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0 reviews for “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Barely Legal Club

  1. Ant F.

    Meh. 2 guys sitting at the main stage buying drinks with a stack of cash and 9 cheap ass women also sitting around the stage got more attention. Never saw the 2 on our left put $1 out, group of 5 might have spent $5 in an hour, and the 2 on our right were criticizing just about every dancer. Pretty sure they all got in free too. We walked out after a couple of hours with a lot of cash I intended to spend for my buddy’s birthday, wishing we had gone elsewhere. I guess left over cash is a win.

  2. StripClub431

    I came here last friday(9/2) and was impressed with the layout of the club especially upstairs in VIP. But the girls were not up to par. The waitresses and dancers didn’t approach is for over 10 minutes of sitting at the table so we left. Will not be back.

  3. R

    Had a blast, check it out

  4. regular

    Young chicks, tight bodies, real boobs. Love it there!!!

  5. Greg T.

    All I have to say is Lisa the bartender in the VIP is literally the best. Cali the pole dancer put on a phenomenal show on stage. This club is the best on Bourbon street, hands down.

  6. Samuel J. Bryan V

    The Barely Legal girls totally rock! They are friendly, interact with the customers, and even offer private dances. NOT stuffy, snobby, or prudish like the girls at other clubs. The managers and DJ’s also seem cool – I just wish they would hire a few more blonds or red-heads.

  7. richard95

    After popping into Lipstixx (and potentially getting a contact disease from just breathing in there), we ventured into Barely Legal. My boyfriend had been here before and said it wasn’t half bad. He was right, it wasn’t terrible. But I wouldn’t say it was fantastic. We paid $10 cover each, and walked into the surprisingly empty club (it was a spring break weekend). We took a seat at the back stage where this very awkward dancer was sloppily falling off the pole. We thought it was part of her act because once she got to the main stage, she was actually really good. True to their name, their dancers look like 16 yr olds…which was a little weird. The first few were okay, but then the late night girls showed up and started doing cool moves and working the crowd. I had more fun talking to the bartender at the back bar, who was super sweet and attentive. All in all, not the best strip club but certainly not the worst. It’s not a bad place to start your night of strip club hopping.

  8. happy visitor
  9. igor34

    Professional staff, attentive managers, lovely women and a comfortable setting gives this beacon of hedonism a special place in my, errr heart. The ladies REALLY work the stage, no half hearted “bump and grind now give me money” from these ladies. Some of the best pole dancing I have seen in my life, and I have seen plenty. Vivian and Kira were attentive to me and my girlfriend, giving us their time and their energy.Things to do: Spend the extra cash and get VIP (It’s worth it), get a lap dance, throw beads (supplied by the club, awesome) to the people below from the VIP area balconyThings to avoid: throw the beads TO people, not at them. When I am at the Big Easy, this place is on my must stop at list…

  10. alcide hernandez
  11. Richard

    My boys and I visited New Orleans for a birthday party. It was Thursday night when we came in. We went to many of the clubs on Bourbon, but Barely Legal was the only place we just did not want to leave. This place rocks! The atmopsphere, music, dancers and waitresses are awesome. the club looks nice, new and clean inside. We never saw any old, ugly, tattooed, drunk or pregnant girls. All of dancers are young, petite, natural, without tons of make up. Drinks are pricey, however the club is not just girls dancing on a stage, its an atmosphere, a theme, a show. And its worth the price paid. We went to Rick’s and Hustler’s and it was boring. In Barely Legal it seemed that girls were having great time, smiling, tipping each other, doing girl-on-girl actions on the stage. Wow!…For a bottle of alcohol bought in the bar they kindly seat you in a VIP booth where you can hang out and watch girls dancing. Emily, Jade and Anya are great! The first dancer who came to our booth was russian chic Olga, goes under Lola. Little tight body, long black hair. Boy, this girl made our night!! It was five of us and she nearly made all of us fall in love with her. She spent half of the night around us and she never had to put pressure to get a dance, each of us bought several dances from her and I was the luckiest one – I got four dances and a two-for-the-price-of-one special. Her dances were never the same, the best I ever had. We could not get enough of Olga. Guys, if you like young foreign girl with a tight little body and damn sexy accent, ask for her when you are there. God, this girl is hot!! Gourgeous moves, beautiful personality. Just the way she pronounced my name (Richard) made me hard. I always thought I was into blondes, however that night one sexy russian brunette changed my mind. Thanks to management for having this beautiful girl working. Thanks Barely Legal. I will be coming back once I am in town.

