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0 reviews for “Silver Reign

  1. winston12

    if i could give it no stars i would.A couple weeks ago my friends and I were out in Santa Monica celebrating a birthday and we drunkenly made friends with a group of men who were visiting the states. The bars closed and we weren’t willing to call it a night, the guys dared us to follow their cab to the “after party” and we ended up at Silver Reign. I’ve been to strip clubs from New Orleans to Dallas to Vegas…let’s just say I’ve seen my fair share of these types of establishments. Silver Reign is by far the trashiest, low rent, and grossest strip club I have ever been to. Since it was 3AM and we had no idea we would be headed to a strip club, we did not have cash on hand. I accidentally left my debit card at the bar and after paying the $25 (including tip) cover to get in I only had $15 cash on hand. The first dancer, Peaches, comes out and after her two songs proceeds to start HOLLERING at the crowd of people about how can she possibly afford her Starbucks without our tips???? I was kind of drunk and at first found it funny so i gave her $5 and she stormed off. To satisfy the club’s 1 drink minimum and to break my $10 down, I go to grab a water bottle. Little did I know a regular plain flat bottle of water costs exactly $10. TEN FREAKING DOLLARS. like I’m not cheap but shit. A flat wouldn’t cost that much. So I had no money left. The girls kept dancing and their attitudes get worse. The club is literally my 3 friends, these foreign strangers (who barely speak english let alone understand how much these women expect to be tipped), and maybe 4 other people. The girls start SCREAMING at us. Some serious hood rat shit. Peaches comes back out and stands in the middle of the crowd and is just losing her mind, pointing and screaming, demanding we fund all their starbucks purchases. (how much starbucks do y’all drink seriously) I have never in my life seen such a display of classlessness. Like I had to look around to confirm that I hadn’t somehow ended up in Crenshaw. They cussed us out to our faces and acted like a bunch of ratchet train wrecks. They had a foul ass attitude the whole time and started bitching in the middle of their dances about not being tipped enough. I mean i understand not wanting to show my vagina for free but maybe ease into it ladies….more flies with honey so they say. I love strip clubs.I respect the women who dance in them because it is certainly not easy. the women who work here are really pretty and from what i saw very talented but they acted like completely crazed animals. I would NEVER recommend this place to ANYONE. reasonable cover/no booze/ridiculous drink pricesHood rat girls with bad attitudescreepy security visible dirt and filth on the floors and furniture bathrooms look like crack dens NO THANKS ~

  2. dopeboy19

    $20 cover and when I walked in, no one. No bartender, no strippers, no music. 11 pm. Stripper came literally out of the shadows and asked if I was into boys or girls. First time in my life all of these events ever happened in my life, and I’m str8 asf. I said “I’ve fucked up and am leaving…thanks?”. I was sober as a judge the entire time. Just was bored waiting on traffic issue. Just don’t bro, it’s a waste.Also, if it’s not already obvious; Russian mafia/sex trafficking. SAD. Felt grimey.

