Ritz Cabaret Gentlemen’s Club



504 South Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231


39.2853741, -76.5938885




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Ritz Cabaret Gentlemen’s Club

  1. kerls
  2. tt

    loved all the girls and the service was amazing , cant wait 2 go back

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  4. Elise
  5. frankie

    had a blast cant wait to do it again

  6. Opp

    grow up..everyone knows that ritz is the best

  7. Rick james

    Biacth, nice. The whole place has transformed into beauty. Very nice,i will Be back with a bunch.Muchluv YEAH!

  8. Sammie

    Club is ok. I thought it was a little boring though. A few nice looking girls. The club needs a lil more variety.

  9. Man

    at ritz last night and had a blast. The girls are very attractive and the staff is friendly and makes you feel welcomed. The atmosphere has such a good vibe. I recommed making this your 1st stop when comming to strip clubs

  10. roky

    very nice club

  11. tommy

    great mangment .

  12. Patron

    Had a great time over the weekend. Will be back!

  13. fgt
  14. Mark

    I had a great time Fri. night. The club has come along way since the last time I’ve been to Fells Point. Nice 🙂

  15. chris

    Was walking around fellspoint and it cault my eye .I went in and was amazed at these girls.Ive been two a few strip clubs but this place was out of this world!So 2 all the ladies there love ya! Will definitly be back .

  16. d.c.

    bemore clubs r the best

  17. Fred
  18. hot


  19. This

    is not just a new spot. This is thee newest and hottest spot in all of Baltimore. Right in the heart of the beautiful Fells Point.

  20. roy

    cant wait 2 c those sexy ass twins at the funist club in the city

  21. Clifford

    The girls here are smokin HOT!!!!

  22. Robin

    the girls there are nice looking but , most of them have atitued , beside that is all good ..

  23. eazy

    went 4 the first time wedsday ,got a room with a sexy ass girl who looks like she should b in playboy.I will be gonin here alot.plus the service was great n the prices were fair. I had alot of fun!

  24. new customer

    wow is about all i can say, it was my first time at this club last night, all the girls are gorgeous, carman very sexy and has a great personality, i”ll be back real soon, does anybody know when she will be back it was her first night too?

  25. Bojangles

    Had a great time over the weekend. Friendly staff and beautiful women. Laps were fun and shows were entertaining. Next time, I plan on buying a room. Nice layout of the club btw.

  26. PG

    Had a wonderful time on New Years Eve. Will be back soon.

  27. trak
  28. DexterRexter

    Check out anywhere else…scores, hustler, etc. they mad it seem like they would accommodate us and it turned out to be the worst…don’t

  29. Redom
  30. trey
  31. snt2
  32. formn

    i would call the club my friend

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  34. bemore man

    the best in bemore, be there mon 4 sure/ love evreything the sevice , girls/ stff , location , n prices , party new ritz/ love ya !

  35. Billy Big Rig

    Place has gone to crap. Beware, the ghetto queen strippers from the projects a couple of blocks up will grab your entire stack of dollar bills when they are up on stage without your permission, and then say something like “I deserve it!” If I ever come back to this club, I will be sure to never leave more than one dollar out in front of me.

  36. This guy

    This place rocks! Hannah is amazing!

  37. Tim

    I have to agree. The Ritz is a great spot to have a drink and watch some entertaining/beautiful women. Had a wonderful time last week and plan on returning here soon.

  38. joey

    gona have a blast 2night at the new ritz hell ya!see all the fine sexy ladies, an get some dances from my fav

  39. mc
  40. J

    Fun club with fun girls

  41. Sam I Am

    Had lots of fun over the weekend. Thanks girls for a wonderful time.

  42. Viewer

    Nice place!

  43. David C Raymond, Jr.


  44. bo


  45. D.j.

    half of rooms n dances 2night, I love it, best deals with some of the hotest girls in baltimore, always a blast there!GO RITZ !

  46. Larry

    Nice variety of girls with some hot talent. Love the pole climbing and tricks they do. Stunning! Nice interior and VIP is great for parties.

  47. Santa

    Is this club open on xmas?

  48. SJ

    Wow! Beautiful club. Out with the old,in with the new. Need more girls though!

  49. New owner

    I like what he has done to this club. Hired beautiful and talented women. Decor is much nicer than before. Managment knows what to do. Very much pleased!

  50. WTFDIK

    Beautiful dancers, good decor and music. Class act, in my opinion. I didn’t check out the upstairs VIP section. Maybe next time when I have some more money.

  51. James

    Beautiful women. Beautiful decor like post below had mentioned. Bartenders are fast and friendly. Some of the girls on the pole are amazing. Number one spot at the Point!

  52. customer

    This place has come a long way

  53. hojo62

    Always come to this club on my annual visit to Baltimore and always have had a fantastic time(3 yrs. running). Overall, the finest club in the area! The private dances here are the best.

  54. Greg

    Nice place!

  55. bob

    i was in town lastnight and i love the place

  56. big jay

    I loved this place! Best time I hade in a while / girls were hot as shit n gave good ass dances1The prices were good 2 it was the shit!

