Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, San Francisco



1031 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94133


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0 reviews for “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, San Francisco

  1. john
  2. StripClub431

    Save your money and go somewhere else. Went on a Friday night for my birthday with a group and couldn’t get a seat or a drink as the club was to small and lacked available seating. Bouncers were also rude. Plenty of other choices in SF.

  3. Bakasur B.

    The experience has degraded this past year. Now there is a cloak room ($450, 30mins), in addition to a champaign vip room ($250, 30mins). While i was in the champaign room, i was continuosly hustled to buy drinks for myself and the girl, and to get a dance in the cloak room. Also lapdance is now 60$ for two dances. Dislike.

  4. Miyagi D.

    I usually have a good time here and last night was no different until one girl decided to have a seat next to me at the bar. She proceeded to engage in small talk (she was terrible) but being a gentlemen I bought her a drink anyway(biggest mistake of my life). Conversation dried up in 5 mins and then she has to nerve to ask me for a tip. I just laughed in her face in disbelief. She then proceeded to berate me with help of her friend. It is a shame that just one girl could ruin the whole night and the history I have with this club. I will definitely think twice before ever going to this club again if they continue to employ gold diggers that think they are entitled to everything. If the bitch I’m talking about actually reads this, I just want you to know I tipped the dude in the bathroom because he deserved it!

  5. Keith Charles F.

    Ohhhh Strip clubs…. Ohhh how I enjoy thee.Strip clubs are very strange and very wonderful places where, for some degree of social acceptance, women are paid to take their clothes off. Now, I am not an aficionado, but I have been to quite a few clubs in different parts of the country for assorted guy’s nights out and bachelor parties. If you have never gone, do it. It is an experience everyone must have at least once. Even better, bring a date or a significant other.So, I must admit I was a little worried about the talent when I rolled in. I was already on my way to drunk, and I became very concerned when I saw two of the girls sitting at the bar putting down a plate of nachos like a beer guzzling Wisconsin man. Luckily, they were just the junior varsity. Mr. Flynt does have some amazing women that demonstrate the benefits of extreme diets and modern plastic surgery. One girl, Jodi, was so hot that Lucite of her stripper heels was starting to melt on stage.I really enjoy feeding singles,not the girls, but to Devon F and Patty P. I believed it was my duty to teach these nudie bar newbies tipping etiquette. There is something very satisfying about watching one hottie stick dollar bills in another hottie’s g string.All and all, I good time was had by all. I apologize to the people I dry humped, but thank whoever put that dollar down my shirt. It was a pleasant morning after surprise. Pleasant morning after surprises are rare in my world, and much appreciated.All and all the place was decent but not amazing. For amazing, I am afraid you need to head to Florida or Minnesota (yes, Minnesota). But, the girls were hot and there was not too much bullshit. Drink were expensive, and weak, but that is to be expected. Haiku !Yipppeee ! Strip Club time !Best get wasted before handOpps. Empty walletTalent ? The talent got better as the night went on. They had everything from girls next door to fitness models to comical porno girls. There was something for everyone.

  6. Alycia M.

    I really wanted to like this place. Instead, had a really awful experience. They had a deal on Sf Fun Cheap (Β…)So, my friends and I followed the instructions, got the text confirmations from The Hustler Club and the club denied ever posting it. They said it was the marketing departments fault, but regardless, any business with poor communication bothers me. After showing a multitude of texts, the website, the confirmation, we were FINALLY let in but the security people kept hassling us. I’ve been to quite a few strip clubs and the security is always appreciated — but not when they bother you every few minutes. We were at the front, we were tipping, and we were having fun. But after the 3rd or 4th time a security guard came to talk to us we started to feel uncomfortable. Why couldn’t we just be left alone? Total buzzkill.Ended up downing a few of the $2 drinks and decided to go somewhere we could just have fun and not be hassled constantly.

  7. dancer

    i came out here to dance from reno and it’s the worst club i’ve ever been to

    this club is a joke

  8. Mango on the prowl

    There is a full bar and they will let you drink until about 2:00 am. Girls take their tops off on stage but put them back on when they come over to give you special attention. The Champagne room worked out well except they were lazy once they suckered you in. They sat there and tried to talk to you. Bitch, I want you topless on top of me, I don’t want to hear about your mini schnauzer. We had to literally tell them to “start dancing, time’s a wastin'”.

    One of the 3 girls we took back there wouldn’t take her top off (It was Halloween and she was Little Bo Peep). We found 3 8’s though so it wasn’t a total waste. Hot girls, no air dances. I rate it an 8

  9. Joe V.


  10. Little P.

    I got seated next to a group of 5-6 dancers drinking and carrying on raucously WITHOUT customers. It’s not that I don’t believe dancers deserve a break and a drink, but it became increasingly annoying as the night wore on to have customers coming up to our table, hollering over our heads, negotiating prices for dances in our ears. It all felt really seedy…like I don’t want to hear exactly what you’ll do for him and his friend and for how much. These negotiations need to be discrete. Especially if they’re going to be “exceptional.”If I wanted to spend a night on a street corner in the Tenderloin I wouldn’t have spent $60 on cover, drinks and singles.I tried to address the issue with the floor manager but he treated me with a sexist attitude that, as a woman, I didn’t understand how a strip club operated and how strippers earned a living. (I wouldn’t have complained if I didn’t know better!) The thuggish attitude was right on par with the values of the establishment.On a slow Friday night (which again, isn’t saying much) the strippers are apprehensive about taking their tops off. There were also angry exchanges between dancers on stage and audience at the front if they weren’t tipped on demand. Because nothing makes you want to make it rain like a woman ready to stomp on you with plexiglass heels.Even with the evening going so poorly I was hoping to get a lap dance but the dancers seemed to disappear after their stage performances…except for the drunk girls next to us! So all in all, was anybody there doing their job?If you’re looking for classier establishment I suggest Penthouse. Because if all else fails, you can get a nice steak. And nothing like this has ever happened to me there or anywhere else!

  11. Stacy K.

    Another AWESOME night! Bottle service is DEFINITELY the way to go at this club!!! Sean really took care of us in the VIP area, getting us our choice of girls. Rose and Jordan are fantastic dancers.

  12. Colbys

    I’ve been an on-and-off regular of the Hustler Club and I can say without any hesitation it is the best strip club in all of San Francisco — and there are many. Dancers are smokin’ hot and they’ll never push you for dances; they can take “no” for an answer. You can’t say that about other establishments.Drinks are on the pricey side (a bottle of Lagunitas IPA will set you back $7, a cocktail might be double that), but if you’re just here to drink, you’re doing it wrong. A drink is best when it’s with good company, and if you’re not with your squad and flying solo, any of the lovelies on the floor would be willing to have a grown-up beverage with you and chat. Well, if you are with your squad, the ladies are game nonetheless.Protip: Got your eye on a particular girl but you don’t seem to be on her radar? Ask any of the suits to send her your way. I tried it out on Friday. At first I felt kind of weird about it, but the girl (Lilith) said it’s totally normal and she’s often glad she gets called over, especially on busier nights when girls don’t always have time to meet everyone on the floor.Don’t waste your time with any other club. Go to the Hustler Club and have yourself a good time. I gotta get back there soon.

  13. Chelsea P.

    Alright, I gotta give this place props.This is an all inclusive joint. Well, not really, but it has two special things I like….No, not T&A.Drinks AND food. Not to mention some considerably distracting entertainment. My friend Ethan used to bartend here and he had a lot of fun. I finally took a trip to visit him, and with $2 beers part of their $2 Tuesday, how could I say no?Now, I’ve only been to two strip clubs, so this was unquestionably better. The layout of both the stage and the seating was better, the dancers were sexier and the music was decent. It doesn’t have a creepy vibe, it’s a pretty comfortable environment and if people asked for a strip club recommendation, I would send them here. Coming from a straight girl, I wasn’t embarrassed or uncomfortable in here.Keep an eye out for “JORDAN”, she is BANGIN’!!!

  14. Melanie W.

    I came here once and there was a monkey in the corner taking pictures with people…. Yup, you read that correctly.But besides that one odd, but funny experience , I really like this club. The $15 cover is fine with me and their drinks are pretty reasonably priced. The girls also weren’t aggressively trying to get dances from everyone so the vibe felt pretty relaxed.

  15. Franklyn

    I’m actually kinda sad to write this review. Frankly, this was the worst strip club I’ve ever patronized. When you think about it, the point of a strip club is to indulge in fantasy. The responsibility of the establishment, and the ladies, is the create that fantasy. Epic fail on both parts. Since I am a lady who loves ladies I am looking for specific things from my strip club. 1)Skill of the ladies.3 words. Work. The. Pole. To quote my girlfriend “The point is to see them dancing. I can see naked bitches for free”. Just looking at naked ladies is not going to do it for me (unless they have stooopid bangin’ bodies, and gorgeous faces), so I need my dancers to actually . . . uh . . . DANCE. Most of the women swayed back and forth in a motion that was way too slow for the music they picked, that made it seem like they weren’t even present. No tricks. No moves. Perhaps I’m spoiled from my time down south, but give me something here. There was essentially ONE woman who was actually working the stage. Good job, lady dancing to Journey, no less. Also, isn’t it customary that if you go up to the stage to tip a dancer that she comes over to you, and WORKS for the tip? I’ve never been blatantly ignored by a dancer in a club. And it wasn’t just me, they did it to most of the patrons. I was so confused. So, you’re up there dancing, and you don’t want our money? WTF? I actually had money out to give them, that I put back in my purse because they didn’t even acknowledge my presence. And I’m a woman, so I’m used to getting attention at clubs. Epic fail, girls. Epic fail. Don’t know where they got these girls, but they need to give them Strip Club Etiquette 101. Been to clubs in Vegas, Atlanta, DC, and other spots in SF, and EVEYRBODY else seems to have gotten the memo. 2) Diversity of ladies. I am a woman of color, and I want to see other women of color. That’s how I roll. They had a couple black women, and a couple asian women. So, I guess I have to give them some credit for that. 3) Customer service. We came in and there were only a couple of tables open, when our party of five tried to sit at each of them, we were told they were not available, or they were reserved for bottle service. When we asked where they suggested we sit, they told us we could sit at the pole. Uh, dude, I’ve been to enough strip clubs to know that if I sit at the pole I’m expected to tip. And, every girl in here is not going to strike my fancy enough for me to tip her. Period. After requesting a refund, they pulled together a table for us. So, 10 points for that. But, we were already irritated at that point.

  16. Neil N.

    Really enjoyed myself here. The staff is friendly, helpful, and they do a good job keeping the club clean. The dancers here are also not just very pretty, but they’re genuinely nice and fun to talk to. What surprised me most however, was just how good the food was here. Definitely looking forward to coming back the next time I’m in North Beach.

