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6800 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153


39.9069365, -75.2229568




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Oasis

  1. Ben Franklin

    This is the suckiest club ive ever been in and ive been in a lot of places. they rip the girls off and keep most of their money and the people who work there are dicks. go check out some other clubs on this website and see if you hear people saying as much negative shit as they do about this place. and they delete a LOT of comments on here. there are still a ton of horrible reviews about how shitty this place is and what dicks the employees are.

  2. Some Dude

    First time coming to a club in PA, how’s the contact here?

  3. FELIX


  4. MilkMan
  5. dickhead

    its trying to reface itself but rehiring some pigs over and over again ain’t working..

  6. Noname123

    Have been coming here off and on for years. Dealt with Mariah sunny gemma Leena Vanessa and Randy. You get what you pay for.. defiantly not the best club in Philly when it comes to girls looks none of the girls are a 10. They give ok lap dances but are pushy for money and a lot seem strung out and uninterested in anything but your money. I prefer Delilah’s. The girls there are so much hotter, sexy lap dances cleaner club and better atmosphere. I wouldn’t recommend any of the girls I dealt with they were all busted but the best they had to offer for lap dances when I was there. Was hoping to get a little more but maybe i just didnt look like i had enough money for them to try.. ashame because i did they just weren’t worth it or trying hard enough. There’s plenty of clubs in philly that have higher standards these girls look like they were hired off the corner and trashy. I may go back another time with a friend he wants to check it out every time I’ve gone it’s been dead… any suggestions on girls and getting a little more during a lap dsnce sounds like Chloe is the type of girl I would want to get one from. But Brenda the bartender is cool as shit and good. Food isn’t bad either

  7. tbag

    it smells like cat urine

  8. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to chose from Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  9. marcinsphilly
  10. reg
  11. SOON


  12. No bullshit

    The review below was by some fear mongering asshole.

    Must be a republican.

  13. Jenny got fired

    With that attitude I see why, to the girl going to audition there ___ DONT. Go to cheerleaders where us hot girls work. We dont put out or flash turning it into the nasty clam bake. Yes my customers have followed me all over this city and I never did an EXTRA in my life, You do need a license to work at cheerleaders but you will like the environment. Dont let “jenny” discourage you from working in Philly just dont work with her. Obviously she skanks out regularly or she would understand what you meant with your commentary.

    CHEERLEADERS we dont even go topless. VIP, couch dances, and beautiful women. some girls have there issues but theres always a bipolar addict like Jenny somewhere- ignore her and make your money, or take hers LOL

    good luck

  14. Mr.

    i love this club!

  15. pete
  16. johnny

    been there quite a few times, good security, no guns getting in, lots of girls to choose from, some very good lap dances, wow. one of my favorite places to go in phila. if a girl named BRANDY is there try a lap dance from her,she is a favorite, well kept club inside clean

  17. Jim H.

    FUBLE Diaries: Episode 5 Seems I’d forgotten how uncomfortable strip clubs make me. After a surprisingly fun evening at Ruby Tuesday, the Alaskans wanted to wind down with some of Philly’s hottest strippers. Since I didn’t know exactly where they were, we ended up at Oasis. Being borderline autistic, I often cant make eye contact with still Internet shots of nude women, and my experience in strip clubs is thankfully limited. Its been a good 10 years since my last foray into glitter and neon, but powered by the mojo of the Fuble, I figured why not. After passing airport-like security, we found ourselves in a large bar complete with dual stripper poles. Most of the excitement and bravado wore off once i was within perfume distance of the performers. We all took a seat at the bar. Keep in mind, this was Halloween night and we were met with scantily clad pirates and nurses offering $5 bottles of beer. Also worth noting, was that Game 3 of the World Series had just ended poorly for the Phillies and the dancers had to work overtime to cheer up the crestfallen crowd. I guess my biggest problem with these places, is that Id like to hang back and just give my money to the dancers I specifically like. Doesn’t happen here (or any other club Ive been to). They actually come down from the poles and stand in front of you looking for money, whether you like them or not, and I’m too timid to wave them off like my Alaskan buddies were doing. Mike was actually saying he forgot some of their moves and that he wanted them to remind him before he gave any money…and they complied! Aside from the begging they would aggressively try and get you to go back in the “special rooms” , in order to drain your bank account. I knew I wasn’t going back there under any circumstance and as I turned to see if Mike and Dean wanted to leave, they were gone, being led to the back by a large chested cat and nurse. They waved for me to follow but I gave back a hand gesture that I hope conveyed the sentiment of, ” Hey! Go have fun! …but dont be long.” So now I was stag at the bar. I looked at my wallet and saw a handful of ones (they weren’t getting anything higher) and I hoped they would outlast the guys champagne room visit. No such luck. I placed folded ones into a succession of pressed breasts until I was out. Now what?! Not to mention the calculated attack from the strippers on me, who had strayed from the pack. I had to explain that I was just their driver, and had no intention of getting a lap dance. Dean had left his wallet with a mound of ones in it. I figured he didn’t need them anymore and continued the outreach.Does it really take this long? I saw guys go in and come out long after the Alaskans went in.Eventually Deans titty donation ran out as well and i had to go. I didn’t want to leave Deans wallet behind so I grabbed it, shot each of them a text that i had it and would be waiting in the car, and left. The brisk fall night was welcome to the stuffy club. I waited in my car and started to worry. Finally, Mike and Dean emerged…with about 4 angry bouncers behind them! Seems they never got the message that I had his wallet and Dean was accusing everyone, from the pirate to the french maid of stealing it. We cleared the situation up and apologized and got the hell out. On the way back home (we were done for the night and had a day of tailgating and football ahead of us) I learned the other reason they were angry. They both got taken for $500 a piece in the back. I guess they take your Credit card, make you sign papers and just run the card up. Sounds like bullshit to me, and I’m glad I stayed out. The boys soon got over it (hey! were on vacation!) and we drove off into the night. For the rest of the weekend, however, anytime they got out of line, all I had to say was “$500” and they were put in their place. That’s $250 a breast.

