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0 reviews for “Sapphire

  1. Paddy D.

    there is nothing good about this place..the girls are pathetic beggars who are (on average) 20 lbs overweight. The girls are not attractive and the place is designed to remove you from your cash. ATM’s charge $45 for a cash advance!!! VIP is $400/hr PLUS tips for security, waitress and the girl, PLUS 15% upcharge for credit or debit cards (illegal I might add) AND you have to buy a bottle at 10 times the normal cost….NO THANK YOU!!! Lap dances are a much better option @ $20/songThe minute that you walk in, dregs assault you and ask you to spend time with you..they pounce on you before you can even enter

  2. Emily N.

    Holy Jeebus Man! This is like the Costco of strip clubs!! Not for value, but for the sheer enormity of it. A group of us descended on this joint like drunken vultures. Cover was something ridic. Beer prices were astronomical. I probably would’ve told my taxi driver to find me a low rent joint if I had to put up the cash for this shindig. But I didn’t. So I stayed. And drank lots of beer. Got a couple lap dances. There were ladies EVERYWHERE! Seriously, I have never seen so many single moms and student loan payers all together in one place, ever. Tall. Short. White. Black. Curvy. Surfboard. Guaranteed that some girl is gonna be just what the Dr. ordered. Here’s why this joint doesn’t get more stars. After a dance from a hot raven haired gal, I asked her if she could send a tattooed dancer my way. I see I gorgeous gal strolling over with quite a bit of work done. Score! Well, that’s what I thought until she laid this little spiel on me. “I know the owners personally so I can’t dance on the floor. I can give you 3 dances for $120. There’s a two drink minimum so you have to take care of the cocktail waitress as well. BUT – I’ll throw in an extra dance” Pfft! Are you serious? Even our cash laden sponsors for the evening scoffed at that one. Sorry darling – but the ends just don’t justify the means for this scenario. Either way – I had a blast. As evidenced by the fact that when I walked out the sun was up, the birds were chirping, and light was killing my eyes. DEVIL!

  3. anthony1

    My friend and I stopped in here while in Vegas before the Billy Idol concert and regret it. This place was a total rip off and super super crowded. Absolutely now where to sit. The guy they sent to pick us up at our hotel was very nice and got us “Free” admission by it still cost us $80 to get in the door, evidently 2 drink minimum costs $20 per drink x 4. A twelve ounce beer $20…WOW I could buy a 30 pack for that!! The only reason I gave them 2 stars was they they do have a lot of fine looking women working there, but all they want to do is take you VIP. Now the $$$ really goes fast!

  4. Miles K.

    Don’t waste your time and money! There are a lot of clubs in Vegas and are a lot more fun with a lot less hassle! And I can guarantee that you will find prettier girls elsewhere.This Strip Club is Overrated! Do Not Waste Your Time! Just because they are the biggest in the city, doesn’t mean that they are the best. Nor does it mean that they have any right to discriminate anyone! I will never go to this club again in my life!!!

  5. Alpa Chino

    $12.50 for a domestic bottle of beer!

  6. Scott M.

    I’m from Boston. I paid $500+ for a vip table. I call for limo service. They say 40 min. I offer to pay for a cab because I don’t want to wait that long. They inform me that I will then have to pay an additional $45 per person because I don’t use there transportation. Maybe in Las Vegas that flies. It’s a joke to me. I could CARE LESS ABOUT $45 per person. But I think that it is SCUMMY. Fuck my vip table. I hope my review makes customers go elsewhere and cost them. Ps. ATTENTION SAPPHIRE: FUCK YOU !

  7. Tim F.

    BEWARE! Do not use your card . They will charge your card for who knows what !!! I used my card once and I have 3 charges on it. They take advantage of the dark back rooms and say just sign it. Take your thumb print so you can’t dispute it. Never again.

  8. David T.

    i had a bad experience here. The girls were cool and you definitely will see ugly ones as well. One thing to watch out for:1. your money! My friend ordered a drink for another friend and paid. Later the stripper asked my other friend to pay as if they never paid. They will try to get every penny out of your pocket.2. watch out for the lap dances! I got picked pocketed (iphone) by one of the strippers and didn’t even realized until I used the restroom. 3. My friend bought me another lap dance from an Asian chick, hoping to see some titties, all she fk’ing did was give me a massage full suited! W. T. F.This was a saturday night.

  9. Below average

    Bigger they are the hard they fall.

  10. Sebastian F.

    No excuses here. I got convinced by a friend to check that place out. What I didn’t know before is that it will cost you a fortune just to get in, and it will cost you even more to retain/increase your level of drunkenness. And the girls know how to make their money.Therefore, not many words here: hot girls, but be prepared to get ripped off. It’s a Gentlemen’s Club. Know what to expect.Personally, they overcharged me at the door, tried to pull more money than I authorized from my credit card , and one of the bartenders turned out to be a complete jerk. Thanks for that experience!

  11. Tash M.

    This place is a total rip off. I went in with a two of my male friends and our treatment was abysmal at best. The drinks are over priced. The stage non existent. After spending almost a $100 on drinks all we did was stand around. Every single table was so called “reserved” for bottle service averaging $1300 …..seriously ? And I’ve partied in burlesque clubs in Paris that were wayy nicer for half as much price wise ! Not to mention the crowd was barely talented. Totally low class service for high dollar prices. Not to mention the club was mostly empty ! The bouncers were rude and obnoxious to us so we brought it up to the head manger who provided us a table apologized only to have the same previous bouncer try to chase us out. When we had just about had it the manager tried to appease us by now giving us a VIP booth but too little too late. Why would anyone be inclined to drop any money for such pathetic service. My suggestion go elsewhere. The talent is “not so talented” the service leaves a lot to be desired and the facilities are lackluster and barely qualify for strip club. Take my advice take your business elsewhere. We did.

  12. David N.

    So for a bachelor party you gotta have a trip to the strip club. We were torn between Sapphire or Spearmint Rhino. We heard this was literally the world’s largest strip club so we were like we gotta check it out. So when we arrived I must admit this place is gigantic. They claim to have 400 dancers. From the looks of things I would say they are close to that.Strip clubs are usually a waste of money but you gotta go through it. It’s like a rite of passage before getting hitched. Well we wanted to take care of the groom to be. So we paid for whatever. Basically the song no sex in the champagne room applies.This place is like the a scene out of a bruce lee movie. But instead of fighting people and climbing up the temple, you pay more and more to go up to the higher and higher VIP areas.Each time they waste time processing the money etc, so by the time you’ve made it up to the top you’ve spent literally over a 1000 for nothing.It’s just a huge rip-off. The girls were OK, I was expecting more from Vegas strippers. WHEN we come back for another bachelor party we’re doing spearmint rhino instead.

  13. Renee R.

    Horrible place! One small dance platform and girls with zero energy! Rip off drinks! No stage performance! Dumb ass guy on the big stage giving away ghetto prizes for MNF! Not what anyone would expect from Vegas!

  14. Armando R.

    1.5 stars I give it Too many strippers at least 2-3 for every costumer, which means as soon as one leaves another is ready to sit down to try and convince you for an over priced dance (if you can even call it that most of them just move around rubbing against you). Good having variety but this was ridiculous. Some of them would not take no for an answer and will try all sorts of tricks to cheat and hustle you out of anything they can. The venue is big but on a Wednesday night half of it was closed off leaving no room, had to wait and fight for a table which was very crowded and super close to the next one. No room for us or the strippers to move around. Music was too loud more like a nightclub very hard to talk and communicate with the strippers. Drinks were absurdly overpriced and were so weak and watered down. The free limo, cover, and drink package is free (not including the generous tip which the limo driver asks for) but once your in they are desperate to make you spend money. I’ll stick with Little Darlings fully nude dances for $20 and usually they’ll do 2 for 1. They take you to a private room in the back lay you down and get really nasty (in a good way) awesome. I’ve spent 75% less money there and had a lot more fun.

  15. DexterRexter

    The club is freezing with their AC on blast during summers. Girls aren’t attractive because they’re all wrapped up too cold to be cute or do anything.

  16. Tony

    This club pays cabs $50 to bring them customers, no wonder it was so lame.

  17. Max V.

    Yikes. Check in at 4am, check out at 7am and somehow, $300 is missing from my wallet the next morning…..hmmmmm….The girls are hot though. Worth it if youre in for a classy strip club visit. Just dont go often…especially you want to eventually make it home.

  18. Levi
  19. Adrienne I.

    Beautiful big club. Most girls are really hot. If you have expendable cash and want to really party like a rockstar, go to Sapphire. Drinks and girls are expensive, so dont go and be a cheap ass. The place is huge and its a nice. Its like a dance club with hot, naked women. But, again, you better be prepared to spend some serious cash.

  20. Steve W.

    First time I was at a strip club, so I don’t know exactly how to rate this… It was a great experience because I was with friends and got to see some nice… assets? Although I was slightly buzzed, I quickly sobered up when I went to the bartender and ask for a beer that was received with “…that will be $20…” The equivalent to a lap dance! Regardless of that, I was happy to see my friends and the groom were having a blast with the 1$ and bottle service. It was an experience I won’t forget!

  21. Bobby

    Love this place. Best spot in Vegas.

  22. jon
  23. Lovey

    Funnest place to dance in town. Great clientelle packed into the largest strip club in America. Need I say more?

  24. Switchblade
  25. Oliver M.

    45 dollars to get in, 24 dollars for a good drink (each), you can smell the thirst (for cash) of some workers there, you be the judge…thankfully, I’m pretty well off but I like to get what I pay for….and this place didn’t offer it…it’s a definite tourist trap. There are other better places in Vegas.

  26. Bijan E.

    A little bit expensive service, but the cover charge is waived by getting a limo to the club. The drinks are also very expensive.

  27. Jack

    This place is like a big warehouse.

  28. Convention alert

    After a few drinks girls push hard for VIP time. This amounts to about $800.00 thru $975.00 for an hour! (girl

    fees,room rate,and mandatory bottle fee) During this hour

    you are interrupted many times. These interruptions began

    with bottle ordering,then payment issues,and even a bathroom

    break. Way before the hour is over you are getting bothered

    about staying for another hour. When you are paying this

    kind of money for time, all of these issues should be handled either before or after your time in VIP!

    I will never go back here. I spent about $1,200.00 for nothing much. Don’t let this happen to you! Go somewhere else! There are alot of excellent clubs in Vegas that treat their cients like the VIP’S that we are.

  29. Paul S.

    I usually bring a few of my friends here every week. Me being a local from Las Vegas on a Wednesday they denied me. I was pretty disappointed and the “manager” who walked me out wouldn’t give me his name. The security who sees me on a regular was surprise too. He told me to go to the girl on the counter and she was nice too and she tried to get me in but wasn’t successful. She told me taxi drivers get paid $85 to drop off guest here and they charge $45 at the door. I don’t know what’s going on with them today but the service is terrible. The worst part is that I was embarrassed in front of my friends because I wasn’t taken care of. I wished I tried to go in first before they had paid. Very disappointed. Please advice.I don’t think I’ll bring my friends here again.

  30. Jane G.

    This is a review of “The Men of Sapphire” male revue show. What a HORRIBLE and HUMILIATING experience! I went with a huge group of girls for a birthday party. One good thing- got in free. Would never pay for this total crap. So we were ushered in, through the main part of the club and into a seedy back area. Then we had to wait forever for the show to begin. Had several totally overpriced drinks ($10 for a Sierra Nevada??) from a rude bartender.Me: I’ll have a martini with Tanqueray gin.Bartender: Would you like that dirty?Me: No! (Only a fool would ruin Tanqueray by pouring greasy olive juice in it.)Bartender: You don’t look like a dirty girl. Then he brought the pitiful, tiny martini and it didn’t even have olives in it! He seemed offended when I complained. Get real!! It was $11!Anyway, downed 2 of those while watching the video “preview” of the show. It looked like it was going to be great and I was so excited. There were a whole bunch of really hot guys and they were doing things with fire.Then, the show began and it was nothing like the video. There were only 4 or 5 guys who kept changing their clothes, and I found only one of them semi-attractive. Also, one of them was also the “MC” and was a total idiot! I didn’t come here to listen to your inane comments you loser! I came to watch men take off their clothes! This guy kept trying to get the audience to cheer and get all hyped up. Then he would humiliate girls by making them come up on stage, where the men would force them to simulate fellatio or pretend to be doing them from behind. Some of the girls were drunk and/or stupid enough to enjoy it, but let’s face it, it was totally humiliating for them. One girl refused to go up and the MC kept pressuring her and putting her on the spot for a really long time. This would NEVER happen at a female strip show! The guys get to just stand there, watch & enjoy. Luckilly I was not called on stage because I wouldn’t have gone.Music was cheesy, costumes ripped, there was no fire, and the dancing was interrupted by long, boring MC interludes. I guzzled a $10 beer and comprehended the pain of existence. When they invited a bunch of girls up on stage for an “orgasm-sound contest”, I left.

  31. Roy M.

    I went with some guys for a bachelor party. I got blind drunk before we arrived. When I got there I was convinced by a skanky dancer that I needed some lap dances. We were there for maybe an hour and a half. I was charged $228 for a bottle of wine which I later learned can be bought at Costco for $14. I was charged $75 for lap dances and had a $600 tip on the bill. And I was missing another $400 cash from my wallet. I know I was at fault for going to such a place drunk, but would have felt better if they would have just taken me in the back alley and just robbed me. not give them your credit card. They will put whatever they want on it and have you by the short hairs with all sorts of disclaimers. If you want to get rubbed in all the right places do it while you are sober.

  32. Victor I.

    0 Stars, Highway Robbery. Expensive cover, so- so girls, not hotter than Little Darlings, topless, $17 for a Beer, bank account rape.

  33. ryan123

    This is for the male strippers side (Men of Sapphire show). We got complimentary passes to come for a bachelorette party, so we thought what the heck. I had never been, so I wasn’t even sure what to expect. I just didn’t want any D.G (dong glitter) on me. The bartenders are really nice there, so that was a plus. Everything else can be summed up with one word: Cheesy. It was soooo cheesy, I think I lost 2lbs that night from laughing. However, I think my laughing was mistaken for having fun because one of the dancers came up really fast to my seat and was grinding his crotch in my face. I’ve heard that if you say get off or go away or don’t touch me, they don’t push, but this guy was really aggressive. And spoke in this very unsexy but sleazy italian accent ‘Come on baby, don’t be afraid of it”. I wasn’t afraid of it, I just dont like my men smelling like baby powder and having their crotches in my face. Anyway, he spilled his drink on me and didn’t even notice. I feel kind of bad because they really gotta work it for the tips. Maybe I’m just not a strip club kinda gal. The video productions they played in the background were pretty cheesy too, looked like something you film in middle school in your backyard for a history project. But it’s worth a try at least once. Other women were definitely having a good time, saw some guys getting tipped in hundreds! I’d tip them a buck or two if they passed a tip jar around. It’s fun for bachelorette parties for sure, particularly if the bachelorette wants to get up on stage and molested by a muscular man dry humping her doggy style. One girl got the dude’s ball pounded into her eyeballs while she was laying down onstage. I can’t imagine that being comfortable, but it’s a riot to watch. Thinking back on it, it’s pretty funny and we all had fun.

  34. neguy

    Great atmoshphere. This place rocks! Lots of girls.

  35. Bren N.

    This place is blah- chicks that work here (not the dancers and ladies walking around) are so rude and entitled. Got charged $50 for 2 drinks- Apparently they don’t honor their check in free shot. Girl in the front gave attitude like she owned the place. She said they could do 25 for 2 drinks. Ok cool sounds good to me considering I paid that much for one drink. This is Vegas- I get it. I don’t mind paying- it’s the principle at this point- honor your shit- btw they charged 55$ to get in- even for a chick. Kind of ridiculous

  36. Lily N.

    This review is based off the fact that it is the first (not last) and only strip club i’ve been to in my life.I like the layout of the place. Most of the strippers are not bad looking. Not fat or anything but some were only ok in the face, but then again, WHOS LOOKIN RIGHT!Drinks there are strong, but makes sense. Get them liquored up to make it rain on stage.Like someone commented earlier, it was nice that a stripper asked me if it was ok to give my friend a lap dance because she thought i was his gf.Didn’t have much of any issues. At some point they were playing like heavy metal rock music and i was like “Damn how can they dance to this” but whatever it was a cool experience.

  37. Rich O.

    The “Home Depot” of strip clubs!!!!

  38. B L.

    This place is so NOT worth the money. You are being ripped off from the time you walk through the door. They charge $30 pp for non-locals to enter and a bottle of beer at minimum starts at $14.50. The girls were just average. Folks with me enjoyed getting a neck massage more than being there. After everyone who wanted a massage got one, we rolled out several hundred dollars later.

  39. Carlos G.

    Guys/Gals, Monday Night Football party includes 3 drinks w buffet. $20Food included: hot wings, pizza, sphagetti and hot dogs w chips. Not a bad deal for group entertainment! Half time dollar tables. Plenty of fun for the guys.

  40. Vanessa R.

    I’m seeing all these horrible ratings but, fortunately I am here to save the day. I spent 3 days in Vegas and 2 of those days included 5 hours of entertainment at this fine establishment. This place is cool cuz there are literally girls for everyone. Big booty, no booty. Fake boobs, saggy boobs. Crazy, washed up looking girls, beautiful, innocent looking girls. I like em all. I have to say one thing I did NOT like was how aggressive the girls were on Sunday. They were literally begging for you to buy a dance and when you said no, they caught this crazy ass attitude. I get it, it’s part of the hustle. But still, it was unnecessary. Also, the dancers seemed to be way more high and way more drunk on Sunday. I think we got there at 1 am and stayed till about 5 am. Maybe this is the time of day/week when things really seem to wind down and and it shows. Saturday was definitely a fun time. I was with a (guy) friend and we had a girl dance for us all night. She was hot, and she paid attention to us both. We are from a smaller town so it’s sort of weird for a chick to walk into a strip club with a dude. It was nice to feel like I belonged. Haha.Anyway, I liked this place. I will definitely go back to see some hot, naked bitches. (I say that with the biggest nicest heart. I really love all woman. Stop the woman hating. Hahah)

  41. Jason S.

    To start off, this place is by far the most expensive strip club I have ever been to. 20 dollar drinks. Fat cellulite covered women and constant no shows on the stage. Dancers begging for money. Worst ever!!!!!!

  42. Nick R.

    LEF = live entertainment feemore on that later…Called Sapphire to order a limo from our hotel and were promised a 2-1 bottle special. When the bill comes they only gave us half off one bottle and charged us a “LEF”. I’ve been to Sapphire’s before and other strip clubs and I’ve never heard of such a thing. So basically this is what our bill looked like$1500 (3 bottles at $500 a piece)-$250 (our “discount”)+$250 (LEF)for a total of: you guessed it, $1500. Just what the hell happened to our 2-1 bottle special? When we asked our waitress about the discrepancy she couldn’t have been more disinterested. We confronted management and they said we took the wrong limo, which we easily proved him wrong by matching the limo numbers to the ones outside the club. His response was still “just pay the bill”.We paid, left almost no tip and won’t ever be coming back.

  43. To Hater

    What time does your comedy club open?

  44. curtis17

    Almost didn’t go because of the negative comments listed. I’m glad my fiancee and I went. We had the limo service pick up deal which worked out perfect !(free ride -tipped the driver, $7 entrance, 2 drinks free) We found 2 representatives infront of the flamingo, they were very nice, ( 702-236-6099) set everything up and didn’t accept any money. Once we arrived, it was packed but we luckily got seats center stage. We did not see nor experience any pushy staff. After reading the horrible reviews, this place exceeded my expectations and I was very happy the overall experience. Our only complaint was that the tables were completely reserved, and my lady bought me a lap dance, the dancer escorted us to an empty table with free chairs, and she was immediately asked to move when she sat at a non reserved un occupied table for no apparent reason as she watched us for 3 mins. She did stay seated and watched anyway. I would recommend going here, if an individual has a bad experience, it is only related to the individual themselves and their experience and it doesn’t resemble the club in general in my opinion.

  45. Pete G.

    This place exists to suck the most money out of your pocket as possible. All the girls exist for he upsell. If you are stupid. This is your first trip off the farm, then this place is for you. I was hoping you would see girls that were there to entertain you then forget it. This whole place is a scam designed to take your money. It’s so obvious that it insults you intelligence. Avoid this place at all costs.

  46. James S.

    Mega mall of strip clubs. You can go and not spend a lot of money, but whats the fun in that. Call for a free limo ride and get free admission. Drinks are expensive, and if you’re at a table, they expect you to order once in a while. Strippers don’t hound you for lap dances. Dances are $20. Not sure how much the private ones are. This is just a cool place to hang out with friends, drink, and enjoy the eye candy. If you have a problem with paying club prices for drinks and dances, you’re too cheap to be there. Not sure what happens in the private dance areas, but the dances on the main floor are fairly tame and not too shocking if you’re with chicks.

  47. Philip P.

    Sapphire has the best open mic night for comedians and variety acts. It’s in a large showroom with a DJ, lights, food and drinks. Everything is discounted and it is much cheaper to get into the club if you go in and say that you are doing the open mic! I love coming here every Thursday at 9 pm to try out my new material.

  48. taylor

    its the best club ever! really beautiful girls.

  49. ugh

    too big, its like a factory,

  50. Jacob

    This place is horrible. The girls are ugly.

  51. maxxy1

    Definitely one of the biggest strip clubs I’ve been to. Drinks are very pricey. I thought most of the women were beautiful. I also like the decor and set up.

  52. t
  53. mathewater12

    0 stars if that were possible. My experience was similar to everyone else’s who had a bad experience. Seriously, DO NOT GO HERE! It will be a waste of time and aggravation.

  54. Michael B.

    Walking the strip there are tons of offers of a free limo for hitting up a strip club – trick is make sure you get it on the way back to. This place is spacious with girls patrolling everywhere. 20 bucks per dance but some girls dance for 1 minute others 3-5 minutes. Skip the drinks not worth it when your there for the entertainment vs booze

  55. Ricardo B.

    Not that sapphire isn’t a good gentlemens club, just not my cup of tea. I’m more use to down south strip clubs. But with that being said, here are some of my pros and cons.PROS-Wide variety of women. Whatever you like, you’ll probably find it in here.-Limo service was really nice, and our driver was very chill and entertaining.-Really big club with lots of tables.-staff was very kind and attentive.CONS-the music was terrible.-drinks are over the top expensive. 11 bucks for a small water bottle. -like I said in the pros, it’s a really big club with lots of tables. The hard part is finding one that’s empty. It gets superrrrrr packed. Kinda hard to walk around.

  56. Logan V.

    Lazy girls and expensive cocktails. Managers seemed dumbfounded. DJ kept fucking his words up. The whole event was just a joke.

  57. jen n.

    A few years ago I went to a wedding in Vegas and we had the bachelor and bacholorette party here at Sapphire. I haven’t been to that many strip clubs before, but holy hell this one was big. The night we went there were 120 dancers. In my head I thought, this is like the Costco of strip clubs! It is a large establishment. I thought most of the girls were ok looking. I wanted a lap dance from a cute blonde but by the time I decided I would indulge in a lap dance, she disappeared in to one of the back rooms. Phooey. Oh well, I still had a great time.

  58. rickywho2

    Free party bus annnnnnd 70,000 sq feet of bangin entertainers and awesome music?? Umm sign me up! I never fail to have a complete BLAST anytime I come here w my friends. Perfect place to bring anyone who is looking to have an unforgettable experience!

  59. Outraged

    A dancer told me that this club is paying $50 per head to cabbies who drop off at their club. How do they make up for it? They charged me $12 for a WELL vodka and 7-up, and $17 for a Red Bull and WELL vodka. Me and a dancer…one round…$29 for cheap crap vodka (maybe $7 per bottle). I can afford it, but I can’t tolerate it. This place is old fashioned highway robbery at its worst. I’d be different if there were far less dancers weighing in more than me (and I’m 6’3″, and not skinny). There were several beautiful girls (but no more than any other Las Vegas big club), but there were far too many 5’s, far too many girls who need to meet Jenny Craig. I was extremely disappointed. Nonetheless, nice building (but not as nice as Treasures, Rhino, or Penthouse), and nowhere near as cozy as some of the smaller Las Vegas clubs.

  60. Homer S.

    So I was in Las Vegas for my 25th birthday July 26 and decided to stop by the strip club. Mind you there was no dress code enforced there were people entering/exiting the club in t-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes so we just knew we were getting in. So upon entering, there was a Caucasian guy in front of us wearing a black t shirt (like me) blue jeans (like me) and some flat white sneakers on, the guards checked his ID and let him in. My friend and I (both African Americans) walked up to get checked out by the guards, he checked my ID and told me “you have to be more dressed up” …. that was a cold feeling and only thing I could think was it was because we were young & black smh before going a friend of mines told me “they ain’t gone let yall in watch” …. SHOULD HAVE LISTENED… I DON’T ADVISE NO AFRICAN TO NEVER TO EVER GO TO THIS PLACE!

  61. Brian J.

    This place sucks. Yes it’s big, but also empty. They can’t fill it with enough girls. Most of the girls aren’t even that hot. I sat down and ordred a Miller Lite…freak’in $14 for a Miller Lite??? Jugged it and dusted this greedy shithole. Staff is rude, but that seems to be common in all Vegas strip clubs. At least go to a place where drinks are affordable….like anywhere else!

