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3875 Shipping Avenue, Miami, FL 33146


25.7333463, -80.2573639




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Playmates Club

  1. mike

    Alot of changes new look there remolding the club they fire all the nasty girls who were fat and ugly

  2. eddyL

    I came here once with some friends and I could’ve sworn there was a birthday party going on. One of the dancers lit her boobs and special place on fiya and had my buddy make a wish and blow it out. I like candles, campfires, & bbqs, but when it comes to our special no no places, it makes me want to stop, drop, roll, and extinguish that fiya out. No gracias.

  3. frank

    love this place

  4. StripClub431

    Okay, I am seeing a ton of crappy reviews on here and I have to defend PMates honor. I am guessing the other folks went once and maybe had a lousy time, I will admit, it can be hit or miss. But for a small club it is one of the best, cleanest, and has good girls. It was owned by the same people as Tootsies (Im not sure if it was Ricks at that point or not, being that Tootsies is part of a Ricks Cabaret a publicly traded company) so you will find a lot of the same things, lap dances for $25, champagne room for $75. An item to note is that dancers will come up and ask you for a tip for their dance regardless of how crappy or good it was. I normally tip $1 if they are below average…. So here is the thing, it normally gets good at 12 midnight and 1 am, I strongly urge the naysayers to go back at this time before judging it. It is like a miniature Tootsies quality wise, yes they went to the depths of Hialeah, Little Havana, Doral and Kendall and pulled the hottest chicks from Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia (On a good night of course). On a bad night, you will see the B squad. Fridays and Saturdays are safe. Tuesday happy hours and into the night are good as well, they have great drink specials that night.

  5. Johnson12

    Very clean location full of beautiful women of all ethnicities and body types. There is something for everyone to enjoy. The bar is priced reasonably. Bathrooms were always clean.Most of the ladies are respectful and sweet. The waiters and security staff were professional and courteous at all times. Don’t try to be a smart-ass taking pictures with your cellphone because the staff does not hesitate to kick you out.

  6. joseph1k

    How in the Hell did Sabrina C. review this club before me ?? This means Strip Club war !!! I was first invited to Playmates when they changed there name and had a blast. Yes the open bar nights have slowed down but your still my go to club. On a scale of 1-10 the girls are a 6 and up I’ll agree with you on that. The girls here are what I call real strippers clear heels and all. These girls work hard and have mastered the art of exotic dancing. I Absolutely hate dancers that don’t know how to use the pole. Its there for a reason ya know. My favorite Dancer here is Eva. God That girl Is awesome. I’m pretty sure Ive paid for her to get a new car by now. If you decide to get a lap dance wait till the DJ announces the 2-4-1 deal you also get a cute hat or shirt lol I own like 4 of the shirts already . Unlike other clubs I’m not ignored just because I’m a girl. What only guys tip well ??? Another plus to this place is that the DJ isn’t on the Mic every 10 minutes talking over the music. The food is also yummy too and the prices aren’t shabby either. My only con about Playmates is that some of the girls will ask for tips once they are done dancing. If I didn’t tip you while you were dancing that means you just don’t do it for me sorry . They have different events all the time so do make sure you check out the website to see what going on. I follow them on twitter !

  7. ewwww

    this place is a joke they can’t be serious

  8. paul

    no class only trash

  9. JL

    nice club to visit. small and out of the way. If you don’t like the big glitzy places this is the place for you

  10. peter

    disgusting the girl that gave me aa dance had herpes

  11. daniel

    gross i will never go back

  12. frankie

    some ghetto dirty girls. some hot classy girls too. depends what you want and the price you wanna pay

  13. Johnnyboy123

    Bored on a Friday night I decided to head into this establishment seeking primarily to entertain my hedonism. The place was well modeled with one stage and bar area. If a private dance is procured, the area where it is hosted is very discrete and ample. Little did I expect what would await in the future shadows ahead. One slight drawback was the malicious and ill tempered man that orchestrated the men’s restroom sanitation. Hearing him grumble when a customer enter the bathroom was disheartening to say the least. But a negation of his tip was my revenge. Finally I encountered bliss in the midst of the semi acrobatic stage dancing and manufactured butt lifts. She sat next to me and started the small talk which was expected. Her Latin heritage coupled with her glorious helping of bosom drove my imagination farther than the Orion constellation. I agreed to a private dance and she led the way. What followed was the fulfillment of my innermost desires. For the sake of tastefulness I will not delve into specifics but she performed her duties with utmost professionalism. I can still feel her sweat and taste her perfume, her delicate touches and gestures. The heat from our bodies merging to create a new form of life with souls merged in the night. I haven’t returned since with fear that the night will never be recreated, perhaps such things were never meant to be. Or maybe it was a hallucination caused by the effects of the drinks and plants. One thing is certain, nothing was hidden that night, everything was true.