  17. TVAT T.

    i’m a girl, besides the cover charge i honestly enjoy the Hustler Club. Heather behind the bar is probably the best bartender in San Francisco if not California. Trust me, go have a drink, tip the girls dancing and enjoy the girl time.

  18. Taj A.

    What started as a sarcastic thread about strippers in Spokane turned into an actual event, Wednesday the 12th of May. I wanted to get here before 7pm to take advantage of the $5 cover. Regularly it’s $15. I guess if you are sad after watching our Giants get owned by the Padres you can just show your ticket stub and entrance is Free….Also on Tues and Weds the drink special is $2 Buds, Bud Lights, and Coors Lights. I like that. Early in the evening I was not impressed with the dancers. Then, the 3rd dancer in, magic began. This was her going away dance/day party. She had the moves, old men had the power to make it rain. My group and I were stoked. The night got better and better and even more attractive. The later the hour, the hotter the dancers. One with short hair and an tight athletic body had some cirque du soleil moves. And she was a 10. Another 10 ( my #1 draft pick) was one of the most perfect creatures I have ever discussed nature, food, and politics with. We drank champagne to celebrate. You might be wondering why I gave this place 5 stars.- The women are hot and cool – The drinks are cheap- Compared to Wild Orchid ( Reno) and Sapphire ( Vegas) this is better-It’s right near Taqueria El Zorro- The Staff are cool, especially the door guy who let me go outside to the ATM because I refused to buy ” Beaver Bucks”. God Bless Larry Flynt and his Hustler Club. You make me forget all about the unhappy drones who leave work with unhappy looks , stomping through North Beach. They should all visit this place to keep their angst levels low.

  19. Grace M.

    Only abouyt 20% of the tittays we saw here were knockoffs. The rest were REAL nice. Most of the girls had amazing acrobatic pole skillz, except this one chick who just bugged because of her poor taste in music. Each performer gets two songs—the first one is for basic titillation with undulating moves…. the second one is the same as the first one, except their tittays are exposed. You’ll know when they have to take it off too, because the DJ will say…. “here’s the second song for [name] and she’ll do this TOPLESS.” $15 cover. Really good buffalo wings.( | )

  20. Arnold S.

    This place never fails. Awesome staff, good drinks, and late night breakfast. My favorite after clubbin spot.

  21. Linda L.

    Pretty happening here on a Friday night. The girls are friendly. Some can really move on the pole! It is fun for both males and females to check it out. Love the music!

  22. Rommel N.

    Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club… $5 all you can eat lunch buffet (11am – 2pm) on Thursday and Fridays. Nuff said! What about the girls you ask? I don’t know and don’t really care. $5 ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET! Ribs, fried chicken, salad, pasta, mashed potatoes!!!Yes, this is the second Gentleman’s Club I have reviewed, probably won’t be the last.

  23. RaiderX
  24. sie d.

    I got invited to the SFFD Toy Drive Kickoff Party by just texting, showing the text with an unwrapped gift to get in for free.I took the phone text word-for-word and at face value, I show up and they say my toy is not nice enough when I brought a yo-yo and a hacky-sack. They tell me I should read between the lines (should any customer be required to do so?) How can they consider something nice with something not so nice? This is subjective and they say it’s “in the eye of the beholder”Overall, the entrance staff was rude and was profiling all the way.They say if I want all the free booze (open) and free food, I should bring a nice toy. (ummm, the term FREE should mean literally that…FREE, right?)They say these toys are for kids. (ummm…duhh, I know plenty of kids who would like a yo-yo or a hack-sack still).I tried to make a complaint saying their invite was not specific enough, but no one referred me to a manager saying I can only talk to the bouncers outside.

  25. Vicky T.

    It served its purpose… they accommodated the large group

  26. Hannah N.

    Went here one drunken night with my girlfriends after leaving Lusty Lady, we fell in love with the ladies here. We went on a Sunday, so it was dead. We didn’t even pay a cover charge. It was awesome. We had all the dancers laughing and joking with us at our table. Miss Jenny was doing her thangggg with my girl. Can’t wait to go back.

  27. Fraulein C.

    When I think of Hustler…”I N D E P E N D E N T Do You Know What That Mean Man [X2]She Got Her Own HouseShe Got Her Own CarTwo Jobs Work Hard U A Bad BroadIf U Aint On Sit Down If U Aint On Sit DownIf U Aint On Sit DownIf U Aint On Sit DownShe Tell She Dont NeedNot A God Damn Thing You A Hot Damn ThingIf U Think U Finna Get Her Wit A God Damn ChainYou Insane Boy You Betta Get Some God Damn ChangeShe A Fool Been In School Even Walked Across The Stage”The girls aren’t crazy attractive, but just okay IMO. Admission is nothing that surprises me. I give credit for the ladies though. They sure as hell know how to work it….I don’t have the moves like they do. Music is cool while they dance to it and the drinks are so-so. I can’t go all hoopla on their bodies…it’s cool though, the girl got her boobs and booty shakin’ up in my face.

  28. Jamie F.

    Best strip club in San Francisco by far!!!! Fun club, great music and beautiful girls!! We had a night we will never forget.

  29. Ray R.

    the girls are 50-50. some are thick and fine, the others look like crackheads. their limit is topless, they keep their underwear on.i’ve had their steaks before, and they’re pretty good, i came here a couple of times with friends for their $5 thursday/friday buffet…it consists of fried chicken, ribs, pasta, and salads…not bad for $5. and the girls don’t bother you for lap dances while you’re eating. $5 for bottled water, though.

  30. jessica p.

    I came here on a Monday night with friends and surprised how fun a Monday at a strip club could be! First the girls were all so beautiful and nice. We had a great waitress and had fun tipping the girls on stage. My friends and I got dances from Nicole, Natalie and Cassy! Those girls really made our night! They had good positive energy and made us fell really welcome. They also were beautiful. We did table dances and couple of my friends went into the back rooms. The girls talked about a private area were we could chill and have more fun without everyone watching, but maybe next time because it sounded expensive for 3 girls! Now I kinda wonder what goes on back there! I want to find out…I’ve been to other clubs and they are not very female customer friendly, but this place was!! Best fun was fighting over the dancers attention on stage with who has the most tips… Like a tipping war … Im for sure coming back and bringing more of my friends and going for that private area they talked about!!!

  31. KOH

    Midnight Thurs.

    Decent looking reasonably fit dancers. Mostly white, one black (and she had the best moves). Two lap dances then a 1/2 hour champagne room for my wife with the black girl. Nice, other than in champagne room, strippers have to feed $1 bills into jukebox for dance music.

  32. Alexis B.

    3.5 ( 4 for the variety of hot mommas) So came in style in a big stretch limo and the place was semi jumpin, later on it became filled up. At first it took forever to get service but once we did, we were taken care of. I’ve been here before so I knew the set up of the place. This place has a VARIETY and I mean a variety of ladies. So no one better complain not seeing their type there!!! The music choices were awesome, every one was pretty up to date on their music except for 4 songs but they worked well. They have this one asian girl that has a weave and fake eye lashes so long its bigger than her beyond kiddie size body so those types I never understood unless I was a pediphile . On the opposite they had a black woman that was she was fit but not buff but still had booooty, she knew exactly what to do and work it. I felt like I was at those Miss black nude hedonism contests you watched on Real sex circa 2001 LOL. Overall I had a great time UNTIL the last call , you order as much as you can and I thought you could sit back and drink until your done, NOPE they want that shit chugged down within the 10 minute last call grace period and they come around with bags gafflin that shit up! So next time I come to San Fran im bringing my mini bottles like we do in socal LOL. Not sure if I’d come back since I found the Gold club better and the area of the Hustler club is scaaaary! I couldn’t believe how many under covers roll deep there and barely any cabs BLAH.

  33. MoMo D.

    The one and only time I’ve been to the Hustler club was on my birthday this year. I went with a female friend of mine due to the fact that the guy I was seeing at the time decided to freak out and “dump” me the day before (dumb ass). Anyhow, since I was going out somewhere else after that and wouldn’t be able to go home before then, I was wearing 7.5″ black shiny stripper platforms with a long/tight skirt and a top that revealed more cleavage than the grand canyon. The strange looks I got from anyone and everyone for walking into a strip club dressed like a stripper but apparently NOT being a stripper were priceless.Due to the aforementioned lame guy copping out, I was kinda bummed (I thought he was WAY cooler than he turned out to be. I hate when I fall for that shit.) and actually NOT in the mood to look at mostly nekkid chicks (for once). So I sat at the bar and had a few drinks and a surprisingly fantastic dinner! The food there is actually really good! I left right after I was finished eating, as I was due somewhere else already, so therefore didn’t get to further inspect any of the dancers more closely….. Which is important to me because I’m near-sighted and didn’t wear my glasses that night. This is my excuse for not giving this place a higher rating and is also a GREAT excuse to go back at some point.\Hooray for boobies!

  34. Alter E.

    This place is really cool. Thursday closes at 4am, Friday, Saturday closes at 5am! Every other day close is 2am. Food served until 30 minutes to close. BRING A FRIEND!

  35. Izzy D.

    Not gonna lie, I was somewhat dragged here since I’m not much of a strip club kind of guy; having said that, I surprisingly enjoyed myself!The girls are gorgeous and don’t force you to do anything. If you’re having fun and show a pleasant face, you get that in return. More importantly everyone from the dancers to bouncers to the guests seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves.The only reason why I gave 4 stars is because of the drink prices. It was $8 for a beer but my first waitress took $2 as a tip without giving me change first, so basically $10 for a bottle of Stella Artois..Other than that I enjoyed myself and would definitely come back with friends!

  36. Liza P.

    *sigh* I am not offended by naked women, and I am not offended by strippers per se… I just wish they were sexy, or could dance, or if at least the interior space could be beautiful. I have no idea why I wandered in here with a couple dear friends of mine. I guess we were bored, and I am sad to say that Hustler did nothing to dispel this awful boredom. If the Hustler girls did anything, they just made me very very sad. I know that I am objectifying women, but in my eyes stripping is only ok if it is objectified. Strippers are not TRYING to make men love them for their soul/mind/heart, they want men to drool and tip. If these girls fail to become sexy objects, they sort of fail as strippers. I think I am mildly traumatized and over the glint of curiosity I had about erotic dancers.

  37. Michelle C.

    Two strippers from Hustlers once saved me from an Itallian mobster from New Jersery. For that, Hustlers gets 5 stars.

