Playhouse Club



4624 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73127


35.463822, -97.603554




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Playhouse Club

  1. Ed

    Nice club will return.

  2. Josh

    would not be bad if you could see the girls.

  3. manswers

    this place has all the answers to manswers.

  4. Parking

    I stopped for a quick glance at some tits and they wouldn’t let me in because I wasn’t dressed properly

  5. h town


  6. dean
  7. Stank

    In town for car show and this place was dead as grass. Went across the street to Night Trips and it was hopping like a Saturday night should.



  9. Jim
  10. X

    Didn’t like this, I’m used to XXSTACY ranch.

  11. pimp daddy

    up in here, up in here. hell yeah! this place has got it going on!

  12. felixnada

    This place was awful. The drinks were watered down, couldn’t even taste any alcohol in the Long Island iced tea. When we told the waitress she just shrugged it off and told us it was a different bartender than she usually used. There were a few girls that were decent but that’s it. Don’t waste your time.

  13. clubnut

    this place has a lot of hot new girls. looking good. they also got a new waitress with some of the best tit*s ive ever seen. definitely worth a look..

  14. gotta have faith

    went in last friday night and got a table dance from an angel named faith. cant wait untill next week. she has to be the hottest girl in that club.

  15. Benny Nobody

    Hey wanna be pimp daddy benny nobody, as a dancer i’m glad

    they threw one of your scanky ass bitch prostitutes in jail.

    maybe she will think twice about stealing someone else’s

    money. that bitch diva is and will always be a whore and a thief.

  16. Trashhouse

    A dead end club

  17. Pest

    They dont tell you about a 100 dollar security deposit that they place on your credit card when you start a tab and it has been 2 weeks and the hold is still there

  18. Tok

    It wasn’t bad but the cops like this place alot

  19. D.A.

    Went in here Saturday. Paid $5 to get in. They had 1 dancer, who was sleeping in a corner for the 1st 3 songs we were there. Somebody finally woke her, after another 3 songs she finally went on stage. Tipped her only to find out that she smelled horribly bad!! Out of 5 bars we went to that day this was by far the worst and that’s saying alot because one of the other bars didn’t have any girls but at least the bar staff was pleasant!

  20. bennyho1

    dances suck here!!!!

  21. oscar

    this place is incredable!!! Go check it out.

  22. pete
  23. T

    Had an awesome time!

  24. Jake A.

    Went here for a buddy’s bachelor party. Nice-looking girls, and they treated us well (of course they did, we were spending lots of $). There’s a good layout with three stages that the girls rotate through. I haven’t been to many clubs, but this is the nicest one I’ve been to in OKC.

  25. Small

    The club was very small on the inside

  26. Seth
  27. Rex

    We had an awesome time at my divorce party. Spent the evening with a little beauty named Carly. I know this is a business but she was extremely genuine and nice. Would love to see her again and again and again. You should def go to the Playhouse.

  28. william

    most girls are awesome amd can give some of the best dances that i’ve ever had

  29. TrickyNick

    Ugly girls, well I thought one was kinda cute but when she brushed up against me during a lap dance I realized She had a dick! Bad news is that it’s bigger than mine! Finally left when the one legged midget came out. They could at least do it right and get a donkey!

  30. Naz

    I didn’t like this place much at all

  31. hot spot

    this place really hits the spot.

  32. Jar Head

    this is my favorite club in okc, me and the guys go there everytime we are in town.

  33. Code

    The dress code was to serious, I go out to have a good time not to a business meeting

  34. Trashy

    From the outside the club looked really classy but once inside you tell it was all a front

  35. new girl in town

    i really like this club,i tried a couple of other clubs in town and they were definetly not what i was looking for. the dancers here are nice to me and i dont have to worry about being the only pretty girl in the club. the money is good and i like the location. i would defenitly reccomend this club to my friends and customers.

  36. truble
  37. JustPassinThrow

    I go to this club 5-8 times a year and have always had a great time. Very well run and there are some very friendly and super hot dancers at this club. The quality of the dancers has even gotten better this year.

  38. johnnynoon

    Very clean and wll managed. Great tunes. Friendly staff and polite dancers. A good club for professional men.

  39. Jesse Jane

    someone told me they seen jesse jane at playhouse. wow!!!

  40. $ talks BS walks

    fantastic club i will be back.

  41. jose

    only in America.

  42. What

    NOt a play house more like a whore house

  43. Jerry

    The girls are hot, but from talking to them they all complain about the same thing… the manager. Fix the management and the club would be awesome.

  44. mike

    Been going here for 20 years. This is the best and most safe club in okc!

  45. ryan123

    The staff is friendly enough. However the drinks are subpar. More sprite/sweet & sour than alcohol. Had two Long Islands and got NOTHING out of it! The dancers don’t really dance/do amazing stunts. But they aren’t unattractive either. Since the drinks sucked so bad, there was no way I was going to spend my money on trying their menu items. Sucky, watered down drinks are my biggest pet peeve.

  46. Xavier

    I visit this club at least once a week; I find it more than suitable to relax and settle down… and as an added bonus(?), my ol’ lady works there. 😉

  47. a vis
  48. nope

    drunk girls and cops,woo hoo

  49. wheels

    Have some great women here that are real friendly. If you go look for Dextra, Dallas, or Hollywood they are real sexy and friendly laides.

  50. no

    not for me

  51. Blueeyes
  52. who the f is that

    I am a star and theis place treated me like I was shit

  53. maxxy1

    Good club. Reasonably price drinks. They took great care of us when we visited! We’ll definitely be back!

  54. Dirty

    A dark gloomy club

  55. sheldon

    what a waste overall a 1.5

  56. SMITH

    dont think so,snobs are not my thing

  57. Stuart

    This club goes from hot to cold. Business varies by the week, it seems. Overall, night shift is better than day shift but don’t expect most of the ladies to sit and chat; they hustle from table to table. Day shift is where the ladies sit and get to know the customer. Yes, some hustle but the majority are more interested in who you are and then they go for the dances.

  58. OMG

    All I can say is OMG!!!! This is bar far the best club in Oklahoma.

  59. Michael

    This is the best strip club in Oklahoma City!!!

  60. classy

    this place is very classy.

  61. Trash house

    Didn’t like it at all

  62. B-rad

    this is a top level club with top level girls. they also have a full liquor bar and serve food. i have found my new hang out. if you go in check out emery, OMG!!!! she has to best the hottest dancer in oklahoma.

  63. jason

    just moved here a couple of months ago..Playhouse is my favorite dancer inparticular that I really enjoy talking to and getting dances from is Lexi..i will be coming back for more

  64. john

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