Delilah’s Den



1640 U.S. 9, Toms River, NJ 8755


40.010187, -74.2165597




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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359 reviews for “Delilah’s Den

  1. Anonymous

    Nina still dancing here?

  2. Franklin

    Does anyone know if Gabby is still working there? If not, does anyone know where she went to?

  3. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if Gabby is still working there? If not, does anyone know where she went to?

  4. Denali

    Mercedes used to give the best lap dances when is she going to be back?

  5. Boobs

    Does Mercedes still work here?

  6. Jimmy Mcgill

    What skinny manager with a full head of hair? I remember the total opposite. That manager ran the club to the ground, I guess thats why he is goooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Nick L Nick L

    So just a short time after I complained about the shabby furniture, I returned recently to find… new chairs! While I don’t think it was a result of my post, it’s good to know they’re trying, and spending money to improve the place. One of the girls told me they didn’t update the chairs in the dressing room, so yet another reason I think management doesn’t care much about their girls, but put one star back from my previous post. (still no soap or paper in the bathroom… 🙁 )

  8. Nick L Nick L

    Been to DDTR several times, both day and night. I feel like every club has a ‘sweet spot’ in terms of the best reason to go there. DDTR is simple – if you have a girl you like and know her schedule and she likes you, this is the reason and it’s good enough. However, if that’s not you, here’s my rating, starting at 5 stars. 1 star off for the facility – bathroom is urinal-only, sometimes soap but never paper towels or even a dryer, and all the furniture is generally shabby. 1 star off for the staff, they used to have a female ‘bartender’ but haven’t seen one since pre-covid, so generally there’s nobody there to ‘be friendly’ with other than the girls. 1 star off for something I don’t care much about but bothers me – apparently there’s a ‘get naked on stage asap’ policy and girls actually get fired if they don’t follow it – I don’t understand this – the place doesn’t make money from the stage, just the door and the rooms, and some girls like to use the ‘i’ll show you more in a room’ sales tactic (which is what works on me, tbh) and results in more money for her and the club, so I don’t get why they don’t just let the girls make their own choice since they know the customers better than mgmt does in most cases, and I’ve heard some girls complain about it. I’d say this applies even more during the day when I’ve noticed way fewer customers (I’ve seen none) and it’s a more ‘intimate’ atmosphere where girls are presumably trying to connect and establish new regulars. I dunno – maybe I think about it too much or maybe I think I could run the place better or maybe I just value the girls more than mgmt does. I feel like if mgmt is trying to make more money then they’re doing it wrong. But I’ll be back for sure, cause I love my gal, but I don’t like hearing about them being mistreated, especially when I don’t see the financial benefit to the club. ttfn

  9. Jimmy Mcgill

    What happened to the skinny manager with the full hear of hair?

  10. Toms River Visitor

    I haven’t been here since sometime late last year – too far a drive for me to even do once a month. Last visit I came in to see a particular dancer on the list but she was a no-show. Then and the two times prior I noticed the number of customers was not like it used to be. For the most part the dancers seemed kind of bored. There was one new dancer there (for a few months) that seemed to enjoy being onstage and even had a regular lady customer take her for dances – can’t remember her name at the moment even though I had a fun VIP room with her.
    From what you say it sounds like it went downhill more since then and it explains why there is rarely a schedule posted.
    If one of my favorites unretires I will be sure to return for that and report here.

  11. Glen Gottilla Glen Gottilla

    This place has seen better days. When on a Saturday night and it was a total shitshow. The men’s room smells horrible, someone puke into a urinal and then punched a hole into the wall. After one girl was stage It remained empty for about 20 minutes and before some one got on stage. The girls there are either too skinny or too fat. This sucks because this place was one of the best clubs in the area.

  12. Sabrina Latina Sabrina Latina

    Hello is this place willing to hire a sexy Latina with a pena ?

  13. Victoria Escort

    Hello Donald, pleasure to make your acquaintance, I would love to meet up with you anytime. You can eat my ass all night long if you like. I promise it will taste like vanilla ice cream xoxo hit me up you big love stud and you will forget all about this Zoey girl.

  14. Donald Trump Donald Trump

    Hey is Zoey still working at the Delilah’s Den??? I have been searchin for her all over town and haven’t been able to find her.

    Has anyone out there seen Zoey I have been wanted to get my nut on $$$.


    Hey yo is this place open for the 4th? I am lookin for a party.

  16. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    I really love a woman with a beautiful ass, does this club still offer prime grade choice beef or has it slid down hill?

  17. Adrianna Sanchez Adrianna Sanchez

    How is the money at this place? I am looking for work…

  18. Gina Mathews Gina Mathews

    I want to say some thing to the black bitch with the big mouth u need to suck on some white dick maybe that will keep u quite for a minute what is ur problem with white people its people like u that keep the world fucked up and it will be ur daughter sucking on white dick to spitting out a million babys like u do and then depend on welfare or walk the streets like u r good at so have a nice day

  19. BJ Carlesimo

    DDTR is the spot for Nina and her fabulous thighs all over me

  20. john

    I say sandys the hottest

  21. David
  22. Giovani B

    Wasn’t impressed at all

  23. Harold

    had a good time Saturday

  24. metal

    big fan of jersey, what days does she work?

