Rockstar Connecticut Strip Club



1652 Wolcott Road, Wolcott, CT 6716


41.6349548, -72.9635128




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Rockstar Connecticut Strip Club

  1. kevin
  2. billie
  3. fred
  4. Q

    Bouncers are assholes girls are allright.

  5. HOT

    smikin girls!

  6. IROCK

    great party spot


    Good times every time I cum

  8. bob q


  9. Jim

    the dancers are hot and the pornstar features are the best

  10. vinny
  11. Jay

    Most of the girls are hot and friendly

  12. Jonathan

    Well, I went to see the feature last night, and I have to say that her pictures don’t do her any justice. She looks way better in person than in the photos, so I was even more impressed when I saw her. Secondly, the talent you have is great. I must say I was intrigued by the girl with the sneakers last night, that tiny thing just hopped up on the pole and started hanging from the bar holding the pole and swinging around like a nutcase. A job well done!

  13. buk naked

    new girls all the time. every time I get a favorte she is gone.

  14. Frank
  15. cciqvwt


  16. Bert

    Amy the massage girl is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

  17. walt
  18. Anthony

    Great place to be, I like it better than any other strip club, Including the the other club they own, Lazele

  19. Mr C.

    girls almost on par with gold club, but this place has a better atmosphere and girls are freindlier, a hundred dollar bill will go miles further than most upscale places as far as drink prices and dances go

  20. lou
  21. DJ Ross

    Dj jason michales rocks

  22. Wow

    What can I say…This place is a petting zoo.

  23. vip

    this place is allright.

  24. real club goer
  25. bang

    alot of bang for the buck, pun intended

  26. nah
  27. Nothing Special
  28. joel

    nice place, nice girls, they should do some good drink specials, currently no specials, how about a break on the drinks in the bad economy?

  29. stripperlover

    do it to me gina lynn

  30. not impressed
  31. Mikey

    Pretty dancers and bar staff and overall clean and up to date atmosphere.

  32. Rob

    girls are hot

  33. tna
  34. poy
  35. alan
  36. guerin
  37. xxxman

    Kirsten Price delivered. Considering all the hype she put on a great show/hot girl

  38. The Big One

    Many girls. Lots of high tech stuff like lights and plasmas. Not a big place. Off the beat and path, but was satisfied.

  39. rockin babes

    I like the rock bands they have for their dancing girls

  40. Billy


  41. fan

    clean trendy place with good looking girls

  42. dj jason m.

    love it,Ross is the best Dj ever

  43. RA

    I luv this place. The dancers are freindly and don’t just try to hustle me like they do in some other so called “upscale gentlemens clubs.” When I leave this place i feel like I just went out with a new girl freind.

  44. Jack

    cheap booze! hot girls!

  45. B A Rockstar
  46. outstanding
  47. billtheguy12

    Overview:The exterior is typical of a rural strip club. Parking is in a dirt parking area on the side/back of the building. Non-dance staff are not clearly identifiable nor professional in appearance / attitude. The interior decor is average. Dance staff are somewhat attractive but very non-engaged with the customers. Drinks are extremely overpriced, and even though the wrong drink was made, for the drink that was made it was tolerable. Our experience was poor and we definitely will not return. Detailed events of visit: The wife and I pulled into the parking lot on a Saturday at roughly 7pm (a little early but it was going to be our first stop). A gentleman who we later figured was either the manager or owner was standing out on the back deck glaring at my wife. Enough to make her extremely uncomfortable. We decided that maybe he was wondering why we were sitting in the parking lot since just based on the exterior appearance, we were debating on if we even wanted to chance it. We ended up going in. We got inside and the bouncer (who we thought was just a random patron) asked for our IDs. There was only 4 other guests in the building (2 at the stage, 1 at the bar, and 1 sitting by the wall). We took a seat at the bar and I ordered a beer for myself and a Fuzzy Navel for the wife. The bartender said “I’ll be right back” and disappeared for a few minutes into the back room. She returned with her phone and it was clear that she didn’t know how to make the drink. She started pouring the Peachtree and then reached for the Vodka. I requested “No Vodka” and informed her that I just wanted a “Fuzzy Navel” not a “Hairy Navel” (basically the same drink but it adds vodka. She proceeded to get a pissed off look on her face like I’m out of my mind and pushes the back of the Peachtree bottle in my face which has directions for their variation of the drink. Whatever. The drink (any variation) is supposed to be topped with orange juice but she used some type of orange drink from the soda gun. Now I COULD be wrong, as it has been known to happen once or twice, but I have never seen orange juice dispensed from a soda gun! A beer and a mixed drink (made incorrectly) came to $16.25!! I didn’t argue since I knew it wouldn’t get me anywhere.As we turned around to watch the “entertainment” one of the girls started yelling “Who wants me to sing karaoke, turn up the music, I want to sing” over and over. The bouncer finally turned and said “No one wants to hear you, just shut the fuck up”. My wife and I just looked at each other in agreement that we would leave as soon as we were done with our drinks. We looked over to the stage and the girl on the stage was ignoring the 2 guys sitting there with a couple of dollars out so that she could play on her phone, although in fairness one of the guys was completely ignoring her and playing on his phone. Two other girls were sitting with the lone guy by the wall. No one came up to speak to us or ask how we were doing, if we wanted a dance, etc. Everyone just appeared disinterested and as if they were just going through the motions. We quickly finished our overpriced drinks and left.

