Christie’s Cabaret Tempe



1675 West Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ 85283


33.3776011, -111.9659148




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Christie’s Cabaret Tempe

  1. cali
  2. tj


  3. Keton

    Hey check this club out, hot girls, good times. I had a dance from a girl named Kiko HOT

  4. Dancer

    This shithole palace stinks.

  5. Jack

    Fantastic club.

  6. Big Joe

    Nicest club in Az

  7. Bruno

    Variety is the spice of life, and there is a girl here for just about every taste!

  8. jdx356




  9. Rick F

    I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Thanks for Everything!

  10. vacationer
  11. Rick F

    Sonia is Superior!

  12. Alabama


  13. rex

    Great Dancers… many ASU beauties. Can be losts of fun. This is the best place on the East Side hands down. Way more fun then Scottsdale and cheaper.

  14. Ray

    Overall great club. Waitresses, while generally nice can be pushy and rude. All girls are pretty, with a nice selection to satisfy everyone’s personal interests; management does a great job making sure all girls are attractive while not just hiring one type of girl.

    Reasonable drink prices, but an almost nonexistant bar (6 or 8 stools). A little dark, but becomes comfortable very quickly. Good selection of music.

  15. JOE

    The worst experience ever. If you want to spend time and money, they are there to help.

  16. ggg
  17. FriskyFrank

    2nd day this week that I went in for Lunch. A $7.00 cover seems pretty steep for the daytime- but it’s a nice, clean club. Girls were plentiful, friendly – but not too pushy. I had some great dances with Carmella – beautiful girl, amazing body and a great personality. If you’re looking for a casual lunch place with pretty girls who will definitely get you hot and bothered – this is it.

  18. Boom Boom

    Great club, Great atmosphere!!! Past posts must be a very angery former employee. I will keep going back as much as possible

  19. Cassie

    Awesome club…..Check out ……. all the hotties!

  20. JANE


  21. MountainMan

    CC is fantastic, so easy and classy. Desiree is pure sex on high heels. Great time, want to do it again.

  22. Jules

    Everything was great, but 2 of the girls (roommates) tried to run the “do low” on me or “the game” and I was’nt having it. I spoke with a manager and he took care of business, much props!

  23. J.ONE


  24. j

    Ten dollar dances are great,but it’s way crowded on the weekends,so go on a weeknight if possible.

  25. stained


  26. Jose T.

    I’ve gone here a few times. I’ve even brought my wife there a couple of times. Yes! It’s “classy” enough to bring your spouse to. The facility is clean. That’s always a HUGE plus for me. I’ve been to a couple of joints that smelled like an old $1.50/movie theater. The cover price is way less expensive than other places I have been to in other states. The lap dances are set at $10, but for Pete’s sake, give the ladies a good tip. (Pun intended.)They play very typical strip club, excuse me.. “gentlemen’s club” music. That’s not a bad thing. It’s an eclectic mix. Nothing I can complain about.If you like blondes, this is the place for you. Shiet.. I even saw an Asian stripper, excuse me.. “dancer” there with blonde hair. The dancers there are good looking and young. Of course, they have the obligatory “past-her-prime” stripper, and the stripper that doesn’t look like she should be a stripper, stripper. The drinks are fairly priced and the cocktail waitresses are pretty and friendly. Customer service at Christy’s is excellent. Although one time, my wife accidentally ordered VOSS water, because she misunderstood the waitress and it actually cost more than a beer. Haha.. She has a bad habit of nodding her head in response to questions asked to her in a place where the music is crazy loud. Most places I’ve been to are undeniable strip clubs. This is one of the very few that I can even consider a “gentlemen’s club”. *I’d give it another star if they had better diversity in their lineup.

  27. steve h

    Fantastic time – so comfortable, friendly dancers, no hard sells. So many sexy dancers. Shelby was the best on the stage, long gorgeous legs. Sonia was the best at the table – love her curves. Looking forward to the next time.