  18. jeff

    great club loved it.

  19. Stop Hating other Dancers

    As long as she doesn’t sing like Barry and insteads hums like Mr. Joel, then it’s just fine.

  20. Keep coming back

    Keep coming back. Girls of all ages, sizes and races. Girls are super down to earth and easy to talk to. Always a chill place to hang with friends to spend time and some money on pretty ladies.

  21. L.H.C
  22. tim
  23. rush

    Always had fun socially. Enjoyed the Great looking women


  24. butch m

    I was first interested in Oasis when it was the only place outside Risque or Excitement Video stores to meet porn stars. Now Oasis is one of the two best erotic dancer clubs to showcase every two to three months a top notch female star. I just wish it was a bit bigger especially for crowds it attracts. I guess they can’t expand any further. Oh well.

  25. had enough

    some older dancers should call it quits their toes point more directions than a compass and the cellulite is gross.damn girls after you have an abortion let your body heal a bit.time for old attitudes to go for good and new ones to understand the game.smell ya later bitches you stank and get proactiv nobody wants to play connect the dots while fuckin

  26. FRANK


  27. Phil
  28. lovin it

    whoa, this place is a dive

  29. GFunk

    Very nice! Relaxing, not too crowded if you get in there at the right time, and the dancers are hot!

  30. unreal

    you can’t go by what customers say on this site…the club owners pick and choose what comments get posted/deleted…which leads the customers to be misled about the “real” club oasis…let’s be honest, if you’ve ever been there, you know what the deal is…washed up worn out dancers right along with drugs and little “extras’ by certain girls which are known by management but still continue to work there….

  31. rvb
  32. regular
  33. T ROCK
  34. H

    I have worked here on and off since the club opened. I have always done well here and enjoy the majority of the staff and other dancers!

  35. not my type of club

    If you’re into the sterile “gentlemen’s” club scene then this will probably suit you. I frankly have never had a good time here. The bachelor parties are lame and tame in comparison to show n’ tel, day dreams, etc… And the no touching thing is really irritating. This place is like Delilah’s lite if there could be such a thing. Delilah’s is queen of suck. Again if you just want to drink and look at tits, this maybe for you. If you’re looking for more mileage in couch dances and private shows there are better options out there.

  36. tom
  37. Frank

    this place is boring I was at this club last Sat night there only a few dancers around this club was dead I was asking one of the dancers for a tour of the club never was given a tour of the club. this club sucks all the dancers want is your money not your time.

  38. john

    good place, need to pick the right dancers for ld

  39. spaz
  40. rct3
  41. Frank

    OMG this is one of the best clubs I have been to in Philly the overall Hospitality is so awesome i got a Private show from 2 different girls. the only draw back is there is not too many girls working in that club its always slow in terms of guest being there. There is an equal guest to dancer ratio there the atmosphere is very up scale and laid back. All i can say is I had such a great time in this club I wil be back again soon.

