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3025 East La Mesa Street, Anaheim, CA 92806


33.847987, -117.858533




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Taboo Gentlemen’s Club

  1. harryharry

    This is a beginners strip club and is nice for someone who is trying to get their feet wet. Cover is 10 bucks and they force you to be at least one drink for 6.50 (non-alcholic to boot). The club advertises full nude…however that’s only when the girl is on stage. Private dances are not so private. They consist of a boot and thin transparent curtain in which everyone can see. Private dances cost 20 bucks and they girls dont go nude or topless which is a major rip off! Specials consists of 3 dances for 40 bucks and a 125 dollar showing that consists of 8 non-nude/topless dances. Overall girls were decent to attractive and somewhat friendly, DJ was pretty good, and my sprite had the right amount of fizz. Personally, I will rarely go here because I frequent strip clubs often and have seen much better girls and service. It’s a good starter strip club or a casual place for people to hang out every once in a while.

  2. hey

    Do tell lappro……………her boyfriend shares, why don’t you…………haha

  3. Dippy

    I went back here the night after my last post. Tiffany wasn’t there but I go a dance from Madison. BEST DANCE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED!!!! Put the great dance I got from Tiffany to shame. I’m bumping my rating of Taboo to 10 thanks to Madison.

  4. eddie

    this club had the cutes asian girls!

  5. joe

    take passion!

  6. the madness

    this club is amazing. many girls will approach friendly. sit on your lap and slowly grind. then talk prices and dances. just ask whats instore and they should give you a preview. if you want sex, this is the club to go to. ive had sex with 3 girls so far. and FUCK its amazing. Ask for DEE, black beauty. with an amazing grinding ass

  7. XhXeXy

    Went there on a Saturday afternoon…. you probably shouldn’t make that mistake. There were only 4 girls working. One of them was doubling as a waitress but here’s the kicker…she was preggo!!! Not my cup of tea. One of the other dancers sat down to talk to me and she had breath that could peel off wall paper. I’m not talking regular bad breath but periodontal disease bad breath. I guess the other two girls were just average. One of them did the splits onstage while she was naked, I think that’s why I gave them two stars. The dj played about 20 minutes worth of “break songs”every hour. I thought my admission fee was to see girls get naked on stage not to listen to bad techno music. As a veteran of gentleman’s clubs I realized that “A” team wouldn’t be on stage in the afternoon but if you’re going to be open at least have enough girls to keep the action going. I may return but this time at night.

  8. James
  9. boone

    you girls rock.

  10. AssnTits5

    Remember to download the coupon from the site!! Overall, it’s definitely well worth your time. Had a great time there last weekend. Good-looking girls, very sweet. The lap dance booths were very spacious and very private. The lap dances were fairly inexpensive and the songs were “long”. The special was one lapdance for $20, three for $40. The club itself was intimate and there was a good view of the stage from any seat. I definitely look forward to going back soon!

  11. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  12. Linda N.

    This was my first strip club experience, and it will be my last.. I only went because it was for my sex class.. Walking up to the front, the security guard checks my i.d. and looked at it over and over and asked if I came here before. He looked like he didn’t believe it was me. Dumb. My friends were all pretty bored after an hr.Bitchy waitress.

  13. jaron

    this club was great, especially VIP from Kendall. She was great, lot of friction and very intimate. She let me touch her anywhere except privates. Titties are amazing and she definitely left with a a reason to come back at the end

  14. NodRog g.

    Taboo is the perfect starter strip club. Depending on the night, the women could be really hot or inbred ugly. The set up is simple and small but really nice. The prices are great for admission and dances. Look to their website for deals and events. Overall Taboo is a very typical strip club

  15. Steven

    No other club can compare, no joke Taboo is the best strip club around the orange county/L.A. area

  16. Francisco I.

    Place is nice and clean, been there a couple of time. the weekends is the best days to go. during the week its really slow but you do get more attention from the girls. prices are ok i guess only downside is that there is cameras all over the place lol even in the lap dance area….but anyway its ok…

  17. Jennifer D.

    This strip club is disgusting.

  18. robert

    I had a lot of expectations after reading the reviews…but I am disappointed. The girls speak a lot before taking for a dance, but once you get there it is not worth it. Sitting by the stage and throwing dollar bills would give more happiness. The club is just offering specials every 3-4 dances because customers are not taking any dances at regulars.

  19. Ehab S.

    Hot girls, good VIP lounges! Best dancers and they’ll give free entrance if you mention the website.

  20. moneyman2

    This place used to be great. Had some of the hottest girls i’ve seen at a strip club. Now when you go it’s the same 4 old hags sitting around. Don’t waste your time and money here.

  21. stripforme123

    Horrible, do not waste your time or money. Yes the dances on stage are full nude, but who cares. The lap dances are fully clothed, the girl that gave me a dance had her own 100 rules, that’s on top of the 100 rules the place has. The “Bartender” basically put me in a situation where I had no choice but to buy the dancer a drink, it was a warm tea. It costed 7 dollars with tip 10 dollars. I got the 2 dance get 1 free deal. It was a waste of money becuase of all the rules . Save your money, go anywhere else.