  57. Tomas

    had a lot of fun , been 2 most the clubs in the city, I would have 2 say this is my favorate. I girls n the sevice was very good as well.

  58. arron

    its the best! loved evrey minute of it!LOVED THE BLONDS!

  59. Rachel

    I have personally never worked with such a fine group of talented, beautiful, intelligent entertainers in my whole history of dancing. The management team is very accomodating and customer focused. The clubs decor is simply “plush, plush”. You know that the ritz is the shit when even the cocktail waitresses look better than most dancers at other clubs. For all of you “non-ritz girls” that insist on getting drunk off hater-aid daily, please put the bottle down, that’s why your not making any money, cause your too focused on where you would like to be, not where you are. To all other entertainers, if you would like to rock with the best and has what it takes, go audition at the ritz. You’ll never look back.

    P.S. Stay sweet girls and I love you all, especially (Paris, Nova, Karma, Justin, Both Tony’s, and Artemus).

    Ex-Ritz Entertainer,


  60. regular

    I love the new girls there. keep them coming please.

  61. henry

    i love this club, had a great time ,lap dances were great,but the rooms are the best will definitly return

  62. Smitty

    Nice club!

  63. paul

    I love the $25 all u you can drink wednesdays and the girls are out of this world Tony, gwen and more can easily be in playboy.

  64. crorkz

    CreBLj Thanks-a-mundo for the blog post. Really Great.

  65. dancer
  66. Ed

    Not bad…

  67. Nick


  68. CJ

    WOW I am shockied at these reviews. The girls here are great. Sexy is an understatement. MAny people come back and that there should say enough. I love you girls. Mia, Raven, Angelynn, Jordyn and so many more to mention. And some girls are Amazing on the pole. A show worth seeing in itself. And the staff is just as good. Nice professional club. yes small but who gives a shit

  69. xoxo

    I went the other night loved it, great girls ,staff, n managment, xoxo 2 tessa n vaessa / n the bartender becka is the shit!

  70. Yo

    This Club Kix Ass:o)

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  72. shawn

    I love this place ,its the best in baltimore. The girls r all hot, n give great dances, I Especially love the blonds!GO RITZ!

  73. I:
  74. Ricky

    I think Icis is the best one personally. She is so hot.

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  76. Frek
  77. Steve

    I enjoy my time here

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  79. Landi
  80. Frequent Flyer

    Truely, a VIP club!

  81. howard

    The girls r hot but this girl tryed 2 steal money from me fuck that!!!

  82. Rick

    This place rocks. Had a great time with the bachelor over the weekend.

  83. ken /atlanta

    went wensday /here 4 the race loved the place gona go 2 night

  84. teague
  85. Fink

    We were in Baltimore, down from NY on the 25th for the firemans convention and came here to hang out. I cannot even belive what an outstanding time we had ! The staff, dancers, management were all awesome !!! Shout out to Gia, MJ,Kat, & Jordan thanks for taken care of us firemen !!!! We will be back next year and look foward to coming back. Thanks again for a great time !!!!!!!

  86. Xp

    Nice atmosphere. Great location, near the harbor. Beautiful women. Highly recommended.

  87. klillbill

    loved it

  88. rock

    had avery good night , was impressed ,the girls were amaseing ,

  89. joe

    very good hospitality!

  90. harry johnson

    its the best had a great time saturday with bella

  91. Sam

    Had alot of fun!

  92. utp
  93. ben

    great place , loved vaneesa/christina/tessa / and the great service i got from the door 2 the wait staff,they r got class there cant wait 2 go back

  94. T

    Awesome club!

  95. RL


  96. Grew
  97. klast
  98. Dick

    Great club! Great Girls! Great Atmosphere!

  99. Big Daddy

    Paris gets alot of attention on this site. Can somebody tell me what nights she works so I can come in and see her?

  100. billy

    had a blast monday night! saw ed reed! i love this place, can’t wait to go back!

  101. Mitchel

    Great time over the weekend. Girls were smokin hot!

  102. Bill

    This place rocks!

  103. gary

    Need more blondes

  104. Patch

    Great club with hot women all over the place. LOVE IT!!!

  105. brian

    I love it all

  106. Wii

    I love this place!

  107. Rich

    Came in here last weekend and met some great women. Enjoyed the room with the cute blonde and bought lapdances with the new girl, not sure of names. Will be back with a friend.

  108. Spanky

    Very nice club with beautiful and talented women.

  109. donnie

    I went had great service n there was this tan sexy ass blond who gave the best dance . The girls the vibe it was a great time!

  110. Jo

    Cool place!

  111. clinton

    great spot

  112. shmitty

    I agree! Can’t complain here.

  113. mike b

    love this place! twins r sexy as hell ! love the lap dances ! n if u get a room b ready 4 some fun! sun threw thursday r the best not real crowed n get all the lovin!

  114. Phil

    Great spot

  115. eddy

    I went last weekend had a great time ,It was really classy n the girls were hot n treated me great.They will be seeing alot of me.

  116. Krisper

    Great place, Love the chicks…one chick I never got her name always wore SOMETHING gothic such as knee high socks with skulls. Whoever it is I hope to see again, Sucks I live in amish lands of Pennsylvania now

  117. Gabby and TJ are my favorite!

    Had a room with Gabby and TJ, they were hot and intelligent!! Love this place now!

