Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club



4125 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014


33.4957147, -112.064728




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Jomilla N.

    Great looking girls, music, drinks and a great atmosphere. All of the reviews on here are a year or older and not accurate at all.

  2. gregie d

    Love the club. Old School Amazons is Back.

  3. kevin

    this club is the only clean club in az with sexy girls great service and a variety of music

  4. adamrod

    Cheetahs always treats me right! I enjoy the girls, the music, and they have great food!It’s my favorite strip club in Phoenix, leaving you feeling satisfied instead of dirty. The new management and changes are awesome! Have fun, bring lots of money and check of Aria, she’ll make all your dreams come true too!

  5. Marcus

    This used to be my favorite club. It went down i guess when Tommy and Monty took over. It seem like when black girls started working here it got bad: it is worse if the customer is black and goes to a black stripper for a dance. I feel that the white strippers treat me better. I also noticed that the strippers no longer dress in a bikini or a thong so u can at least c half of the ass. Now you can’t see nothing but a full underwear. A lot of the girls all colors try and change positions when you are about to bust a nut. I will stick to band aids because they treat there customers a hell of a lot better than you all do. This used to be the best club in PHX: now it is a tie between Band aid and Blue moon.

  6. Shane

    Watched my favorite football teams today at Cheetahs! Ate some good grub at the free buffet thing! Got lap dances from a girl! Life is good! Love this place!

  7. luna

    No worries about her she got fired a while ago, plus they are getting rid of all the nasty and skans, its worth the time coming,plus they are planning on remodeling on aug.

  8. peter wong

    Best Club in town.

  9. jocko

    the new lighting and sound and bigscreen rules. a needed touch. plus its nice and cool in there. i love it

  10. Dave
  11. Matt

    This is one of Phoenix’s top clubs. I will be back.


    Nice club. One girl was cool with me other one wasnt. i try out both. overall this place be cool. they drinks is good and they prices is good too. i like they white women on stage. be hot. especially on weekend. put on my special kicks when i come in but there aint naw dress codes. titties and drinks got me in. how bout u? lol

  13. Ben

    Great club. Starting to look good. great job

  14. Chyenne

    Always a good night here. Good drink specials!

  15. Murcielego

    Beautiful bartemptress Brook, hot cocktail waitress. A good variety of ladies. Different figures, looks, styles. Had a great time in the VIP. Main complaint is that they charge you $25 for each girl you go to the VIP area with. If you want a few private moments with 3 different ladies, they will stick you for $75! Why not $25/day no matter how many dancers you take to the VIP?

  16. Tressa

    when my girls and i wanna see some fun action, we go up here to cheetahs.

    nice lookin’ ladies to spend the evening with. life is short so we love to have fun. guys n’ girls in our group but mostly girls if u know what i mean.

    this club always takes care of us on our drinks and dances when we r wanting some good tlc from another lady. guys and girls can enjoy this place. cheetahs is chill and the place 2 be.

  17. RC

    Great local club. The dancers are friendly and the staff are great from behind the bar to out on the floor. VIP is the best in PHX and the food is uncommonly good.

  18. Cammie

    I like it here! Great club in downtown phoenix! They have great girls and good music and food too!

  19. mr. man

    i love it too. new hang for the ufc ppv.

  20. Manuel Gonzales

    Es muy bueno! I liked very much! There was a stripper cage fight thing last night and someone’s birthday party. Had a great time! The girls were friendly and the night was lively. I didn’t expect it to be poppin’ like this when I came in! Next time I come back I’m going to make sure I don’t have anything else to do that night so I can stay longer! Good times!

  21. Wanye

    This club kicks ass. Bike day was crazy. Will be back!

  22. Joanna

    Stopped in with my boy toy and we had a GREAT time. This place was poppin’! got me and a dancer dancin’ on my boyfriend at the same time! awesome! i luv this cheetahs group! 🙂

  23. chri
  24. adg
  25. jonny

    love it

  26. Sara

    One of the best clubs to work at.

