Gold Rush Cabaret



7770 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33138


25.8469074, -80.1847232




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Gold Rush Cabaret

  1. ryan123

    Most of the girls in here have talent. Many have great bodies + athletic buildings. It’s a shame that this place doesn’t have a whole lot of seating and that people don’t seem to tip as much as they should.. As a female, I appreciate natural beauty, and many of these girls aren’t overdone with huge fake asses and huge fake boobs – but instead are more on the natural side. Work it girls!!!!

  2. brudnie

    It’s about time a club for the brotha’s,lots of girls with hella ass.

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  4. Joe W.

    Don’t waste your time leaving South Beach. The girls are average at best. Its only topless. The staff is rude. Don’t let a cabbie talk you in to going.

  5. fuckery12

    The only good reviews here are from their own employees. This place is a joke. After being closed down and re opened still not offering anything worth it. Strange atmosphere were management constantly rips off their customers and employees/dancers.

  6. kiss this

    crackers r you

  7. richard95

    I decided to try this place because I had a free pass to get in. The bartender tried to rip me off trying to over charge me. I would never pay 30.00 cover to go in there.

  8. mathewater12

    What a classy/fun place! Absolutely the best strip club in Miami! Drinks are not expensive and the women are naturally beautiful! Whether you’re visiting our local in miami you have to check this place out. Also the music is mixed n awesome! Shake Shake Shake that @$$ girl!! 🙂 🙂

  9. curtis17

    I live three blocks from here and drive or walk by everyday. I had some friends in town and we decided to stop in. It was a Sunday around 6pm. We walk over and the doorman tells us its $30 a person. I was shocked! I said “eventhough there are minimal people here and we are with two hot chicks”? Yeah bro he says. Not gonna argue with meatheads and my buddy has money so we go in after paying $120 to enter. That’s fucking ridiculous! I couldn’t stop thinking about it all night because Ive worked in the bar/club business for 25 years so I know this is BS. Place has no ambiance and girls were mediocre so we just drank like fish. After about two hours we get our $300 tab and pay plus a $60 tip. The bartender has the nerve to come over and say “I gave you happy hour prices so you should tip more”. I fucking lost it and so did my buddies girl. We tore the bartender a new asshole. Next thing you know meatheads were escorting us out. This place is close to the ghetto and filled with scumbags. No surprise it got raided shortly after and some employees were arrested for drug dealing and prostitution. Stay away!

  10. rogerrab2

    Every time we come to Miami, Wonderland is a MUST VISIT ATTRACTION. The girls are smoking hot and the staff is very accommodating/friendly. You can smoke hookah in the club, they poor stiff drinks and it’s just fun all around. Russians, South Americans, Latinas, whatever your pleasure, Wonderland provides.

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  12. Francisco V.

    Girls are not that hot. $35 for a lap dance and $25 extra so you can touch them. $20 entrey fee and $10 parking. $80usd and not that great. I only give 3 stars because the girls dance great! If you want to see cool dance go there but do not pay for lap dance ita a rip off

  13. XhXeXy

    Most of the positive reviews here are from chicks. Have a feeling they’re dancers or other girls who work there and want to promote this place so they can make more money. 🙁 The managers, owners and their friends need to step up write some reviews themselves !!! LOL

  14. XXXbeast

    The best place of this kind, great atmosphere , good music, frendly and beautiful and hot girls, drinks and service ( bartenders) excellent, perfect after party spot, let’s go again!!

  15. Kenneth R.

    Huge rip-off. The girls pretend like they don’t speak English. They will try to rip you off any chance they get. Do not go here. Trust me on this one.

  16. Andrea E.

    Recommended to me by friends & I couldn’t agree more! At first I was a bit skeptical due to the $30 entrance charge but it was definitely worth it! It’s an upscale atmosphere and the girls are beautifulllll, great music and great food! For sure my new go-to spot.

  17. Amanda D.…Doesn’t start to get busy until 11, and is packed by 3 am. But before it gets busy they have a happy hour menu with free food until 10pm. Burgers, chicken or steak quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, and more honestly the food is delicious. There’s more than the happy hour menu too. Drinks are 2 for 1 before 11pm. Club closes at 5am. Girls are gorgeous. You get what you pay for, as far as dances go etc. but they’re totally worth every dollar.

  18. Harrison69

    This place has gone through a lot of different changes with names, management and girls but I think they finally got it right. The girls are always cute and fun. They have a lot of foreign girls there and is way more low key than the super overrated club eleven. The bottle and drink prices are great. They have a 120inch projector to watch games. And their servers/bouncers are very chill, they don’t abuse their power. Been coming here a lot more lately and I must say it’s become a top 3 strip club in miami.

  19. AssnTits5

    This is my first time at Wonderland, I had very high expectations since my friend from Las Vegas told me that it was fantastic the last time he went. I went with my girlfriend and the place was packed which is not bad since it was a fight night. We liked the drinks and the ambience, but there were only three good-looking girls. The majority of them didn’t seem like they wanted to work. The set up also didn’t feel right, if you didn’t have a table you’re kind of lost at this club. At one point i felt like i was at an adult day care. The bouncers were on top of people constantly, no pictures (even when it wasn’t anywhere near girls), touching was discouraged, and you cant put drinks by the stage. Finally, we decided to take back one of the girls to the back we expected a lot more for the $400 bucks we paid. It was more or less a bait and switch on the services, that would’ve never happened at tootsies… I would hit Tootsies before this place any day of the week.