  62. YANETTE M.

    Yes !!!!! People Vegas,I can’t belive we ended up in this joint but, it was sooooo fun. The ladies there pop lock and drop it on your face,no to mention they were nice and super duper pretty. I wasn’t being picky seeing is that I’m use too geto hoes. That night I took it all in. Its a bit pricey I probably wouldn’t had paid the cover or for drinks, But we just happen to get extremely lucky,The girls are gorgeous there so gorgeous I had to say it twice:) Anyone who stumbles into this place won’t be disappointed, a lil broke but Its worth the pop locking happy hours. 🙂 Proud supporter of the Arts.

  63. John B.

    I have never been so bored, assaulted, and financially raked. There are guys on the street literally selling “bacon wrapped t!tt!es”, whatever that means. We were promised a free ride there and back to the strip. We get there and are immediately attacked. I can’t even look around before this girl is telling me to buy her a shot. Her shot cost $22! A shot! I go to the ATM, which cost $30 to withdraw money. Seriously.Same girl says we can VIP for $100, and I’ll get extra time. I have to spend $60 on drinks. The guy runs my card for $180. That’s $240, not $100 at this point. Then this girl talks the whole time to the girl dancing next to us. She wants me to pay $250 for a ” more private ” place. I say no. She asks for another $80 drink. No. Then I’m some a-hole. Walked out, never to return. The whole place is a scam.Also, no ride home.

  64. T R.

    I used to frequent this place when my friends were in town. I used to love it and never had any issues upon entry.Until; I’m guessing a brand new door guy and his less than stellar attitude. I’m a local and in the service industry and always bring in guests, we tip well, we take care of our bartenders and waitresses.Aside from the asshole door guy, who won’t let me in because of “dress code”. Please dude, I’m dressed to the T, while dudes are in jeans and popped collars passing me by. My tattoos have never been an issue, and now they are? I’m dressed well yet my tattoos pose some sort of threat to your establishment? Bump that homie. I’ll bring my service industry guests elsewhere, and spend our monies on an establishment that won’t profile our trendy image as a threat versus broke dudes looking for free shit.

  65. Maria E.

    This is definitely a crazy strip club experience. Just understand what you are getting into. You walk in here and it’s like stripper heaven. There are probably 2-3 strippers to every male customer. As one of my male friends so eloquently put it: “It’s like the Costco of P—-“. Girls are everywhere: dancing (constant rotation which is good in one sense but bad if you see a girl you like and can’t find her because she disappears in a sea of other girls), walking around, trying to extract your hard earned cash out of your wallet. And it’s not cheap, more girls means more eye candy but also more opportunities for losing your money. Then again, who comes to Vegas to budget?If you do choose to splurge (splurge, not splooge, or maybe both) here, then be smart:RIDE: They claim to offer a free limo, make sure you find out all the details beforehand. They promote the place heavily and do want you to go, so if you do speak to a promoter during the day: try and negotiate a free limo AND a reduced group entry rate or something. It’s worth a shot, they want your business. DRINKS: Drinks are very expensive here so do a solid pregame. TIPPING: Don’t go nuts, giving away bigger bills, there is a ton of girls on constant rotation. Also, don’t make my mistake of accidentally tipping a $20 because it was so dark :)CASH: Bring how much you want to spend because the ATM fee is out of control, it’s 15% percent.I think I prefer a more intimate strip club setting although this was definitely an interesting experience and I am glad I got to go. I am giving it 3 stars because of what a financial drain it is. But it is by all means, the quintessential Vegas strip club experience!!

  66. Always On The Road

    I was in Vegas for a conference and decided to take my winnings to Sapphire because a guy that I was playing blackjack with recommended it. Needless to say I walked out an unhappy camper. I was greeted promptly and seated with a beautiful girl. I was there for action so after a tour I went to the skybox for an hour. After about 15 minutes she stated asking me to stay for a second hour and did not shut up about it the entire time. When I finally got her to accept that I wasn’t going to stay, her attention shifted to tipping her and the waitress and the bouncer. I got out and won’t be going back.

  67. nickstrip

    Horrible and rude staff, we checked it and paid for a table and they never gave us a table, tried to get out money back and they refused, therefore we called the credit card company and canceled the transaction. I am a local and have brought many many out of town friends to this establishment. I will never come or bring anyone here ever again, not a good buisness strategy , you can’t promise someone what they paid for and then say we are full sorry and keep your money. Avoid this club at all cost, I’m ashamed to have given them so much buisness.

  68. Shiva R.

    0 stars at Alll. This place is nothing but Shit hole!!, I strongly recommend that please never visit this place. Believe me!!

  69. J C.

    Well I would say to anyone who wants to visit sapphire , be prepared to drop some serious cash, and that’s only on the drinks. Me and my wife were looking for a strip club to have a good time at and we saw one of the promoters in the street offering free admission and a limo pick, yet after reading your reviews online it seems to be a better deal to buy the VIP65 package, which comes with free admission, a $50 drink card, and limo pick up. First a limo never picked us up instead a SUV was sent, and apon arriving to the club to our surprise that once we got into the club they charged another $26 for what they called a “service fee”, so before we even sat down at our table we had already spent around $160. The package states that it comes with a $50 drink card, but that’s part of the scheme, as the waitress apon sitting demands her $26 service charge, asks you want you want to drink, in which we order voda redbull, brings them back, and doesn’t tell you how much they cost in which I had to ask her how much credit we had and to our surprise they were charging $25 a drink and even $15 per beer. So needless to say for $160 we received two vodka red bulls and two and half beers. To make matters worse or waitress went MIA when we were due change and never brought it. I have been to many stripclubs in Las Vegas and the pricing structure that sapphire runs is horrible, and seems to run on hidden pricing and trying to get the most money out of people. Me and my wife finished our extremely overpriced drinks and left. This is for sure one of the strips clubs to miss in my opinion , yes some of the girls are hot, but in comparison to then another stripclubs out there you are pretty much throwing your money away here.

  70. Dwayne W.

    Do you enjoy a 14.00 Coors Light or a 17.00 rum and coke? If so this is your place.Most of the ladies apparently had bad Botox and boob jobs and be thankful the lights are dim.They would be well served by charging less for the drinks so you might be more inclined to party with the strippers.Also most of the women who did dance the pole, just walked around it for a minute and a half…no show what so ever.Trust me I enjoy a good strip club, but I must say I am disappointed.

  71. Miriam W.

    Yeah so this is on top of the women’s club downstairs. They charge full price what they’d charge men for ladies, and we’re not getting to see any titties, folks!We had to wait downstairs which annoyed the women dancing because we attracted male attention. Then we went upstairs and …It was like the Chippendales, but worse. Less showmanship, cheesy banana hammocks, and the dudes are totally merecenary, there’s no sense of illusion at all.If you’re gonna watch men (or women) strip, do it in LA, where the fantasy creation is MUCH easier and it’s much easier to “suspend your disbelief.”Here you just feel awkward. If you’re drunk you can fake interest. One dude humped my chest like a rabbit and I just felt violated. We called this one ADD Boy.And per the others reviews, yes … the men are not so hot. The music’s not so great. The lighting’s not so great. The ambiance feels … like you’re there to get used, not the other way around.

  72. A

    Sapphire is a cool club to go to especially if you have a huge party. It has an overflow of girls which most are average. This club is ideal to go to during SEMA and CES week.

  73. Edgar S.

    I have been to Sapphire many times, the first time I went there was about six years ago and I had the time of my life. For the past couple of times that I have gone there for this past year it has been a decline each time. I was there May 16 and ohhhh man it was terrible, I felt like I was in south Carolina or something, the girls were all ugly and nasty!! I swear I did not see one single good looking female.

  74. D A.

    Gorgeous dancers, great drinks, but if you’re a gay man coming for the male strippers don’t expect to get much attention from their boys. Save your money and go to a better venue.

  75. Misty D.

    My good friend Savanna and I went here for a ladies night out! The hottest thing there was the bartender I dared Savanna to kiss at the end of the show….oh the show… dancer, air matress with silk sheets and one long stem rose….WOW…..oh wait the Top Gun dance!!I will be going back, next time with my mom!!!

  76. Thanh H.

    Waitress told me to leave my seat and go sit elsewhere. Said she was not making any tips because I was not buying enough drinks. But the group of black guys next to me didn’t buy shit, I guess she thought I was with them. After the black guys left, she confronted me….REAL FUCKING CLASSY. Stick with RIHNO guys! its a great place!

  77. Robert W.

    Going to change this review to a one star review. A client of mine in from out of town asked me where was the best club to take a bachelor party he was with. I recommended Sapphire. Upon entering, on a Saturday night at 1130pm , the club was less than half full (the curtain was shut)My client (who is in his mid thirties) paid the requied $30.00 tribute at the door as did each one of the party of six. That’s a total of $210 just to walk in and receive the following hustle. Originally he showed his ID to the “host” at the door prior to walking up to the cahier stand. After he paid the entrance fee at the cashier stand he was asked to see his license a second time by another “host” (extortion artist). The 2nd “host” told him that his license was expired but he would let him slide this time. My client, not his first time in Vegas, knew enough to tip the “host” at this point, because he recognized he was being shaken down. So he did the old Vegas handshake, and tipped this freak $20.00 for the previlege of being allowed to enter after he and his party had already paid $210 as a group. Now keep in mind, they refused bottle service somewhere along the way. So, after walking past the second podium, and proceeding down the hallway to the bathroom area, a third “host”/extorition artist, approaches from behind and tries the same line about his “license being expired”.He explains that the original host approved him and that he already paid his admisssion fee, and that he also had already tipped the second host. The 3rd host then says something to the effect that, “Well he isn’t here now” clearly leaving it open for yet another kickback. At which point my client said that this host should go check with the other one. At which point the third host tells my client that he has to leave if this can’t be worked out. At which point, the entire party as a group decides to leave and go elsewhere. Great move Mr. Host. Hope your $20.00 failed bribe solicitation was worth it. So for the owner, Peter Feinstein, I am just putting it out there for you. Your employees are robbing from you. Yes, it is true you are the best club in town. But, you won’t be for long with this kind of behavior going on. Just ask Spearmint Rhino how long it takes to fall from Number 1 in Vegas. In the future, I will be directing all of my clients to Crazy Horse III.

  78. StripClub431

    This place is a complete rip-off. I feel like I’m even wasting my time posting a review here, but people need to be warned. The club heavily invests in luring people in, and then charges ridiculous fees to get in and extremely overcharges for the drinks.One plus was cute girls, but I never felt like such a cash cow ever before. I went in with my buddies just to have some good time, have a drink and enjoy ourselves. Instead every step of the way we felt like we were getting ripped off. It’s hard to have a good time in a place like that. Gentlemen’s Clubs are fun, but Sapphire is not!!! Worst experience ever and never going back.

  79. Clarence A.

    4 1/2 stars for I think the largest gentlemens club in vegasOk folks here is the deal with Sapphires’s depending when you go month, week or day their will be girls there haha mostly on the weekends it seems girls from all over fly down to do a lil dance for all to see. If you ask they will tell whether it is a lie or not is irrelevant because your in vegas you can be from anywhere. For the most part I have been here few times for friends bachelor parties if not for my own bachelor party back in 07 got to say best time to go is still during the AVN convention first or second week of January, bottle service is bank but if you get it, seems more of the women flock to your group haha you really can’t go wrong here, it is honestly the only time in a mans life where you can say NO THANK YOU over and over to several women until you find one or more that you like , hahahahaha they got all colors and all types here, pros, amateurs, thick and straight bony, top heavy, bottom heavy and several inbetweens, again place you go with your boys or for some of you bold girlfriends will go and have a great time. haha funny if you bring girls seems they get more attention more or less they start having conversations with the entertainers of the nite asking beauty tips hahahahahha i just sayin it happens ahhahhahaAlways have had good experiences here with friends, “quick note if you got a credit card and you takin out money for a dance at the atm in the club that is all bad” mite as well wear a fluroscent jacket with noob lettering all over it , go to the bank before headin out here folks if you need change the front desk got several $1s enuff 1’s to make it rain 10 times over haha of all the ladies I have met here none were rude or pushy they all here to make you happy = )food ***** oh there is EYE candy PLENTY OF IT (dont make eye contact hahahhaha)price $-$$$ there is charge to get in unless u get shuttled in, bottle service is bank, dances standard im not gonna write the amount though haha, drinks $$ dude 14.50 for domestic beer think twice before ordering your entertainer a drink hahaservice ***** let just say they are all happy to see youambiance **** despite it being dark you really wont focus on furniture or table design haha

  80. Manjot S.

    I came here for my birthday with a few people. We’ve gonna to a bug of strip clubs but this is by far probably the most expensive and least worth it. They might have a deal for drinks limo and entry.. But the two drinks are only the crappy well drinks and unlike other places they don’t allow you to get like an adios for more. The money really adds up. Their shots are pretty watered down and it costs to get a table it’s nearly impossible to find space at the bar as well. The lap dances weren’t that great either honestly. I would definitely recommend giving OG a shot or treasures. You’ll have a much better experience. It’s MUCH cheaper for entry, limo, and drink tickets.. And you have you’re own seating area. You’ll have crazy strippers and get much more for your money for much less.

  81. fritter17

    zero stars if I could. This place was the worst strip club I have ever been to throughout ALL of my travels, mind you I have been to clubs all over the US and in Europe and have never been treated worse. I went to visit a girlfriend of mine being that I was in town and she was dancing, and I wanted to make it RAIN on my girl! .. As soon as I arrived, looking fabulous mind you, the security TEAM gave me the most hell , asking me a million questions about why I was there and whom I knew. I walked in with a group of guys and a girl, and they were let in with no issue. I was the only member not 100% caucasian in the group. Anyhow, I sweet talked one of the nice managers and he let me in and even got me a free drink at the bar. I proceeded to find my friends, mingle, and get some Ones so I could start to contribute. Honestly, the girls were just OKAY besides my hot friend who I couldn’t wait to see dance. She went on and we had fun, and then I went back to sit with other friends. It turned out as soon as the “nice” manager had left for the night, one of the original pricks on the security team really had it out for me. He asked me to follow him and leave my friends.. I asked why… long story short he was ENRAGED at the fact that I got let in by someone higher in the ranks than he… He escorted me out and I did not even get a change to say bye to my friends.. So, LONG STORY SHORT… I love strip clubs and I have never in my life had a problem with service until this unfortunate evening. I hope that my girl finds a new club to dance at. The security guys at this club are straight up MORONS on a power trip and probably no more than a 7th grade education. Very low class and upsetting. I will not return. zero stars.

  82. Robert

    Had the best time here!

  83. Yen N.

    I’ve been to a few strip clubs before and this one was Fairly average. The up sides: Free limo ride ( even though on the way back, when I asked for the ride back, they said “oh limos takes forever. Go take a taxi”. ) the girls were nice. The staff was friendlyThe down sides: The liquor was watered down and expensive for no reason. Two tiny shots of Hennessy was like $50. The stage was very small tbh. They claim it’s “the largest club”, but the stage floor was very small. The dancers could be nicer. Overall it was slightly above average.

  84. James B.

    This is absolutely the worst gentlemen s club I ever been too !!! Trash don’t wast you time ever going here !! They added stuff to my tab that was never suppose to be on there !! It looks nice but do not be deceived go any where but here!!! I took my boys here for all the hard work they do for me !! Very disappointed !!! Don’t waste your money or time here!!

  85. SR

    Your right TOTT is the worst. And Sapphire is the funniest club, it’s downright laughable. Go to a real club like the Rhino.

  86. Alex L.

    First time here last night with my wife… The place was ok and the service was pretty good so they get a 4 star for that. I was expecting more from “The biggest strip club in the world.” The girls was limited (thought it was suppose to be 3-1 dancer to guys) but I think we came on an off night (Xmas eve, 2am). From what the driver told us they were the only club open that night but it was kinda dead. As for the girls, there were 2 or 3 to my liking but both my wife and I thought the waitresses were cuter. Again, I think it was an off night… If your planning a visit, take advantage of their free limo service. If you take a cab (from Bellagio) it’ll cost about $12+ tips to get there, $30/ea cover, and $12+ tips to get back to hotel. We tipped the limo driver $25 (but $20 would do IMO) and $5ea at the door.

  87. yanard12

    Sapphire is not only the biggest, but the best strip club! Not only was I amazed by the quantity of the entertainers, but the quality as well. I’ve never seen so many beautiful women in one room! I couldn’t believe how big this place was when we came in! They aren’t kidding when they say it’s the biggest Gentlemen’s club In the world! The host who sat us was extremely informational and our cocktail waitress was knowledgable and fun! They made our first strip club experience a success. We decided to go up to one of the “skyboxes”, which are private rooms upstairs. We had an amazing time with our entertainer and loved how the skybox offered us a view of the whole club. Our server informed us of the free limo service offered so we decided to go back the next night. If it’s even possible, we had more fun the second time around! We had a better time at Sapphire then all the nightclubs combined! Phenomenal music,atmosphere, and staff! I can’t wait to go to Sapphire the next time I come to Las Vegas!

  88. Nicholas D.

    So im in vegas with a bunch of buddies from work and we do the whole “free limo” not true $7 service charge they forget to tell you per person. It didnt take that long to get there and we get in the door. Bar area packed, everywhere else not so much, but reserved for bottle service ie $400 for a place to sit. So we get our drinks and find a place to stand and its close to every 5 mins a girl walks up asking if you want a dance. Only real pro is the girls are not that bad looking.The cons are if you go and just want to see what its about youll be turning down dances every 5 mins ruining the show on the pole. Most of the girls are not American telling by their accents. I turned 1 girl down and she told me that she hopes I drown in my own tears…..wtfSo in review Price way too expensiveGirls good looking but not greatSome girls are rudeNo place to sit and just relax unless you have $$$$$ to blowPlease keep in mind this was my first gentlemans club ever, but the hype didnt seem to meet actuality. I wont be going back

  89. N. B. K.

    four stars for the time i had… not the place. so i dont know if it was a special deal or just friday or what but we had our cover waived if we agreed to drink 4 bottles of liquor for the price of two… wait… did that even make sense? needless to say we took the deal like bandits because my friends and i arelike raging alcoholic… well… bandits.anyway.. some cute girls… some not so much… but you know what? who gives a F*? im drunk as shit and can hardly see straight anyway… does it really matter if a woman that im paying to dance for me looks hot?! as long as shes grinding on my crotch… no it doesnt.its funny but it seems like the only reviews complaining about the women at sapphire… are from yeah… dont really like srip clubs.. but had a brilliant time here during a bachelor party weekend in vegas with my friends.

  90. Valerie B.

    weak ass fucken dancers!!!! Girls didn’t even dance on the pole, they just walked around. And $33 for the cover. KISS ME ASS!

  91. S.C. Hoppin'

    It’s amazing that there are so many girls who are slim/slender (not even close to “thick”), attractive, nice & personable, and can go quite some distance on simple lap dances! Best club ever between all of Cali and Vegas. With all that said, hope management keeps it up.


  92. moneyman2

    Ask for cupcake! Nadya gives the best lap dances when she’s not too drunk to function…

  93. Justin J.

    I don’t know how to review this place. Over all it was an experience. So that’s good we did enjoy our time. It didn’t cost our group of five a penny to get in or to be seated witch is something this place should continue. As they chage a ton for drinks and the strippers try and mug you for your money. I was happy to see my group with smilies on there face. It was going great. Then the bar tender got mad over a tip. Granted buy this time we had spent over $1200. When she got mad they switched us tables. One of the people in our party was drugged eather buy the bartender or the strippers. Then walked to the back for about 2 min. He had just pulled $200 more from the atm. All money was taken. Kind of a 0stars experience for him but give the place over all 3 stars due to group happyness. All in al night cost $1500 bucks were all under 25 and work hard for our money. Sad to think they will not have our business next time. Due to drugging one of our group.

  94. Liz L.

    Only because the male strippers were funny as hell just trying to be sexy but fuck… if we don’t want a dance from you don’t bother us… HIS NAME IS CHILI… ugly as hell guy who kept trying to give us deals so he can dance for us.. which none of us wanted… some of the guy dancers were really nice though.. I met a guy who was from San Jose, CA pretty funny.. but seriously main room girl dancers NO FUCKING SEATS.. WTF.. but we kept getting asked to join the guys who had bachelor parties but we didn’t wanna sit with them.. and saw a guy getting a hand job by some ugly stripper… HAHHAHA.

  95. jim

    great service. pretty ladies. love the vip area

  96. pistol

    World class, in its own league.

  97. Lauren M.

    As a local, this is one of the best spots in town! I love bringing my friends to Sapphire when they are visiting. They have the hottest girls, offer great bottle specials, limo transportation that waives cover charge and some of the best food! They are open 24 hours so its the perfect spot to hit after the club and eat one of the best pizzas in Vegas. This is a must go for anyone visiting the area!

  98. Dani S.

    I don’t like being hustled, BUT when you have boobs in your face, it really does inhibit your brain’s ability to process anything. Now, I’ve been to my fair share of strip clubs around the US, especially in Cali and LV. My favorite in SoCal is Silver Reign and Jumbo clown room, and my favorite in LV has to be Sapphire. First, the girls are GORGEOUS!!! Even during the daytime! Mind you, it does open 24 hours. Lap dances are standard $20 but the best part is you can have boobs rubbed in your face! Did I mention boobs, yeah, boobs. Truly, I’m not obsessed!The club is beautiful, with nice trendy interior. It’s classier than alot of the other clubs, and definitely high drink prices to match. The stages are small and only with a single pole. I generally prefer multiple poles with multiple strippers on them, because that only mean multiple boobs. Also, the girls do not seem to perform during the day before 6pm, so minus 1 star for no entertainment!Bring yo wallet, lots of greens for this place!

  99. Jose M.

    Went here for the Mayweather vs Canelo fight, $50 not a bad price.I called to find out the dress code, she had told me- No sweatpants- No jerseys- No tank tops- No flip-flops- No sandals- No open toed shoesThe lady rudely stated if I wore any clothes that weren’t permitted that security wouldn’t let me in or I would be kicked out.This is VEGAS, its 105 degrees outside and you want people wearing pants, dress shirts and tennis shoes???When I get inside this place im pissed off, everyone was wearing all of the above but me, absolutely ridiculousPre-paid, first people in line, security doesn’t take charge here, when the doors open it’s a stampede, watch out for your new jordans.They advertised free food with your $50 purchase, your free food is a bowl of stale pretzels. During the fight the sound was way too loud, so loud I couldn’t even communicate with people at our table, seriously we had to text. I couldn’t hear when I left this place, I was literally deaf.Oh and drinks were $17.50 for SINGLE that’s a 2150% mark up, since they pay less then .82 cents a shot of premium vodka, and drinks were house vodka – place is an absolute joke,

  100. Angelo M.

    Let me start by saying that I have worked in Adult Entertainment Clubs since 1991. I started off as a doorman, then became floor security, worked as a bartender and eventually was a manager for a few years before I went into business for myself. With that being said, I am amazed that this place is still open! I went in on a Wednesday around 10:30pm. being a large white man that dresses appropriately, I am not accustomed to being frisked at the door unless I go to CoCo’s or The Mint. Definitely not at a club that is supposed to be the upper crust of clubs. Then I was asked for my ID. I’m 42 and balding so this was a surprise. Then I realized that it was because they want to see if you are a local or a tourist. If you are a tourist you get stuck with the $44.00 cover. No problem, I do well enough that I will not bitch about that. What I will bitch about is that they give you a free drink ticket but the bartender would not accept it for my Grand Marnier. So now I had to pay an additional $25 for the drink. Okay, if you can’t afford the maintenance, don’t buy the car… I paid the guy and even left him a $5 tip. In the 45 minutes I was there, he never asked me if I wanted another drink. Not good since I like to drink when I’m out. Now let’s get to the dancers… As soon as you walk in, you are ATTACKED. Not the good attack where it’s pretty girls, you get attacked by some ugly ass women that look my age (42). Apparently they are the locals and door man’s favorites. I see pretty young girls waiting at the front for customers and the door manager would push them aside so the ugly old chicks could walk up to the customers and escort them to a table. Being that I worked in this business for over 10 years, I know the play. I simply told the first girl that came up to me that I was “good” and walked away. The second girl, I said the same, the third girl, I finally said I was waiting for a different girl. All of this happened before I even got to the bar. I was pretty much exhausted before I could even have a drink. Then while I’m at the bar, I had no less than 5 other girls come up to me within 5 minutes. None of them were better than a 4.5! The only 2 pretty girls I saw where walking around the floor. I would say to only go to this club if you are one of those people that like to get harassed. I don’t mind the cost because if you are going to a titty bar, you should expect to spend money. I can’t stand that they bill this place as a gentleman’s club when it is really just a cow herding dressed up ranch. The women are horrendous! The staff are rude and un-attentive unless you take one of their “cows” at the door to a table. Seeing the male bar tender squeezing another female bartenders ass was the highlight of the evening! I gave the 2 stars because the place is nice and has potential. Maybe the owners should get better management to hire “Pretty girls. Not old chicks with back fat hanging from their bra’s. No ass and saggy tits is the scene here!

