Scruples Lounge



369 North Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 6606


41.1986417, -73.1921013




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Scruples Lounge

  1. pod
  2. not a fan
  3. don
  4. lee
  5. Sal

    so many pretty girls!!!!!!

  6. joke
  7. Joe

    Went Scruple’s by far the best club around

  8. Joe Blow

    Scruples can be a fun place to hang out on the weekends. Nice variety of Hot


  9. nick

    girls are wonderful. always a party.

  10. the hottest
  11. Hockey

    Trinity – Dion – Tiffany and Stephaney are the best – A-1 personalities- fun to party with and the bartenders take good care of you – a good club and alot of fun

  12. scritty

    I remember when i would frequent this place back in the day it was very classy, not sure how Kim let this place go down hill so fast. theres one dancer that got along with everyone, i think her name was jackie, she bounced around alot of other clubs…

  13. Kyle

    I love fake reviews from other area hater clubs

  14. Not recommended

    Not recommended .

  15. ...

    Best club around!

  16. cv

    Was there wed. for party place was slammin!!! should do this two to three times a year. excellent job by the owner and thier team of helpers.

  18. justwannahavefun
  19. Jingle

    The people who own the club and work there make all the great claims about this club, it isn’t nothing to write home about.

  20. ww
  21. Brad
  22. eu
  23. Jed

    I didnt like this club, was very gross, and the dancers were not very pleasing. Also One the guys there try to BUY my friend from me!! WTF! Makes you think what the dancers do! STAY AWAY !

  24. oakwood

    bartender and shot girl are hot. to bad shot girl is not a regular waitress shes alot of fun and a knock out!Day time girls are the hottest

  25. Bob

    the staff is awesome here 🙂

  26. Jack
  27. ko

    great time tonight, some guys girl got up on stage and started dancing for him, hot little broad w/ nice tits…lap dance was unbelieveable with Gianna

  28. layne

    This is a good club. The beer isn’t overpriced like other clubs and the have a lot of dancers. quite a few 6 and 7’s but also some 8 and 9’s. and one 10 but i’m not telling who cuz she’s mine lol. good time at this club. just don’t pay for the vip room

  29. Frank

    great club.

  30. Ruby's

    Best club in Bridgeport hands down!!

  31. Rich

    Wayyyyy better then all the other clubs in CT

  32. Phoenix
  33. .
  34. Johnny

    THis place rules

  35. Will

    Great music great girls great drinks. Trifecta

  36. Bob

    This plce will alway be #1 they have the prettiest girls and the hottest looking bartenders Free buffet everyday the service is fast

  37. Big Brother

    Lot of girls and there is something for every taste in women.

  38. Scott H

    Best overall club in the area I think –

  39. Jay

    Been coming here for a long time the bartender Diane was a great move to hire her see is great ent.. The dancers are the best in town …

  40. regular guy

    still thankful after years that Scruple’s stays the cleanest, friendliest, most easy going club in Bridgeport, and the area. My friends and I don’t want a high pressure, seedy club, we just want a good time. If you feel the same, I strongly suggest Scruple’s- you can come out and have a good time, reasonable drinks, beautiful company, and you never go home feeling like you need a shower.

  41. Jan Capozziello

    Gee That is funny now I know you don’t come in scruples because if you did you would know there is no summer that works here its sounds like one those assholes from crazy horse you can never be better then me or this club no matter what you think

  42. Cappy

    scruples rules………………………………………..


    the sewer

  43. Sean


  44. NEW GUY


  45. club man


  46. Sara

    Had a great time. Will be back

  47. pbfan


    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Ron
  50. jigga my nigga

    yo dis place is fresh word

  51. Miller Time

    One filthy shit hole with filthy immigrant sluts. great time if ur trashed , I rate it -0

  52. cory



    Club was voted worst in the state!

  54. Big Fan

    This club is the best in CT. Always has been. The only time I will not go to the club is when the manager Julie is working. She is not very nice to the girls and I don’t understand why they keep her there. Bad for business!!!! If it wasnt for her, the club would be a ten!!

  55. Rodney

    The other clubs in the area are real slow right now, Scruples puts the others to shame!

  56. zeek

    this place slid in the toilet

  57. roger

    I was back in CT for the first time in a few months and was pleased to see some improvements in Scruples. Definitely some talent there.

  58. pedro
  59. Marley


  60. Phil McCracken

    All I can say is, make sure you are packing a peacemaker when you go there and you have a good car alarm system. Nice chicks there but make sure you come armed to go back to the parking lot.

