Mustang Club



1330 Grant Avenue, Junction City, KS 66441


39.0567986, -96.8074704




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mustang Club

  1. General
  2. Kris

    The Korean mob wannabes who own the place

    prevent the girls from making money by

    constantly interrupting them when talking

    to a guy. The rotation of girls is insane

    and I have seen one girl stuck on stage

    for half an hr straight. Getting VIP

    dances isn’t hard…as long as you are

    willing to do a lot more than dance and

    not charge extra for it. Over all not a

    great place. Hell…none of the clubs I’ve

    been to in this state impress me much.

  3. Trock

    This place seemed pretty nice. However, the dancers seem a little catty to me and I think its a buzzkill when the strippers are sitting there shit talking the other dancers

  4. Big dog

    All the girls are nice, good variaty of body types and personalities. Lap dances are more personal than other clubs in town and the atmosphere more laid back.

  5. guy
  6. chris

    all the girls are stuck up

  7. playaa

    You have got to see the Greek Godess that is here at Mustangs. Her VIPs are the best.

    The DJ Johny seems to talk to damn much, but overall it is great.

    you’ll have a great time

  8. the hot ness

    yea the girls there suck and there vip room smell like someone took a crap in it

  9. J.D.

    Love this place & go there all the time! You can also get food there now due to The Q Sports Bar next door (same owners). My favorite girls are Brooklyn & Anya cause they both got some kick a** curves in all the right places! Check it out!

  10. big daddy
  11. bogey
  12. JTS

    Been going here a few years…by far the best club in Junction City. 🙂

  13. dan
  14. ken

    just wanted to say this is the best club i have been to

    these girls are the hottest around here just watch out for Echo. she is sexy as hell but man is she wild.

  15. E.G.

    I have been a patron of this club for well over a year and I have never had a bad time at Mustang. The girls there always put on a good show, there are cheap beer pitchers on Thursdays ($2.25), & always a fun crowd on weekends! Also, I have been in the VIP room MANY times and have never smelled anything but perfume & candles. I think the previous reviewer wanted a “happy ending” to his private dance and got shot down, it isn’t that kind of club man…

  16. Jason

    This is the best club in town.

  17. wow
  18. screamingmanic

    The club was good three years ago when the original ICE and Odessy worked there. Now all it is one huge cat fight between all the girls they have their little nitches and a few stick together. And i cant get over how much under the table shit that goes on there between customers and the girls. beware of Jasmine and kira or if you like that sorta thing go for it at your own risk. bottom line the club used to have class now all it has stuck up girls that only spend the time with the regulars that are paying for more then other get.

  19. JaMeS
  20. striplover

    how come all the good lookings dancers that worked at mustang went to luckys?? persuasion was the best dancer she went to lucky spice raven are there too!!!! all the girls at mustangs are stuck up and rude and not all that cute the management is rude as well

  21. K-Stater

    I have always had a good time at Mustang! They have the hottest girls in town and great drink specials on Wednesday & Thursday. It is worth the trip…

  22. Scott

    Hey, just wanted to say thankyou for a great night to Summer, Angel, Diamond, Sensation, (the Hot Latina I ‘m sorry I cant remember her stage name!) and The infamous Onya, from last night whom owns my fantasies! ;P

    Didn’t know you were open on Sunday nights! I’ll never be bored again ladies, Thankyou!!!!! Love from the Aquarius,


  23. jack

    The main stage is usally full of guest, but the back stage is hardly ever full.

  24. Sam

    No impressed with these girls.

  25. Layah

    I LOVE this club!! I used to work there and I totally miss all the great guys and fun girls. For Junction City, this club is a must see. An upscale club in South Carolina even recognizes this place as something great!! Miss ya and girls, get on that back stage!!!

  26. AvgJoe

    Stop in to check it out. The girls are worth checking out. Jordan and Dream will knock your socks off. Jordan does this trick on the wheel above the stage that will impress you, and her body is what dreams are made of. It really will be worth your while to stop in.

  27. Jose

    There are some beautiful girls who work there. But, they also have a few not so hot ones. As far as dance moves, some of these girls can pull out some very good tricks. Tip at the stage and it will be the best dollar you spent. Unfortunately, because a dollar gets you so much, private dances are sometimes a hard sell at $25. I enjoy this place a lot, and drinks are reasonable.

  28. soldier

    yea i agree there music sucks the girls are stuck up and drinks prices are high

  29. Mark

    I like hanging out at Mustang’s. I usually go during the beginning of the week when it’s a little slower and you can get some more one on one time with the girls. The club mostly plays rock music which is a nice change compared to the other clubs in the area. Some of the girls can be a little catty, but it really depends on who you talk to. There are a few dancers that have been there for awhile who are always friendly (Ivy, Brooklyn, Anya, Caroline) and I usually just chat with them. It’s different than the clubs in Topeka & Salina, but well worth a visit.

  30. Shogun

    This is the best that Junction City has to offer. The girls are stuck up, but the do keep you enterained. The girl pretty much aim towards the young soldier types hang out in large groups. The bigger your group the better the service.

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