  28. Nice club

    Best club in phoenix area

  29. Johnson12

    Worst strip club ever! Over priced drinks! Man-faced and fat strippers! We were there 1.5 hours and not one stripper approached our table or any table in out vicinity! Not that I would have wanted to get a lap dance from a man faced cow, but I did have a pocket full of cash and a drinks in me, so I probably would have. Too bad for them. I am also an Uber driver and I can tell you I will NOT be suggesting this place to ANY of my customers! Sonny’s in Chandler is a better place and Sonny’s is skank city!

  30. I DUNNO


  31. Gator

    johny must be blind, deaf , and dumb. This club is the best I ve ever been to.

  32. tommy

    Pros- nice club, hot girls

    Cons- DJ plays music wayyy too loud, lighting is too dim.

  33. XOXO


  34. snappy

    What are you talking about i love fake boobs.Whats great about this place is there is plenty of places to sit.

  35. Dr. J

    Friendly, Friendly, Friendly.

  36. Johny

    It is a waste of time and money. Do not have friendly staff, managers are still in the cro-magnon phse of human evolution.

  37. Tony Montana

    Great club!

  38. marlonmoney12

    I was absolutely blown away by not just the beautiful women, but the staff as well. I went here completely alone (my husband was asleep in the hotel next door) With being a semi attractive woman, in a strip club alone can absolutely be dangerous. The security checked on me multiple times, the dancers were beautiful, attentive, and super sweet. One of them went so far as to say if i didn’t feel safe to get back to the hotel, the security would make sure I got there safe. The waitresses were quick in spite of being really busy. The dancers were sweet. The dj was fantastic If i could give 10 stars I would. I will definitely be back next year when we celebrate our anniversary.Beautiful women, clean, safe environment, great dj, great staff in general, great drink specials and the most fun I’ve had in years. Thanks for the epic night!

  39. sHERMAN

    What happen to this place

  40. AssnTits5

    I was in town on business and saw across the street was a strip club! What a location! First impression was good. All the staff and dancers were super friendly and OMG all the girls from waitresses, bar tenders and dancers were unbelievably hot! I got some $10 and $20 dances on the floor from a few different girls and they were all good some amazing!!! Then I saw Samantha on the main stage and I have never seen anyone dance the way she dances!!!! She is extremely sexual, intense, sensual and loves men! I had to have a dance with her and when I did……. WOW! I love the whole strip club idea and have been to my fair share of clubs along the years and I have had many dances. However…..I have never had 1quite like this. It was every mans fantasy from beginning to end. I had to have more! Samantha suggested we go to the champagne room. She told me how it was more intimate and how we could have a lot more fun and….. She was absolutely right!! We spent several hours in that room and it was the most erotic, sensuous night! The champagne hostess Sara was not only amazing at accommodating us, but she was extremely nice, friendly, flirty and sexy! The 2 girls couldn’t stop flirting with each other and me in the back room. It was the ultimate fantasy! I will admit I probably spent way too much $$$$$money, but it was extremely worth it. I cant wait until I have to come back here in October! This place is off the charts!

  41. Kevin R.

    Probably my favorite strip club, and I’ve been to several. The other Christie’s in Phoenix is insane too – twice as big, but almost always oddly empty. The place is very high class, posh, very nicely carpeted, well put together, beautiful bar, comfortable seating, great lights, and a nice medium size (not too big, not too small, but still about 5 times the size of the confusingly popular Skin Cabaret, which I personally hate because its tiny, cramped, and girls with crap personalities). This Christies has aggressive girls that get very naughty with you even at the table dances. Always hot chicks, stiff drinks, and everyone is always super nice. The decor is high class. Dark enough that other guys can’t see you sporting wood during your dance, and very comfortable, rolling cushiony chairs for everyone in the place. Not as huge as the other Christies, but always an awesome experience. Only downside is the ATM charges something like $15 or $20 fee to withdraw money. So bring your own ahead of time.

  42. JIM


  43. louie
  44. snowgoose

    I love you rachel your tits are fantastic

  45. Jay

    My visits have been in the afternoons during the week. So the ratios are pretty good and the quality of the ladies is good. The hotter gals are probably at night or on the w/e. Beer is cheap. Mixed drinks(?). 10 buck dances are mostly pretty good, all but one. Haven’t tried the private room for 150+ yet.

