7919 State Highway 29 N, Carlos, MN 56308


45.974832, -95.312709




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Looker’s

  1. terry

    I was very happy with the club and what I got to see.

  2. Brandon

    Kaylee is the best dancer there hands down she is so worth

    the cover and price of drinks alone great place but even

    better when she is working that is one amazing girl

  3. Yoda

    don’t waste your gas

  4. Fisher

    Prettiest dancers I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to go back.

  5. carrie

    great place to work. earl lets us smoke weed in the bathroom when we aren’t dancing.

  6. Lookersexy

    Great atmosphere and the prettiest ladies I’ve ever seen. P.S. Somebody shut the gay guy up.

  7. sf
  8. allen maple
  9. David
  10. mike metzger

    love this place

  11. Been There

    Just reopened. 2 very good llooking girls. 2 averAge girls. Had a lap dance and VIP. With Annabell. Good looking but way to much to drink. Poor dances and time cut short. Go see Cora. Looks like she would be worth your $s

  12. chris

    I love this club it is the best!!!

  13. Failure

    If you like being propositioned by the dancers for sex or drugs this is definitely the place for you

  14. Lover Not Hater

    There are a couple of real sweet young ladies here.

    Management is rude to the paying customers….more concerned with catering to the hillbillies who give 1 dollar stage tips then the men who actually know how to take care of the dancers.

    If you can put up with rude management, terrible lighting, uncomfortable chairs/couches, and a dj who always cuts the songs short then you may enjoy the company of some very lovely young ladies.

    If I ever go back hopefully Lexi, Allie, and Krystal will be there. It is fun to spoil the hell out of them.

  15. Peter

    The place makes me erect.

  16. baby jesus

    I love all the girls at this club too…wierd

  17. Happy

    Loved the club and the Ladies can’t wait to spend all my money there. It was totally worth the gas I used to get there.

  18. Local Guy

    This club is changing all the time. First the New Bouncer Ed is the best. He keeps a good eye on the ladies and keeps them very safe. Yes I had a run in with him and he still was very nice about what I had did. ( don’t touch the ladies here at this club) He does his job very well. Keep up the good work Ed! Second: Girls Girls Girls…. OMG who ever is doing the booking there now needs to keep doing it. The girls have gotten so much better there

  19. poop
  20. Jacob

    Absolutley loved it here-a wonderful waste of my time.

  21. jerkoff

    Coming around to see all you girls again around x-mas. Lovely ladies, someone should put this guy down, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  22. allie
  23. Dancer

    I need money for drugs please come to this club.

  24. Jedi

    I love this club and the force is with it

  25. Vlad

    I impailled last night

  26. Ryan

    What a great club

  27. ladys man

    ashton and ashley are the hottest dancers i have ever seen in this club the perfect blond and brunette couple ever its hot and im definately coming back soon!!!!!

  28. loner

    I sat alone in this club BORED to death!!!

  29. danvc\cer

    terrible place to work. no money. management steals money from the dancers

  30. matt

    this place was fuckin awsome. love the chick that had black hair and danced fo the strobe lights kick ass

  31. waste

    going to this club is a waste of time and money.

  32. Harold

    Broke back mountain entertainment , atmosphere , and decor

    for a county 99% straight ? When did Dave come out of the

    closet ?

  33. BIG
  34. fd
  35. use2dancehere

    if you want to be demeaned and exploited by the management this is the place to work. if you have any self respect and self esteem work at a real club.

  36. keith

    krystal and angel are the best. management isn’t the worst but could be a little better, but the club rocks! it kicks ass

  37. Vixxen

    OOOH, this place is dirty… I like that.

  38. testee
  39. justin

    Angel is great, club sucks

  40. chris burandt

    good club there are some hot girls here i will be back asap

  41. Jeremy

    Went in on saturday and have to say this is the best club that I have ever seen. This club is awesome.