  12. James

    Awesome club!!! We are definitely coming back!

  13. andy

    only 3 girls were working when i went there and they were definately not 3 girls of quality

  14. Vanessa L.

    If I was just a regular patron at this place, I’d give it 2-3 stars. However, my friends and I enjoyed the special VIP treatment. We had just come from the Penthouse Club and as we walked down Bourbon Street, bouncers outside of Hustler’s tried to get us to come in to throw beads from the balcony. Unsure if we wanted to spend time here (we had gotten our fair share of boobs and stripper poles) we hesitated – but then they said “free shots for the birthday girl, you just have to throw beads and you can leave whenever you want.”Sure, why not?Up to the second floor we go. The birthday girl got a large shot of espresso Patron and we were ushered to the balcony. Each of us got handfuls of beads and one really cool & fun worker helped us throw beads. He pointed out the tourists, the locals, the ones more likely to lift up their shirts. Guys who lifted up their shirts got beads; girls who lifted up shirts got free t-shirts.Oh, and douchebags got beads aimed directly at their heads. Sure, we’re a group of five Asian girls. But was it necessary to scream “ME SO HORNY, ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME!” at us? My response? Beads to the head and a yell, “SURE, THAT’S NOT RACIST AT ALL DOUCHEBAG” This was rewarded with a free round of shots for all of us girls.When we left, the club was a bit more crowded. I didn’t get a chance to see any of the live action/dancing/etc. so I can’t comment on that. I’m grateful for this experience but don’t think that the traditional strip club experience would live up to the fun we had at Penthouse Club. But, I had a blast throwing beads and ogling boobs of tourists.

  15. Rich

    All I can say is that my 6 hours with Kory in the VIP room upstairs was incredible. Cant wait to see her again. Best Club in the country. Period. From Dancers to DJ to Management. Unbelievable expirience.

  16. XhXeXy

    I have a theory that Bourbon Street is cursed. That curse forces all who walk down it to enter establishments they would normally never visit. My trip to Hustler was one such trip.This club seemed to be very similar to other Bourbon Street clubs. Cover was $10 and drinks were very expensive. It was absolutely not worth the cost to sit in an upholstered chair and watch guys try and lure the dance to their awaiting dollar bill. It was kind of sad.My total time inside was probably around five minutes. With the cover charge and a drink my total cost was around $25. For that cost I could of had 12 beers at Brothers Three and been far more entertained.

  17. Jeff
  18. c.j.

    cool place

  19. AssnTits5

    Just tell ’em Georger sent you. They’ll take good care of you.

  20. Angus Hines

    Best place on Bourbon St. to hang out. Absolutely, the best first class service in NO. See Logan tell him Angus sent you and you’ll be in high cotton the rest of your visit.

  21. bill

    Great club

  22. Tim

    had a great time.

  23. Shaun

    Visited during jazz fest 2010. A fun place to be. There was a very young russian girl with amazing body. The best dance I’ve ever had.

  24. julz
  25. Jay

    Great club!! We hit Ricks, Penthouse, and Hustler also, but this one was by far the best. Great atmosphere and the girls followed the theme of young and natural looking. They were very personable also. We will definitely be back.

