Shangri La West



2440 West Jefferson Boulevard, Fort Wayne, IN 46802


41.0743922, -85.1724126



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Shangri La West

  1. Muffin
  2. jonjon00

    I really enjoyed hanging out at this place. A nice small club that only runs about ten girls, but everyone was very friendly and the staff even the waitresses and the bartenders seemed to be in party mode all the time. Most of the girls were nothing special but there were two or three that were really tough. One named Sugar is my favoritecute little blond that gives full contact private dances and doesn’t mind if you use your hands. But I love to watch this girl onstage she is the sexiest dancer I have ever seen.

  3. tim
  4. teddy


  5. miller
  6. JOE BOB
  7. CUST SG3


  8. mystic
  9. GENE


  10. jason

    This place really made me feel at home the dancers were very nice and had manners unlike the rest of the clubs in town , where the girls just want to be stuck up.

  11. mad

    i sat in here a few weeks ago waiting for the feature no show,waste of a trip to fort wayne

  12. Dino
  13. Henry

    LMAO go check out Hip Hugger posting old fake reviews on their sad page!!! Who do they think they’re fooling? How desperate have they gotten! What a bunch of sad losers!! LOL!!!!

  14. charles
  15. SAM
  16. jos

    i went expecting a lot more after all everyone pumps it up to be, so in the end i was disappointed. also some girls are rude to each other. i dont like watching that.

  17. VAL
  18. BOBH
  19. cr
  20. NATE
  21. GORG
  22. jess


  23. tayloratshowgirlthree

    I’ve seen first hand what REAL clubs look like, and i can tell you this they don’t smell like ced!!! Nasty would be an understatement more like rank!!! you really should make him take a shower at least once a week for GODS sake man!! Hose him down or something

  24. ED
  25. Negrow hater

    what can you say about a place that won’t let negrow’s in? I like it, and I can’t stand them negrow’s either. Fuck em, they can go to Paradise. Keep up the good work white people, I didn’t see one negrow the whole time I was in there! In fact they got a dress code just to make sure that ain’t coming in!

  26. Braun

    I thought East was bad, this place is worse. Every town needs a shit hole. The warm beer was more enjoyable than the dancers.

  27. ted
  28. BillNY

    Wild girls. hot.

  29. chaser

    no thanks will stay

    at sg1 and sg3

  30. ????

    fuck you

  31. shamefulllll

    this club is a joke was in out of town and what dancers are you talking about they had 0-1-2-3-4 on a night shift what a joke—get some girls and maybe your customers would come back. next time i’m in town i might give it a shot

  32. me


  33. UIO
  34. HarleyILL8294

    I’ve frequently considered, yet till last thursday, did i finally stop in. Well, the girls blew my mind. I’ve only been to Centerfold and Showgirl 1 before being wowed by Shangri-la West. The girls aren’t girls, they’re all amazing women. No less than half of them have hypnotizing stares and are very luring. All of them actually give very enjoyable lap and couch dances. I would definitely recommend Shangri-la West to any newbie club goer. The couch dances are reasonable pricewise. This is definitely worth the money being spent. I can’t say enough positive things about Shangri-la West. It’s certainly nothing lower or less than 1st rate.

  35. wes


  36. JOR
  37. Bryan

    Stopped in here Saturday night around 2am after a wedding so I was dressed up. Didn’t have a single girl walk around for dollar dances, or walk around at all for anything. Took about 10 mins to get a beer, saw a few girls on stage who came out from the back, went to the stage then went back in the dressing room. First girl was nothing to look at, second had too much of a gut, third clearly did not want to be there and fourth was there for money and only money and had no interest in making the experience fun. The DJ sucked (as usual) and their sound system is crap. It went from real loud to where you could hear the bartenders from the other side of the room because either the DJ doesn’t know how to adjust his levels or the mgmt just doesn’t want to invest in their system. Overall, won’t bother going back here again. The girls are non-existant, the waitresses are hot but rarely walk around and the crowd is pretty boarderline. The hottest girl there was a customer who unfortunately was with her bf and clearly was not allowed to leave his side. This place sucks, even if you’re a drugged out gangbanger just wanting some tits in your face, there’s so few girls you’ll be hard pressed to find any.

  38. MOM
  39. SUSIE
  40. JOHN
  41. ohio

    me and my friends were there over the past weekend. This place sucked. Ill never come back again. waste of money ugly girls fat.

  42. TON
  43. Dissappointed!

    This was one of the worst clubs I have ever been to in the entire country.

  44. join
  45. jojo
  46. bobcat
  47. justin

    Had a blast here and as well as at east. the dancers were top notch and the staff treated us just as well.. thanks!

  48. Brandon

    Fuck you Dino! Fuck you to Cedrick! Fucking wanta be mafia! Who the fuck do you two think you are anyhow! I’ll kick both your ass’……PERSONALY!! Just meet me at the tough man coming up………..IF YOU GOT THE BALLS!!!

  49. Worst club in town

    Every town need a shit hole, but fort wayne is special, cause it’s got a BUNCH OF SHIT HOLES!!!!!! HOWEVER THIS SHIT HOLE TAKES THE CAKE!!!!!!

  50. rick

    place is awesome girl are friendly and pretty made u feelgreat, i had wonderful time, i been back second time , staff is great there , there doing a great job

  51. god

    this place is going to hell

  52. FIR SHIR
  53. JZ
  54. Kit

    customers are rude, roof leaks, bathroom stall doors don’t really shut right, more drink tickets manditory to sell than any other club and non-alcoholic,

  55. VIDEO
  56. jack
  57. RON
  58. bn


  59. Jr.

    It going down the drain

  60. sucks

    sucks .ghost town u.s.a.

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