Whispers Gentlemen’s Club



13944 Mitchell Court, Basehor, KS 66007


39.1513612, -94.902649




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Whispers Gentlemen’s Club

  1. whispers sucks

    all the girls there are prostitutes so if you like this kind of thing you should go but ill have to say wear a condom with the girls because they all fuck the owner and from what i heard he has herpies

  2. Visitor

    Thought I would give this place one more try. Only 5

    dancers working, two that shouldn’t be dancing anywhere

    and three other uninterested girls. Not one even

    approached my table, but that might have been a good

    thing. No one worth going private with. Beer prices

    were good, but left after 2 beers. Total cost: $10

    cover, and $6 for two beers.

  3. larry1

    How has no one reviewed this place? Y’all are missing out! :)Worth the commute from KCMO. $10 is a reasonable cover and they have a diverse variety of girls. Black, white, Asian, thinner chicks, thicker girls, tall/short etc. Good balance of fake boobies vs. real ones, which is always refreshing. $25 dances in a semi private room are super reasonable. I purchased one from a thick, alt-looking dancer named Mae. She was awesome and very sweet-even let my strip club virgin boyfriend watch and made him feel very comfortable. Music is good-the girls pick their own songs to dance to and they have a pretty wide variety of taste. 4 stars for weak drinks-stick with shots and beer, you’ll get your money’s worth better that way. All in all a good time! We will be back.

  4. wayne hater

    i use to work here and wayne the owner is the nastiest fucking old man i have ever met. he is also a trick. he fucks almost all the girls that have worked there except danielle. come on who really wants to go to a strip club where the dances are $25 and you cant touch. the women there are fucking gross.wayne i hope you rote in hell and i also hope that vicki will wake up and see what kind of man her husband is. danielle i hope you move on one day. and if that nasty cunt jennifer is still there i hope you choke on a dick you fucking cum guzzling whore! wayne everybody is going to find out what kind of person you really are. oh and i know about your little trick (99). thats ok i got tricks too!

  5. unhappy

    stuck up strippers, vip worth it. they do anythang..i mean anything

  6. golfer

    Saw the ad in the paper and thought we would check the place out. It was our first visit, it was our LAST visit. This place is LAME. No hot strippers. One or two came by the table and asked if we wanted a dance and then walked away, just rude. They had the janitor doing the djing. It was awful. A night at the bowling alley would have been more fun.

  7. Whsps Fan

    I had a blast at this club tonight! Jimmy Hodges is now working there as entertainment director and was a lot of fun. There were 10 girls on a Wed and most of them looked great.

  8. A.

    I was in there tonight (Tuesday) and it was pretty dead and I thought it was going to be pretty boring but then I met the best girl I’ve ever met in a club… Anastasia. She is sexy, sweet, and personable. She gets what it’s all about.. She was flirty and passionate. I highly recommend her if you find your way to this club!

  9. Kent

    Dont waste your money.

  10. Stop the MADNESS!!!!!

    How did this club get a 7 rating?!?! 3 maybe, 2 probably. Are you guys rating it even looking at the chicks?????

  11. ferdico
  12. sometimes

    I love the girls at this club. Atmosphere is nice. But the private lap dance prices are annoying. $25 is too much for the private dances even though they are awesome.

  13. curious

    Talented, sexy girls, but the prices are too high for VIP and the semi-private VIP. $25 for a no-touch lap dance? Come on. $300 for an hour in the private VIP… could be worth it if you get the right girl. I probably won’t be back until the prices get in line with other clubs.

  14. Snuggles

    great ladies but poor staff and owner

  15. C Irek

    Cool little place. We were traveling, and had a long day, so we figured it would be a cool place to stop in. Drinks were cheap, dances fun. London and Bella took care of us all night. When are you guys coming down to Dallas? =)

  16. what chu mean

    man the club was pretty packed last night, got some dances from all the girls, an a couple from a few…wish i could have had some more from most of them, but i was fortunate cuz the crowd was so big. that new mc jimmy is pretty funny too. i know i’ll be back there tonight, so don’t miss out man go see some lushous tits an watch em shake some ass…

  17. Regular

    My kind of place

  18. dre

    This club has along ways to go. The dancers are substandard. It’s good its dark in here because they need it.

  19. beachbum

    I visited whispers on boxing day. Nice mix of young and older milf dancers. drinks are reasonably priced. dancers are friendly, more so as the evening unfolded (drinks kicking in). Hadn’t been in a while and was pleasantly surprised. Younger talent than when I had visited last. Good attitude. Average DJ playing a mix of pop, rock and country. Overall, an inviting atmosphere. Dances were average price. YMMV on dancers enthusiasm. Will rtn

  20. Hard

    Hard to find a good club in the area, this one NOT IT

  21. Carl

    The place was dead. When guy at the table across from us started falling asleep, we left.

