Lucky Lady Cabaret (Pleasure Palace)



20306 125th Rd, Sweet Springs, MO 65351


38.9718599, -93.3036581




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lucky Lady Cabaret (Pleasure Palace)

  1. spirit

    loved it.

  2. Carl

    This place needs to close and just start over.

  3. greg
  4. Alan

    Had a great time with all the beautiful ladies there plus loved the full contact dances

  5. David

    The homlyist group of girls I have ever seem assembled in one club.

  6. love real women

    moo my ass. these women have curves and attitude. why try a stick figure with nothing to grab when you can stop in now lucky lady and have a women. thats pretty lucky to me.

  7. JAMES

    This place is a joke

  8. crazy horse

    Great place. Had a private dance with two ladies at the same time (one was Alex, I don’t remember the other name). This was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Thanks!

  9. interested

    hey heard it is great

  10. The Dude

    Love this place. Jerks stay away, you won’t like it and they won’t like you.

  11. Ray

    Room in the lot to park a semi and they need it to off load the girls that they allow to work at this club

  12. Terry

    Slow night, but girls friendly and enthusiastic.Trucker friendly. Private dance is expensive but worth it.

  13. brian

    i stopped in sunday nite and i had a blast with a young green eyed girl named jada. true to her word she promised me that i would forget all about my ex and she did. of course i had to leave and come back with more money their atm didnt like my card. i will definiatly drive back up to the kc area and see her again. thank u jada i think i could stare into your eyes till the end of time and not even realize the apocalypse was going down. look me up sometime.

  14. Ethan

    Stacy is definitely the one to see. Sexy and curvy in all the right places. The girls will put on a show. Bed dances with Stacy were incredible last night. She is amazing and so beautiful.

  15. Bob

    I agree , not worth the time or money

  16. John

    If you stop in, it’s worth it if Stacy is working. She is the finest girl working there by far, very friendly and a good dancer. Most of the rest of the crew were average. Crowd seemed light but I was there late. They do serve food now instead of the “no food” listing in the review.

  17. disappointed customer

    ts to bad they wont let Nicoleray come back.She was one or the best dancers there,all over jealousey!

  18. fan of pleasure girls

    to the sexy lexie luv, alex, alize, crystal, jade, nicole, kc, and new hostess jamie. it’s a new year and you ladies are starting mine off great. thanks for all the hospitality. and to the new bartender Oscarr i wish you wealth and prosparity..

  19. crystal clear

    new adventure

  20. impressed

    looking forward to next visit. see you soon ms. lexie

  21. interested

    fresh staff with lots of smiles to share. bartenders are attentive. we now serve food and have lower vip passes. we look forward to spicing up your evening. alex, stacy, rain, matel, taylor, sabrina, lizz (lexie luv). hott bartenders rob, james, jason, sexy boy greg

  22. Sidney

    A dump from the word go

  23. John

    I went into this club on Saturday night. Not many dancers, but the ones they had were attractive and charming. I’ll be returning soon!

  24. hello

    picking up. New line-up and the quality of girls have improved. Not a bad place to chill, the prices are still steep but the dancers have no control over the fees the club request.If you can see past the rediculus prices and meet the entertainers you shouldnt be to dissatisfied.

  25. Fred

    Is everyone in the place a trucker or a wanna be ??

  26. Tommy

    Stoped by on Sat night and visited there 4 fat girls and a liveing breathing stick women.

    I wont be back

  27. Man


  28. Jake

    This club is exactly what I was looking for; real women, down-to-earth staff, saucy private dances, and excellent, entertaining stage performances. It’s well worth the trip!

  29. The Man

    Nice ladies and management, good club!!

  30. Destiny

    I love this club! Very calm and laid back and honest staff. They really care about each person that comes in, whether it be customers or their employee’s.

  31. Viper

    Viper is at Cloud 9 she no longer works for Pleasure Place

  32. Delbert

    More holding pen than strip club. Guess I should have taken the cattle trucks parked out front as an indication. This is apparently where peelers go when absolutlely NOBODY else will hire them anymore. I’d have pity fo them if they didn’t work so hard at trying to rip you off.

  33. Melvin

    Thank god there were a few cattle trucks in the parking lot, because after I spent about 4 minutes looking at the heffers offered up as entertainment, going back outside and looking at some actual livestock made for a better show. Thanks for ripping me off. Christ…do truckers really get this desparate to see something with a pussy???

  34. the way:

    I drove into the lot and parked next to an empty cattle truck. Once inside, I realized why that truck was empty….it had just finished unloading the dancers. I MOOved on down the road.

  35. Backfat

    Q: Do you know the difference between this club and a cattle pen?

    A: The creatures in the cattle pen are at a weight appropriate for their species.

  36. nicole

    This club is an awesome hot place to be.

  37. Red

    The last stop for both the truckers and the girls….

  38. Truck Driver

    Lots of beautiful hotties running around.Love the Vip with full contact,will be back soon.Must try out this club.

  39. Quincy

    Can we say Mooooo

  40. Mark

    The least attractive show in K.C

  41. set santa straight

    club has lightin up alot. what santa ever here of fantasy. girls are very nice and are ready to conversate. just because these girls refused your toy theres no need for resentment. the lovely ladies are down to earth and smiling as they have a good time entertaining ass’s like you..ho ho oh i’m sorry your upset because there was no HO!!!!!!

  42. Kenneth

    They just got in a new dancer named Hannah who is well worth seeing. The other girls are average, and yes, there are a couple of heavier ones. But different guys like different women, and the more voluptuous women are definitely pretty. I highly recommend Hannah, though. She was by far the friendliest and most attractive girl they’ve had there in a LONG time. Sure hope they can keep her around a while. If word gets out about her, they will probably be attracting more customers.

  43. Big Pimpin

    better place then before,could use about 10 more girls, at least the bathrooms were clean.


    Hello GENTLEMEN.. thank you for reading my comment.. we’re normal girls, ha ha.. nice too.. hopefully you’ll like the changes of our WEB MEDIA associated with LUCKY LADY CABARET SWEET SPRINGS MISSOURI.. we have sexy dancers to get ahold of.. your dancers are also sometimes dj.. please come check us out.. dont forget to ask for our CDL discount or our MILITARY discount if applicable.. we’ll see you soon.. ERIKA STEELE ex model for EASY RIDERS MAGAZINE I tried to post a picture with post.. you can look us up on FACEBOOK..

  45. Oscarr

    pay us a visit…..your missing out on some hot girls, bed dances, and fun!!

  46. Lucky Lady Cabaret best Adult Entertainm

    Exit 71 or 74 off I-70!

  47. kimber

    hey you all, been a long time since I’ve said hi.Hope everyone has a Great Holiday and even better New Year. Maybe I’ll stop by soon. ((HUGS))

  48. Colgatetotal

    Amazing girls and staff this place isnt for the faint of heart if you love women then this is your place to come the stage are amazing the it’s not just a stop club there is so much more fridays and saturdays are the best but dont discount the week days your time and money will be well spent.

  49. Jay

    Very nice, very discreet club. May be a bit of a drive, but the day shift girls are more than worth it.

  50. Drake

    This club was exactly what I was looking for, flirty, sexy, girls, and a smoking hot bartender named Bella. Everyone should stop in and say hi to the Lucky Ladies.

  51. Santa Clause

    this club is so dark and lame.Bed dances with a couple of girls are great. But i personally wouldnt go back for the rest.

  52. Ted


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