  38. GT R.

    I love this place … Been coming here for years and always have a great time! Staff is friendly and girls are beautiful and fun. A little pricey on the drinks but that is expected for a place like this In this location… I’ll definitely be back

  39. Regular Strip Cluber

    This is the only club on the block that stays open after 2 a.m. They are open later than any other club and after 2 a.m. you only have to be 18 to get in the club since they dont serve alcohol after 2 a.m. they also have food that is actually pretty good to buy instead of having to buy pizza. so if your out after 2 a.m. and your on the Broadway strip find your way to the Hustler Club and get a bite of some real food to eat and still check out hot ass chicks taking their tops off while you sober up and get a dance to end the night. going to bed right after a girl has rubbed her tits all over you is never a bad thing. so dont be a pussy and go home. head on over to the Hustler Club where the party goes on until the sun comes up.


    This is a club for the higher class of people. If you want ugly ass dirty whores then go to another club. But if you want hot ass fucking girls that are actually worth paying to get dances from then go to the Hustler club. Friday and Saturday has the hottest dancers. Personally, Christiana is my favorite. She’s down to earth and has some amazing tits. Best dances I have ever had but more so she is going to make you want to come back over and over again for her. Even if I didnt get dances I could spend all night just hanging out with her. The other girls are hot too dont get me wrong. There’s just something nice about getting to know your dancer and not just getting hustled for your money. I know I come in all the time to see her. Imagine what you might find there. I was never a regular until I started going to the Hustler club, now Im there ever chance I get. Dont leave without getting a VIP from Christiana. Best damn natural tits in San Francisco.

  41. C K.

    Walked in on a Friday night and the host told me and my boyfriend that there are no tables available. I asked if I could see the bottle menu and decided to get a bottle of champagne. He replied that for a table I had to buy a bottle of liquor. I think that’s funny because the price of the bottle of champagne that I wanted was twice as much as the bottles of liquor. He never even asked what bottle I wanted. Anyone in the service industry knows that a bottle of champagne usually goes faster than bottles of liquor and those who get champagne also usually buy more than one bottle. I brought this issue to the manager’s attention but he seemed as if he didn’t care that his host just lost the club potentially $600, maybe double. The manager then proceeded to ask if we still wanted the bottle. But, at that point we were on our way out.But what do I know. I’m only a cocktail waitress from Las Vegas.

  42. Maria D.

    I was once friends with an aging punk rocker who also happened to be a strip club connoisseur. He gave me a very important lesson in life, which was that I should judge the quality of any boyfriend by how they acted in a strip joint and in a gay bar. If a straight man can keep their cool and not act like a total douchebag in both of those establishments, he’s a keeper. And you know what? He’s completely right. Another lesson he gave me was to always go to a strip club during off hours and happy hour, the girls are more likely to give you individual attention, aren’t as tired as the girls at the end of the night and most importantly, you don’t have to waste money on a cover and you can spend more money on booze and lap dances. I can certainly say that my time at Hustler Club was very well spent in the early evening hours, where sitting by the stage basically forces the lovely lady to dance just for you and perhaps if you’re a lady who also happens to wear glasses, she can fog them up for you. I don’t know if this works for bespectacled men. Tipping the girl at the door also made it possible for us to come back and not have to pay a cover. Waitstaff was also super nice and our very cute waitress even complimented my hosiery and informed me she wasn’t allowed to wear fishnets there. A strip joint without fishnets? Say it ain’t so, Larry! Anyhow, the hustler club is a nice strip joint, even if it’s just topless. You can drink and who really wants to go to an 18 and over strip club with a bunch of kids? Not I.

  43. Leslie Ann R.

    This is my 100th Review, and it’s a doozyI’ve been here several times; with friends, with the boyfriend, etc. and it’s been fun. Nice enough not to feel gross, but sleazy enough to not lose out on the strip club experience. After visiting the Hustler Club several times, I have one big question: Why isn’t there some place like this for women?I am so jealous that men (single, married, whatever) can come here, ogle then select a girl, pay 50 bucks and get some flirting and sexual attention. Then, that’s it…transaction is over. Where’s the female equivalent? I want to be able to go someplace where a hot guy makes me feel relaxed and pretty and attractive. I don’t want to go to a bar and either A) face rejection if I go up to a guy for some harmless flirting or B) wait around for some guy to talk to me, praying the whole time its not the male pattern baldness mouth breather in the corner who looks like he places craigslist casual encounters. And even if I did luck out and spend half an hour talking to a hottie, I don’t want to have to worry that he’s some psycho who’s going to slip a roofie in my tanq and tonic, then try to date rape me. eff that!So SF Strip Club Mafia…whatever your real name is, I know you own this club, and the one across the street, and the one down the street, and the one across town and all the other clubs in this city. Please open up a place for the ladies. One where I can walk in, peruse the talent, get my server to invite a nice, well dressed gentleman who understands hygiene to charm the bills out of my wallet and make me feel like a doll. Staff the place with a nice cross section of guys: Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper types, maybe someone like that kid with the cool whip hair from Twilight (not really my style, but my friends seem to dig him) or whatever. Women aren’t as discriminating as men…there are actually ladies who find Seth Rogan attractive. And have you seen what we spend money on? For real, this idea is cash.

  44. Marcello A.

    These beautiful women are hot, sweet, and EXTREMELY sexy…. Tues. and Wed.= $2 drink nights!! I tried a cheeseburger n’ fries one night, food was hot like the ladies, cooked to order, and worth the $ (also like the ladies). Best of all, you can trust the waitresses even after you’ve had a few too many…Guys, don’t be scared to sit around the pole and put some dolla bills in front of you and see what happens! (Then get u r private dance on……) Fav. hotties/BEST lap dancers : Faye,Rosa, Roxy, China,Jasmine,Nylah,Cameron, Ash, Sydney, and Carmen ….xox 2da girls…. -Marcello

  45. Christopher L.

    What is there to really say? Awesome service, down to earth girls who are absolutely stunning and a really classy place. Their GM Frankie is definition of customer service and hospitality! I highly recommend this establishment if you are in the city and want to have fun!

  46. John G.

    Hot girls, which is nice, but here is why I won’t go in to another strip club again(unless accompanied by a female)1. no full nudity with alcohol sales. fuck. that. shit. I want my jack and vag, dammit.2. Overly expensive…like holy shit woman, am i paying for your college tuition or the college itself….3. Blond barbie dolls… stop with the plastic surgery and bulimia. it’s not yeah, screw the titty bars in this city

  47. robert l.

    This place is a freakin rip off especially of drunks. Word of extreme caution: DO not use the ATM here. It does not dispense money, it gives you coupons that are good for use only on the day they are issued. The house always wins, this is another proof of that.

  48. kenston12

    Crooks! I asked door man if they were still serving and he said yes. Paid $75 to get in for 3 people (high but no worries ) and went to bar. Bar said already done last call. Walked right back to entrance to try to get money back. Was literally inside for less then a minute. Guy was incredibly rude and no refund. I manage a hotel in the area. Will never recommend this place to anyone ever again! No class whatsoever. Way to treat your regular customers.

  49. brandonresh

    I’m used to strip clubs in Denver Colorado and I was seriously disappointed….lack of stages and good looking women

  50. Raj K.

    Girls are hot but place is total ripoff…

  51. curtis17

    I recently visited the HUSTLER Club in SF with some friends. We were greeted at the door by a great doorman, “Eric” that offered “bottle service”, for our group. Though the pricing was a bit high, we went with it. Surprising enough, we got great seating and the service was great. The entertainers were beautiful and easy to talk to. Bought a couple of dances for some friends. I enjoyed the music and the stage show. Ended up being there all night and ended up getting another bottle. They even had food.. It was pretty good. Anyways.. The bouncers were very nice and overall we had the best of times. I enjoyed the night and will be back. Check em out and buy a bottle. Its all worth it. Cheers guys and thanks.

  52. Anonymous W.

    Went there for the first time last month on a Friday night. My girl and I have begun frequenting the clubs in the Broadway St. area of SF lately for adult entertainment. The door staff were very friendly, and not at all pushy. We got a seat a little bit back from the stage. It was not overly crowded, and the waitress was cool. We got cocktails and some appetizers (not overly priced for a topless club). The food was good and the drinks were not watered down much to my relief. The girls were mostly attractive. There were some with tattoos, some without. Different ages, but all pretty young. They would each dance on stage for two songs each. Of course all the girls come around and offer a lap dance, but none were real pushy and a simple “no thanks/not right now” was all it took. We got a couple of dances, which happens right there in the main area, not in a VIP or closed off section. Lap dances were pretty tame, but still enjoyable. Some of the girls will sit and chat with you, which was cool instead of only hustlin dances.If you are into topless only, then this is a good spot, better than Roaring 20’s and some others.

  53. MEGAN


  54. Nicole T.

    I have been here a few time now and Hustler is by far the best gentleman’s club in San Francisco!! The service is great, the girls are all beautiful & the food is really good (not what you would expect from a gentleman’s club) my favorite day to come in is Taco Tuesdays!!! $2 tacos & 2 for one drink specials!!!! Weekends are crackin Thursdays they are open til 4am & Friday and Saturday til 5am!!!! Perfect for when you’re out and you’re not ready to go home!! And if you do come for after hours make sure to try their breakfast menu, my fave is the breakfast croissant or steak n’ eggs!!! All in all I’m gonna give this place 5 stars, love coming here and watchin the girls werrrrrk!!!!!

  55. Mike R.

    It was fun. If I want to see a naked chick I can just look at my wife for free.

  56. Sara P.

    The facility is nice, the staff and girls are nice but they just seemed. . . bored.Granted it was a week night but I guess I just envisioned it a little more exciting.

  57. Jennifer S.

    Did the Strip Club thing for my boyfriends birthday. It was fun…actually. He bought me my first lap dance. The women here are beautiful and for the most part genuinely friendly. I know, I know, they are just after they cash, but there were a few who seemed like they got their stiletto lodged up their butt. For a strip club it was a pretty classy joint. it didn’t get really sad until I realized it was about 5 in morning and not only were we still there, but the Sunday breakfast buffet was about to start. I kid you not. We made a mad dash for the door.

  58. richard95

    What more could you want from a gentleman’s club?! Valet Stiff drinks Hottest ladies in SF Awesome light show Friendly staff eager to help you with all of your needs Great food menu Hottest girls in SFWeekly and nightly food specialsAfter hours every weekend Did I mention hot girls!?Every time I’ve gone to the Hustler club I’ve had nothing but grade A service and a great time. If you’re in the city you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to go!

  59. Cookie Monster Z.

    This was my first strip club experience :)I went with a group of people and we sat around the stage. It was actually a good evening. The dancers strutted their moves for the money cause it was a full house around the stage (‘Sasha’ was the best one, in my opinion. I love dem gals who hair toss and are feisty and pull off pole moves). All the dancers had their own trademark dancing (fast, slow, etc) and I was surprised that all the dancers during my half hour stay there were all naturale. I expected to see more gals with implants, but I prefer watching real boobs–and that’s what I got. There were also all levels of dancers here because there were about two girls who I could tell were a bit new. There was actually this one blonde girl who totally acted new and she sucked at dancing and engaging the audience–she was preoccupied with flirting with her guy-friend in the audience area. She didn’t get a lot of money, I noticed–in fact, I didn’t even want to tip her for her poor stage work–I mean, the lack thereof.But other than that, Hustler is one of my favorites because the ambience isn’t sleazy or gross.