  61. Sky

    All the clubs have been going down over the years but this one really was good

    at one time. Maybe it is just me since I have gotten older too.

  62. Rudiger
  63. Total Scam
  64. Bub

    I don’t get all the hubbub? Was there yesterday day for the first time and I don’t get it Don’t understand why people like this club. Over priced drinks and low quality of girls. the price of the drinks should reflect the quality of the girls. Better quality in New York for the drink prices. hey manager talk to the owner and tell him or her your in Bridgeport CT not Manhatten! you could also tell that by the quality of the girls.

  65. Benny

    The daners her are by far beautiful the serve very fast Free grat buffet every day the The place is well known for #1 and still is in my path.

  66. unhapppy
  67. Eric

    Best strip club in CT

  68. Nitz
  69. Chuck
  70. undefined
  71. You Know

    Is Jan the Queer Cap ?

  72. Tim Shuler
  73. EX Customer

    I have been coming here for years and lately not only have the girls been going down hill but they have gotten way to expensive with there drinks and cover keeps going up. I went in last night and there had to be at least 25 girls there and maybe 3 were pretty and faces that i know and there had to of only been 15 guys in there until almost 1 am. I don’t understand how these girls are paying there bills anymore off you cheep ass guys. Not only that, I heard that one of the best girls they have working there (NINA) quit last night because of all the BS that is going on with the club now. When you guys Lost Nina last night you lost the best thing you had there and alot of customers to go with her. I know i will be one that will follow her to where ever she is going. Scruples you need to get your shit straight. Stop hiring these nasty ass girls not only nasty but ugly as hell lately. Your reputation has gone down hill. Russel Start watching the camera’s more i bet you will find alot of shit you you won’t like. And tell you manager Juliana to start doing her job with these girls. The old Juliana was always on point she may have been a bitch but she got the job done now she does nothing. And a little hint. THE MORE GIRLS YOU HAVE THERE WHEN THERE IS NO ONE THERE THE LESS THEY MAKE AND THEY WON’T COME BACK. THE CLUB IS TOO SMALL TO BE HAVING OVER 20 GIRLS WORKING THERE AND EVEN THAT IS PUSHING IT.

  74. Glenn

    Lots Of Updates To Club Recently. Never Dead There, Even In Middle Of Afternoon.

  75. kent
  76. Phil

    The place is a dive and the bartenders are rude !!

  77. buzz

    did all the help quit here

  78. vincent

    back in town this club not the same clean it up and over priced

  79. mwc
  80. belts9
  81. ZEE
  82. Gene

    I like this place, but there are far too many foreign girls working here, are there any American girls in this place anymore?

  83. RE:last comment

    Club is ok……..What pathetic loser wrote that last comment,stupid-

  84. Malcolm

    3 Words , WHAT A DUMP !

  85. Tom

    Enjoy going to Scruples There is always so many pretty girls to see The bartenders are always happy to see you. I love it there they should open another one .

  86. red

    good time

  87. nfl
  88. billy k

    overpriced this place is out of touch

  89. FabAss
  90. Cubby

    Used to be a lot better here, but didn’t all of the clubs? It might be unfair to bash this place for not being what it once was, I don’t think any small time clubs (excluding Scores, big boys in NY or Vegas) compare to 10 years ago. This place was crazy when we discovered it. You’d go in at 3 on Tuesday and the place would be packed like a Saturday night. Fully nude, insane. Now it’s like a morgue in here. Oh well, the good old days.

  91. papa john


  92. Jack

    Best club in CT!!!!!

  93. Ed

    Slill #1 Ilove coming to this place They still has what make this place tick…

  94. Slamma

    Was there last night, good music and fine women.

  95. CEO


  96. Rick

    Does this club hire all the Hungarian and Latin trash that can’t get hired somewhere else? Does any dancer speak English anymore, or am I in the wrong club?

  97. Joe

    Scruples has to be one of the fun places I ever been to the barteners are crazy and I have to add very pretty like the girls.

  98. Mike

    Has the prettiest girls the emplyees are so much fun that bartender Diane is so HOT, The place is so well known. They have a free buffet every day and the food is good the vip room can be a bit more private. But over all Scruples is #1 everyone can tell you that.

  99. bird
  100. paul

    Most girls were very cute, good atmosphere, decent prices, nice lap dances stephany and lili rock, song too short for lap dance lol, will definetely go back

  101. Tony D

    I walked in here one day and a dream came true. I was getting a lap dance and I said “I want the real thing”: she unzipped me, started sucking away then sat on it a few minutes later and I popped right into her. I was in a daze……..ran home to wash off. Couldn’t believe it happened: always a fantasy, but never thought it could be reality. I wish I stuck around and waited until she got back on stage so I could watch my jizz drool out of her puss while she danced in front of me onstage. The girls are not good looking but love your money and your dick cheese !

