5111 Genesee Street, Cheektowaga, NY 14225


42.9375029, -78.6977067




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Scores

  1. jed

    the best around

  2. Rahman

    By far the best club in Buffalo!

  3. BarFly

    With all the changes management is making this place is THE BEST!!!

  4. Garth

    simply the best in wny!

  5. Danny

    The midget show kicked ass!!!!

  6. Buffalo Bills JC

    Fun Clean Place. Hot girls. Great Staff and Management. Will return soon!

  7. Mr G

    Awesome friendly place. cant wait for them to remodel! This place is the best in buff already!

  8. Jay

    awesome time wed

  9. ALLEN

    Great place!!! WORTH THE VISIT!!!!

  10. Tommy J

    Hot Ladies… What more can you ask for!!! LOVE IT HEAR! SCOTT IS GREAT!

  11. Sal

    Great time… Waitress sounds like a man though.

  12. James

    Awesome place! hot girls

  13. Tim

    Super hot girls.. packed on sat.. loved it

  14. larry

    had an awesome time. friendly management and hot girls.. than you!

  15. Sam Jones

    Nice to see the prostitutes of Buffalo have a roof over their heads

  16. Andy

    Awesome fun place.. hot girls.. prob best in WNY

  17. David T.

    Great place. fun friendly atmosphere!

  18. heath
  19. joe

    this club is gay and the few that are not gay are on drugs

  20. Lars

    I love this place too!

  21. Fake

    Thats what all the positive reviews are.

  22. Mungo

    Gots to be the BEST club in the Buff

  23. WHAT
  24. Nick


  25. Gerog

    Nice clean club. sexxxy ladies

  26. Sammy

    I heard the club went through a turn over but is back in the hands of a full-time owner. With all of the drama from the other places its nice to be able to come in for a beer and just relax. Great place. Thanks Rick!

  27. Gale

    Best gentlemens club in buffalo1

  28. Jackson


  29. ts


  30. Dillion

    If you are in town you have to stop in and check out Barbie. SHE IS SO FUCKING HOT!

  31. Haley

    nice clean place

  32. Awesome!

    Cool awesome beans!

  33. sum guy

    i love this club

  34. boo boo

    did you see rick snowden? he is back in the news gay club owner, puts his finger in customer ass. see him on the web ,go to its the best,see him at the white house his club has fat old ugly girls most of them are on drugs.the help is just as bad this is a place to get rip off big time. and half the boys are gay

  35. KK
  36. Lisa

    Remodel coming soon. bringing liquor back. new girls.. great place!

  37. Phil

    Great place..

  38. Billy the kid

    Cant wait for the remodel.. lots of hot sexy ladies!

  39. Annonomous

    Well What to say all the girls do drugs the mgt sucks and the club is terrible i would strongly suggest not to go there Drinks are over priced dances are 44 dollars and not worth it girls offer you extras right on floor its the worst club ever!!!!

  40. Porky

    This Place is the cleanest strip club I’v ever been in and the dancers are very friendly!

  41. Joe Blow

    Not even worth your time. Unless you want a lap dance from a junkie. Try one of the other clubs right around the corner.

  42. Jake

    Great club! Jen is hot.

  43. D

    awesome place.. great staff.. the guy bartender was nice.. funny… had a blast!

  44. Marly

    The best club in buffalo

  45. frank

    the club to go are PHARAOHS AND MADEMOIsELL FOLIE BERGERE ricks stinks and it is a gay place

  46. moonboy

    excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Bobby

    Great clean place!

  48. never coming back

    Heidi was such a bitch. Really gave this club a bad name in my book. Never going back. I don’t need to be threatened by a hooker

  49. miT

    Hate it here

  50. Sammi

    This place Rocks, I cant believe that someone couldn’t have a good time in this place. My boyfriend and I went there the other nite and had a Grrreat time. I don’t mind the cover at the door it keeps out the roudies that the other places seem to attract.

  51. vince

    Lots of Hotties when I was there last this place is a lot better than the

    other clubs in town no clowns

  52. Ron

    12 girls on wednesday! Most very hot. loved it!

  53. mad mike

    Guess its now Tiffany’s By FAR much hotter girls then any other club in WNY!

  54. Willy

    Had a great fun time. Lots of hot ladies here…

  55. johnnie

    great place..

  56. Aaron

    Quality of girls kicked ass Mon Night!

  57. Sam

    Best gentlemens club in buffalo

  58. Gero

    Love it

  59. JOH


  60. Dan

    Very Fun and couple friendly. hot girls! great management

  61. sammie

    was in there for football sunday ,good eats good girls dj was great bartender was cool door guys and mngmt. a class act and that shot girl wow nice dance and nice butt very friendly!!!!!!