  42. sdfs
  43. r3

    great and friendly staff and beautiful dancers. would reccommend this club to anyone.

  44. exPatron

    management is terrible. girls are nice. place is a dump.

    don’t waste your money

  46. Ex

    The club is terrible.

  47. asd
  48. Joeseph

    Place is top notch awesome overall

  49. bill withers

    love this place its great screw this a hole who is writing these bad comments

  50. Entertaining

    Wow same person with all caps posting two times in a row I think. Just trying to get reviews up for a failing organization. If you want reviews up make real changes, starting at the top. I can tell that it is very obvious to me that he was not at the same Lookers by Carlos that I was by the good review.



  52. Tom

    Club is turning into a dump. They always talk of remodeling – but when?

  53. Mike

    I had a great time a few nights ago and will definetly be back.

  54. bob

    great place

  55. just me

    I only have to say one thing. SAVE YOUR MONEY

  56. Ideal

    I love Allie…Can’t wait to go back….;-)

  57. I concur

    I agree with last post. Big Dave and waitress are good. Dancers should try harder and lose attitudes and owner should just plain disappear

  58. cj

    This club has gone in to the dumps need some new girls girls that have there heads screwed on straght

  59. Dallas

    okay i dont know who you are dude but i have a good idea who stop writing bogus and inaccurate lies about me over the internet and i gave you a hug never ever fuckin kissed you so where you are geting your shit from is beyond my mind but you need to stop living in a fantasy and wake up to reality… i am a entertainer NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND NEVER WILL NEVER WILL BE ….

  60. True

    I will agree with previous review by Jim the place is clean but that is all the atmosphere sucks girls attitudes are poor, owner appears and acts to be a trustee of modern chemistry. Leisure suit Larry’s house of ill repute should be the new name.

  61. buffy

    ASHTON your hot…..your worth more then this club is offering you.. i will be back this comming weekend to see you.

  62. Dirk

    When are they going to get new dancers in ?

  63. FlyNbye

    Total Dump!!! Dont waist your time or GAS…….

  64. m1
  65. Tim
  66. hippie0069

    club is dead.

  67. hg
  68. Best Ever

    I thought this club was the best I’ve ever seen and anyone who says any diffierent is blind and stupid..

  69. george
  70. jhg
  71. Randy

    This is the greatest club in the world

  72. Jedi Master

    This place is the best

  73. jeremey

    club sucks

  74. dancergirl

    i love working here. i get to smoke pot while i work.


  75. hookers
  76. noname

    Great girls

  77. grand master C

    friendly girls not even going to lie to ya

  78. Sam

    This club is awesome

  79. alli

    I do anything 4 money.

  80. mn traveler

    Girls and staff do a fantastic job. Stop here frequently. New owner has to relax and get a clue if he wants changes lets start cosmetically. Seems to have run great for many years before.

  81. Kim


  82. krystal

    I love to smoke weed in the bathroom.

  83. Pam

    Use to work here, now I visit occasionally. A great place and the women are top quality! Comments don’t really mean much, just check the place out. You won’t be disappointed. Keep up the great job guys!

  84. paul thacker

    awesome place hot girls

  85. sfddf
  86. Hunter

    This place exceeded my expectations. I’m definitly going back for more. Thank you girls!

  87. trudy

    this club sucks

  88. Tried again

    I made the mistake of trying the club again. oops.

  89. WeBDruggieDancers

    Come to the club and give us money. We need money for drugs.

  90. sdf
  91. Perspective

    I see people on these boards running down the dancers and management from time to time and just wanted to leave an observation from a perspective of someone that has been in the business for a long time. The quality of a club all comes down to one person and one person only. The owner. Great management can only do so much with ownership still holding the strings and alienating people. The failure and low rating of this club is all on one persons shoulders and he is the reason for it’s demise.

  92. wannabeaclub
  93. gus
  94. Bummer

    Bar stinks. Cheap perfume and cold heartless dancers .