  27. Henry Dogg

    Watchin’ the game up here. Way cool – Go Packers! Having a great night! Checking out this free Mexican food buffet! This is tight. My favorite team is winning so far and drinks are only 3 bucks! I’m glad I came in!

  28. igor34

    No customer service what so ever, Unless you are a local coke dealers or work for the Sinaloa Cartel. I literally sat there for 30 minutes waiting for drinks or someone to come and help. The chicks were just standing around talking to another. The minute that Sinaloa vatos showed up, it was like Christmas time for the chicks. Anyways, stay away from this place. I definitely will. One star because I had to.

  29. oooooooo no

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeell noooooooooo! what the hell happend 2 this place i felt i should have went bowling instead!

  30. Road Warrior

    As a biker I like a few different joints for strip clubs. This Cheetahs Gentlemens place has a lot of T’N A to enjoy and some stiff cold drinks. Really good and hit the spot. Does anyone know why Yoda is over the stage?

  31. Dan

    This is the place to be.

  32. Big LJ

    Aight, I tend to control myself a bit when I’m at a strip club. But I completely went all out up in here fallin head over heels for a girl named Havok. Not sure where she come from, but my friend got me some dances and ppl, the way this girl rub up against me she got this brotha on his knees!! One of my boys want me to go to another place but ain’t no way! This place was the bomb, and as long as that girl be dancin there I be goin to Cheetahs!

  33. C

    nice place

  34. Dick

    Great re-do of an old favorite. Keep up the “hot” and serve the “cold”. Heading there now!!!

  35. Montel

    This place was cool months ago and still has some hot chicks but isnt as classy as it used to be. Too many ugly ghetto girls who were bitches to my buddies and me. Fire the ghetto black skank hos and mexican hookers and get some better girls, guys. This club would be better again if they did that.

  36. rich

    wat the hell happend 2 this club??? it was one of my favorit clubs and now it turnd 2 shit!!!!

  37. Donatello

    Fine time. Like the new girl Lisa!

  38. Jason Q.

    My choice for adult entertainment when I am visiting the Phoenix area. Not only is it the best strip club in Phoenix, they also have some great food and it is in the hustle and bustle hard-sell atmosphere you get a lot of these adult establishments.It’s a lot more laid-back and (this goes without saying) – the strippers and dancers there are hot as hell too. I try to get there every time I’m in the Arizona area.

  39. TnA

    Hey guys thinks for the great time. Next time I am in Town I will be Back. you guys have some of the hottest chicks there. Tell Ryan, Tanya, sexy, harmany, and christa, they have a new fan.


    hot girl cothing.

  40. Bree

    girlfriends and i came up to hang out, have a few beers, and watch some other dancers. the staff are friendly and respectful. food was good.

    felt more like a hangout spot than a club-club, but i kinda like that mellow feeling i got about it. will be back again, probably on some random night to see if its the same as yesterday.

    i used to dance years ago, but wouldnt mind dancing here if i ever got back into it.

  41. tl
  42. larry1

    This will be a very short, but to the point review…Please oh please will someone make a time machine and take me back 10 yrs when this place was run by Tommy & Monty. Back then the girls were hot, the dj was talented, and the bartenders, Camille (Who is at Bourbon now) Steve and Sarah ruled.. Plain and simple..Speed ahead 10 yrs.. The management sucks. 90% of the women have little or no business dancing topless, hell dancing at all. FISHBONE said it best.. “U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi….” I was actually surprisesd to see 2 decent looking woemn in there. Yes they were the cocktail waitresses… I should have offered them $$ for dances..I am also under the impression that Cheetah’s is trying to cater to the wanna be drug dealer, baller types… in that respect A+I will not be returning under any circumstance…Ok, not too short a review. i kept remembering all the bad stuff ….

  43. johnny
  44. Danielle the Squirrel Girl

    Fun, sultry, sexy, flirty, fantastic! Can I say how much fun I have up here in one sentence? I’d surely be leaving something out if I did! I love to come up here and watch my guy friends get dances from the hot strippers who have a better body than most of the girls I knew in high school and was jealous of haha! Anywayz, this place has got volumes 1,2, and 3! They rock hard! They started to change up their music which I like! Love it!!!