  3. ryan123

    First, I would like to say idk what everyone else here is talking about. Once you chose to go to a strip club expect a cover charge, expect a minimum in drinks. It’s a strip club guys!!!! There will be tittles in your face. Don’t be cheap. Tip the girl on stage well, tip the Dj if you want specific songs. In the end you will have an amazing experience. Why do I say this? Because let’s be honest. No one who works in a strip club is there for anything else then money. Just like you are not there to find love. You are there for ass and titties. That does not come cheap. Now that I have covered this. I’ll go into detail about my amazing time at this club. First I had this really cute chick come ask me and my fiancé if We would like a drink. She was super cute and nice and attentive. Great customer service!! . I forgot her name, but she was a cute blond. Damn I wish I would have seen her nice ass on stage. Once we were situated and had our first drink very quickly the Dj began to bring girls on to the stage. Damn they were all beautiful. Every once in a while there would be one. Where you are asking yourself. Wtf are you doing in here. But by far the majority were cute, young and super sexy!!! Now there was this one really adorable stripper. Her name was I think Dana. She said Dana like Dana point. Lol I think she’s from the O.C!!! And so are we. Anyway. This girl had the most amazing ass you’ll ever see. Holy shit I want to go to her gym she is so fit. Obviously I am not a cheap ass so I got a dance with her right after I chose her as my dancer of choice. She went ahead and throughly explained how the dances work. You can get single nudes or a 5 minimum or for a charge of $600 you can get a VIP with her in the most private setting. Well again I’m not a cheap as. So I and my fiancée decided on VIP with her. I did come here for an experience and I wasn’t going to let a few hundred dollars stop me from having Dana all to myself. Hahahhaha. Guys were litteraly waiting for her once we were done. While she performed her dance she made me feel super comfortable since I am a girl and usually girls feel uncomfortable in strip clubs. But not me haha because I love titties and ass on my face. Anyway this girl gives the best dances ever. She makes you feel like you are the only person at this club, and she was waiting just for you to come over for her to please you. Wow! I wish I could have taken her home. I’m in love with as tripper now!!! So guys this is a great club once you put your mindset on looking for an experience. The club will take care of you, if you take care of them. Tip and spend like a VIP and get VIP treatment. That’s the only way you will enjoy yourself to the fullest at a strip club any strip club. Don’t be cheap! Be a spender and you’ll see how happy you will leave. 😉

  4. adamrod

    Went in on a Friday night at 3 AM. After wandering out of another club in the area, I saw a billboard for Silver Reign. I thought, “Why not? I haven’t been there in a long time.” BIG MISTAKE! Paid $20 to get it. OK., this is the usual price for a nude club. Was told there was a 1 drink minimum. The place is small and very dark. You cannot see any lady parts on the small stage, maybe a nipple under the quick strobe light. Sat down on the long seat in the back and was immediately disappointed by the Blonde dancer on stage. Why? One word – love handles. Please, if you’re not in shape, don’t pretend to be a dancer. I was expecting the Playboy quality girls I’ve seen at other nude clubs The second dancer, a tall brunette was much better. A tight body with some sexy moves. Although I still could barely see a thing in the dark. At this point I decided to get my drink from the bar since there appeared to be no waitress. I asked the barkeep if she had an energy drink. She said yes. How much? $20!!! I told her, “That is absurd. $20 for an energy drink.” What else do you have? Bottled water for $6. Of course, when I scanned the room, I noticed everyone was drinking the bottled water.The first lady to approach me asked, “Do you want a dance?” When I said no, she moved on. No chitchat, nothing. Cold as a fish. The next stage dancer couldn’t dance. She just waltzed around the pole, no rhythm, no style, no grace. Did I mention this was a HUGE MISTAKE!There was about 20 customers and about 7 girls. 2 very below average blondes. 2 below average blacks (large and chunky), 2 slender Asians, one super skinny, no butt to speak of. The 2nd Asian was shapely and pretty from what I could make out in the DARK. A couple of brunettes were OK. But none motivated me to ask for a dance of even to tip them on stage. But the worse part of my experience was when I went to the mens’ room which is very small (like you would find at a gas station) and the whole place was covered in piss. Really, Silver Reign, this is what you call an upscale club? Just disgusting and I couldn’t wait to get out of there.I’m sorry that I had to write this review. I was really hoping to have a good time, as I had before years ago at this very same club. But, I wasted $26 and will not be recommending this club to any of my limo drivers who drive our multimillion dollar clients. I would be absolutely embarrassed to bring them here. Especially with that hideous mens’ roomPlease read this review, Silver Reign management and literally clean up your club.

  5. billtheguy12

    Sexy ass bitches and cheap ass prices!! These girls had me bonin!!!!!!! So fine !! Best customer service! Money well spent! Made me feel at home! Definítely gong Back! The best deals!