  95. God

    I love the dancers here-we’re tite

  96. newbie

    Seems I had quite a different time from the last post. I think he fell in love with a dancer. from the time I went in the door with my friends all we seemed to be was a living and breathing atm. Very poor service and extremely hung up dancers.

  97. biker

    hell with this place!

  98. grant


  99. bob m.

    very nice place it looks like there changing some things i notice the place was repainted maby they are going to fix up some other things we will have to wait and see

  100. ExDancer

    place is dead.

    no money here

  101. Andrew
  102. Toby K

    Great place if you like nasty insulting bitchy call girls

    flipping you the bird while calling you an ASSWHOLE .

    Every damn one of those girls needs firing NOW .

  103. x
  104. Fuckin
  105. John

    Had a great time last weekend. The club was dead but the dancers were nice and had a cool light show. I can’t wait to come back

  106. lice guy

    I think I got lice in the vip room. I’m not sure but I won’t go back there!

  107. re: to mikey

    ally you really should stop doing acid you have fried your brain.

  108. Lon

    Probably the best club I have ever been to.

    The small town atmosphere of the place and especially of the girls makes this place a must visit. Got to love the small town girls.

    Will definitely be back when I am in the area again.

    Peace Out

  109. gertrude

    club is full of std infected hookers

  110. averagejoe

    some pretty girls at this club but the club itself is rundown.

    if you enjoy a night of slumming this is the place for you. if you enjoy spending time at a classy establishment this is not the place for you.

  111. a guy

    just not much going on at this club

  112. addict owner
  113. reality check

    This club is worthless unless changes are made. You have a manager who knows the business whose hands are tied by a completely worthless, arrogant, self proclaimed expert owner.

  114. Jeffrey

    low class

  115. oh well
  116. Alan

    very nice Jayde and Angel are the best ever

  117. lookerssucks

    club sucks

  118. RE: anonymous

    Regrets are many here. I tried to offer an olive branch to

    you so we could talk and I could apologize for hurting

    you, but you came back with a rude brush off. So I

    unfortunately responded in kind by informing you of what

    Ashton told me about you which was eating away at me and

    she did tell me those disgusting things about you I KNOW

    ARE A BALD FACE LIE. This is the last I shall say on the

    matter . I am sorry . This whole ordeal has been a total

    load of crap . I once had a friend in you now I have an

    enemy . I AM SORRY THIS HAPPENED . For what it is worth

    and ,I know you don’t give a damn what I say, you are a

    great mother and a great loving human being which is why I

    liked you to begin with . If you wish to send cops after

    anyone send them to Ashton those are her words NOT MINE .

  119. Female....

    I LOVE KRYSTAL… she is fucking amazing. Period.

  120. Rod

    Great club….with beautiful dancers. I highly recommend this club if your looking for a good time. Be sure to check out Krystal and Allie for the best dance of your life.

  121. ex patron
  122. xcv
  123. angel

    we will do anything for money.

  124. Why
  125. Richard

    I was just at this club last weekend for a bachelor party. A great club for being in such a small town. Had more hot women there then a lot of the bigger clubs in the midwest have — which I have been to 33 of them. Well worth a stop if you are in the area.

  126. Big Red

    Great looking dancers

  127. Spider man

    Prettiest ladies I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to go back

  128. steve

    nice place great girls

  129. justbiz

    worst club i have ever been to

  130. SD


  131. businessman

    Do you enjoy drugged out sluts? If so this is the place for you…it is fun to play with them…they are so drugged out they don’t know what is going on.

  132. Minnesota Dave

    The Quality of girls really exceeded my expectations

  133. seriously

    no real excitement here. the girls are average at best.

  134. my name is earl

    club will be shutting down soon do to health code violations

  135. Dan

    Loved the club and the ladies. All I have to say is WoW

  136. rick


  137. DDD

    With all this trashy ghetto talk and back stabbing you

    would think the bar was stuck in South Central LA . Who

    needs this crap . I don’t want to take a shiv in my back

    or get rolled . Good week end to spend hugging a case of

    bear .