  45. Craig

    Had a really great time with some friends here the other day. Brought guys and girls both in. we been to a few places in the valley,, cheetahs was on our to-do list next time we hung out. !NICE! girls and a great time! where did the time go? anybodys guess! wish they didnt close till 4 like in New York!

  46. THOMAS


  47. dhb
  48. red rikk

    its awesome…. i come here almost every night i like the girls….. one of the best gentlemans club here in az!!!!! 🙂 the staff is very nice and polite!!!! 🙂

  49. kandi
  50. Arnold H.

    if u like good drinks, great girls, and fun times u will find it at cheetahs like i did! good place to hang out at, and girls are fun to spend time with.

  51. AssnTits5

    I went because they advertised stripper fights and I simply had to witness such a spectacle.When we arrived we were charged $5 to park, paid a $7 cover and then were informed that tables would cost $60. If that wasn’t bad enough, the fights that were supposed to start at 9pm had yet to begin by 11pm when we finally bailed after we heard rumors that they wouldn’t happen until 1am. Bait and switch much?In the interim we watched some highly questionable talent “dance” and there was absolutely no stripping. Isn’t that the whole point of a strip club? Epic fail.

  52. JD



  53. Ray

    Best club in central PhX.

  54. pavmont

    This palce can be hit or miss with chick quality. But two Saturdays ago I had a good time with a tall brunnette who knew how to get a guy interested in lotsa dances. In the end she should have been paying me judging from how satisfied she was.

  55. Joe

    Frenchie is hot. Marry me gurl.

  56. paul

    i dont normally go to strip clubs, but this one i like! i had a really good time here last night. will probably be my new go-to place. thanks to the ppl who recommended it to me!

  57. Emery

    This is a fantastic club. Whenever I want to engage some beautiful women or have a private meeting with coworkers and friends, I enjoy coming into Cheetahs for the afternoon or evening to do that. The music tastes vary, but overall this is a great spot to come into whether you’re relaxing, holding a business meeting, or just looking for some female attention. The drink specials and food are good.

  58. Fun Time

    Great Place. Dont listen to the retards.

  59. Ginger

    Great time up here — had lotsa fun watching the stripper cage fight stuff last time I went up! Tacos outside are great. They have some good dancers.

  60. s p.

    The strip club is not up-scale. I wont focus so much on its negatives like the odd area its in (to a foreigner visiting it seemed a bit scary of a neighbourhood at night since when we pulled up a cop car was present). It later turned out he was just towing a vehicle. But walking in didn’t improve the situation as there are no set dances and girls randomly flew onto stage. But I give the place a 3/5 – the girls are exceptionally nice and hospitable. They are not pushy. On a Saturday night they lacked beauties unless your into older women or bigger women ie. they don’t look like the perfect models that other strip clubs tend to aim for. This is probably one of the lowest type of strip clubs I have been to. I guess the girls/women exhibit southern hospitality? They had a live dj but the place never got busy. We left around midnight.

  61. stevie

    Cant for the party this saturday.

  62. Ronald

    what can i say other than that this club gives me all the stuff i need. pretty girls, good drinks, good food. i like the tacos they do up here too. whether u drink or not u gotta try the tacos they do on tues night fights. theyre really good. my homeboys ordered a bottle w/ me the other nite and chilled out at vip. if u like to drink orderin’ the bottlez be the way to go. if u jus want a few drinks then the girls be down to serve u up good drinks

  63. Bob

    Great place and good value for your dance money. I went in the afternoon and was paid a lot of attention by mostly very good looking, friendly girls.

  64. Bruno Hammer

    I went in Sunday afternoon, first time post-pandemic. There were 6 or 7 girls working, with a pretty good variety. Spent half an hour in the private room with a lovely young lady and it was well worth it! (Your mileage may vary.)