  60. Lisa Z.

    Great place to go if your totally over the whole bar scene, and wants a mix of club and full bar service all in one. The staffs are excellent and has top notch customer service. The dancers are not bad either. They are open after hours on weekends so it’s perfect for all the party people that doesn’t want to go home yet and want to hear great music and look at good looking people.

  61. Elaine H.

    Always been a good time here.This place is pretty classy, with good looking women for the most part. They’re also very friendly which is a plus!The crowd consist of mostly men, but surprisingly a good amount of women as well!Only critic is that bathrooms can be maintained a tad bit better. Otherwise, all is well.

  62. Manton R.

    Alright, ever since I started to write a review on the Spearmint Rhino in Vegas, I will go review crazy on all the strip clubs I’ve been to. For the ladies who are reading this review . . . don’t hate me because I’m a man! =)Out of all the strip clubs I’ve been to in my life, this is my preferred choice. The about 30-40% of the girls are decent to cute (which is actually a high percentage in comparison to other strip clubs). The venue is very clean, great lighting and there is alcohol! Let me describe the venue. The bouncer at the door checks your ID and lets you in. You go down a stairway to the booth where you pay $20 for the cover. After you pay the cover, there is a small circular stage with a pole that welcomes you. What a nice surprise! To the right is the bar (which is tiny) and in the middle of the room there is the huge stage. There are plenty of seats that point to the stage. In the very back of the room there are the famous “champagne rooms.” Remember, Chris Rock had it right, “There is no sex in the Champagne Room.” The Hustler Club is a great strip club to go to if you want pretty decent looking girls, alcohol and a fun time with the boys. It’s considered to be one of the “classier” strip clubs. Tips:1. Always check on their site for a free admission coupon. They always have them up.2. Every Tuesday is $2.00 Tuesday. Sorry guys, not to get your hopes up, but $2.00 Tuesday does not refer to $2.00 lap dances! All the beer they have is only $2.00!

  63. Shirrod R.

    First off, this place is considered a gentlemen’s club, not a strip joint. It’s like oranges and tangerines I guess, some people can’t really tell the difference. I know the difference…I think, in strips clubs that is…not the tangerine thing.I think it’s supposed to allude to the fact that it’s not full nude, the drink prices are laughable, and the girls are for the most part, are disease free. Oh, and they do food. I don’t think the average strip joint does food.This place had the bestest bathroom I’ve ever been in. It was all extra clean, with hella lotions and colognes. They even had the guy to dry your hands and everything. The thing was so nice I kinda wished I needed to take a dump so I could have spent more time in there.You know. I probably would have given this place four stars if it hadn’t be for that one extra intense dancer that couldn’t fathom the fact that I didn’t want to buy a lap dance from her. She tried enticing me, then she forcing me, she tried guilting [I know that’s not a word, damn it]. The fact of the matter is I’m just not into lap dances, end of story. $50 for you to rub your ass on me, I’ll pass; I don’t care how fine you are.I thought she was gonna sit there on my lap and cry, and I tell you what, I definitely wasn’t in the correct frame of mind to handle an awkward situation of that magnitude. I never wanna hear, “Don’t you think I’m pretty” and “My feelings have been hurt so bad” from a dancer again, it just not proper stripper educate. One of the reasons I go to these types of places is for the excellent music…I’m not joking. I don’t know what it says about me that I enjoy the same type of eclectic sounds that strippers find irresistible. I try not to think about it for my own sake.Dave Chappelle spoke about the strange moralities of strip clubs; stating it was OK to cram a $20 into a stripper’s ass, just don’t be wearing a hat when you do it. I luv hats damn it.It’s a cool joint. We didn’t pay a cover, and neither should you. Go at midday, and look for Lucy. After seeing her dance, you’ll be trying to tip her with a wedding ring xD

  64. nickstrip

    Okay club! Nothing special about this place! Average girls with average talent! Came here last night for the second time ever and personally I think Golds club has better quality women. I had a few drinks and only one girl talked to me the whole time I was there. Guess they didn’t want my money, I would of got a few dances but nobody approached me. Saw a beautiful black girl audition, who had talent on the pole but by the way she left I could tell she didn’t even get hired…which is weird cuz she looked better than the girls working there. O the bartender was nice but I had to constantly wait after she finished her long conversations with co workers to get service ! Which is why I left early. Just go to Golds club it’s more fun and certainly more entertaining! I’m going there tonight!!!!

  65. Sexy W.

    My husband and I went to Larry Flynt’s for part of our date night. We had such a great time. We showed up around 9:30 pm, and used the SMS promo for free admission. The girls were all very nice and polite. Ironically, we didn’t feel hustled at all. My husband said that at other clubs the girls are aggressive and pushy.We started with a drink sitting away from the stage. Our cocktail server was really nice, and took good care of us. We then moved over to the stage. Some girls seemed to lack enthusiasm, and that reflected in their tips. One girl raked in the money because she really put on a great show. As a female, I love the special treatment that I get. Some girls were only making like 4-7 dollars on the stage, and that was kinda depressing to me. If you sit stage side, at least throw a couple dollars! Almost every girl said thank you to us personally as she left the stage, so that was nice.Total we spent $90 for 3 drinks, and 90 minutes of enjoyment. I would say that is not a bad deal.

  66. Trevor C.

    The environment is dark and inviting, and not surprisingly after a few minutes I met a couple fine dancers. As we chatted over drinks, I decided to order some food and offered the dancers their own dinner with drinks. After placing the order, a manager interrupted to ask the girls to leave for the day. When I told the manager I had just ordered for them, he seemed rudely unconcerned saying something about a change of shift and they had to leave. One of the girls had asked to stay, but was rebuffed by the manager. Overall I thought the abruptness of the manager was unnecessary, especially when his action left me with a lot of excess food and drink. I enquired and found the name of the manager was Cruz. The girls and environs I’d give 4 stars, but the rude manager brings it down to 2.

  67. Sara P.

    We went here for our anniversary. One girl came and asked if we wanted a lap dance and that was it. The girls (Other than Indiana and Lo when it was about time to close) never even tried to work the crowd for their money. Happy we got in here for free otherwise it would have been a total bust.

  68. stripforme123

    I was pretty excited to see some attractive ladies at the Hustler Club tonight. I showed up at 9pm and the place was fairly dead. I left after about an hour as I was only approached once for a dance (which I gladly accepted). However, only getting asked once felt pretty insulting. I don’t think I have ever been to a strip club and only been asked to dance one time. The girls were okay looking, but not as attractive as I had hoped.

  69. AssnTits5

    3 stars because I’m not a fan of strip-clubs. However, if someone asked me where to go, I would suggest Hustler. There are so many different types of girls (shapes, ethnically, dancing styles) that I think most guys will be pleased here.Lap dances are $20, which I think is super cheap. The girls should charge more!! Each lapdance lasts for one song. Boo to the $20 cover.

  70. Ruggy J.

    They serve breakfast on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 2:00am – 6:00am! And you know what? It’s actually pretty good! Your basic slapdash diner fare, only with a bit more emphasis on performance art. Don’t ask me how I know…

  71. Jill D.

    Not full nudity and the girls are not that great. I actually saw one fall onstage which, though humorous, was not ideal for our purposes. Too many people to really get comfy (since it’s not full nudity, they can serve alcohol) and that sucks. My friend did get her nipples nibbled on by a little blonde cutie but it was her birthday so I think that and a big tip were motivators.

  72. Dan G.

    Worst gentlemen’s club I have ever been in. Just price gouging and nothing better than a truck stop strip club. Strippers are junk along with the establishment. I would rather see a homeless stripper

  73. Jeremy R.

    Two dollar Tuesday! Granted .. yuo gotta pay $20 to get in … but once you do … EVERYTHING is $2 … even Grey Goose … even Crown Royal … it’s almost like a club atmosphere when you come here on a Tuesday …not like your normal strip club crowd… with lots of guys sitting with thier arms folded trying to look cool….. I have yet to try the $5 Friday lunch …. I will have to keep it in mind

  74. Weedman420

    The stripper told me it was a 2 for 40 dance and lied to me and after said that I had to pay $60! It was my girl friend and I’s birthday and they just fucked me over with money I didn’t want to pay for the poor ugly women dancing on me! Awful service!!!!! My waitress messed up on everything I ordered and took for ever!!!!! Rip offs for sure!!! If u want hot strippers don’t mess around just go to Vegas!!!!

  75. dopeboy19

    I been here a bunch of times. Its the best strip club I know of in the bay area. Its a pretty standard modern age looking strip club. Mirrors, lights and that bluish tone in the air. Beautiful girls, they always been different everytime I go never been able to feel like a regular. They are always friendly and looking like they are having fun. Its set up like its supposed to be. They have multiple stages and you can pretty much see them from anywhere you stand in the club. They have the rail in the middle where the girls hang around so u can approach or maybe wink her over to give lap dances I like that better than having them standing up against the wall or around table Your not supposed to touch them cuz they are fully nude and theres liquor but I never been kicked out for it or even told anything by security. Usually the girl tells me ur gonna get me in trouble but its always been in a really playful manner even when its been more than once. This is the spot me and my boys go to when like we aint trying to go thru the whole club drama and just want a sexy girl dancing and vibing with us. Good memories here so far. The music is not strip club music thats why 4 stars instead of 5, its all pop hits and the annoying ones too. Like Ive thought to myself multiple times: why the hell would they play that song in here? But i think thats their way of keeping it “classy”. This isnt like a party strip club where like you gonna turn up on top of the couch with 5 girls, just throwing money in the air and everybody is going crazy. Thats why I dont visit too often because I go to strip clubs and party, not to get felt up on and get my jollies off. I could do that at a regular club way better. In the bay, nobody knows how to run a strip club properly but if your gonna go to one this is the best one in the area in my opinion by default not by choice.

  76. Cat of a Donut J.

    Customer friendly, but a bit sleaky.Underage dancers hustle – Customers: creepy dudes with bunch of singles, off duty mid-level managers ( we all know financial distruct is close πŸ˜‰ ) and just a regular bored people (just like you and me, you know, it’s not a sin πŸ™‚ )

  77. rickywho2

    Definitely my favorite adult club in town. Lots of hot girls and the waitresses seemed on top of things, especially for how busy it was. Bouncers are pretty nice too but they definitely do enforce the house rules. Plus they’re open late on the weekends!!! All in all a great place to chill with friends (or possibly by yourself if that’s what you’re into). Check it out!!!