  26. Caro M.

    Is it wrong that I’m giving this place 5 stars? Hahah…Hopped around to a few of the strip joints on Bourbon and Barely Legal was the most entertaining.Let’s face it though… most strippers are all “butt-a-faces.” There were only 2 here that stood out. Felix and Taylor. I don’t frequent strip clubs much, but when I do, it’s to marvel at the upper body strength that comes from such twiggy arms these girls have- and to study their moves for when I become a stripper myself. [HA!]Taylor was OFF the HOOK on that pole. She was doing some crazy chinese acrobat moves that boggled my mind! On top of that, she’s got some insane abs that are now what I envision as I run on the treadmill and do 1000 crunches every morning. It was a very motivational experience watching Taylor work that pole.The dudes we rolled with brought us up into VIP with them where we got to sit in the private room with a private pole. My friend and I played around on it and had a blast!Only downside is that when we asked for 3 double shots of GGoose, the 16 year old waitress swindled us and gave us some cheap shit. We told her it wasn’t goose, and she insisted that it was. I was like, “Bitch, I’m a fuckin alcoholic— how you’z gon tell me?!?”Other than that, this place was pretty fun and chill.

  27. Pete

    Constant flow of very beautiful dancers – most of the girls are very attractive, face and body. A bit crowded at times and girls are a bit agressive, but overall a good experience. Very high quality of dancers.

  28. NakedHazel

    I love New Orleans dance clubs, but there are so many to choose from, how do you pick just one? That’s simple…don’t go to just one! Hit every freakin one of them while your there!

    Barely Legal is a text book titty bar, the kind of place you want to take your girlfriend on a date too, or throw a bachelor party at or just chill on a weekday afternoon. They have anything and everything. The girls have so much more to offer than just looks, spend some time picking out the girl you want a dance from. You’ll be amazed at the talent and beauty these girls have inside and out. Don’t be fooled by the name, they don’t require the dancers to be under a certain age. However, there is a lot of fresh young faces and natural bodies to chose from. I give management an A+ this club not only hires beautiful dancers but they have cute attentive girl managers, who I fell in love with.

    If you want to dance here: if you aren’t a highly talented, younger looking girl you may want to check out other clubs first. Barely Legal loves newbies and will hire just about anyone, but they also have excellent dancers every night. If your not up to par you won’t have a chance at making any money. They take rent fee, cuts out of dances and half of all VIP…plus tip out. The earning potential is very high.

  29. Robert

    My favorite club on Bourbon, the girls are really cool, unlike some other clubs they will sit and talk with you and not hustle you for private dances, a real cool place to hang out and talk with hot girls including Ally my Favorite bartender, she is cool! My two favorite girls are Blaze (dude from Tennesee U are right on about her!) and Tagen. Oh by the way, Blaze if u read this I’m the guy that got ripped off at Ricks! I look forward to going there this weekend.

  30. abby

    kicks booty

  31. Josh

    The club was great the girls were hot and the DJ entertaining

  32. Weedman420

    I love this club…staff is really sweet and helpful, the girls are beautiful and a good conversation, making it easier to want a dance or even a bedroom. Vivian and Kira…among other girls make the visits worth it…drink are reasonably price for a club on bourbon street. Balcony area for smoking…VIP is definitely the way to go. But the whole club is amazing. Will be back for more!