  102. DOC


  103. Marko

    Place is dive

  104. Sam

    I always come here because you can always see the finest looking dancers.

  105. Enrico

    Gia is the hottest girl I have ever seen! I wish she worked more nights. Beautiful face, the most amazing chest ever and an amazing smile! Worth the drive from anywhere! She is so HOT!

  106. rating
  107. Joe

    This place is the best in CT

  108. d. fresh

    diane is hot!!!!

  109. Birtha

    This club really is a great place. It’s voted every year #1 in CT. These posters below are probably yeenager that are angry they couldn’t get into the club. Really is top notch.

  110. TomTom

    Vanessa is always drunk…………..enoiugh now.

  111. I.P. Daily

    this place is just so average maybe below. nothing stands out here

    could be the best of brudgeport clubs but that is it

  112. girl

    Not a bad club could be a lot better. Too hard to make money Alot of jerks come


  113. The Ultimate Warrior

    Scruples is OK for what it is. I mean really, take a look at what else is out there in the area. Not much. It’s pretty much Scruples, then you have Ruby’s which is different. Girls are not as hot at Ruby’s you get a couple of diamonds in the rough once in a while but that’s it. Beamers is the only other on that’s decent, sorry I’m not traveling any further just to see tits. BTW, free blowjobs across the street?

  114. hot girls

    all the time!!!!!!!

  115. g money

    great place!!!!!!!!I give it a 10

  116. horrible
  117. Dr John

    This is great it where myself go after work the music in afternoon rocks and lots of hot girls all the time

  118. Juan

    Place is a joke.A bunch of drugged out has beens and the rejects from the other joints.

  119. andre

    the other new strip bar in bpt sucks worse then this place

  120. Passing by

    The club is clean. Like any other place there’s pretty and ugly girls. Awsome, good and bad lap dances. They have regular lap dances on the chairs and a VIP room. Not many girls make it up there with the guys…but there is one girl that is always up there doing dances. Does anyone knows who she is? I can’t even get to her because she’s always busy… long black hair, killer body and usually wear tall boots.

  121. Patricia Cleary

    Nice club . . . …

    if you like gettin ripped off.I dont!

  122. pimpin


  123. Greg

    Ilove coming to scruples they always have the prettiest girls in Connecticut. The bartenders are alot of fun They have a free buffet and everyone the beers are aways cold . Cant find a better place

  124. ?????
  125. Paul D.

    Wow, who knew that I would have two reviews of strip clubs up here, let alone go to two strip clubs. I went to Scruples with my wife’s uncle the week before my wedding. It was a “second bachelor party” of sorts. Scruples is the strip club that you see on movies and television. That is, depressing movies and television. Very little fanfare, lots of Eastern European girls who hate you and their life, and overpriced drinks. Plus a guy who was a dead ringer for George “Buck” Flower. (He’s in just about every John Carpenter movie from the 80’s as well as Back to the Future. He usually plays a hobo) Anyway, Scruples is that place. If you walk in, you’ll feel like you’ve seen it before, even if you’ve never been to a strip club.(Or had only been to your first one two weeks prior)

  126. Diggler

    all these past reviews are a joke! this club has good nights and bad nights, but

    more bad nights. the girls that work here look like they came from a Burger

    joint, nothing special. the DJ’s suck, Diane and Laura are the ONLY girls worth a


  127. tommy

    sad when ur bartender gets the only good review

  128. Smegs

    Place is a joke! Should be closed for good soon…………

    By the way Carlos,how long have you been working at Scruples dive?

  129. V

    Absolutely gorgoues girls

  130. deja
  131. Pete

    Came here pretty girls and friendly staff 🙂

  132. tk
  133. Tony

    I been coming along time this is still a great club. They alway have something going on. Always very pretty girls

  134. leo

    security at door should welcome its customers, its people like me why they have a job, take that puss off your face,drinks are very expensive and the lunch you have there sucks.last—what the fuck is with the dj i dont go to scruples to see him or is music i go to see the hot chicks so get off yourself theres a dime a dozen like you

  135. Wow

    Finally, I’m here to say something good about this club! This new girl Michelle is the best of the best! Thank God she only works twice a week! I would go bankrupt if she worked more days! I just want to give her all my money, my car, my house…She’s so real. The music still sucks!