  6. AssnTits5

    Not a bad stripclub. I got a awesome lapdance in there. That is the only reason, I give it 3 stars. My junk was so hard and she was grinding , so hard; we were dam near getting busy, back there.She was making all kind of all noises. My friend got him a good dance as well. I got like 5 lapdances, and it was worth it. The music is pretty good as well. Trust me, the lapdance is worth it. The only downfall, is there no alcohol. If it wasn’t for the lapdance, this place would get only 2 stars, but it so good, I have to give it a 3.

  7. Disapointed

    Read the reviews, thought I would check it out after I left my lawyers place. got there around 6, I saw 4 dancers, one was good looking the others where heavy and not in shape. drink hustle is BS! Tried to just kick back and see if there would be more dancers but this one dancer would not stop bothering me about getting a dance, after she finally left me alone I went to the restroom and it smelled like piss! I am not impressed at all, I seriously question who wrote the previous reviews!

  8. Ivy K.

    It’s in a strip mall. Next to a Quizno’s.My friends and I decided to stop in out of curiosity after our 6-inch chicken carbonera’s and boy, was that a bad decision.Exotic Dancer School dropouts were everywhere, and almost all of them were eye sores. If you manage to find a free pass (to avoid the sneaky ripoff $22 admission fee), maybe you can go in and donate a few dollars to the sad stripper fund.

  9. Jimmy S.

    Let me paint the picture:Studio apartment with stripper poles, jailbait dancers, and $120 lap dances. The only good thing is that the dancers are in shape, but at their age they should be…

  10. Mark

    NEVER COMING BACK.. i love how they present themselves as “upscale” and all that really means is they upcharge EVERYTHING.. 20$ to get in another 20$ plus tip for ONE NONE ALCOHOLIC DRINK and 40$ a dance.. i dont mind spending the money for a good time but the talent in this place is at a definite LOW.. not a single good looking chick and all the girls that came up to me were high on something way more then life.. or even alcohol or weed.. they all offered hand jobs in the back for a 40$ dance.. if they offered me that right away how many others have they already been with and/or offered the same thing to.. you have to ask yourself

  11. jay

    oh my GOD they have this girl named ginger

    wow she has a body to die for no doubt the hottest dancer in california

  12. !!!!!!!!!


  13. nickstrip

    Might be small but the dancers are great! Dancers are hot and some are extremely talented. When I went this ass hole ruined my experience so don’t be one of those jerks who go in demanding excellent service and girls all over them when you aren’t spending a dime. It’s a business. Kills the vibe for the rest of us.

  14. larry1

    THUMBS DOWN.In my previous life I was prolly a Chinese peasant with sexual performance issues- I imagine my several polygamous wives got tired and dumped me for a railroad coolie whose haircut matched Moe Howard from Three Stooges.Now bad karma in this life leads me to be unlucky in love and trolling strip clubs. And so I come upon Silver Reign. If you like your strippers the same way you like your caviar, this place isn’t for you. If you prefer deep fried twinkies in a chocolate-covered mess, step right up.After the door hits you for $20 and then the cute brunette bartender hits you for another $8 for water(mandatory drink minimum), you notice there are maybe 4-5 dancers around (this was 11pm on a Saturday!) and all are either Latina or Asian and sporting love handles- and I’m feeling like my typical loser clownshoe self, only $28 dollars poorer.Then there is the one white girl (brunette)who shows up to dance onstage. Cute face (but , um, how do I say this politely?) . . .no booty. To be honest, I’d been to this place twice over the last ten years and I recalled this place both times had really young gals, usually black, latina or asian, usually cute, some really hot, and the interior of this place looked like a crackhead’s living room (without the candy wrappers all over the floor). Nowadays, this place has been remodeled nicely, but now they got a bunch of dancers who all look like they’ve got four kids at home somewhere in Inglewood.One of the Latina dancers comes up to me and chats me up, asking me if I want a dance. She was very sweet and had a gorgeous face, but I couldn’t ignore her jumbo family-pack sized booty and thighs. (Yes, I’m a jerk but don’t you forget where we’re at or why we’re here, okay?)Look, I don’t need perfection and girls that got a little extra thickness like Beyonce really turn me on. But please keep in mind that if I wanted a dumpy girl or a skinny no-butt meth chick, I can hit the dive bars and get this for free. I don’t need to pay $20 per dance to be teased by a beer goggles chick. There’s no fantasy in this, right?TRUTH BE TOLD- I’ve noticed a lot of the sexiest talent in the strip clubs, even the fancy top rated ones, has dropped out of the stripper scene during this ongoing recession. Hot strippers that used to make $750-$2000 a night are not going to stick around for five hours on Friday night and earning just $175 (that comes out to just $45/hr to have loser dudes reject you or throw dollar bills at you). Too bad that some of us who can pay extra for great service aren’t able to find it in this industry right now. Not around here.

