The LumberYard



1504 Northeast 54th Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50313


41.6594882, -93.5980842




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The LumberYard

  1. Daniel C.

    They advertise having over 100 girls on staff, but on the night I went there were only 2 working. To top it all they spent the whole night downstairs doing lap dances and private shows! I went on a recommendation by dancer in South Dakota, but do not intend to go back to this club again anytime soon!

  2. good at bad

    the girls are all very nice the club is clean. BUT if the girls dont work the floor very well

  3. Kenney

    Deon and Dawn are worth every penney, every dollar$$$

    Treat them well, I have and I have had just a great time


  4. JAnie
  5. jim
  6. Visitor

    Dancers should work on their personality

  7. Shady
  8. MNGUY

    A 3.5 hour drive from Mpls I usually make the drive & visit this place 2-3 times a year. My last visit was in May on a Saturday night. It was extremely disappointing & downright anger inducing as a customer! Used to be non vips dances were $25. Now they’ve added a new room for $40 in addition to the original.. Suppose to be a bonus service you get over the $25. Management claims the lower priced room services have not changed but the dancers seem to feel otherwise & now have incentives to downgrade the original experience & lead everyone directly to the new higher priced room which is a joke. It is kept so dark in there that anything extra you are suppose to see doesn’t matter cuz its dark to see much of anything! Why am I now paying 40 for the same dance that was 25. I learned that management upped the fees the dancers must pay the house which is more incentive for the girls to only promote the higher priced rooms to break even with what they previously made by downgrading the previous standard experience & downright lying about what you are buying vs what you get. Granted the girls need to make money but this clubs new policy was driving business down. 40 is too much for a 1 song dance! People weren’t buying. There used to be a steady line on weekend going to that room. Not anymore. I’m sure soon people will quit coming altogether. Lets hope the power of economics forces this club to change its greedy ways & get prices back in check for both dancers & patrons! Keep customers happy & they will keep coming. If not there may soon be no business left. Until it changes I will be spending most of my time visiting the other clubs. That’s sad cuz the Lumberyard “used to be King!” Please bring back old LY.

  9. NeverGoingBack

    Tuesday night 4/19. Pretty dancers with horrible customer

    service. Most of them didn’t even try to dance, just move

    along the rail and bounce your head between their tits for

    the tip. It was 2-for-1 but they had so few dancers there

    was rarely more than one available… they went out of their

    way to avoid approaching anyone over 25. It’s a cheap club

    but still not worth it until they fix the attitudes.



  11. Tom

    Best strip club I have ever been to.The hottest girls with the largest varitey, the hot pornstar features ever month and the different specials they run throught the week.I love this place.

  12. Flashmaster
  13. XXX
  14. Chris!
  15. Sad

    I used to b a regular at the club ATLEAST once every weekend. Ive been there 5x since the new management.. I was there Sun, the final appreciation night n I’ll prob never b back again. Specials were great n the dancers tht have been there 4 awhile were still polite but alot of the new ones r 2 stuck up n rude. The bouncers r 2 worried bout flirtin wit the dancers than doin their jobs UNLIKE like some of the former bouncers who did their jobs. The black bouncer Anthony needs 2 realize tht we r there 2 tip the ladies NOT HIM. He wanted a tip 4 givin us ice. Isnt tht ur job? I know u get paid 2 do it!

  16. kyle

    i love this club

  17. Johnnyboy123

    Took the whole family, we had a blast! The women are phenomenal and love the beautiful tattoos on most of them! They love to dance an get the crowd involved! We got a bunch of buckets a’beer! Tipped alot of super women that entertained us all night! My daughter iin law was tickled purple as she had never been to a Exotic Club before! They kept it real and entertained I would even dance next to my table with some of there music!!! Loved it and we were all so very happy and even Excited!! Lots of tipping, keep up the great work, girls!!

  18. Jay-KC

    Seems like the girls are annoyed to be there. Had fun up the street at the minx.

  19. denni

    i come to say hi to sam she is so hot

  20. Traveler

    Nice club with good mileage on private dances

  21. joe
  22. Kelli
  23. Kickin Ass

    I went on a Friday Night and this place rocked. I drove by Big Earls, I thought it was a gas station it was so small.

  24. Bill
  25. BangBro
  26. Allen P.

    lol byob, fully nude, sh*t is ratchet.

  27. Drunk

    The “grandfather” clause is bullshit. No one advertising themself as a former Miss Nude should be a bit more up front about not going nude in a private dance, not almost all the way through it.