  136. fredy

    lower the prices

  137. Pete

    Sexiest dancers around!!!!!



  139. fred
  140. HO JO

    Why this place is still open i’ll never know , i thought by staying away for awhile some change would happen , but no it’s the same old dump with smelly ugly Brazilian girls , i rated this club 0.1 !

  141. WHAT??
  142. matt

    i like this club however drinks are over price lots of sexy girls,had a few hot dances with jenna brasilian chick

    but she did string me around before she tells me no to take out,this only when i had already spend a few hundred on her


    I have to agree with everyone. The people who work here suck. I also don’t look to make friends with the people here but a little courtesy and less attitude would be nice. I get treated better at the DMV. It pains me to even tip them. It’s like they’re looking down at you for going to a strip joint but then they’re the ones who work at a strip joint. Time to get off their highhorse

  144. franky
  145. Sonny

    Excellent club!

  146. rich

    got some head ruby’s last nite

  147. happy


  148. otto

    this bar claim to fame is diane

  149. Dave Winfield

    Re:Johhny-BEST CLUB AROUND! Let’s be real Johnny, for the area Scruples is OK but it definitely could be cleaner. They could have a better lapdance area (and it sounds like the bouncers all but join you in your lapdance with their piercing stares) and the talent can be spotty. There usually is always at least one or two though that are fairly easy on the eyes. Ruby’s doesn’t always have that. Forget the other ones around, they’re repugnant.

  150. Nick

    Hottest girls in CT

  151. myron

    decent place,,,it is a strip dancer was awesome,,,too bad she didnt notice me,she was busy with some old guy in the back.

  152. GoldenGuinea
  153. Finest dancers

    Hottest girls in Connectitcut

  154. vinny

    safe parking

  155. julio
  156. Hal

    always come here with my friends great place

  157. Ritchie


  158. angelo
  159. ye Bye Scruples )-
  160. no way
  161. jimD

    This is the only descent club in CT. Have been to other clubs around the area with much dissapointment (other Bpt. clubs, Milford, etc.) This is the Brand Name of CT clubs, it’s been around for almost 20 years, maybe longer. Best of the best.

  162. jim

    lowend club need alot of help

  163. Closed

    The club should stay closed for good.Dont waste your time!

  164. Jermaine
  165. Gregg LaCedra

    Overall, it was a pleasant experience, I would go again.

  166. TomT

    Was a great club in past years. The recession has hit it hard and the bartenders aren’t as friendly as before, but still the best club in Bridgeport

  167. Jethro

    Blech, the place is a total dump. too many fat girls with really busted faces. no privacy during lapdances. too many eyes on you. I won’t come here again, rather spend a little more to get a better quality experience.


  168. Dick
  169. Jimbo

    My only complaint about the club is the manager, who is very mercenary. This weekend, I was there from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. I paid a $10 cover, bought six beers for myself ($18) plus three beers, two Sprites and a whiskey for two dancers ($20+) plus three lapdances at $20 each ($60) so I spent $101 over 5 hours (average of $20 per hour) and yet the guy got on my case when I spent 20 minutes at the bar discussing ISU with friend. “Buy more drinks or leave” he said. Excuse me? I said. “We’ve been watching you and it’s been a while since you bought a drink. We have entertainment here.” Right. We’d been there 20 minutes talking – I was trying to sober up a bit from six beers in four hours – and that’s why I paid the $10 cover and the $60 for three lapdances, If he’d stop being so greedy the place would be pretty cool. As it is, the only reason I’ll go back is that some of the dancers are friends of mine. He’s real high pressure on the “buy! buy! buy!” and is cutting off his nose to spite his face with some of us

  170. rogel

    There is definitely some talent at this club. Some of the girls are real standouts that really know their craft. As such they make you feel special and like your money is well spent. Others are run of the mill strippers that aren’t worth the $2 you tip them. The standard Russian imports that try to charge you twice for one lap dance or don’t know when to leave you alone.

    There’s one bartender that’s SMOKIN’ hot with fantastic breasts. The young waitresses are wannabes and are essentially worthless – good luck getting their attention to get a drink. There’s an older waitress that works there that will spot an empty glass from a mile away and make sure you have what you need. The parking is safe but there’s not a lot of it. Once the lot fills up you’re out of luck. The club itself is a little dumpy but it’s par for the course in Bridgeport. I think it’s better than Ruby II’s. Make sure you get there early on a Friday to avoid the cover – no cover charge before 6PM.

    There are a couple of TV’s if you want to watch the big game but they are old and the picture isn’t very good. If you’re there to watch TV then there’s something wrong with you.

