Fantasys Gentlemen Club



7682 Ohio River Boulevard, New Cumberland, WV 26047


40.5161165, -80.6176382




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fantasys Gentlemen Club

  1. joebob
  2. vince

    it was the best 18th birthday presant ever

  3. Mick JaggOff

    Slow on the night I was there but still much better than the competition next door. Line up was so-so however I did have plenty of fun in the private rooms. As Arnold would say, “I’ll Be Back”

  4. Marconi

    A real DUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. #1 Club

    Prof. X is a fucking fag! Isn’t it great how other clubs get on here and write shit about the hottest club right now? maybe if they put a little more time and effort in running Christies as they do talking trash, their place would be a little more busier. Keep up the good work douchebags! LOL

  6. hey

    does anyone know is Kelsey or Mya still working in the area?

  7. Fedor


  8. BRO 1
  9. Bill

    I love you guys! Had fun! And think i was gonna go home after i left the other place next door! Glad I stopped!

  10. joey


  11. President Obama

    Me and my niggas love dis place!

  12. Wing Ding

    A real trip to the bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. former
  14. Leve
  15. Eric

    Need to get that fuck hot ass chick to come over from next door! Put her in your club and Hell Ya!

  16. suzuki dude

    This club has been on the cusp of greatness recently, but hasn’t been able to sustain any momentum. Best group of dancers on Rt. 2, though.

  17. Bubba


  18. reguler 21
  19. Wang Chung

    This place ROCKS! Much better than Rumorz!

  21. f

    this club rocks

  22. gigi

    the club next door reeeaaalllyy sucks. this place is not much better.

  23. Paul Porter

    Ya….Need something new Like that chick from next door they tried to make manager/Dancer and she left loved that bitches hair! She was HOTT AS FUCK!

  24. Homie 5
  25. Howard

    Make sure to see the scum covered hot tub, its a real West Virginia treat.

  26. Wes

    Great entertainment, girls, and atmosphere. friendly staff. Incredibly beautiful dancers.

  27. Dancer

    I would rather be called a Ho working at Fantasy’s than a Poor Whore….Working at Christie’s!

  28. Jimmy
  29. Boris


  30. Mark

    Geno is a fag……………..

  31. me
  32. Big Al

    This place stinks!!!!!!!!!

  33. GSP


  34. Rich
  35. the best

    kicks next doors ass!!!

  36. Tito

    A real waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Ray

    Need to get some newer girls but had fun at your place.

  38. stripper

    more money at your place! that other shits a broke joke!

  39. Nozmo

    Should be renamed “The Dive”.

  40. wahoo

    Amy is the best!!!

  41. Marty M.

    Cristy’s where is that one? You mean Christie’s and you don’t want to go to that place either! I was going to the other place to see the girl who was probally the hottest chick yet to be dancing its got to be the one some of you are talking about you find her in another club post it!Now i’m coming to Fantasy’s when I’m in town!

  42. Rocky

    great place and great prices but girls take too much off way to fast.

  43. Chuck

    A real dive!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Jolynn

    I love this place! I wish I could work here rather than next door. Unfortunately I stuck being one of Flo’s Ho’s!

  45. recent return

    Nice club. Not too pushy on the drink hustle. Some good looking women. This place has improved a lot

  46. Rob

    WOW!! Thats all I gotta say about this club get a jacuzzi room they are woth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. little john


  48. Otis

    It sucks here!!!!!!!!

  50. Gary Gaines

    The best club around is Fantasys! Hell Ya!

  51. Sammy

    3 words about this place. Sucks, Sucks, Sucks.

  52. T Rex

    A shithole run by a stinking runt

  53. Andy Capp


  54. Hagar

    Looks like the city dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Mike

    Eli I would spend my last buck in you’r club after seeing that mess next to you!

  56. Marcus

    Ya what the fuck up with that? slow it down a little. and who the hells the Hott chick on here from next door? All I saw was a black chick and some dude looking lady?

  57. Gerkins

    great prices and nice girls not bad. Girls do take clothes off way too soon but other than that i had a good time.

  58. hhh

    sure beats the hell outta christies.

  59. Nozmo King

    A real stink hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Kevin


  62. Old Mick Donald

    Here a pig…There a pig….Everywhere a pig..pig…

  63. a joke
  64. CumGetSum

    Geno… you are a fag.

  65. unhappy
  66. hehe
  67. ....

    Great time here always! Obviously the previous post was from a Roooomers girl. Stay on your own site page honey!!

  68. jonplus
  69. Hurk the Jerk

    Fantasy Island Dude ! Ya got to get something fresh and new but what the hell better than the millon dallor ho house we all know!

  70. tyrone

    Great time, great place!

  71. Peepin' Tom

    Great time to be had here! Great variety of dancers, something for everyone!

  72. Ron J

    A real piece of shit.

  73. Leroy

    What a dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Moe

    Liked your place wasnt felling presured like at the other place i went to first at that place i had 4 girls asking me to buy them a drink all sitting on top of me! Keep up the good work and i’ll spend my money at your club anytime!

  75. Dom

    Coming here is like going to the dog pound!

  76. Rich.

    This club is really a good time.Girls are really nice to talk to and the prices are great. I be stopping alot more!

  77. Rampage Jackson


  79. Frank

    Need to get some new girls but better than the other place I had fun at you’r place regardless and you’r good people!

  80. we willy

    We had a GREAT time. Enjoyed the lap dances and all around atmosphere was fun.

  81. Mister Z
  82. Donald

    Went to a Christmas party at another club Friday it SUCKED!Stopped by your club great time!

  83. AdamW

    Not that bad considering where its at. This aint Pittsburgh or Cleveland or Columbus. Take what you can get.