  28. Don

    Decent club, usually plenty of super hot ladies, but when it comes to the dances “your mileage may vary”. Some will give you everything but the triangle, while others only allow legs.

    Overall pretty good, but there is one in the city that is better…

  29. JJ
  30. m.k.

    personally i liked this place most out of the others in the des moine area its nice actually being able to touch the girls plus they had some real knock outs working sat night too unlike here in the peoria IL area but all in all two ladies got a couple hundred each out of me and i was sober so they did there job oh so well highly rec.

  31. Austin

    Great Club, 5 stages and 3 stories high, over 100 chicks full need.

  32. X
  33. Minnesota Crane Man

    I travel all over, Houston, Tampa, LAS, and lots of smaller places in between..but I will work my way to Des Moines on account of couple of girls at Lumberyard..

    Deon, truly an exotic beauty,,Dawn, classic cheerleader blonde. loves her C& W

    A couple of new girls Summer..she was great. When you go mention Crane Man to Deon or Dawn and you will be treated well.

  34. Ly Fan

    Deon is great! Private Dances with her are awesome, and she is really nice and fun to talk to.

  35. Larry

    Excellent club, its beautiful and clean

  36. Mott

    Best Club By Far In Iowa…Great Time Always

  37. Jason

    I have mixed comments about this place. It was too dark to really enjoy the stage dances and most of the dancers were far too pushy. However, I did have two of the best private dances ever with two of the best looking dancers ever. Being able touch made me feel as if I got my money’s worth. But beware, make sure you know what the lady will allow for the money you pay. What can be touched and how much it can be touched is up to her.

  38. Entertainer

    Worked here one night. very disorganized. Manager called himself- tinkles (maybe he wears diapers?) Said he has run big clubs? Really? he also dj’d. worst dj i have ever heard. girls didn’t know when to move to the next pole. played part of song then started another. he said that was our cue to move to the next stage… most ignorant thing i have ever heard. Constant yelling on the microphone was terrible. NO money!

  39. matt

    Nice club. The best i have been to in Iowa.

  40. Gross
  41. Steve O

    the best thing aboutt this club the extras you get from alona

    and her after hours there cheaper the a VIP….

  42. traveler

    Do not get off the interstate. Head straight north to Dodge,hour and half away.

  43. Sucker
  44. AFGuy

    Love this club. I have been to clubs in iowa, texas, california, japan, missouri, and virginia… none of the clubs there can even compare to the lumberyard. Maybe it’s cause i’m from iowa but this place is just by far my fav it’s friendly laid back and easy going. All these guys saying the girls are spoiled and bitchy are either talkin to the wrong ones or being dicks themselves. I come home this weekend for 4 weeks and i can’t wait to visit this place as much as i can. By the way Lacey is the best dancer in my opinion πŸ™‚

  45. Lily A.

    If you’re planning on coming out of state to work at this place I would definitely would not recommend!! the staff is absolutely rude walking in the door your first day, even though we had talked to several managers weeks prior to coming. they treated us like we were garbage right we walked in. Why are you’re here why do you want to work here? well we’ll see if you’re even going to work out. We were dressed nice our make up in here we’re completely done very nice so it’s not like we needed to get ready.We’re very good dancers we come from a club that is very strict we had called to make sure this club wasn’t sketchy and turns out to be super sketchyThe girls can come and go whenever they want the owners have no way of knowing if their girls are prostituting or not because the girls are able to just leave. You can take as many breaks as you wantWe were told by management that there was only going to be up to 20 girls on the weekend 15 on the weekday we worked Wednesday there was over 30 girls Thursday there was over 30 girls Friday there was over 40Don’t expect to go onstage of your new girl because all the other favorites Will skip you and your rotation you will never make it onstage most of the money at this club is always made on the stage so when you’re fucking the bouncer or the DJ then you may have a chance of making money thereThe girls were absolutely rude when we walked in the owner had told us that there shouldn’t be any drama or anything we are absolutely not about drama we rather just make our money and not talk to the other girls coming from downstairs up to the dressing room almost every time we walk past their girls they would make smart ass comments like oh my god they smell at least I have real hairYou can tell at least a half of them are heroin addict’s most of those girls don’t even have make up on or don’t even care about their appearanceTheir main clientele are broke college students that just sit at the stage and don’t tipWe come from a club that you’re not allowed to sit in the dressing room Half of these junkies are just sitting upstairs sleeping at their stationSo we are very pissed coming in at 6 o’clock at night when all these other girls are coming in nine 10 o’clock at night and they still need to get ready we been on the floor actually talking and entertaining the customers all night and then we get skipped onstage because little heroin junkie needs to go onstage more than me bullshit!So if you’re looking for a junkie or a prostitute this is your place(not saying that all of them are We did meet some girls that were pretty nice but two out of 40 is not a very good ratio)

  46. CO 1234

    Best club ever

  47. dillion

    not happy first time and was unaware that dances were 25 a song well after 7 songs i was asked for 175 gave them all i had 50 bones then a credit card which was overcharged hard lesson learned.