  138. Dustin S

    The strippers were great, although there was a few girls that where a little on the heavy side which I personally didn’t care for but others might have! The VIP room is spectacular! And most of the girls are knock outs!

  139. to mike

    mabey your the problem and who are you to judge someone by calling them a nutcase whats your problem anyways did you get picked on to much as a kid or did daddy touch you one to many times seriousy get a life

  140. LEE


  141. Vern

    I had a wonderful time

  142. Oldtimer

    Cant believe it’s still open. Not much has changed here but was willing to give it a chance again. D- grade.

  143. Stan

    Had a wonderful time thanks to everybody

  144. jimmy

    never go back again!

  145. derek

    club is terrible. you would think they could fix the place up. it’s a dump

  146. Awesome


  147. Pilotchet

    I been to a lot of clubs in a lot of cities and I had a good time here. Dancers were very cute and friendly and worked very hard for what little money they were getting from the cheap back water locals. Got private dance from Nikki and Ashton, both were beautiful still need a little training in the private dance department, but practice make perfect. Both had great bodies and smiles. Overall this club could use a little clean up but it is not bad for way out in the middle of nowhere.

  148. I am Will

    Probably the best club I have ever been at.

  149. joe
  150. Greg

    Great club

  151. Wild Child

    The club could be kept up a little better but other wise its a great place. Allie is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Idiot

    Once had a dancer who I liked treated me right I bought

    flowers for and presents too then her heart turned cold as

    ice just like the dancer spice . My friendship and

    business were thrown in the trash as though I was

    garbage . Now she is pissed as hell at being treated the

    same she treated me and mark my word it will be a cold day

    in hell before I get my apology.

  153. JOE DEES


  154. Derrick

    five of us showed up at Lookers Thursday night at midnight, only to find it closed. Got to Sugar Daddys in time to get rocked by Roxy, Angyl, Heather and Heaven. There was another smokin’ hot blonde that come out of VIP at the end of the night, we’re getting there early next week.

  155. Earl

    Come to my club I have the best hookers around

  156. Crystal

    I love this club

  157. Blll

    What an outhouse. Asston got shit stains on my bluejeans.

    How disgusting. PEUW.

  158. Mini Me

    Yeah Baby Talk

  159. The_man

    Apparently one of the guys is mad at the dancer’s for not sleeping with him. Get over it guy, what makes you so special.

  160. citiesguy

    stopped at the club when we came up to do some icefishing. cannot believe that something so bad can keep its doors open

  161. mntraveler

    Seen a lot of clubs and this one is right up there with the best of them. thanks for a great time

  162. critic
  163. Cory

    I love this club me and my buddies go there all the time

  164. just

    Not Bad Not bad

  165. bill b

    awesome place AAAAAA++++++++

  166. The Real: Allie

    Please stop trying to get me fired….This club has a bright future and soon a new owner….I definitely can’t wait…The new owner is awesome. I highly recommend coming in to check it out.

  167. tttt
  168. Tony

    Definitely got some skanky sluts here

  169. larry
  170. Smart Ass

    This is the best club hands down and whoever says different is just blind or stupid

  171. smith


  172. Road Dog

    I’ve passed by numerous times but never stopped. When I finally did It was kinda late, but not very busy for a Friday night, I thought. Excessive cover and drink prices I thought, but whattcha gonna do? I spent most of the time tlking at a table with a sweet little girl called Trinity. Just a fun nice girl. There are apparently different “dance charges” for no real reason than they’re in different parts of the building…all in view of the doorman or DJ. I asked her what the difference was between the $20 and $60 and she said one is over there…otherwise no real difference. At least she was honest about it. I have to take exception about the “drugged out” comments. I talked extensively with 3 girls and they were all very nice and very lucid. I can say that I liked the girls and their attitudes much better than the club’s ambience. Will I return? I honestly don’t know.