  42. Love this spot

    Sexy ladies fun times in the back! Lot of variety of strippers here. Staff always remembers you it’s like Cheers

  43. J

    There was one girl who danced in a gray army shirt, I’m not sure of her name, but she was such a bitch. I asked her about going for a dance and she asked me how many? It was late so I figured maybe she was getting ready to leave early so I said 2 probably. Why else would anyone ask that?…never happened before. Then she says “2? I’m one of the hottest girls here…2?” Obvioulsy I didn’t want any part of a dance from her at this point anyway, but what’s the deal did she feel it’s only worth her time for her to do like 10 or what? Then she walks away and yells “come back when you have money or something like that. Girls like that are really going to make people want to come back.

  44. Rusty

    LD’s with Fate and Corrina are to die for!

  45. Luke

    I have been coming to this club for a long time and I must say I have been very disappointed in how much it has gone down. If you go in there during the daytime you are one of about five guys in there and therefore get mugged by fifty girls begging for dances. I am sad to say that the quality of girls is horrible. They are either high on something or offering me a blow job or both. Maybe some guys like that stuff but I just want a little entertainment with my lunch. I guess I may try Cheerleaders or Crazy horse I heard many of the classy, hot girls have moved there.

  46. spell check this


  47. Eddie

    Not worth it. The people here are assholes!!

  48. yep

    is amazing that these girls call themselves strippers lol

  49. obaby

    Nice place – right up there with the best (Risque and Delilahs) Glad to see some friends from Risque working with the beauties that were already there – Shelby is hot!! Hope in time we can all get along 🙂 Glad there not in The Gold Club making the same mistakies as others


  50. Frank Speaks

    Even on the weekends, this place seems dead until 10 PM at night when they finally get two dancers up at a time. The “Talent” is very inconsitent. While they have some very pretty ladies, they also have far too many women that should be the “BEFORE” photo in a Jenny Craig add. The Couch Dance room is too small and sofa in two sets of lines – again – nothing special.

  51. Jersey girl

    I had a great time and there were some decent looking dancers. The only bad thing I can say is that the bartender with the long bleach blong hair is a bitch. (Friday night) I told her she had beautiful hair and she snubbed me. Get off your high horse honey…your a bartender at a strip club, your future isn’t looking too bright. Advice:take a compliment when you get one, especially when its coming from someone better looking than you!

  52. re: dancer

    LISTEN CHICK, if you can show a guy a good time without giving Xtras and then on top of it all have them follow you around to where ever you go then you must have your relatives and friends follow you around cause no man will ever and I mean this BITCH no man in the right state of mine will EVER follow a stupid stage whore around unless you are putting out.I am a dancer and am not ashame of it, its a sexy job and yes I have and had guys stalk me and follow me around and once they see I aint putting out they move on. so stop talking your shit this club dont need you they have over 30 beautiful girls each night..oh and by the way my name is Jenny I used to work at this club.. this is a great club and I will be back!


    Obviously this is your first time on the internet. Word of advice – believe abuot 10% of what you read. This includes any type of website you visit.

  54. look in the mirror

    in response to the review below mine, i’d suggest to that person to look in the mirror…and judge themselves before judging the girls at oasis…they are obviously self-loathing and have serious issues they can’t deal with….and it’s much easier to put down other people to make yourself feel better rather than deal with your own problems…as far as i’m concerned, the dancers and the customers are equal as soon as we walk in the front door…and honestly, if i saw a picture of you, i could probably pick you apart and make you cry…but i wouldn’t, because i am better than that…and you ought to hope the girls that are older, have cellulite, or acne are as nice as i am to bite their lip…in reality, you are probably one of the people we laugh at in the hallway…

  55. wow

    i refuse to reply to stupidity so have fun bashing other people in order to make yourself feel better.

  56. scjnky
  57. Joe Schmo

    As guys we go to strip clubs to see what we cannot at home,

    a diversion if you will from everyday life. Oasis used to be

    good and I used to highly recommend this club to my friends

    and people from out of town, I will no longer do so. The

    girls for the most part are middle of the road trailer

    trash. They come up to you and ask you to spend your money

    without so much as a hello. No class.. nothing like it was.

  58. veronica

    its an ok club if u like catty backstabbing girls who talk about u cuz they have nothing better to do wit there time

  59. claims
  60. Wisdom

    Very friendly club. If you have a hotel key you get in for free. Most of the ladies are very friendly and above average looking. Beware of those ladies who come on real strong at the bar…often leave something lacking.

