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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Playpen

  1. blind orian

    Man I have been to this s— hole several times to see the women talked about here. Where are they? All I see are some farm animals grazing and some farm hands resting. Get your glasses on Orian.

  2. Chris

    It’s pretty good. The girls aren’t as hot as those at larger clubs but you’ll go home with more money. It reminds me of an amateur night at a big club but the girls are still pretty good.

  3. Gman

    I will say this…..

    This club wont take off until they get better ownership. The manager comes off unprofessional and sleazy. He is not the guy who walks around collecting money and asking if you’re having a good time, hes the guy who watches all his strippers like a stalker.

    I messed with a girl who worked there, They cant talk to you at all unless you pay. and if you do pay, they branch out. If you’re a guy who loves attention, this club is not for you.

    The drink hustle game works if its a big beautiful spacious club. Doesnt work when its the size of a Trailor, with no good ambience at all.

    TIP: After you have your lapdance(20 dollars) Do not pay for the drink, These girls dont get paid but half of the drink you buy them. and They dont finish the drinks either, so you wasted 18 dollars on a drink she will NOT finish(not gonna be drunk at a club) It is a ploy for the strip owner to get money. She will flirt with you and go, “Buy me a drink I would really like to talk to you more” Say No, dont say maybe just say NO so you dont face a problem that will not be good.

    the lapdances are equivalent to watching one on TV, you get more action going to your favorite club and grinding on the girl. IF she likes you she may grind a lil more, but dont expect any kind of interaction that heats u up.

    I wouldnt recommend this club for the fact of the owner, and how cheap it is in many ways. Go for the lapdance before the drink, She can talk to u while u get the lapdance, than paying for a drink she will not finish!

  4. recentvisitor

    I stopped in this club.. while visiting the area. Had a good time. Just be ready to spend some $$.. Take at least $100 and your evening will be ok. Toss a few dollars at the dancers as they perform, that will get you a close up look at tits, butts and more. Then let a few girls approach you and talk a little. They will rub it on ya.. don’t buy a drink until you find the one you want. then buy at least the 38 or 58 dollar drink. That will get you some friendly conversation and maybe a little more. Lap dances are a gamble. I have had good ones at the Playpen.. and some not so hott. Last visit.. I had a great time with Selina.. Thin girl.. but very nice and friendly. She made me feel like she really liked me.. isn’t that what the fantasy is all about?

  5. ; P

    This club could be alot better, they charge cover everyday… (club is not good enough to charge cover on a weekday) and it’s a drink hustle club, a Dj would be nice, but being a small club and seeing that the sound is good the jukebox works fine. great variety of girls. they just don’t seem to be very friendly. I think everyone should go to another city and see how other clubs are ran. this place does have potential, just lose the whole drink hustle thing.

  6. blah


  7. Oleander

    Where can I begin? Well half of the females in that place are fuggin stupified. I have been there twice and I haven’t even seen a female my age. They are mostly 35+ and suck alot of niggers dicks that come through the area. If you want herpes, ghonorhea, std’s or even aids then goto this place. Might see Wayne Wilson and Jayson Sumptner there!!!

  8. Rain

    I love it here. The girls are hot.I have worked here foe awhile now and sorry not all of us do drugs or other nasty shit some ass holes say we all do.For the ones who say we are all old and fat sorry i work 2nd shift and we are all 25 and younger and not a single fat chick there.So if you want to see young pretty chicks with nice asses you would love The Playpen

  9. not comming back ever!

    this place really needs new managment! to start there is a cover without much worth paying cover for… there were like two decent looking girls (on a friday) every girl except one asked me for money for the juke box. the drinks are 18$ and if you don’t buy the girl a drink they are not allowed to talk with you. After not buying the girl a drink I went to the bar to get myself one and the bartender just about threw the change at me and walked away! Don’t waste your time at this club, the door guy was the nicest person. There is a much better club next to the casino in In. with hot girls that are not money hungry, and neither is the club!

  10. J

    It’s the best in the area!!! Variety, FUN, Entertainment!!!

  11. big dick

    this club sucks exept for tina she gives a good bj

  12. d herald

    been there several times can beer taste like shit but the sex in th vip was good bang for the buck

  13. Jason

    This club sucks. I have yet to see anyone here who is what a I call worth spending money on. The management sucks. I was there for over an hour and not one girl even approached me or the other 4 guys with me. Go to the Covington Clubs where atmosphere is much nicer. STAY OUT OF NEWPORT!

  14. annonomous

    this club is nice. most of the girls are goregous. offers a wide variety in girls to accomadate any style you are searching for. It’s not trashy either like some others. I would say it is one of the, well actually the place to go to watch beatiful women and have a good time. Gina and wanda rock

  15. pipylipsag

    more people would go to this club if advertised better!

    parking limited…

  16. Orion
  17. JUST FYI

    Most of the girls here are real…they do not have fake boobs, nor do they try to be seomthing they are not. If you want to have a good conversation, and good dances come here. If you just want to be taken…go elsewhere.,.there are enough girls that are in touch with themselves who can honestly say that they love their job here…nothing fake about them…they are real women!

  18. Hootyman

    The girls are okay. The drink hustle is crazy. You can loose a mint if you don’t track the craziness. The whole drink thing makes Northern Kentucky Clubs Suck. Save your dimes, save your dollars and have fun in Lexington or Indiana.

  19. John Embry

    Results may vary. The staff is friendly and this is one of the few gents clubs in the downtown Cincinnati/N Ky area. The ‘gimmick’ here is that you will be asked to buy your lovely dancer a drink that can cost from $18 to $40, depending on the moon phase. It’s a weird angle.

  20. tommy t

    I love big girls! sorry skinny ones bu this place has ’em and I love ’em!

  21. out of towner

    i was there last weekend for the game it was great had fun best one in ky the other ones sucked they take nothing off at all and they was all real skinny and ugly i will be back to playpen soon real soon and thanks to angel and rain had fun girls

  22. holly's whore

    shell take all the money in your pocket. if you like a bullshitter than get with her.

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