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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Playhouse

  1. Scott

    Hey ths place has got to be the BEST strip club that I’ve been at in a long time. The staff and girls are the BEST. You really need to check this place out.

  2. Semi regular

    There last night and the two new girls are awsome

  3. Freddy

    Who woulda thought out in the middle of nowhere that there would be 2 gorgeous babes? Crystal and Kylie are the hottest things I’ve seen EVER!! WOW!! I’ll definetely be back to see you guys!

  4. Greg

    This place is the best,I love Erika!! and Crystal !!

  5. hairy
  6. Matt

    I should bring some dog bones in for the talent at this dump. BOW WOW WOW. SELL NOW>>>DOGGIES RETIRE!

  7. Gus

    A wonderful place to spend a chilly evening. I’ll be back!

  8. Craig

    Super place, when I need to relax and unwind I go here. The girls are great, The staff is very friendly and the prices are just right.

  9. Shelby

    This is a good no-frills club located in the middle of nowhere. Cover charge is a stiff 20 bones, but other prices are low. The 15 minute private dances are $50 and are well worth it. Usually about 7 or 8 dancers are working; the stage show is continuous and good. Not a bad place if you can find it…

  10. Charlie

    Sammy is the best. I havent been there in a few weeks to see the girls, I sure do miss them. I hear Kylee is back, cant wait to see her.

  11. Bob

    This place rocks!!!! Loved the birthday party Crystal!!! All the girls did a fine job!!

  12. Dresser

    The best around. I have been in dozens across the country and this is, by far, the best I have been in.

  13. Blue shark

    I had an awesome time at the club tonight. The girls are fabulous and the private dances are fantastic!!

  14. Happy Guy

    I have fun whenever I’m there

  15. Mother

    yes, mother is Hotter, alot Hotter than I. Thank Good ness she doesn’t look like yours! What’s your beef with it anyway ?

  16. Fred

    The best Rack for a Buck you’ll see all season!

  17. steve

    Again!! No !

  18. Martin

    Can’t wait to get up there for trout camp. This is the best club around. Hot girls, good music, can’t beat it.

  19. Big Al

    Love the lap dances ! These girls are awesome !

  20. Chris

    Was there last night and had a really good time !! Thanks.

  21. Andy
  22. Joey

    This place is great!! I love Crystal and Kylee !! Erika is the best!!

  23. jeffrey

    too many dancers!!

  24. jc
  25. Bud

    I was at the club last week-end and had a blast! The girls were great! It was my first time there and I will return!

  26. 7pm

    Boonies in Titusville,have a drink with us girls before we go to work !!

  27. wow

    Great girls

  28. Nick

    club was clean with amazing girls. all very nice and i had a blast. def will come back soon, and hope to see Kylee again. TOP NOTCH BABE 🙂

    first club i have been to and love it. thanks again kylee

  29. Elliott

    What’s the current interest rate for personal loans?

  30. Jason

    I’ll be back

  31. Evan

    This is my favorite club !

  32. Guy
  33. Felicia

    I was there for my first time tonight. It was better than I ever thought it would be. I will be back soon

  34. Chase
  35. jon
  36. Freq Customer

    Over all great place

  37. Great Club !
  38. PorkYork

    Was in last weekend and this place has come along way. Love all the girls!!!!! Love to have taken them all home with me too!!

  39. Johnny

    Great place

  40. Chief

    I Love This Place. We always have a great time when we come here and the girls are friendly and you can talk to them.

  41. Skip

    All i have to say is maria maria

  42. John Doe

    I Love The Strippers The Sexiest One Is Sparkle

  43. Great

    looking dancers

  44. Brian

    I wish that I could be there every night they are open.

  45. Ashley

    We are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9pm-1am. 5-8 entertainers nightly. The Playhouse turns 21 this year!

  46. Carol

    Glad to see yall are still here and looking fine as ever.

  47. Amanda

    The dancers did a great job last night and were all really friendly. This place is wonderful considering the location is in the middle of no-where.

  48. L P

    Best looking dancers in the State.

  49. Hey SuperShark

    Kiss my butt, it tastes good!!!!!!!!

  50. Rob

    This best is the best, and the girls are great!! they have it made here that’s for sure!!

  51. Tom

    This was my first time there and it was the BEST!!!!

  52. Jerry

    One of the best clubs that i’ve been in

  53. JJ

    So many good times.

  54. Bill

    I don’t know alot about Sammy but Crystal is a knockout!!! The Club is great and so are the people that work there.