  61. CHAZZ


  62. T Soprano
  63. Dreism201

    I’d just like to say thaT THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CLUBS IN PHILADELPHIA AND THE SURROUNDING SUBURBS(and I don’t work here either)! The curb appeal of the club tells you instantly that you are going into a quality place. The cover charge is reasonable with a pretty girl to greet you most nights. Moreover, they have a good security team and metal detectors to ward of “evil spirits”. Upon entering the club from the small foyer, I sensed a good and relaxing, yet sophisticated “let your hair down” type ambience. Moreover, the club provided a good selection of ladies (American pies to exotic)who were, in my opinion, above average to exquisite, mostly all naturals, ( which is fast becoming a commodity in this business)playboy quality beauties to spice up the night. Come on a night when it might not be that crowded; the girls tend to give more ” quantity time” personal attention to the patrons. Furthermore, the DJ there plays a good variety of “jams” from different genres of music that, I conjecture, should appeal to most audiences. The bathrooms are even come with an attendant that provides the patrons with colognes, bodysprays, mouthwash, “smokes”, etc. All for a small tip I might add. Finally I think that this club provides for an all around ” guys night out” good time!

  64. Mr local

    The bartenders and bouncers are pretty cool an down to earth. They have

    a variety of Chics. The club was popping and it was packed for Saturday

    are 1230 am. If you want a good time go to the O you might just get a

    happy ending.

  65. Ringo
  66. Jennifer Y.

    Despite some of the negative reviews, I have to say, my hubby and I ventured out yet again to check some place different then the norm, and found Oasis. We had a blast! Now mind you it was a Saturday night, and it wasn’t that crowded, but probably because it was a little out of the way from the city clubs, but this little gem was perfect! I was a little concerned when we walked in and it was just a big bar with a stage in the middle, but it was not smokey like other clubs, and very clean. The girls were very attractive AND friendly to boot! Sure you can spend a small fortune with giving out dollars when they come off stage, but after seeing how you can spend about $600-$900 at places like Delilah’s, this was less expensive…I’m talking about $350 for 1/2 hour per couple, and you get a drink. Now we don’t do this often, but we prepare for it monetary wise, and the girl who we took back was amazing! Lap dances are the usual $20, and I had a couple incredible ones from the girls. As the night went on, the girls were paying lots of attention to me and the hubs, which is kind of unusual, as we’ve sat at a few of these bars at other places and they pass you by if you’re a couple. I have to say, this was extremely couple friendly! But you have to let the girls know you’re interested…if you sit back and act shy (I’m talking wife/SO), they will pass by. And even the staff and bouncers were nice! One came over and asked us if we were enjoying ourselves, etc. This is definitely going to be a spot to return to!

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  68. scott
  69. Jeff Gleason

    Went here Friday night for a few drinks, ending up staying

    longer the expected. Bartenders made me feel as if i was home.

    Great specials,girls,and atomosphere. 9/10 for me! most check


  70. just wondering...

    has anyone else noticed that staff apparently doesn’t seem to care about much in this club? when oasis first opened, the girls were TOLD what shifts they could work according to their appearance…now, all you have to do is show up and tell them you need a job…no home address, NO PROBLEM…are in desperate need of an ab-roller, keep drinking…dancers so f’d up on whatever they do that lets them have no morals, that’s ok too…it’s apparent that the business making $$ the ‘old-fashioned’ way is out the door…this is the new wave of strippers at oasis…

  71. that guy

    Still my favorite.

  72. Stephen C
  73. Baydog

    My favorite place in Philly. A couch dance with Corrina is a not to be missed experiance!

  74. richard95

    A descent strip club. As long as u pick the right girl and go on a descent night great group if bouncers



  76. jay

    too much leftover trailer trash from other clubs

  77. newbie

    I was a little leary about going to the Oasis after

    all the reviews I read but my friend convinced me to

    come with him, I’m so glad he did. He said the

    motorcycle clubs aren’t allowed in anymore and all

    they play is rock, that’s my kind of music. I had a

    great time with a petite chick named Erica, she was

    very liberal. I’m convinced, this is my new spot. If

    I had to say a negative about the place, its a little

    dated but, I’m no decorator

  78. caesar

    Need to straighten strippers out!They think their shit dont stink!They need to treat people better and get rid of drug dealers and whores before it takes down CLUB!

  79. upset

    the club is finished!too many hookers and drug addicts.needs a major change NOW

  80. Big D

    Best Club in Philly!!!!!!!