  33. fuckery12

    Hustler’s Barely Legal falls short as an unimaginative venue. It’s the worst kind of tourist trap, arguably only a half-step above the ‘live sex acts’ show you can catch across the street. On a Saturday night, they will try to charge you cover, for which you can easily talk your way out. They will tell you it’s ‘couple’s night’ or that you can get inside if you agree to throw beads from the balcony. After all, you are more likely to fit the bill of ‘Barely Legal’ girl than any of the strippers inside. Ignore the obnoxious club promoter, step towards the bored girls that are manning the front desk, and tell them you are going inside and you are not paying a cover. Like Hustler porn, you can expect Larry Flint’s strip clubs to be complete cliches. The bad lighting doesn’t help the average women that work this cabaret. All women know the importance of warm light, but unfortunately the lights in Barely Legal are sadistically cool. The light is the least of the problems with this sadistic spectacle. (See footnote)Come to Hustler’s Barely Legal on Bourbon Street! See girls scale 15 foot poles with their tattoo covered thighs! NB: I am obviously not one for pole dancing. If you enjoy the low-brow wonders of Cirque du Soleil, you may be compelled by the strippers’ acrobatic talents. The difference is that Cirque du Soleil performers are professionals and never walk off the stage without finishing their set. Those acrobats are whimsical and passionate, which are the anti-thesis of a Barely Legal stripper. In short, it’s amateur hour. And not in the hot way. See gaggles of bachelorettes, donning compulsory plastic-penis jewelery and tulle tutus, sadly hump a pole as their hired gay dancing instructor squeaks half-ass encouragement. Once you get on that stage and grab that pole, you just know how to work it, girl, one lucky bride-to-be tells me in the powder room. What is more unerotic than a hen night (and by extension, marriage)? The middle aged cheapskates getting their jollies off near the stage, luring the vapid working girls with folded singles. The protocol here seems to be loud cheering and jeering as said stripper suspends herself in midair–sometimes haughtily touching the fiberglass ceiling. After a few of these feats, one may lure the tired woman over to his lap by placing a lengthwise-folded dollar bill on the stage, and grin widely as she proceeds to hum into his crotch and straddle his or her barrel-back chair. She will jiggle and wiggle while wistfully staring up to the black and merciful ceiling. Then go home, process that shit over decent coffee the next day (which apparently, is impossible to find in New Orleans). I wouldn’t give any of the other strip clubs next door much higher scores, but Barely Legal is the most vile place of them all.Reviewer’s footnote: Like many adult entertainment consumers, I am constantly perplexed by the fine line between erotic and pathetic. To further explore these issues, I highly recommend David Foster Wallace’s essay on the late nineties porn industry, The Big Red Sun. It is titillating, but not an aphrodisiac.

  34. David

    Well, this was another great trip to Barely Legal. This was my third trip to New Orleans specifically to come to this club. If you see the review below you will know why. As with the other 2 times I have been here, everything at the club was great. The dancers were all beautiful and friendly. The waitresses, bartenders and floor staff were all pleasant and make sure you have want you want. Just like the other 2 times I have been here, my time was spent with Blaze. I guess that means I will have to try harder next time to get her to come back to Nashville. There is not much else that can be said about her that has not already been mentioned, so keeping it short and sweet, she is an amazing girl, whose accent that the DJ’s keeping talking about I do not hear. That is probably because also being from Tennessee I sound the same way. Anyway, I guess I will have to start planning a fourth trip to New orleans and Barely Legal to see her again. And, if you have never been to Barely Legal, make sure that it is on your agenda when making a trip to New Orleans.

  35. Saint's Staff

    Would anybody know the name of the little hot girl with longer dark hair and blonde or highlighed bangs? She was extremely sexy, but I unfortunately didn’t get her name. I wish yall had a directory of your girls’ pictures and names and when they’re performing. Keep up the awesome work ladies!!!

  36. Dennis H.

    Courteous, attentive staff. Talented, friendly dancers. No one was pushy. This place was fantastic, and wife & I had a great time.

  37. Janet

    i definitely recommend this club to anyone looking to have fun. taylor and wednesday are the best there is. check them out!

  38. outoftown

    I came to new orleans on vacation and did a few dances with a very nice and plesant young lady name Hailey. She was very nice on stage and gave a hell of a lap dance. I remember her real name is Starr from Baltimore,MD. Does anyone know how to find out where she works there. I enjoyed myself. I will come back again and again.

  39. ryan123

    They committed fraud and identity theft against me last night. Don’t go there- they will also fuck you over.

  40. BillyB

    Great Club!

  41. Frank
  42. joseph1k

    Pros:1) They had 1 very tall South American girl that was very attractive and funny!2) Hot brunettesCons:1) Not enough blonde girls2) Dances were expensive and they put you on a coined timer…totally destroys the mood.3) Dances were not good4) We paid more to go to the 2nd floor where there were more girls but the atmosphere was just lacking.5) Not a good variety of girls. They had a lot of African Americans which unfortunately I wasn’t attracted to. They were friendly though. Girls weren’t pushy but they were really looking to do VIP dances.I would not return to this club.

  43. big man

    club was awesome private dances were to short for the money. but will go back if in new orleans

  44. sam

    this club is great, the girls there are not only beautiful but are extremely talented on the poles, its not a typical strip club it’s full on entertainment.