  101. Julie K.

    I’ve been told by other friends, both in-town, and out-of-town, what a nice, upscale strip club this is. And they are right. From the moment I walked in, it reminded me of a nightclub, not a strip club. I’ve gone there for my birthday and seen the women strip, but this review is about Men of Sapphire.I’ve been to Men of Sapphire several times. As with any strip club, bring your money! Drinks are expensive. Lap dances are $20 each. If you put a friend up on stage to be “molested” and danced all over by the guys, you also pay extra for that. I love looking at the guys! There’s something there for every taste. They will bother you for lap dances. Just tell them no, if you’re not interested. For the most part, they are friendly, sexy and polite. I just love the eye candy! And there’s lots of it there for you that enjoy looking at hot men. The show starts up about 10:00 p.m., and goes till about 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. , depending how busy the room is. The guys come out on stage all at once, then take solo turns with their stage routines. You can go up to them on stage and slip them dollar bills if you feel so inclined. Most girls go early and stay for an hour or two, then leave to hit their next destination. A fun night out with your girls! Leave your inhibitions at the door!

  102. Sophie M.

    I really like the club ,but it’s really expensive and the girls are mean and some kinda gettho.

  103. BUZZ


  104. Sportyguy

    Club is huge with a two Tier Stage, on slower nights they close down half the club. There are tons of girls here so you should be able to find something to suit your taste. Unfortunately that means the girls are working fast and furious for their money so there is not a whole lot of talk before being hit up for a dance. There are three types of dances, floor, VIP and Skybox. Again depending on what you spend YMMV. I would suggest figuring out what you want so you can decide which type of dance to buy. Usually I would say buy a floor dance before you buy VIP/Skybox, I think it’s still a good idea but it’s a little more pricey than other clubs.

  105. Koyaana R.

    I can’t even tell you how awesome this place is. We started in the gentlemans club section and moved to the male revue and my god, I will never be so excited about tits as I am about male ass and floor humping. It’s like magic mike in real life. Also we walked in and they sat us at front and center at the stage immediately. Best night ever.

  106. Mimi R.

    Awful. We were quoted $1000 for a table and then they wouldn’t accept less than $1200 once we spoke to the manager. We politely declined and one girl in our group really needed to pee but they wouldn’t let her since we weren’t paying customers. Also.. We were told that the club had to pay our limo $800 to drop us off at the club. That was a lie. Terrible customer service there. I’ll never go back

  107. Kristina C.

    some promotor lured us into going here and i don’t think he said that this is A STRIP CLUB. and honestly i never wanted to go to one and thank god we didn’t go inside..they told us to buy 2 drinks (well they were trying to get guys to buy it for us but we ditched the random guys) and we got there and each drink was like 20-30 dollars if i remember correctly with a free limo ride home. but we were planning to take a taxi for 20 so this was asking for more than we planned to pay.however, we met SAM THE LIMO DRIVER and he was pretty cool. kept in touch with him for a little while and his former stripper friend lol

  108. Jimmy L.

    the biggest strip club in the world?!?!?! im there!!! walked in around 10 ish…still early for vegas time but we just couldn’t wait to have boobies rubbed all over us especially my homeboy eugine y. that wrote the review below mine. haha!!! what up nucka…holla at cha boy! $30 bux to get in as usual in vegas. walked in and it was extremely packed full of perverts. it was pretty much standing room unless we got bottle service. so we ended up getting a bottle skyy for $350…ouch! where we sat seemed like a prime spot, in the middle of the club towards the back, felt like a vip for the moment. some of these girls will try and rip u off! its $20 for a lap dance, some were trying to say its more! $200 for 30 min. vip dance in the back with a 2 drink minimum for both you and the stripper. you do have the option to do $100 for 15 mins but they won’t tell you that. they said there was a few hundreds girls that night working but it felt way less than that. we started to notice a pattern, wtf is up with all the ugly bishes coming up to us??? is it because we look like a group of perverted asians??? probably! haha! we did have my boy who was white sitting with us so we did get some action come our way but it was all asian chicks! i have nothing against asian chicks but im asian so i wanted to see something different. its like having chinese food every night at home and when you go out to dinner, you want some tacos once in awhile…ya heard! then you hear from the dj…sapphires welcomes nba champion robert horry in the house. then it clicked, all the hot bishes are probably with his entourage! overall, i would have rather spent the night at a bar somewhere on the strip watching hot chicks walk by in their club outfits!!! ain’t that right eugine y.?!?!?!

  109. Re sportsguy

    Bigger and more girls doesn’t necessarily mean better. Like you said they only open the entire club up on the weekends so majority of the time the size of the club really doesn’t matter since they only use half of it. Of course YMMV but most of the dancers there are hustling. Unless you know for a fact that you have a winner DO NOT go to the VIP!! I have been there quite a few times and most of the time it’s not any better than the main floor dances, it’s just more expensive. In fact, there were times my VIP experience was worse than the main floor with the same girl.

  110. Kensington M.

    This is the WORST strip club ever. $50 cover; $20 rail drinks. No showmanship. It’s like that orgy scene in Caligula expect its dark and no one is have fun. Everyone is miserable. Strippers were crying and vomiting in the bathroom. Tourist trap at best. Traumatizing at worst. Stay away if you have any self respect or respect for anyone else for that matter.

  111. Mike M.

    Are you kidding me???? Rude rude rude staff. Unbelievably unprofessional and condescending. I will never step foot in here again. WOW.

  112. Johnnyboy123

    My wife and I went to Sapphire last weekend on a trip for her birthday. First advice, don’t take a cab, we paid over $80 for the two of us to enter, which went back to the cab driver that we told to take us there. We went for the Men of Sapphire. I sat through the first few songs and was very impressed with the show. It was real entertainment! I then decided to leave her there and go see the girls. Man it was rough. The girls were super aggressive just standing near the front bar, every 30 seconds I was hit up for a dance. I decided to go to the back bar and ended up talking to an overseas tourist for a bit (funny story to itself), when I spotted my girl for the night leaning against the bar not bothering anyone. I slid over and started talking to her and had the best experience I’ve ever had in a strip club. Colette was so cool, smart and funny. She didn’t have to troll for dances, I was hers all night without a second thought. After talking for a long while she thought the guys were about to shut down so we waited on my wife to get a couples dance. When she finally came out she was just making a cash run to get more tip money and told us to go ahead and do what we want!We went back for bottle service in the VIP. Let me tell you the VIP service at Sapphire is excellent and truly is VIP. We spent our time and then we went looking for my wife on the guys side. They had already shut down so we made a pass around the club looking for her when there was an announcement for Colette to come to the VIP. That was the cue to find her!We went in and they had set my wife up in our booth and she was polishing off the Champagne we left. It was getting late by then so we headed back to the hotel to rest up for the next day. Now, considering how much I didn’t like the high pressure environment or even the stage work that I saw, we both had an incredible time and were treated like royalty, with class and respect. We will be back for the same scenario next time for sure!Compare that to my review of the nasty Palomino 2 nights later.

  113. Joe M.

    As far as Las Vegas goes, this is absolutely one of the worst strip clubs I have been to and let me explain why:Quick sidenote* I walked in, spent a grand total of 1800$, got a total of two lap dances and one hour in the “VIP” room which felt smaller than a playpin in McDonalds. Oh but don’t worry! They give you a free taxi ride! (Only if you’re on the strip of course) 1. The cover fee was 45$. Normally, 45$ isn’t too bad of a cover fee for a Vegas club, but because it’s a little steep you could expect at least a free drink maybe or at least a friendly tour of the place, but nope, Sapphire Gentleman’s club actually doesn’t care about the “lower” spenders in their club (given that they are the majority).2. (Most of) The girls aren’t friendly. Seriously, in a place crowded with girls, there are so many girls that just sit, stare, or walk around waiting for a “big baller” to come in. Your job as a stripper should be to make you customers happy so they keep coming back for more and not to ignore them regardless of their budget for the night. A few minor “regulars” end up paying more over time versus that one “millionaire” that’s in town for the weekend.3. Drinks are 20$ a piece, watered down, and not even filled half way (and no I’m not exaggerating). Need I say more?4. The bouncers there are egotistical bastards that expect tips for saying “hello” (and get pissed when you don’t tip them) when their main job should be to keep a calm, relaxfull, and fun atmosphere for the customer. 5. The girls only care about money. Okay, this one is a little redundant but it’s especially obvious at Sapphire. When you’re at a gentleman’s club, the last thing you want to do is keep being asked for money again and again. It ruins the whole mood and “ambiance” as well as the “imagination” of the girl actually being into you. Every other concersation is comprised of a “sales-pitch.” Since when did strippers become used car salemen? Oh, right…6. Bottle prices and VIP rooms are the absolutely most expensive in Vegas. Think of bringing your credit card? Well expect them to curtiously max it out to the very last penny while they “urge” you to tip the waitress, girl, and the bouncer, along with taxes, surcharges, fees, and more fees. Hell, if you keep that up you will be paying for “Stacy’s” kids college tuition in no time. So, what’s good about Sapphire Gentlemans club? The blue lighting is pretty cool. Oh and if you enjoy throwing away hard earned money I guess I suggest going there.1/10, would go again if I can lube up my butthole before they F*** Me sideways.

  114. bbbdaddy

    The club was ok at best. Most of the girls we got the lap dances from were good, but some were way too pushy. We enjoyed most of the ones my friends and I had. Then I decided to try the VIP room and what a joke that was. The worst experience I have had. The girl I had sat and made up stupid stories that bugged me. There were interruptions and she kept saying how good and wild she was. It was actually the worst dance I have had and was so boring I almost fell asleep. They all the sudden sprang a $60 bar tab on me when it started and then the waitress wanted a tip and the guy standing at the front door wanted a tip. The girl at the end started getting real bitchy about the money. I am still glad I didn’t order any $12 beers there like my friends. We decided to try the club for the first time and for me it will be the last!!!

  115. Shit

    What is Talk of the town?

  116. Mark B.

    Would I ever return there again? In a word….. No. It is a large place, the largest in the world I’m told. The girls, for the most part, are hot, but be prepared to say no to them. Take your time. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CASH BEFORE YOU GET THERE!!!! They will overcharge your cards and the ATM charges on a sliding scale. To withdraw 100 dollars it takes around 20% in fees. (wonder who thought that one up)This place isn’t a “nudie bar” in the truest sense, it’s topless. I heard somewhere that because of the liquor licenses that “all nude” establishments can’t serve booze. But some of the girls make up for that. Overall I was unimpressed. Bigger isn’t always better. There was a place on Freemont St. that was smaller, older and FAR better. The secret to getting around paying a cover is to go to your hotel concierge, ask about getting a freebee into a club. The limo driver gets kickbacks and can get you into these clubs for free. My recommendation, pass on this place.

  117. Sico L.

    2/5. Fred, a promoter for the club, informed us that Sapphire offers bottle service at the price of $350 per bottle with a deal of a purchase of 2 bottles and you get another one for free. Also free limo service and free entry. First off, their “free” limo comes with a $7 per person surcharge. They don’t collect until you enter into the premises. Pick up was fast (of course) and courteous, so I guess that was nice. After the pat down, the hostess informs us that bottles are $400 each and the free one that comes with the purchase of 2 is a miniature bottle. We asked to speak to the manager about this bait and switch and he informs me that Fred is an independent marketing agent that doesn’t have the current information on pricing. Since we were already there, we gave him the benefit of the doubt. As our group starts to be seated, dancers proceeded to move in and the waitress comes by with the menu. We ordered 2 bottles of Hennessy and wanted a Ciroc for the free bottle. The waitress then informs us that all these are premium alcoholic drinks and aren’t subject to their deal. The price now jumps to $550 per bottle, not including taxes, fees, and gratuities. We asked for the manager again. He comes down and of course, supports the waitresses claim. So, starting from the false or inaccurate information given to us by Fred, the hostess and manager, and waitress-pricing jumps from $350 per bottle (buy 2 get 1 free) to $400 per bottle (buy 2 get 1 miniature free) to $550 per bottle (buy 2 get 1 miniature free *excludes premium brands) respectively. Feeling like we were being jerked off, we try to negotiate pricing to at least the second offer but to no avail. We stood up and walked out, but not before some people got free lap dances, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss. All in all, our experience at Sapphire was limited to their poor customer service and their disclosure of pricing. $550 per bottle isn’t bad, its just the total lack of customer respect that killed it. If they had been more focused on truthfulness and being upfront with us instead of scams and trickery, our experience at Sapphire would have been enjoyable.

  118. Jay D.

    I don’t know what some people are expecting because seriously, lapdances are that — dances in our lap. That said, yes, of course, you walk in, and it’s an orgy of dry humping. Sure some nights are better than others, but hey, weekends and I’m sure paydays are best. All the dances that came our way? T H E O R E T I C A L L Y, they were all sent to the bachelor.T H E O R E T I C A L L Y, you can do more in the VIP room and/or the skyboxes above. So expect to get what you pay for. T H E O R E T I C A L L Y, it is possible to have a good time.

  119. jthom

    I am coming up in a few weeks, does anyone know if the twins Madison and Mystique are still there? I was there last fall and spent 5 hours with them in VIP($$ but worth it)… I thought Mystique looked like a bitch, until she was led to me by a bouncer? They were awesome! She was right I got the first hour with her, and upgraded and got her twin in there too! One was fun…twins are better! Please let me know if they are still there! CAN’T WAIT

  120. Duy L.

    First visit back on a Saturday night, May 12, 2012.I saw an overall 3-star rating and had to glance at the other reviews to see wtf they were complaining about… I realized mostly GIRLS were giving this fine, FINE place 1- or 2- stars… haters, seriously. And if you look a little deeper, you will see they’ve only written like 3 reviews (probably hate reviews too).Well, don’t listen to them, guys, I’m here to fuckin make the best out of your Vegas trip.First, limo pick-up is free if you call Sapphire ahead of time and schedule. They’ll call you to confirm, and idk where this other dude got the “$5/person is expected” figure, but I think $20 for a group of 8 dudes is fine. You’ll have to grab two cabs on the way back anyhow. Taxis, btw, are also free. Just get in one and tell them you wanna go to Sapphire — they’ll get reimbursed by the club, so don’t be a tourist and get ripped off. If you wanna be safe, just make sure you ask about it before they drive you off.Second, don’t book the bachelor package on their website. The bachelor tee-shirt is somewhat enticing, but really, no one will wear that shit ever again after that weekend. It’s better to just show up, and negotiate with them a price for a table. I think prices for a bottle weren’t that bad (like $200). But, really, you didn’t come to get drunk here. I’m assuming you came for dances, and I’ll get to that part in a sec.Third, you’ll enter and may be conned into paying cover. If you called ahead of time and arranged limo pick-up, you should already have the cover waived, minus the “seating” fee. On weekend nights, expect this bitch to be PACKED. You will be hard-pressed to find open seats unless you’re willing to pay for a bottle. You can just give the manager (or main doorman, whatever he’s called) a $20 and ask for your party to be seated.As you enter, you’ll notice it’s like a meat factory. There are TONS of girls working. PERSONALLY, I prefer to get there early (like 8pm), where there will probably be plenty of seats by the pole. It’s free to sit there, but you might not be able to fit the other 5 dudes in your party. Seriously, changing out $40 into ones lasted me a good two hours. It’s a bit boring without a drink and cig at the pole, but expect to pay a whopping $14 for a vodka redbull. It’s ridiculous, but what can you do.Dances are standard, like $20 for a 2-minute song. Some of the girls there are really friendly. Sure, like with any other job, there are good and bad employees, and the whole gamut in between. Some are professional, some are quite bitchy if you don’t accept their offer for a dance. Expect this, as you would at any other business, and you’ll probably save yourself some headache.Both bachelors that I’ve taken here have LOVED it. Remember that song “I’m in Love with a Stripper?” Well, I sure hope their wives don’t find my review. Personally, I don’t always feel like doling out $100-200 for some dances (other than when I’m pitching in for the bachelors, of course), so I post up right at the pole, where there are also large projector screens on either wall. Sometimes they show music videos (which aren’t in sync with the song playing, if that was important to you). Other times, they are broadcasting the current game (I was there semi-watching a Lakers play-off game). Boobs and basketball, what more can I ask for?I’ll be back. And yea, I heard Spearmint has hotter girls (I’ve never been), but why fix something that ain’t broke? I love this place’s layout (I won’t bother describing it so you can enjoy seeing it yourself) and I love the number of boobs walking around, Go here!

  121. Nathan Y.

    I would rather go to spearmint or crazy horse. This is thee worst strip club I have gone to. Im not gonna lie I have had more fun in my home town in San Diego. i have never seen a club kick someone out because of one glass breaking but the strippers cost more than $100 for 3 minutes. BULLSHIT. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE. In the end I feel like I would get my moneys worth playing a game of bingo than going here. Go to the next club, trust me its not worth it.

  122. IVAN


  123. Myke R.

    So I guess the term for Sapphire’s is Cosco for Strippers. Yes this place is definitely big. I mean how many girls can you get in here? Hundreds…..Enough to one stroke each one till ya pop. Unfortunately when you don’t have enough people in there – then too many girls not enough 20s. Yea So I took my buddy here and we had a bachelor’s party. Good times….I arranged free drinks all night. One of my guys Billy, got wasted within the hour. Drank too fast. He wouldn’t get a lapdance. He said…that he wanted a stripper that smelled like she just ate some babies. Yea….Whoa…”EVERYONE IN HERE RAISE YOUR HANDS IF YOU EAT BABIES!!!”(crickets) yea….exactly. So I had him sit with drinks with a quarter of the liquor in them. Over all – fun night. This one dancer did give me her number because she wanted me to teach her my skills. But then again. They’re all flakes. Really nice place – great location. But think about having to spend some money here….

  124. vegas local

    Best club in Vegas hands down…classy, spacious, friendly and tons of woman!!!!!

  125. Gary M.

    In Vegas, for 2 days thought I would give this place a shot. That was a mistake. Hardly NO girls. Maybe 3. But there was a cool jersey girl, I had spent a little time with she was fun! The only reason for 2 stars. Place was dead. The waiters can’t even say hi, or make eye contact. Service sucked.. left went to another club had a much better time!!

  126. Angela C.

    This is for the Men of Sapphire. We got in for free since we knew someone, but they do have deals as well on the website. We had actually come in at 1:30am, ends at 2, so once we got there.. it was pretty empty. I had been conned by my friends to go on stage, because the guy had been asking about us. Basically got pulled up there a little too fast cause I didn’t even have time to put my wristlet down. The guy was nice to me because despite me being super stiff and awkward, he was still able to work it. It was all like a blur, at one point he flipped right onto me; another point, he was humping my behind. My friends were having a blast from the laughing, and I was laughing a bit too. For the most part, the guys were nice and all pretty fit. They call you sweetie and give you “head kisses” when you buy a lapdance or for whatever other reason. If you are a girl who hates lap dances but were forced by your friends, then you can make it clear that you mostly want to talk. One of the strippers was rubbing on my friend a bit, but he didn’t go all out cause he knew she felt awkward. It can be scary since they take you into the dark back to do their business. The only guy that was mean to me was one that I told I was into girls, which I’m guessing he sensed I was lying cause he gave some attitude as he left. Lap dances are $20 by the way.I also took a peak at the girls section. Some can do some awesome tricks on the poles! And there were some very pretty ones, but some are like a negative A cup, although some guys may like that? It costed us $45 flat rate to get on a limo to our resort that was also on the strip (about 15 minutes away) It actually ended up being cheaper that way rather than the 6 of us getting taxis. And the worker there helps you get one, plus we got it instantly! TIP: If you are going to go, you either have to be very horny or very drunk. If you are sober, it is just ALL kinds of AWKWARD

  127. Nicole B.

    -10 stars!We heard this genleman’s club was amazing and the biggest in the world so we decided to stop by prior to going to a nightclub. Um, THEY REFUSED TO LET US IN(3 females)! was hilarious. First, they told us that we couldn’t see the women dance and that we must watch the men’s show. We challenged them and they eventually said that because we had no guys in our party, we couldn’t watch the girls dance. What sense does that make?Coincidentally, a group of guys that we met earlier that day showed up as we were trying to get in and we tried to walk in with them, but they STILL refused to let us in. The bouncer said “Ladies, I don’t care what you do, You’re not getting in here!”Although we were dressed for the club, we didnt look sluty or anything. We couldn’t believe it! I have NO IDEA why they would send a car to our hotel to pick us up, and then refuse to let us in….

  128. Elena V.

    I saw more dry humping here than the bleachers after a junior high dance. The girls looked disinterested the whole time they preformed these lap dance *cough*(dry humping). Come on ladies study some method acting so it looks like you like it. I guess they really don’t have to because they are the ones walking away with the money. I like the twinkly lights and the music. Great people watching. I saw more arguments here between men and women than a Jerry Springer show. After my friend and her boyfriend get into an argument we go outside to catch a cab. I over hear a guy say “why do I smell like hamburgers.” I look at him and say, “oh you must have gotten a lapdance.” He high fives me, I jump in the cab and he knocks on the window, “wait can’t i get your number?” “I just yelled, I don’t eat hamburgers.” and we drove off into the sunset not knowing if he could have been the one…

  129. Kim H.

    Ok obviously I’m going to provide the female perspective here. So I usually end up here with a large group of my guy friends at the end of a crazy Vegas bender. They don’t call this the Walmart of strip clubs for no reason! There seems to be a never ending supply of strippers no matter how late or early you go. The girls are super friendly and it’s definitely a fun atmosphere (there are just about as many girls as there are guys). Girls, have a few shots, relax and don’t take it too seriously…’s just a boobie….we all have them!!

  130. Garet H.

    By far the weakest establishments I was a part of a bachelor party and they denied us entrance I don’t want to say it’s because we were a group of black guys but that’s what it feels like we had on Tshirts and shorts and they said we can’t come in based on dress code meanwhile they allowed a group of white guys dressed exactly the same but less swag entrance.,.i guess even if the money is green the man throwin it can’t be black brown or anything else

  131. fred20

    Great club. We have great clubs in Tampa, my home, and this one rates with the best. Carmen rocked my world. Highly recommend the club and her.

  132. Alabama W.

    DO. NOT. GO. HERE.All of the negative reviews are true. We called a couple times before our trip to make sure there would be men dancing on our night…There were no men dancing. Ok. We decide to make the best of it, because we’re laid back enough to take things as they come. Plus, we had all these singles and no one to gift them to…so we stayed. It was Amateur Night…? Ugh. The very LAST thing I want to do is watch a bunch of civilians doing their Women’s Studies thesis on stage…bored, vacant faces, C minus bodies…snooze. Started a tab—-HUGE MISTAKE. They run your card pretty much every round (I’m guessing) because they triggered an alert on my card with THREE $100 AUTHORIZATIONS. ALL THREE HAVE YET TO FALL OFF…its been four days. So. I couldn’t use my card for 24 hours until it could get sorted out. That was super cool, I’m on vacation. Great. Further, I paid cash for my $120 tab…so. Figure that out. Actually, don’t. I asked to speak with a manager because I wanted a contact when I call back on a business day…there were two of them on the floor. Interesting. BOTH WERE ON THEIR PHONES. When I approached the “manager,” I was polite enough to wait for him to stop scrolling through Facebook, you’re welcome, guy. I stood next to him for a good minute and a half until he finally looked up. When I told him about my experience and the wayward charges, he seemed completely bored and also highly irritated, which leads me to believe this is something that happens a lot. So, ZERO help there. Drinks are overpriced, staff is completely uninterested in dealing with customers, they are snotty and irritated by the presence of people who want a drink. The dancers are meh. Terrible place, really bad experience and I’m not going to enjoy chasing down the charges on my card.

  133. Weedman420

    Horrible money hungry girls. So many that you never have a chance to breath. Many of them are fat! Crazy Horse 3 is better!

  134. Russ P.

    Took us all of 4 minutes to have a very friendly upbeat fella escorting us (party of 4) into the limo for a free ride ($5/person tip expected) to Sapphire. Once there, we were handed a ticket that got us into the club without a cover charge. Sweet! The front of the club is very nice, once through the doors we were patted down and “wanded”, kind of cool knowing there aren’t any weapons in the joint. Once we got to the receptionist, she was very friendly, cute and helpful letting us know that the cashier across the hall can break any bills we need to (I ended up with 40 $1 and two $5’s…) I’d recommend you NOT get this many $1 bills. Maybe start out with 20 or so. So, we were met at the top of the steps down to the tables by a very nice gentlemen who offered to let us take a look around first. Ummm there isn’t really anywhere to go except down a hall. So after coming back we were escorted to our table almost in front of the 1 stage they had open. We ordered drinks fairly quickly and then sat to enjoy the dancer on the stage. Here is where it gets interesting. So we went on Wed night, not busy. More girls than men in this place. So they were circling for sure. Once our drinks arrived (a beer, a screwdriver, a cosmo and a martini) we were told it would be $68…WTF? For 4 drinks? *shell out cash* and we proceeded to sip these very posh expensive beverages. Last round for us. Within about 5 minutes two girls came up to our table, one whispered in my ear about whether I was ready for a dance for my girl. She promised to “hump” her…and without really acknowledging that I was okay with that she proceeded to jump all over my gf. I wasn’t complaining as it was very erotic and I think she danced for almost a whole song. I had no idea what to pay I had $20 ready….figured it was appropriate. I got lucky…it was the going rate. That is what it costs for a lap dance in the room…private dances are more. gf asked that after that she’d like to approve of the dancer first to make sure she was attracted to her. I agreed…and sure enough..not 10 minutes later…bam…”are you ready for a dance for your girl?” I glanced over to my gf and she shook her head I waived her off, the dancer proceeded to whisper in my ear “what is she doing here then?” WTF??? Did I just hear that correctly? Then leaning down again she whispered “I don’t get paid by the hour you know”. HOLY WHAT? Did you really just say that to me? I let my friends know what she said and within about 5 minutes we were up and out of that place. Not friendly at all…felt very pressured and vultured. Not to mention the girls that were dancing on the stage made very little use of the pole and really didn’t do much “dancing”. Nobody really seemed like they were having fun. You’re responsible for your cab ride back to the hotel which only cost us about $20 after tip..not bad. Really disappointed in Sapphire and I’ll be hard pressed to go back.