  22. Disappointed

    Mediocre dancers, some cute, some NOT! no attention

  23. David

    Whispers is my after work hide-out from my old lady. Love those 25 dollar dances.

  24. horrible


  25. Assman

    Thsi club sucks balls. Save your money. Very ghetto.

  26. SETH

    BEST DAMN CLUB!!!! The GIRLS were HOT!!! THE dances out of this WORLD!!!FUCK YEAH!! IM ADDICTED!!!

  27. jon

    hey this place is ok the girls are great but the new dj i think his name is matt suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell is up with all the 80’s and fucked up rock that he plays all the girls make fun of him all the time get ride of him and overall a pretty fun place to party at

  28. Breacher123

    I went last Fri night to visit the re-opened club. $5 cover, $25 per lap dance, $300 for 1/2 hour VIP. $4 well cocktails. The new owners gutted the inside. New lap and VIP couches, new bar, new carpet, and elongated the dance stage. Only complaint is that its a little too bright in the club and dance areas.

    eight girls on that night. Mostly GND types. Solid 6s. nice perky spinner tried her best to seduce me into a VIP. 300 is pricy with bazookas at 200. Should be 150. With the bar and 150 for VIP they’d compete with bazookas which would attract more customers which would attract the 8’s and 9’s.

  29. Rambone

    Since MO went to hell

    this is Diamond Joes of

    the south! There are 4 of

    the best girls from MO

    here! Kat is the best

    stage performer iv ever

    seen hands down! The

    blonde Marilyn with the

    flawless body & her

    brunette friend Shay are

    AMAZING! This club has

    full potential with the

    quality of the club & the

    “hotter” MO girls

    coming in. I can’t day

    much for drinks except

    order 2 at a time!

  30. Tickler

    Eddie, it used to be fun but everything is changed. It must have been a while since you were there. Was there in April and it was a good time. Was just there and it has really gone down… WAY DOWN. Stripper quality is way down. Only had like 5 or 6 strippers and they would be rated a 4 or 5 (Maybe). Music was a real downer. Not worth the looooong drive.

  31. jay

    went there tonight, an never been before, but i thought it was a pretty nice place, it was clean, the girls were damn hot, i like jena, blaze, mahany, an nikki. couch dances was alot better than i’ve had in some other places. had some food too while i was there, the chicken strips hit the spot. bar tender made some damn good drinks for the price, an it wasn’t too expensive for my pocket! deafinatly would go back, guys you should take a look at this club! heard they got new vip rooms comin, so i know i’ll have to try that out too! i’d go again….jay

  32. Robert H.

    Cheap drinks great looking women great food at a great price, a good place to hang out with friends and have a blast, best strip club I’ve been to hands down the combination of cheap food and good looking nice girls with Midwest hospitality u can’t BEAT…..

  33. swingersRus

    We’re swingers and were recently there for our 3rd visit. Wasted trip! Earlier this year it was Off the Chain! Customers dancing, throwing wads of money on stage. Music pumping! Everybody was laughing and having a good time! But it HAS changed. They only had a couple of strippers. Only a few other customers asleep with their eyes open. It was depressing. Don’t waste your time (like we did).

  34. S & J

    Been there a few times and only dissapointed once. Girls are all friendly and professional. Brandy was my fave. Sexy & sensual w/o being slutty.Very classy. Overall a very relaxing, fun place to go to see some good talent.

  35. Johnny

    Big club, lots of room, Sexy girls and good service. Friendly atmostfere, oh yeah and great lap dances!

  36. DG

    How does this place get a 6.5 and beat the Outhouse I will never know. First, it is a pasty club. Can NOT touch the dancers on the breasts. Been there twice, at $5 a pop and will NEVER go back.

  37. Brad

    The girls were hot especially Danielle. She was really hot with real boobs. They really seemed real at least. She gave an awesome lap dance with lots of grinding. Table lap dances were only $10 and the cover charge was only $5. The girls were pasties on stage and had to keep their bra on for the $10 table dance but the table dances were so good that I would rather have several of those than pay $25 for a VIP dance with the bra off.

  38. Pin Gon

    Would be better if cover included a drink ticket.

  39. don't worry

    you guys need to check this club out! man would love to take mahony an nikki out! they got some good food down there, cheese burgers, chicken strips, pizzas, frys an onion rings. i had to sober up some after them damn good drinks that jj bar tender was making me…you guys like mixed drinks, try the mind erasers!

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