice lookin girls.

  705. Giants Fan
  706. mac

    The best club around!

  707. Superman
  708. ???


  709. MATTHEW


  710. Chef Boyardee

    Nice variety of girls, friendly staff, never felt hustled. Had a great time and will be back !!

  711. Times are tough

    This is still the Best club around.New girls all the time.

  712. iggy
  713. RICK W
  714. walter

    Great club

  715. calvin
  716. Arnold

    This club is a good club and all doze tings.

  717. Great club!!!

    Club was voted one of the best around by a local papers readers poll.Best club in the area.

  718. Must agree

    Definately the best place around

  719. fritz

    i had a great time on the party this club is a 10

  720. ronnie
  721. A-1
  722. Wonka

    Was passing through Ct this week and found this Gem called Rubys II which is a Banging club , Very Hot chicks , they have this buffet during the week served between 12-1:30 ( hade to make a note about it thats how great the food is )Jamming lap dances with the sweetest smiling girls , i rate it a 10+ , i will be back on my return trip.

  723. AJ

    Lots of 8s & 9s !

  724. carl roberts

    love to come to rubys when i drive to connecticut

  725. VIP

    Emma is gorgeous.

  726. bb
  727. Mr. T

    I have to drive almost 100 miles to see Emma . . and it is worth each and ever mile !

  728. First Timer

    All i got to say is wow , very nice club inside , those huge flat screen tv’s are awesome for watching the sport’s games, the women here are soooo hot , be carefull you could fall in love very easy , Love to Gabriella ! A++++++

  729. cool

    Best club around for HOT GIRLS!

  730. Ache Breakie Heart

    Best club for your money , hot looking chicks , wonderful free buffett during the week ! 10 +++++++

  731. darren

    some god lookin dancers in this club

  732. holly

    as a female customer they made me and my girlfriend feel welcome

  733. gary brown
  734. stump tablet
  735. sir lance

    just a great club all around dancers prices food service free parking and staff

  736. God Bless today !!
  737. Ben

    Deja is the hottest dancer here. Everyone needs to buy at least 5-10 dances from her.

  738. Jo KOOL

    The girls are the hottest!!!

  739. Jerome

    Best looking girls around!

  740. Doc Watson


  741. kj
  742. BIG MAC

    Loved the club , alot of fun action , will be back again !

  743. Kevin

    I only been 1 time, but I would suggest this club to anyone lot’s of hot looking girls !

  744. panty sniffer

    i love everything about this club except my 45 mile drive to get here

  745. mike.
  746. Lover Boy

    By far the best club for your money in the tri-state area !

  747. big mike

    i want to thank all the customers that sent me nice well wishs to get better while out for the past week. thank you it means alot, and i want to wish you and your familys a great healthy new year and thanks for keeping rubys number 1 year after year


    Stoppped in last night it has been awhile and WOW is all i can say ! ain’t nothing like having 30+ girls all walking around NAKED !Alot of younger White new ones , all were most friendly and not bugging for a table dance which i ended up doing with about 7 different ones anyway ! that Jersey girl is so freaking hot and sexy ! I really love Ruby’s it’s like one big party house for guys and girls !

    I know i will be back very soon , Ruby’s Rocks !

  749. eddy
  750. budly
  751. Big Spender

    This was THE BEST club I had ever been to. They had everything, hot chicks, great lap dances, free food during the week and a cheap byob bar. The staff was nice, the girls weren’t pushy, ( again so hot looking ) and it was a great place to hang out. I rated it a 10 !!

  752. butta lay
  753. Im ghetto

    fuck this place

  754. O'reilly

    This is a nice clean club with beautiful women and is a good place for a guys nite out , me and my buddies rate Jasmine and Alexia as two of the best looking girls , but then again there are so many other good looking ones sometimes it’s to hard to choose !

  755. Breezy
  756. Bob

    One word say it all….Natasha

  757. kyle
  758. 1st timer

    The place is a HOME RUN!!

  759. rolf

    great lap dances and drink prices cant be beat

  760. .

    Happy Birthday little Mike!

  761. NATE
  762. Yankees rule!
  763. FAT CAT
  764. rt
  765. REAL DEAL


  766. one word


  767. Ernie H

    Ruby’s II Rocks!!