  135. RACHEL M.

    This is the biggest strip club I have ever seen. Unreal. I went with my boyfriend and they gave us free entry. The club itself is a little dark and there are massive amounts of girls. Every shape, ethnicity etc. You certainly won’t be disappointed. The girls are also not too pushy and seem to take it well when you decline their offer for a lap dance. Took one star off for the way overpriced drinks and the fact that the stripper pole is extremely short. I’m used to seeing the ones that go all the way into the ceiling so when they do the pole work it’s awesome. Here the girls can hardly do any tricks but most of the guys don’t care anyway. It’s all about the lap dance right? Would come back.

  136. fightingamish00

    This is the best. The girls are awesome, and don’t look bad either. Pretty good value and some of the dances were pretty hot with great “contact”.

  137. Rachael L.

    My husband and I visited on a weekday in November. We utilized the free limo ride to the club, which was nice. The driver was prompt and sociable. The drinks were around $20/per, as were the lap dances for around 3 minutes each. The girls were cute and polite, and didn’t take offense to being turned down. We got three lap dances between us, and were able to touch freely after asking. Overall, 4/5. If it’s wasn’t so pricey, it would be a 5.

  138. Stephanie L.

    Our bachelorette party went to Sapphire – the world’s largest double strip club…I don’t know how true that was, but damn, that place was big. But too crowded and too touristy, which is where they make their money, but from someone not shy about going to them (having gone to one the week prior, literally), this one was not a place I would return to. I had to pay a $25 cover, though the cab driver gave us drink tickets, and then once inside, you couldn’t move freely between the men and women sides. WTF?! I was not happy about that – but I want my cake and eat it too, so, maybe I’m used to something else. The girls were a mish mash of pretty, girl-next-door, eh, and ohmygodssheshot. And there were a lot of them – the ratio was pretty good for a big, busy club. That was the most impressive thing, in my opinion. It took us forever to find a girl worthy of a lap dance, but I blame the pickiness of the bachelorette, and the drinks SUCKED. Not only that, in order to sit, you have to reserve a table…no sitting at the bar because they’re maybe five seats at each one, of course completely full for the entire time they’re open. That’s how they make their money, I get that, but still…pretty women would get more money from me, drinks-tips-dances-all three, if I could’ve sat! I would’ve gladly gone to another, perhaps more divey place, without the cover and the ability to have better drinks and a place to sit and watch.

  139. fruity
  140. Alex D.

    If I could give it one review I would. We walk in and my friend uses the ATM. Normal right? $45 just to use the ATM. Then from there girls immediately come to you and sit on your lap. I went out to have a guys night out. Not have some random girl sit on me. I was also wearing khakis. The girl had so much bronzer on that she left it all over my nice expensive khakis. I’m sorry but I don’t want to look like you after you’re done. Then the girls say “were gonna bring you on a tour.” Then they bring you into the VIP room and sit you down and say its $500 per girl per hour. Then we said no thanks but they wouldn’t let us leave. We had to say no thanks. Overall worst experience I’ve had at a club. I don’t mind them trying to hustle me for drinks. But don’t sit there and tell me how much you make and how long you’ve been doing it. Over all I will not go back.

  141. Frances T.

    Great looking women but way to crowded to enjoy One small stage one dancer at a time & if you don’t get a seat by the stage you miss out on most of the fun The women are walking around offering lap dances but to crowded to enjoy the lap dance in your seat Went with 10 couples also got to experience Men of Sapphire

  142. Cesar Á.

    The first time we came here it was fun times with the wife and her girl friends. We spent hours here. This night however (march 26 2015 at 3am) it was a very different experience. HORRIBLE customer service!As soon as we were seated a waitress came by to take our drink order. We asked if we could order a little later as we just came from El Dorado Cantina next door for dinner and drinks (which is awesome BTW). She said “you have to order something.” And we asked again to clarify if we are able to order later. Then she just walks away!!!We are left confused, wondering why and where she left to lol.Then the manager comes to our table and tells us that we have to order drinks or he will give our table to someone else who is paying. We mention that we are planing to order drinks and we simply asked the waitress if we can order later. We told the manager that we didn’t appreciate how rude the waitress was with her attitude. So then he was like well you have to order drinks right now or get out!I wish I got his name. It was an older white slender guy with grey or blonde hair.This guy really needs to take a course in management and customer service. We will not be coming here again.

  143. Living L.

    Whoop Whoop! What’s a Bachelor Party without Steaks, Liquor, and T&A!Got bottle service for the party of 15 last Friday night, and this place was a Stripper BUFFET! EVERYWHERE ! The ladies are here to entertain/work, so don’t be a cheapass and you’ll be treated right! Had a blast here, actually got left behind in a VIP booth, while everyone left. Do you smell what the Strippers are cooking?Left one star out, just in case the Rhino is better…saving some Jacksons for that trip!

  144. Strip Club Vet ( East Coast)

    I posted about another popular club (think)on their page , that place way overrated , so decided to ck out Sapphire for a comparison , Sapphire has better lighting, more reasonable drink prices (4 free drinks with half hour in vip) better music …. girls were not rude , smiled alot , and seemed a lot less full of the delude sense of importance at the other place I went the night before, also they offer free admission with free limo service , seems to me this managment staff has a better sense of the state of economic distress currently in this country

  145. Jando S.

    71,000 sq ft of pure stripper mania is Sapphire’s, the largest strip club in Vegas and possibly the largest in the world. 2 years ago it was sold to new management resulting in a slight change in decor and a whole new crop of ladies and men. Men and women come here to enjoy the space and even more so, enjoy what is supposedly the best “talent” that Las Vegas has to offer.When entering it doesn’t even have the feel of a typical adult night club. Gone is the sleaze of a dive club and in place is the lush, posh environment that feels like a large jazz lounge more than a strip club. Mainstream vibes are delivered through the soft electronica beats in the background with various lit stages all over, awaiting the star performers of the night. I’ve had friends come here for bachelor / bachelorette parties, with an overwhelming majority of approval from the females. They love the men’s side of Sapphire’s where as most of the male patrons have probably seen better places. I for one thought the ladies looked better in the dark lighting, which probably isn’t very flattering to their daytime look. They are still aggressive like any place nonetheless and larger groups (especially those in VIP) are likely to attract the most attention.

  146. Tim D.

    Best Thursday Night Football Party in Vegas!

  147. Gi Gi E.

    Don’t waste your time or hard earned money. Seats are hard to come by unless u buy a table. $$$ Rip off. They give u 2 drinks with entry but it’s well drinks. The staff is very rude! The dancers are 1 type. No variety and some ok many NOT! I wish I would have read the reviews before I came because there are many other clubs. Entry at your own risk and good luck!

  148. stripforme123

    Let me start with this: Will I be coming back here after my first experience next time I’m in Vegas? Yeah sure why not. Why only 4 stars and not 5 stars you ask? It’s because the advertised “free” limo ride to Sapphire’s comes with a catch. There’s a two drink minimum for each person and with each drink costing $20, that’s $40 total for one person. The price for a normal cover into the club. Plus you need to tip the limo driver. The limo driver made sure to remind me to “take care” of him when he dropped us off. Usually the limo driver’s supposed to take care of the client and not the other way around but ok.Other than that, I had a good time at the club. You get seated at a table, get your drink order in, and then girls come flocking to you, especially if you continue to buy lap dances. As a normal guy, I do love all that attention. The girls range from skinny Asians straight off the boat from China to super hot, busty blonde girls you’d see in a porno starring Lexington Steele. I got here at 2am from Marquee and didn’t leave until around 5am. At the “start” of the night, I’m estimating there were around 75-100 girls. By the time I left, around 40 or so. Still a lot of hot girls to choose from. Just make sure that if you see a girl that you want, grab her quick because she’s a hot commodity and will probably be nabbed by another guy if you don’t act on it. Lap dances are $20. The two I got (or three or four I don’t know) were great. They last a full song and you can touch almost everything. Everything above the belly button is fair game.Beers are $13. Ouch.Can’t really say anything about the VIP area since I never went back there but girls were quoting me at around $100-$150 for around 15 minutes in the back. Another girl told me about private rooms overlooking the club that go for upwards of a grand. You can see the one way glass of the rooms if you look up next time you’re in the main room. I can’t really say what goes on in there since I’ve never been in one.I think a majority of the negative reviews that you see on here are because of poor planning. If there’s something specific that you want or are looking for, make sure to call the club in advance.Next time you’re in Vegas, other than Spearment Rhino, make sure to check out Sapphire’s as well before leaving. I’ll post another review when I check out their day club this Spring.

  149. Dani C.

    For Vegas, these girls were pretty EH. Most were fat, needed boob jobs, had stuff hanging out everywhere! Luckily, I found only ONE girl out of the WHOLE club decent enough to give my boyfriend a lap dance. You do get alot for what you pay for though. $20 for a topless, spanking, bomb lap dance. 🙂

  150. Zodric

    Last time I was at this club they were still offering free limo rides with free admission from hotels on the strip. The girls were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. They are open 24 hours a day. They do have more girls that have natural breasts than some of the other places in town. I do not recommend paying for the champaign room though. It’s one of those places that requires you to buy $100 dollar champaign and doesn’t mention it until after you payed for everything else. Plus, you can’t get away with anything in their champaign room.

  151. larry1

    Ok so I found this spot a few years ago and everytime I make it out to Vegas I hit this spot. Single man with money to burn hell yah. When I go with groups I hit this spot up 300 plus girls everynight can’t beat it. I had a friends request help for a bachelor party and I have some connections on clubs out there. They requested a nice Gentlemen’s club I said let me see what I could do.I contact Sapphire directly and the VIP person contacted me directly. We went in with 15 dudes and was taken care of real well. Limo service and cover with shots on arrival. We purchased some bottles and as soon as we had a seat girls came over. It was the same night that Tasha Reign the Adult entertainment star was making a guest showing. Lets say under 2G’s on bottles for 15 dudes. I know my group must of wasted close to $8k-$9k later. But now everyone wants me to set up parties for everyone. Wanna great time trust me contact Sapphire direct.Moe

  152. Campos M.

    this place is always great–went with a date I met from out of town—and the many times I have been to spphires I like it marcella

  153. the real king b

    $14 beers are crazy & vip dances are over priced as well.

    if your going to vegas or vacation period you should plan to spend money & enjoy. you cant go to a strip club and for one in vegas & be cheap. the girls do a great job making you “feel” good about spending the money

  154. dae m.

    ginormous costco-esque warehouse of a stripclub. i know what you’re thinking though, this is every no neck, meister brau chuggin, steak heads dream right? alas, the gals don’t really make their rounds too well in this joint and honestly there’s better quality o’ girls elsewhere. =T

  155. Joseph N.

    Sapphire’s is the Costco of tittie bars, with space included. You get your pick of Eastern European to Asian girls. What more do you want from a strip club? You get your chocolate, and coconuts included.I came here for a bachelor’s party along with 99% of the other guys in this joint. Be careful not to wear a “nice” wristwatch, because those girls get attracted to you like flies, knowing you have the $$$$$ to pay for their Louis and Goochie. The drinks are totalled waterdown down like crazy. If you get suckered into the VIP room, they actually serve you real alcohol, yet it costs you like over $300+ for lap dances. Girl on girl costs over $500+ for the VIP sessions. Since there are so many girls here, you really really need to take your sweet ass time to pick the sexy slutmachines here. Many times they will come to you with their long hair covering their faces, which you know is a hint hint already. If you’re a guy that likes a** and g-strings and want them girls in all flavors and varieties. You should check out this place. I went on a Saturday night, and this place was ridiculously packed. 1star is for the VAST selection of girls1star is for the cheap price of the lap dances (The city I’m from, is damm expensive to live in)1star is for the titties and a**es

  156. Whats down

    Your right they aren’t comparable. Sapphire is overly huge, expensive, and overrated and Mile High is small, comfy, inexpensive, friendly, and down to earth.

  157. Lauren A.

    Shabby girls and trashy some of them are rude when you say you don’t want a lap dance NEVERRRR AGAIN… One of the girls literally begged me for a lap dance i say no but i put some money on her thong she walk away and throw the money on the floor like iT was not as much as she wanted RUDEEE.. If you visiting Vegas don’t waste your money in Sapphire

  158. Peter S.

    Total rip off. Do not come here. Girl lied about the price of the dance. ATM charges $20 for taking out $200.

  159. Max A.

    I’m going to write this from the perspective of a couple. Went here with my girlfriend (who is very much into this sort of thing) on a Saturday evening. Largest club in the US or something like that, eh? Didn’t really feel like it, but then again everything in Vegas is huge so it’s difficult to tell what large is. Speaking of large, the chunky asses and cottage cheese thighs on the majority of the dancers didn’t sit well with us. There were so many girls though, it wasn’t the worst thing about it. No… the worst thing was that we both had to pay the 30 dollar cover (because there was a male show there also). Bear in mind that we’re from Phoenix where the lapdances are of higher quality and than what we had at this joint and they cost half the price… cover is also free for women or 10 bucks for men where we are. Drinks at this place were disturbingly overpriced. We had what was apparently boxed wine at 12 bucks a glass. After 4 rounds, the waitress told us we should’ve gotten a bottle – cheapest one was 120 bucks (um… if you can pour 8 glasses of wine out of one bottle of wine you should change your name to Jesus and start up a magic show on the strip).Also make note that we did a lot wrong that night… it was our first vegas strip club experience and didn’t have the handbook. I’m sure there were cheaper ways to get drinks, but we didn’t know about them. Anyway – so the dancers weren’t all that great for the most part. The worst part about that though was that even though we had a decent seat in a high traffic area, we got no attention. When we did get attention, I got shitty lapdances. They were so standard, I wanted to tell them to stop halfway through. In front of me, a group of dudes were getting the works – legs over the shoulder, panties moved around, allowed to be grabby. Me? no. My girlfriend got some pretty good ones though.We were told by some that it was because we were a couple and that some girls don’t like to dance for couples because they are afraid the girlfriend might freak out and get mad. Others said they thought I already was with a dancer… hmm… Anyway – we had to ask the door guy at one point about it because we went an hour and a half without a girl even looking at us. He sent over the first chubby girl he could find… couldn’t turn her down at that point. As the night went on, we started to get more dances – we had to be aggressive in finding the girls though. Lapdances were still shit for me though. We finally found a girl we both fell in love with and who seemed to fall in love with us – so we took her to the VIP area… pricey and not as private as I imagined. We were told by several girls who tried to upsell us that we could do more up there – psh… not much more from a guy’s point of view – but she did some naughty things to my girlfriend. It was a lot of fun at least. Don’t know if the whole experience was worth every penny, but we don’t have much to compare it to since this is the only strip club we visited in Vegas. Next time we’re doing more research. We did find out that many dancers are from other states and just come out here on the weekends because they can make up to 2k a night… shit – a couple weekends or so a month and you could turn 6 figures a year easy. Now I understand a little why some of those girls were such stuck up bitches. Compared to the handful of clubs I’ve been to around Phoenix, I have to give the overall quality of the vegas local dancers a 2/5… we had a few who were just in from out of town who we liked a lot, but really we would only return to this club to try to find that VIP girl again. Otherwise we’re never going back.Kid Rock showed up that night too… still doesn’t elevate this place above a 2 from a couple’s perspective… judging from the experience the guys around us were having though – I’d have to give it more stars.

  160. Kurt D.

    Dump, probably one of the worse ass bars I’ve ever been at. $40.00 to walk in the door. Girls need to work on their elevator pitch. Couple of hot ones, $75.00 for 5 Coors Lights. I know it’s Vegas but come on. What a damn joke. Won’t hurry back or recommend anytime soon.

  161. Amit P.

    WORST PLACE..The girls there rob people for nothing & never ever go to their private rooms, you end up paying 500 bucks for nothing. I had my worst experience here.Will never ever return.

  162. Henry S.

    The man code prohibits me from giving you any explanation as to why Im giving them 5 stars.All I can say is we came here for a bachelor party.The End.

  163. Gigi M.

    This place is pure awesome and whoever is saying MIAMI clubs are better are literally fat old guys lol! I’ve been to the miami clubs and the girls are NOT BETTER. Heck have of them are illegal and have incision lines from getting tummy tucks and bad boob jobs and fake butts so many fake butts. When I went to sapphire with my girls we felt safe and had a great time. There’s tons of majority but mostly mid age crowd and I barely saw one guy without some sort of suit….SEXYYYYYYY BEATS the Miami clubs with full of thugs and old dudes. The have tons of bars inside and a side for us gals wanting some male strippper love the girls were really pretty too ill def be back!!!

  164. Ivy W.

    SO MUCH FUN.I’ve only been here one time, but I can safely say after once, I’m already hooked.One of my promoters for XS recommended I after party at Sapphire’s and said he could get me and my friends a limo ride, free entry, and free first round of drinks. Down! A limo, which is really a mini party bus with lights and stripper poles, picked us up and took us to Sapphire. We tipped the driver and went in with no problems. Redeemed our drink tickets at the bar and ordered some finger snacks, which took a really long time to arrive, but it was fine ’cause it gave us plenty of time to walk and look around.First, this place is huge. Pretty dark, but clean, and kind of fancier than what I thought a strip club would look like. It kind of looked like a regular dance club, but with topless ladies walking around everywhere. It was interesting trying to see if we could distinguish which ladies were strippers or just visitors. Since it was Halloween, my friends and I wondered if we looked like strippers ourselves lulz. There’s also an upstairs, but we didn’t venture up there.There’s ample seating and tables around, but you have to buy table/drink packages to sit. Otherwise, you kind of have to stand around or sit at the bar, if you just want to chill. Other option would be to buy lap dances or private rooms. Luckily my group and I found seats around one of the stripper poles. This was so amazing for me ’cause I’d only seen strip clubs in movies and here I was UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL ^_^Most of the strippers are pretty attractive and really talented. Some got more tips than others, which was really interesting since the ones that got more didn’t seem anymore talented or prettier than the ones who were tipped less — but I guess it’s all preference, right? The stripper I enjoyed the most, was super friendly and smiley (something I noticed, a lot of them don’t look very happy), and crawled down from the platform, onto my lap. So awkward having boobies in my face and a stripper straddling me, but it was an awesome experience. My friends couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t stop giggling. So much fun!The only thing I didn’t really like was watching the strippers collect their tips off the platform floor after their dance was finished. Really sad and kind of degrading to watch. However, I would totally come back. The last two times I was in Vegas, I tried to visit, but plans didn’t work out. But at least I always try to make it a point to visit! It’s a great place to after-party, so I’ll definitely be back!

  165. GarryWas

    THE WORST! Visiting Vegas from Charlotte….Came in Here w 3 girl friends and they denied our entry bc we didn’t have a guy each. (Sexist if you ask me)… Then later when we finally got a hold of our guy friend that was inside and they STILL denied our entry FOR NO REASON. While our friend argued with management to get us in. They told us we HAD TO WAIT OUTSIDE! And to get out of the hall way!!! SERIOUSLY? Just wanted to stay out longer and have some fun and spend money. THE WORST SERVICE TOWARDS WOMEN!

  166. TinoX T.

    Stupid place,ugly Strippers.

  167. Raviteja G.

    This is the worst club I have ever seen. Girls are nice but they are cheating every one for fucking green bills….I have an experience like the same and was cheated by one girl name Nicole…and the ATM charges are high so please don’t believe this club more the staff they are cheating…..please I suggest be care ful before entering there!!!

  168. Alissa A.

    Spent the first night of our trip to Vegas checking out the strip clubs. This was the second one we went to (see review for Hustler as well)…1. Got hooked up with a limo bus ride for our group of 8 (4 couples). Tipped the driver a $20 to guarantee a ride back to our hotel once we were done-amazing!2. Entry was $40/pp with 2 drink tickets-not bad. 3. Bouncer found us a table to sit together-very nice and unexpected because it was 1am and packed!4. Solid drinks and we even ordered food-I was starving, score! 5. There are two small stages (size of a dining room table) and a large center stage between that is raised too high to actually see-meh. 6. There were so many dancers! This is clearly a lap dance not stage dance venue. Overall, I prefer a strip club with a large stage so I can park it and see all the ladies dance on the pole. I’m still in search of this place in Vegas. So far, SF wins in the strip club department.

  169. .


  170. Charles

    Better than ever!!! I have really fallen in love with this club. Steele, the manager, has the low-down on all the dancers, and he will hook you up with the girl you describe. Erin is by far the hottest dancer, but there are so many hotties, I am probably splitting hairs pretty thin. Not only is this the world’s biggest, but also the world’s best!

  171. vivalasvegas

    Huge variety of girls. Not the place to go to watch stage performances, if you’re into that. Definitely the place for couch dances though. VIP rooms and especially sky boxes worth the cost, trust me.

  172. kenston12

    I wish there are zero star .. This place just sucks .. They say free ride and free entrance but they make you pay a mandatory of 40 bucks for drinks and then they do not allow you to sit at a table stating for table we gotta ou 500 bucks for a bottle .. Rofl this just sucks and sucks and keep sucking …

  173. minxx sucks

    Don’t go to Minxx because they just filed bankruptcy so they won’t have to pay for the bills they owe including all the bounced checks at the Nevada District Attorneys office.

  174. zinger

    sapphire was my first introduction to strip clubs, and what an introduction it was. a great collection of girls with a handful that are awe-inspiringly beautiful in that “why the hell isn’t she modelling for playboy?” way.

    had 2 dances:

    1) number one was pretty average looking. the lap dance itself was nice with above average level of contact.

    2) number two was absolutely amazing. gorgeous tan brunette (latin?) with stunning body and very pretty face. really put in a lot of effort to spice things up, including some light ear nibbling and whispering foreigner’s “rock you like a hurricane” into my ear. the actual lap dance was above and beyond great, truly going the extra mile with extremely heavy contact throughout, a.k.a. non stop heavy grinding both face to face and with her back to me.

    not a lot of places have girls that give you this much regular heavy contact. highly recommended.

  175. Euge L.

    those that know me know i like to have a good time. i usually do.went with a group of around 30, so yeah it was crazy.for some strange reason, i just wasnt feeling this place. yeah the usual things youd find at a strip club are here.. cute to a few HOTT ladies walking around preying on drunk folks. random ass femalecustomer getting it on with a group of said ladies…. hella expensive ass drinks……but strip clubs are like masturbation…. in the begining it all seems like a great idea, youre all excited and during, youre having a great time….. but after a few minutes after, you realized, damn i just fucked myself.+1 star for that cute stripper that actually seemed like she was enjoying chatting and took me over to an abandoned area not being used that night just to chat about random ass shit and not to clean me out of all my money.

  176. T R.

    Me and my girlfriends came her to see the girls. We got in for free but had to be escorted by a male. The front desk and security was very unfriendly as were most of the dancers. To make money you have to be friendly and smile. Some haven’t grasped that concept yet. We got lap dances from three girls. I wish I could remember their names…Brazil was one. We hung out for a few hours and soon realized that we got the best of the best after seeing about 20 different girls. The drinks were $14 a pop—so beware. I’m used to a 2 drink min at these type of clubs but spending almost $30 on drinks and then a $20 lap dance, tipping the dancers and the waitress can add up. So, come with your pockets full.

  177. buddy_edgewood

    YMMV, but I had a great time this weekend, despite the expensive drinks. I usually go for the dancers that are FOB and this weekend, I hit the jackpot. They may not be the best conversationalists, but you’ll get more “bang for your buck” ;-). You can subsidize the cover by getting a free drink ticket before going to the club (a mix drink cost about $15 and cover is $30).

  178. Huge but Sucks

    This enormous club sucks. I prefer smaller joints like Talk of the Town. At TOTT, you can bring your own flask, and you can get $10 dances from 18 year old cheerleader types who will get totally nude for you. TOTT = girls under 21, BYOB, and 1/2 price dances. Sapphires = none of what TOTT has to offer.

  179. Abel
  180. Talk

    Talk of the Town (aka Trash of the Town) is the nastiest rip off joint in Vegas.

  181. Sammy

    good good good

  182. Neha S.

    We got to know about this place through a cabbie who drove us back to our hotel on our first day in the city. Surprisingly, this is world’s largest Gentleman’s club with over 700 females stripping every night. The Limo came to pick us up and the place was nicely done. Although a bit pricey, the club had a descent crowd with a new stripper performing at the pole in every 2,3 minutes. The place was packed since we went on extended weekend.

  183. Nate O.

    Best place in Vegas to go over 400 ladies on the weekend. Hundreds of hot girls best time of my life at Sapphires!!