  15. Harrison69

    Without a doubt the worst club I have ever been to. I came in with my younger bother to show him a fun night out at a few strip clubs. The dancers were the rudest and miserable that I have ever seen, the bartender were cocky and rude, the prices were ridiculous and the place was filthy dirty. Girls ask you if you want a dance before even saying hello and then walk off giving you a look of death if you don’t get one immediately upon sitting down. Yet they actually hang out and flirt with the bouncers who are also not the friendliest bunch either. My brother wanted to go home immediately. Thankfully, after taking him to a few other places, he realized that it was just the Silver Reign that was a nightmare and not indicative of all gentleman’s clubs.

  16. Johnnyboy123

    5/23/2009 As I’ve said before, there are a lot of criteria that determines whether a strip club is any good, but for me, there are three main ones:1) Friendliness of the girls2) Hotness of the girls3) PriceSilver Reign scores big on #2, is decent on #1, but loses on #3.The best night to go to any strip club is Friday night, and I learned, at Silver Reign, after 9pm. The girls are expected to get there by nine or they have to pay a penalty, so if you get there by that time, you will see all of the girls. Here’s the catch: prior to 9pm is a happy hour – drinks are free! But after that, it becomes a real barracuda’s nest (do barracudas /have/ nests?). Every girl you talk to, buy a dance from, or whatever, comes along with a waitress trying to get you to buy her a drink. As is the case with all strip clubs, the girls aggressively try to sell dances to you, but the thing about this place is that those dances are $40, and the house takes half from the girls, so they get reasonably desperate. They also have a drink quota, so they’re pretty desperate on that end too. And worst of all, Silver Reign is one of those clubs where if there are no customers, there’s no floor show. You can only sit by the stage if you tip, and you cannot go just to watch. Of all of the things I hate about any club, this is by far #1.So why the three stars? I can’t lie, the girls are hot. The night I went, there were /five/ hot chicks, four of which I bought dances from. One girl was so smoking hot, I let her take my number so I could be a regular, something I’m strongly opposed to (I bought six dances from this girl, she was so sexy). Some of them were very generous; some not. But let’s face it, men are men, animals are animals, and if you want the hottest chicks, they have them. So if that’s all you go for, it’s the place for you.As for me? All of these things, taken together, make this a “once in a while” place. If you want to be a regular at a club, a friendly place is where you want to be (“Jet Strip,” IMO, is still #1). But if you have extra money (as I had), and want to splurge (as I did), a place like this can be fun.

  17. Richard

    Really love this place, its a hidden gem.

  18. Cyborg B.

    It is true that you have cough up like $12 before you can go inside. Then I think I paid another $12 to buy my date a mineral water or other non-alcoholic beverage. Most of the girls here are pretty hot. It is not good to get a lap dance here because the dance is very short ($40 per 2 minute song) and the place is very dark. Just go sit closer to the stage and pay $1 for every great show that instead of throwing away $40 instantly.