  48. Sam

    Cool place, Pretty girls

  49. sammy

    I like hanging out here, most of the dancers are pretty cool even when I’m broke

  50. ROCK ON!

    I’m in every Friday. This is the best club in the state.

  51. awesome

    place fucking rocks!

  52. J

    This is a strip club party house.

  53. Coors

    Cool place

  54. manwhore

    I like the big name pornstars that come here all the time.

  55. henry
  56. assman

    i love the little brunette shooter girl who converted to a stripper

  57. Badoink!

    Guess what that means

  58. delroy
  59. C

    it is a really good time, the private dances are a great price and well worth it.

  60. Ron

    Visiting from Philly for holidays. Club rates well compared to clubs back home.

  61. Joe
  62. Bud

    Entertaining, girls are pretty and friendly

  63. BIG

    love the pornstars

  64. niki

    Lots of girls work here and most are pretty hot and friendly. Place is very cean and upscale. Not inexpensive, but is worth the trip.

  65. Lonely and Horny

    I like to hang here.

  66. Dancer

    Top of the Ct list

  67. ck
  68. JD

    Place has improve much since they opened a couple of years ago. Better girls and better mangt. Well maintained

  69. Action

    Sound system is very loud and fast paced on weekends, Light show is better than most regular clubs. This place turns into a regular club like downtown Hatford or New Haven on weekends only they have strippers. Lots strippers work here and wanna bee strippers come here. I got laid here several times!

  70. John

    This place puts up a good effort.

  71. George

    Was there for the first time the other night. 10 times better than any other club in the state. Clean, great atmosphere, the girls are stunning.

  72. rockhard

    one of the top clubs in ct

  73. Tony

    I’ve been coming here on and off for the past few months. The club consistanly has a good feel with good dancers.

    The features that come here every month are a bonus.

  74. livinlikelarry

    I know that they say not to eat food in a Strip Club but the food here is amazing!!! Its a pretty diverse menu of really good food. The wings are top notch and thier Burgers should be on tv or something. The bartenders are freaking awesome and make great drinks!! They also have some pretty hot girls here. There is plenty of seating and its a nice vibe in here. Its a real good place to just stop in for a few drinks and have a good time. If you’ve never been here you need to come pay this place a visit.

  75. andy
  76. OnMyLap

    great girls. great ld’s and great atmosphere. Stripper kareoke is different. Club keeps things interesting

  77. Feature

    Stopped in tonight to see Donna Doll…..smokin hot

  78. Waste


  79. eric
  80. nordic
  81. Bill
  82. new customer

    wow …lots of girls….looking forward to to the up comming feature.

  83. jonny

    I like to go on the weekends, but I don’t like to park across the street. Other than that and the fact that there is no stall in the bathroom the place is a 10.

  84. G man

    Quality of dancers is great. Been coming here since new ownwer renovated and place still is as good as ever.

  85. Leo

    Cool club, to bad its off the beat and path, I would be back more often if it were closer to the highway.

  86. B

    Great atmosphere. Parking sucks, but its worth it to park across the street and come in – only thing that sucks when you go inside is the music. Too much fucking rap/hiphop/r&b. I want some good metal on there! The older crowd who goes doesnt look for rap music – we want classic rock or something like that.



  88. not a fan
  89. raw

    better than the last shit hole that was here. now you can take a piss with class

  90. Stone
  91. rick
  92. Big Dog

    Only probem here is the parking. You have to park across the street at Illussions every fri and sat. They should buy the little pub next door nock it down and use it for parking space.

  93. Luddy
  94. Jay

    I was in here on a Sunday night (not the best time to go). There were some cute dancers, but the club itself isn’t that impressive. It’s a bit run down, especially in the lap dance area. It seems like the bouncer looks in on you and the dancer every minute you’re in there. Kills the mood. It’s amazing what a good website can do for you though. It’s one of the reasons I stopped by and left disappointed.

  95. triple x

    the best thing about this club is the different pornstar entertainers they keep bringing in. I enjoy seeing my favorite xxx stars in person.

  96. Hot spot
  97. Mike

    Club is not bad

  98. Nick

    Came in because I heard good things about the club. Girls were pretty and freindly. A little out of the way but is worth the drive. Better than most clubs overall. Great lighting, Never seen lighting in the floor before.

  99. air man
  100. been there
  101. Miller

    Great Place!

  102. richard
  103. DICK

    nice girls, nice bar, even nice bathroom, but please mngt, get a stall so I don’t have to run out to take a shit

  104. mariah
  105. Recently visited

    One of the nicest places I have been in the state

  106. guy
  107. dog

    great time 9 out of 10 times

  108. KC
  109. BLING

    cool place, good activity,never bore!

  110. eddie

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