  78. Keit K.

    I frequent this club, and it is my fave club in sf. BUT, they treated me like crap one day and I am giving them a lower rating because of it. Long story short, the staff( not the dancers) lied to my group, and ruined our night.

  79. Angela N.

    This is is a good club for a “mixed crowd” meaning guys and girls…it is clean, not too raunchy and the drinks aren’t too overpriced. Unfortunately, ladies, they do charge us to get in…Can you BELIEVE that???!!!!

  80. Johnson12

    I have an internship nearby so I thought I’d stop in for lunch. The food looked good and for the $5 cover it’s a decent deal. That said I just ate salad and had some fruit. I got a lap dance from the friendly Malia, who along with having a nice personality was quite adept on the pole doing a number of advanced maneuvers. The dance was great and I had a good time during my “power business lunch.”

  81. adamrod

    This was my first time at a Strip Club so I have nothing to compare it to. I actually had a great time. I went with two other ladies and didn’t know what I was getting into. Keep in mind I’ve had two strong martini’s. I’m not a lesbian , however I went with two of my lesbian friends and the staff was so sweet to us. We got our drinks quickly and everyone was friendly. The women were stunning. Our waitress was super sweet as well. (I wish I remembered her name) *The place was clean *The security / male staff in black suits very professional and friendly. *The drinks were strong *The “customers” were professional males (I assumed I was going to see gross creepy looking men or thuggish gangster – rapper stereo types making it rain however they were professional men, most looked like my coworkers , neighbors or men I would approach at a regular bar, I wasn’t creeped out but it was a Wednesday night) *The Dancers… Absolutely gorgeous women, in shape, beautiful skin, teeth and hair. There were more blondes vs brunettes / ethnic girls. DJ kept saying there were 30 Hustler Honeys, the place was full of beautiful women. I would have loved to see more diverse women I was expecting a dirty sleazy strip club but it was completely the opposite. I actually loved the fact that I was able to have drinks with my gf’s and not get harassed by drunk men (it usually happens all the time at straight bars) I had a great time ! I got my first lap dance by two beautiful women . One was a natural brunette (gorgeous probably one of the hottest girls there, minimal makeup and real boobs, other was a blonde, extensions, fake breast) both were totally super sweet and friendly. Our waitress recommended them. When we were leaving Bianca got on the stage , super curvy, ethnic, natural boobs, beautiful and she knew how to shake her booty! I felt like I was watching a rap music video, the girl knew how to shake it !!!! The energy of the whole place changed. Unfortunately she is the only name I remember but ALL the dancers were amazing, in shape, and looked good. DJ was great too , music was amazing Thank you SF Hustler ! Glad SF hustler was my first strip club experience. Only thing I didn’t like is that even though I’m a girl I still have to pay a cover charge. I think there should be no cover charges for women πŸ™‚ Amazing time ! Had fun.

  82. Alex P.

    Dropped by here because we had a printed coupon to get in free, and we needed some beverages before hitting up Centerfolds, which is our strip club of choice in the area. Turns out, one coupon only works for one person, which was lame since if we’d known, we’d have just printed out a second copy.The place is fairly small inside, but was bustling. The girls were… fair. Only one real uggo, a lot of decent stuff and a few hotties mixed in. On the center stage, the girl was doing one clothed dance and one topless. There was a side-stage where the girl who was going to be on the main stage would wiggle a bit, clothed.There were girls milling around selling clothed lap dances to patrons. I didn’t see any topless dances. I’ll never understand the point of a clothed lap dance in a topless place. They also did the thing where all the dancers go up on stage to get introduced and then go out into the audience to explicitly sell lap dances. That really turns me off, both for the blatant commercialism and for having nothing to look at while they do so. Had a couple of mixed drinks — $7.50ish a pop.Overall, this place was decent, but pretty tame. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that more than one girl be topless in a strip club. We got correspondingly bored after a little while and left for Centerfolds, where there’s a lot more eye candy to look at.

  83. John Eric S.

    I remember when this place was the Palladium dance club. I’m glad those days are over.Hustler is nicely designed & decorated and has some of the best bar staff you’ll ever meet in ANY kind of bar.I have always been given the best service here from the door staff to the bar staff to the dancers.Another bonus: they offer a Legs & Eggs breakfast after 2am, which is when I get off of work.Downside is their strict dresscode: no hats. Which is what I wear to work. πŸ™

  84. Alice S.

    Sunday afternoons at the Hustler are kinda fun. There aren’t as many girls, we saw the full rotation (maybe 3 girls) in about an hour…but they were really beautiful, curvy, smiling, H.O.T. and enjoyed being appreciated.The DJ was entertaining and played fun selections. Rebecca rocked my world in her naughty Catholic schoolgirl outfit.xoxo!

  85. eddyL

    My boy planned a last minute thing for his bday at Hustlers. I hadn’t been to a strip club in a while so I was actually excited (no pun intended). I managed to arrive at exactly 6:57PM right before the 7PM $15 cover. The cashier guy was like “$15 guys.”. I insisted it was not 7PM yet but he said “Well we’re starting now.” Wow! Are they hurting that bad?! I had no problem paying the $15 but it was the principle. Moral of the story: FALSE ADVERTISEMENT & HUSTLER’S HATES MEXICANS! Last time I checked my money was good everywhere like The Condor where they waived our cover at 7:15PM. BOOOOM!!!

  86. Lance L.

    Good crowd and again, it was ‘raining’…lol.As my boys from Vegas would tell me…yes….it was all about the rain

  87. Rishi G.

    I’ve managed to avoid strip clubs my entire life, but I finally gave in since I was meeting some friends here. So Larry Flynt’s has the honor of being my first (and second) strip club experience.My first impression of the club was that it was pretty classy, didn’t seem grimy or sleazy at all. The bathrooms were also pretty clean. Drink prices predictably were ridiculous, I paid over $10 for a Sapphire and tonic, Stella was $8 a bottle.But nobody comes here for the awesome drink selection. No, they come here for the live jazz band. Wait, no, it’s the girls. Yeah, so the strippers here are all ridiculously hot. You want to sit in the pit near the stage. I sat in the back with my friends my first time here and that was a mistake. Near the stage, it’s a much sexier experience since you get a close-up view.There are women for all tastes here, thin women, curvier women (not fat or chubby!), white girls, asian girls, black girls, you name it. And all are smoking hot.There aren’t any crazy hard sells for lap dances, you might only get approached once (or not at all) if you avoid eye contact with all the strippers as they walk by your tables. But otherwise the strippers will get *very* friendly with you as is their job. When I was at the bar, one stripper was trying to, shall we say, arouse one of the bar patrons. He wasn’t having any of it, and I was laughing at him. Then the stripper came over and started pawing at me and offered to walk over with me to my friends. She proceeded to sit on my lap, and then feel bad when I was ignoring her. I know your game, buddy – just because your hot thong wearing ass is on my lap does not mean I will be buying a lap dance! It’s her job, can’t fault her for it.Another stripper liked my chrome and leather boots, I offered to trade for her clear 6″ heels but she didn’t go for it.But yeah, it’s a fun time. If you’re looking for a place to hang with friends, and do something a little more interesting than playing Call of Duty on Xbox Live, come here instead.

  88. scott k.

    I used to visit Hustler Club a while back, but left North Beach to check out other clubs. I recently went back, and back, and back. They have stepped up their game big time. Not sure, but I think new management is in place, and you can tell with all the positive changes. Great attitudes by the entire staff, hot dancers, and fun times.

  89. HonestOpino N.

    4.5 stars. Definitely the best out of Centerfolds and Broadway showgirls.Drinks seems to be a bit cheaper than Broadway Showgirls as well.clean, mid size, great bar, what more can i say.

  90. Brice R.

    Lot’s of porn stars got their start at the Hustler Club SF. The swanky old Paladium SF is one of my favorite Gentlemen’s Clubs in the city. The staff is really friendly and not stuffy like at Mitchel Brothers. They seem to want you to stay and have a good time. The food is pretty good, especially their Prime Rib dinner . The girls are very pretty and the rotation keeps girls who want to talk and flirt and not just walk around asking for dances.

  91. GarryWas

    We had a blast the other day! We came in randomly on a Monday during the day. The guy with the long beard made sure we were well taken care of and was hilarious! I think his name was Cruz. The entertainers were all sexy and fun to watch. They were all so wonderful! Esther was our bartender and she rocked! She made sure the drinks kept coming! And the drinks are pretty cheap during Happy Hour. If you’re looking for something to do on a Monday day, be sure to stop by here. There’s not many people so you get all the attention and who doesn’t like that? It’s like having your own private club!

  92. XhXeXy

    ****************IF I COULD GIVE NEGATIVE STARS, I WOULD!!!!!ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE PLACE!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! ***************We were with a group of people for a birthday party. I normally would not go to an establishment such as this…. or post a negative review, but I’m just really pissed off!! We Got there at last call (1:45am, which, ok…ya that’s our fault) We were told go get drinks and to hurry up…. We get our drinks and they took all of them away from us!! Then…. To get a table, they make you buy $400 of their version of “funny Money”…. To sit at a table (after a $30 cover charge)When our drinks were taken away, we tried to get our money refunded and they said no. We proceeded to sit at our table, and and wait 2- 1/2 hrs (with no drinks, it was hard enough to even walk in the front door and to sit there sober and uncomfortable with out alcohol). For the “Main Event” they start letting people stand in front of us who didn’t have to buy the “funny money”. I talked to 2 different bouncers and was told, “well it’s getting crowded sorry”… AGAIN I tried getting our money back…. And again was told NO!!! WORST PLACE EVVVVEEERRR!!

  93. Joie de vivre S.

    A happy, happy wonderland. When life gets too intense or it’s a Tuesday or I happen to be nearby or I need to hear Whitesnake and Shaggy songs back to back…I give myself the gift of the Hustler Club. It’s a manageable environment and the girls make you feel like a king (or queen). There’s a magic about the place. Maybe it’s all of the vanilla-based perfume that fills the air. Stay long enough (highly recommended) and you’ll see women of various sizes, shapes and races. It’s good like that. Ladies – not to worry, it isn’t a brothel like many of the other clubs in the city. It’s one of the only strip joints in San Francisco that doesn’t make you feel like you are going to catch the clap from a visit to the club’s ATM machine. They will serve you a meal (nausea) but what the hell are you doing spending your money on food?

  94. Manny F.

    Imagine paying a $15 admission fee and $7.50 a beer to watch on average barely attractive women take their tops off. I’ll pass, I have access to free porn.I hate this place, in fact I’m not a fan of strip clubs. I only go when other people want to and regret it every time.It’s not sex, it’s commerce.Also I hate places with bathroom trolls. I don’t need your fancy soap, I don’t need you to hand me a towel, I am not giving you a tip because you are standing in the bathroom with a vest on when I pee.