  48. dancer

    Can we stop the gossip, there is no drugs here.I come in from out of state and this club is world and nationaly known for being the best club in the midwest, can you please go get a life and trying to start shit with someone else,cause we really could care less and know I know never to go apply for or visit that club of yours the amsterdam the names says enough

  49. Dave

    This place ROCKS,I love the hands on lap dances and the many talents and variety of beautiful women.Plus you should always tip a dollar at the stage fyi thats at any club you go to.

  50. Dancing Girl

    I’ve worked here off and on. It has gotten worse and it’s not just the fees. Dj is terrible and the manager is clueless. No he can’t dj, but thinks he can. He does sound awful. One of the bouncers told me that he has the computer completely screwed up so no one can find a song, except him. And “entertainer” you are right- No one knows when their set is over. no wonder nobody makes no money πŸ™

  51. oh

    Too many damn kids there bring there girlfriends hoping they will get ate out on stage.

  52. Big D
  53. Cagefighter

    Best club in town with hands on private dances as well as totally nude vip dances, with the hottest chicks around.This my hang out!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. curtis17

    Dumb bitch got mad when I only put a dollar down. She didn’t even fucking dance and wasn’t hot why would I tip a whore when my gf is hotter lol

  55. Harrison69

    This stripclub is not bad at all. The girls are OK looking. What I like about this place, it’s BYOB. Bring your own beer.This place is better than Heavenly Bodies in Illinios, that’s for sure. The girls at Heavenly Bodies look like the Spice Girls on crack. They also play good hip hop music at this place. This place can give any stripclub in Illinios a run for it’s money. That’s a dam shame, a stripclub in little Iowa is just about better than any stripclub in Illinios.

  56. never go back

    The swine flu would be more fun than this place. Went there the other day and I was mad and dissapointed. There site doesn’t speak the truth. They said 15-70 girlas, and there was 4 {and one left early}. They said they are open until 2, and they closed at 1. They said there vips are $35 and it’s a minnimum of $200. That is totally frusterating. The 4 girls they had were not good looking at all. There was one very skinny blonde who was extremely nice and she looked ok otherwise nothing. The girls were extremely rude and insulting at times. You would try to talk to them and they would blow u off. I had a guy tell me it was this way at the lumberyard, but I didn’t believe him, but after being there I do. What I don’t understand is that they didn’t even try to talk to us-if they would have been friendly and fun I would have spent money there. When I go to a strip club I will usually spend between 800-1000 and I spent about 25 and was ready to leave. This place might be well known, but I thought it was a joke and I will never go back. If you read this take what I’m saying seriously-don’t waste your time. For mngmt.- the tall blonde with the fake boobs-she was so rude and insulting that we left with all r money. My buddy was extremely upset. Pay attention to your club and entertainment. worst experience ever. I WILL GO TO BIG EARLS FROM NOW ON-I AHD ALOT MORE FUN OVER THERE.

  57. Former

    Pat you rock for a manager.

  58. chris

    The girls are extremly hot babes,plus the girl on girl stage shows are cool, the private dances where you can play with tits and ass are the best as well.I’ll be back

  59. Tourist

    No fun, strung out girls, not impressed, won’t be back.

  60. Walker

    GiGi Andrews is amazing!!!

  61. club hopper

    Been there on saturday…bit crowded..good mileage in lap dances…plenty of hands on..Girl on Girl shows are good..

    sometimes you need to wait a lot before being asked by a girl for dance..Overall it is a good club…

  62. Trenchcoat
  63. Karma

    What comes around goes around!!!!!!

  64. Mike R

    Cool place….glad I stumbled on this one. All the staff I met were great and I will be returning….I’ve been to clubs all over DesMoines and in too many states to think of, keep things like they are. Congrats from High Point,NC!!! Yes, most of u know who this is…..LOL!!!

