The Penthouse Club Baton Rouge



4622 Bennington Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70808


30.4201228, -91.1382414




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Penthouse Club Baton Rouge

  1. guy

    the girls aren’t that pretty. There maybe two that look good but most of the girls are over weight and look bad.

  2. P Tom

    I did not like a few of the girls here

  3. John Doe
  4. Jami H.

    Very nice club. Beautiful ladies. But you pay for it. And by pay, I mean you pay $2 to park and 10 just to get in. Just getting into the door, you dropped $12. Then in order to sit at a table you have to drop more money to sit. My opinion, not worth it. Great place but you’re def paying for it. Maybe I’m cheap, but I’d rather spend my $12 on the women themselves who I came to see in the 1st place.

  5. z


  6. Jenn

    The dancers are not what they used to be. The pull the same moves onstage and when they approach you, the first words out of their mouths are usually “Wanna dance?” Bailey, Blue, Leyla, and Amber were the best entertainers there by FAR! Stay away from the manager Keith, he’s a class A wanna-be-alpha-male. If he really likes you, he’ll offer to give you a ride in his shiny little Corvette, you lucky girl! Barf. I won’t be going back for a very long time. It’s been a disappointment the last 3 times I’ve gone.

  7. yanard12

    This is a really nice gentleman’s club and I think the prices are what you would expect them to be at any classy gentleman’s club. For those people that are complaining about prices they should go to New York or Vegas and see how much they charge at a really crappy strip club for not so good entertainment. That being said you’re paying a $10 cover to get in but it’s for the entertainment and I was definitely entertained. All the dancers were pretty and they all put on a good show but the two best girls were Jordan and Lexi. They were amazing!! I don’t know how they did it because I can’t even do a pull up but they would go all the way to the top of the pole and even hold on to the pole horizontally all the while making it look so effortless. They did an awesome job! All the girls and guys that work there were very nice. Chelsea was our cocktail waitress and she was very sweet and always on top of our drinks. Alex was really nice too and he made sure that everything was cool and also kept checking on us regularly. Very cool place to go on a Rock theme night. The girls are pretty, nice and they definitely know how to put on a show.

  8. Mandy V.

    Katarina is AMAZING! She really puts on a show. She was a cirque du soleil performer so she does alot of swinging around on the pole that other girls could never do without training. She also does alot of gymnastic type flexible moves. It’s literally insane. Anyway you can look her up on the internet as Katarina Kat…She has a very interesting life story and also lots of photos.Other than her the place gets 3 stars. It is really bright in there (not cool) and you can smoke inside (disgusting). Surprisingly, beer is only $4.50 which I thought was a good price. Bathrooms were clean.

  9. bob

    beutiful girls..great bartnders…cool dj’s…a great combination!!!:)

  10. neil

    plan on visiting again

  11. Frank H.

    Place was nice, fancy pants vibes. 12/28/2014 I witnessed quite possibly the best set of REAL titties EVERR and by an act of God and only $3 those beautiful, perky jugs found their way to my face. Don’t really know the broads name cause really.. Who pays attention to a strippers name? But Thankyou. There were some lookers some not so much but on the down side lap dances are a whopping $35! The fuq is going to pay that for these woman? Not really my thing to get dances cause (1) I’m pretty much a cheep ass and (2) I’m a bit of a germo phob. Overall though the experience was a good one. Coming from Yuma, AZ I man can respect some strippers without sea section scars and/ or a Fupa but get off your high horses with that $35 dance. That’s like $30 mcchickens.. Anywho I strongly advise everyone to make their way to a gents club in Canada, by far the best clubs I’ve been to.

  12. curious

    Love It!

  13. c


  14. larry1

    Drinks are reasonably priced and the girls all put on a good show. Definitely would go back with my buddies in the future!

  15. candy


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  17. thatguy

    awesome club! hot girls reasonable drink prices. go to the website and get a free pass.

  18. old guy

    two years ago best club in town. Now it’s over priced with a few pretty dancers.

  19. Monte

    Great dancers who are extremely easy to talk to.

  20. Scott

    Lots of girls! Beautiful girls and they aren’t all the same look alikes you typically see. Met Ben, very good man. The girls respect him & he gets the job done while actting as if every customer that walks in is a regular. I think his other managers could learn a lot by watching him.

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  22. ME
  23. Mikaleb
  24. cc


  25. sam

    One of the best clubs i’ve ever been to

  26. Alice
  27. :-(


  28. Texian

    Some pretty good lookin girls there, I was surprised since I went on a weekday. Cover was pretty cheap at $8. they want your money, and some were pushy about it.

  29. ....


  30. xxx

    fucking awesome!!

  31. Big Ed
  32. mixed girl

    this club is the worst customer service i went to there hopeing to be in a good hot mood being im a female attracted to a woman and got kicked out because i came alone told me if i dont have a man with me i look bad for bbizz also not girls at this club r white girst im mexican and black

  33. jim
  34. ..


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