  95. Joco F.

    Are the girls the best I’ve ever seen no. But they are friendly and not as hounding as most places are. The drinks are reasonably priced for a strip joint so that’s a plus. The doormen are pretty cool here hell so is the guy who hands out cologne and mints in the restroom. It’s not an over priced entry fee plus I’ve seen they can be haggled down. It’s not Vegas but it’s as close as you can get in the city. It would be nice if there were some reasonably priced private rooms like in some of the seedier joints in town but that’s just me and I’m a bit of a dirty old man at times. OK not really but if I were I’d want some!

  96. Local Regular

    Hottest girls on the block!!! If you want drop dead gorgeous girls then go to the Hustler Club. They are the only club on the block that has their after hours liscence so they are open until 4 a.m. Tuesdays are great for drink specials and the girls are hot every night. The other clubs dont have shit on the girls in this club. I wish every club was filled with as many hot girls as the Hustler Club. Once you get to know the girls you get the extra contact, but dont expect it your first dance. $100 isnt shit to these girls so dont think it impresses them. If you really want to get your moneys worth you need to do at least an hour in the Champagne room. Remember that your hands can only wander where there girls lead them. If she put your hands on her tits, its fair game. Go enjoy a real mans club at the Husler club and leave all the little boys at Centerfolds.

  97. Y Z.

    Don’t believe their discount offers–total bait and switch. Why does this places need to go out of its way to piss off the locals all the time!!

  98. Allison T.

    Assuming that this is a place that you come with friends. I probaly should have done that. But I really wanted to check it out so YES I came here alone. The girls here doesn’t beat the ladies they have in Vegas but it sure in hell beats what they have at Centerfold. I walked in and down the stairs and I grabbed a seat by the first bar. Hmm don’t know if it was just me but I felt the guys in there looking at me. I guess not that many ladies walk in here by themselves….I was meeting someone here. The bartenders are awesome and very friendly…the waitresses were also very friendly. Now the dancers that they had that night. I was just not impressed at all. I’ve had my fair share of lap dances but I know the dancers that night would never make it on my list. The one on center stage I believe she was a brunette….sorry honey I love them blondes. I mean she was just swinging around on the pole and kinda on the stage. Sorry guys if this is what you boys enjoy I really don’t get why. I have gf’s that do better jobs at the pole. I guess I would have a better time if I came with other people and I might do that again another time. Or I can just come and chat with the bartenders….they might have funny stories…of crazy drunks and “the entertainers”. But overall the highlight of my night was watching this guy get kicked out by security and he was outside screaming..”You just don’t know how many girls I can get”. He was causing a ruckus…my thoughts if you can get girls…wth are you doing here.

  99. Brian B.

    My friends and I went here on a sunday afternoon, we actually didn’t end up leaving till 11pm. it was fun, good happy hours and the women are nice. it was free to get in. I think because it was Sunday.

  100. Christopher K.

    Christopher’s Good Business Tip #17: Don’t split hairs with your customers.If my watch says 6:58p and yours says 7:01, let me and my five friends in the club for free. We came here with money to spend and would have happily spent it in your club. What you would have lost in cover would have been made up in other ways. Alas, we had to seek our pleasures elsewhere. Pity.Remember kids, don’t be a dick. It’s bad for business.

  101. james1412

    Great service and great Managment, need you know more… The evening only got better the later it got! Thanks Frankie

  102. Wayne W.

    I heard through a friend of mine that they had a free lunch buffet here on Thursdays and Fridays, before two. Five dollar cover to get in. Five dollars for buffet wasn’t bad, we decided, especially since the food was reportedly fairly decent. If we showed up around noon, we could really fill stuff ourselves by two. But two hours is a long time to just sit around eating, and we wondered how we might entertain ourselves during this time. I suggested that perhaps we might get together a group of friends, and play a game of Dungeons & Dragons.And so it was that five of us (three players, one nervous observer, and myself the Dungeon Master) got together and played D&D at the Hustler Club. The elderly gentleman working the door seemed very friendly, and didn’t ask any questions about the stack of books and binders we were carrying.Once there, we hit the buffet hard (we were there kind of late, so it was mostly picked over, but whatever), and the overpriced drinks just a little. Then we opened the books and started going.We gamed for a good three hours. Intermittently, one of us — usually me, because my friends are mean — would run up to the stage, toss a dollar, and run back to our seat while the dancer wasn’t looking. This was our method of ensuring they wouldn’t get sick of us and our shenaniganery… It seemed to work a bit too well, however, as the dancers kept interrupting us (during some pretty mean battles, too) to ask us to dance with them. Which pretty much blows the “chicks don’t like geeks” myth right out of the water.Because of all the interruptions, we weren’t able to get through the entire adventure before I had to leave for work. If you’re wondering, the adventure was based on an episode of He-Man, in which Skeletor kidnaps an entire circus for his own personal amusement. While we were on our way out, one of bouncers commented: “Hope the best man won.” We were polite and didn’t laugh at it him until we were outside.Had to give them a high rating for being such good sports about the whole thing. Minus one star, though, for the poor lighting and loud sound system, which are just not conducive to table top gaming.

  103. Jessica L.

    Went here for a friends birthday. Got bottle service and had a blast. Full of beautiful talented ladies.

  104. Isa W.

    came by here and to my surprise it was actually nice inside. It sure didn’t have that dirty feeling like the other near by locations. The girls are actually decent and the few i spoke with were nice and did not harass like other places.The food was not too bad, the chicken satay was pretty gross… i was not too fond of that. Drinks were good not sure if it was too expensive, my fiance took care of the bill.the bouncers were pretty nice, always checking if we needed anything else, took our plates (anything that needed to be discarded) our waiter, I’m assuming she was new because when she came to our table to take our orders, i asked for a menu of drinks, she went to grab one & brought it to the next table……………… then came back with my fiance’s drink and a drink for me, which i didn’t order (because i was still waiting for the menu). so that was one, the next was she kept forgetting our water that we had asked for. Anyways, she was the only down fall to this night.

  105. hustler fan

    Hustler is by far the best club in San Francisco!

  106. larry1

    I try the lunch buffet and thinks its better then the Gold Club because they had more choices of food. Thursday is the less busiest the Friday and the weekend. Not alot of guys even on veterans day during lunch. The gold i think has more girls that work there and city people that go there to ea On friday, but here has lunch buffet 2 times a week. Got a lap dance from a Russian girl one of the skinny. She a strong leg i guess because i squeeze them.

  107. Andrew L.

    Ripoff. Friend had a bachelor party here and the far from hot strippers were hassling everyone for 3 and 4 hundred dollar lap dances. This after throwing down about 30 a head to get everyone in. Save yo money fool!

  108. Melissa H.

    Have money

  109. Daniel G.

    My friends and I went here for the first time for St. Patricks Day. $2 Guinness and Irish car bombs. It was amazing.The strippers are all very skilled– no sloppy stuff here. Most of them are pretty hot, and several were very cool to talk to!! I met one girl who’s from Jamaica– very cool chick. If you’re reading this.. I know I kind of bailed on you.. my bad..The venue was good, clean, a little packed, but not too much to complain about there.Anyway, I give this place 4 stars because the cover was a little steep– it should’ve been like $5 less than we paid. The 2 girls working the front desk had attitude– as I was paying the $15 cover. As a paying patron, that was a big turn off. $20 for a few minutes of lap dance is waaay too much! Last, seating was hard to find for me and my crew.In the end, this place made our night and I would definitely go back here again.

  110. Liz C.

    Of all the girls on the Strip, I love the girls on the weekend here Arcadia is a special favorite… LOVE the hot wings, sliders and french fries, but dont let a bitch eat your shit, those shysty ladies with the little silver boxes will eat and eat and eat, and god damnit they arent there to eat!! They are there to take you to the champagne room and take off their clothes!!

  111. Lawanna

    I recently attended your club for a bachelorette party, the service there was excellent! the host and security guys were helpful and engaging they really made us feel welcomed. Now some of the girls were I guess afraid to come over, but the four that did come were excellent! I can honestly say since moving out here to cali..this was the first positive experience I’ve had at the strip club, where I felt comfortable and had an awesome time! I believe you have found a new regular…lol

    PS. tell Jordan Hello.

  112. Rod

    I have been to a number of hustler clubs throughout the US and this one was by far the worst. The drinks were overpriced, and the dancers left a lot to be desired. The DJ wouldn’t shut up and let the girls do their jobs. Poor showing for a service member in need of a little release.

  113. joey

    Had the best experience ever!

  114. rogerrab2

    When im in San Francisco for topless gentleman clubs The Hustler Club is one of my favorite spots to visit!

  115. Sally
  116. Chuck H.

    Ill sum up this review quick-like for skimmers – If you want to go to a strip club and have fun, go to the Condor. If you’re in town and want some paid sexy-time, go to one of the million or so massage parlors here in town. But if you want a boring, overpriced, seedy, awful experience, this is where you want to end up.Detail – A friend and I were in North Beach, and by the laws of drunkenness, we determined we wanted to hit a strip club. We went to Hustler primarily because neither of us are strip club guys, and it was the only name we really recognized. We paid the absolutely ridiculous door fee, walked in to the awful (and endless) top 40 hip-hop, and instantly had the VIP host (the manager’s friend) try to sell us drugs. After dismissing the Tony Montana wannabe, I went to check out the girls. If the first 10 seconds dented the strip club fantasy, the next 10 blew it up with a death ray. I’m not saying there aren’t good looking girls here, its just that for every good looking one there are 10 sea-donkeys. Worse than that, everyone from doormen to dancers look miserable. I cant help but think this is the fault of the man in charge, I’m lookin at you Cokey McManager. All but one of the dancers put on any type of show at all, they mostly just get up on stage and look like they have something better to do. To sum things up, if you want bored / pushy dancers, an extremely dicey environment, overpriced everything, and the worst music you could think of being played on a loop, this is where you want to end up.Notable exception – like the reviewer below noted, the tattooed redhead was the only performer there, and her set was a 5 minute island of good music in a sea of top-40 awfulness.

  117. Danielle S.

    What happens when you cross a bunch of drunk men, being escorted by one well dressed lady (me, and I know, lady is stretchin’ it a little but hey, roll with me here) a whole lotta “Beaver Bucks” and a late night in North Beach? The ultimate party crew droppin’ dollars at the Hustla……My old best friend and I would go here so often together, that we became VIP, and regardless of what night we showed up on, the red velvet rope would open to us, with no cover and drinks would be on our table. I guess that’s what happens when you start getting invited to the stripper’s birthday parties down in San Jose and San Mateo. Nice women, they were. Not the dirtiest of strip clubs, the Hustler has it’s integrity to some aspect, being a topless only review where the ladies can dance well and they play some good music here and there. The private shows in the back aren’t overly expensive, and two dollar Tuesdays are always a great night to go. Going with my ex boyfriend was always fun, as he’s one of the only men I’ve ever know to walk out of a strip club with more stripper phone numbers than he knew what to do with, and the funny thing is, he didn’t ask them for the digits in the first place….hmmmmm…….he was pretty rockstar though, I must admit. Every man going to a strip club should always bring one woman with them, as we get an undying large amount of attention in comparison to the men. We aren’t anywhere near as much of a “threat” I guess you would say as some of the skeevy pervsters hangin’ around in the corner. But then again, how did the dancers know that I wasn’t trying to take them home too? (wink, wink) Just kidding, I have my own porn star that’s so much sexier and more beautiful than any of those women anyway.