  65. Hannah

    Pretty nice strip club, and one of the cleaner places and more friendly venues in the valley. I came up here with my bf, and he had a fun time. The girls were polite and respectful of the fact that I was his gf, and that I was giving him a birthday gift with the dancers etc. The music was so-so, but everything else was just as we expected it to be and we had a nice night. We’ve discussed him doing this for my birthday, too lol

  66. Jayson

    Showclub should be gentlemens club. This place is finally turned around. Great job guys

  67. C. S. Feldman

    Discreet, sensual, and private! Excellent time here, and really good wait staff. The girls were fantastic, and I couldn’t ask for more. It was an awesome night! Thank you!

    Next time I’m back in town or traveling through Cali or Phoenix for filming, I will stop in again!

  68. Gene

    I have to say I really liked it here. My first time in here, and it was a good one. Thanks 4 making it a great night!

  69. Summer
  70. Bad Bob the outlaw

    New club, new girls, new look. You guys are right. WOW what a change. This place is great.

  71. Gerald

    Last night was amazing! Great time up here. Lots of people for the events and plenty of fine women all around. Decided to call a few friends who came up and bought me some drinks haha! It was a good nite. Will be back to see what’s up middle of the week for sure!

  72. billy

    I love what you guys are doing to the club.

  73. Ted

    Wow the inside is looking great and the new line up at night is smoking. those hi liter girls are amazing. great come up for you guys. Keep them there.

  74. j smoove

    Go there and get some dances. also try a hillbilly margarita. This is the only place i have heard and seen them. they are fucking good.

  75. Samanthaaa!

    This was a nice time at this strip club. Didn’t plan on going out tonight, but friends went and so I tagged along. Had a great time up here with them. They had a buffet going and the football game. The NY Giants gave it a shot! We had a few shots ourselves hehe. I wanted to stay longer, but one had an appointment in the morning. We had F-U-N with the girls tho! Must return again, whether they have the game and buffet going or not! 🙂 Luv,SaMaNtHa

  76. savage m.r productions

    Only $5 cover and $5 u call it from 6-8 pm. i will be there every day. there playing a lot more rock now too. Its great.

  77. Donny

    What a trip! My ex gf works up in here now. I didn’t know what was up till I saw her on stage. It’s all good, tho. Gotta make that money. Still got love for ya shorty. My boyz and I still had a great time. Keep it real and stop in this place if u wanna have a good time.

  78. rick
  79. Ethan V.

    Came up for a bit tonight and hung out with some friends. Not a bad night. Left a little early, but will b back like sat or fri night. got a lot of time with the ladies but wanted to chow on some good grub up here when there’s kitchen. if u havent tried the filet mignon or the prime rib its bomb. if u like steak u’d love this!!

  80. rOCKY lA rUE


  81. Greg

    All down hill from here. Got rid of a hot bartender and hired a fag. wow keep up the good work. by this time next year are you guys going to change the name again.

  82. Perry and Bill

    Double your pleasure, double your fun! You don’t need spearmint just a few good girls from Cheetahs!

    Had some fun little hunnies take my friend and I aside for some quality showtime. Loved it!

    Coming back for more at the end of the week!

  83. veronica
  84. crap

    this club is crap what happend 2 all the hot girls

  85. barry

    liked my visit up here. always a great time. some of the music was hit or miss, but the dj still did a good job. they could use more dancers on stage without as many breaks, but the girls they been gettin make up for that a lot. overall an excellent time, and will be back again!

  86. Stacie

    Ladies stay away. The owner said I had to have sex with him and his girl friend if I want to keep my job. He is a nasty little troll. He thinks his shit dont stink. This is the worst club in town.

  87. christi

    i LOVE working here. The management is the best.

  88. frankie

    This club rocks……

  89. theresa

    This club is lady friendly.

    Great place

  90. maxxy1

    how come strippers don’t come around to the tables and ask if the guest want lap dances nowadays? We went on a Monday night, they didn’t look too busy. You’d think they would want to make a little money.