  25. Dan
  26. Dude
  27. Roxy's Return

    Was a welcomed change of pace. She was hot and sexy, as usual, which enticed me to go for the VIP. I must say that the experience was BEAUTIFUL.

  28. Bill G
  29. first timer

    This place is great

  30. Zoey

    Zoey is at the Delilah’s Den in Manville and I am def going back to see her!!!! She has the best personality out of all the girls and VIP’s are awesome!!!!

  31. zack

    Ivee dance so sexy. No cover let to go more often

  32. DI
  33. Shubie

    D.D. Toms RIver has some nice classy girls who know how to have a good conversation, have had plenty of good times at the club

  34. like this club
  35. clend
  36. USMC-12a

    Delilahs in Toms River is decent club, cover charge was expensive, I cant make it here during happy hour no cover times, so I tend to get here less often.

  37. Fun Party!

    Enjoyed the past party,got there just in time because the club was in full swing. Sean was looking sexy as ever, one of my buddies jumped at the chance to do a VIP with her. He was not disappointed. Liked the girl on girl show! Will Be Back!

  38. Jerry TR

    Vanessa & ROxy are favorites of mine

  39. carl
  40. Samtheman


  41. Jay W

    Brought some buddies to have a good time, felt let down

  42. jason
  43. CLK

    Vanessa is a hot girl wish I could date her

  44. Franh

    Sucks girls aare rude and ugly

  45. Rich

    Cover charge is expensive, lap dance area is okay but bouncers watching everything the whole time, a few more hot girls would be nice

  46. Joe
  47. Elton

    Lavender exterior with exquisite interior decor. Enough said.

  48. WED MAY 11

    Customer appreciation party no cover all day & night drag queen show starts at 9:30pm more fun & showgirls than you have ever seen free food, prizes, man/man dances & giveaways 11:30am till 2am!!!

  49. J Man

    Vanessa is very hot

  50. Ramond

    I like it nice place

  51. tim murphy

    best birthday i ever had!savannah i love you!

  52. ??????
  53. Al Kohaulic

    Best nude juice bar in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

  54. Ignatz

    Horatio just about said it all. I been to Cheeks and GGR too and a few other

    places over the years. This place is nice.

  55. zbra
  56. David

    Delilah’s is definitely a good time ..summer is an amazing dancer. She’s sexy and definitely made me feel welcome there such a sweetheart..

  57. xms

    some girls to see at ddtr

  58. FABIAN

    Who ever is talking bad about violet must of had his heart broken by her,because she sure smells good to me.

  59. Ben J

    Roxy Roxy I love her with me –cksy

  60. Landau
  61. DIck

    private room is well worth the buck

  62. NJ dave
  63. bbb
  64. jd

    Havent been in in awhile. Always hot girls workin it here. This time was great. Honestly felt like the girls were somewhat happy and honest. Gotta good overall vibe. Probs to the bouncer as well. see ya soon !!!

  65. Melony Experience...

    After seeing this exotic looking woman on stage. I was suddenly moved to take this beauty for a dance. I must admit, I was skeptical of her because she seemed indecisive on where to just sit, in the dance area. I was thinking, I hope I didn’t bet on the wrong horse. Amazingly, when we got down to the deed, she turned on her sensuality and charm instantly! Her body felt like she was smoldering… with sexual warmth. I could not help but notice how soft her skin was and how playfully she embraced me between her pillow-soft like juggs. Melony turned around and began manipulating and arousing me with her cute supple tush, before long I wanted more…several dances later, I felt so much pleasure but my thirst for Melony was not quenched. I will be back…

  66. Omi V

    Better places to go

  67. digger
  68. ANP

    Camila is always a fun time

  69. Happy slappy

    Place is so filthy …. complete pig sty …. when you leave your clothes smell … no one gives a shit … you’ll get a rash from sitting in those seats … it’s a shame that the management gets no support …. no one cleans at all

  70. oh joy
  71. Leo Getz

    Wouldn’t recommend

  72. T

    Summers so hot. See that crackhead angels back. Standard of girls is defenatly getting shittyer. Still better than centerfolds tho

  73. PJ

    alot of talent in this club

  74. Sid
  75. James
  76. Frank Lee

    Had a blast will def be back

  77. AJ

    Camilla is hot dirty blonde hair, love her

  78. NSA

    Last strip club left in Ocean County. Be careful.

  79. Rizzutto

    I came here last week and watched game, girls were not bad but only Vanessa caught my eye. Costs alot for VIP.

