Strip Joint Advanced Entertainment



1405 East Mission Boulevard, Pomona, CA 91766


34.0546411, -117.7693051




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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  2. PHIL


  3. eddyL

    Horrible place to visit. Top flight security of the world. Where are the managers? Security determines whether u are allowed in or not? Biased !!! Go to another another strip club.

  4. larry1

    Went on a Wednesday and paid $15 entrance fee.So, whatever steep for Wed but didn’t complain.So I sat there for 20 min and not one girl in sight.I was chatting with a cool chill guy who said he had been there 18min prior And NOTHING.So, as I was about to leave a cute Latina came out (rainbow tattoo on hip bone)She was such a sweetie and never pushed it! She was a great dancer and I was all smiles for 20min.She’s the only reason I gave this place two stars.Thanks Gorgeous!

  5. tim

    cool place. who is the best pole dancer here?

  6. fuckery12

    Super ghetto… The girls are gross looking and maybe two of them knew how to dance..not worth the admission price.

  7. Daze

    Good kickback place

  8. xXSilowXx

    Best for its price

  9. Jesus

    First strip club I went to. I still go to it, beautiful women and some real good VIP dances. Waitress is hot and she will also give VIP dances.

  10. pole

    Pole dancer? I would have to say Charm is the best pole dancer out there!

  11. igor34

    My friend and I just decided for the second time that we will never come back here again. (After 2 years we forgot we had already been there till we hit the parking lot). The door man was not social at all just gives a hard look at you which is cool I guess. There are no waitresses, shitty sound system can’t hear a thing the dj says. I was there for an hour and saw girls on stage. Lap dances are done in groups they take you to a booth Keep your arms in or else you might be rubbing arms with the dude next to you. There were maybe 3 cute girls In the group. If you live in Pomona and only own a skate board then you may have no other choice. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.

  12. MyInput

    Drove a half hour to get here and it clearly states that they close at 2.. Got there at 1 and they were shut down… WTF!! Looked through the window and didn’t see anything exciting… Plus i’ve heard some bad things about this place… Like girls not allowing you to touch them while you’re paying them for a dance and alot of Chics smoke here big smelly turnoff… At least get a breath mint and spray yourself with perfume!!

  13. snooper4

    Really nice, friendly and a pleasant girls. Fun place to go. The slight frisking to start with is a little offputting, but once in side nice. I just wish they had earlier hours.

  14. Jay

    $10 Laps are great!

  15. StripClub431

    Terrible Establishment – Rude Bouncers – Pedophile Crowd – Ugly/Fat Women – No Liquor – You know they ain’t showing anything worth the stop. Came for my boys birthday we left within 10 minutes. Worst Strip Club Ever.

  16. mathewater12

    Had a great time celebrating my birthday here ! The girls are beautiful and very friendly. The staff has great customer service . These girls deserve more customers. Definitely coming back next week !

  17. Weedman420

    Went here a bunch of times with buddies (birthdays, bored, people leaving/coming back from military etc). when I was younger. This place basically singlehandedly shut down the Deja Vu in Ontario. Back then, they had a GRIP of hoes mang. I was a broke younger guy, and would usually just sideline and watch, maybe get a couple dances. The girls were RUDE. They would ask if you wanted a dance, then if you said no they’d call you a faggot. Or try to call you out and call you names like broke bitch or buster, For real man. Came here with coworkers during the week once, FUCKIN WHACK. Barely like 3-5 girls. Can’t blame them really tho, barely anyone was in there to begin with, except some WEIRDO that gave some hoe a goodbye kiss and said “I’ll see you tomorrow baby!” Me and my boys were DYING on that one LOL. Some of my buddies got sucked off or handjobs in the back before – some of these girls are trying to do that strange to get that change… I think thats over now tho, last times I did go, cops would go in and do walk arounds. But a lot of those girls escort on the side, if you want to hit it, just be straight up and ask how much. Not kidding. Super cheap spot, SUPER PACKED on weekends, but TONS of girls too on weekend. Apparently talent level has gone down tho. Those days are basically over for me tho, enjoy your time here.