  46. fuckery12

    I really have nothing to compare Christie’s to, since this was my maiden experience at a strip club. But it’s a roomful of nearly naked women. What’s not to love?Some coworkers took me here, and we had an awesome time. What was surprising was how many women were getting lap dances. Go, sister! With a $12 cover charge, I thought I would just watch (see also: chickensh*t), but judging by those around me, it is very possible to blow a lot of money in a short time.Highly recommended for a non-intimidating, first-time experience. Not recommended if you are unemployed.

  47. Tasia

    I really like my club, but I have been running into money problems lately. I think it could just be my work ethics I’m lazy.

  48. Rick F

    A couple of weeks ago… pardon my tardiness… I had the good fortune to spend some hours with Sonia

  49. Sass

    Elite????U r tripping. That place is nothing compared to

    our Christie’s. We here need some updates but we r still

    better, way better than Elite!

  50. Dave

    Awesome service ,great girls .

  51. igor34

    Came here for the first time ever tonight. The girls were very hot and amazing and props to them. However I’m only giving this place 3 stars because there weren’t enough areas for the $20 dance to take place.

  52. Dace

    Erin is always an excellent choice, Waitress April is always fun. Jersey boy intown March 07.

  53. Jason

    Just was there last night and had an absolute blast with two of the greatest ladies I have met at the club. (Forgive me ladies if I get your names a bit wrong, hard to hear over the music.) Liliana from Russia and Paula from Romania – two absolutely stunning ladies with personality plus++++. So much fun, high energy, incredibly sensual and sexy. A++++++ fun times! Can’t wait to hang out with these two lovely ladies again and so should you guys!

  54. timmykilla

    Beautiful club very nice. A little pricey but very fancy inside. I enjoyed myself the second time I came in. The first time easy.very busy and overwhelming for me. But very beautiful thank you.

  55. Pat

    Had a absolute blast here on Saturday night

  56. StuPitt

    So, whats up with the tiny dancer who was a cocktail waitress there before becoming a dancer? Small body, like 4’10, big nose…..lots of room for her coke use.

  57. THOMAS


  58. Sal

    Big boobies!

  59. Tuna Helper

    J.C. rocked my world Rockin out with my rooster out

  60. Happy Al

    This is a great club. The VIP is a little expensive, but with the right girl it can be amazing. Love Aspen, Neko and Natalia

  61. Juaquin

    Great, upbeat club.

  62. Mistercap12

    Good spot to go to ,real nice & laid back. The women are very attractive & easy going

  63. Draco

    Club was awesome, I think I spent too much money but it was worth it, Monica was amazing, the fact that they make you buy the bottle of champagne to go to the vip room seems like a rip but i still had a great time anyway.

  64. Boom Boom Room Lover

    This club rocks! This is probably the second best club in the valley, second only to Christie’s of Phoenix. The girls here are awesome and the private are awesome too! I highly recommend this club.

  65. afficiando

    Check out Elite Caberet. Voted best in PHX 2014 New Times mag.. Check out the website, This place is so unique, guaranteed to be impressed. Amazing dances and talent.. If you have been to the same old places.. This is a must on your bucket list.. 910 N. McClintock where 202 and 101 meet near Scottsdale (north of tempe)

  66. slapstick

    Great tits can be found here

  67. Bart

    you must be confused with the 32nd st location!

  68. gg

    good grinds

  69. harryharry

    One of the best I have ever been to. Great stage and performers. Great atmosphere and drinks. Place is kept up and never had an issue there. Just don’t be a jerk, perv or stuck up and you’ll have a blast

  70. Dirty D.

    Looks classy on the outside.

  71. Not happy

    Used to come here all the time. This place has dropped off! Hopefully I just

    came on a bad night. Girls were old, wearing there hair in a clip NOT sexy!

    Come on this is Christie’s

  72. Roger

    Stacy is fantastic

  73. curtis17

    My wife and I came here on a Saturday night. We got there around 9-9:30 so the crowd wasn’t too large and we stayed till right around 12:00. The cover and beers were average price for this establishment seeing as most of the clubs money is made at the door and drinks. The girls were also very nice. Yes there were a couple that were let us say not to my taste but I’m sure someone finds them attractive “there’s someone for everyone”! But over all we had two ladies that we rather enjoyed watching and also bought dances from. I will most certainly suggest this club and will also return to see these two ladies I spoke of.