  80. Complex

    was there the other night and had an awesome time… it was my co workers first time in a juice bar and wouldn’t shut up the whole next day… great looking girls and would def go back again

  81. Ian
  82. Hot! Hot! Hot!

    Been checking out the talent lately at DDTR, just want to say Ferrari is smoking Hot! I had to get a VIP which was awesome. I also want to give accolades to the Day Shift New Entertainer Jacklyn who I discovered gives a sensual and sexy lapdance so I indulged and was thoroughly impressed. Keep it up ladies because I certainly WILL!!!

  83. kiefer sutherland

    need to get LAYLA back on Sundays !!!! Worth every $$$$$ spent ! One of the hottest girls to have worked there. manager would b smart to get her back !

  84. loved it.

    best lap dance i ever had. girls were great

  85. Luv Sean

    Was feeling stressed out, so went to Delilah’s Den to relax. My evening was brightened when I saw Sean’s beautiful smile. I was not in the mood to play when I first got to Delilah’s Den but seeing her, changed all that for me. Like a kid getting a present, I could not wait to unwrap her goodies so…off to the VIP. Sean I Luv U!!!

  86. Fred
  87. DD lapper
  88. Jax Trax
  89. gone crabbin

    where has vanessa been ….. why dont this place bring back the booths?

  90. brad-b

    i make my way to toms river every few months with my boys, always a good time hanginout wit the ladies and seein them dance

  91. SAMMY
  92. toms
  93. r


  94. Good But Same Tired Dancers

    Not a bad place. If you hit at right time on a right day, some good looking dancers.

    Some dancer promise the whole world and deliver nothing. At the same time some dancers are real good performers. You may have to go multiple times to figure out who tickles your fancy and delivers!

    Some guys have already mentioned about the length of dance sets on the stage! Its BRUTAL especially when some old fat women who should be cooking are pretending to be dancing in a nude club! It’s freaking annoying when you pay 20 bucks to enter the club!

    Hope management rotates dancers every 2 or 3 songs like most other clubs! Also serve some beverages other than watered down soda!

  95. First and last time

    I had 2 different girl try to over charge me. Management better get its shit together or this place will mot last to much longer.

  96. purple zen
  97. billy the kid

    good looking girls young and hot

  98. LT
  99. super

    This is a great club. Katrina takes my breath away!

  100. customer

    good club

  101. Rick W.

    I am either here or DDSA, in my opinion TR was much better when it had the LD booths

  102. Former GGR

    Try this place! It will be one of your favorites. They could add some classic rock to the music mix.

  103. SPIDER

    Simple the hottest club around

  104. semiregular

    i come here time to time. not the best, but it’s local for me. better places are worth the drive, now that gas is cheap.

  105. gil
  106. DDTR fan
  107. Vinny T

    Just a nope..

  108. will

    wish they’d bring back the booths.. cover charge is too high and vip is high at $225

  109. not
  110. The Professional
  111. Boricua

    shits banging ill tell u dat rite now

  112. liroy
  113. DS

    Nice place to go after Winding River Park.

  114. Dilbert
  115. Clovis
  116. Dewayne
  117. kth
  118. Da ChickenHawk

    I love this place ;7)

  119. Todd

    This whole place smells like a wet sock. What is up with that?

  120. darius

    well i found the club from this site, ive havent been to alot of them, but the girls here are smoking hot. Me and my brother both got a lap dance couldnt have been better. BUT my brothers dancer said we got 2 dances and my dancer said i got three.. so i had to pay for 3 when they were the same almount of time. thats was shady but still worth it, great lap dance. great place go baked!!and relax. highly recommond the baked part.

  121. TOM P.

    nice place lots of fun

  122. Brak

    Always have a great time at the club. The girls are hot and have a little of everything.

  123. plantsman

    Lots of variety. Had the best lap dance of my life. Zoey & Roxy double teamed me & put on an amazing little show.

  124. Fernum

    Some quality girls to look at DDTR

  125. E S
  126. 5fighter


  127. russ
  128. Aston Jenner

    My first experience in strip club was VIP with dancer Hazel and three weeks later I HPV bumps. She also mentioned she had ingrown hair but it was in-fact HPV.

  129. bobby
  130. Mxxx

    Good looking girls who really take care of you and the prices seem about the same as every place else.

  131. Dan

    ITs a great place to just go hang out with friends. i like the no alchol fact so its just good clean fun. the waitress look AMAZING and touch your back as they walk away. DAMB! but we need to start tipping these girls ALOT more.

  132. jacob
  133. chyea


  134. Jp

    Too many drug addicts working

  135. Charlie
  136. Jack Mehoff

    Girls were very friendly, young and attractive. All American and I love the no Hip Hop. Played a lot of rock and top 40 stuff.

  137. Robby

    Literally no one is here. Same girls on stage. Came in Saturday thinking there’d be a good amount of girls off of seeing their post but nope. Same girls going on stage. Dissatisfied and disappointed with this club.

  138. gRk

    Overall it was a great experience.

  139. Dante
  140. Dartmouth

    Best club on the Jersey Shore. Easily the prettiest and sweetest and most

    hosptitable girls on the east coast. Avoid clubs with a rating lower than 5. You

    deserve more consistency for your money than that.