  91. Adam

    One of my favorite places. I LOOOVE getting lappy dances from theese girls. To feel their soft skin on ya when they dance? Indescribable. Nothing sweeter. I was up with some buddies who got dances, and I saw a dude getting a back massage from a girl. He was totally happy like us. These girls are WAYY cool up here. WAY. I got tired of strip clubs that only look good and wanted a place that treated me well when I came in. Cheetahs IS that place.

  92. G man

    After visiting some of the other clubs in town this one has restored my faith in the entertainment industry.

  93. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  94. master

    I like it alot……………

  95. Frank

    I love this place! Music is good, ladies are xxx HOT, and drinks are poured right! My kinda place!

  96. yanard12

    Visit: 08/22/2015This is not a bad club. There’s a $5 charge Sunday to Friday and $10 on Saturday; not bad prices. They have what appears to be an awesome food menu. Drinks are a little over priced, but the bartender was quite possibly the most attractive female in the entire club.As far as the dancers…on the stage, Jersey most certainly puts in the most work by far. There is no questioning that and Ty is the one you want to go to the VIP area with which is only $25 a song, which isn’t bad at all. But if those two aren’t working…ehhh.

  97. Steve-o

    Ok, I saw that Kink porn star Jackie Daniels will be dancing at Cheetahs Saturday night? (tonight)? So coming in 2nyt! Had an AWESOME time yesterday here, except for a bartender named Trish who refused to serve me or my friends drinks. Everybody else was cool tho, and the server I ended up going to instead of the bartender was great. Me and my people I roll with still had a wonderful time!



  99. Freddy J.

    What’s up? This place is! The girls r bangin bodies with good drinks. Livin’ it up at this club tonight! Cage fights r on soon, too! Hell yeah!

  100. BigBillz

    This place be whack as fuk. I seen hoes on van buren that care more bout they place than this fukin shithole. Real talk. Managers be lettin girls steal from customers, double charge on dances, an be trade sex for drugs. Last time I came thru here it was alrite, not bad like this. Last time we be here was like feb 2013. shit is wak now. Save yo money dawgs. Even Bandaids lookin betta than Cheetahs

  101. King of the kill

    So many HOT, young, fit girls! Great atmosphere, good location, good food and drinks, great service, need I say more? If you love the ladies as much as I do then head over here, buddy.

  102. Guest

    So I was at the club about three days ago and let me tell you. First and foremost Porn Star Taryn Thomas was in the house. So of course I had to take her to VIP and get down and believe me dammmm she does the BEST dances in the club. I’ve got dances from Sexy, Rio, Dede, Phoenix, Kendra, Trinity, Ryan, fuck almost all the regular girls at the club. But Taryn does it up. Guess that’s why she is a porn star and won all those awards. But she needs to move to another club. That place just isn’t for her. Maybe once they clean it up a bit more she’ll fit in there. My opinion she’s way to good for there. Well guys if you wanna see the best lap dancer in town go to Amazons find Taryn and bring her to VIP. She well be there I think Thursday to Saturdays. When she is not in LA Shooting porn.

  104. angry customer

    Ill never go to this shithole again. against my better judgement i loaned Izabella 300.00 and she promised to repay me a week later with a blowjob and dances in vip. A week later that fucking kunt sucked me off good and hard and rode my cock in vip alright. but then she had the nerve to try and charge me. so much for repayment you whore. then she got in my briefcase and ripped my legal dissertation to shreds. that took me months to write and i needed it that day. thanks whore. what a scam artist. if management had any balls they would have jumped the bitch and thrown her out on her drugged out and drunk ass but it didnt happen. if your dumb enough to go to this dump stay the hell away from the ugly rat faced slut with the gigantic nose bad tattoos flat ass and saggy skin! but do yourselfs a favor and just stay away coz the cunts here will rip you off and arent hot anyway

  105. Jasmine

    Nice place to come get lap dances from the ladies. If u are in central Phx this is a good place to go. its like right at the corner of 7th st and indian school up the road from the plaza i work at. when im done, i dont have to go to a bar or way out of my way. I just come here for quality girls drinks and dances. i like it