  184. Jane C.

    Let’s just preface this review by saying that I love stripclubs … and I’ve been to a helluva lot of ’em (Robert’s / SCORES / Goldfingers = NYC …and Coliseum / The Penthouse Club = Detroit … Leopard’s / Cheetas = Windsor, Ontario) …. Sapphires came highly recommended. We chartered a limo to take us from dinner at the Wynn to the club – and entered on Tuesday, April 17th at approximately 11:30pm. First of all – the host (tall, muscular man) – was entirely UNINTELLIGIBLE. My party inquired with him (twice!) about procuring a table with bottle service, as the bar area was entirely overrun with clientele. His responses can only best be described as “Engrish” … and I can honestly say that I have never (and I mean NEVER) seen a person that drunk and still standing upright (our bartender even attempted to explain his poor behavior by telling us that he “has been on pain medication”) .Secondly, the venue was partitioned off so as to only include the right side of the stage. There was nary a seat to be found in any of this area – however – the entire left side of the stage was cordoned off and vacant. WTF? How are the strippers supposed to make money when patrons are standing? I can understand if it had been a desolate Tuesday night – but the place was PACKED. Let me just say that ALL of my experiences at stripclubs (yes, even in Detroit) FAR surpassed whatever clusterfu_ _ this operation was running. The drinks were poorly made. The service was non-existent. The venue sells itself as being the “largest stripclub” without telling patrons that this claim to fame is simply a marketing ploy on how many square feet the space occupies and not how many jiggles fill the interior. Lastly, since when do exotic dancers just prance around topless? Isn’t a stripclub supposed to be about the tease? The eroticism? The use of poles and removal of clothing? Not here, my friends. The bevvy of beasts that stampeded out on the stage did so topless, from the start. No seduction. No finesse. Nary a trick to tug at my purse-strings. Take my advice: The juice here is most certainly NOT worth the squeeze.

  185. Carla C.

    Complete Garbage!! 17 dollar drinks! Really? For bullcrap alcohol!! We paid 350 for bottle service and they brought out the smallest bottle of Sky vodka!! R u kidding me? We are a party of 11 and that’s the bottle we’re paying for??? Never ever again! Save your money and go to DejaVu!! One word….disappointed!!!

  186. Tinou B.

    Can’t really give any place with naked chicks walking around less than 3 stars. But there are a couple of very manly looking ladies working here that scare me.

  187. shawn g.

    this place was understandably crowded on a saturday night filled with bachelor parties. the lights are reasonably bright, so you get a decent idea of how a girl looks nearly half a second before you’re being smothered and asked if you want a dance. the songs here seemed to all be the radio edits, i’d be surpirsed if any of them topped out over three minutes. the DJ was constantly on the mic calling girls back in to the VIP room and trying to get the crowd worked up. it is a big place and can accomodate larger parties of 15-20, and be sure to call ahead to see if you can get a deal on cover, if you have enough people willing to chunk down cash for dances. i think drinks were around $6.

  188. Tavis S.

    As a gentlemen’s club, this is probably the best that Vegas has to offer now. The girls are hot, the club is huge, and the music is awesome. Overall service at this club is incredibleHowever, I’m giving this 1-star to make sure you all know what to expect. There are no “nice” girls here. DO NOT go into the VIP room. DO NOT go into the champagne booth. These girls are pros. They will make sure you get drunk, you have fun, and they will find a way to get paid!The biggest scam you should watch for is double-billing. These girls are pros at doing this. They will charge you and then turn around and take money from your friend (who thought they paid for you).If you’re drunk as hell, read this message, and still have it happen to you…you deserve it.Having said that…this club is awesome. Just be aware that all of them are money-grubbing hos. In the end, they are just putting up an act to get as much out of you as possible. Have fun, but don’t be a dumb ass!

  189. Alvin P.

    this was the first gentlemen’s club I’ve been to, and is pretty much the only one I go to. First time was for a bachelor party. I went in not knowing what to expect, but as soon as you walk thru the doors, its almost as if you were entering the gates of heaven. This place is crazy big.There is this song by one Mr. Teddy Penderass aka T-Pain entitled “I’m in love with a stripper.” this man speaks the truth. many a times I’ve fell in love when I come to this place. Thru my several trips, I will give a few tips. 1. Talk to a doorman of the taxi lobby of a hotel, get a free limo ride, sometimes even free cover, and a free round of drinks. 2. Saturday night is a busy night, but if you wanna just chill and talk to girls, Sundays are awesome. 3. showing up at 4am versus 10-midnightish seems like a big difference in terms of lineup.Sapphire is great

  190. Vicky T.

    So perhaps this four stars is due to the best man knowing many of the girls here…long story short..he has insomnia and goes to gentlemen’s clubs…no he is not a dirt bag..he is really a great guy…he is friends with several of the ladies and when the joint bachelor(ette) rolled around we hopped the mini bus and went here. A wide variety of different women and multiple shows going on at once. Whether you want to get a motor boat, a lap dance or see some awesome pole dancing…there is something for everyone…newbie to clubs or not. We sat underneath the glass floor in some cushy chairs, chopped it up with the ladies, received some great lap dances enjoyed a few shows and called it an evening.

  191. Jessica M.

    Sapphire is a girl buffet. Seriously, ask them for a blond Asian that has double Ds and bam! It’s served. Sapphire is without a doubt the largest strip club in Vegas and almost anywhere in the world.It is beautiful inside, the stage is amazing and quite a piece of work. There is a two drink minimum. Local ladies are free. PRO TIP: Strip clubs will let you in for free and escort you there and back via limo ALL for free. Call: 702 303 3430.The girls are beautiful, the space is amazing, the VIP/Private rooms are truly private.If there is anywhere in Vegas, I would fall in love with a stripper, it would be here. Hello, ladies!

  192. A M.

    Save your money for the Spearmint Rhino. This was the first and last time I spend money at Sapphire. Well should I talk about the good first? Alright, the music variety, coupled with matching music videos, were good but I think it was a distraction for the disappointments. Around 1030pm Friday night (in busy August), we got a free limo ride and free cover charge (for a group of 10). Although it was pretty packed, I didn’t have to wait long for a drink at the bar. Now for why I gave it less than 3 stars. Good thing 1/2 stars aren’t permissible or else I would have rated it 1 1/2 stars. The limo was 20 min late, but the old chauffeur was nice. This was the first time we got “bottle service”, but things would have gone better had we been explained about it all this before we got to the dark and loud centerstage area. Since the cost of a mixed drink goes for $17(i.e. plain vodka & cranberry) and a bottled water(not even 16oz) was $11 or $13, it was a wise choice. We were told we’d be checked on every 5 min., but that didn’t happen once the club got busier. Last but not least, the quality and quantity of girls reviewed. Expect an average cup size about a small B between them all. Less than a handful (literally) were larger than B cups. There was the stripper that was around 40, the stripper that was flashing her cellulite, and the girls that didn’t make their proper rotation around the club, so we saw the same eight or fewer girls around our tables all night (were among what I experienced). Every time I went to the bathroom I would see over a half dozen girls that hadn’t been seen ANYWHERE on the main floor going to their back room. After about 2am we left, paid for a dry ‘party bus’ to take us back to the hotel ($60)

  193. Cindy C.

    my 100th review and I’m dedicating it to one of the most expensive, but fun clubs in las vegas. as a strip club virgin, its difficult for me to judge the club based on the girls or the service or the dancing OR the stripping. But, a solid 5 star experience for me simply because it was the perfect ending to an amazing night as well as a whirlwind trip to sin city. Or, a fantastic beginning to a very hungover morning. After clubbing at Pure, and drinking more at vbar, my friends and I hopped into a cab and he recommended Sapphires and told us to “ask for candy, the stripper that looks like jessica alba” We were SOLD. Cover is $30, (most expensive cover for a girl in vegas) and drinks are EXPENSIVE, but you either expect it already, or are too drunk to care. I love how there are tables all around, and girls just walking around. It’s like a catwalk but the girls are so close to you! …you can touch them! There are a wide variety of girls, and I believe that if you stay long enough (like we did) they change shifts, or something. Flag down the one you like and buy a lapdance or simply enjoy the show on stage. My friends and i were blown away when the stripper picked up bills with her boobs. *note to self, must learn trick*Definitely a fun night. Really, the best ending any girl (and guy) could have asked for.

  194. Bill

    Came with some friends for a bachelor party around 9pm. Place was huge but empty. I was told by staff it gets busy later on. There were a few good looking ladies but most were not in shape or over 35. Dancers looked bored on stage and didn’t move well. I was approached a few times and went to the VIP once. It was mediocre at best. Entertainers and staff are pushy and sometimes outright rude. Next time I am in Vegas I will try a different club.

  195. Aimee L.

    Well I will say that this is a first for me in so many ways.First…-Las Vegas Strip Club-First Lab Dance-First time slapping a gal’s behind (she insisted)and it was all so much fun. The place is massive and on a Saturday, you’ll be lucky to find a table to sit and get dances. There aren’t many booths from what I can remember (hey it’s Vegas) so most of the dances are done at the tables. My guy friend and I decently to slip out fro the club to head over to here. While we were at the bar, a few of the girls made conversation with us. It was actually really easy but then again it’s their craft. One went and got a couple of chairs because my friend decided it was time to get me my first lap dance. Woah doggy…it was quite a dance. She made it fun and comfortable and I had a blast. I am sure they are used to a lot of “virgins” here so they’ll be gentle on you.It was quite an experience and I would definitely do it again.

  196. Rachel K.

    Uh, gross? NONE… repeat, NONE of the dancers here were hot. My homies got two lap dances and they were NOT cute. One of them did a really hot dance, but damn, was she a beast. Also, the stage dancers were LAME!! All they did was toe step in their bikinis.. They didn’t even try. Even the DJ had to repeatedly call them up to get them on stage.. again.. LAME!Oh well… we tried… HAHHAHAHA…

  197. Elvis

    Wow!! Best club in the WORLD! I never seen so many HOT girls. Lots of space to sit and more VIP rooms than I could make it into (I counted 3). I would say this place is better than Rhino and Scores. Would have gave it a 10 if the girls all came home with me.

  198. Vaniah S.

    Could use some more poles. Also, our promoter promised us a table, but did not follow through. Outing with out-of-towners could have been better

  199. Bernard

    Expensive drinks and pushy girls aren’t the only problems in this zoo. I like Seamless or Spearmint much better.

  200. livinlikelarry

    Came here with a group of friends, guys and girls on a Sunday night. We had limo service(party bus w/ stripper pool) pick us up at our hotel. Front desk charged us $12/each for entry but we get a free drink. The drink was just meh…it was some nasty lemon drop with cheap vodka. What else can you expect from a free drink? I downed it immediately.Anyway, we grabbed a random table BUT they are generally reserved for patrons who purchase drinks or made reservations for them. We did neither but promised one of the suited guys if we took a table we’d make it worth it. I think our group got a total of 9 lap dances including ones we bought for random nerds gawking around. $20/dance and the heavier it rained the longer these girls stayed. Overall the quality of girls is better than Spirits Rhino. Pretty, nice figures(we are all ass men) and friendly. Fun but I probably wouldn’t come again though I would recommend it for friends visiting LV.

  201. Kathy T.

    What bachelorette party isn’t complete with a little male strip revue of some sort? Really, I’m asking. I would personally like to know. I will put it out there, I’ve never been to a strip club with a male show. Had an idea, but really not entirely sure of what to expect, considering all of the strip clubs I’ve ever been to in LA have included high cover, lousy and expensive drinks. Cover Charge – So, I can’t honestly speak toward the cover. Our adventure to Sapphire was included in a VIP package my group paid for. Club space – Walking into the club, it was huge. HUGE! Well, bigger than I had anticipated when I had walked in. There was a large area where I presume all the men ventured to watch women. And then behind a velvet curtain, my group went to a large room, complete with private bar, full stage with a cat walk and a couch area (for all of the private strip teases).Drinks – expensive and pretty weak. I’ll leave it at that. They were $10 for a vodka tonic. And it was pretty much $0.50 worth of tonic water and a splash of vodka put into a small plastic cup. I chuck it up to this place being a strip club and really, you have to know what you’re getting into. You don’t come here because the drinks are good. Male Revue Show – It was entertaining, I’ll give you that much. They really do a good job catering to the bachelorette parties. Which is super fun. The guys are nice and pretty attractive. And overall the show was just really funny. I couldn’t stop laughing, I just thought it was so over the top. And hey, that’s kinda what you pay for – to have a fun night out and be entertained. I’ll just finish by saying – TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! haha!

  202. Somala A.

    Our host for the weekend recommended this club for our bachelorette party. First, we had to wait about an hour for the male review show to start. They had us waiting in the gentlemen’s area, so we got a chance to see the girls work it. It was interesting. Got to chat with some of the girls, they seem really nice. I only saw a couple that had really nice bodies and were really pretty.Finally our show was about to start. We got in there, and we were 1 of 3 bachelorette parties there. The room felt really empty! We left the show after our girl got her strip dance. It wasn’t anything to write home about. There were 1-2 hot guys. Most of it was just annoying that they kept coming to ask us if we wanted a lap dance. When we said no, they laughed at us and said we were a bunch of lesbians. Whatever!

  203. Steven H.

    I’ve read some of the other reviews here. Okay, who the f–k are you guys taking your dates or wives to a strip club? Who are you people and what’s your problem? Their reviews should automatically be discarded by the normal reader since normal men go to strip clubs to have fun with new and/or different chicks, not their wives or girlfriends. I did have fun when I went there 2 nights but maybe that was partially luck. We ran into cool chicks who were fun and everything worked out. I get how other people can have bad experiences but we didn’t. The BIG, BIG problem there is the price of drinks. I mean, c’mon, $12 (I think) for a beer? People pay it so I suppose they can charge it but it just discourages me from going back. Luckily I and my friends were half in the bag when we got there.P.S.I used to live in Miami and go back frequently. Sorry Vegas but Miami has you beat in the strip club industry every conceivable way they can.

  204. Sreekanth J.

    It’s only good when you go on weekends. Some of the girls are good and some are really cheap and nasty!!I had a girl sit with me for few mins chatting and then asked (begged) me for tips. Then when I didn’t tip her as much as she thought, she turned abusive and started to say nasty thingsSome of the girls were really good to talk to

  205. James M.

    dude!!!!! no way never again. $12.00 for a beer!! they must be smoking some bad stuff!

  206. yanard

    If I could give this place no stars I would. Came here tonight to spend some time with a friend and have a couple of drinks and was informed that unless accompanied by a man we would not be allowed in. Are we in Saudi Arabia??? Didn’t think so. That was strike 1. Strike 2 is charging locals to get in at $45 a person. Never going to happen. Congratulations sapphire…you have just lost business from 2 raving fans that have adored you for years. Let’s also add to the fact that your security man John also had a bad attitude asking us to leave while we were waiting for our uber in the warmth. A simple “it’s protocol” would have worked just fine. But hey, I’ll never be stuck working in a strip club to make ends meet. Off to Larry Flynts! Employing the most girls in the valley isn’t attractive but instead desperate. I will say I do suggest you teach your staff to be cordial. I live in Vegas and understand the industry very well and also know there is no place for a bad attitude. Clean house.

  207. Javier L.

    Now I wouldn’t take my review too seriously because everything that happened that night is still pretty foggy. After the Avn after party we decided 2 catch a limo to Sapphires at around 3am. Got there and I guess the limo ride was free, I was literally waiting about 2 weeks to get charged for that but I guess it was free according to one of my friends. That right off the bat gives you a glimpse of how out of my mind I was that night. Once we got into Sapphires, one thing I remember for sure was that the selection of women was insane, more than I had ever seen in a strip club. Some bangin ass chicks all the way down to the hood rats. Got a couple lap dances and hit up the vip rm, walked in with a couple hundred left with nothing, had a good time. Thank god one of my buddies saved some money for cab fare otherwise we would have been screwed. All in all this club was a gd experience, too bad I can’t remember everything, literally if I went back to that place somewhat sober it would all seem like a new experience to me. Check it out though n get the free limo ride.

  208. Tanya S.

    Came here for a bachelor party. One of three girls invited for the 20+ bachelor’s weekend. Lucky? You be the judge….We hit up Sapphire the first night we landed in Las Vegas. This was not my first gentlemen’s club but I was still curious of certain things. I heard this was the biggest strip club with the hottest ladies.Everyone even the ladies got charged $20 bucks for cover. We were asked if we lived local because apparently the cabbies get a cut of the cover charge by bringing us here. I don’t understand and don’t ask me to explain. We walk in and it was like a HUGE ORGY. You see women workin the catwalk and poles. But on the floor level, if you don’t look closely, you can barely see the strippers giving men lap dances. They were stealthily bumpin and grindin on legs. They looked like leeches sucking the livelihood/money of the guy’s soul.My girlfriends and I stayed back and up a little on top to enjoy the view. We saw some things going on I have never seen in any strip club. Lots of married men and digits going places not allowed.Honestly it made me want to take a hot shower YET go home in front of a mirror and see how I could use my man as a jungle gym while he was sitting in a chair. I don’t mind strip clubs but all in all a waste of money to me. Some of the girls here were hot and some not. An interesting experience to say the least. When we gathered the masses and left–all the men looked at my friends and I like we were about to strip. The bachelor mentioned it was hard to go from all women topless and willing to strip for money to………well us. Too bad oh so sad…….excuse me what is your name?

  209. Jeremy

    Everything has been going down hill pretty fast at this club. It all started when they began paying cabbies a fortune. Now they make up for the losses to the cabbies by gouging customers. They’ve almost run off all the locals. Sure, there are more people crowding up the chairs, but the dancer quality and hospitality has suffered. Great club if you want to jump on a sinking ship.

  210. A.

    We got invited here, but this place blows.Some nice girls here and there, but too crowded, awful service and the place stinks (not in a good way).Save your money and go to the Spearmint Rhino.

  211. Herb

    Horrible ripoff. Do not waste your time or money.

  212. williamr

    This was the worst strip club I have ever been to, but one of my all time favorite nights. Does that make sense? I actually loved it BECAUSE of how absolutely terrible it was. Plus, it was worth it to witness my adorable boyfriend through it all. I would normally not relish in his discomfort, but it was somehow endearing and hysterical. The memory (*not the cover charge) was priceless. I saw only one pole, and a million dancers standing around near the bar and entry. Not a place for talented dancers so much as girls hustling for lap dances and trips to the VIP room. Quite a variety of bodies, though. I’m sure this is ideal for bachelor parties. We were seated, and within only a couple of minutes, a girl sat down at our table. She wanted to talk…sort of the unpretentious/under the influence/young/ “save me” type. For instance, one of her lines was “you can ask me anything.” Unfortunately, we did not prepare any questions before arriving, so we weren’t able to take advantage of this part. *Had we been prepared, this could have been quite entertaining. She told us all about her kid/ her argumentative boyfriend, yada, yada, yada. All very original. She picked on me for drinking beer, when in fact I was simply not wanting to black out. Cue tequila shots with lemon (my body physically cannot say no to tequila shots, I was born with this ailment). Alas, she was harmless. Perhaps a good warm up for what was about to land on our laps…Dancer #2 had the voice of Pikachu, the cure for yellow fever, and the multi tasking skills of a wizard. While she shoved her booty in one of our faces, she maintained conversation and motor boated the other. What I really liked about her was that she listened when I told her that my boyfriend loves his nipples touched. Does he? Irrelevant. She dove straight in, unbuttoned his shirt, and asked “hard or lightly? ” She proceeded with lots of great lines. “He so horny! He so big like black man!” None of them untrue….simply excellent to hear from her mouth. When I looked over to see my boyfriend….his shirt was open, his arms were grasping the sides of his chair, and he was maintaining eye contact with the ceiling. It was like watching a baby deer walk for the first time, a true gem of a sight. I cherish this image so deeply, so very deeply to my core. Pikachu told me her earnings, what fun dancing is, and that we should all go to the VIP room. She was an aggressive little thang. At that point it was time to go, though. We left our china doll and went back to have our own party. The oysters were kicking in from dinner.Overall, it’s a strip club. You’re paying for women to make money from grinding on you, so It comes down to who your company is. Lucky for me, mine was perfect, and it was a perfect vegas night.

  213. TOTT fan Too

    TOTT was once the best kept secret in Vegas, now everybody is finding out about it. I have never seen more pretty girls per square foot than TOTT. I no longer like Sapphires since TOTT has better girls in a smaller, more intimate setting.

  214. Bev H.

    Bad Experience. The customer service is awful. You’d think they would treat their customers with more respect TO RETAIN business, but I guess in this transient city, no one gives a crap. Overall shotty experience due to snotty waitresses, credit card charges that were not authorized by me, pressure to tip undeserving hosts, etc. worst strip club ever. I plan on writing the owner a letter about it.

  215. Mike C.

    This is supposedly the biggest strip club in Vegas. Can’t really attest to this personally, but there is an organized taxi cab, a food truck, a limo and van service here and hundreds and hundreds of girls here. Now that’s saying something.There was a group of about 8 of us and they picked us up via limo service. Not bad actually.Coming into this club at 1am, there were just way to many people. Lot’s of people standing around because all the seats were taken. But I guess they reserve tables for groups who do the bottle service.Bottles start at $350 and can go up as high as $1000. So if you have a big group, it is wise to do the bottle service, because you are essentially guaranteed a booth, a couple of tables and seats.Trust me, as a lot of people paid $40 just to get in, and most had to stand. It’s hard to get a lap dance (no pun) while standing up (no pun)…something to think about.And speaking of lap dances, they’re $20 per song.Overall, I had a semi-good time. I wasn’t really a fan coming up here, but at least I got to experience it at least once coming up here to Vegas.

  216. Chris

    Great dances, worth the money!

  217. Jeff N.

    Yeah, okay, the girls are pretty. So what? I just paid $14.50 for one drink. I must be an imbecile because i paid. I will not be back.

  218. Michelle

    the dancers where nice, the waitresses where helpful. We had a great time!

  219. Randy

    This place is way overpriced, $15 for 2 beers.

  220. Tejas P.

    Expensive as shit. $45 entry fee wtf !! $11 small water bottle $15 beer. Girls get on you like you are the only one there. They force you to go for dance. Girls are okay not spectacular. Wont ever go back.

  221. sam

    Beautiful club with even better dancers!

  222. Chris S.

    WHAT A TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!! I WASTED MY TIME AND MONEY FOR LIES!!! Stay as far away from this 2-bit money vacuum as possible! They’ll promise you all kinds of things then when it comes time for them to BEGIN to make good, it seems like everyone has a hand out, waiting for you to pay and pay. Tip him, pay her, tip her, pay them, and yet nobody in our bachelor party for had even got a peek at a nipple. On the phone, a representative of the club told me the limos, admission, first 2 drinks, a lap dance for the bachelor and the ride back were all free. The minute we were inside the big guy told me we had to put $100.00 a person on a credit card to make sure we were serious and NOT just getting the free stuff and leaving. I reminded him that the 23 dudes have each spent far more than that already. The guy got rude and disrespectful so we requested a receipt and a ride back. Another promise broken as we were invited to have sex with ourselves. And told to take taxis as they continued to be jerks. They advertise the largest club. Biggest RIP-OFF is a better term. We weren’t the only ones being swindled at that same time.. Cuter girls in other clubs, better treatment anywhere else we went. I swear the ONLY nipple I saw had big blue veins and the butts had more cottage cheese than the supermarket dairy section

  223. Cat Q.

    If you never get invited to a Victoria secrets show, don’t worry about it. This place is filled with bombshells collection.+++This place is like silicon doll warehouse. The market is big, there were all kinds of girls around. it will fit every desire. +++Some girls were very hard working. Those girls know they are here to earn money. They will be more sincere doing their job. -++Girls were young. Some were extremely beautiful, some were not. But there is plenty of choice. -++Some girls have beautiful faces, however their skin felt like sandpaper. —The extremely pretty ones were greedy. Sometimes they will cheat on you with half a dance or even 1/3 of the dance. So keep your ears opened for the music. —We were late for the Limo ride that our friends arranged, so we decide to go by taxi. They charged us the full fair 66 USD(Without complementary drink). After we explained that we were late to catch the Limo. The host lady were very strict about the entree fee. WOW! —DJ sucks here, music was messy. One rap to one techno house to one rock music to one pop and so on. Tip: Use their Limo ride service, since the entry cover charge is expensive and it doesn’t come with anything.

  224. Mistercap12

    So this was my first strip club experience for my friend’s bachelor party. We walk in and the place looks nice. Immediately 4 girls pounce on us like lions hunting gazelle. They grab our hands and physically begin to pull us towards the private rooms. I was offered “fun” with 2 girls for an hour at $700 an hour. I declined and the. She asked “do you want a blowjob?” I responded with “I can’t. I have a girlfriend” and this girl said “ok. Whatever. Bye.” And just left me in the back private room and vanished. Basically the whole night was spent with girls trying their different ploys to get you to do a private show. I get it. That’s how they make money. It felt like a used car lot. We then are told by one of the hostesses that we can sit at the tables as long as we order drinks. We ask if the free drink vouchers we had (from the package) counted and they said yes. We sat down and immediately had the hyenas on our laps with “is it ok if I sit on your cock?” Yea ok. Come to find out that the vouchers don’t count and we need to buy drinks ($15 for a beer) or leave. The girls said “fuck them. They’re cheap asses and won’t buy drinks.” The rest of the visit was spent at the stage avoiding eye contact with the girls who were circling like vultures and were super pushy about private shows. Overall it was pretty uncomfortable. Maybe because it was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect. Luckily I went to another club after this (again with the package) and it was much better, but that’s another review. The girls were pretty hit and miss, but I can’t fault them because I don’t think they would play their varsity team on a Wednesday.