  141. Yep
  142. battie
  143. JoJo

    Great girls, great club…..

  144. Larry Craig

    What a nice you have in Toms River.

  145. ct

    i love it and stacey made my night

  146. Scott
  147. Honest Review

    Here is an honest, comprehensive review.

    When you first walk in you are asked to pay $15 door fee. Then there is a mandatory drink costing $4, and it is expected to pay $1 tip to the barmaid.

    Dancers: there were quite a few. Mostly white, some black. Some girls seemed liked they were having fun on stage, others looked bored. Overall, quite a few were good-looking.

    Clientelle: Total mix. There were some older gentlmen and some “barely legal”, and anyone in between. There were a number of Mexicans too, but hey, there is nowhere in the country without them. Although I was there for a while I saw no instance of violence; everyone sat and minded their own business.

    Security: there was noone in the parking lot, but inside there were 3 guys. One at the front, one at the entrance to the lapdance rooms, and one DJ.

    Gay issue: Noone bothered me, not in the main club, not in the bathroom, and not in the parking lot. I guess it is only specific nights that gay guys try to solicit.

    Lapdances: Some are better than others. I have had very good ones, and some poor ones. Try to feel out the girl before you go.

    If you refuse a lapdance, most girls just move one. However two girls gave me atitude for sitting there. “You’re just gonna sit there and not take a dance?!”, but most were okay with a no, and moved on to someone else.

    There are different places to sit. If you sit close to the stage it is understood that you slip dollars to the dancers as they pay you attention. But you can sit further back away from the stage too.

    Guys, I hope you like my review, I did it for you.

    Please chime in with anything important that I may have forgotten.

  148. Calvin

    I met Tyler again, one of my favorites and she never disappoints when we are together. We shared intense stimulation and erotic delight in our time together. I simply adore those lovely long legs and liked her perky breasts. She started with a nice sensual dance and she was very into it with lots of intensity and plenty of enthusiasm which I like. I couldn’t get enough of this sexy lady.

  149. Jim

    The new cover charge is exorbitant! The lighting inside the club is pathetic! All white girls look brown!! Get some cheap 40 watt bulbs m*rons!!

  150. Blake

    How’s a private with hazel?

  151. Billy B.

    You will get a good time and leave happy.

  152. The Shill

    is gone.

  153. cyngyn

    ddtr is nice but charges way to much to get in and lap dances dont last as long as other spots or maybe its just me, i wish theyd bring back the booths if could make request to the club

  154. -
  155. ross

    not a bad place, but there are better places not too far away and worth the drive. has some nice eye candy though.

  156. standupGUY

    Great club, Great mix of girls. Enjoyed the experience.

  157. richie-f

    where did the booths go?? please bring them back! this place is not home w/o them!

  158. Disappointed
  159. The truth

    The poster below is a fool. Stay away from this place. The dancers here try to upsell you on a $225 VIP.

  160. Jo
  161. Dennis

    Only been here a few times, but luckily Summer was there both nights! A real sweetheart! So petite and sexy, she stands out from the reast! Just my opinion. Will always check to make sure she’s scheduled from now on, probably would go more if they got some fresh, friendly. Talent. Like Summer!

  162. ?????
  163. Georgy

    Stayed 20 min and left, waiting on service was painful

  164. t
  165. SCL
  166. Scientist

    It’s a sh*thole.

  167. Let down

    I expected a lot more.

  168. dave

    the only reson i woul come back for is to see angel

  169. mmmm
  170. AppleGuy

    Been here couple of times with my friends. This is a great

    place kill time and mellow out the night from heavy partying

    or from hectic day at work.

    They have nice line up of girls. Most of them are very

    friendly. they will definitely make you feel special, even

    if your really not. (got what I’m saying?) that is why they

    are the best!

  171. Converted

    Try it! You will love it. Beware that someone from a former rival club, which is not closing down, is posting negative nonsense. The girls here are the best, youngest, sexiest, sweetest, anywhere. The building is cozy, clean, and comfortable. BEST OF ALL.. FREE ADMISSION SUN through THURS so you can try it out.

  172. Bonnie

    I agree about one girl for 20 minutes- and it happens all the time. U pay 15 Bucks to get in sit for an hour and see 4 or 5 girls. The only other problem is they run right into the back after thier set and you don’t see them until thier next set. They really should put in a rule the dancers stay on the floor for at least 15 minutes after bieng on stage. One less cigerette won’t kill them.

  173. bob beard
  174. Gay Talise

    So many dudes; so little time!!!

  175. Summer Jam

    The Dens will be giving away two pairs of tickets to this year’s Summer Jam 2012, Toms River will be giving a pair away on Wednesday May 23rd at our Customer appreciation Party With Somerset giving away a pair on Tuesday May 22nd. 25 dudes free food and a chance to win tickets to Summer Jam.


