The Chase Lounge



4123 N. DuPont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901


39.2069949, -75.5658276




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Chase Lounge

  1. Troy

    Thanks, Jessie!

  2. Charlie

    Small but nice club. Usually no cover til late. Wow lap dances are $20 in a private area and they are in your lap the whole time. Girls are hot and they want to make you happy. Hot bartender too.

  3. Rabbit


  4. watcher


  5. ken

    this club needs upgrades lots of damaged chairs hard to get a drink unless you can get a seat at the bar no waitress dancers seem to go trough good and bad cycles right now on a down turn the saving grace is very good lap dances

  6. not 2 bad

    Has promise. Played live music when I was there.

    One issue: Want to see more of the really HOT GIRL. Was she in a bad mood or something? She dissappeared right after she was on stage and the next time we saw her she was walking out the door?????? Being hot is great, but tell her she would do better not to be such a stuck up bitchy looking girl.

  7. Joke

    This place isn’t a strip club. Its a joke.

  8. fair

    just bad. girls do alot and its not dancin

  9. pandora

    no u suck, u get on that pole & do what I do. Then we can see how u suck!

  10. patron

    get some thinner but not too thin ,and prettier girls!!!Whatever happened to that real hot chick that could dance real good ? I think her name was Pandora.

  11. ken

    went back for first time in months. girls are hotter bartenders better but the lap dances not as good as before oh well cant have everything in lower delaware

  12. Pandora

    Obviously you know nothing about me.

  13. pandora

    don’t sing it , bring it!!!who are you anyway???

  14. Desire

    It’s gone downhill since Tony was fired. They have fired all the good girls. Their loss

  15. Mike

    I’m in love with a stripper!

    Pretty little blonde girl.

  16. BigMatt
  17. real dancer

    it went 2 im a dancer,do alot better then u girls

  18. jason
  19. Pat

    I agree dude! These girls give excellent couch dances!

  20. Dave

    I had a good time, the girls were nice…. Especially MONTANA! What a hottie! The lap dances were awesome. The club is a little run down, but some of the dancers make up for that!

    Montana, girl!!! You got it going on!

  21. Jay
  22. wb023

    An average strip club. Not that you have a lot of choices in Lower Delaware. Beats the Fairways Inn by a mile. I’ll likely be back again.

  23. real dancer

    im a pro. dont work in low class joints.make more then all of u girl in a weekend and all i do is dance,not u girlsmaybe some are guys.

  24. New

    This is a brand new club, no longer the Classic, which is all of the other comments.

  25. Will

    Went on A Sunday recently and My friends and i had their “fresh handmade food “(lol ) pushed on us to buy what felt like EVERY minute.Literally every ten minutes ..On top of that ,A dancer we kept trying o get rid of (she wouldn’t take a hint) kept pushing us to buy shots while telling us far too much about her and her 5(or 6?? Can’t remember) children and her delivery with them ..Not what I go out to a strip club to hear ..It was a special occasion and fairways was closed so this was the only close pace or we would’ve left almost as soon as we walked in.Tip for th owner-make sure your girls aren’t talking to customers about their children and birthing experiences ..

  26. club owner

    just sucks! FAT CHICKS

  27. Matt

    These girls could make a killing if it wasn’t for Delawares Restrictive laws…

    Although this club is one of Delawares best.

    Pretty descent miliage

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