  106. richard95

    Reviewing a strip bar is always awkwardly daunting. Trying to pull that foggy, drunken memory out of your mind is hellaciously difficult and generally ends up with misinformation. Cheetahs is just fine if you’re a rowdy party type. When I was there the place was totally packed with 21-22 year olds who had probably just graduated from the 18 and up section of Alaskan Bush Company. It’s entertaining for a while, but then you just get aggravated and want to go someplace classier. Every girl that danced that night, and there were a ton of girls, was on the cute to beautiful range. No duds, which is obviously important. They offer many drink specials during the week and the cover is low. A lot of plusses though, can’t make up for the crowd that goes here. It feels like the type of crowd that can erupt into a gunfight at any time. Seems like a lot of low brow gangbangers and bros.

  107. if you only new

    There is a hot classy latina, her name is ty…..I had couple dances from her,and i had so much fun. She was very fun, sexy and down to earth….You don’t see this type of girls now days in strip clubs! Should come check her out some time she mainly works during the day.

    They should get rid of anaya…skinny crack whore n ugly as fuck!

  108. Harrison69

    Entertainers – Cheetahs will be Scores in October. Improvements are being made. I’m looking forward to being able to give 5 stars. Still some of the old cheetahs customers.

  109. Victor

    Any time I wanna chill and have a good time, I come in here. This place has my favorite girls, favorite drinks, and favorite food too. This place is bomb. I love it. Latina girls are nice in here, too!

  110. john
  111. Andre

    This place was packed with beautiful women. Even the bartenders here are hot! They have a good mix of music, and a cool group of people. The girls were really friendly. I like coming in when I can and will be up more since I’m in the area now.

  112. big steve

    If you havent checked out this club in a while or never been there. Go check it out. you will have fun….

  113. Chris

    This club used to be good about a 4 months ago. What happen to the hot ladies. Heard the Drunk owner scared them all away.

  114. OUCH


  115. Mr. Yolo

    THESE ARE THE DAYS I wanna dance with the bartenders and servers bc i love these ppl so much! The girls here are awesome and i’m liking the new changes! Whoever the big guy is that looks like goldberg (bouncer? manager? cook? dunno) is friendly guy. After talking with him and a mexican guy bouncer, I decided to buy a VIP bottle of liquor from them since its cheaper to do that to drink more and save money to get dances from the girls and food.

  116. Larry

    Theres a lotta people up here for a Tuesday daytime. pretty girls up here early. its pretty lively. i am likein it. ordered some burrito thing from the kitchen it was the bomb. bout to get a lap dance and get off dis phone lol

  117. mark

    this place really blows i’ll never go back! the girls there r beat up and need 2 put some d o for there b o! i got a lap dance and all i smelt was dirty twat! thats sick!

  118. n1


  119. mister x
  120. S. Garcia

    What can I say? I love it here! Great drink specials and hot girls for everyone. My kind of place!

  121. Dancer

    The best place to work. I love my job.

  122. jeff

    best place for a b day party

  123. John doe

    Sounds like taryn is hyping her self up to make money. I had a dance from her. It was like coke whore tripping balls and jumping all around. was not good.

  124. mariah

    amazones ur rt fat ass bithches

  125. Bobbi Jo

    Came in last night and had a good time with my guy friend. We have a good time everytime we come up here. The food and drinks are awesome. There were some totally hot girls up here (ya, i’m a chic but i respect! hot is hot rite?) so ya, we had fun. comin back for more fun stuff tmr if i get sleep!!! see u next time cheetahs peeps!

  126. golighty

    i love everything about this place nicest fucking girls in town not to mention the hottest! the bartenders are so fucking fun too shakin all their asses behind that bar oooooh.

  127. Mark Z.

    5 stars. this place ROCKS. my friends were busy so i came up here solo and still had a great time. girls r friendly at cheetahs and the drink specials got me buzzed without breaking the bank. im not used to being able to get good food, good drinks, and good dances and still having money left! cheetahs baby. a little bit of everything up in here!