  225. Jeff

    This place sucks, the girls are fat.

  226. Amanda

    I went there last night and was veryyy disappointed! First, a lot of the dancers were just sitting in the bathroom and were very rude and complaining about each other. Also, the girls dancing looked like they were half asleep and it was only 11:00!!! They did absolutely nothing but walk around the pole a few times. Their dancing sucked but a lot of them were decent to hot girls. Drink prices were freakin unreal… $14/drink 2 drink min… and they are the size of a shot glass! I will never go there again.

  227. livinlikelarry

    This place is very racist. I have brought a few people with me and two of the men were black, we were told it was a dress code issue. This place couldn’t even explain to me about what was wrong with the dress code or what the dress code was. I’ve asked for a manager to explain to me about the dress code, but they have told me that the manager is busy. Do not go to this place

  228. Tyler Y.

    Are you kidding me?? Who’s writing the good reviews on this place? TERRIBLE. Period. I promise you I am NOT a spammer!- I am a Vegas local. I have been to the best strip clubs out here, plus many here and there around the country. Rhino – awesome. Go there..Wow I can’t even begin to say how bad Sapphires is. This is Vegas FFS. Shouldn’t “the largest gentleman’s club in the world” have more than 2 girls dancing at one time (only 3 stages max!!) ?? AND, if it IS only 2 chicks in the entirety of the 70000 sq ft of space, I would hope that those girls are as hot as they get – far from the low level of talent that I saw in my disappointing couple hours there this FRIDAY night during prime hours. Honestly, I can’t even believe I actually felt compelled to write this review – this place was so bad. My 2 Bud Lites were TWENTY EIGHT Dollars. 28 dollars. That’s….. $14 a beer. I am used to paying 10 bucks a beer at most clubs in Vegas. It’s pretty standard. But $28???? For 2 Buds, and 2 girls dancing on stage???? S*&t that’s…. 31 bucks after a bad tip!!! lol. For 2 beer bottles, 2 ugly strippers on stage, and a whole lotta empty cubic feet. I EXPECT to get ripped off in Vegas from time to time, but not like this. Not like this. Ugh, I feel dirty, but NOT because I had a pile of hot strippers grinding on me… Ironic. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. Rob W.

    Be prepared to spend money to have a good time here. Went on a Wednesday night. We called for the free limo ride with a 2 drink minimum purchase. Got picked up and as we were pulling up to the club, the driver told us it was $40/person (for 2 drinks). It was only me and my wife so i told him i would just call Uber and get a ride back, so he comp’d my my so we wouldnt leave. After paying the $40 dollars to get it, we went to the bar for our drinks and were very limited to what we could get. I asked for a vodka redbull and they tried to charge extra, so i just grabbed my $20 beer lol. Then we tried to grab a seat but were told you have to buy more drinks to sit down. So we were forced to stand at the bar with everyone else who didnt want to pay extra to get a table. Very crowded. We stayed only a short time just from being irritated at the hidden costs. When we called the limo driver to take us back to the hotel, they never got back to us. So we had to get a taxi back (the free limo was supposed to be a round trip.Overall, the experience was terribleAs for the girls, definitley not what i would expect from one of the “best” vegas strip clubs. The ones that were valled to the one stage they had that night were very boring. The stage was small and the pole was short. I like to be entertained when i am at a strip club. I prefer more pole work and the didnt have enough area to do anything. They had another stage but were not using it and forcing the people into half the club. The waitresses were better looking than the strippers. In fact, most the girls walking around the strip and hotels were better lookingBottom line, plan to spend a lot of money to have a good time here, and know you might get left there. Average to below average girls on a wednesday night. Rude staff, bartenders. The few girls we did talk to were nice but thats there job. This place is all about high price drinks and VIP dances. Dont expect to enjoy the stages as you would in most clubs.

  230. Michael

    This club is Excellent!!! The weekend girls are abundant and absolutely Gorgeous! The VIP Skyboxes are well worth the $$$$$. Had a fantastic time!

  231. Jason P.

    Came here for the first time in January for two of my friend’s birthdays. Had the shuttle service pick us up from Vdara. It was $33 to get in (Friday night). We were given two receipts. One was for a free beer and the other was for a free mixed drink. I was there for my friends rather to get a dance. While the women that night were looking great, I simply was there to enjoy the company of my group. I was approached few times and it was difficult for them to take a polite no thank you. It was easier when I crowded myself to the middle of my group.I went with two of my friends to the bar and ordered Kamikazes the bartender never finished making the drinks and we were left with pretty much just lime juice. He left to make drinks for what other people ordered, and never went back to us.The music they played was good.While waiting for our friends as they were getting their private dances, we stood around because it seems like anywhere you sit/tables are all reserved or you pay $$$. Security said we couldn’t be standing so we pretty much leaned against the wall.

  232. Mike F.

    I was here on July 5, 2014 to watch UFC 175. It was NOT my choice of venue but a compromise was made.The cost to get in was steep and the drinks were overpriced, but okay, it’s a strip club in Vegas so that’s what I expected.Here’s what really ticked me off: The advertising on the website promised some food would be included with the price of admission to watch the UFC event. It wasn’t. Half of the employees that I asked (I asked 5-6 employees, including one claiming to be the ‘manager’) said yes, there will be food served. Turns out, not one of them had a clue what was going on.I didn’t spend much time where the girls were but a few of them were pretty cute. I would assume it’s a fairly average strip club in Vegas, if strip clubs are your thing. I highly recommend against coming here for a Pay-Per-View event unless at some point the management gets their $#!t together.

  233. James

    My wife and I went there and had a great time! I highly recommend it for couples!!!

  234. jd

    Had a great time. Lovely girl named AJ was smart and beautiful. Laughed with her for hours. She was also a great dancer. Staff seemed very friendly.

  235. POLO

    The manager Lee is really Hott!! Is he really married or is he just wearing that ring for show??

  236. Maurice D.

    Club treated me very bad. Complained about my groups dress saying it’s professional dress but customers coming out the club in shorts and t shirts but it wasn’t ok for me to wear jeans and a t shirt. I left throwing $60 for the asshole..

  237. Nicole N.

    This show is amazing!!! WAYYYY BETTER THAN CHIPPENDALES OR THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER!!!! The guys are very personalable and I can have fun!! I have been to chippendales about 3 times and its okay, but this is like it but better. Each guy has his own set and you can give them tips while they are on stage and when they are done they come around and thank you and ask if you want a dance. I just like to drink and enjoy the show..not really into guys giving me a dance. Ladies dont forget your $1’s!!!!!

  238. Paul D.

    Went here Last Month for a Bachelor Party Not impressed yes its the Worlds Largest Gentlemens Club But Quality over Quantity when It comes to Strip Clubs. A lot of Crappy Looking Girls with Crappy attitudes and it would not be so Bad if it wasn’t so dam Expensive 1 Vodka Club 31 Dollars its OK I guess just don’t think its worth the Price that’s all.Maybe next time I’ll check out the Blue Rhino.

  239. Brittany C.

    Majority of the people that gave Sapphire 5 stars are employees. Looks like they’re not doing so well, so they need the employees to write positive reviews to get a better rating. Just like they make employees vote to win Best of Las Vegas. Also, the free shot you get upon check in does not have alcohol in it. Ask what’s in it. Do you think a place that charges $18 for one beer will give away free liquor? All they want is your money.

  240. Cathy G.

    Rolled in with my boyfriend and two of his guy friends last Friday night/ Saturday morning. It was about 3:45am and there was a large party of men standing outside the venue in line to get picked up. The venue is huge. $40 for cover?! What the hell – that’s Vegas for you. Women dressed in lingerie everywhere. I’ve seen less at raves and Halloween parties. Completely phased. Sat down with the boys at one of the dancer poles. Some of these girls really know how to work it – which reminds me *sidenote: sign up for pole dancing class at Crunch gym*. Overall, it was fun for what it was. Boyfriend bought me a lap dance, the girl who performed for me did an excellent job (for him). She was cute, petite and complimented me on my own attributes. At a certain point, one of the customers from a few feet away took a picture of it happening and the girl stopped what she was doing , walked up to the guy, and deleted the picture off his phone. She came back to me, apologized, and told me that for my sake she didn’t want the picture to be circulating around(I gave her a hug – Classy!) Watching my boyfriend get a lapdance(not so fun, seriously I could do better). The guys seemed satisfied with what they got. Unfortunately, one of them had his buzzed head rubbed by one of the girl’s behinds (completely not by choice – totally not amused by that). The girl apologized and walked away. Four stars for the girl who did my lapdance and 2.5 for the venue.

  241. Ming J.

    The worst strip club I ever been , the cover fee $34, $17 for a bud light, don’t buy drink for these girls. Girl just want lap dance or VIP room, just want to rip off all your money. Terrible!

  242. marlonmoney12

    I hate giving one star reviews, but this experience compelled me to do it. It wasn’t all horrible, but the bad far outweighed the good.The Good:I took my girl here on 1/23/2016 (Saturday night) around midnight. We bought a VIP package and took the limo to the club. The limo driver was prompt and courteous – the limo was kind of crappy, but that wasn’t his fault. The hostess outside was fantastic as well and she shuffled us into the club and passed us off to the host inside. The host inside was also great and got us situated quickly; he was incredibly courteous. The bouncer that took our coats was kind of an a-hole, but whatever, he’s a bouncer. Our waitress was smokin’ hot, extremely friendly, and attentive. Couldn’t have asked for a better waitress at a strip club. The Bad:The girls were, in our opinion, extremely low caliber. We are from Dallas and there is no shortage of strip clubs here. I know Vegas pulls people from all over, but this was the worst crop of girls I have ever seen on a weekend night in any major city, in a primetime club. There were some exceptions, obviously, but overall it was pretty bad. The absolute worst part though was that 9/10 girls that circled our area completely passed up all three of the couples (us included) that were seated in the area. We were near the front, in the middle section of seats, so it’s not like we were hard to get to. Girls were passing through there all night, and maybe 5 girls talked to anyone at the three tables of couples. I was absolutely floored. All of us (3 couples) were in good shape, dressed well, and pretty decent looking, so I’m kind of at a loss as to why everyone avoided us like the plague. I have never had this happen to me at a strip club, so I was kind of confused. Out of principle, I refuse to chase down a stripper to have her take my money… they’re supposed to be working for that money, I’m not going to do their job for them. After about two hours there, and spending about $150 on drinks, some guy from the front came up and asked us to move so he could make room for a group that was coming in. That was all I needed to hear to make me never want to go back. We paid our tab and won’t ever be coming back. We had $1000 in our pocket that we were prepared to blow, we ended up spending $40 of it. Screw that place. Avoid it.

  243. hank b.

    As a former review said…this place is all about money and nothing else. hell, at one point a waitress is shining a little flashlight in my hand (unexpectedly) —probably seeing how much money i had on me. not cool. not cool at all. i really hate leaving a bad review here since i do know some people who work there. i can say that the limo drivers and male hosts were very nice but i really think they should cut down on the girls….but then again, i did say this place was all about money… so less girls would mean less house fees for sapphire. (doh!)(again sorry to say it) go to rhino. yes. better drink prices and it’s very dark and more intimate as well.

  244. Hater

    You are just jealous that TOTT has younger and more attractive girls than your pathetic club.

  245. Sady S.

    Oh my free limo pick up! I was so excited when I found this out for my girlfriends bachelorette party. We got picket up in a nice limo and got all set up with the vip host inside.Worlds Largest Gentleman’s Club

  246. Whats up

    Mile High is a good club, but Sapphires is great. They aren’t even comparable.

  247. Jason L.

    Don’t go here. This is the worst strip club in Vegas. Each time I go I am promised one thing and then over charged for another. Of you get a private dance, you will be quoted one price and then charged at least another $40 for for drinks you didn’t want. You WILL be ripped off here. Ask ANYONE that has been here before( don’t trust the taxi driver or limo driver that was paid to drop you off).

  248. Jester

    Finally, Sapphires partitioned the place off so you don’t feel like you are in the middle of a mostly empty football stadium. The new curtains are really nice and the atmosphere has improved 3 fold overnight. Great job, keep it up! BTW, nice girls too, nicer than ever for you guys.

  249. Tim C.

    World’s largest gentleman’s club! Gorgeous women everywhere had good time.Just be careful buying drinks, they go for $18-20 a piece!!Get sloshed up beforehand and everything will be just fine

  250. El T.

    This spot is active their was like 250+ girls when i went.I was grabbing that ass & titties all day..The music keeps you up..And dont forget to take some party supplies to keep you up..because the party doesn’t stop..You can even take it back to the hotel for cheap!

  251. Wes C.

    So you call this place up for a ride, the first thing they mention is ‘our drivers work on tips’. Does anyone in las vegas get paid a wage? Sure as hell doesn’t seem like it. I normally tip the driver anyways because it’s still cheaper than paying the 20 bucks for a cab on top of the cover, and these drivers are usually much more polite than the scumbag taxi drivers in this town. Funny, the driver was the only person that evening who didn’t beg for a tip. He seemed genuinely happy to have received a tip. Anyways, you walk in and while they don’t charge you the full cover, they still charge you 5 bucks. The setup they have is ok. Not a lot of seats around the stage if that’s what you’re into. What they do have is an abundance of tables, all of them had a “reserved” sign. The tables weren’t reserved for anybody, I saw girls pulling random guys to these “reserved” tables for a dance. I guess it’s some sort of lame attempt to keep people from sitting around. The girls were all very nice and incredibly polite. Yes, POLITE. Polite people like dealing with other polite people, so it was greatly appreciated. Strippers at other establishments usually act like drugged out zombies. Zombies with great racks. These girls actually introduced themselves like they were real people and attempted to make conversation. I was blown away, like holy crap brains? These girls have brains! You see, when you’re an old fart like myself, you need more than a great rack to hold my interest. Not a whole hell of a lot more mind you, but I do desire some mental stimulation every now and then. These girls were able to fulfill that desire. Well done.If any girls claim they are offering you a special deal, I’m gonna tell you now that they are lying to you. If you want a dance from a girl great, if you’re swayed by the claim that your getting some kind of deal, walk away son. She doesn’t like you, she gives the same deal to every guy she talks to, she doesn’t do anything different in the private area that she wouldn’t do out on the floor. I had one girl claim that she only gave dances to customers she liked, I was tempted to pry deeper and ask her what about me she liked but I was already using every last bit of my will power to not bust out in laughter when she said that. You already got my money babe, ease up on the hyperbole.

  252. Katie M.

    Hands down the best strip club in Vegas. They have the best looking girls, coolest atmosphere, and a great music selection. They play a mixture of everything from rap to house to old school songs. The skyboxes were recently redone and are really pretty. The bartenders and cocktail waitresses are all super hot too I wish they could give dances!!! I’ve been coming here for years and I’ve been all over Vegas and sapphire is by far the best over all so check it out! They also do free limo rides and cover just call the club and they’ll send over a ride for you and your friends.

  253. Quynh P.

    So my girlfriend and I decided to do something romantic for our one year anniversary, we decided to get lap dances from strippers!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! Hey we are classy ladies, and loved every minute of it. My girlfriend called for a ride after we were completely over the club experience especially seeing all these ass faces trying to cramp our style on the dance floor. The driver was so friendly, picked us up from the Wynn hahaha (yes we fancy!) with “Sapphire” on the side of the limo. It was just us two girls in this stretched limo, got front of the line drop off, after tipping the driver he handed us a card which gave us a huge discount at the door. I think the cover is $30 or so a person, but if you tip the driver he will give you a card that has discounted cover. It cost us $7 each to get in. Drinks however are pricey, but hey you don’t want to be drunk when getting a lap dance right?!?! The club itself is huge, with a long walkway for the dancers to strut. Almost like being at the actual Victoria Secret show, ok maybe the girls were not like them but they are still beautiful. Overall it was a fun experience, the crowd didn’t consist of nasty men so it was a good night.

  254. Stine D.

    I really don’t know how I ended up here, it definitely wasn’t by choice! Haha. I’m not into naked girls, but I think it’s cool to watch girls do tricks on the poles. I wouldn’t even recommend this strip club even if you were wasted or unless you like old, prune-y women. My idea of a strip club is pole dancing but all they had were girls (I swear I had seen before on campus) walking around and asking guys if they wanted lap dances. I guess, if you’re cheap and into voyeurism you can come here and watch other people getting lap dances, since they do it out in the open. Me, on the other hand, bounced early and went straight home to exfoliate all the germs off me.

  255. Steve

    I liked Seamless Club better. The girls here were pushy and a bit overweight. Also it is way too expensive.

  256. Jason

    Bring a big box of tissues with you if you go. The amount of snotty girls at this club is amazing.

  257. Tim C.

    Here’s all you need to say about this place: My buddy (a Marine in full dress blues) was turned away because he was “too drunk.” This dude coulda put a .50 cal downrange two miles to a target, but was too drunk for a strip club? Skanks for supporting our troops! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND PARTY HARD!

  258. Ashley K.

    The MOST degrading place…wouldn’t let a group of girls in without having a male. I’ve never been so insulted in my life.

  259. Good job TOTT

    It’s good that TOTT has decided to promote their club on other clubs sites. It shows how pathetic they really must be. Now no one will go there. Good job.

  260. Mindy Y.

    UPDATE UPDATE!!! EVEN if you call Sapphire up… you’ll have to pay $7 per person to get in to the strip club. Not cool if you are planning to make it rain.. I made it rain for sureee.. would be nice to have an extra $7.

  261. Nha H.

    So it’s the last night in Las Vegas and both me and my friend wanted to take our guys out to a strip club. Now both of us have never been to a strip club so we were curious. We reserved the free limo and got free cover. The limo came to pick us up and we were off to Sapphire. The place is huge and there were a lot of girls and they weren’t all bad looking either. So both me and my friend sat back and enjoy the show on the stage and even got our guys some lap dances too. We spent a good 4 hours there because the guys didn’t want to leave and by the time we did leave, we were covered in smoke. The service was good. There were waitresses constantly asking if we needed anything.

  262. Freddie

    Big, Huge, Gigantic, Enormous and No Fun at all. Not a bad value if you order nothing to drink, you stay out of the sky boxes, and if you do not show up via limo. If you go, bring a big, huge, gigantic, enormous bag of money. Expect to see mediocre girls, and expect to pay the highest prices in town.

  263. Jen R.

    Hmm wow, I can barely remember my night from Sapphires! Glad I had pictures to remember! My girls apparently took me here for my bachaelorette party and before I even stepped in, I was already faded so I can only remember bits and pieces of that night. When first walking in, I remember seeing my friend already on stage and having a blast! I couldn’t help but laugh because this was my first time being in a strip club for crying out loud! It was fairly empty from what I remember. The bathroom was ehh, lol. Some lady in there was puking and trying to make a conversation with me, what a mess! My girls took pictures of that whole situation in the restroom, lol. Unfortunately, at the end of the night, my hubby’s bachaelor party happened to be in the same place! Damn it! Although I could barely remember my night at Sapphires, I would rather go elsewhere because I really didn’t think any of the guys were that great looking except for like one person. Glad I was tossed. I was also physically tossed in the air by the stripper. Damn him. lol.Btw, I’m glad my girls really took care of me that night. They handled all the tips. My hubby on the other hand was so inebrated that he spent a lot of time in the VIP room not realizing that he was being charged close to 1,000 for all that private time with the damn stripper. Let’s just say his homies were enjoying themselves fairly well. That goes to show that the male strippers at Sapphires aren’t worth watching.

  264. Johana T.

    This place is in a super sketchy area so beware.The strippers are okay, not that great looking.. This place offers alcohol so that means the girls cover their vajajays.If you are going to just pass the time, be advised you most likely will be approached by one of the many top less girls who are just walking around trying to get people to buy lap dances or go into the back room. So last time I went there was a check in offer for a drink and that’s all I got. The drink was alright. The view was alright as well.. but not great enough to keep me there for more than an hour or so. Next time I go to Vegas I think I will pass on this strip club and try to hit up one of the others…

  265. KaThy T.

    Free limo ride here but of course you have to pay to get in (close to $30 for females). My friends came here for a bach. It was quick since there was another event going on immediately after. The activities were similar to Chippendale’s but it’s cheaper and a little “sleazier” because of the environment of course. Main difference here is you can buy lap dances and the whole “ticket” isn’t as expensive. You also get to go from watching male to female dancers. Too bad the latter didn’t happen. It was an interesting night.

  266. fuckery12

    haha. a disclaimer: imma not a big strip club goer, but i had to write a lil review of this fine establishment..4words: the costco of stripclubs.. wow.. this place is huge..and to my new friend that i made that night.. good luck on that broadcasting career!!

  267. Ross W.

    This place is huge with lots of seating. Lots of hot strippers working on weekends. Great atmosphere and good music. My only complaint is the large booths that are reserved for bottle service ($300 +) are in very poor condition. Fabric is ripped and my friend cut his hand on a nail that was bulging through the seat. Manager could only offer us a free limo ride home for our troubles. If your going to do bottle service spend your money at Treasures or Rhino where they take better care of their furniture.

  268. Bryttanni M.

    So…don’t tell my mom that I went to a strip club, and I won’t tell yours that you read my review…PERVERT!! Lol!Went here on a Monday night for one of my girlfriend’s (and by girlfriend, I mean girl that is my friend…who is also straight) birthday.This was my first (and last…maybe) strip club that I have ever been to. Cashiers: Soo nice!! Let my cousin in for free even though she was out of state (tipped her for that). The price is $30.00 for out of state, free for locals. My only idea of a strip club is from the movie “Players Club”. I thought strippers walked around in riskay outfits, danced on poles, and gave lap dances, but I did NOT think there was any nudity involved…I was wrong. So. So. Wrong.I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY BOOBS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! I mean big ones, small ones, fake ones, ones with piercings, you name it guys! Sapphire’s is sure to have some that are juuust right for you. The women, (again, keep in mind that I’m straight) are gorgeous, and they’re walking around in lingerie, a.k.a your fantasy. Staff & Service: I witnessed a man put a dollar on top of his head and get motorboated by a stripper. What do you think?If I were a guy, I’d love it. As for me personally, I’m not much of a boob girl. Might go on Saturday to check out the Men of Sapphire.

  269. dopeboy19

    Omg please listen to the 1 star reviews. PLEASE. My friends and I did not and here I am writing a 1 star review on my awful awful experience. We were there for a bachelorette party. We were PROMISED men till 6am. We have a business card that even states that. Why did the men’s show end at 10pm? Oh because the manager rudely stated they’ve been performing since 7pm. I’m not saying that they aren’t hard working guys because honestly I didn’t even see them to know if they are or aren’t but 3 hours of dancing especially ending at 10pm on a Friday night is hardly reason to give me some bullshit. We decided to stay and watch the girls dance which was a waste of time. We should have taken our refund and left. The waitress took my card and my sister’s card. My sister paid for a round of shots and I have no idea why they needed mine tillllllll I get a call from the security fraud department of my bank asking if I authorized a $3500 charge at “Sapphire Restaurant”. I was blown away. Long story short, I obviously DID NOT charge anything on my card and the 1 round of shots we did pay for was charged on my sister’s card. THE SHOTS WERE $29 PER SHOT. And I got charged $3500 for what? Sitting there for 30 minutes?? Everyone and their naked buddy denied they charged my card and said I “couldn’t prove it” until I asked if they wanted to speak to the security department on the other end of the phone (which by the way they heard everything) and my bank denied the transaction. We finally got a ride back to the hotel which took way too long. I look at my bank account today (3 days after the incident) and surprise surprise, I see a $177 charged from Sapphire Restaurant. I could see if you’re drunk that you would doubt yourself when it came to a $177 charge but I gave my 1 shot away to my gf and I know for a fact I did not sign or authorized anything at this shitty place. Oh and yes, I’m disputing the charge.Please do not go here. If you’re a woman do notGo here!! The men ARE NOT performing into the night. TO EVERYONE, keep all receipts, close out your tabs, and make sure you are charged for what you authorize. If you are in doubt, they probably screwed you over and not in a good way.

  270. Scott K.

    I will not be back . Worse strip club I’ve been too. Now I understand how these places work but they take it to a new level of scamming their customers . My girl and I got the free limo to treasures and spent a little time there and it was ok, so I called up the limo to take us back to our place and on the way we asked him to drop us off at sapphires . So he hooked us up here for no admission and in we went. Place seemed nice inside and there were plenty of girls working but not many of them if any were overly attractive. I went to grab a table and every empty table had a reserved sign on it. Strange. There were a lot of reserved signs. So I saw the host and asked him for a table , he told me it was $50 a person and we could get one. Yeah right. So we became wallflowers for a while and bought 2 beers for $24, We asked the waitress for a table and she would get us one if we got bottle service or we could see the host for a table. Been there so we declined. Finally I decided let’s just sit at a table and see if they kick us out. So we sat down. Tossed the reserved sign and no one said a word. Reserved my ass. Now let’s get to the strippers, that’s why we came here anyways. Average girls with aggressive tactics . Got one lap dance that turned into a drama. She jumped in my lap so I said sure, might as well break the ice , and she gave me a half ass dance for 1/3 of a song for $20 bucks. My girl was next. She jumped in her lap and finished the dance, one song total and she demanded $40. Fine here is $45 dollars now just go away. We didn’t get mad just said with smile that we were done. No more . You got us. No that wasn’t enough of a tip ! Really? Even still we just wanted her to leave so we could continue the night and find a dancer who was worth it. She got mad and called us Assholes! We had been here an hour and we were done. On the way out I stopped at the host and told him about the conduct of the dancer and he simply said they are contracted that the girls don’t work for them directly. What a joke.