    The girls are here are great!!! I would highly recommend Desiree, Halley, Shaun, Victoria, Edie, Zoey or Roxy. The owners are a little greedy ($5.00 for a bottle of water? Each bottle costs about 15 cents. $4.85 profit per bottle- a little much) but the girls more than make up for it. If you can make it before 9:00 PM Sunday to Thursday it becomes well worth it.

  177. Tim

    Have not been there in awhile, but loved the experience again tonight – Taylor made my night,and Alexandra was awesome! Highly recommended

  178. Brent

    Prettiest girls on the east coast. ‘Nuff said.

  179. Danielle?

    Where’s Danielle

  180. Tyrone

    Very nice place

  181. roxyrock

    delilahs toms river is decent club, could use some mo variety

  182. Frank

    Great club! The dancers are the sexiest I have seen anywhere. Not sure what they guy below me is complaining about, but the couch dancers are better because you are so low that it’s like the dancer is laying on you almost like a bed dance. Like that other guy said, its a much better body grind. Will ask for the couches when the booths are fixed.

  183. Robbie

    Hey where did zoey end up

  184. PL
  185. molson
  186. couch dance king
  187. Bob

    The quality of dancers is much better than many other places. All of them were pretty and seemed like they were in great moods. The crowd is late, so if you want a seat at the stage, just show up before 11. If I didn’t have to drive an hour I’d be here more often.

  188. Real Customer

    Try it! You will love it. Beware that someone from a former rival club, which is not closing down, is posting negative nonsense. The girls here are the best, youngest, sexiest, sweetest, anywhere. The building is cozy, clean, and comfortable. BEST OF ALL.. FREE ADMISSION SUN through THURS so you can try it out.

  189. S.i

    Great club will be back again had a great time the other day keep up the good work

  190. Da Man
  191. eric

    Kaylee is my fav. that girl can move and her lap dances were WOW..

  192. CraigC
  193. south jersey guy

    the club is great there was this girl jersey and she gives the best blow jobs in the vip area

  194. MICKY


  195. clammer

    DDTR has a few nice girls but could use a few younger one

  196. Rob t
  197. ryan123

    This is a great strip club to just hangout and ride out the rest of your high from partying down on the shore. Perfect to catch your breath and come down off your trip (or out of your K hole) after a rough sunday at Surf Club. No booze is kinda annoying, but actually is a giant excuse to save a ton of money. This place is good for one thing and one thing only, staring at some real ANN-NEE-MALSSS cracking it open for ya on stage! Well lies, its good for two things, laughing at your fellow patrons is almost as entertaining… Lets highlight a perfect day on the shore.Surf Club for Boris then a Bagel (at dumpy place around corner with decent shore chick in daisy dukes working there) followed by Delilahs Den for some post party rehab and maybe a few digits from some stragglers all capped off by a creme de mint visit to Princess Maria Diner on 35 as you head back to civilization (and maybe the wife and/or kids)!!!!!

  198. mike s
  199. Customer

    Literally here for whatever this “spring fever parties” supposed to be and it’s THE MOST ASS THING EVER. I saw more hotter dancers during the day shift. DO NOT COME HERE

  200. ChrisD


  201. Horatio

    Been to Cheeks and GGR and this club has the best decor with new,

    comfortable sofa type chairs next to a small, intimate stage in a very clean

    environment. No renovations needed here. The dancers are the prettiest in

    any club in the country and they also happen to seem to be between 18 and

    25. Every dancer is very polite even if you dont want a lapdance. No middle

    aged dancers begging for dollars and giving you nasty looks at this place.

    Also, all lapdances are very good here. Never EVER been ripped off or saw

    any dancer throw attitude to a customer. Management is on top of this club

    and the girls rock!!!!

  202. timothy

    desiree is favorite girl

  203. mikey
  204. harry

    could use booths and more girls

  205. roman

    very nice club clean and friendly.

  206. Dump

    Girl took my money for a vip. got up after 5 min and told the bouncer I tried to finger her and had me thrown out. Never see me back here again.

  207. Diamond
  208. CR Fan
  209. senator
  210. pitstop
  211. G3

    Its a fun overall time. The girls are incredible.

  212. Bad 1
  213. nnmn
  214. landshark
  215. Yuri
  216. New Customer

    Couch dances are a new attraction. So much more full body contact from the front and back. I hope they keep them priced at 20 dollars. To the guy who wants to boycott. Make up signs and we can stand out front demanding stall dances.

  217. Ken
  218. mr phil
  219. Jack

    They do have a decent amout of girls working on the weekends but im really not impressed by many at all

  220. John

    Caught an STD from a girl with brown hair. Let the Center of Disease of Ocean County know. Disgusting.

  221. robert

    The lighting on the stage sucks! No privacy in private dance area!

  222. Tom

    Glad i stopped in what a line up of girls

  223. Busted

    This place is old and dirty. Save your money or go somewhere else.