  82. Jack

    Went here last night (A Saturday Night) and it was ok. There were 3 girls that I liked (Britney, a tall blonde with nice eyes, and a dirty blonde with the fake tits/ brazilian body). Sadly, I would have gotten a lap dance with Brazilian Body if she wasn’t so drunk trying to convince me. But, she was hammered. From my expirence with this club, the best looking girls there are on Sunday Afternoon. One afternoon there 2 years ago you had Bella, Angela, this really hot looking older dancer with great tits whom I had fun with. Sadly I don’t remember her name.

    Nights on the weekend are ok, just as good as Wizzards I would say. But I’m pretty sure at night time you could find better quality dancers at the Delaware Ave clubs.

  83. scrappy cocoa

    this place used to be the best,but girls chase guys out and too many game would think girls would of learned from cheerleaders incident,but NO THEY PUT THEMSELVES AT RISK AND THEIR FAMILIES.HAPPY I’M OUT OF CUSTOMER BUSINESS LOCAL BARS ARE MORE FUN.

  84. Afternooner

    Good looking girls. Too many times afternoon girls are just hanging out, ignoring customers. LD’s with the right girl can be amazing.

  85. Chris
  86. bret
  87. undercover brother

    club is being watched 4 multiple drug dealings and prostitution in and out of club.stay away!

  88. cm

    Girls are good unfortunelty management ruins the place. Also ?Brendon what ever he is they should spend less time at the bar and getting involved it things that don’t involve them

  89. this is just too easy...

    oh how i loathe the simple minded…first, there’s a little button on the top of your computer screen called spellcheck…try it…second, i am not in human resources, the last time i checked…so i am not in customer service…i am in the adult entertainment industry…HUGE difference…and maybe, just maybe…if any of your uneducated rambling hit close to home, i may have been offended…i won’t go insult by insult, but rest assured i am not on drugs, have no kids, have more education than you obviously…can you say master’s degree? better yet, can you spell it? probably not…and the reason the girls are there is because there is not one carbon cutout girl that EVERYONE likes or thinks is attractive…that’s why we have a variety of girls…something for everyone and if you don’t like a certain few…then don’t get couch dances with them…and, i hate to break it to you…but men are a dime a dozen…trust me, no one will notice if one or two ignorant people didn’t come into the club anymore…actually, we’d welcome it…it’s people like you that ruin it for everyone…i can’t speak for everyone else, but i have fun at work and dispensable people like you won’t ever change that…oh, and if you’re so done with oasis, why do you check this site then…do us all a favor and slither into another strip bar…

  90. D.J. Fuzz

    It is a great club i’ve worked there for 3 1/2 years left for about 2 years and now i’m glad i’m back. I’ve worked at other strip clubs and I like the Oasis the best. I like the owners, managers, and most of the staff, the have all treated me nothing but good.

  91. Jersey

    I’m so glad I didn’t read the reviews for this club before I went because I probably wouldn’t have went. I stopped in last Friday night and I had a blast. The girls were hot and the music was bumpin. I went back with a few little spinners,well worth it. I will definitely be going back soon. I don’t know what the negative reviews are all about but I would highly recommend this club to anybody looking to have a good time and relieve some stress

  92. to look in the mirror

    i don’t have to look at myself in the mirror to realize that your worhtless.if your laughing at anyone it should be yourself cause you’ll still be blowing some guy in the back or meeting him for cash to fuck him after work for drugs or something lower.only person to laugh at is yourself cause your stuck in the same position 3-5 years cant pay bills live day to day and cant decide if your straight,bi or just a plain hooker.i don’t have to take clothes off to make money and i know who my daddy is and babby’s daddy can’t hold a relationship cause you can’t deal with reality of being a hooker.face it your a pig.get a real job and get off welfare

  93. Dave
  94. You'll reply

    I guess the truth hurts and you must think you are better than everybody else..sorry to tell you, your not…get a real job.

  95. Randy
  96. Bob

    Awesome…nothing more

  97. tbone

    Girls are amazing

  98. joe

    i heard this club is infested with mercer. lots of girls have it there. so i aint going back there having some girl rubbing up on me. they have horriable customer service. and i waited 20 minutes before a bartender came to give me a drink.

  99. alwayshard
  100. To the one below me

    To the dancer that responded below this, I happen to agree with them.

    We as customers can look anyway we want, what you forget is that you are in the “customer service” industry, without us, there is no club.

    With that said, if enough of us don’t want to see old dancers, then our opinion matters more than any dancers.

