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41 Stanton Avenue, Akron, OH 44301


41.0531982, -81.5276559




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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63 reviews for “Lusty Adventures

  1. James

    This place has always been a dump and the dancers are all ugly and ghetto trash and all on drugs. But theres one particular female who is not on drugs and very friendly with a great personality. And has an amazingly hot body. I think her name was Jerrica or Jericho she was a bag of joy I will definitely be back only if she is there. The bar tender Mya was good to

  2. Anonymous


  3. Dark Lord Vader

    Stepped in the door one time and sat down to order a beer and a nasty old broad with saggy tits, stretch marks, burns, and scars came over and tried to give me a dance…she was wasted and asked me if i happened to smoke pall mall unfiltered? Her voice was about 3 octaves lower than mine and she used a crutch to walk and wore a bandana and an eye patch. Smelled like parmesan cheese and sardines, mixed with rotten hard boiled eggs…Told me her name was Jade Sphincter and I knew she was lying immediately!!! Because who would name their daughter that? I mean come on 🤣 She did have a slight mustache but nothing to bad, you could tell she was either Greek or Italian so they all have a lot of dark thick body hair. I thought to myself she might wanna get the happy trail going from her lower back down to her butthole waxed, but hey I know some guys are into that type of thing. She was every bit of 55 years old. When she was shaking her butt in my face I kept getting little wofts of butt stench mixed with a dollar store body spray. I puked in my mouth a little then gave her $2. She offered to give me a gummer in the parking lot for $15 but I was afraid I would get in trouble…I can’t wait to go back…I’m into that type of shit…

  4. erotica

    thanks to whoever wrote the “check her out” review.. you are loved.. if ya’ll want to come see me, I work monday,wednesday,friday 11:30-5, tuesday&thursday 11:30-4, and saturday 3-7. One thing that customers like the most about me is that I’m real,have a brain, don’t do drugs, and I work hard.. so give it a second chance.. plz!

  5. why
  6. Dusty

    DO NOT STOP. This is the worst place I have seen in a long time.

  7. James

    All I can say is, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.

  8. Chuck

    Another Beaten Down hole in the wall. The girls range from Young and Hot to Old and Saggy. The girls have more interest in drinking then dancing.

  9. zip
  10. Dave


  11. Ned

    What is the info on “Ghost Dancer” Kelli? How are her VIP dances?

  12. Hagea

    I had a very good experience with a dancer named Bambi. She has a great body altho she walks with a crutch. Bad back story about the crutch. She gives good floor dances and the VIP is phenomenal. She has the best head ever. Dont let the crutch ruin the best dance/vip ever. She works everyday except Tues. She comes in at 4.

  13. first time visitor

    this place needs a lot of work. a very poor first impression. gotta spend $ to make $$.

  14. By

    another poor nigga down the tubes!!!!!

  15. guest

    very nice friendly place, I will go back

  16. watahole
  17. Elder

    Beware of Destiny. Continually hikes up her GPS prices and spends most of her time pretending to put on makeup in the pool room. Hold on to your wallet when she approaches. You can’t believe a word she says. But….she is cute.

  18. Caleb

    Mimi and Carmen are beautiful black sisters will be back espically mimi

  19. notworthit

    This place has gone so far down. Nasty place with nasty girls

  20. joe

    stormy is nasty

  21. Troy

    If I could give a minus rating I would. This place is a dump.

  22. nasty
  23. stacked

    Place is a dirty hole everything about it

  24. tommy

    what is that nasty fat THING behind the bar. y’all got a average of 5, HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cameras in the VIP room sounds like a good place to get black mailed.

  25. Billey

    I stopped in on Monday Night. This place was Died. Only on dancer and she was drunk. Not worth the time. Skip it.

  26. Ed
  27. dump
  28. everytime

    Robin Jr. is not an honorable lady. She immediately has her fingers in your wallet for sub par performance. Liar and thief.

  29. Ken

    Had a couple drinks the club isn’t the best kinda of a hole in wall place but I like Mimi slot she’s good

  30. John

    The only redeeming feature of this club is that HJ are common and cheap!!!!!!

  31. 5.218
  32. steve


  33. Donnie

    This place is a DUMP.

  34. party animal

    could use some updates but its in akron what do you expect

  35. Bernie

    This has to be the Lowest of The Low. Do not bother stopping at this dump. Charge to much for Drinks and the worst dancers in Akron.

  36. Tim

    Nice variety of girls. Good service from the bartenders. Had fun. I’ll be back.

  37. Jessie

    I had stopped in to check this place out with some friends. We quickly left after seeing that this place was a dump.

  38. David

    I came in late on a Thursday night and had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful black girl with nice tits big butt I believe her name was Mimi all the other girls are quick to run to you but she took her time talking with a beautiful smile and her VIP is awesome you won’t be dissapointed

  39. Looker

    DRUGS and the bartenders are drinking more then anyone eles.

  40. A fan

    Nice bartenders.

  41. HEY OHIO...

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  42. Not JM anymore

    Things are getting dicey on the general board. The new Jm person is not the same person as the JM from 2 or 3 years ago. I always respected the girls. Still do.

  43. Robin

    This club has made a remarkable turnaround. I’m glad to be a part of it. Come in and vist us.

  44. Not Tommy

    Always have a great time here. Robin is a really nice bartender and Melissa is really hot too.

  45. John

    Had a great time a few weeks ago love Carmen she’s beautiful will be back

  46. 5.213

    Haters go elsewhere. Other clubs need you more.

  47. Guess

    I helped ya all this time….NOW I’M GONNA FUCK YA!!!!!

  48. Mohammed

    I can not believe how died this place is. Customers more interested in drinking same with the dancers. It also looks like a bunch of underage kids like to come in and play pool. Do not even ask about the smoking going on, looks like trouble will happen very soon.

  49. check her out

    hey you guys that gave a bad review, you should give this place a second chance and meet my all time favorite dancer EROTICA, she gives you dances that make your head spin.. so go check her out… you will not regret it!

  50. Duane

    Fridays are always a good day to get fuckered up!!!!

  51. Rick D

    This place is a dump. I am surprise they are still in Business. While I was there I watched several of the dancers fighting between themselves. It is a matter of time before this place is busted.

  52. David

    New owner has done a nice job cleaning up the club. Friendly bartenders and good variety of girls. Had alot of fun there on Friday night. Crowd was mixed but very well behaved. Bouncer on site also.

  53. Piss poor managing

    Drunk bartender again on a night shift.

  54. Stan
  55. playboy

    sooo sexy

  56. Your worst critic

    Finally, an honest review. Fair at best

  57. disapointed

    Dirt bag city

  58. Bob

    This place needs a lot of work. Needs new talent and remodeled.

  59. Nate

    I had heard is place was closed down so I stopped to check it out. It should be closed down. I am just waiting to hear that APD raided this place. It is just a matter of time.

  60. Tom

    Not worth visiting. It is a hole in the wall that needs to be filled. I saw more drug dealing then dancing.

  61. Mystery Shopper

    Nice place. I’d say it’s one of the up and cumming clubs around town. Great group of afternoon girls. Worth the trip.

  62. Jim

    This place has really taken an dive.

  63. Larry

    I have visited several clubs in Akron. This has to be at the BOTTOM. The dancers are the worst I have seen either old over weight or drunk. Several of the customers looked as if they are involved in some shady dealings. It is a matter of time before this place is busted for something.

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