  22. Harrison69

    Don’t waste your time. Their private dances are nothing special at all and the girls there weren’t anything special.

  23. DREW

    Girls are hot, Love the $10.00 dances. vip is a waste of money. $120.00 so stick with the $10.00 dances.

  24. MJ

    Hey guys,

    Im Maryjane from taboo. Honestly, Im disappointed some of you gentlemen didnt have fun time at our club. I’ll take it upon myself to apologize for your unperfect visit. Every Club has its down falls and every club has girls that dont do their utmost. I can personally say that out of the 3 years I have worked at taboo, I’ve enjoyed it more then any of the other clubs I’ve worked at (varying from la to industry). The girls at Taboo are some of the most attractive dancers I’ve seen in Orange County. We all have our type of girls and dances. Im sorry if you didnt find the right girl for you the first time you came in. I ask you to try again. Come in and try out the various amount of new and regular dancers. I know you will enjoy yourself.

    If Im working, mention my post on here and I will give you a FREE (no loop holes) dance. I never give poor dances, its like taking a test and trying to fail at it to me. You gentlemen have a great day and I hope to see you at Taboo soon! I work currently monday nights, wednesday nights, saturday nights and sunday dayshift (2-630).

  25. MyInput

    Best Damn Strip Club I’ve Ever Been To!! Hot girls, Great atmosphere, Great music!! Only complaint is the bathrooms… Could use an overhaul, But who cares, This is by far the best strip club i’ve ever been to!! Highly recommended!!

  26. chris

    best club ever

  27. lappro

    This club is the best kept secret in Orange County, but not after this review. The girls are all 7’s or better. Average is a 9! I don’t want to tell you my favorite, because she is tough to get a dance with, she’s booked solid, making many happy faces on the customers!I envy her boyfriend, but at least he shares! 🙂

  28. richard95

    hell yea i agree .. a great starter strip club. We used to go to this joint in high school and one of our teachers used to strip here. So crazy… but ya there was some beautiful babys that used to work here. i dont know any one though

  29. fritter17

    Went here for my first time in a strip club. The girls here were SO nice! All pretty hot. Got a lapdance from Pixie and boy was that awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on by a girl.One bad thing I have to say is that the drinks SUCK!

  30. John

    I’ve become an addict. If you like sex, and you try this club, you will become an addict too.

  31. FlaGuy

    This club has some amazing talent!!!

    The downside is that there is no alcohol, being from Florida I was a little suprised, paying $6 for a coke YIKES! DJ was annoying. They have a “special” dance every half an hour. Don’t fall for it, supposed to be two songs but you really get one as the first one starts when the dancers are walking around. Also unusual no cellphones in the club, guess they are worried about the cameras.

    However once you get over all of that, they have some talented and hot girls of every type you could ever want. All very friendly. The lap dances were friction, great technique on all but bikinis remained on during them.

    I would definitely return next time I’m in town just to see these lovely girls. Sidney and Honey I will miss you.

  32. Worththetime

    Despite what people say i found the club to be worth my time. I went on a Thursday so it wasn’t packed. The girls did not bother me too much. I recommend it.

  33. kyle

    amber, i will be back soon

  34. Matthew A.

    Cute little girl name Kyra! Very cute. Paid for 100 dollar for eight dances. 7 dollar fee for drink. Hell of a time. But they are on small boob Sunday. Still Taboo is a good place.

  35. karen

    went with girlfriend and our men it sucks old people shit they need more hipper shit

  36. igor34

    First and last time going here, admission is pricey and their sound system is pretty bad, I have a better sound system at my house. But ya, friends and I wasted money on this place, pretty boring, we left early.

  37. Mika R.

    I went here before with some friends and basically I was infront of the stage and this stripper started telling me to remove her under ware and everyone was cheering it was awkward because it was my first time to go to a strip club but all in all I had fun. 🙂

  38. S.C. Hoppin'

    Went during primetime on a Sat night, and didnt see any 8-10 rated girls – “maybe” saw one girl close to an 8.

  39. bambam
  40. ryan123

    A couple months ago, I went here with my boss to celebrate one of our employee’s 18th birthday. He was pretty excited. I think his parents even gave him some money specifically for a strip club.As far as I could tell, the place was fairly clean. The girls working there were pretty ok. Nothing special. During our visit there, we had no problem with the waitresses. The “one drink minimum” and “buying drinks for the ladies” are SOP for all strip clubs. The private dance area is anything but private, so I declined any of that action.Like others have said, if you’ve never been to a strip club before and have always been curious, it’s a pretty good “beginner’s” club. Since the “private” dance area is open and the bouncers regularly walk through there, there’s a slightly different atmosphere.Oh, and the place is a bit difficult to find. You can see it from the 91, but finding it on the street is a different story. I recommend that you Google Maps the place first.

  41. Ash

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