  224. Tim

    Went to this club last night. The dancers are more interested in talking to each other on stage then dancing. Terrible spot

  225. Ray
  226. DDfan

    Was out on some business, and after the hustle and bustle, need some relief. I stopped on this quiet afternoon to check out the Day Time Talent. Before long one of my all time favorites, Sandy, appeared from the dressing room with her tits meeting my eye before her smile. I could not wait. I wanted to play and I knew she would not disappoint. I opted for the 15min VIP and it was EXPLOSIVE!!!

  228. Radio Raheem

    Boycott Sal’s Famous Pizzeria until they get some brothers pictures up there on the wall.

  229. benny
  230. Al Kayda

    The best nude club in Ocean County.

  231. Dr. J
  232. A Regular

    Try it! You will love it. Beware that someone from a former rival club, which is not closing down, is posting negative nonsense. The girls here are the best, youngest, sexiest, sweetest, anywhere. The building is cozy, clean, and comfortable. BEST OF ALL.. FREE ADMISSION SUN through THURS so you can try it out.

  233. Mitch

    Gets a little too wack Friday/Saturday nights with all the shore trash getting drunk. But the few girls here that are cool make it worth it.

  234. sean

    I’ve been coming here forever, and I still think the dancers and bartenders that work there are gorgeous and friendly. The only thing that keeps me from going there a lot is the ridiculous price for vip dances and some girls pushing them on you. I think if vip prices dropped, DDTR might get more business and everyone would be happy, maybe?

  235. Bear60

    Friendly fun girls ….I always have a great time with all the lovely girls there…. they love to get naked and if u know how to treat a danced they will always be your friend when u cum in to relax in ur own sexuall fanttisy…even the barmaids r sexy as hell and treat them right u might even get a specialty dance..

  236. flv
  237. Alan

    the lap dance was great

  238. T1
  239. PAT

    IS it true the girl zoey went to a dump to work.Anybody have info.I know im the wrong color but?

  240. harris
  241. DDD
  242. Ricky

    Like this place plenty of free parking,and only 15.00 to get in.

  243. The Kid

    First time back in over a year, and I was not disappointed. More than I had hoped for.

  244. splitsiff

    DDTR is good to at least look at some american naked babaes

  245. Hank
  246. michael

    i think rob’s review below is referring to the delilah’s in south amboy, as per the “spend your time down the road at Go Go Rama.” this club is in toms river, which is quite a distance from GGR.

    yes, i’ve gotten a bad, aggressive dances. most dancers know better. however, i really like this place. perhaps it’s because it’s down the road where i live. i wouldn’t travel out of my way to go here, but it delivers what it promises – naked, hot girls. it’s a small, local club that i like.

    obviously, the girls range in looks and personality, mainly 7’s to 9’s. it’s not a place to drink though because there’s no alcohol here (for the out of stater’s passing by to atlantic city).

  247. MnM

    Cover charge is pricey- could use a few more girls- liked seeing Vanessa last time I stopped in

  248. Aarron
  249. anthony

    its great! the girls are nice & very hot!

  250. DonVitoCorleone

    Lineup please? Need to know if my favorite girl is there before I make the trip. Thanks.

  251. Frankie
  252. Klein
  253. danny

    not bad. sort of small and quiet. kind of pricey, a decent way to spend a friday night with friends.

  254. THE SHOW

    Was awesome. Sat front stage as the ladies entertained me. Tokyo has the most beautiful breasts. Luv the way she spreads her “petals” onstage. Violet was seductively waving her gorgeous “assets” around for my viewing pleasure. Roxy just mesmerized with her sexy looking features all the way to erotic bliss. Stay Tuned.

  255. Local Guide

    This club is ok. The girls are nice and range from the MILF to the younger spinner. The food is awful but no one eats here, the drinks over priced, but no one drinks here. One goes for the entertainment which is good. Unfortunetly, what ruins the experience is the fact they have not maintained the place to a high standard. It’s not falling apart but the furniture is 10 to 20 years old, and everything could be cleaner, including the VIP area. New carpets or even better, hardwood floors would be a welcome upgade, new furniture, and overall cleaner and new environment would make this place a high 3 star or low 4 star over the ~2.5 it is now.

  256. Joe

    The same music the DJ plays, along with the price hike and the overcharge for

    a bottle water and absense of a snack machine, which is good because it

    would overcharge too, makes it difficult to remain a regular. I have been

    trying out some other clubs in the area and find better value for the money. I

    will say that this Delilah’s Den has a clean and comfortable environment. I

    may go back there for convenience or to chill out. On second thought, if I get

    off work early in the day, I dont think its worth spending 15 to get in and 4

    for a drink and THEN start shelling out 20’s for lapdances. It’s really not

    worth it anymore.

  257. Turn bow
  258. bb

    they have a new girl named jamie working there and she is supercute. highly reccomend her as she gives some amazing lap dances.

  259. L. C.

    Tap three times with your loafer.