    Enough said…

  101. Ted

    Nice club, beautiful women. Will stop by again when in town.

  102. Oasisgal

    Look everyone, I know Oasis is not the best out there, when we first opened it used to be a very upscale classy place. Lately however the management has been hiring ”busted” girls and that gives the whole place a bad name. I don’t know about girls hooking out of there, I’ve never seen any evidence of it. I like working there because it’s a relaxed easy going club where I don’t have to worry about cat fights and the ‘boss gettin on my ass’ all the time. I guess to each their own, some of you might think the girls there are unattractive, some might think we have the most gorgeous girls in Philly but guys, you can’t just tell by being there once. There are nights when we have a so-so crew but there are times there are a lot of beautifull girls. It’s the same way at Risque. Yes, Oasis is not like those other ”hands on” clubs, like Show and tell but be honest with yourself, do you really want to have some dancer pull anal beads out of her ass, come over to you and try to decorate your neck with it as if were a necklace! People are also saying that lap dances are bad there, which always depends on the girl you go back there with but guys – they’re strip clubs, not whore houses, if you want to get off, hire a hooker. Listen we all have different tastes, so lets try to get along. 🙂

    And Elmer, I totally agree with you.

  103. darkblue

    Some girls give excellent LD.

  104. FUNYUNS

    Good club, some of the girls aree annoying or have an attitude. But that’s any strip club. Overall I have a good time here. FOOD is AWESOME. BEER is COLD. Too many fake boobs for my taste. But I do keep coming back and have fun.

  105. Leah

    Leah is the prettiest, sexiest, hottest, best built, most fun, horniest, and most awesome girl here.

  106. joey

    i went here this past weekend n gotta say my fav girls were charlett and star. it was pretty dead probly cuz of the flyers game n durin the day but most girls were in bad moods n barely movin on stage but everytime charlett or star went up they put in a full effort n livened up the place a bit… not to mention they were bth extremely friendly when comin round 4 tips.. didnt just get their money n leave they stayed n talked. definately the best 2 grls in there. some of the other girls were nice… but calis eyes were so glazed i could see my relfection in them… definately on some kinda drugs. but overall i think its a great club ill def be back

  107. budster

    been there a couple times. first tme girls were great but the 2nd tim there a few skanks. private lap dance was prive and very satisfying and i imagine the vip rom would be much better/ some of the girls had an attitude but if you had ur tits hangin out for a buck and got stiffed you’d getattitude too. got plenty of attention, but no harrasment and had a good time. maybe cause iom a bit older and didn’t try to impressive them with ny macho they teatede me better but I had a good time. the crowd was not unruly and was under control. i givr it good mark

  108. Kenny Rodgers

    Drug ridden scum of the earth the hills have eyes looking dancers and asshole staff.

  109. Customer Service

    You must be pretty stupid, to think you have to be in human resources to be in customer service.

    You provide a service to the public that come here, thus you are in customer service.

    Oh and you dancers are a dime a dozen as well, its a two way street, proven by the fact that dancers come and go (either by their own will or fired).

  110. Stan
  111. lapfan

    This club deserves high marks. There are always hot girls and they give some very liberal lapdances. Best combination of hot girls/hot laps in the area from what I can tell.

  112. Shannon

    I had my first club experance it was woderful!! all the girls were sexy and had nice Booty’s and all were very nice. cant wait to go back!!

  113. Jesse

    hey everyone! ill be in philly nov 23 – dec 4. ill be working mid-day/evening

    shift. stop by and say hi. miss you all!


  114. Osprey

    I went there for the first time a month ago, and I’ve been back every weekend! I rated the women as Excellent, because some of them are (well, one is, and some of the others are very good). And they all have a good attitude, imho. The club format is okay, wish they didn’t have so many big screens distracting us from the girls. Wait staff is good, too– very efficient and professional.

  115. vm
  116. Old Pro

    I’ve been to every place in the city but Oasis

    is one of my go to spots. Talent wise its like

    any other strip club in Philly (some good days

    some bad days) what sets them apart for me is

    the discreet out of the way location,

    outstanding food, and the very friendly and

    accommodating staff. From bouncer to bartender

    to waitress, I’ve always had positive


  117. Pigpenlivesagain

    Rude Philly-attitude bartenders have no idea what the specials are. Make

    sure you count your change. Dancers hit you up for $1 acting like they just

    left the stage so be careful of that scam. To be fair you can get an ok couch

    dance but test her out at the bar so you don’t end up w a prude.

  118. Elmer


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