  14. rogerrab2

    Worst club I ever been, I never step in again in that place, we were 4 friends hopping to have a good time but the security were rude they took out a friend because he knew one dancer who work in there, they don’t care about costumers .

  15. ryan123

    2.5 StarsDear Playmates,If you plan on being competitive in Miami, you have a lot to work up to. Yes you just changed your name from Alley Cat (total disaster, fleabag fest of a strip club) to your current name Playmates. You’ve done some major remodeling inside, with new carpets, new bar counter, new seating, new Champagne Room and lap dance areas, But… SAME girls and same patrons.So while I give you 2.5 stars instead of 1, for trying, you still have a lot to compete with in Miami. Your location isn’t bad either. You’re right next to Merrick Park and all of the Coral Gables bars are within a cab ride’s distance. So maybe you should market yourself different, or try to hire different personnel. The $5/person cover wasn’t bad, especially for a Friday night (after the Yard House UYE).In your defense, I will say that the girl that the BF and I got our lap dance from was HOT. So I will give you some credit. But, I guess for what she had in looks, she definitely lacked in people skills and intelligence. We may have stayed for a second lap dance if she would have just danced. But she kept talking, which kinda ruined it. LOL Maybe if she would have kept her mouth shut….Anyhow, the drinks weren’t even all that cheap, which I would have expected for this place. I think we were charged something like $5 for our water and $8 for the beer…? I am willing to check it out again, so we’ll see what happens the next time.Get your game up cuz you have the potential. You’re close to UM so there should be some hot college girls looking to make tuition – FIND THEM…Good luck with the new name. See you around.Sincerely,SabrinaAnna*

  16. nance

    yuck these chicks are ugly or below average

  17. mark

    this place is a dump and should be shut down

  18. xman

    Can be very hit or miss. Some nights it’s frightening, others there are gorgeous women there….

  19. DB

    I love this club. Women are beautiful, may take some work to find the

    one that is right for you but she is there.

  20. winston12

    Not a fan! been twice, gets good business but to me all dancers looked so miserable to be working there we sat at the stage the whole night tipping and the dancers wouldn’t even ever smile, say thanks, nor even act like we were there at all lol kinda rude. I just feel they could have a better attitude & the service food wise wasn’t good took a hour to flag a waitress down. None the less we made a good time out of it, but still all said the same thing about it once we got into the car.

  21. David

    Must say it’s been kind of slow there for a while now not looking so good on the weekend’s they should just shut it down there is no money in the south anymore like there use to be . they got girl’s in the doing anything for 100 bucks girls there are nasty (who hire’s these monster’s)

    i feel like this is a second centro espanol with all the drug dealer’s pimp’s and hoe’s in there jack you should get rid of these nasty girls and fix the place up or get rid of it you guys don’t even advertise anymore so what is the point

  22. fritter17

    Ended up here on a random friday afternoon .. ( Dont ask ) Small place, I like that they had free valet, admission and happy hour at the time that I went. The girls were not really that good looking. Out of the 10 I saw in the place maybe 2 were pretty. But they were nice. I had fun taking shots and critiquing the girls, as well as throwing money at them. Would only go back if some one else was paying for my drinks and giving me money for the strippers… I dont like to waste my money on these kinds of things. Huge hangover the next day, that is all

  23. mack

    who owns this dump

  24. uomo

    boring skinny ass girls going through teh motions

  25. fuckery12

    This is my first and last time here. The club itself isn’t bad looking. I like how it’s well lit. Music is okay. My problem is, the strippers go around the WHOLE CLUB and ask for tips after they’re done dancing on stage. They literally go to each table and stand there and expect a handout. I’ve been to many strip clubs and have never seen that. Just make things awkward…FYI the girls are mediocre looking, older and don’t speak any English.

  26. AssnTits5

    Beware this club is nothing but drugs and prostitution. Watch out for a stripper who goes by many names: Jeniday aka Laura aka Yarnecy Arrested for fraud and numerous other charges the girl is nothing but trouble watch your wallets boyz.

  27. nick
  28. mikkey

    waste of time

  29. willy

    short songs slow service

  30. USA
  31. matt

    very laid back club, girl are there to please i have always had a cgreat time

  32. India
  33. bill

    waste of the 5 bucks i paid to get in

  34. rich

    nasty ugly old spanish women

  35. brian

    everynight is ghetto old chick night

  36. gus

    very nice !!!!!!!can sombody tell me where i can find natalia brunete curly hair with a big lower back tatto i think they are two eyes ,please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. x
  38. Ashley E.

    Front desk blonde called me a bitch. I guess she felt insecure. Unacceptable regardless of this being a strip club. I informed the “manager” of the situation who elected to refrain from saying his name who was also unprofessional and rude.. Again.. What can we expect from a place like this, right? Regardless thought I’d share the worthless situation.

  39. corey

    this place is a dump

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