  65. ryan123

    Im a travel dancer i live in vegas originally from austin tx. I worked a week here. Im gonna say i deff like this club, tall spinning poles 2 on the main stage, then regular poles on the 2nd and 3rd stage. Vip rooms, byob i thought i wouldn’t like that about a club but i just came from a club that did serve alcohol n when i turned down a drink it was bad for alcohol sales so id end up taking my drink in the back and not drinking it, or giving it away πŸ™‚ hehe.. Im smart, after so many shots i dont want any more drinks, so i like that we can bring our own drinks here, n dancers wont be pressured into getting drinks, tho if they did serve alcohol im sure it would be better for business, n then maybe the girls could keep more of the vip section sales, when i 1st got here i broke a few rules accidentally cause i didnt know those where the rules, the rules where explained to me wrong the 1st time. One girl called me a slut the 1st day when i walked by, she was a house girl n was talking smack about me to the make up artist. I didnt really care, “haters make me famous” as long as she left me alone i can work w. Girls who hate on me. The rest of the dancers where nice. The customers where “mostly” nice. Compaired to the ones in vegas. They r big on being respectful here, the manager got upset @ me for not saying thank you one time, but that was b.c. i have add, n was in the dressing room w. A bunch of naked women running around me, talking to me, while i was trying to get me stuff 2gether to leave so i forgot. Then later said ty. N i also saw one person almost get kicked out for disrespecting a manager, duh if u arent respectful to management they will kick u out. They keep it hot upstairs cause they dont want the dancers up there, but it dosnet stop girls from staying up there. I wish they kept it cold up there instead cause when u dance u get hot, n u will be putting ur make up on and sweating it off in the heat, then there are curling and hair flatners all over the place making it even hotter. In vegas and most other clubs they keep it freezing cold, which in my opinion is better cause then ur not sweaty, sweating on the poles, or customers, it got so hot up there sometimes it was mind numbing. After i got off stage id run up stairs and stand out in the out door cold smoking section to cool down. They take more out of the vip sections from the dancers then any other club i have worked @ maybe cause no alcohol sales, i heard a manager say something about how vegas has high house fees, n thats why the clubs in vegas give the dancers there more from vip sales and they should do it like vegas does it. Im just gonna mention that if they do it that way the clubs i work @ hustler and crazy horse 3, have a time frame that if dancers come in early its free, thats when i come in. Clubs in vegas make alot of money off alcohol sales also. The girls are hot in my opinion, and i have seen them enjoying there selves, i read the one review where she said the girls looked like robots. I like this club tho i wish they wouldn’t keep it so hot up stairs, n it would be nice if they could figure out a way to give the girls more percentage from dance sales. Maybe next time a take a trip out here ill bring my 2 roommates from vegas. I didnt like working on the weekends so much, it was to packed up stairs in the dressing room for me. N also by that time working every day of the week, all the lactic acid in my body was to painful. A customer gave me a deep tissue massage for a short while, wish i would have gotten his # cause i was working n didnt want to sit down for to long n miss out on any dances. Fyi for other travel dancers they have a washing and drying machine up stairs, and a shower.




    This club provides an even-handed, safe, clean & fun party

    atmosphere. It’s accommodations that help separate it from

    the competition: the quality of “talent” (these aren’t your

    average strippers, some of them have featured in playboy,

    etc.)and it’s a BYOB establishment-WINNING!!! The bouncer

    and desk staff gives above par customer service as well. I

    like that they welcome female clientele πŸ˜‰

  68. Magic

    Hit the Lumberyard on a Friday – new DJ just doesn’t have a commanding voice and the talent level of girls was not up to the past Lumberyard standards. The new management has updated some seating but needs to upgrade the talent. I understand the uped payout to the club from private dances has hurt the dancers take home. Hope they realize the girls are the reason to frequent the club.

  69. Michael

    Hot Ladies, good nude dances, ladies are friendly and not pushy and don’t forget about you either. Well worth the time to stop by. Will be there everytime I am in the area!

  71. Y
  72. Johnnie Boyles

    Just to let you know!!! I was working out of town. Myself and a few friends ended up at your establishment. We had the best time. You should come to missouri and teach them how to operate a club such as yours. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  73. unknown

    does anyone know that the lumberyard got voted best strip club in des moines by cityview and big earls came in 3rd!!!

  74. your daddy

    Mike Spears, any time your boys come to amsterdam’s site and talk shit about AMSTERDAM, we promise you we will double your pleasure, better you stop your coke selling employees .

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