  45. mathewater12

    How do you react when you hear the phrase “strip club on Bourbon Street”? Do you pant with excited anticipation or do you look down your nose and attempt to sniff out something more worthwhile? I used to do the latter, until one bored Friday evening I decided I was certainly not above some bouncing titties and a good time. The girls all seem nice but none that melted my panties or look nearly as hot as the ones pictured in the photos here. Still, ass is ass and titties are titties so maybe don’t be so picky. Some were more fun than others. Topless only. The place seemed very tame for a strip club. Maybe because am used to the rowdiness of Mexico and Canada. Definitely some trashy people around, smoking, spilling drinks, stiffing the girls after making them work for the tip they expected to (rightly should) receive.

  46. Chris D.

    When u walk into a strip club and there’s a beer pong table…u know your in a classy place.

  47. CJ

    First time here had an awesome experience!!!! Thank you!!!

  48. james1412

    I learned how to make it rain here y’all! I showered dolla dolla bills on a dancer like a NFL player, yo. Well, ok maybe not a wide receiver. Maybe a kicker.Scientifically speaking, strip clubs in NOLA are very different than the ones in Austin. I could do a research paper on etiquette differences between them. I SHOULD do a research paper but here’s my undergrad take on the sitch.In Austin, the dancers are a lot of times kind of apathetic. They might spin a little on the pole, crawl around a little on the stage, might even twerk a little, but mostly you can tell they are half asleep or making their grocery list mentally while taking their clothes off. However, when you go to the stage and tip em, they wil dance for you for a few seconds, and if you’re a woman, they might even hug you or grab your boobs while you tuck the dollars in their g-strings.In NOLA, they work hard for the money, doing acrobatics on the pole and not just twerking their whole ass, but each side individually! Truly amazing cheek control. But they have a very strict no fly zone for the dancers. So the men would just basically walk up to the stage, casually toss some ones down and walk away while the dancer watched from a safe distance. UNLESS you make it rain. I watched. I learned. I took $20 in ones and sat down next to the stage, caught her attention with my thick wad, and sailed the bills over and under her as she danced for me. I even got a hug and the highest compliment from her “you’re tipping like a man!”. It was a proud moment for me and I can now scratch that off my bucket list. This was a fairly decent club for Bourbon St. The ladies room was YIKES butt the waitresses were sweet and got on stage themselves to clean the poles and dance. The dancers worked hard, even at 6:00 and to an empty house. And we were able to get our obligatory strip club on Bourbon visit out of the way early and hopefully with no lingering cooties.

  49. the man
  50. Bobby L.

    – 1 star cause the dancers are old chicks just dressed up like they’re younger. Other than that this is a top notch strip club. When we sat down the manager sat down and explained how everything was. It’s got a lot of space. I didn’t get a dance here so not sure how they are. But the pole is insanely high plus there’s these grips on top that allow the girls to do tricks they normally wouldn’t be able to. I was impressed by it and till this day have not seen better pole tricks! But it’s New Orleans where you come to drink not see strippers. We didn’t stay here more than an hour.

  51. billtheguy12

    Barely Legal was AMAZING! I’m not really one for strip clubs but it was my boyfriends 30th birthday last weekend and I wanted him to have a good one. We went to New Orleans for the weekend and on his birthday we went to Bourbon Street and went club hopping. We started at one end of Bourbon and made our way down. There was so much to do and so many places to go so much so it made it difficult for us to decide where we wanted to go. At Barely Legal the manager Russell K pulled us in from the street. He was so funny and really showed us the VIP treatment and checked on us all night! He introduced us to this amazingly beautiful girl named Codi (I’m pretty sure though that wasn’t her real name though lol). She was so graceful on stage and did all these really cool pole tricks. Then she pulled me up on stage for my strip club debut and let me spin around on the pole! Definitely not what I was expecting but I had a blast! My boyfriend and I got a dance from her and then she offered to take us to VIP for a free tour of their rooms. The rooms were so cool and nothing that I imagined a strip club private room would be! We decided to go all out and spend some time in one of the nicer rooms, the movie theater room. When in Rome, right?? Lucas our VIP host was entertaining and really sold us on getting it because it was not anything we had discussed or thought about doing (well I hadn’t thought about it but my boyfriend admitted later that he most definitely thought about it). We spent several hours back there with Codi and really did have an amazing time. Our waitress Rachel was super sweet and made sure we didn’t want for anything. At the end of our night (the sun was coming up!) the GM came down and thanked us and gave us a VIP card to come back….I was really shocked to see not only was she a woman but she was young and pretty! Very cool. I can honestly say that I have a new found love for strip clubs and that I went to New Orleans and fell in love with a stripper! Codi and Barely Legal, I love you guys!! A night to remember, for sure!

