77 Sunset Strip



734 Frontage Road, Mineral Wells, WV 26150


39.194022, -81.5268587




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “77 Sunset Strip

  1. Free time

    Super entertainment

  2. jckc
  3. Jim Crapperbottom

    Beware, dances are not even topless here. Drink hustle runs wild here as well. Probably the best looking girls in the Parkersburg area, but your value for your buck is poor.

  4. wayne

    best time ever had

  5. jay
  6. candace

    The drinks were really good prices 3.75 for corona, the girls work good looking some were a bit snoody others were great i like brook best. It was clean and the servers were fast. only 20 dollars for a lapdance cheaper than most places ive been too. i will go back

  7. iknowitall

    all you bitches that are slandering mr talbott are just jealous that u cant have him or work at the club. i’ve been sleeping with him for 2 yrs and im in excellent health. as for the bartender, i know “freddy” she is a cool chick & have partied with her alot, so get over it bitches! mr talbott only messes with classy bitches

  8. GST
  9. kelsey


  10. ha ha

    OMG lol you must be out of town everyone in parkersburg knows Silkys a $50 whore out of the bar.You must be one of her many kinky,get dirty customers she has. Becareful shes a slut that fucks and sucks anything

  11. iceburn

    i was there on the 28th of nov and my friends and I had such a good time girls was great really nice and friendly and we hope to get back soon

  12. player

    silky< Pam, Donna, The escort working out of the club has been since she went to work their.Dont management know the club is losing lots of money. Unless their getting a kick back.The same goes for Kindra her daug. is now doing the same.Mother and Daughter check it out on the outside

  13. Notgoingbackjack

    Well this was a waste of a good evening, I figure I better stock up on some 1’s and well, I came home with mostly all of them, The girls were stoned, or drunk beyond belief, I won’t go back, The girls were all the same, Wore the same style outfit, It was like watching copycats, No one was friendly, in 3 hrs 1 girl introduced herself, I think that I would have had a better time skipping rocks.

  14. Hah ha ha!

    Who could love that ugly little skank. I am taking it as a joke being posted!! She’s is so freakin’ UGLY, there’s nothing attractive about her at all! Yuck……

  15. sam
  16. jenna

    if me and lexi was sucking jays dick dont u think we would still work there and do u really think he would fire me if i was doing shit with him dumbass bitch u need to get ur shit straight b4 u run your mouth and i have no stds did u sleep with no get a fucking life

  17. me

    always practice safe sex, buy condoms

  18. danyer33

    went several times and thought the girls and management were awesome

  19. to ha ha ha

    you think you no her but you really don’t and if you did get her for fifty outside of the bar that just tell me that you are really a sick one and doesn’t care about anyone but getting off for a cheap price i would be afraid that you gave silky something like a std silky this is for you i don’t believe a word that is said on the internet cause i don’t see you this away they are jealious and problemly going home to there wife and thinking of you i wonder if the wife knows and if ha ha not married i see why he is not a man he is a std carrier and he has nothing else to do but talk about the one fell in love with and you will not have nothing to do with him sorry about your luck haha

  20. 'Andrea

    ive been workin here since the beginning of 2007. i think all the dancers are really pretty compared to the other clubs around here, in which ive been to. yea some girls might be whores with STDs, but its illegal to do anything sexual in any club anyway so whoevers talkin shit is just as bad. the girls are really nice and awesome dancers. most of the customers tell me this is the best club in town. and most of the girls mentioned in the ratings are no longer employed. so if anyone wants to have a great time at a strip club, 77 is the best.

  21. to john

    Its not a whore house yet nasty silkys there now sry it wont be long.she a player a kinky slut who lies to the boyfriend while hes driving truck.she fucks and sucks creeps the other girls wont do.I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM BECAUSE SHE IS A NASTY SLUT.why did Dave let her in the door?

  22. Ned

    Would not go back. Service, dancers and private not worth spending the money on.

  23. Bill

    Hah ha, that comment was funny! This club sucks anymore!Kyla Powell, what’s wrong with you gettin naked your tits are nasty look the worst boob job I have EVER seen, and you can’t dance you look like a clown on stage, oh and you got yourself abig bag of STD’s with JAY, he screws nasty Peaches in the ass then you take it!

  24. to 77

    They did let me make it up. But it still cost me another 200 to pay the other girl room was free.I hate to see silkys daug following in her footsteps at 77.