  74. Pedro

    Monica do you have a boyfriend

  75. TIM


  76. Rage-in

    Dammmmm what a night hot chicks, waitress even hotter than the strippers. the blonde sisters way hot

  77. carlton

    Lots of hot college age girls at the tempe christies. I also love how most of the dancers don’t have implants. Only downside is the vip’s are very expensive. Great lap dances tho this is my favorite club

  78. Big John
  79. maxxy1

    Sometimes it’s better not to ask. For example… how did a pregnant chick end up at Christie’s Cabaret? Well… I think it has something to do with being permanent designated driver. lol Christie’s is a nice looking club, with a center stage and $10 table dances. Sonny was the best dancer in the opinion of my friends and me. She had a bangin’ body and did sexy dances. The music was good because there was variety but, the club could have offered a bit more variety in body shape and some real, healthy sized boobs. haha But… for the most part, the girls were pretty and there were even a few good dancers. 🙂 I will mention that one or two dancers were so anorexic looking, I felt they needed to get off the meth diet… All-in-all, we had a good time. Even I did, no drinking involved. So… $12 cover fee, $10 table dances and a $12 ATM FEE… beware of that!I’d go back.See ya there!

  80. YUMA_Dude

    I got free passes to this club, went in with a buddy to check it out. Not even a minute went by when two girls came and sat on our laps and starting chatting with us, no pressure, just chatting which was great. btw, they were beautiful, had a great conversation and when the moment was right, Erin, gave me a great time with her extended dance. My buddy got a great dance from another beautiful lady. After about 3 minutes we got our drinks and not even a minute went by when we got another hot girl asking if we wanted a dance. This went on throughout the night, they hospitality was great, I honestly think about 80% of the girls asked if we were having a good time and if we wanted a dance. There were about 25 girls and it was a Monday. Overall, I strongly recommend you meet Erin, Selene, and Dior, they will take great care of you. I love this place, had a great time.

  81. JENNA


  82. fritter17

    These women are some of the hottest I have ever seen. It’s hard to choose which one you want to have a lap dance with. The staff is great. There is a great waitress named Kathy who is sweet and has a smile that can make your heart melt. Love coming to this place and enjoy my time every time. I would recommend these folks before going anywhere else!!

  83. veryniceyoungpeople

    best boobs in america

  84. edward

    Great club! Make sure to get dances or even vip with the sisters Ginger and Spice! Hot girls.

  85. Joey

    This club has the hottest dancers in Az

  86. MetalHead

    I don’t know where the hell you guys have gone, but I have been here during lunch hour (11 am – 7 pm lol) and I have yet to be disappointed with anything.

  87. EmersonBiggins

    LADIES COMING TO PHOENIX TO WORK DURING SUPERBOWL WEEK: this is a friendly club; HOT house-girls; gorgeous club; YOU DO NOT NEED AN ENTERTAINER’S LICENSE/TEMPORARY PERMIT; we are not raising house fees or table dance/VIP prices like many other clubs; we are located 4 mi N of where the NY Giants are staying during the Bowl; BUT we will only hire ‘Christie’s material’- must be beautiful, weight proportionate, classy, at least 19; 21+ can drink in VIP. A+++++ $$$$ potential!

  88. rob
  89. chick

    everyone here has the worst bitchy attitude

  90. Jerod M.

    The food here consists of “Bearded Clams”, and “Roast Beef Sandwiches” num num num….On a serious notes, been here several times. The girls are always friendly and much more attractive than some other booty clubs we have gone to. This place is classy enough that I had brought my girlfriends dad here. Needless to say he was also impressed. He met a “librarian” name Brooklyn that he absolutly loved. I may have gone broke from getting him lap dance after lap dance…but he had an amazing time. He even refused to wipe his glasses off for the next week because Brooklyn had left a perfect nipple print on them. Awesome place

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