  19. Franklyn

    This place is horrible, girls suck, place sucks, floormen suck the shitty 1 minute songs they play to rip you off in private sucks they should be embarrassed to call this place a gentlemens club. I went in here a few days ago place was totally dead, i get in private with one of the dancers she gives me the “1 song for $40” dance asks me if I want another one I declined and we continued talking, 3 minutes later I hear the floorman come up and say “thats 6″….I said 6 what? 6 dances. This is where i totally lost my chill and asked to speak to the manager. They tried to charge me $240 for ONE DANCE that lasted literally 1 minute. The manager was totally rude and unprofessional, I will never step foot in this place again. Not to mention when I was getting my dance the floorman kept coming over shining a flashlight in my face for no apparent reason thinking i’m doing something sketchy. I wish I could give this place 0 stars because they don’t even deserve a 1 star.

  20. harryharry

    what a Rip Off.. promotor gives a free admission. yet they still charge you at the door. one drink minimum. but once you buy a drink the bar tenders keep haunting you to buy more drinks for every working girl for 20 bucks a piece. Even if you say no she still gives drinks out and ask you to pay for them. which I didn’t.. must be freakin joking.. Now the girls are nothing but average, actually they are average and annoying as hell.. they beg for a lab dance and as soon as they start they through some stupid un heard of price at you, even though you agree to price and make a point that it better be worth it, hoping that those bitched know what they doing and you will get some good experience, they still suck. Oh and The DJ is also a part of the whole rip off tactic, he changes the track within 60 seconds once he spots a lab dance starting so they can suck you into a second stupid charge for another lab dance before you even finish the first one.. I was in this place for 10 mins and walked out after the above experience. How can you get so much freaking bad customer service in such short time. stay away from this joint. it is a bust and a waste of time, money and a bad way to end your night for sure. I only gave a one star because it is the lowest I wish i can give them 5 garbage bags instead.

  21. Brian S.

    great fun place

  22. Suneet M.

    Worst strip club ever!!! Paid $10 cover to get in with a pass..then bartender asks for $40 for 2 energy drinks!!!!! couldn’t believe it…..very very small place strippers very unfriendly just come by and ask for $40 dance…..worst place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. yanard12

    Meh. It was dead at 8:30pm. Come on. The DJ, the rude af bartender, and one dancer. At one point, I was all alone in the club.Dances are $40 for full nude until you discover that doesn’t include the mandatory 20% ‘tip’. Everything requires a tip.Also they HARD sale everything, the $600 private dances, $20 waters for dancers, after a bit it gets REALLY annoying.I’ve had better, could imagine worse.