  25. shane
  26. Ramstein

    I enjoy this club especially tylee!

  27. Customer

    Ahhh I seen that Hayden is back that girl is NASTY as hell, never coming back there!

  28. been there

    This place is gross the boss will tell you you have to have sex with him to work there or keep your job, and he is passing out herpes to all of them and they are passing it out to all of the customers.

  29. Apoling

    This is my place of buisness and I love it here. The girls are great and I like to take my clothes off….Jenna Bryan and Lexi are Whores tho! They have fucked alot of my friends….. There still my friends….

  30. William

    Lets just say it isn’t worth the money paid.

  31. who dis be

    jenna’s gross

  32. mike

    I love you jenna.

  33. shaggy
  34. exdancer

    I used to date Jay the boss, and he does tell the girls that he screws them in his office, and he did give me herpes. and lexi fucks him too, so yep she is a whore and so is autum and they all sell their ass for cheap!

  35. hahha

    hopefully you wore a condom with her she has a disease she gave it to me and somebody else i know who ate that girl Cameron out in the hot tub got an STD aswell, be careful, 77 is a place to get every disease, and Jenna has Hep. B!! Watch out!

  36. Allen S
  37. FUCKIT

    autumn cameron peaches and blaze are all nasty whores clean your pussy bitches

  38. lets go

    that may be true about peaches, but does your old man and alize know your sleeping with your old squeeze’s best friend brian merritt, i’m pretty sure zach knows by now, tom doesn’t have a clue what your doin while he’s locked up at home, maybe i’ll pay him a visit, what comes around goes around beeeootch!

  39. idaho

    definately will return when coming to wv, excellent club setup, friendly girls, friendly management, had great time, hot tub nice.

  40. Jade

    I think the 77 is a great club! I have never been treated with more kindness then the staff at 77. I think the girls are hot, and the service is great!!

  41. scotty

    just because these girls wont fuck you & dont want you dont mean you should talk trash.

  42. Bernie

    Good stuff—–Waitress was good. Atmosphere and lights were good. Nice poles. Chairs comfortable. Prices posted.

    Bad stuf—–Dancers all strung out on dope. Dancers boyfriends and owners monopolized the place. Paying customers had to sit in the back. Girls all looked exactly the same. All too thin. Probably because of all the dope. No one approached me or made me feel welcome.

    Overall—–waste of money. Could have gotten the same booze cheaper at a bar and could have seen wasted chicks at an opium house. won’t be back.

  43. joker

    get the facts straight if any dancer worked at the vip she was a 50$ slut whore but now they think there virgins because there at 77

  44. been there last week

    i had a really good time set with someone very sexy her name was silky read about her on the net nothing like i read she has a really good personality did not rip me off gladly to help her out i will be back to see her again

  45. sexi lexi

    Apoling/aka Autumn is not my friend. Last I heard friends don’t put bullshit on the net about thier “friends.” Besides, don’t the real whores get paid to fuck, or Oh, just be’n eaten out. Yes, that is whoreish too.

    ps “Apoling is still my friend though” See How that shit just don’t work!!!!!!

  46. ohio

    lol i knew silky at the vip she was a 50 $ whore their and now shes a 50 $ whore for 77. if u have a nite just go in and watch her she does things the other girls dont.as me me being in love i love cheap whores

  47. Make it right

    I spend alot of money there on a dancer. Asked her if she wanted to do a 1 hr private she said yes paid the 400 to the bartender got our drinks up we went got to the room i sat down she sits down looks at me and says shes on her period. what could she do nothing wanted to sit and talk.I got up and walked out.I informed the bar tender doorman they call dave wants me to come in and talk tue.Hope they make it right to me will let the readers know how this goes.The dancer should have told me feel like i was robbed.Hope dave and i can work this out.will let all know.

  48. kandy

    I took my hubby here for his bday it was great. The girls were very attractive and friendly. very clean and great prices.

  49. dancer

    lexi, why have that name? You are not even sexy at all you don’t have a nice body, you are built like a guy, and your pussy is so gross looking, with that thing that hangs way down, yuck! Anyway I was just curious and so were a few of the other girls who talk about your nasty crotch all the time!