  20. tonycluber

    Amazing incredible. Sexy hot night. Definitely a great night. Girls….guys … Couples.

  21. fritter17

    I never thought the moment so well in a Strepp club with my wife, We were near the first customers to enter. The place is amazing! excellent atmosphere and food! SPECTACULAR!!!!

  22. Silvio A.

    I never thought the moment so well in a Strepp club with my wife, We were near the first customers to enter. The place is amazing! excellent atmosphere and food! SPECTACULAR!!!!

  23. Allan P.

    Oh wonderland…what a rip off you are. My group of 10 friends or so and I arrive for a bachelor party. They charge you $10 for “valet” parking that you park yourself and retrieve your car yourself as well. That was the first bad sign. The place gives the impression it is a more sophisticated strip club having 2 security guards dressed in suits blocking you off with velvet ropes. Even if there was no line. We entered around 11pm. It was empty so the security guard get up is really for nothing. Entrance fee is $20. So before you even walk in, you’re down $30. A few of my friends buy bottles, and their prices I suppose were decent. $150 for 1 bottle if you arrive before a certain time. The first thing I notice about the strippers at this establishment is they’re all clothed except the performer on stage. That was the second bad sign. Most of your Miami strip clubs have at least topless women roaming around entertaining guests. Here? They have a different game plan. If you’re seated they give you a lap dance without hesitation, which made it seem like a great idea to sit. Until discovering it’s an automatic $20 charge and if she takes her top off its an automatic $30 ($40 for full nude in a private room). Keep in mind, the only reason we did not leave was for the friends that already purchased bottles. So we attempt to make the most of it. You would imagine if they’re charging so much the girls are either beautiful or do a great job performing. For the most part, neither was true. One of the girls I believe her name was Natalie or Nati was the best one our group enjoyed. She was friendly, talkative, good looking and a good performer (she is the reason this rating is not a 1 star). And then there was one girl from London that is the epitome of the talent here, simply walking around looking for money as coldly as possible. Zero effort to give the illusion she’s into you. You understand going into a strip club they’re there to make money and may not even enjoy their work but they do it to make a living, and it’s a business at the end of the day but I would compare judging your experience at a strip club to judging you’re experience at a restaurant. You know what you’re going for (food/strippers), and you hope you’re paying for a good quality product (well cooked food/beautiful strippers, but what sets everything apart is the service. You could thoroughly enjoy your food, even if it’s expensive but terrible service will ruin your experience. That is exactly how our experience at Wonderland ended up going. Don’t be fooled because this place calls themselves a higher class of strip club, they just charge more for less of the experience. You’re better off going literally anywhere else. Even bare necessity was a more overall enjoyable experience than this place.

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  27. Mandy C.

    My friends and I came here for the first time. We knew a few people who were regulars and we split bottles. For the first 3 hours we had a ball, the women are beautiful and really love to interact with other women while they are on stage. Around 430 though, a bouncer pulled my friend aside and told her she had to leave because she was caught “prostituting.” Never in her life or mine, have we felt more insulted. Especially, since we had been doing nothing but spending money on their beautiful dancers. I am truly at a loss of words for this place. It has the potential to be a really great time, but apparently ladies, don’t dress up to go here because they’ll insult you and kick you out

  28. Andrew

    Nigger dump

  29. igor34

    Best adult entertainment spot in Miami! … Excellent atmosphere and great location.

  30. Weedman420

    Good times, good drinks, women customers are allowed in without men (which is really great and welcoming) and a really nice and classy looking inside. This is not your typical small, run down looking strip bar. It’s very big and plenty of security to keep everything in check. I’d recommend this place for a fun night out. The girls aren’t the best looking, but hey, you can’t have it all, can you? Better looking girls would make this place the best strip bar in Miami without a doubt.

  31. out of towner

    Love this place!!

  32. black queen

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  33. eddyL

    I love this place. The food is is like 5 stars!! You can come during the week. From 5-10 and get free food. I usually get the Wonderland burger. The girls are simply gorgeous. The managers are cool. Always making you feel welcomed. I love the music they play house and HipHop,

  34. maxxy1

    Are you kidding me??Okay so we go on a Monday night because there’s not much else to do in the neighborhood. We should have realized the problem right at the door – they were charging $30 a person cover, even for females. We get inside, and the ATM has a $20 fee. Then once you get in, there’s only one girl dancing at a time and no one at the tables is even paying attention! None of the other girls even approached us. Weirdest vibe I’ve ever felt at a strip club, and I’ve been to quite a few considering I’m a chick. Spend your money elsewhere! !

  35. james1412

    I been there on a Thursday night. The only good thing is the food. In all the girls working there 2 or 3 were good looking. No diversity. The club was empty. They should hired girls with nice body. If you want to go work there don’t and if you want to party or see some strippers don’t go in this club.

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