  24. XXXbeast

    A late Saturday night I am amidst the desolate westside – completely famished. “There are so very few options at this time” I sigh. The city is deafeningly silent.I just can’t stomach the idea of picking up something from 7/11 – I need it to be hot. These appetites I cannot suppress.I see the Silver Reign, neon “OPEN” sign in the window – lit up. This will have what I’m looking for. I step inside.The first thing I notice is that unlike other places, a full staff is bustling about at 3AM. A kind woman approaches; says she’ll be serving me this evening; tells me her name is Busty Jean.Gliding through the dining area, I pass cozy booths and arrive at a circular table to myself alone. Jean hands me a beautiful menu.As I look up, I notice the establishment has interesting interpretive dancing on the stage – the likes which I have not seen. “I wonder what this performance means”, I think – the other patrons look on with intense interest. I cannot grasp the symbolism of the performance. I sure am starving. Jean shortly arrives. I tell her “I’m not here for no quickie. I’m looking for a full meal. Whatever you recommend is fine by me”. She nods delicately – soothingly whispers, “Don’t worry. relax. I’ll take care of you.”A few moments later she returns. Jean presents to me a tempting beautifully layered tossed salad. It is, mark my words, to die for! Delicious, juicy, yet savory – I feel every delicate morsel melt on my tongue. “Is this as good as it gets?” passes through my mind more than once. I finish every last drop just as Jean comes again, “Good huh?” she says. I nod. “I’ll bring you something more” I hear ring through my head, echoing like a canyon wall.Seconds like days pass. I sit alone in the darkness, looking at the dancing – their fascinating serpentine silhouettes flicker on the walls aided by the candles.I don’t know what I asked for, I don’t know what I’m getting. Always an adventure, that’s the way to live.Soon I get the main course. Two tacos. Even in this dim light, through the wafty smoke of the fog machines, I can clearly make out that something isn’t right about them – they appear to be stale and are presented with clear wanton disregard.”I can’t jump into that…” I think. I politely look at Jean and before my lips quiver, she looks down and says “This will not do. These are not suitable for you.” Jean swiftly takes them way.A few moments pass then two more arrive at my table.I inspect them carefully. My fears are met – my dreams vanquished. Worse than the first. Alas, my desperate hunger enfolds me! I dive in – “how many consequences can these next two minutes of my life have?” I ponder.I can’t rightfully discern what kind of old meat has been placed inside of them. They are dry and hard. My appetite grows sour and my stomach churns. But I can’t leave without getting what I came for. Jean feels my paradise lost. From the shadows she emerges and coos me; “There will be no charge for such disappointment”.”I feel obligated to make this up to you” she insists – I profusely insist it’s not necessary but she interrupts “You will have dessert on me.” How can I refuse such an alluring offer? I soon see delicate cherries covered in whip cream.I leave hungry – yearning – wanting more.I’ll return every night when I close my eyes. jump over the fenced perimeter of consciousness.

  25. james1412

    Good night out with my boys. A lot of young hot girls! Iv been coming here pretty often in the last year, Zoey the new dancer is smoking make sure you get at least one dance because it’s one you won’t forget.

  26. Weedman420

    Good looking ladies, good service, good atmosphere. All in all one of the better clubs ive been to in LA. Cheers guys ill defiantly be back!

  27. igor34

    I never really wrote review before, only did it because I got the best 15 min dance from a sexy little chick named zoey! Shes really professional, my wife even loved her. Coming back for sure

  28. danielson

    Lighting: super low lighting to the point where you are trying to make out the dancers between the occasional flashes. Private dance areas are the same or worse. It’s a mainly visual experience, yet… Even if you don’t have the best offering this is the worst way to address it. Patrons at the club were bonding over how bad it was “this place sucks, right?”. You ought to be enjoying the process of spending your money but here it seems like extortion. Go to 4play

  29. Sarah F.

    All I care about is the super hot stripper named Penny (I think…). I didn’t even get a dance from her since the birthday girl wanted to leave, but her little mini dance up on the stage was enough to make me fall in love. If I had a penis it would have splooged all in my pants when she came over and gently caressed my leg and asked if I wanted a dance. YES.It was probably for the best since I would’ve spent all my hard-earned money on her. Five stars for having the hottest stripper of all time who I seriously considered kidnapping and locking in my basement.

  30. don

    great treatment in the back from brazil, chik named”allday” also good. avoid drink hustle

  31. StripClub431

    Total rip-off. Girls are sleeping on the couch. Floor manager insisted on having me pay 550 for a lap dance (seriously!). They prey on drunk people who are trying to have a good night. Such a lousy place. Never going back.Be careful of their ATM machine, it would say declined and come to find out about it in the morning, it got posted to my account. I don’t know what hocus pocus this place is trying to run.