  768. Mr Goodbar

    Love this place i rate it a 10 +

  769. hugh
  770. steve o
  771. Club Crawler

    Really Nice Place

  772. Big Al

    Just a terrific club !

  773. shaq
  774. jose

    cant say anything bad about this club

  775. Ace Ace

    Rubys is the BEST club around .

  776. night owl

    good club…could use a few more hot dancers

  777. nyg
  778. PK

    Good place; Some of the girls are really hot, while some seemed really desperate to make some money; Great potential but could be better;

  779. METS FAN

    Great club to watch the ball games and the beautiful ladies.What a great combination.

  780. dave
  781. Vince

    Always a good time at Ruby’s!!

  782. Sean

    I have no idea why others have rated this club so highly I was in there on a weekday in the early evening and was very disappointed particularly in the quality of the dancers both thier looks and moves and the fact that they were not friendly. Maybe things are different on a Friday night but stay away on the weekdays.

  783. papa john

    rubys always rocks

  784. Rubys Fan

    All in all,the best club around.Great girls,great prices and most of all friendly people.

  785. Bodybuilder

    Katia,Hazel,Anula and Anna are my favorites.

  786. Gaz

    This club continues to set the standard with the best looking girls in Connecticut.The place is clean and well run.Very friendly atmosphere,unlike most of the other clubs.The prices cant be beat anywhere.If your cool and like a fun time,I would suggest Rubys.

  787. Hot Girl

    Check out “Julianna”

  788. TY

    last post well said! .

  789. 2muchfun

    tina gives a great ld

  790. Easy Street

    Wow , that Bella is oh so SUPER FINE ! A must see !!!

  791. Regular

    Highly recommend.

  792. Tig

    Great Place!

  793. TIM

    Exellent A+ club, that Natasha is such a beuty

    will be back soon.

  794. bugs
  795. Ed Q

    This club ROCKS!!!Hot dancers!!

  796. bil nil
  797. Kathy

    Kathy was my favorite at Rubys sad she moved on

  798. crazy george


  799. Bob Aboowee

    Hey Now !!!

  800. Kurt Warner

    The Super Bowl Party was the BEST one I have ever been to.Thanks Rubys,you guys are the best!!!

  801. fran

    what a great club this is mystique is a dump

  802. Happy Halloween

    to all the beautiful girls at Rubys II.

  803. cb guy
  804. B-Boy

    Wow this place is great. I had alot of fun there the other night. I will continue to go. Hot looking girls, great staff!

  805. Tommy Lee


  806. Little Nicky

    I should have came to this club along time ago , no dissapointments here , see for yourself !! I give a perfect score of 10 !!


    Great Club , Beautiful girls , very clean place , inexpensive BYOB system , free buffet to die for , will be back again !

  808. Romeo
  809. the club expert

    Check out “Vanessa”tonite.She is a 10.


    For info on hot chicks,and the ULTIMATE Super Bowl Party.

  811. Mike F.

    looking forward to the Super Bowl party this Sunday.Always a good time with lots of girls and GREAT food!!!!!!!!!!

  812. Big Steve

    This is a cozy little club that I recommend to the girls who don’t like to be pressured into doing more than they are comfortable with. They run a clean club here, are flexible with their hours and will treat you right!

  813. re: Destiny

    Agee Destiny is the best dancer ever !!!!!!

  814. I agree...

    Best club in the area.

  815. SAL D


  816. lonny
  817. Jim
  818. skip
  819. Sparks

    This club was sooo much better. Now it’s a nude biker bar with some okay girls and some that are “bottom of the barrell”. They usually have 1 or 2 nice looking girls, it would help if they spoke better english. Overall you get what you pay for, and it is a cheap night out.

  820. Keepin it real...

    Best club in the area.

  821. JJ

    I have the best time at this club.None better.

  822. jw

    love this club and this web site do travel 2 other clubs when away hands down rubys is the best club will be at the party when they take the number 1 spot in america

  823. TSA

    They got rid of Chloe ? Why ??? Say it isn’t so !!!!

  824. Catch-22

    Best club in town period !!

  825. tommy t

    when is that hot new girl alyea back

  826. Doc
  827. Horny Devil

    Best club in the Tri-State area !!

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