  18. Julissa S.

    The worst and nastiest strip club I have ever been too. I wanted to cry. One of the girls I swear was high off heroin, or she hates her job, but I’m betting it was both. The girls are not sociable, they aren’t fun, they just ask if you want a lap dance and walk away if you say no. Not all the bodies were bad, some were curvy and it was nice but most of them were just…. Just no. But I mean if you’re into drug addicted girls who can’t dance this is your place!

  19. brandonresh

    Do not come here! There is only a sign here. Gates were locked on Valentine’s Day. The area is sketchy too

  20. Angel A.

    If i could put 0 stars i would.. i went here with my husband and it was horrible. The girls werent friendly they were all fat as hell and lazy and none of the strippers were dancing they were just sitting on the chairs.. worst gentleman’s club ever

  21. Ray

    It’s quite nice. I like it better than Deja Vu. The $75 VIP service (5 songs) is really worth it. Try it.

  22. jesse

    the first time in a strip club and it was the best 100 dollars spent

  23. stripper guru
  24. Joe Walker

    Best place for lap dances and I’m been to a lot of places.

  25. ssssssssssssssss
  26. Johnnyboy123

    $10 door fee plus $10 lap dance.

  27. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  28. Harrison69

    Here is my personal experience about this place.First of all I liked the fact that you have a safe parking lot there since it is kinda caged, the dude on the door have greeted me nicely and did not make me feel uncomfortable, the security guard was not rude and he politely asked to check me “he barely did” which is good. Admission fee was 15$ because I went after 7:00 P.M and if before it is 10$ which gives you one free drink also “Non-alcoholic” The place looked okay and I liked the fact it wasn’t packed there, the women over there are okay “not the best looking ones” but they’re kind “except two of them”Dances are 10$ and they also had a special 3 songs for 20$ which is very affordable in my opinion.I did not see much women dancing on their to be honest so the middle was pretty empty and maybe because it is slow I am not sure.The only reason I give this place 4 stars is because I haven’t seen girls dancing on the middle for a while.I would consider going back there.

  29. Mark M.

    I met a buddy here who is resident of the fine City of Pomona. We were both broke and he suggested this place as an affordable place to chill and catch up while taking in the scenery.Have to say I was impressed with this place. The young ladies are nice, attractive and don’t harass you with an incessant dance or drink push. If you choose to hang out and talk with your friend without indulging in any dances they dont throw an attitude at you.Just very low key…. I think the most exciting thing that happened here is when one of the dancers touched my friends chest… felt his man boobs and told him that he ought to be wearing an “A” cup bra! …. that was worth a $5 tip!!…..LOL!!

  30. don123

    excellent atmosphere, the girls are chill and always working hard to make that money! Highly recommend it.

  31. S.C. Hoppin'

    Went once and only saw 1 decent girl out of 20. I don’t even think I saw a white girl. Guest to dancer ratio was poor because girls were hanging out in the back instead of making enough rounds. Space was ok, but overall vibe/atmosphere was “radio-rap”.

  32. Robert Gomez

    This club is the best club i have ever been to… i really recomend this club even though its kinda small but all the girls there ar kool and fine as hell….

  33. Mistercap12

    0 stars if possible. Worst establishment. It’s a shame because Girls are nice but one bouncer has anger issues. He gave my friend a bloody lip because it was closing time and we wanted to finish our cigarette before leaving the parking lot. There were 15 other cars in the parking lot. He then pushed me and told me he would f’ck me up too. The other bouncers just stood there and did nothing while their boy was on a tantrum. Not the right way to run a business. I truly hope this man resolves his issues.

  34. AssnTits5

    This place is cool. 10 dollar lap dances. They need a better selection of high quality girls. When I went, the girls were kind of ugly.

  35. rolypops

    This club is has a nice relaxed atmosphere. If you go get a dance from Sabrina she is amazing.

  36. justinlk

    One of the worst strip clubs around. Girls have been there for years and all bent out of shape. When me and my buddy went, there was literally 3 customers (including the 2 of us) and three girls walking around. We wasted our money on the cover, and left after 15 minutes.

  37. Jon B

    This club is awesome. Channel was the bomb! She has the most beautiful eyes in the world! If you check out this club, ask for Channel. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

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