  32. XhXeXy

    DO NOT GO THERE, EVER !!!!Horrible strip club !1. Bad talent for a Saturday night.Except for one girl named Sasha who was a 8 of 10 on California scale and maybe 2 others being 6-7 the rest was a 5 or lower.2. Super small venue.3. RIP OFF HUSTLE PLACE !Usually every normal Strip-club goes “per dance”.You pay for a dance and when the dance is over the Stripper asks if you want another one … but OH NO, not at the Silver Reign.A buddy of mine got a dance from a barely 6 rating girl and after 30 minutes or so a waitress comes by and asks if our buddy is fine and if he can pay since it is PER SONG.So they ended up charging him $440 ($40 x 10 songs) … at least they gave him half off to $220.Still a total RIP OFF place.My other buddy got a single dance and then the dancer asked him to buy her a water and the waitress said $60 for a water.Hell, even if those were California rating 9-10 girls it wouldn’t be enough for such a rip off !

  33. sam
  34. fuckery12

    This is a full-nude strip club in West LA. What does this mean to you, the customer? NO ALCOHOL and $40 NUDE DANCES just like at any other FULL-NUDE STRIP CLUB IN LOS ANGELES. I am SO SICK of people who complain about this! This is the way it has always been. Yes, it’s expensive. If you don’t feel like spending that money then DON’T SHOW UP. GAH!!! I like this place because the girls are friendly (to me of course) and it’s open until 4:AM on weekends, after the bars close. Plus, it’s dark as fcuk in there so even if the ugg crew is working that night (and they usually aren’t) chances are you won’t see their moles and acne anyway. Most of the dancers give you a floor/pole show worth showing up for. Laps are kinda short, around two minutes long, but what do you expect? Being that this is Los Angeles, you’re going to get a lot of 8s and 9s in there, so suck it up, stop by, be nice, and have a good time. P.S. – street parking is free (watch the signs) and do NOT park at Staples.

  35. Lorenzo D.

    Had a great experience: hot girls, friendly staff and me and my boys had the best bachelor party ever!! EPIC!!!!

  36. fritter17

    What a way to almost end a night? Roll up and pay a premium to get in and at this point I’m not sure what kind of club this is (full nude or just topless). I guess there was a drink minimum and this is where I figured out it was full nude because my request for an ocean of alcohol was denied, so coke was purchased. I should have come better prepared and found change for all my 20’s, but like a tourist I didn’t treat it like my local spot and was swarmed on. When you’ve already been to clubs, lounges, late night bars and then this you’re a little burned and with VIP booth’s all around it’s really designed to maximize the private dances. Many strip clubs have an odor or a mix of perfume and cologne on the upholstery or cigarettes, but this place has good ventilation. The music was pretty weak, my local place is where my DJ friend spins and always has the new new, . Classic strip club announcer gets annoying fast. Everyone will say one they have the best or worst of this and that and blah blah blah, but there is always remorse. Sure you might get a nice dance from someone, but that ever revolving door of strippers is long and only worth enjoying for the moment. Small stage, lighting is too dark and although I never made it outside 1 booth, I’m saying it’s tiny. Sitting across from a Staples and next to a Quiznos I’ve had better. I’m a sucker for going, you’re a sucker for reading this and even the guy just thinking about going her is a sucker.

  37. tonycluber

    I don’t even know where to begin with this review. We parked down the street to avoid paying valet parking (good move btw) only to arrive at the door and face a $20 cover charge. Seems reasonable enough for a friday night…except the bouncer goes on to reveal that it’s a non alcoholic bar…..WTF?!?? Not worth it BYE FELICIA

  38. Bryan

    I got herpes from a chick in here. I am NOT kidding. i am in the process of fileing a lawsuit and as soon as that is over i will post her name on here. BE CAREFUL!

  39. Jackson

    Stay away from this club if you are short on cash. They charge cover, try to push you to buy drinks which is $20 and private dance is $40. VIP service is $600 plus tip!! Girls are hot but they are pushing you so much for a private dance to grab your 40 bucks. No alcohol. It is too expensive and girls are too pushy. I am sure there are cheaper alternatives to have some fun.

  40. endophonic

    I was on the westside and decided to try this club out. They had a lot of beautiful girls and the dances were out of this world. I will definitely be coming back.

  41. eddyL


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