  118. Matt C.

    I’m breaking my self imposed silence on strip club reviews. Hustler club is the best topless club in the city. The girls are much more attractive than at Showgirls, and there is a party like atmosphere unlike other places like Hungry I. This is the type of club were you can bring your boss or your girlfriend. The cover is very reasonable and well worth it.The only detraction is the support staff. The doormen are cocky and the dance floor is teaming with wanna-be Mafiosos keeping an eye on you and everyone else. Most other clubs like to give the impression that the place runs itself and its just you and the girls there. Not so at the Hustler. Note on the Beaver Bucks: They make a whole lot of sense if you have an expense account.

  119. DexterRexter

    I had a great time here with my boyfriend Sunday afternoon. The bouncer was super nice. All the strippers were cute and nice, a few of them climbed the pole really well too! Georgia gave us a couple’s lap dance and was just the sweetest. Great first strip club experience. Drinks were expensive but expected. I’ve already recommended a couple of my friends to this place. πŸ™‚

  120. tonycluber

    This place is awesome! The vibe is fun and it’s easy to end up getting carried away! That’s not a problem with an awesome staff and friendly floor hosts. Wether I’m at the bar getting a drink from sonia or sitting by the tip rail making it rain, the hotties with the trays make sure to take care of me. If I’m low on ones for the ladies Monica at the front desk is on it along with tips for having an unforgettable night!This club has some of the hottest girls who are friendly and have personality, which is important for good times! Not to mention the atmosphere in the club with fog, lights, and music really set the mood!Cheers to the GM Frankie Fusco and all management for having one of the best clubs in SF with awesome staff and sexy ladies! Grab a drink or 5 and make it rain betches!

  121. Dan M.

    I went here for my 21st birthday, and had been having a blast up until we walked in to the Hustler Club. It was dead. It was dead on a saturday night! So me and my friends sat back, got some (very tiny) drinks and hoped to get into some trouble. No trouble to be had it seems, the girls were lazy, they didn’t care that it was my birthday, they didn’t even pretend to care! They stunk at dancing too. It would have gotten a 1, but then, out of nowhere, and angel stepped onto the stage. This girl was CRAZY talented, I’m talking cirque de soleil talented. She was doing these amazing acrobatics on the pole, but she made it look effortless, and she always kept rhythm with the music. I don’t remember her name (hell at that point I didn’t remember my name) but it was something like Dusty, or Lexi, or Candi. I don’t know, but what I do know, is this club is no Vegas club. It’s not even in the same league.

  122. Eryka V.

    $2 champagne, mimosas, red and white wine, all wells drinks, and beer every Tuesday and Wednesday.What else does the drunk lover need to be complete? Some nice smooth sexy ass walking around! At Hustler this all comes to full bloom. Though I am not a fan of the pop music they have on rotation, this place kept me entertained for a few hours on Tuesday night. Hustler sent me home feeling damn good after my 10 or more Madras, and all the feasting my eyes did on the stripper buffet.

  123. felixnada

    I ate at the Hustler club yesterday and they’re food was delicious had tacos rice and beans with fresh guacamole. The staff was very friendly and girls where beautiful

  124. Jeremiah W.

    birthdays are awesome occasions. they offer, through (drunken) planning and (hormone driven) choices, a great chance to really establish yourself with a business like larry flint’s. not only that, my friend, but this is the perfect time to re-establish that credit score you’ve been working so hard on cleaning up. in fact, while you’re at it, just throw it in the, the employees here (as i shall call them) are very good at what they do. they have an innate ability to simply gyrate that money right out of your pocket. but do not fret, young grasshopper. if you’re a frequent enough customer, and catch the eye of an employee or two, they will upgrade you to VIP status. probably even give you free passes for life. of course, this doesn’t get you much except the waived $15 fee at the front door, but that can come in handy. and they have the money situation worked out nicely with their “beaver bucks” system. i recommend a solid k in b-bucks. it might seem like it goes a long way, but it really doesn’t. you’re going to need all of it for the long road ahead…they’re open, drop in, say hi to the employees for me. hell, tell ’em i sent ya. they might give you a free lap dance. (this claim is not guaranteed) my only question about the place is, how in the hell is larry flint expected to get into his own stripclub when there’s stairs at the entrance and no elevator??

  125. Analynn L.

    tits, Ass, and a food buffett? What more could you ask?!All the Dancers are Hotties and each of them have their own unique way of gettin you TURNED on. For some reason I think we got more than what we asked for! Wanna have an Xplicit Night? Then Get Hustled at the Hustler Club!!!Cuz everyday I’m Hussa Lynn!

  126. Vera S.

    Great place! The most beautiful girls! Very nice!!!

  127. Benjamin K.

    The girls weren’t very hot, but really nice to talk to. The drinks are weak. The cover was high ($15) and ultimately not worth it.

  128. Patrick L.

    It was my friend’s birthday and she wanted to do something fun after dinner. Since it was a Thursday, everyone else took off (work and school are NOT excuses to not go out people) and it was just me, a guy friend, and the birthday girl. My suggestion? Let’s go get a drink in the Mission. However, something strange happened on the way…Me: (twiddling thumbs)BG: Ya know, I’ve always wanted to go to a strip club. Friend: Oooh, really? Let’s go!Me: (twiddling thumbs)BG and Friend: Patrick, do you want to go to a strip club?Me (in my head): Uh, I just want to drink…but it’s two against one. And they are my ride. Oh why not.Me: (twiddling thumbs) Sure, why not.Somehow we end up outside of the Hustler Club in North Beach and I’m thinking “We’ll just chicken out and I can get my drink.”Fifteen dollars later and even more confused, I find myself in the Hustler Club. What? How did I end up at a strip club? I just wanted a drink! Having never been to a strip club before, I was surprised how nice it was compared to what I had imagined. And at least the seats were comfy. And not sticky. We ordered drinks and the waitress (who looked like one of my aunts – NOT COOL!) came back and ended up spilling a beer on me. Great, now my nice party shirt smells like booze and I’m in a strip club. How did I end up here?I was annoyed that the waitress didn’t offer to take my drink off the bill. Also, said friend put our drinks on a tab. Not a good idea.Us: Could we get our check?Waitress: Sure, I’ll be right back.(15 minutes later…)Us: Could we get our check?Waitress: Sure, I’ll be right back.(15 minutes later…)Us: Could we get our check?Waitress: Sure, I’ll be right back.(15 minutes later…)Us: Could we get our check?Waitress: Sure, I’ll be right back.(15 minutes later…)Me: DAMNIT! GO UP THERE AND GET THE CHECK! I SMELL LIKE BOOZE AND STRIPPERS! Moral of the story: Don’t wear your nice shirt to the strip club.

  129. Stocks & Bonds

    Early Wednesday afternoons are great. When I walked in, I was the only patron. Needless to say, the women were eager to approach me. The girls ranged from about 5 to 8 as far as looks. I will indeed return.

  130. Michelle W.

    On August 22, 2009 a few friends and I made a trip down to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. We all figured we would have a grand time, being that my boyfriend and I have hit up this spot on many different occasions and have had pleasurable times. Anyhow it was a Saturday night, the place was packed and there wasn’t room left to sit; which gave us more of a reason to sit below where the dancers perform. While sitting below we saw about four different acts; out of four only one performance was good. The other two were just there making off beat love to the pole, while the fourth seemed to be somewhere else, high and not off life. Can we just say no to “Drugs”! She was gliding around like a lost snake in the jungle. We couldn’t help laughing at her. To make a long story short, we found a table and all ordered appetizers and other food items. We nearly spent a hundred dollars. My friend and I ended up ordering the same steak sandwich, which was overly salty and did I mention it arrived to us cold. We complained in a nice way to our waitress about our food. Our waitress told us she would have to get her manager, her manger came out about 20 minutes after the fact, we then explained to him and then he had to get his supervisor, which took another 20 minutes. We explained the same story over to the manager’s manger………….. The both of us had only taken one bite out of our sandwiches, which was very visible to the manager. The end result was the manager telling us there was NOTHING he could do about our food. All that time wasted, I thought that the manager would have at least offered to replace our sandwiches for a less seasoned ones, that didn’t happen, we weren’t even asked if we wanted a soda on the house. What happened to customer service or the customer always being right? I guess just not at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. I will NEVER waste my money on this establishment again.

  131. Bp R.

    i’d recommend this place over any other place off broadway to anyone that is looking for some adult entertainment.

  132. Mark K.

    One of the classics in the City by the Bay, the Hustler Club continues to please. You can count on good pours and beautiful hostesses. Serious fun in SF.

  133. Cianne M.

    Went here on an SFactor field trip. It was cool to go with a bunch of girls without our drooling oversexed male counterparts making inappropriate comments all night long. The dancers liked it too. Being cheered on by supportive females must be a refreshing change from the leering eyes of the usual drunk perverts who couldn’t tell a Firefly from a Ballerina. We surrounded the stage taking careful mental notes and just admiring the beauty of their dancing. All the dancers were highly skilled and of course, hot. They were also probably showing off their best moves for our class, which we loved. They make it look so easy in their 6-inch heels. One leggy Latina girl climbed up the pole with such speed and grace, it was like she was a freakin’ leopard or something. Never seen anything like it. That alone deserves 5 stars.

  134. Alexis N.

    Always a good time at The Hustler Club in SF!I am a former dancer myself (worked for years at Broadway Showgirls back in its hay day) and I can tell you with absolute assurance from an experienced female perspective that this place is freaking awesome and by far my favorite topless club in SF!Club is CLEAN! Girls are smoking hot and super friendly. I come here with my boyfriend sometimes to have some drinks and sit at the stage and tip the dancers and we always have a good time. No one is ever too pushy– girls are just chill and they actually SMILE which is a huge shocker if you are familiar with the other clubs in SF. These girls are actually happy to be there and it shows and reflects in the atmosphere of the club!Drinks are reasonably priced not like some other clubs (cough, cough) where you get charged $12.00 for a freaking Corona! Bar tenders and cocktail waitresses are all gorgeous and super nice! Sandy is by far my favorite- ask to be seated with her when you go– she’s hilarious!Do yourselves a favor and visit The Hustler Club when you’re feeling like a night out in SF! 5 stars all around! If I could give it a 6th one I would!!!!!