  271. Uday Kiran R.

    If I had chance to give negative rating I could be giving that.on the entrance they give us 1 free shots for each person..but when went to bartender to get free shots apprently she gave us the Margarita mix and send thts the shoys…:-) 🙂 After having world’s best shot,I see that all the table are marked as reserved marked even club was empty and which stops the us to take table…:-) :-)..There are very few girl out of them only 1 or 2 look good and other 40+.This girl are not even interested to tease the guest to have dance..

  272. George

    Obviously, depends on the nights you visit, but my friends and I had a great time on several visits. Great variety of girls; most no pressure and very friendly. Lots of variety and hot ladies for every taste.

  273. Airman

    Very pricey but a really nice club. The ultimate Las Vegas high-dollar strip club, in our view. Expect to pay big bucks, and don’t expect anything more than a great private dancw. If you want more, it might happen with the girls but probably not at the club.

  274. Jordanp

    YOU MUST READ THIS! Cover: $45 (Price As Expected )it is because the dancers were pretty hot. Some busted ones but most were top shelf bodies with some exotic and homegrown beauties. You gotta pick just one to be honest and work that one. 2 if your pockets are deep. 3 if you’re ballin! Now let’s get to what is important. First: buying rounds with a credit card or debit? Huge mistake!!!! DO NOT DO IT! I repeat, don’t open a tab. Your CC will get flagged for suspicious activity. They bang your card for every round. YES! Every round. Use a back up and the same thing will happen. Use a debit and you will have to use your PIN! It’s 2016 but this club still has to collect money first so really it’s “fuck the patron, pay us!” which I get but man Sapphire is one dirty run business. Next!!!!!! The ATM fees are sneaky. If you don’t read the fees you’re a dumb ass. Keep your purchase receipts and dispute the shit out of each transaction but don’t throw away that receipt. HINT: the machine increments are in $20 so you should know the fees aren’t fixed (they charge 15%). I dropped $600 cash in ATM withdrawals in 4 transactions and they did not add up. The fees varied from $10-15. Then you will get an additional $2.50 fee from your bank. I was far from drunk with those little thimble ass examples of “French Connections” drinks. My dancer was a bad ass European chick so I just kept at it. I decided to go 30 min with 4 drinks in the VIP room and had to do a finger print, PIN number, Xerox ID, signature and LITERALLY that was the only transaction that matched my actual purchase & receipt. Long and short, pay the dancers cash. Don’t let the club take you for your loot. Don’t have cash? Stay the fuck away! City of Lost Wages indeed!!!!

  275. Donna T.

    There’s no cover when u get picked up in their VIP limo. Plenty of variety… Though when I come to Vegas, I don’t want to see that much “variety.” I want hardbodies, not C-sectioned turkey gobblers. But hey… Momma’s got to pay billsSpearmint is more consistent on decent looking girls.

  276. Rosie C.

    I went here for a bachelor/bachelorette party. Although the girls didn’t get to see any of the men in action, the sight of my friend getting double teamed by two strippers was well worth it. (His wife-to-be sitting right next to him, natch.)FYI to the Ladies – the men don’t take the stage until after 11PM. We got bored and decided to head to the Palms, insteadFYI to the Men – get 2 strippers at once, but I’m sure you already knew that. =)

  277. Marty J. W.

    When you enter Sapphire’s, it’s like a body falling into a school of piranha. There’s one moment of pause as all the girls turn to see you, then they surround you and start tearing money out of your hands. Don’t get me wrong the girls are hot and dirty, you’ll enjoy it, but you’ll be broke. Albeit at $20 per dance you’ll get a lot of action before you turn up broke.

  278. Adrian B.

    Went to Las Vegas this past weekend with my wife and friend for the porn convention.. When exiting the event they were giving out free VIP passes. One said “free drink” and the other one said “free limo ride plus entry”… When we called for the limo there was a 2 hour wait.. This we knew was going to be the case, so we drove there not knowing the only way to get in for free was to be picked up by the limo… What? When they saw us leaving they stopped us and said to just tip the girl at the door and she will let you in… Walking in this place I felt like a kid at a amusement park… It’s a very nice place very big/clean and all of the girls were very good looking… Rate 9-10 We were ready to spend some money….. Until I found out it was going to cost us $300.00 for bottle service for 8… Here’s the kicker the bottle service is only good for three hours…. That was our “Q” to leave this place… Fyi The drinks are pricey this is the way they hook you on getting the bottle service… You speak to a guy that knows how much your going to drink already and dose the math for you and tells you it better to get the bottle service not only it’s cheaper but he can seat you right away…. WOW! Because if you just happen to see an open seat forget it.. It’s reserved already… you cant take itI would rate this place a 5 for everything but the price…I think we were there a total of 25 min.

  279. Stacy K.

    How was this place “the best of 2012”???!!! I know there is nothing “free” in Vegas, but… the “free” limo cost the driver tip, which wouldn’t pick us up at an off the strip hotel and we had to take a cab to a strip hotel… the “free” entry (which you only get with the “free” limo) had a $10 PER PERSON “processing fee”… the “buy 1 get 1 free” drink had an up charge for a long island… we had to wait 90 minutes for a waitress to begin regularly serve us… I had had a bad time there last July, and wanted to give them another chance, but ended up wasting time and money. With only 2 small stages, with only a few chairs in front of each, you’ll have to wait a long time to get close to the girls. Do yourself a big favor and go to the Hustler, they’ve got way better service and girls!

  280. Steve Perry
  281. Frosty

    Never again!!! This place is all hustle and no value. If you are expecting a good time bring at least $500, that should last you a hour. Walked in, got ripped for $30 cover than the girls moved in before a person could even get a beer. Buy a good porno and jack off. Save a few bucks and you can afford breakfest with the family.

  282. Amanda N.

    This review is not for the club itself but for the complimentary limo service with $7 entry. I received a call asking what time I wanted to be picked up and where. I told the girl on the phone where I live and a time and she said we only pick up in 10 minute intervals and at hotels. I told her that I lived at the condo right around the corner but she was not trying to accommodate us. We quickly drove over to the hotel we chose to be picked up from and after pulling in we see the Sapphire party bus pulling away. First off we were told a limo and second off we were only two minutes late. A call would have been appreciated but instead I called the “limo” driver and no answer. Then I called Sapphire direct and told the girl my situation. She was less then helpful and had a super rude unpleasant attitude. She ended up hanging up on me and saying she was not going to send another limo. I will never step foot in this strip club and I will tell everyone I know to not spend their money here.At the end of the day Sapphire missed out on big bucks because the girls who answer there phones have disgusting attitudes.

  283. Chase G.

    F**k this place. I used to love it but the drink prices are way beyond nightclub absurd, the girls are as pushy as Rhino (which has a better lineup), the ATMs have been broken three times while I’ve been there, the valet guys are a*s holes and generally you’re just paying out the a*s to be treated like complete s**t.

  284. Benson C.

    Limo ride to the gentlemen’s club – FREECover into Sapphire – $30A lap dance from a beautiful Mexican girl – $20Finding out her name is the same as your mom’s – PRICELESSI’ve been here twice now and I would have to say that it seems almost too big for it’s own good. Despite that it was still fun.

  285. Brian B.

    I did not like it here. Music is super loud. One dancer in particular on stage was awful. She made no connection with the audience and it was clear she was stoned and an angry person, so she complained about few tips. Every other dancer got awesome tips, this one person ruined it for a lot of us.

  286. Jessie H.

    Do not come here. A group of us came here after XS at Encore and they picked us up in a limo truck with a stripper pole in the middle….which was not bad. Cover was 15 and it is not okay inside. I repeat…NOT OKAY. There is nowhere to sit and the girls are okay compared to spearmint rhinos (I recommend you go there). I don’t know how I end up at strip clubs in vegas but let me tell you this place overall is just NO BUENO.It’s bigger/brighter than most strip clubs but the service isn’t the nicest.TLDR: If you still want to come here, call the limo service so you can get a discount on cover

  287. Matt Quy Dang T.

    As a group of men, someone stopped us in front of our hôtel and said, saphire is the best gentlemen club, a limo picked us up. Arrived there , We couldnt Seat at any tables They said The tables were all reserved, and Said Its Only for bottles service even if We had the 2 free drinks. After we done w called the Promoter and Ask him to send the limo , so We wait and the guys whom working at the entrance of the sapphire asked us Third Time that He had a limo to drop us for 50$…??! The girls were so so Are you serious? Now I’m still waiting the limo for almost 25 min We had to call twice the Promoter to get the limo, He sent us a 4×4 that Were park at the parking of sapphire, Only to make us wait and pay another driver…. Trust me guys , go to spearmint rhino! For us the best strip club in Town!!

  288. Art S.

    Ain’t no party like a VEGAS party! We had a great time here. Our friend “Hong” popped her strip club cherry here. It was quite entertaining to watch Hong transform from a caterpillar into a BUTTERFLY! Great looking women, friendly and good music. We will be going back! Did someone say melon…..

  289. Leslie H.

    It’s huge! The best thing about this place is the massive number of girls working here. You WILL feel like you’re dining at an all you can eat least I did the last time I went. I came here twice, once last Oct on a slow weekday and most were White. This time, I went on a Saturday and there were so many young little Asian girls, walking around with each other it had looked like they were high school boppers who dropped out and eloped together to Vegas to “make it”. Not saying that it’s a bad thing because Dayam, they were hot as hell if you like pretty faces and tiny bodies, but if not, then there are always the thick Latinas and fake White girls. Of course, I’m a fan of Asians so I was a happy camper that night. =)Of all the girls there, sexy Zario was my fav. The way she moved so seductively with her beautifully proportionate body made me doubt the possibility of my sexual preference for a second! oooh, and she has the sofest, smoothest, softest baby skin.Overall, the girls here are really fun as compared to other o so boring strip clubs with zombie barbie dolls on poles.

  290. Great Fun

    The bathroom stalls in this club are more fun than stageside at Talk of the Town. In the Sapphire bathrooms, you can only smell your own shit; stageside at Talk of the Town, you can smell the shit of every dancer who gets on stage (all 3 of them).

  291. Chris W.

    Many other clubs in LV to go to. This place is deceptive, pressuring, and not worth the price for quality of service. I had fun at the topless stages but the cover charge appears to be variable, based on how much a sucker (or how drunk) you are – I paid $55 while I am reading others paid $15. Now I need to call them to dispute multiple charges for discrepancies in ‘services rendered’.

  292. Tyler O.

    I’m not a fan…It was my birthday and my wife wanted to take us out to a strip club. For whatever reason, we chose Sapphire. Firstly, there was along wait to get in. We were in line for at least 20 minutes…Next, it was $66 for the 2 of us to get in the door. As locals, that is ridiculous, but it was my birthday so we spent it.We ordered 2 cocktails, $34 for both (for well drinks), not including tip.The most disappointing thing about this club, the strippers were pretty hefty. I mean, for the price we paid, I expected some good looking women. Most of these girls were overweight, snobby and not attractive at all.My wife and I are good looking people, so we were hoping to surround ourselves with other sexy people.Lot’s of single men, and a couple ladies. There were a lot of strippers, but again, they were haggard looking…Also, there was nowhere to sit. We stood for the first 30 minutes sipping our watered down and way overpriced drinks, before we found 2 seats that were not “reserved”.If you’re looking for a fun strip club with sexy women, this doesn’t seem like the place to go.Save yourself $100 and go somewhere else. The cover should be free for locals (or cheap), especially on someones birthday…Lame club, lame women, overpriced and over-hyped.

  293. Taj A.

    “Bachelor Party venue meets Strip Club meets Adult Toys R Us”Lately, with everyone my age geitting married, my visits to gentlemen’s clubs have grown in leaps and bounds thanks to all the obligatory Bachelor Parties. A lot of people are scared to review these places, but personally I have no shame in my game. Whether I’m courting an SF politician ” swoopin’ Newsom style” or some beezy at the club, I really don’t cayer. $30 Cover, Expensive ass drinks, 15% surcharge on ATM ( which didn’t accept my card) and literally hundreds of strippaz. It’s almost like they set them loose in the room and they are coming at you hungry hungry hippos style ( collecting cash, these chicks are not fat) The girls: One chick was hella stacked with a big booty but was a bit too old . I didn’t let her dance near me, but fools loved her. One shorty was going crazy on the lap. I seriously thought she was going to explode. Add the thick accent and I felt like I was in a Comedy Central stoner movie and Harland Williams was going to appear with a silly one liner. This Seattle girl who looks more wholesome than her peers instructs me to buy ” Dance Dollers” since the ATM doesn’t work, but then the cocktail waitress says it will be 20 minute. At this point I just tell one of the dudes to give me $100. Entertaining for sure. The venue is overwhelmingly huge. Would I be back? For a Bachelor Party sure, but the ATM sitch and some of the girls don’t make this a 5 star particular.

  294. LocalYokal

    This is no longer a locals club, they only want business from high-spending tourists! I’ve been coming in for a while, and last night I bought a dancer a drink. It was a Vodka and Red Bull–$17!!! The same drink cost about half that price at The Mile High Club, and I heard that Red Bull/Liquor drinks are only $5 at The Mile High Club on Thursdays. Looks like I found the new locals’ spot.

  295. Pedro G.

    Went to Sapphire Friday night and was impressed with the interior and the service they provided. After they sat me down on my reserved table that’s were it went downhill. Everyone expected a tip for everything. I had a two hour open bar and every time I ordered a drink the server would ask for a tip. When I got vip dances they make you buy drinks and they add taxes and don’t expect your change back because they’ll just keep it as a tip. I give this place 3 stars just because it does seem like an upscale type of place and it does have plenty of beautiful women. But the main reason I’m giving 3 stars instead of 1 or 2 is because the girl I was with was really cool. She was one of the rare ones that will actually talk to you even if you tell her no. She was so full of energy and really kind I had to get a dance and boy could she dance. I planned on being there for about two hours, I stayed for over 6 hours just talking with her and getting a few dances here and there. She definitely gets 5 stars. If you want to have a good time and not just another girl trying to take your money talk to Evelyn she’s got a great personality and serious skills at dancing.

  296. cal
  297. Clive H.

    yo, I’s serious. Dis is me Good Luck club or something, cause when as soon as I walk in, I’s got all these hoey looking girls all up on me. I figure they like my bling, thats why. or maybe because I’s handsome.I gots me dog bone growing like mad inches up in this club. i just wave me hand and be like, “Yo, you want some of this big dong or what?” and the girls just come on over. I just have good luck in this club.

  298. Beatrice L.

    Great show in both of the rooms ( male & female)How ever, all advertisement on the strip for this place , SCAMS !!!No free limo pick up, No free entry, No free drinksAfter we arrived, they said our free drink passes were not valid.Is a Great place , they don’t have to scam people . I would go again, just not expecting a thing for free .

  299. fisherdex1

    You agree with the promoters on the street for 35-40$ for free limo, cover fee and 2 drinks. Then you have to tip the driver, then you have to tip to the cashier, then you get 2 small chinese penis size drinks which are even smaller than regular shots. Is this it? Of course no, you have to stand up all night at the bar! If you want to sit on a table it is again 40$ each for 2 drinks minimum… This place is just a robbery. Don’t go, watch pornhub at home and jerk off. Better and cheaper

  300. Will W.

    I visited Sapphire on the first night of my visit for the Bar & Nightclub Expo in March. It was one of the craziest, drunkenest nights of my life but I had a blast. Despite the fact that I lost my phone and my ID, I remember having a great time with the friends and colleagues who were along for the adventure here. We spent a lot of money and partied like celebrities. I returned the next day to see if they had found my phone, ID and jacket. Turns out they had my jacket, and they were very helpful in trying to find my phone and ID which never surfaced. Probably ended up in the backseat cushion of a taxi at the end of the night…Oh well, if you’re going to go to Vegas, there’s only one way to live.

  301. igor34

    WTF just happened?Seriously I paid a hundred dollars for me and my girlfriend just to walk in and see lumpy white girls, jacked up makeup, older women dressed as wraiths, and all around fugly to mediocre girls at best. The male staff all acted like customers were annoyances. I totally get it though, if I wore an ear piece for work I would totally think that people who didn’t were losers too. All employees looked tired and/or bored. On top of the hundred dollar entrance fee, another $50 to sit at a table? Then wait for $20 drinks? How am I ever going to pay the tuition for all these future doctors and lawyers when all my money goes to secret service ear piece insurance and charm school funds for the bouncers?

  302. Bailey S.

    Best gentleman’s club in town . Free limo and entry from your hotel . Hot girls,amazing bottle service ,huge vip area and private skyboxes . They also have the best parties for football and UFC.

  303. Chantel P.

    Had an amazing birthday night for my friends birthday. Best part of the night was our bartertender erin. Made us fell at home even though we showed up at 7:00 am lol. We will definitely be back! Thanks sapphire! Yee!

  304. Chuck

    Monday night football is the shit here!!!!

  305. Jafey A.

    Great building- Great women. The drinks are a little too expensive considering the high cover charge, but its still a fun place to go.

  306. Aidi C.

    Being a local resident of Las Vegas definitely has its pros and cons and going to Sapphire makes me feel like the king of of my wallet! I mean seriously….you are going there to enjoy the great entertainment, whether you are with a party or not, along with your average priced drinks right? This is what they promise to their customers:-Attractive Women.-2 Full service bars.-Good mix of music.-The biggest gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas…. Do they deliver on their promises? You bet your sweet Benjamin Franklin they do! Comfortable seats, 80-something inch projection screens on the walls, VIP rooms, and stylish overall design are just some of the added perks to this place. The dancers are affordable as well and very friendly even if you are short of cash (for the most part). On a side note, The bouncers/security may not be very welcoming but is that any different than any other place? Most places in Vegas will let you in free before 11pm if you are a local (one of the many perks) so if you are an outsider don’t get all defensive if you are treated like one.

  307. Sharon T.

    I was REALLY looking forward to reviewing Chippendales. But here I am, reluctantly reviewing Sapphire for a bachelorette party I attended last weekend. And boys…I am here only to review the Men of Sapphire. Sapphire claims to be the “largest” gentlemen club in Vegas. So woohoo for them!? It is located off the strip, though not far, as the ride to Sapphire was more around 10 minutes. The girls and I were told that Sapphire offers complimentary limo ride from your hotel to the joint. What a big misconception. A small Shuttle bus comes to the hotel around 9:15pm showed up instead. It was nothing glamorous, definitely wasn’t impressed. And then I was told that everyone is required to tip the driver $3. A taxi ride to share among the girls would most likely end up being the same. And yes, that made me grumpy because I wanted to go to Chippendales, dang it! So then the 15 of us were escorted to the admission line, where we each shelled out $40 for the Men of Sapphire. We had to wait in the main bar area because the show didn’t start until 10pm. So I waited and diverted my attention to the girls dancing on stage, thinking “wow, must hurt to be able to bend like that. But eh, you ain’t got anything I don’t have!”I would definitely suggest getting there early because you get seated more in the front, “closer to the actions” so to speak. Briefly after getting seated, the bartender wasted no time going around taking orders. I had a midori sour, which cost me $11. Oh, and we were also treated with a free round of shot, as part of the $40. I don’t know what it was…but it tasted more like grapefruit juice to me than alcohol. The show starts promptly, and it was one cheesy-ness after another. The guys come out dressed as a doctor, firefighter, cop, and other ones I can’t remember. The best/funniest part was the Asian guy dancing/singing to Justin Timberlake’s d!ck in a box. It was pretty lame, but hilarious! They also call girls up on stage to give lap dances to, which were paid for ($20?) before the show starts. Overall, this place really wasn’t as bad as I had expected. We left around midnight, and boy was that place quiet already! And they must be hurting for money too. All I see were the men talking to girls and taking them to the back to do who knows what! That’s what I’d like to know. So ladies, if you’re looking for some clean fun, Sapphire is a bit lame, but entertainment factor is there! I’ve also been told that Chippendales and Thunder Down Under attract more of an older crowd, not the case here. i had an okay time, but definitely don’t wanna revisit.

  308. Raven A.

    Words cannot express the bs I’ve just experienced. Me and my friends arrive at the club. We walked in and had out i.d check. The one bouncer said that we can’t go in bc at least one of us were out of dress code. Apparently the bouncer had no information on which one of us it was or what the violation was. I asked what is there dress code and he said it could be a number of different things. Wtf?!? And worst part is that he said we would have 24 hour limit before we could come back so even if we changed we could not come back till the next day. What kind of bs is that??? Feel extremely judged, and I’m very sure we weren’t out of dress code. no one had regular tshirts or jeans or anything of such sort. We literally went shopping earlier just for the occasion.

  309. Rhadford C.

    this club is very big,for a stripclub. I came in there, very late. It was like 1am. They had some hot strippers in there, but I just didn’t like the setup of the place. The place, was just, too crowded for me. Also, they give lapdances, on the floor, instead of in private.To go private, it’s like $150 or something. That’s way too expensive. I got a lapdance on the floor, and I just did feel comfortable. There was a black chick, that looked like Aretha Franklin, that kept looking at me, while the stripper was giving me the lapdance. She looked pretty pissed off. Maybe it was because the stripper was white, I don’t know.This stripclub had more of a dance club atmosphere. I rather have a stripclub smaller, so I can get more intimate with a dancer.

  310. Luke

    This club is great. Everyone who works here seemed to be on top of thier game, but not too pushy either.

  311. Fan L.

    This review is for a group of 9 guys.Pros:- largest strip club in Vegas, and it shows in terms of the staff and security- johnny depp was here, apparently. some of the guys really liked 2-3 of the dancers, but that’s about it?Cons:- our booth was a bit cramped, esp for 9 guys. we eventually spread out a bit by accumulating random chairs though- even at midnight on a Saturday night, the girls here were NOT as great as all the hype. some of the girls on stage were just….meh. some of the girls that tried to offer lap dances were even worse. GEEZ. – $33 cover, even with bottle service and a group of 9 guys- we were told various, incorrect prices and details by a long chain of people from the hotel, the host, and the limo driver. we eventually ended up saying fk it sapphire is supposed to be the best, but yeah.- our waitress was the absolutely least enthusiastic, iciest waitress i’ve ever seen.In retrospect, I think most of us preferred OG (our first night, see review) to Sapphire. Better time, more relaxed atmosphere and girls that didn’t repeat the same inane lines over and over and over again. Girls that didn’t repeat the same inane lines over and over and over again. See how annoying that is?

  312. Nick J.

    Ok, I will start with this caveat..I’m a Miami guy…strip clubs are like dance/night clubs and sports bars everywhere else…having that said…this place was a DISASTER. I think I’m spoiled, because I do live in South Florida, where women are gorgeous and I don’t have to sit on my hands, when I’m getting a lapdance. This place was so dark, I could hardly see my drink, and there wasn’t much vodka in my vodka and cranberry to start with. I sit down amid all of this..and attempt to view the merchandise. As I saw the scantily clad women walk by, I was not impressed. I wanted to run back to Tootsies/Scarlett’s and see the homegrown hotties I’m used to. One stripper walks up to me in this bunk ass catsuit outfit, and I guess she was drunk…started talking shit to me! Like “give me money you asshole..blah blah”. I pushed her off of me, and she wanna call security on me and my saw my ID, and I revealed I was from the thin blue they stepped off. Just a shit experience. Spearmint Rhino wasn’t much better either. I’m not even gonna attempt to review that one…this place would be fun if you’re from Ohio or Kansas (no disrespect) and don’t have big strip clubs…

  313. Kevin W.

    Ordered 2 hen & cokes ($25 ea.) and 4 bottled beers ($17 ea) wasn’t to motivated to give $1s or get a lap dace after getting raped @ the bar.. Then I was charged $60 to pull $300 out of the ATM…. Also the girls were rude and stuck up & we had to basically beg for a hello… I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS PLACE.. Totally unacceptable to do your customers like that .. Makes it more economical to hit the hoe stroll or call an escort & get a lap dance from a pro with the happy ending guaranteed.. GRADE: F

  314. Jennifer C.

    too many chubby girls. cut back on the beers ladies 🙂

  315. Josh L.

    Terrible. Our limo driver said he’d get us in for “free”. Didn’t know free meant a 2 drink minimum at 20 bucks per drink. That’s right, free meant 40 bucks for watered down drinks. PATHETIC

  316. Aaron

    If you like getting dances from dudes, this place is great…tranny central.

  317. Sothary C.

    So my guy friend a 30 year old virgin got a few lap dances and spent a ton of money ( he was oblivious). The girls can take advantage of the guys but hey thats their job. they had good music and the strippers were actually really pretty. Im not going to knock on their hustle if they are good at what they do more power to them. Cool place ladies free guys they charge $20 and maybe a complimentary limo ride. I had a great time. Only in VEGAS.