  62. Jef

    Cool Place

  63. Greg

    Great Friendly staff.. hot girls…. new favorite club in buffalo!

  64. Dave

    Best In Buffalo by far!!!

  65. JT

    Lots of hotties

  66. Tiffany


  67. Norm

    Had a nice time sat night. ALL NUDE GIRLS ARE HOTTTTT

  68. J ALLEN

    A joke This club is a has been face. Filthy dancers. Downright trash. Spent an hour and then went to Pharohs . Much nicer atmosphere and cordial staff and dancers. The ladies there made up for this dirthole.

  69. NONE
  70. Jon

    This Place is the cleanest strip club I’v ever been in and the dancers are very friendly!

  71. Don

    WORST CLUB EVER!! I have been to > 40 clubs. The girls are hard to look at as none of them were above a rating of fair some chunky chicks. One girl had a small right breast and a large left breast. Always hounding patrons for money. Private dances are way too much. HORRIBLE!



  73. bob

    this is a gay club and it stinks like shit a real rip off save your money dont go

  74. Scott

    I love this place….

  75. Al

    You got that right. Bobs a shitty manager. steals

  76. gret

    Best in buffalo! liq is on its way i hear!

  77. Jessie

    Horrid place . Crack being done in the dressing room. Every girl there cant work at other places.

  78. Brock

    Nice friendly place. Shared some good laughs with the guy behind the bar.. friendly…. new to the area and instantly felt welcome here.. Thank you!

  79. jack

    worst club and its a gay hang out dont go a rip off

  80. Peter

    Have been to Rick’s in Rochester and had a great time there. Was in Buffalo on business stopped in at the Buffalo location and had the time of my life ended up spending the night in Buffalo didn’t want to leave! Can’t wait to do business in Buffalo agian so I can visit again.

  81. joe stein

    the worst club ever this place smells like dirty pussy this club is a gay club at least 50% are gay

  82. Mandy

    Great place.. think I am going to start working here!!!

  83. Jean

    Love dancing here

  84. Boc

    Awesome Place!

  85. john

    had a great time last night girls were hot shot girl too dj had me cracking up

  86. Tina


  87. Lauren

    Nice clean friendly place.. great staff and management

  88. IR8rez

    Went there the other day for the game had a great FREE buffet and a bunch of Hotties Great Place!

  89. kim

    great place

  90. taylor

    worked at many clubs. This club byfar has the best managment

  91. Banjo

    Young Jr high girl dancing with track marks on her arms . Made me sick

  92. aLEX


  93. winston12

    First off the calamari was terrible. Looking at the dance stage made me go to the bar and stay at the bar. There wasn’t a blackout contemplation of ordering a dance in sight. Long story short you’re not finding a nice Cabernet dancer here but they serve one of hell of a Heineken.

  94. Billy Jo

    Great Clean safe place to work! love it!

  95. billie

    can a club get any worse this is a real shit house

  96. Gabe

    BEST IN WNY!!!!!

  97. mack

    how to find the worst club? come to this shit house and you found it

  98. Wahoo

    Liqour is coming back next fri june 25th

  99. T

    Love it!

  100. Balls

    Had a great time thurs!

  101. george

    reading the reviews you would have to be nuts to go to this club i am a ass i went and got crabes in the bathroom next time i will watch the reviews

  102. Geno

    Totally NUDE!!! What more can you say..Thanks Rick!

  103. miles

    best in buffalo!

  104. whooohoo

    Hot Ladies… What more can you ask for!!!

  105. Tammy

    Great place…. Love the MGR.. Very friendly

  106. brasil

    Friendly staff in a nicely remodeled club. However, they need to have some black girls on the day shift.

  107. tom

    how does this club stay open it is for shit

  108. page

    this is a gay place,you have listed it in the wrong place.went to take a pis and what i thought was a girl was waiting to suck my cock the bathroom has more queers waiting to suck or get sucked not the place to go if you are stright

  109. Barb

    Awesome time. cant wait for tues may 3rd! im gunna win am night!

  110. twyla

    sexxxxy ladies

  111. Paul

    Damn these chicks are HOTTTTTT

  112. Gregory Smith

    Had a fun time. Lots of hot ladies.

  113. Craig

    Love this place!

  114. Pete from Pharoes

    so much better then my club!

  115. JAB

    Had a great time there cant understand why all the negative comments

  116. Jade

    hot girls. clean club!

  117. Billy

    1 word! AWESOME!