  84. Customer 94
  85. Phil Lashio

    Good time, decent dancers who are friendly but not overly hustling you. Private rooms are fun, but pricey and too small.

  86. XXX

    I dont think you need to change a thing!

  87. jimmy t

    great time here! will make this my home club. no need to go anywhere else.

  88. Jason
  89. kenny

    Crustys or Fantasy’s? FANTASY”S!!!!!!!!!!!!!You know it baby!

  90. Jim

    I got to go with the last one maybe bring a few new stock but other than that all your girls are sweethearts! I be back everytime.

  91. d

    Went sat. night. Approx. 10 dancers,3 were very pretty.MUCH better than next door,Christie’s is Bad! All in all,a nice place,would go again, but why do they charge women cover?

  92. Gooey Cookie

    I’ve had sex with some of the dancers…they hold some things back

  93. Steve


  94. jeremy higgins

    this is a really good club the owner is a real good guy…eli keep up the good work

  95. Lamont


  96. James

    This club is alot better than Christie’s right next door, the drinks are better priced, and the dancers are alot better! This is my club of choice from now on!

  97. king
  98. Tony

    Awesome place! Much better than mine!

  99. First Class Limousine

    Tiffanys is a lot better club for the money.

  100. Tom

    Lots of new girls and new updates, both a great improvement. Will definitely be back like the class that has been brought in and done to the place.

  101. Josh

    Quickly becoming my favorite club, and without question my favorite in West Virginia.

  102. Tony Stark

    Low class and run down……….

  104. Lucky

    Id spend my money anytime at your club!

  105. Capt. Kangarude

    A real turd farm!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Rick

    Anyday! Anytime! You got it going on dude! This is the place to go!

  107. Lil' Dick

    Not even the remodel has helped this dump!

  108. Dan W.


  109. Joe Mac


  110. Marty

    Has potential. Needs some $$ invested in it. Girls are stand-offish and keep to themselves or their cliques.

  111. Al Bundy

    A shithole


    Laid-back, comfortable, low-pressure environment. Good facility with a large stage and seating area, lap dance room, champagne rooms, jacuzzi rooms, a fully stocked bar, and deep-fried food. Reasonable prices. If the right entertainer(s) show up, you can have a great time. Lately, Friday nights have featured a great lineup.

  113. dont be mad u got fired loser
  114. Brad L.

    girls do treat you nicer than over at Cristie’s they are’nt stuck the fuck up! Kool! And i like how they take all their clothes off they don’t fuck around!

  115. Josh.

    Hey love you guys. I see there’s a bunch of us fuck’n loosers on here on Christmas night! Must be because everythings closed!

  116. Dave

    This is the shit! I’ll be back and bringing friend ! The place next to it needs to close the door for good!

  117. Customer 91
  118. Stan the Man

    Only in Wild West Virgina! and only at Fantasy’s!

  119. D.Freshwater

    I had fun at your place and even left with 50 cents in my pocket! If i was at the other place they’d be tring to get me to bounce checks!

  120. MP

    My personal favorite, and currently the only club on Route 2 that’s worth the time…or the money.

  121. Agostus

    Great time, great club.

  122. chief

    By far the worst club I’ve ever been too. Staff is horrible. club is filthy. You’ll need a tetanus shot when you leave there.

  123. Zed.

    If i just got off the boat it would be to Fantasy’s i would go! If i just got out of Mental Ward to Cristy’s i would be! Never the less Fantasy’s is the one for me!

  125. Mirko

    Girls are friendly and not diva-like as at other places I’ve been.



  127. Jim t.

    Great time! Even the fat chick was good looking!

  128. Spanky

    Had a great time. Club was very comfortable & laid back. I wasn’t pressured by the girls to do privates & staff was very friendly.

  129. Don Don

    was out with my buddies went in that other place by your club dont know if i can say name on here had a few drinks check out the dancers ……Needless to say only had a few drinks and left on the way out some ugly thing tried to give us free passes….we passed on them free passes!

  130. yuppers
  131. Tall, Dark and Handsome

    Best club on Route 2! Don’t waste your time going next door or down the road. Best overall selection of dancers right here! You can’t go wrong.

  132. scotty does

    its the shit… i love this place

  133. Nick

    Another good time as usual.

  134. Dick Tracy


  135. ifarted

    this place was ok the guys around us one got a BJ

  136. Wanderlei



    Taryn is way hot

  138. R.B

    Will allway’s be back for more fun! You can have my last dollar dude!

  139. AIC
  140. Rico

    A real shithole!!!!!!!!!!

  141. reguler 59
  142. Triumph

    A good place for me to POOP on.

  143. Leon

    A waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. ou812

    Great place. The staff is friendly and the dancers are hot. Easily the best run club on rt. 2.

  145. ZEE

    You need help!

  146. Aaron

    Dancers run this club.

  147. joe smoe
  148. john

    I enjoyed the atmosphere of the club. I am an older male and was treated very well by Anna and enjoyed my private room with her. No one tried to Hustle me.

  149. stan

    I wish I lived here. I’d be here every single night. THIS PLACE IS THE SHIT!!!

  150. Nuk

    Someplace over the rainbow! Love this club but i’m easy after the other place pits of hell!

  151. .
  152. Rampage Johnson


  153. pretty
  154. randall w.

    I was here in Cumerland for work and I visited this club for the first time a few weekends ago and I was very impreesed with the dancers and the entire scene. I enjoyed talking to the staff from the dancers to the bartender. I had a great time and would definately suggest this club to anyone. I will return!!!!!!

  155. waste of time
  156. monhoe
  157. Dean

    Lets say it like it is Rumorz sucks.

  158. Seymour

    Blows shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. jeff

    awsome best ever

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