  128. Tim

    I think this club has came a long way. The old owners, landlords and former managers had fucked this club up. props to chuck and the new managers for trying to get it back to the old amazons befor the tommy and monty deal.

  129. EZ James

    Really nice atmosphere, very nice bar and stage made out of granite I think, not that plastic stuff. great value on the drinks. Hot dancers!!!! Music was a little too loud!

  130. kyle

    ok, i came up here and it was fun. lots of hot girls and chill ppl. good music, too. didnt drink but got some lappies in. this place is enjoyable.

  131. Jorge

    What a great nite!! I had a great time with some friends. Nice place! A little dark, but i guess that’s normal for a strip club. I had what i think is one of the best lunches in my life and a lap dance from a hottie named jada! There was a bad customer treating a few of the girls bad, tho. wanted to punch him mouth but didnt cuz i like this club and didnt want girls to get in trouble. itz all good

  132. tom

    I think some of these people are nuts. this place is booming and there showing the fight tomarrow and its going to be off the hook. a good club.

  133. Cesar P. Romallo

    I was in the mood for some female attention. came here and had a great time. the last time I stopped in here yesterday to the club looked way different. it was under a different name then. i liked what i saw too. 3 dollar wells and drafts on a thursday were a nice surprise. having a blonde sit down on my lap and kiss my neck was an even nicer surprise. glad i found my way back here. cesar

  134. J. Marsden

    There are some FINE latinas in this place! omg. they are totally owning my nightlife haha. love it! the girls are a lot nicer than last summer. totally digging it!

  135. Jonas

    ok so i went up 2 a strip club for mah first time. place was BOmB yo. love it up in here. dis place got some fine azz chicks and sweet drink specials. bringin my boyz next time to get some dances up on deez girlz straight up

  136. Peter H. K.

    This club is awesome. Man these chicks are on fire. The drinks are poured right. Thanks to the peeps who invited me to come here! Nice!

  137. Dylan

    I must say I am picky about my clubs

    I work hard for my money so deciding on where to play with it is for me quite a delicate process at times

    I get aggravated with snooty girls

    You’re hot, but come on I’m a good looking guy I can get any girl I want

    I really don’t need attitude when I’m trying to relax

    I found the girls here pleasant to talk to and even better to party with

    Beautiful young girls who actually put on a performance and give hot lap dances

    Enough said.

  138. Larry KM DJ

    Stopped in for a bit to hang out with a few friends to see what’s up. This place was on fire with the girls here! They had a stripper cage fight night thing that was far out!! I had a GREAT time with my buds tonight and I was really happy with the drinks and the service. Definitely coming back to have my birthday party here when it’s my day! Saw some people having a blast up here for their bday!!!

  139. Sebastian


  140. Bruno

    Went in after the remodel, and it is nice. Went upstairs to VIP with one of the women. She tried to get another dance when I told her I was done. After telling her no repeated times, she just started dancing again on the next song. Told me just one more dance instead of a tip. Her tip was gone by then. When we got downstairs again, she dropped the money I had just given her and accused me of stealing it from her. Then she tried to lift my wallet out of my pocket. Not good. If I go back, she will never get another dance from me. Manager kept coming into VIP area, “straightening things up” when he hadn’t been up there in the first couple of hours I was in club.

  141. ben dover

    this club is 2 thumbs up….. 🙂 the girls are hot and there’s even a girl there that can hold a beer bottle in her ass cheeks while dancing…. 🙂 the girls there are definitely a 10…. 🙂

  142. D Mac

    Big Props to the new management over there. The club is looking great.

  143. Jillian

    Great place to work. Its like a gold mine. Worked there on a monday and it had people in there. Went to a few other spots and they were dead. Looks like I will be here for a few weeks. Then maybe hi liter…..

  144. Bill

    I love the big screen t.v and the fact you guys are showing the football games. my new spot. forget about the other clubs. This is the only place to be in phoenix.

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