  50. Jealousy

    You girls are just jealous b/c he always beggin’ me to go to the office when his g/f be right down stairs! She’s about a dumb b****h she act like she don’t know when I’ve called her plenty of times and told her.

  51. josh from riply

    jenna bryan your a whore so aint then you dirty bitches who work there

  52. Xman

    Overall a bore. The lap dances are absolutely not worth the price…very boring. The club really needs to loosen up. Excellent facility, good sound system, girls aren’t bad but the atmosphere is way too stuffy.

  53. Jersey
  54. 1customer

    ditto on jenna comment. yeah, she’s a real ho. rude girls. expensive. better clubs close by.

  55. Mark G

    The staff and owner were very friendly and the drinks were reasonably priced. Dancer drinks were a little high for this location but not out-of-control.

    The VIP dance was worth the investment and will look into the hour long next time.

    Many of the dancers seemed uninvolved with the work and rather disappointed to be there on a Friday night.

  56. LMFAO!!

    That’s funny that the girls talk about Lexi’s crotch, b/c i screwed her once and was totally grossed out, it looks like it’s been beat up, it’s a sloppy mess, the worst I have ever seen, another guy at the club was talking about that the last time we where in there and I was too embarresed to say I had hit it!!

  57. trucker


  58. Chuck

    The girls were gorgeous. Way above average entertainment for the cost. Nice of the club owners to not try and GOUGE you into the poorhouse.

  59. looking

    i havent been there in a while, but there was a firl from athens that worked there with a cross tatoo on her belly. i’m in love with this girl. does she still work there?

  60. Diamond aka 'Andrea

    i hope u aint talkin bout me jen, cuz i dident say shit bout u or lexi. your both great dancers. these people are just haters , gettin mad cuz they cant hit it. some of them needa getta life, but not me i got a great one.

  61. JOHN

    This club has changed its a pleasure to come here now have fun ………..its no whore house

  62. Hah ha....

    Freddie….Classy? Hah ha ha ha ha! Whatever…she’s far from classy, she’s such an instagating lying stealing nasty BAR WHORE!!! That’s the only thing she knows how to do, real classy sucking the BOSS’s dick, huh? LOL!!

  63. brat

    lexi is great!! She’s the nicest person besides Isis. Too bad they’re not currently working. You guys need to get a life!!

  64. BITCH


  65. jealous bitches

    fuck all u dumb fucks we dont fuck jay to keep r job and jenna is far from a whore i will say that i know her well u will know who the whores r there the 1s that get a hot tub and shit every night and the real whores r blaze and her sister also precious im not going to say the other names b/c i like them this is the nicest club best looking dancers who actually know how to dance so fuck ya’ll im out peace

  66. michael

    been there twice, both times were a terrible dissapointment. the girls first time (2003), were totally unfriendly, the last time (2007), the girls, cheyenne and some others, wouldn’t even dance…they just boldly asked for your money and thats it. this place really sucks and not litterally

  67. jason

    I’ve read a lot of stuff on this site that is both judgemental and false. I have been to 77 several times & have bought numerous dances for both myself and friends and never encountered prostitution, or anything remotely similiar to it. The dancers are both attractive and personable, myself & the clients I’ve brought to the club were only impressed-nothing more,nothing less. I would reccomend 77 to any lonely traveler, or anyone looking for a good conversation accompanied by a smile.

  68. StevenEnquire

    any time i visit w.v.a , these girls are sure to get me going! ill come back again and again!

  69. Old customer

    Whatever happened to Cameron & camille? They rocked the show!! Best duo ever seen around….brunette & blonde hotties! Like to see them again!

  70. steven

    freddie is hot as hell, she looks better than most the dancers & is old enough to be their mothers, that’s hot, plus she is classy, not like most of the dancers, i go their strictly to see her

  71. STD"S


  72. als

    they treat you really good i used to work there nice and respectful place there no whores there

  73. Noel

    The Best around Parkersburg,W.V.

  74. Bobby

    All the girls are nasty and snobby. Under cover hookers! I wish they had a little more varity in girls. They are all white with blonde hair and boring. You can’t even tell them apart.

  75. Dennis

    Great looking place

  76. Marcus

    Nice club inside. Only drawbacks are that dances/VIPs are not nude (not even topless) and manager (Jay or James) can’t seem to keep his mind off of the girls and onto managing. He doesn’t seem to be very customer oriented. Other than that, best club in Parkersburg area.

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