  118. scott

    went tuesday vanessa is the best good dancin n lot ove fun

  119. Pauls buddy

    Me too!!

  120. Jay

    Had a wonderful time last week. Adorable blonde girl stole my heart. I’ll be back soon!

  121. G.

    I want to make love in this club.

  122. jason

    shit was poppin last monday, half price rooms cant wait to see my favorite girlz

  123. jimmy

    cant wait 2 c my half off hotties tonight, I love mondays . Gona have ablast with my favorate girls!

  124. Bruce Lee

    Make that 10

  125. danny

    very upscale club and the girls are down to earth

  126. dean

    there’s only 4 good classy clubs in baltimore an the ritz is my fav.I always have a good time ,an they have a very good line up of girls.they always treat me great an the sevice is outstanding

  127. kane

    I fuckin love this place its the shit!Fuck all the other clubs ive went 2 ,this place was a blast!I loved evreything about it!2 all the fine ladies good work / P.S. LOVE YA ALL!

  128. benny

    this place rocks me n my boys had a great time, the girls r amazing! can,t wait 2 go back!

  129. drake
  130. lopez
  131. mcmic
  132. MackD


  133. Saul
  134. the man

    love this place

  135. Karic

    5 Stars

  136. irvin

    been 2 all the clubs in the city, n this one is the best, the service the prices n the girls r unbeliveable! rooms n lap dances r the best / its a classe place 2

  137. ted

    had a great time this weekend, girls were hot as shit ! I was surprized. Im gonna definitly go back next time im in town. n danielle was great!

  138. Review:

    It was my first time here when I met Mandi (with an I=) and Karma who were amazing on the poles. I came with my business and we will be back again. Much kudos to the Management/Bartenders who welcomed us.

  139. jon

    keep it up

  140. newbie
  141. john

    i love the ritz

  142. girard
  143. X

    Great selection of women and a real cool atmosphere.

  144. big dan the man

    I love this place! I go doring the week days n get lot of attation from the butiful girl I like. I wouldent go any where else. They r the best at what they do there

  145. Xavier

    I love Icis. She is the best. SO SEXY!!!!

  146. matt

    got hot girls had a great time really liked the twins they showed me a really fun time i would deffenly go back love the bar staff looking forward to going back its worth the money

  147. Agree

    I Agree!

  148. COB

    Place is nice, but not enough dancers come to VIP. They should be required to make a round up to bar up stairs and then back down again many times a night so that they get to see whos up there. Otherwise, they should just loose the VIP all together. There is no point.

  149. Ritz

    Me too!

  150. DC Diva

    The girls ranged from average to very attractive, but with better make up or a make-up artist they would all be gorgeous. Lots of variety with body types as well as personalities, 85% of the girls I watched were excellent performers. All we’re in great shape. Service was fast and friendly. 2 bottles of water and 2 martinis cost me $25.00 and that’s more than reasonable for a strip club. The decor is beautiful; lush, but not pretentious with a gorgeous stage. The neighborhood was very well lit, available parking with no riffraff hanging around and felt pretty safe. The patrons appeared to be professionals. Management was friendly and approachable. As a customer, this is the type of club where I felt comfortable, welcome, and very well entertained.

  151. Lou
  152. Baltimore's Finest
  153. Tom

    Yes! I’de have to agree.

  154. HOTT

    The girls are fuccin HOT here!

  155. Randy

    had a fantastic time here looking foward to going back

  156. Frank

    Was quite impressed! Nice club and atmosphere. I found the girls to be exceptionally beautiful.

  157. Who

    Very nice club. Beautiful women!

  158. Nestor

    Well I really have an excellent time, as soon as I get back to Ba. I will visit the club again. Now Im in Puerto Rico just thinking about of the Blond Girl that I met with eye glasses that I never ask her name and turns me on that Private Dance..

  159. DF
  160. Johnny

    This club has come a long way. Nice interior unlike before. Much more upscale and VIP is nice.

  161. Sean

    Has to be the best in Baltimore. the girls look good!!

  162. K

    Had a great time.Thanks

  163. RDH

    Good variety among dancers. Occasionally have inexperienced dancers begging for tips. But that is outweighed by the better ones. Have only met one dancer with a bad ‘tude. (And I’m a chick!)

  164. kenny

    I love this place, lots of class, good prices, an fine ass girls, I think i found my new favrate club

  165. clyde

    best in baltimore!!!

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  167. G'
  168. Stu

    Went there on a Thursday night about 8 PM, Very attractive decor in a Balto rowhouse — so it is long and narrow. Opening between the first and second floors, so you can look down and watch dancers perform on an elevated first floor stage. 5 or 6 dancers on duty when I arrived. More arriving all the time. Most were 5 to 9 on 10 scale. But very few of them danced enough to create excitement.

  169. glen

    met vanessa, best lap dance had in a while

  170. Mac

    Girls are smoking hot at this club. Nice talent and overall a great place to chill.

  171. Anonymous

    very nice club.ladies are getting better and better every day!

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