  55. Andrew

    This is the best club around for my dollar. Girls are great and the prices reasonable.

  56. Dean

    I sure am glad you are open on Thursday again, this is a rockin place. Hot babes all weekend. Can’t beat it

  57. Rodrigo

    I can’t get through at the moment

  58. Jim

    Great place, I see some of the girls are back that haven’t been there for awhile. Good to see them back.

  59. tyler

    if you go get a personal dance from SAMMY. she is hot hot woman and it is definately worth 15 bucks for a personal dance. it was my first time at a strip club and i loved it.

  60. Karl

    I was there tonight and the girls were HOT!!!!!!!!

  61. Your moms hotter
  62. HOT as .......

    Slammin’ Sammy is Hot as Hel…. and all of the other Babes are Hot,Hot,Hot,,it can’t get any better than this!!

    Great job!! Kepp up good stuff comin in there and I will be back!!

  63. supertuna
  64. Rich

    I saw Kylee and Crystal together this past weekend and I would have to say, They have to be the HOTTEST to girls that I have ever seen. You sit there and watch them on that stage and you just wonder off into this la la land with them. I would say to anyone that has not seen these two girls ITS WORTH IT to make the trip to the Playhouse.

  65. jeff

    alway a good time

  66. stever

    best lap dances anywhere

  67. Supershark
  68. Bill S.

    Love this place and Crystal too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Sam

    A Really Great Place

  70. Shawn

    YES this place does ROCK!!!!!! The girls are the best i’ve seen. Crystal, Kylee, Erica HOT. HOT. HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  71. gary
  72. ron


  73. Joe

    Fun Place

  74. Kevin

    I love the fact the girls will talk to you with out begging too!!! and they never bitch among eachother.

  75. Mike

    What a great place, I was there last night and all the girls were great. There was a new girl there, she did a real good job. Hope to be back next week C-ya

  76. duke
  77. Ryan
  78. blue shark

    This is an awesome good time!!!

  79. dan

    Great Place..

  80. Jody

    I love it here!!

  81. Mark
  82. Hey

    I want Kylee Back !! Get her back in there !!!

  83. Kendall

    Children with disabilities

  84. Dave

    I LOVE THIS CLUB!!!!!!!!!

  85. Pat

    Love this place. the girls are great!!

  86. tunafish
  87. Toni

    Loved the show tonight!! The dancers are really Hottttttttt!!

  88. Guess

    Pinky was dancing last night and WOW does she look good!!!

    I hope shes there when I come back!!

  89. Bennett

    Through friends

  90. John

    These are the best girls I’ve seen in a long time. Can’t wait to get back to the Playhouse.

  91. Naked Janedoe

    This place is the best !!!!!! Love Slammin’Sammy and the others!!!

  92. Rick

    Love this place!! They have the best girls around!! Check out Kylee,Crystal and Erika!! They are hotttttt

  93. Norm

    Great place, I had a great time last weekend there a nd can’t wait to get back. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  94. Pittsburgh
  95. Pete

    This is a very exciting place, The girls are very good looking, and will talk to you without begging for money like some of the other clubs around the area.

  96. Tim

    This place keeps getting better and better. I am so glad they did away with that one that was over 45 and didn’t know when to give up the business

  97. Aaron

    Awsome place the girls are so hot, and friendly.

  98. James

    Yes you are right Sammy is HOT and so is Kylee and Crystal. This is a place you need to check out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Cromy

    Girls, GIrls, GIRLS

  100. Josh

    Loved it last weekend!! Thank-You very much !!

  101. Joshua

    Good crew it’s cool 🙂

  102. Jack

    Fantastic place in the middle of nowhere!

  103. Ashley

    Why’s that?

  104. Jake

    Yes Erika is F’ing HOT. This is a great place with HOT girls. What could be better than that.

  105. Hunter Ace
  106. Beth

    Love this place

  107. The Playhouse

    has it all ! Well worth the drive !

  108. Brandon

    Super place to go and enjoy yourself.

  109. Isabella

    No, I’m not particularly sporty

  110. dukee
  111. regular


  112. Markus

    Every week is different- I’ve had fantastic times here and then there are times I’ve left after only 10 minutes- it was so bad.

  113. Justin

    I saw kylee there this past weekend. She told me that she is going to be back soon. I cant wait.

  114. Ed

    This is one of the best clubs that I have been in. The girls were great(I really like Kylee and Crystal)and the staff was awsome. I will be back.

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