  260. bboy
  261. mrman45

    Love coming to Delilah’s den. Always a pleasure — A personal favorite spot for me. Lovely girls great atmosphere. Can’t wait to come back and see the girls again soon! Very well run and fair prices for amazing experience…

  262. Nick

    The most rude staff and few entertainers

  263. rogers

    toms river delilahs could use a few more girls, maybe some russians or more hot latins like camilla

  264. Nelly

    Wanna be Philly/NYC club.

  265. Kenny
  266. JC
  267. Hot Body Contest Cool!!!

    Really liked the Hot Body Contest! Congratulations to the Winner, she was incredibly HOT!!! Crowd participation was good and the ladies put on some of their best performances. In the future, more amateur talent to make it better. Keep up the good work.

  268. Joseph
  269. Wally
  270. Wilt
  271. Andy
  272. Henry
  273. stiffy

    Good Dancers- cover too much, drinks too much,VIP to much but the girls are good.

  274. NY Sal

    Good place nice young girls

  275. vanessa-fan

    vanessa is great, club hasnt been packed either to be able to spend time with your fav girl

  276. curtis17

    Not the classiest place to go to….But fun experience if your feeling spunky and want to see some naked chicks with ur significant other. Alhough not all the girls are above lets say decent, and you will usually run into them around town if you live in the area. Awkward when the girl putting her cha cha in your face is making your hoagie at wawa the next afternoon. HAH true story. Definitely a dive

  277. Mr. T
  278. Delilahs Fan

    Girls are hot and YOUNG and American

  279. Eww

    Stopped in on the dayshift for the cattle stampeed. time for some new talent.

  280. all about


  281. Ronald H

    Not impressed

  282. Sapphire

    Like the brilliant stone that is her namesake, this exotic beauty shines in my book. I had seen this sexy young lady for some time but never really considered her for my pleasure until NOW!!! I was pleased to find that the room was all to ourselves, which made it, seem like having my own VIP, at least for 3 songs, during this heavenly encounter. Her moves were smooth, hot, sensual, and sexy.

  283. DonVitoCorleone

    Much appreciated. See you tonight.

  284. 823
  285. john mcgrath

    jersey is the best girl in there,great dances ,good conversation,just all out great person.

  286. glosser
  287. Billy
  288. Ted Haggard

    I love this place.

  289. Hailey Is Stellar!!!

    I dropped by Delilah’s Den to check out the scene. I was looking for a particular dancer but she disappointed me. After a moment of frustration, a heavenly body appeared…Hailey. I totally forgot the hell I was in and went for a moment of pleasure with this beautiful woman. Wish I had more time to play but before long my VIP in paradise was over but I will remember that lovely experience.

  290. Smitty
  291. re: duh

    we only do dancers so we have to act dumbso they think they r smart

  292. Cheap Pete

    $225 for VIP!? Good God that’s alot of money.

  293. Wrinkle
  294. Evan
  295. Stalak88

    Club has alot of girls with tattoos , VIP is pricee

  296. Robby (again)

    DO NOT GO TO THIS CLUB!!!!!!!! On the weekday nor the weekend, do not go to this club. Youre better off driving another hour and going to Philly to the strip clubs there. This club is so whack it’s not even funny. I’ve been here on a SATURDAY night and I’ve seen the same 4 girls go on stage, 3 times in a row. No variety of girls, employees are rude AF….AVOID THIS CLUB

  297. Sanitize

    Do they ever clean this place? Bathroom always has water on the floor and smells like urine. Soap? Towels? No chance. Don’t bring a black light to the dance area. Sanitizer on the way in and the way out. Gorgeous girls. Spend a dollar and buy a vacuum

  298. Larry

    Went there last night….not much there. Saw they were gonna have 10 dancers. Saw the same ones on the stage

  299. Oranate

    Went a few days ago- had a great time with Hailey. All the girls looked good though. don’t understand the low rating.

  300. Mike

    DDTR can be great… and it can be just OK… really depends… Pick the right girl for a lap dance and you will smile from ear to ear… pick the wrong girl… and you will just smile…

  301. Good Place to Hangout n Have Some Fun!

    Agree with previous poster! Nice quiet place.

    Most gals are good looking. Friendly!

    Though once in a while you have to watch old beat up bodies!

    Wish club changed stage dance to TWO or THREE songs, instead of Four!!! It’s a nightmare to watch old wrinkly nude body under that light!!!

  302. DEXTER Weathersbee

    I saw Cassidy, a beautiful sexy red head,for the first time this week and it is clear that I have to get in better shape if I have any chance of keeping up. She opened with popping her full plump juggs out and WOW she is unbelievably hot. She was warm and friendly, put me at ease right away. Had fun playing with some of her “ASSets”, went on to some intense play. All in all a very nice VIP.

  303. mr.mustard

    love it ,totally nude chicks with there hot twats right in your face, great lapdances… alcohol..

  304. Rich f

    DDTRs been cool place to hang out and see some tits, Zoey + mariah are cool

  305. jay

    if i pay for 200 for vip i would like some for it

  306. Hal
  307. m16
  308. Walkin

    Club wasn’t renovated since Romulus and his Bro Build The Rome

  309. DonVitoCorleone

    Party tonight? Lineup please?

