Christie’s Cabaret



4016 West Wendover Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27407


36.0603989, -79.883042




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Christie’s Cabaret

  1. name


  2. jj

    This club is awful! The staff and girls are snobby as I don’t

    know what. Even to order a drink, the service was just

    terrible all the way around. I’ve been trying out all the

    clubs in Greensboro, and I have to say, that I was very

    disappointed with the overall club. They need work

  3. JackLondon

    The managers and staff here are con artists, and will rip you off in a hot second. Beware. Highly-marketed club with a small-town, trailer-trash mentality. Uneducated dirtbags, who care more about their narcissistic egos than their bottom line, run this place. Do not give this joint one dollar of your hard-earned money. Harper’s II has nicer girls, management, and service.

  4. Matt J.

    This place is AWESOME! Beautiful women, reasonable drink prices, and a friendly staff! Highly recommended!

  5. dick

    this is the absolute WORST club i’ve ever been to. yeah the place may look nice on the outside, but guys don’t be fooled. the girls are FAT and UGLY. they don’t even know how to dance. unless you enjoy seeing 20+ girls parading around on stage doing the “slut strut.” the waitresses and staff were all miserable people too. and the DJ…don’t get me started. it was not worth my time or money and i wouldn’t be caught dead in that place again. but…if you’re looking for a hooker i’m sure it’s the place to be.

  6. humansynndrome

    only thing that this place is missing is SNOW!! bring her back and this place would be tatally off the hook!!! Yes the dj can be a pain but i haven’t been to club where they wasn’t!! but all the staff was and is totally amazing!!

  7. Tom (New York)

    Not bad at all for a Tuesday night. Some very attractive girls and they are “hungry” for business!

    The cost was $15 “membership fee” and $7 for additional guests and $20 for couch dances (very good – no touching though), and $10 for table dances. The girls all order Vodka and Red Bull which will cost you $7.25 + tip a pop.

  8. miller
  9. Brad

    Great Club! Girls are hot and always very friendly they know you by first name when you come back and make the trip worth while. I love this place.

  10. June

    This club had a terrible guy girl ratio. When I went there

    around 12:30 pm, I’d say I only saw 3 girls in that huge club.

    They were the only girls on stage that night. Not one spoke to


  11. Alana Brown


  12. Eric

    The DJ is annoying and the staff thinks more highly of themselves than they should. The overall quality of the dancers is poor, but saying that, there are some down to earth girls there that are worth seeing. It’s been awhile for us, does Jay still work there? We missed her last time we went in.

  13. Rick

    Clearly the best club in the Triad area.

  14. P

    very nice club and atmosphere

  15. Mike

    I came in on a Saturday during the day for the second time & counted only a couple of dancers. The one I talked to was named Adrianna or Arianna I think. She was very sweet & very intelligent. Not only was she hott & could really perform on stage but I could actually have a conversation with her. Ill admit that’s surprising compared to most. She has a beautiful body and very sweet. Will go again!!

  16. DC
  17. eb

    Facility-wise one of the best clubs I’ve been to. The girls were pretty good and two were drop dead gorgeous. The girls were extremely curteous and pleasant. You do tip at the bathroom and if you like contact lapdances this is not the place. Overall it is a great spot and I recommend it.

  18. BarneyBWare

    In Gboro on business – decided to stop in and relax before trekking home. Nice club – girls 50/50 hot/not-so-hot. Sat there for an hour with nobody talking to me but the waitress (not that busy). Finally, smoking hot brunette sits down, introduces herself, asks if I’m enjoying the scenery and leaves?????? Girls just float to regulars. $20 for entry and a beer. Naah

  19. Brandon

    This club has the hottest girls on earth!They were very nice to talk to and I love the pole tricks!I would recomend that every guy go there at least once!

  20. Topper

    My Dad’s an Asshole

  21. just another guy

    Pretty cool place. Great sound system and lighting. Hell, it’s a brand new building almost. Beer is way too high. Prepare to be ignored unless you’re a regular or are with a huge group of people. Otherwise, quality of dancers is very good.

  22. Caponeti

    This place is definitely the best in Greensboro.

  23. miles
  24. gary

    best club i have ever been to in gso

  25. curtis17

    Always a staple for me when I’m visiting Greensboro!! Great place to grab something to eat & and take advantage of the nightly specials! Easily the hottest girls in town! The club looks gorgeous and is easy to find. Let’s not forget the over the top hospitality!

  26. Brian

    This was a club I attended on a regular, the girls there have slowly gotten uglier and uglier with so much coke falling out there nose i feel like I am cooking with flower in a kitchen. The management there is absolutely no better they walk around like CEO’s in a multimillion dollar company but then roll out in their 82 toyota. This club has no class and the management is something like chimps running a bank. I feel bad for some of the pretty girls that have been there for a while but lets say that is a 1 in 10.

    Plus waitresses will over charge you and sell them to other customers on your tab have had this happen to me numerous times

    watch out

    Plus watch out for your safety there i have heard rumors of them being robbed at gun point during a busy time and not even calling the police.

  27. Ashton

    Love this place the food is amazing the dancers are great they have awsome drinks it was well worth the money spent!

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