  52. joe
  53. Kyle NC

    This club was my first and it was the best. Abigale was a great dancer and a great entertainer. I hope she there when I come back later down the road

  54. lo

    i’m only sixteen so not allow in the club just yet 🙁 but my cousin kasey and friend megan both got jobs there. just standing outside the doors makes me go wildd*. those girls are smokin hott and kno how to work it. new orleans IS the place to partyy and barely legal IS the club to party in. go there in two years and ask for Lo 😉

  55. JJ

    Girls are all terrific !

  56. GMP

    I was there on 2-10 and 2-11 2010 and I hated to have to come back home. I spent both evenings with the same girl Kyndall and oh my god she was awesome. Incredible body, beautiful smile and worth it. I haven’t been to a club in years but this one is worth going back to next time I go to New Orleans. First one I have been to that any contact was allowed and that made it all worthwhile. Kyndall had the greatest ass and tits to touch.

  57. Ian

    I love young pussy

  58. Lance

    My favorite club on Bourbon, the girls are really cool, unlike some other clubs they will sit and talk with you and not hustle you for private dances, a real cool place to hang out.

  59. maxxy1

    The place is okay. Half the girls were attractive but some of the other ones looked anorexic. The drinks were fairly priced, however the girls pressure you to continue drinking and ask for you to buy them drinks. When you are in the VIP rooms they continue to pressure you to drink to the point where you do not know what is going on (obviously so they get more money out of you). All in all it was okay, I regret paying for the second hour in the VIP room, but hey it was a one time thing in my life with my fiance. Just be careful because they pressure you to buy the most expensive VIP room and to keep dropping money. My fiance and I probably dropped $2000 here very easily. If you do get a VIP room you can negotiate it down, we got one room $320 cheaper. All the girls smoke too which was nasty, but if you don’t mind that then this is the place.

  60. numaonediva

    Overall i have to say barely legal has the best entertainers

  61. Chance S.

    So everyone basically told me to stay the hell away from this place and it’s horrible when I first moved here. They said it was ultra shady and I would hate it. Do I ever listen to people? Hell no. I went to experience to crazy shady strip club with “nasty” girls working there. I was sadly disappointed.Now as a king of shady places where you feel like at any moment you could be drug in a room and have your fingers broken, I felt none of the above when I walked in. The bouncer was clean cut and was not intimidating at all. I was walking in expecting someone that looked like a mix between the Hulk and Sam Elliot. Instead I got someone that was short and super nice. He walked us in where I saw pretty attractive woman. They did what all girls do at “gentleman” clubs and spoke to us. When she found out this was not my idea at all in my group, she left us alone and that was that.As far as the beers go, it’s like every strip club in America, over priced and pretty slim selection. I had to go with Bud Light on the account there was not a ton of options. Nothing like drinking over priced Bud Lights. So if you are expecting a ton of micro brews, wake up, you are in a strip club. Get your little domestic and put a dollar in your mouth.So all in all this is a clean strip club. If it were a little more dirty, I would actually rate it higher because that is what I came to see. A nice fun time for all the guys to go and party.

  62. JJJE

    This club was wonderful, the dancers were great! I was with friends for a friend’s bachelor party. Lets just say the bachelor was able to forget about his fiance for awhile. We were all thoroughly impressed by the amount of quality ladies. The ladies even had the bachelor rethinking the marriage idea. If you want high class women then Barely Legal is for you.

  63. Jon Oliver

    First time in there and we loved it. I took my finacee in there for her first time in a clb like this and she had the best time. I had to finally take HER out of the club! The staff was excellent as well as all the entertainers. Top notch club.