  135. Blaster

    Free passes on their website.

  136. James B.

    I am very sad to say, that Hustler completey sucks. Been there 5 times over the last couple of years, and each time, my fun level took a nose dive. I have been a fan of Hustler products for many years. But Larry Flynt needs to seperate himself from Deja Vue managment. The girls have to pay a high stage fee and look very unhappy. Also, SF is getting overrun with Asians at these places! Guess the typical CA Blonde can’t afford to live here any more.

  137. Katie H.

    YES, I went to the Hustler Club.It was not of my own volition! We got roped into it by this ex-bf of my friend, and after a few drinks at Happy Hour on a Friday of course it seemed to be a GENIUS plan to go to the Hustler Club. It is the CLASSY strip club, as I informed my friend. Sheeeet, it’s not even directly ON Broadway.Anyway, do that texting beeznass to get in for free or whatever, but don’t be all surprised when they text you again the following week.All of the service people were very nice to me. Clearly they were aware there was a LADY in the house. Or something.So, I took a wrong turn on the way to the restroom and went into the Champagne Room *awkward*. I quickly exited but I can assure you that Chris Rock speaks the truth!Overall, there are worse places to be in the grand scheme of supporting your friend in her hook-up-with-ex-bf endeavors. At least my lazy ass got to sit down for the whole time.The “classy” veneer stayed in place for the entire evening, which was actually a pleasant surprise. At no time did I feel uncomfortable- it was in a word, VANILLA.Which is THE FINEST OF THE FLAVORS (at least when it comes to strip clubs).

  138. Tam H.

    Came in here after a San Francisco Giants game to celebrate a win. Trust me when I say I usually don’t wander into a “Gentlemen’s Club”. I was with a couple of my friends. So we gave it a try. To my surprise, all the staff members were friendly and welcoming. Was greet by the door guy when we first approached the building. Paid the cover at the front desk. Again greeted with a smile. Ushered to our seats from the floor guys. Floor guys were helpful with any questions we had. Cocktail servers were on point and took our orders promptly. I can not leave out the best part. The DANCERS! Yes, they were hot! Acrobatic moves on the pole. Able to hold a conversation. Made us feel like a million bucks. Oh, did I mention, they were HOT?! Ha! Definitely coming back again.

  139. joseph1k

    Soo awesome, bottom line i would go to this place whenever i want to go to a strip club. clean, friendly, sexy dancers

  140. jenn m.

    just for the record….there are no chinese bartenders at hustler. NONE, so if you are going to write a review, get your facts straight. How do I know? I’m chinese. I have been to hustler several times and got nothing but great service ever time from ALL the bartenders and hostesses. Good place, good people, good times.

  141. David S.

    Came on a sunday night around 10, was in town with family and after they turned in for the night I wanted to check out the san fran nightlife. paid $10 to get in and it was empty, like 10 people there and about 10 dancers, and of course each dancer was with each one of the customers talking to them. I sat on the left side of the bar waiting to get a beer, and the bartender was completely ignoring me going to everyone but me, even when someone new came up to the bar. I sat for a good 15 minutes sitting there without a drink and after that I got so pissed I left (knowing there were about 10 other strip clubs within 5 minute walking distance. Would not come here again.

  142. Yup S.

    It’s a strip club. Not much to say. You know what to expect…BLUE BALLzzzz!!! :)What more else is there to say? It’s definitely not vegas and no, I would not eat here. Lap dance, lap look I got crumple in my pants (I’m talking about money here!).

  143. timmykilla

    review update… this is what service is all about!! frankie the gm contacted me. very nice guy and very sincere in whats going on in his club. he assured me that it was just an isolated insistance and invited me back. i really miss the old managers like big mike and little john but cruz, old mike, marty and nick are great. everyone makes you feel very welcome from the managers down to the bartenders, servers, entertainers and floor hosts. things look like they are going back to the friendly place like it was before… thanks to the great leadership from the gm and his managers.very bad day today… got flipped off by one of the girls when i didnt do anything to her today. just went in to have a few with a buddy. missed the old managers… cruz… big mike.. new manager never saids anything. guess he is too good for the customers. desperately needed to relax and im more stressed out than ever. will be staying away from this place for awhile.

  144. Lyndsey C.

    Probably a 3.5.I was extremely happy when I called and asked if we needed to get a reservation for bottle service and they said no. We got there and they put us in a fantastic VIP booth and it was so nice. The service was great and we had dinner here and it was SO great… which was surprising. I had the Ravioli Presto and it was delicious and the guys I was with had the club with fries. It was all so great. Then the issues began… we tried to order a few bottles and they were out of all the champagne we wanted and wouldn’t give us a price on any other ones that was closer to the ones they were out of so they told us to just do by the glass. We drank a lot and gave alot of money to the girls… but they then kicked us out of the VIP table because we werent ordering bottles… which is BS since we wanted bottles but they were out… was not our fault. We were getting tons of table dances and drinking plenty and the place was not packed or full in the least…. yet they still moved us in the middle of the night. It kind of killed the mood and we lot our ‘happy’, which lead us to leave. I think they should work on that. I would have understood if the place was full but it was not at all. Also, the new waitress sucked at paying attention to us and gave us attitude when we would try to ask her to come get our drink orders.The girls were decent… music was good… food was yummy… I liked the atmosphere of this place better than the other clubs in this area… but the service went downhill quickly throughout the evening.

  145. Mr M.

    This girl Sabrina use to work there so she was awesome new Russian girl the. She stopped after like a week πŸ™ poor girl didn’t live in San Fran. I travel wherever she goes. I’m her lil Slave πŸ˜‰ I believe she’s back in Sacramento

  146. Michelle I.

    yes i almost forgot, they have $2 Tuesdays! great happy hour option if you’re looking for a lap dance or two. in SF this is the place to go… some people like the o’farrell club better, but i personally like hustler best. it reminds me of the strip clubs in vegas. especially good if you’re into the fake boob thing. its not full-nudity though. if you’re looking for that, i suggest the crazyhorse on market.

  147. Alisha G.

    Just got back to Oakland after my birthday trip to the Strip Club. What a disappointment! The one star was they let me in for free as it was my birthday. I then sat there with my boyfriend for an hour and was not approached once! After the first 30 minutes a blue haired and blonde haired employee sat next to us and started gabbing away. I had to interrupt them to ask where the bathroom was. I was hoping that when I got back they would at least try to strike up a conversation with us. but, no. After another 30 minutes, I asked my boyfriend if we could leave. This was supposed to be a fun night out for me with some lap dances and instead I got to feel like I wasn’t good enough for the employees to talk to you. Thanks for a crappy birthday πŸ™

  148. igor34

    Back in 09 a buddy of mine took me here for my first “Gentlemen’s Club” experience. I recently went there about two weeks ago and this being my second time ever there and years later might I add, and the door guy greeted me and ushered me down stairs where the girl at the counter welcomed me and the bouncer welcomed me as well. I was feeling very wecomed just as I did the the night of my 24th bday in 09. I will say, as compared to some of the other Gentlemen’s Clubs around this one gets a crowd early. Which some of the others don’t seem to get rockin till around 9pm. The bartender made me a nice gin and tonic with bombay sapphire and the price was reasonable. Now on to my CONS..On my visit I was there for 45 min with 500 in my pocket and never got approched. After getting walked by like a dozen times I gave up and went back to Penthouse SF. Like it sucks to have a welcoming environment but the girls aren’t. I’m no sleeze or ghetto guy. But, I will give this place another try.Tre Smith You Know

  149. fisherdex1

    It takes more than an hour for Larry Flynt to make french fries. I ordered my fries at around 12 am and it is 1:17 now but fries have not come out yet. I have asked the waitress thrice she keeps saying I will check on it. The waitress is too drunk. I am there at Larry Flynt right now. I have been coming here regularly here from 3 years but now I think I might have to change my club. I will note the time when I finally get the fries.

  150. M W.

    Ridiculous cover and the tall skinny guy at the front is a fken dickhead!End of story.

  151. Peggy N.

    I enlisted the help of my brother and his wife and we managed to surprise my husband with a trip to this strip club for his birthday. With the exception of my brother, none of us had ever been to a strip club before!Apparently girls that take it ALL off dance in clubs that are called “dry” which means no alcohol. That won’t work for us – we want some cocktails! In this club they do serve drinks and the girls go topless.Obviously like anywhere you go some girls are prettier than others. it was pick and choose through the girls to find the sexiest one in there to give my husband a lapdance – we found her. Yep, she was hot!I mean, none of the girls were homely or nasty – just some sexier than others. Depends on what you define sexy as. Anyhow – we had so much fun here. The drinks were not over priced and they were strong. The atmosphere was fun and entertaining. Nothing like a pole in the middle of stage and girls in stilettos. There is a cover charge – it was 10 bucks per person but they let my husband “the birthday boy” in free! Extra star for that! My husband enjoyed his lapdance – but he enjoyed watching the one i ended up getting even better! I learned that night you are not supposed to touch the girls – OK, now i know! It was a fun experience and someday perhaps we will go again – if we do, i hope Mercedes is dancing!

  152. Malou C.

    This is my first ever ever,in my 38 years of existence, time in a strip club and I must say I am impressed. Kudos to Elaine for choosing this joint, other friends recommended Gold and Mitchell Brothers. First the service, From the doorman to the cashier to everyone, everyone is polite, they always smile and mind you their smiles are sincere (or if they are faking it theyre good).Although its pretty dark, I must say that its not filthy, it doesnt have any scent whatsoever. I am expecting the worse since its my first time and just the notion of the joint but to my surprise, its actually just a place to hang out.For first timers like me, I was constantly looking around, for everyone, for things. The guys who are at front I guess are the ones who really come there for the show and of course the girls.The friends I came with are all game, telling me to go down there and put some bills on the counter or something like that.I got a lapdance thanks to Carlos and Fonzy, Riso was being chicken.The girls are nice and sweet, the one who gave Fonzy a lapdance even put a dollar on my blouse.The whole experience was pleasant, I may not do it again but at least.

  153. Vanessa J.

    $2 Tuesdays at the Hustler Club is a great deal! And believe me, I know what a deal is.I’m referring to the drinks and not the dances. Think about it, you can get all the jack n cokes for 2 bucks each all night and have a great view — girls pole dancing half naked. Where else would one be able to do this?A couple of things to remember — get there before 7pm so that you don’t have to pay the cover of $15. Also, they offer 2 dances for the price of 1 during the night so take advantage of it (especially since you’ve saved some moolah by coming early and buying cheap drinks). Lastly, Hustler is in North Beach and not in Nob Hill!Nice!

  154. Jacky I.

    Best club ever really nice girls went with my boyfriend and had a blast April was smokin hot! Me and my boyfriend got a couples dance and she was really sweet! Will come again!

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