  318. Schel H.

    So you are lost in Sin City and you want some sinning and debauchery… what will you do? Go down to the pool and hit on every member of the opposite sex till someone goes yeah lets hook it up? Or is that too blunt in yo face and chit? If it’s the latter, perhaps a trip to Sapphire may be in order since it is a “klassy” establishment… Well at least they want you to think that they are klassy… marble columns, a portico façade, travertine floors/wall panels, sculptures and large vases, and a podium with security flanking that want to cop a feel before you can move further into the establishment.Pro Tip: Free ride over for larger parties in a limo or limo bus…So once you get inside, then you run into problems. If your group goes in without having purchased “bottle service” well you are screwed. There is literally no where you can sit except for a few seats surrounding the stages which were mostly empty or filled with ugly girls when I was there. So lets think this through… you want to go see some dancers and there is nowhere to sit down unless you spend ridiculous amounts of cash on a bottle of liquor. Like 5-10 times the normal value for said bottle at an average liquor store. Talk about a racquet, you know I don’t think they would make as much running prostitutes hahaha well unless you want to get a “private room” and I have no clue what those things would cost…So once you realize you are screwed without bottle service and finally purchase it, the “damsels in distress” errr girls on who knows what come over and beg for drinks and to give you a “private” dance better known as a lap dance. Well most of the girls that I saw here were just not my type. Some were downright scary… was it ugly girls night at the Sapphire? I have no clue but it was not the typical exotic dancer experience that I have had in the past. The best looking women there seemed to be the waitresses and they wouldn’t talk to you hardly at all unless you were buying a bottle or three at the ridiculously inflated prices that they were demanding. Overall, my friend who was a bachelor had a blast while we were there, but when we were brought in and expected one thing and pulled the bait and credit card charge swap for an extra $800 really sucked for the rest of us. Ohhh and that was for 3 bottles and mixers haha *SMH*Consequently I am not a fan of this joint and do not plan on returning here… So yeah don’t say I didn’t warn ya… bait and switched…

  319. danielson

    bunch of average looking girls who demand way too much money for sh!t service. $600 for vip which requires $350 bottle of champagne. girl suggests $400 tip before the hour which is 66%? who the fuk gets 66% and you haven’t even started yet. after the hour i might feel that you did a sh!t job and should get zero tip.stay the fuk away from this sh!t hole of a place.i’d rather gamble $1,000 on red at the roulette table then spend it in this place.

  320. winston12

    Its the Worlds Largest Gentleman’s club, what’s not to love? Whether you are looking for a decent happy hour with a great “view” , or you are looking to find out what it is that happens in Vegas that has to “stays” there (& keeps the masses coming back) this place has something (or someone) to satisfy your desires no matter your taste! With a grill offering your typical bar foods, pizzas, & even sweet treats you can keep up your energy to PAETY ALL NIGHT LONG! There is a HUGE selection of ladies as well as options for spending time with them. I recommend asking the girl of your liking for a tour of the beautifully remodeled VIP area to complete your experience!

  321. Gwyn C.

    WORST strip club ever. I lived in Vegas and brought my friends here because a cab driver convinced us for this spot. It’s my second time here but I wasn’t familiar with the NEW TIPS RULE. However, two asian strippers came down to my friends and started to dance. I paid them $40 per person and they danced for about a minute. Then they turned to my friend and took all his cash. Moreover, when I told them I was local, $40 was quite enough. They tried to drag my friend to the corner area and told my friends no tips, no seats. These two girls dug in all pockets to look for cash and tried to take all cash because it’s the SO-CALL TIPS RULE. It was too RUDE. NOT PLEASANT. They wouldn’t stop until they get all your cash. I can only say, RIPPED OFF. Not going to bring any of my friends here again. It is not a good spot for local people.

  322. rogerrab2

    Great selection of girls and no cover for locals. Dances are $20 and are high contact. Bouncers were fairly friendly. Seems like a solid legit establishment. When I first got in I was confused on what to do because every table had a reserved sign on it. It is kind of easy to miss but the solution is to find the hostess in the front and she will call someone over to bring you to a table. Went here with my wife and had little problem getting dancers to come over to our table. Got there around 9:30 and stayed till 11:00. Seems most of the girls don’t show up until 12:00, so if I went again I would come there much later.There were some things I did not like though. The ATM fee is $30….yeah, that is insane. I almost walked out right there. Gotta take a point off for that. I actually would of stayed longer and spent more money if they did not have such an insanely bad ATM charge. A Corona and a Smirnoff was $30, also really bad, another point taken off.

  323. Michael L.

    This place is not only a rip off but they’re scammers! They advertised free limo pick up with free admission and 1 free drink ticket. Did the limo was free so we tipped the driver and got admission ticket. When we go inside front desk said its $7. Of course we paid since still a good price. Got inside and seated. No drink ticket. Drinks were $17 and water was $11. Paid that to get the party started. Got lap dance for $20. They up sell VIP room. This is where the scam got heated. It’s mandatory to pay $75 for 2 drinks. Charges your credit card 15% fee and bill you for charges you didn’t agree then bouncer comes and make you signed under duress. Best course of action for any strip club is being cash. This is where they scam you: My credit card company flagged my purchase as suspicions so they froze my credit card. My bank also froze my ATM card as well. So during the time I was dealing with them running my card again and going to the ATM and not getting my lap dance, they charge and bill you for services not provided.

  324. Nate M.

    Came here on a Friday night with a group of guys. It was really busy with beautiful women everywhere. Amazing venue. Biggest strip club in the world with hundreds of beautiful women nightly. Service was great with an amazing staff. Cocktail servers were wonderful too. Make sure to buy a bottle if your in a big group to save money plus it comes with a booth. Great music and drinks. They also have delicious food. Make sure to check out the pool too on the weekends. Also, don’t forget to check out their private skyboxes for a private and amazing view of the whole club. The total gentlemen’s club package. It was totally worth it. If you are in vegas Sapphires is a definate must for the best strip club experience. Dont forget to take the limo for a comp entry. They will pick you up from your hotel or wherever you are staying. I will definately be back!

  325. Suryo H.

    Not recommended. Ladies are good looking but very rude. Staff a bit arrogant. Theres other better places to visit

  326. Jery
  327. navid

    Came w a party of 10 for my bday. We were dressed in club dresses and was told that we couldn’t get in due to our dresses being too short .. I guess. It’s a Wed night. Fuck you !! We are not gonna patronize an establishment that doesn’t want our business

  328. RedTears X.

    time: thursday later afternoon/ early eveningpro:1. approachable females – somecon:1. beer price was just waaaayy too high… specials offered…it was very expensive…almost the cost of a lap dance…

  329. Sharon V.

    Very very very bad experience.The people that are working in this place are extremely unpleasant. Also, I asked for a glass of water with ice and I could not received it anywhere in bar or even when I sat down and ordered food. They made me order a bottle of water that costs more than 10$. The girls are not nice and some even have a smell like they ran 10K prior to coming to work. All they want is to take your money and go to the next one. I went into a private lap . The girls took 100$ for 3.5 minutes and they made me buy drinks for another extra 2 drinks for more than 60$.The place is very dark and I would not call Sapphire since it is not a reflection at all of this place.45$ is the cost to get into this nightmare. Never going back and I hope you pick a better place…One more thing; This club is paying to taxi drivers in the area to recommend this place. Please save your money and go to a better place.

  330. Hawley Smoot

    Just ok. Some hot girls, most above average. I got two dances, one sucked and one was ok, but neither had real contact. Real nice atmosphere, good sound. The drinks are more generous than most clubs.

  331. Joon B.

    Do my favor and never bring your card. I been told it’s 500 dollar for vip room. I book one for an hour and been charge for more than 2000 dollar. Never gonna go back.

  332. Hank J.

    Just got back. It was okay for a Sunday. The strippers were average to good looking. They were very aggressive for the most part. I ended up getting some laps from a looker named Mandy.Music was good and predictable. The staff was very professional. Not bad. Tomorrow I will return to LA. and see how the my run turns out.

  333. Mike G.

    The Costco of Vegas strip clubs. I think the problem with the size of this place is it feels impersonal and you don’t really benefit from the size – in other words, that hot stripper lap dancing on that guy 200 feet away, you’re not really seeing that, the quantity of strippers and space does not impact the quality of your experience there, it doesn’t make it any sexier. SR is closer and better, OG is smaller and closer and about the same pricewise, Scores has better looking girls.This place would make a great ice skating rink. Topless ice skating rink?

  334. Dani P.

    This review is for the “Men of Sapphire” (although the women looked pretty hot, too)!!Had an 11/11/11 wedding to attend with out of town friends and bride. Since I’m the “local” the planning and ideas seemed to fall on me. Cannot tell you how happy I am that we went to see the Men of Sapphire. Our group ranged from 21-70 years old. The guys were great – raunchy without ever crossing the line. Although some of the girls probably did wish they crossed it :-)Perfect bachelorette party!Free party bus to the club and free admission. Not sure if this is every day – just call and ask, the girls on the phone were great.Drinks were reasonably priced ($11 for Kettle & soda)The show lasted for hours – they just kept dancing and dancing. We could have left earlier but why go anywhere else when we had guys in g-strings dancing for us.Absolutely a fan of the place (very clean) and the guys (very fun)!!

  335. Lyndsey N.

    The limo service is free and will pick you up at any hotel. but there is still a $7 door fee. There is nowhere to sit on the floor, every seat is taken. and most of the tables are reserved and empty. So you either fight for a seat at the bar where you can’t see anything, or stand up against the wall all night? Um, no.. Strippers are all over the men but ignore women? Fine you don’t want any money? Okay. We left this place quickly. very unimpressed.

  336. casandra j.

    It was my first time in Vegas and wanted to give my boyfriend a good Vegas experience. Boy, did we make the wrong choice coming to Sapphire. First, it was $30 to get in per person. We went on a Tuesday night so the place wasn’t so busy. We waited about 10 minutes at the bar for one of the three bartenders to stop chatting and notice us. A Budlight was $17!!!!!!!! What a f*cking rip-off. Also, about 75% of the girls were straight up UGLY. I mean, I know when I see a pretty woman, I was not impressed. Most of them looked like they should have retired at least five years ago. And one of them even looked like Bruce Jenner with a wig on. The only thing I liked was that the lap dance wasn’t too pricey, only $20. The girls weren’t too pushy but they attacked my boyfriend when I went to the bathroom, b*itches.Overall, go somewhere else, you will be disappointed.

  337. Steven P.

    Went to Vegas last week and hit this place just because its Vegas, you know.. The girls for the most part were gorgeous, definitely better than the ones I have seen at any others. The music was pretty good and the waitresses were really nice. There was free limo service that would bring you there and back to wherever for free, which was convenient. Pretty good lighting in comparison to Rhino.On the other hand, the cover is pretty steep (I think $40), but I guess that’s what it probably is for bigger clubs like this one. The roaming dancers were a bit pushy.. They consistently try to get you up to the private rooms where its about $200 to them, but they neglect to tell you hat you have to buy drinks up there, so it ends up being closer to $300-$400…Overall, this place was okay, went a few times, would go again.

  338. RR
  339. Johnny C.

    The place is like a warehouse. Super high ceilings, split down the middle with a walkway some 30 feet in the air where the strippers walk from down to the two stages. Spaced out pretty well to walk through, but if you’re not sitting at the tip rail, you’re not going to be seeing the girls on stage very well.There was like one hot girl out of the 20 that walked up to us in an hour span.Bland. Go to Spearmint Rhino.

  340. Romance V.

    Not impressed. Staff was rude and girls were boring

  341. Candy R.

    Sapphire is probably one of the worst clubs in Las Vegas and let me not forget RACIST!!! So me and a few friends ( 3 black men 1 black girl 2 white guys ) decided to go there after we left Hakusan so we get there and when we’re about to go in they said the manager radio down and said don’t let us in! The reason they said cause we were “out of dress code” which was complete bull shit. We just left hakassan which is a upscale nightclub so we were definitely in dress code but we weren’t the right race.. They were very rude and when we asked what was out of dress code they couldnt even give us an answer. Worst strip club to go to if your BLACK.Might I add behind us were white guys in shorts and flip flops and baseball caps who had no problems getting in of course.

  342. Steven M.

    What a scam. Wife and I decided to try a new club and taxi driver recommended this place for couples, lots of seats and he would give us free drink coupons. We get there and pay 33.00 each after bouncer said wife would be cheaper cover and the chump in the front tells us to come back and see him if we can’t find a seat and of course we couldn’t as every available table had “Reserved Only” on them. I went back to ask about the reserved tables and he told me they were for upper management as they were throwing a party. Keep in mind it was a Thursday night. He then told me he could get us a table as long as we pay a bottle service of 400.00! Then the free drink coupon was whack as I still had to pay a dollar because the coupon is only good for 17.00 and the wine was 18.00 and a tiny bottle of water was 10.00. Needless to say after 15 minutes of standing my wife finished her wine and we split. Don’t waste your time or money. It was a rip off! We paid total of $66.00 to stand up and watch dancers and the pole was not a full length so there wasn’t a real show. To many other clubs to spend your money and be treated like a customer.

  343. Van O.

    $30 entry.$300 for cheapest bottle$12 beers.$20 1/2 song dancesAt the end of the night, a total Robbery!!!The club is more impressive on the outside than it is on the inside. The atmosphere consist of a very high stage in the center surronded by dirty dirty couches. Seating is crowded and you can practically touch your neighbor. Don’t listen to some of these reviews because there here to promote the club… so beware!!! Went down to De Ja Vu down the road and it was much more of a value. The dude there hooked us up with a bottle of Absolute +admission and fairly nice couch for 280. We had a party of 6 and it turned out to be a cheap night. I hear Can Cans down the road is pretty good themselves.If you want to set yourself up for a “Big, Expensive” disappointment then Sapphire is for you!

  344. Marcus T.

    Not worth the price!!!We were here after we left the Adult Entertainment Expo in January and i have to say this is the most over rated gentleman’s club in Vegas! When something is promoted as the worlds largest strip club with the highest stripper to customer ratio, your natural urge is to go experience it. Don’t do it! It really hurts to give a strip club only two stars but having to continue ordering $10 well drinks and get half ass lap dances to keep your table and or chair is ridiculous. After ordering two rounds of drinks and no dances, the manager told us we had to get up and give the table to people who wanted lap dances. If they are forcing people to pay these girls I would prefer some attractive natural ones not the ugly plastic. But hell it is Vegas!

  345. Mike M.

    The worst Gentlemen’s Club experience EVER! I arrived with a group of 12 good friends for my brother’s bachelor party. The first of many surprises was not being on the Comp list that we were put on by a reliable friend who works with the place. Second, was paying $30 each. Third we had to buy a bottle for $380 (didn’t tell us about the $80 gratuity fee) just to have a place where we could all sit down. They stuck us for $740 before we even sat down. The venue is supposed to be one of the largest in the world, but only have about 15 seats in front of the stages. If you don’t find a seat there you must buy a $380 bottle to sit in the other 200-300 seats. Nice ratio. This place is designed to rip off people, and for grand finale the girls were not up to par. This is an honest review from a good person who doesn’t require much.

  346. LVKING

    Best strip club in Vegas if you like good current music and hot ladies. Great FUN atmosphere for me and my G/F.

  347. Bianca L.

    So the boy and I were rather drunk when we left Pure, and decided a strip club was the place to go. We hopped in a cab and said o take us to the best strip club in Vegas, we ended up at Sapphire. Now, I’m not saying this isn’t the best there is, but it definitely is the Costco of strip clubs. Not only is it huge, but I felt like it was a cheaper version of a strip club, being only topless and all. I didn’t really enjoy having to pay to get in as a girl, I mean, guys should pay, me,no. That said, we paid, walked in, grabbed drinks and sat right in front of the main stage, (there are like 6). Immediately after we sat down I had a stripper in my lap, which she was doing to get the boy “interested,” well, it worked. He loved it, and to be honest, so did I- there is something so empowering about strippers, (again, I have a love for strippers, having taken pole dancing classes, I know how hard that pole really is).Besides the multiple lap dances, I was disappointed with the strippers themselves. I mean, this is VEGAS!!! Why weren’t their breasts just huge beyond belief, I was expecting a Pam Anderson, but sadly, these gals all looked rather natural. I was also very sad about the lack of poles….the main stage had not one pole, and in my opinion, anyone can crawl around the ground taking off clothes, the art is in the pole.I will probably be back because after the clubs, when I don’t feel like an after hours club, a strip club is the next best thing….however, I’ll try a few different ones out before I come here again…you know, in search of poles and Pams.

  348. Cc F.

    The worst experience ever! The Staff here needs more training on customer service and how to treat women! I asked the gentleman at the front of the line where the bathroom was and he gave me a attitude and told me to go next door if I didn’t want to wait. Then he proceeded to tell my friend that the reason why the line was taking so long was because of the girls in front of us having billing issues. He said if you want it to speed up then encourage them to pay for each other. After she did what the bouncer told her to do, he kicked her out of the line. Like wtf! That’s what you told her to do moron. This whole experience was completely embarrassing and a waste of time! When I asked to talk to a manager all the employees looked dumbfounded and didn’t want to give out correct names. Some white guy came to the front and claimed he was the manager but did nothing to help. He lied and said that my friend was yelling at the girls in front of us which wasn’t true! First he said his name was Peter finestine and then at the end he said his name was bill. He did nothing to help me and then said I was being threatening when I asked for his district managers info. Pele was the only nice bouncer last night & he tried to help me but Peter kept ordering him to make me leave because I wanted his managers info. I’m glad that I was sober last night because the way that my friends and I were treated was horrible. My last night in Vegas was ruined and I will make sure that all my family and friends know about this. Will definitely not return!

  349. Vi H.

    F this place, we r here for a bachelor party. There were barely any girl (5 total)And this black guy hustle us and kicked us out. This place is lame. Don’t go here. The Fker is sucks.

  350. NodRog g.

    Like all strip clubs you must go there on the right nights to find the right girls. In my opinion going to Sapphire on a saturday night will ensure that you will find the hottest strippers in Vegas. There are multiple stages to help give everyone a view in this huge warehouse of a strip joint. However it is a little too big for its own good. The seats and tables are packed tightly together so that sometimes its hard for strippers to reach you if you are sitting in the middle of it all. The main sitting area is a little far from the stage so even though you get a view, it won’t be a good one. Because of Saffire’s comfortable seating and decent cigar selection its easy to stay for many hours. Overall, Sapphire is one of the better strips clubs in Las Vegas and by extension, the world.

  351. joe jr

    the fucking best club in the world no one better nowhere!!!!

  352. Monica D.

    I’ve had fun here before, but last night was not it. We are locals and drove to Sapphires. We had gotten in (no cover for locals), but then one of the hostesses told my husband, who drove our car that he had to go back out, insisting that he came in a cab. She was a real bitch about it, too. We finally got things straightened out (with no apology from her), and went about the task of looking for a seat. For Christmas Eve, it was pretty crowded, and finally a waitress seated at a “reserved” table after verifying that we would be drinking. Okay- I know it is Vegas, but $17 freaking dollars for a mixed drink and $14 for a domestic beer?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me!! The girls on stage ranged from “alright” to “dear God, put her out of her misery!” We were NEVER approached for a lap dance (maybe because we were 2 couples?). Seats were packed in together, and it was extremely smokey. Not the best strip club experience ever!

  353. Linda C.

    let me get this out there: i do not make it a habbit to go to these places, just for bachelorette parties and such, so my review and experiences are limited.years back i had to attend a bachelorette party at olympic garden and i was in total fear of what to expect at sapphires. i expected a dank, dark, creepy dated strip club..but i was pleasantly surprised. it was very welcoming and not creepy at all. it was actually a fun experiece. i didn’t appreciate olympic garden forcing me to touch the strippers (i need a few drinks in me before i over come my personal space issues), but that wasn’t the case here. i even took a stroll in the ladies section and i can see how guys can get a bit…lost….

  354. Tawny G.

    A limo driver stopped us in downtown asking if we wanted a ride for free to sapphire which included admission to the club as long as we bought 2 drinks each. We were 5 girls 1 guy. He took us there and spoke with the guys in front of the club. They looked like they were having a difficult time. He got the pass and gave it to us. We went to go in line and the two guards would not let us enter. They said we couldn’t get in cause for one they were telling them in their ear to not allow us in and two because we didn’t have enough guys to escort us we weren’t allowed in. This is discrimination at its finest. They told us thats why its called a gentlemans club because women are not allowed alone. There were 5 guys behind us in line and they agreed to escort us but the guards would not let us in with them because they said we weren’t with them. They had no idea if we were lesbian, transsexual etc. Needless to say we are never going here. Our business is always welcomed at OG’s and Treasures.

  355. Phung N.

    All these girls was just trying to hustle. They didn’t even cover even if you got bottle service. The limo driver even tried hustling. This place was all about making there money, the service was whack! They didn’t even try working for there money either…

  356. Kamilah S.

    My friends and I TRIED to come here, but they wanted $44/person, but that did include 1 drink, we passed, but the staff was friendly as we were leaving. I think they were just over charging because it was Thanksgiving weekend, I hope that was the reason.

  357. Spencer K.

    Best club in vegas by far

  358. Carissa A.

    Only giving one star because I have to. Ashley told us we’d be provided transportation there & back and lied so we had to get a taxi back. Never coming back again.

  359. Johnson B.

    Girls are descent looking, fairly priced lap dances and a good atmosphere. But be aware of ur tab some of the waitresses will charge a different price for drinks!! The drinks are way over priced, be prepared to spend a good chunk of ur vacation money here. Beers are $14 and mixed drinks $17. We had shots before we went, find a Lee’s discount liquor, n get ur pre funk on. I only had a few beers while we were there. Oh yea, be sure to call for free shuttle, it also includes free admission, saves you $30/person.

  360. Brian C.

    It’s like a zoo in here with lots of wild animals. You could bring protection, but it won’t matter (eewwwwww..), because there’s only one thing that these animals want.. and that’s – YOU GUESSED IT:DOLLAR BILLS!!Come prepared.. and by prepared, I mean come wearing sweat pants.

  361. Danilo A.

    worst experience in vegas. i was robbed there. waitress charge you way more than they should and strippers lie to you. i used my card to buy drinks there and they charged me 3 different values for that. dont recommend this place to anyone

  362. RE JESTER

    That’s the problem with Sapphire is those cheap curtains and their crappy lighting system. Why would you want them to partition off their club when they are know as the biggest strip club. What’s the point of downsizing and contradicting what you promote. If your the biggest and you talk the talk then walk the walk as well. I hate being confined into a small space while they have a whole seperate half being unused.

  363. Been Treated Better

    Place needs help Management is unprofessional especially tall asian guy.Bad serve watch your drink and the girls that is all Im gonna say. Bad place wont ever go bakk cost to much and nothing in return go anywhere else!!

  364. Brandon B.

    Don’t ask how we ended up at this place , but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right ??? The Ladies are very unattractive and untalented but the guys are super good looking and actually great dancers . I went with my wife and her sisters and have to say they had a better time than I did !

  365. Doofus

    Most girls are hot, few average. Steep cover on a Sat. nite. Huge crowd with few available seats until later.

  366. Sabi J.

    Great place to take the men in your life too.

  367. Andrew K.

    When in Vegas…. Went for a bachelor party. You get “hassled” a lot. They are good at their jobs…

  368. Nek Nek L.

    Ok big ass club! Plenty of girls to choose from. But damn cause of that you get harass three times as much! Go to OG instead!!!

  369. Amanda B.

    NO. Don’t go here if you: are a couple or aren’t a baller. The girls won’t even look at you. My date and I had to flag down entertainers and even our waitress.If you don’t have money, the girls won’t bother with you, which is understandable, but to a point. When my date didn’t want to spend the $X for the VIP room, our entertainer left ASAP. Before that, he had bought two table dances, a “tall” drink, and gave a generous tip.Way too overpriced. Girls don’t even get in for free. $30 a person. Drinks are $15, make it a “tall” for $6 more. I was not impressed with the girls. Most looked way too worn-for-wear, and it wasn’t that late either.If you do choose to go here, make sure to bring cash. The ATM charges are out of control. I believe it was $15 for a $20 withdrawal.PS: If you watched Rock of Love 2, Rock of Love Charm School, or I Love Money 2, “Frenchy” Angelique works here Thursday through Saturday nights.

  370. Da Deacon H.

    From my time in the military I have had my share of strip clubs, and maybe that’s why I gave this place just 2 stars..? Or was it because A BOTTLE OF BEER COST DAMN NEAR $20 BUCKS!!..Now I’m not complaining about service because it was not badd at all. Some dude took us to a table that could fit all 8 of my crew then came a stable of hoe’s (no disrespect to the strippers, just what guys refer to them as!) who’s mission is to clean you out of every dime in your pocket while smiling and shoving Ta Ta’s in your face….not complaining, we all have our roles to play, theirs is to get it and ours was to keep as much of the green in our pockets! We stayed there about 40mins before we realized that this was going no where fast, and we needed to roll before they end up with ALL our money!..Overall nice setup, pretty girls, helpful staff and expensive drinks but what do you expect…ITS VEGAS GO BIG OR GO HOME…so we went ELSEWHERE!..

  371. John C.

    $33 cover charge, $50+ dollars for 3 mixed drinks, the atmosphere is great very big but thers only 1 stage it doesnt make sense, i wouldnt visit this place more than once its not worth the money you spend

  372. Albert L.

    This is probably one of the worst strip clubs in the US. Our limo driver took us here as some of our friends talked it up. The bouncers were hella RUDE, stuck up, and full of themselves. We had a group of 10 people, guys and girls, and they wanted to charge everyone. Charging girls? We ended up going elsewhere and had much more fun. There are ALOT more better places to go to in LV if you are looking for a strip club. Better looking girls, better attitude, and much more fun.I do NOT recommend ANYONE coming here. Waste of time.

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