Minx Show Palace



1510 Northeast Broadway Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50313


41.6438289, -93.6075381




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Minx Show Palace

  1. this club USED to rock!

    Tuesday Night, 18 customers in the club, and 5 dancers. One hottie (JayCee) and four that were not at all interesting; let’s see, check them off: too skinny girl with tiny tittes, overweight girl stuffed into a corset, generic black dancer, and huge udder bad boob job girl. Yep, all the cliches were covered. Too bad the management can’t find and keep enough girls for coverage, and can;t keep enough girls around for a third shift for variety.

  2. h
  3. Dave G.

    Best club in Des Moines By far. Sometimes there are not very many dancers, but the ones who are there are amazing. The girls are not pushy and do not appear to be all drugged out like some of the other clubs in Iowa. The girls will actually sit and chat with you instead of just asking you for a private dance right away! The doormen are a little cold, but once you get past them, you’ll feel right at home ! They serve great food now, but not on Mondays for some reason. Definitely a VIP club I would recommend Starla, Luna, Rain,JC, Amy, and Cici. Enjoy

  4. squash

    the girls all beautiful

  5. Duke

    If I’d spent as much money looking for a girlfriend as I’ve spent with Shaylee I’d probably be married by now…

  6. agdtym
  7. Confucious

    Classiest club in the Des Moines area… no questions asked!

  8. HORNY! LOL!
  9. Roger

    I think the Minx has changed a lot. If you walk in there it is just like any other club in Des Moines, Iowa. It used to have mature beautiful ladies and now its full of Big Earls and Lumberyard rejects. Sorry but this place is no where near what it used to be. I came in last Friday and was sadly disappointed, you know its really bad when you walk out with the same amount of money you came with.



  11. random
  12. Regular Customer

    Awesome club.

  13. Steve

    Shelly is excellent!

  14. brad

    u my nigga

  15. rite
  16. Jack

    Cool club, been to em all. This is where the hot girls are. Gigi-you’re a cool little shit! see ya soon

  17. baldur73

    Just tried other night. Best in town now by far!!!

  18. kim

    how come this club #1

  19. Jared
  20. big boy
  21. XC

    This club is the best in the state. Kya is the hottest girl, she gives the best dances. Definitely worth getting a v.i.p. with her. I get all my dances from her, she has a hot ass!

  22. MR VIP

    Highly recommend the VIP band for the sky booths!

  23. happy

    Great night at the club.

  24. jake
  25. Steve
  26. Jay-KC

    Always a great time. Lots of new girls Sat. night.

  27. Booga
  28. brian

    downhill-unfortunately the qualiy and quantity of girls has down down severly find another place I was a regular..very disppointing looking elsewhere..too bad because the location and club are nice..but there is nothing inside

  29. Passerby

    Great club. Low key. Laid back for the most part. Took Kaya up to the VIP – all I can say is, what a body, beautiful face, unique private dancer. Can’t wait to travel through again for some more of her. ALso, she was great on the pole. Did not see other dancers really trying to give a show on stage. I suppose, what does one expect when the typical tip is only a buck.

  30. Herb
  31. john mcclain

    the top performer there is a lady by the name of GI GI she will put you on a cloud in the sky booth – you will want to come back and she will be the only 1 you will remember!!!

  32. KangaRoo

    Beautiful women, good conversation, relaxing, what else could a fellow need to start a night out.

  33. guy
  34. VIP-visitor

    Great,clean club. Beautiful women. Get the VIP pass.. Totally worth it. Come rich, leave happy.

  35. jordon

    being a female i feel i should have been welcomed here and was not. they insluted me and then threw me out on the basis they have had trouble with me in the past. i have never been to this club nor will i ever be back or go to their bookstore for anything ever,

  36. to the screwballs

    You got to pay to play!This club is THE place for men and women who want the real gentlemen’s club experience!Wish they had more clubs of this caliber!!

  37. allen
  38. Oh yeah!

    Best Club in the state by far!

  39. customer for life

    went to the minx for the first time tonight and loved it. the girls are classy, music is great. And it’s just an overal relaxing atmosphere. It’s not to big or to small there V.I.P is great and it’s definitly probably the cleanest club in des moines

  40. Boobie Fan
  41. poor

    you don’t deserve be a strip club

  42. DAVE


  43. Flybyknight

    Overall, the Minx is a very high quality club. It is physically attractive and well maintained and it is safe. the club caters to a bit of an older crowd so I suspect that the ladies make more money here than most clubs around DM. The ladies are by and large attractive with maybe a couple of glaring exceptions….there is at least one whom I wonder why she was hired in an industry where physical attractiveness is a requirement? The ladies are encouraged to dress in sexy dresses for working the floor. The club has its own boutique where dancer might encourage customers to buy them outfits. I don’t mind…personally, I think it is fun! (always bought my wife outfits for turn on…)

    Bottom line, best club I’ve ever visited including Vegas!

