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0 reviews for “Teasers

  1. Jo
  2. un-impressed

    the dancers go by one rule, dont get caught, which makes the dancers that try and stay sober and work look like shit because the other dancers are letting guys suck there tits, getting blacked out drunk, fighting with other customers and other dancers. the dancers are allowed to come to work drunk if they get too drunk to work the are allowed to pass out in there car, allowed to leave with customers, its no gentleman club its a whore house. i feel bad for the few girls that try for the rest make them look like horrible whores.

  3. Rick James

    Nigga pimps Hoes

  4. Love Teazers

    I must say, this is the best club in Montana! My husband and I have been to Teazers a few times, and have had a blast!! The girls are great, the atmosphere is great, and we always have a good time.

    Being an ex-dancer, I have experience, this club is the best! The girls are fantastic!! The cocktail waitresses are sweet. We have enjoyed our visits to this club!!

  5. barney
  6. Ernie

    Decent club. Fairly laid back quite often. Can be a lot of girls some nights and too few customers. Can be the reverse also. They do bring in some nice features. Worth dropping by and checking out. Probably not as good as some big market clubs but decent for MT.

  7. Big Daddy

    The quality of Dancers was the worst I have ever seen. Dont waste your time stay home and get a porno and some Lube you would be happier and have beer money for Monday night Football

  8. Angela Lawrence
  9. Matt P.

    Alright, time to review Teasers!We came here back on Saturday night August 20, 2016. With a big group of 15 guys for a bachelor party. I must say it was a huge letdown. I’m not a big strip club kind of guy, but they can be fun. I lowered my expectations for this place before we arrived, after all it’s in the middle of nowhere Montana. But it was worse than I had imagined.The reason this place wasn’t fun was the general attitudes of the dancers. Usually at a strip club the women come up to you and ask you if you’d like a lap dance. Usually they can be quite aggressive. That did not happen here. If you wanted a lap dance you had to go find them, and they were not easy to find. The women did their dances up on the stage, which I will say were great, but then they’d escape to the back. We just wanted to get our bachelor a lap dance, and trying to get it done was like pulling teeth. We were not obnoxious in the least bit, we were just a bunch of well mannered young guys looking to have fun. I will say that there were some pretty attractive women, better than I had thought there would be. But like I said they weren’t fun, and honestly did not seem to really want to make any money. We were 15 guys with cash to burn, after leaving we laughed about how much cash we still had in our pockets that we thought we were going to spend. Teasers can do better, these problems are fixable. I hope for all you Montana folk they decide to in the future.

  10. harryharry

    Small dancer line up, never saw a menu

  11. John

    My wife and I went to this club last week and had a great time. She had never been to a strip club and was nervous but very excited. At first she was a little shy when the dancers asked her to come up to the stage. Before long she was rubbing her face in the dancers tits and feeling their asses. By the end of the night she had a private lap dance with a very sexy dancer. Guys, if you want to take your wife to a strip club and have a great time, this is the place. Oh, she also picked out a dancer for me and bought me a lap dance. When we got back to the hotel that night we had the best sex in years!

  12. frank

    Good club overall.

  13. debbieh

    i’ve seen alot of bad reviews and i think they’re just haters! i’ve been going here for years, i tell every man i know about this place, its clean , staff is friendly, girls are hot – idk what their problem is !!

  14. Rusty from KS

    As a part owner of a club in KS I was impressed with the overall oporation of this club. The staff and the dancers were exellent. Was actually there last Thursday night and enjoyed Parish, Then was back again last night and had the pleasure of Nikki’s company. I would rate her near the top of my list of girls over the last 30 years. I’m sure there will be more road trips to big sky country to visit her!!

  15. Rob

    enjoyed working as a bouncer for the time that i was there.

    clean girls and friendly atmosphere = lots of fun and a night to remember. thanks dave

  16. Review of Teaser's

    This is a very nice club in the middle of nowhere in Montana. They run about 10-20 girls a night. The dances are $20.00 a song and they do have a Champagne Room area. They have 2 sides to this club. 1 side is like a regular bar and the other side is the strip club.

    This club is way better than Sage Brush Sam’s in Butte. Everytime I have been to Teaser’s I have only seen white girls and maybe a few Latin girls that basically look white. A few months ago I did see a black girl by the name of Jamaica. But it is very rare to get black girls up here.

    Overall, the club is a good value. Plenty of girls, and they are all for the most part attractive. No fat girls or crack heads.

  17. mustangman

    I have been to all the clubs in Montana and i like this one the most. They have excellent Quality dancers,many are local with road girls working every night.This club also has feature dancers working most months . Check this club out you will always have a good time.

  18. unimpressed

    dancers are allowed to get drunk, they spend more time drinking than working, i thought it was supposed to be a gentlemans club not a highschool party, dancers should have a drink limit IMO

  19. Richard S.

    Very vice club! Friendly girls and staff!

  20. nicole

    stick to the station

  21. Mrkmh

    I got off I90 to get gas and take a break from my trip and found the best strip club i have ever been to and i have been to a bunch. There were allot of girls I was there about 2 hours and I never saw the same girl on stage twice and all of the girls I would rate 1 to 10 as 8 and up all vary hot college age.

  22. Apache

    I have been to this club many times. I always have a good time,the dancers and the staff are the best. They always have many dancers. This club is my favorite out all the Montana clubs.The beer is always cold and the dancers very hot

  23. Tim R

    Was at Teasers tonight until the JACKA$$ in the back counting lap dances screwed me by over charging me….did 5 dances with a lady and he made me pay for 7. Went to the front and talked to the cashier, looking for the manager, but all he (cashier) did was stand there with his hands in his pockets if you are going don’t do more than two dances or you’ll get screwed!!

  24. crazystrippers

    some of the girls need a personal trainer bad others are hot like fire

  25. Yogi

    been driving truck for 19 years and this is one if the best overall clubs I have been to.

  26. Charlie

    I agree with the last comment. This club has really gone down hill! I have stopped by here for over 10 years, and the quality of dancers was not even near what they used to be! What happened the ShotGun’s we all used to love!!

  27. mustangman2
  28. Tim, butte

    Don’t know where this last guy was …but it wasn’t

    Teasers. At least since last MAY, management has been

    breath-a-lyzing the dancers nightly. And the girls aren’t

    allowed in the parking lot while dancing. What goes on in

    the VIP sections is up to the girls, but with a bouncer

    sitting less than 6 feet away…I haven’t seen anything

    going on like he describes. Maybe he just had a bad night

    or some bad drugs!?!

  29. maja

    wonderful club ! wonderful people !

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