  173. Burger Miester

    Miester Burger

  174. re: Nate

    True dat. Yall get STDs from her (Alli)

  175. Billy

    Dancers are ok but that Allie dancer was bitchy nasty!

  176. New

    was there sat and thought the place rocked the girls are awsome and ill be back

  178. j. simpson

    very nice place i love allie

  179. Ralph


  180. patron

    great place hot women i will be back

  181. Pete

    This is the best club in the world

  182. *******

    Best Club Ever

  183. Ashton

    Great bar to work for.

  184. (J.D.)

    This web site is totally beyond all means of description.

    No moderators at all and no means of telling who is who .

    Anyone can post as anyone else and create problems upon

    problems . I once had a dancer called Dallas who was my

    favorite until someone malicious started posting under my

    identifier in a outrite serious attempt to destroy what

    friendship I had . Seriously disgusting and hateful things

    have been posted of her that are outrite absolute lies

    that are causing real trouble and trauma to her life and

    reputation . These must stop . As it is this customer

    would never dare show his face at the club ever again

    because of these attacks . I have no way of proving they

    are not mine or do I have any expectation that I would be

    believed. So my days at the club have ended with no way to

    contact Dallas and set matters right . It is a real pity

    and a crime because she was a good friend . The

    rudeness ,ruthlessness, and cruelty of some customers and

    former entertainers is beyond belief.

  185. Hick

    Awsome place

  186. Passing Through

    The club is run down. Some of the girls are nice. Not worth wasting your money. Go to a club that is customer friendly.

  187. NewGuy

    Went there Friday. New girl lacy is hot. sat and talked with her for a while. i hope she comes back next weekend. ashton is hot, but is a bitchy gold digger, chloe has legs that never end, they need to check kendras id, and the owner…needs to leave! Manager is ok. Overall..I would go back to get another private dance from lacy, but thats it

  188. nate

    I won’t go back again

  189. John Paul

    Hey, you’ve got to hide your love away.

  190. in the know

    all the dancers are drugged out crack whores

  191. jackson

    not good

  192. Scott

    Loved the ladies, but the club could use some repairs.

  193. Alice

    I like Sam’s meat

  194. Gary P

    I was at lookers last weekend and had a very good time. I sat for alittle while and talked with Dave and was very pleased that he took the time to bs with me.Thanks for a good time.

  195. Two timer

    This establishment needs remodeling, makes the girls bad. When

    they are truely top quality

  196. Eric

    Worst club I’ve been to. Customer service sucks. Girls are alright but nothing special. I’d suggest going to Sugar Daddy’s.

  197. Bitter old man

    I have all the money in the world and I’m still worthless because no one values me as a person. I wonder why?

  198. $$$$

    Very pretty ladies

  199. Ed

    Poor Club

  200. hb
  201. brad
  202. snoozy


  203. From MPLS

    I come to Alex every once and a while. Usually there is nothing to do after the bars close. How can I have some fun and make a couple of girls happy?

    From the reviews bouncing back and forth from “Awesome” to “Shit” and no pictures of the club or entertainers what is going to persuade me to come in?

  204. G man

    club is no good and that alley seems nuts!

  205. Austin

    Yeah Baby this club is the best

  206. the real lon

    i see that someone is trying to be an imposter.

    this club has the nicest and prettiest women in the world.

    end of story.

  207. Someone :)

    This Club is THE BEST!! Also the comments saying “My Name Is Earl” and “eric” and ANYONE bashing the club, is ONE or TWO GUYS!!! SERIOUSLY this club is amazing, and your just pissed because the girls ARE NOT HOOKERS or SLUTS, and YOU CAN’T GET ANY!! the girls are dancers, not sluts!