    I haven’t had any trouble from the bouncers regarding contact. Some of the girls are a little more open to contact than others but to quote Chris Rock – there’s no sex in the champagne room. It’s definitely my club of choice in Bridgeport.

  171. michelle
  172. the girls no me

    Place is decent inside. needs updating. Drink prices way over Shot of patron silver $9.00 redicuelis.double $12.00 ludicris gia the bartender pricless. Was here within the last week.Wakeup way over priced!!!!

  173. Polo
  174. JACKEL

    I got a great head job last night by a hot Brazilan chick, $100.00 and 2 joints !

  175. Captain Jack
  176. nice try

    you must talking about there is no male manager

  177. M

    Club feels like a third world country. Reminds me of some Latin American brothels I have been to in terms of atmosphere and girls. Most of the girls are spanish (though most of them are pretty cute)…a little variety would be nice. Stay away if you like classy places.

  178. Gotti's Boyz

    Place is a freaking DUMP

  179. big daddy

    Diane the big titty bartender is f–kin hot!

  180. Sparky

    Nice place, some nights there are a to many girls but that’s not a bad thing. Nice variety of women.

  181. jenna
  182. tc
  183. Summer

    As a stripper jan is the worst piece o shit Dj I have ever worked with! He suck balls! Literally! Oakenfold. Icey. They’re all fags! You suck jan! get somebody else Period!

  184. Wetkitty2

    this is a great place, I wana work here..

  185. juan flores

    This club is much beter then some others ,more of a corporate dive, huge stage, planetly of pretty airheads.the lap dances are very breif and girls tend to be a little false in the predicitons of your lap dancing expectations. drinks are great and they dont press you to buy one very 20 minutes like that biker bar ruby’s II. I have to admit scruples is a good place to go if you dont want to spend real money on women.I beleieve mostly its the fact that its a petting zoo and thats it keeps your pocket realistic and honest. the music utterly sucks though.also if you want a swanky enviornemnt, dont go there the girls use you as quick as possible and swarm the next bozo who walks

  186. Carlos

    The best place in town people from outta state ask me whats the best please i always tell’em scruples

  187. Russ
  188. eddie


  189. No Wood

    No good looking girls here

  190. Joe

    This place was banging, nice crowd, sexy girls and fresh cold beers!

  191. Pete

    all the girls are hot

  192. 1022

    Club is excellent and Giovanni is the hottest genius!!!!

  193. joey baggs

    best place by far

  194. richie

    love this place a lot better then ruby’s

  195. 10/22

    Giovanni, hottest girl there! Club is killer cool as she is.

  196. Tim
  197. Re:

    Best club around!

  198. sophiebeau

    staff and management were very mean to me and my friends when we last visited this place, not cool guys, take care of ur customers cuz one day u might never come back.

  199. aldo

    lower the prices

  200. Joe

    best club in CT

  201. Unreal

    All these years and this place still cant get it right

  202. Joe

    come here with my friends awesome place

  203. jon
  204. john

    Gabriele is a little hottie I think. Terrific personality and gives a great LD. Has one HOT HOT HOT little ass

  205. GIVE IT UP
  206. Bob

    Hottest girls in Connectitcut

  207. Drive-By

    Seems to be getting better … here were actually some girls that spoke Engish! Several good looking ladies.

  208. place sux
  209. pat

    great place

  210. annie

    lovely girls

  211. yng big bucks

    Bartender named Diane is fun with great attitude, and a killer body!

  212. strip4me

    You know I have visited Scrupples, Ruby’s II and Mystique all in 1 night … apparently these are the best strip clubs in Bridgeport … out of the 3 I have to give it to Mystique for hotness of the dancers and the quality of the dances, drink prices Ruby’s II, Scruples didn’t really like, too expensive, girls are nothing to brag about, place is in serious need of updating, looks like the place was built in the 70’s – 80’s and since not a nail was hammered in the place. Scrupples the bouncers are all up in your business, Ruby’s II not so much, Mystique the dancers were great and the lapdance room was really gorgeous with a faux fireplace and really cool lit up stripper poles with champaigne bubbles in them. Out of the 3 I must hands down Mystique is the better choice.

  213. Don Juan
  214. Boss man

    Ths club is good,its a STRIP CLUB,,guess most of the clients are used to a better enviorment,,haha,,get a grip losers.I was there recently and there was that special ONE that i spent time with,so for me it was a good night.

  215. JG
  216. scruplrs
  217. smithjones
  218. Jack

    Bartenders are friendly and fast the music is great lots of sexy ladies what more could you ask for

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