  310. Sarge316
  311. Batman

    I’ve been here through the yrs since it was The villager, then turned Delilah’s. Sandy and Alex would know me if they were there. Its been a while, but I was in tonight after going to AC (escaped reality today). I had a great time. All the dancers and the bartender were outgoing, pleasant to talk to and hot as usual. I was in line to do a VIP, but it got late and I decided to bounce. (Not the dancers fault). I hate turning down dances, cause all the ladies are sweet, but I’m blue collar. However, tonight was def worth my hard earned money and I’m looking forward to coming in again soon….

  312. quentin
  313. steve

    the girl were hot and sexy i had a great time a wish i lap dance was litter longer. but it so great

  314. MartinD28
  315. Ant
  316. John Doe
  317. Samson
  318. Larry
  319. lm

    Delilahs Toms River is good next to Manville but they could stand to keep a few more girls working during the day when I go

  320. Mitty

    No cover customer apprecation is great. I visit the place more often so the club gets more money. Everyone wins.

    I would visit even more if prices were reduced during the day too.

  321. Chip

    The club seems better. They dont press you to buy a cup of drink for four

    dollars. The girls are always polite and smiling. The environment is very clean

    for any club. Lapdances vary by the girl. One problem is a new dancer,

    Carmella, said the dance would be 5 minutes and it turned out to be about 3.

    Not cool. You lost a customer for good.

  322. Slappy

    She-ite hole!

  323. Jefferson

    Favorite club!!!! Hot girls, we’ll priced! Happy personable ladies and a great variety of bodies,

  324. RAY RAY
  325. Slick-Rick

    Club has a few hot girls Vanessa & Mariah

  326. Dr DDTR
  327. megan
  328. moonum
  329. bigd

    its a hot spot….the best keep secrect in toms river. The girls are sexy and friendly (day girls12-7pm). Smart bet sandy,alex,nina,kristen,giselle. The vips are great and private. For maximum results wear track or sweatpants and bring 300 for a vip plus tip. Well worth it if u can afford it!

  330. kyle
  331. Theodore

    One of the best clubs around. It has a very personable atmosphere. The patrons talk easily to each other and are friendly. The staff and dancers are always pleasant and polite. The dancers are always very pretty and young with a variety of looks from traditional, school girl, punk, glamorous, exotic…etc. The only thing is the kind of music they play. I wish they would throw some classic rock in there every few songs.

  332. thedude

    thumbs up

  333. forester
  334. Daryl G.

    Could use some more girls, maybe a few less lbs on some of em

  335. zippy

    ddtr & ddsa are good

  336. Walter

    I like it

  337. Larry Dallas
  338. DDTR
  339. Sean is Sweet

    Sean is Sweet

    Like her style. No pressure, humorous, and customer satisfaction is a priority. Wish more of my VIP’S were that way.

  340. The Professor

    Blake is absolutely Beautiful! After a rough day I arrived at the Club. As anticipated, after seeing this heavenly creature on stage, I found this lady to be an absolute stunner with a beautiful body. She did her best to make me comfortable, relaxed and ready for fun. Bottom line…gorgeous, fun, and accommodating. I will definitely repeat!

  341. Hugh52
  342. Herbie
  343. Jesse James

    Voted #1 by the Alliance of American Strip Club Patrons. Also, I have changed my mind from my previous post. I love this place!

  344. Fatso

    i like this club. great lap dances, many girls to choose from

  345. jack sparrows
  346. Pete
  347. Allan

    Really surprised at how it’s possible for this place to get the lowest review in the area by far. Saw Unique (there Th, S, M I think) – VIP was very well worth it and then some

  348. Bob
  349. Daryl Toney

    I went once and didnt get a lap dance because I’m gay but my buddy got a lap dance and shot a nut in his pants…. good bar story, I know.

  350. david s
  351. Trimango
  352. Crush


    On Violet. Had a pleasurable experience with this sexy woman. Luv her shapely derriere. Fortunately, my cash was not wasted. Was exhausted after several dances. Whoah!

  353. TImmy
  354. Richy

    what club did Dakota go to? Does she still dance? Deff the sweetest and hottest girl!!

  355. Adam

    Dancer Hazel is a stay away zone. She’s pretty but what comes with her is not worth it ( HPV )

  356. me
  357. Central Jersey Man

    My first time to a strip club. Personally, I was impressed. The girls are hot, the music is good. Nice atmosphere. Fun place to chill out. Private dancers are a little short, but VERY erotic. They all some touching and the girls will go just about anywhere. Ask for Trinity. All I can say aboit her is WOW.

  358. k

    roxy is girl i saw alot of tatotos

  359. conrad615

    It is so easy to have a good time here. Don’t bother reading the comments section or worrying about the line up. There are always good looking girls working here in different shapes,shades, and sizes. Clear up the details before you VIP because some have more rules than others but if you do that, you will have a good time.

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