  44. Justin Blaelok

    Can’t say enough good things about this club. Relaxing, friendly ladies, staff makes sure your comfortable at all times, and a security guard to protect everyone. These days that is pretty important to everyone. This club caters to mature guys, like myself, and that is REFRESHING.

  45. Thummper

    I have to agree some of the dancers this that they walk on water, other are quite nice and personable. It is a concern that the club has such a turnover with the dancers.

  46. Mikey likes it
  47. Jack Smith

    I love this place..great people and cool place!

  48. coldjoe
  49. rock hard

    hot hot hot !!!!!! girls my hart was pounding so hard by the time i had to go. i had a hard geting home

  50. Bill

    I don”t know if they have a bed on stage every night, but the night I was there there were girls rolling all over and weirdly…it was hot as shitttt!!!

  51. mike

    great club…awesome ladies

  52. MikeFromIL
  53. Don

    Best club in the city, probably the state. Good stage dances, but the couch dances are incredible. Full contact (except the triangle).

    Very attractive dancers, very friendly. By far my favorite club.

  54. Trick or treat
  55. lon

    I have been from Long Island to LA and this club is number one!

  56. Angel

    overall quality of the dancers is great

  57. Matt

    Some of the girls think they are god’s gift to man. But other than that, a pretty good club.

  58. Tim

    they have hot gals

  59. Travelor
  60. Joe
  61. Johnny Q

    The girls who work at this club during the day are even beautiful. Lets be honest, thats not always the case at some clubs

  62. Minx fan

    I think this is the best and nicest club in Dsm

  63. Coolgang
  64. man of moon

    Jaden is WOW! Her smile is beautiful and she is so fun to talk to, awesome girl!

  65. justjack

    Had a agreat time as usual. Don’t know what time “the guy who didn’t see any gorgeous girls”was there, but they must have been hiding from him! I was there all night, and now I’m broke and have to go back to work. Thanks a lot. JK

  66. Ping

    Had a very good time. Does have tne occasional feature dancer. Would Reccomend.

  67. Gene

    I love this club. From the owners to the managers to the girls and the club is just beautiful. Sometimes there are not as many girls there as I would like, but was told the owner would rather close the doors than have the wrong kind of ladies representing his club. I was there when 2 dancers were let go and…good riddance! They just added food so that makes it even better !

  68. randy

    one of the best club in IA

  69. Jeff

    Fun Club. The ladies here have a lot of class and personality. More glam than you see in most clubs hereabout.

  70. RYAN


  71. bullfrog

    After the change in VIP dances at the Lumberyard I had to venture out and see what else was there. Stumbled across the Minx and was very happy. Girls are very friendly and very attractive. Very nice laid back atmosphere. Wish the private dances were totally nude. Overall very satisfied and will be back every chance I get.

  72. Amanda

    when is your amateur night?

  73. Some White Dude

    Nice, classy club, best one in DSM in my opinion, especially if you’re older than 35 and have a couple bucks in your pocket. Beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, colors dressed in classy outfits and not covered in cheap glitter makeup like at Lumberyard & the other DSM clubs.

  74. Gregg
  75. luv ya

    This club is unbelievable!!Who knew that Des Moines had it going on like this? Are all of the clubs here of the same caliber? Travelers stop here!

  76. todd
  77. alcoa

    you remember me , i was there with my friends we love your place

  78. tim milam

    it was the bomb thx to kitten

  79. minxfan

    Hey ‘poor’ what do you think a place has to do to be regarded a stripclub…give YOU money?If you don’t think that this place should be called a stripclub then there wouldn’t be any at all!

  80. Bigncharge
  81. Slim

    Valerie is so beautiful. Most of the girls are good looking and they all treat me good. I like the VIP, even if it’s a little extra. I only wish I had more money and time to spend there!

  82. AmberFan

    Love this place. Girls are great, and atmosphere is comfortable. Thanks Amber! T

  83. Heather


  84. Gotta go to the Minx Man

    Never a disapointment with the quality of girls working at the Minx. It’s a first class club!

  85. Eric

    I was in town 7/17-7/20 and I was at this club every night. Great girls and good times. The private dances gave me high school flashbacks. I will drive the 2 hours to come back here.

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