  64. curtis17

    The BEST strip club on Bourbon Street! This is a sexy, classy and clean club where the dancers are talented and the staff treat you like you are a VIP. I recently visited for my Birthday and has such an amazing experience I had to come back another night! I also recommended it to my cousin who was visiting and she also raved about her experience there. The managers Libby, Russell K, Charlie “the guy in the tie” and Kavonda all ensured everyone has a great time. Thank you all for making my Bday trip so special! I can’t wait to visit again!

  65. joviun chapman
  66. Mistercap12

    Drink is nice and price is a little bit higher. Girls here are cute. I had a lovely night with my husband here. Seats are comfortable, music and light are great! Love here

  67. Paul

    Blaze!!! Yes I am the third person to mention her. But, DAMN she is one sexy little southern belle! That accent just really gets to me. Anyway loved the experience.

  68. Johnnyboy123

    The drink prices here are pretty unbelievable for a Bourbon street strip club. They have plenty of specials, but the regular prices don’t rake you over the coals like some of the surrounding clubs. Monday’s and Tuesdays in particular have great themes and now they have “superhero sundays”(!) where if you wear something superhero-esque, you get in free. The quality of the dancers here vary, but I’ll say that there are some girls who are really impressive on the poles. Upstairs in the VIP area there is a trapeze too! If you are a regular, you can get a vip card for a little bit of money, which will pay for itself after a few visits and allow you to skip the lines when there is one. That couples with the $3 Mondays and two-for-one Tuesdays, you can still have a pretty good experience for a reasonable price.*WARNING* do NOT use the ATM there. The service fee’s are outrageous. If you use a card in general, they will inspect your documents like it’s a border crossing. Take cash.

  69. To Saints Staff/Fan

    Was it before 8pm that you came in to the club? It was probably me. I’ve had the flu so I haven’t been able to work lately.

  70. mike
  71. Dustin

    Reece is the best….michelle is hot too…will definately be back when i get back to town

  72. Will

    The main reason why I gave the club a good rating is because of the SEXXXXIEST waitress on the planet, Rebecca!

  73. alex
  74. Fred

    visited last weekend, and i have to say one of the best clubs i have ever been to.

  75. Kalen K.

    $3 drinks. Who cares about anything else. They have $3 drinks.

  76. harryharry

    Place is mediocre…Im not down to pay 30$ for a lapdance…yet i spent 150$…hmmm…

  77. Kemi A.

    It’s a strip club, Mardi Gras weekend, at 3pm in the afternoon so..yeah.Us two girls went in there to see what the fuss was about. For the most part the girls weren’t horrible looking and did work the poll. I even got my first lap dance (yay!). Seriously, what more do you want?

  78. Taylor

    Wonderful club, friendly staff, talented dancers, comfortable atmosphere, good music…

  79. Kevin

    By far the best club I ever Been too!

  80. B. O'Neill

    First time in New Orleans…went to this club 2 nights in a row…3/28/2010 and 3/29/2010. This place is amazing. Girls had pole skills Ive seen nowhere else. McKensie is awesomw as well as a hot asian dancer..didnt catch her name but she was fantastic. Our hostess Theresa was generous and attentive…she even got into some hot girl on girl on girl action on stage. VIP room is also top notch. Got to thank VIP bartender Babie for great service. There is nothing like this in IN. Wish there was. Ill b back!

  81. Tom:

    Great overall. The girls are pretty and they know how to work the poles…I’ve never seen so many ladies one after another do the amazing things they do! The drinks are a little pricey, however, the atmosphere is worth paying for. Dances and VIP rooms are a fun way to get closer to your favorite hotties, Holly, Taylor, and Kory are a tripple threat!

  82. Gavin

    Nice place to hang out with gorgous women.

  83. timmykilla

    Dancers could be more attentive but the over all visit was great. Staff was funny and entertaining. Would have been nice to dry my hands but no paper towel or hand dryer. Where are the Holiday decorations. The naked ladies everywhere are perfect. What a party on the deck.

  84. Tom&Co

    Visited this club on a weekend night in December. In our opinion, the only girl who did look absolutely barely legal was that foreign girl with the stars on.

  85. tony hartney


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