  118. bill

    Came in the other day and it was a nice place to relax and have a drink Im not sure why there are so many negative words being said about this place. I will be back in the near future

  119. Dom

    This is the worst club. All these reviews are false. Everyday someone makes more than one positive review. Madams is much better.

  120. Rob

    Awesome safe fun place…

  121. dump

    what a dive, go to the other clubs

  122. tomtom

    I was there over the weekend waiting on a flight had a great time dont know

    what the others are talking about classy place

  123. Lance

    Smells like old people in here. Hurry up and get a liquor license already and stop charging 6 bucks for a water. Why is it you advertise all nude girls when hardly any get nude on stage?

  124. Disgusted Buffalonian

    This club is absolute filth and trash

  125. ZACK

    Nice relaxing place. friendly staff and girls… not ugly skank bitches like madams

  126. some one

    stop in and check out xtina super hot

  127. Seth

    9th grader dancing here with her Mom. Please shut this place down!

  128. jonny

    the best

  129. jsan

    awesome place

  130. George T

    So bad its disturbing. The ladies were not bathed nor were they remotely attractive. The building in itself is filthy. Drug paraphenalia in the mens room (needles).

  131. Kurt

    I went to The Club last night. The place was very stylish with colors and lights. The dancers were very sexy, nice and friendly

  132. Jamie


  133. Fox E.

    You say that we’ve got nothing in common. No common ground to start from. If you go here in the morning, you can have Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I think I remember the film. Unless I recall I think we both kind of liked it. Well that’s one thing we’ve got.Let me start by saying I don’t go to strip clubs. But 3 things I really appreciate are that…(a) some of the cutest girls in Buffalo go here as customers (no names mentioned).(b) Tiffany’s has really cleaned up Rick’s Tally Ho, the previous business that was here, which was not too pleasant.(c) They have famous feature dancers from porn movies come here and dance on a regular basis. And some of them are (blushes) old friends from Los Angeles so it’s always nice to stop in and see them.I have to give it a 5-star for the above reasons, even though Pharoah’s is a better club, with even more attractive girls (in general, but they’re all great). It’s slightly cheaper than Pharoah’s though.And like I said in that review: Just remember that any given strip club in this region will really, really rip you off. You have to go to California or Jersey to find the cheaper ones because there is so much competition, but it’s getting to be like that everywhere now. Also I’d just like to point out that every stereotype you have of strippers is probably false. . I know plenty of them, and have a few exs that do it, including one that still works here actually. And the stereotypes don’t hold up. Except that most of them are really hot.

  134. Mike

    Great fun clean place.. HOT WOMEN!

  135. Jim

    hot girls. no cover

  136. Johnny

    great time on sun!

  137. cook

    can a place get any worse this is a rip off dirty dump

  138. Barbie


  139. Jett


  140. Erica

    Pregnant dancers on crack .

  141. Kevin

    Dancer was 16 years old. Please report this place to the local law enforcement .

  142. Eric

    Was in sunday.. great time and great laughs watching the game with scott and his girls! Highly recommended.. Best in Buffalo…

  143. Paulie


  144. jeff

    even for a gay club its stinks why is this club trying to make belive that it is stright

  145. Chris

    After reading this crap, I can not believe we are talking about the same club. It sounds like you all are newbies and have never been anywhere to see some ass. Every club has some 4’s. That’s why one club says 1 ugly and 100 hotties. Yah! I went to Rick’s to watch football, they had a great spread, not only food, but hotties as well. I had it all!! Food, Friends, Beer and Naked Ladies All in one. I didn’t need anything else. I can’t wait until SUPERBOWL. Go GIANTS!!!

  146. TM
  147. Kristy

    Thanks for a great time Tiffany’s!

  148. Roger

    Love this place!

  149. Tony

    Fucking disgusting. there was 2 girls working the floor at the most, with songs being played and no one dancing on stage, the biggest waste of sixteen dollars I ever spent!

  150. mary

    as an ex dancer all i can say is that this is the dirt stink club with more gays then stright people the girls are so old fat ugly the help smells like they have shit there pants the glass they serve drinks in must be washed every other day great place to go if you are BLIND love to all my gay sisters i know that you will turn this club 100% gay keep on fucking rick snowden he his a piece of shit his wife told me he loves big black boys that stink like shit so he can lick them clean

  151. RAY

    loved this great club conviently located right next to the buffalo airport. will stop in again.

  152. may

    can a club get worse? i dont think,its one big rip,fat ugly girls this is a gay place

  153. WOW

    Amazed how the quality of girls changed in last 30 days AMAZING.. SUPER HOT!!!

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