  208. ballah

    I gots mine

  209. Cowboy

    place is great, its a place to go where you don’t need to worry about breaking your bank but yet you still get to have a great time with all the girls there

  210. perfect

    this club rocks eric sucks

  211. Hairy

    Can’t say enough good things about the dancers here. I most say, this club has the most beutiful and nicest bunch of ladies Ive ever seen.

  212. wonderingwhy

    I agree with so many. New owner has to get a grasp on reality. All the regular girls quit because of his controling pimp style attitude and greedyness. The trash that he brought in from the cities last weekend was absolutely rediculous. Even they left or quit early that should tell you something. He has alienated the regular girls and customers that he had. As a business owner I would have to say that this is a suicidal move and very bad for business. You have to treat the girls right they are the reason that your customers come in the door. I have even heard at stops at other clubs about the treatment of dancers here, it will be very difficult to find quality dancers that will want to call lookers their home with this attitude. too bad.

  213. william
  214. Thats Right

    Best club ever…. can’t wait to go back. Prettiest dancers Ive ever seen. Period

  215. Hat man

    Had a great time at the club last week! Can’t wait to go back! Prettiest Dancers I’ve ever seen!!!!

  216. asda
  217. alias
  218. henry

    I had a great time this club is great

  219. anderson


  220. brian

    place is a dump with ugly whores dont waste the gas money

  221. Bobby

    I had a great time last night thanks.

  222. curious

    is it true

  223. Bill

    worst club i have ever been to

    atmosphere is rotten

    a couple of good looking girls

    but good looking girls are a dime a dozen

    the overall experience was -10 on a 1 to 10 scale

  224. Buster
  225. Jan

    Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

  226. Muscle

    This club is definitely on its way up.

  227. Zach

    Had a really good time here. The dancers were really hot.

  228. dsfsdf
  229. Hero


  230. warren

    don’t waste your money

  231. ray

    fun club great girls

  232. management

    club will be closing soon

  233. mercedes

    this club is poorly ran a man in an apron tried to tell me how to give a lapdance haha earl you apron wearing fag get a life. the girls a few were ok but wow they sure tried to copy all my stage and dance moves thanks for jockin makes me feel good

  234. local

    best small town club ive been to in years

  235. c/j

    very poor service by dancers but great service by watier the girls have to work a little harder and try a little would reccomend driven to sugar daddies

  236. ?
  237. Studd

    the dancers where wonderful! however the stage is run down and so are the couches!! I LOVE CURVY WOMEN YOU NEED MORE ASS N TIT!!!! much love

  238. Carlos de Carlos

    Girls exceeded my expectations, big time.

  239. delusdional

    Ray you and everyone that thinks that this is a god club is mistaken

  240. Steamy

    Great club and very pretty ladies. Highly recommend checking it out.

  241. oops
  242. trujdy

    A club full of drugged out hoes.

  243. STEVE J


  244. me

    not worth the stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. Jake

    I stoped in a few weeks ago and got a dance from two ladies named Allie and Krystal. Best dance I’ve ever had!

  246. gary

    this place sucks and has nothing in it but used up girls dallas was the most decent they lost my business when the manager started saying nasty things about her ..

  247. Localguy

    I would rather drive hours than to go here

  248. Jason

    I had a great time thanks to everyone at the club.

  249. Eva

    Some people never learn. Never say sorry to a hooker. Cold

    and heartless are they that sell sex. Oh sure they will

    accept an apology but forgive and make up ? Never. Just

    saying you are Christian does not make you so .

  250. jh
  251. Snoop

    Yo hommies this club is the bomb ya hear. The dancers here are all that phat yo phat.

  252. Boris
  253. Lawrence
  254. James

    Had a really good time here over the weekend

  255. guess

    I use to go to this club alot. Club has some pretty girls. However, they seemed to be more interested in entertaining themselves then the customers. And the management is downright rude to the customers. Needless to say I have found other places to spend my money.

  256. nick

    the atmosphere of this club was very enjoyable…this was my first time ever in a gentlemens club and it was a good time…the dancers were extremely nice…and one even helped school my friends and i to learn proper ediquite when in a club

  257. XXX

    This club has the most beutiful dancers. Definitely worth the trip.

  258. robert

    it was a very nice time visiting this club

  259. Freddy

    Nicest Dancers…Plus the prettiest..definitely coming back

  260. Paul

    All you need is like

  261. balloonguy

    always have fun here. planning next trip.

  262. to mikey

    stop trying to fool everyone stop hating the world cause god blessed you with a 2 inch penis

  263. josh

    don’t waste your money here

  264. Accountant

    Funny you should say that since many of the girls file taxes with the IRS. That’s right the Federal Government has a document for “Entertainers” in which they can report their job. So if the IRS claims it to be legitimate work why would any dancer feel ashamed? None of the girls give “tricks”. Most the girls there get picked up by their boyfriends, so this is obviously an upset customer who tried to get more from the girls and was denied. It’s fantasy and the girls are hustlers. It’s their job and you proably got hustled til you were broke. These girls are top notch and very good at what they do. Get over it.

  265. ggg

    there is some new talent. On sat fri good

  266. Obvious

    I love this club it is the best one in all of the midwest.

  267. abc
  268. very cool guy

    Thanks had a great time with very friendly ladies

  269. taylor

    place rocks why the bad comments

  270. lookersguest1

    the new owner needs to get his head on straight, with all these girls quitting and getting fired, it cant be good for business. Also there is no advertising for this club anywhere. Overall atmosphere is BORING…

  271. hahah ewww

    it must be alli cause she’s a psychoticly jealous dancer. hi allie 🙂

  272. amazing
  273. EJ

    Mostly good looking girls there the last few times I’ve been there. Trying to find out who’s dancing is tough though. I called twice, was told I’d have to come in and find out who’s dancing. Left a message asking for a call back, never got an answer.

  274. Shaun

    Loved the girls, but the place was dead. Can’t wait to go back, great small time club.

  275. test
  276. by kayla

    my legs are so white i don’t want to blind u. but i’m so poor so why don’t i take off my clothes. i have freckles on my ass but i don’t care.

  277. somebody
  278. Ted

    Had a great time last weekend…can’t wait to go back and see all the pretty ladies..

  279. Rob

    This club is the best

  280. Someone











    this club ROCKS!

  281. glen

    this place is the best and by the previous comments on here it is obviously one customer couldn’t take a dancer home and is now acting like a baby. grow up please

  282. ??????

    Prettiest Dancers and the nicest too… Can’t wait to go back and spend some money on these fine ladies.

  283. Miller

    This club is the best club in Minnesota bar none.

  284. willie

    the club is a hole in the wall

    the girls are boring

  285. The Man

    This club is awsome and has the nicest girls around. Definetly worth cheacking out.

  286. Jim

    Had a very good time. Very clean place.

  287. re: someone

    It is hilarious when you say “the girls are dancers, not sluts” The girls don’t dance. They take their clothes off for money. They get totally nude for money. If they were dancers wouldn’t they actually do some dancing. The girls are hookers without actually having intercourse. It’s absolutely hilarious when strippers start talking like they are dancers. If they were dancers they would be dancing somewhere rather than taking their clothes off for money. Funny how the strippers try to justify their “questionable” behavior. Truth is they are all ashamed about themselves for doing what they do for money

  288. Fred

    Went there last saturday and had a really good time thanks.

  289. GUY

    Was their tonight and the girls were smokin!!! keep up the good work!! will defenetly be back!!!

  290. ZXC
  291. jack
  292. Cindy

    I should have done Porn

  293. Chad

    This is the best club outside of Chicago in the Midwest.

  294. dancercarrie
  295. Huey

    Working for no livin’

  296. Toby

    All the dancers here are great. I just can’t get enough.

  297. Ben

    Love the club this is my new spot

  298. timothy

    the worst

  299. a dancer

    This is the best club that I have ever worked in.

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