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0 reviews for “Bandaids Showclub

  1. Not From Az

    This club has a lot of nice dancers and used to ROCK; the new owners (and bouncer) are not friendly, so I have found other places to go to….

  2. K.D.

    This is by far the best club in phoenix. Ignore the bad rap it had in the past. The quality of the dances are great. If you find the right spots in the club you can get more bang for your buck.

  3. Steven

    I went in during the day and had a great time. There were three girls in particular that are smoking hot! For the day time they had a lot of girls working. I got a lap dance from Lisa Marie and i can honestly say it was the best lap dance I have ever received. Drinks were priced well, and the staff was friendly. If you have never been in and were thinking about it; i would definitely recommend it. I’ve been planning on going back when I get a chance

  4. dgd
  5. Strip Club Junkie

    I wanted to say Naughty Nikki does the best dances here

  6. concerned

    i hear u hired a thief good luck with ur new manager

  7. jon

    i like this club… its really picked up from what it used to be…. WOW am t supprised

  8. chris

    been a few times, lisa marie has some great booty, i go just to watch her shake it. That girl knows how to move

  9. Maurice G.

    [DISCLAIMER: the rating of five stars for Bandaids does not directly correlate with the intentions of the establishment, instead, the volumes of unintentional comedy and unsolicited astonishment that may be had at this specific joint]Walking into Bandaids was like witnessing the sneak premier of the cinematic masterpiece ‘Showgirls’ — and what I mean is, one is piqued with curiosity, wonderment, the promise of mindblowing mockery, and the anticipation of an inevitable Spidey exit. This is where the comparison to showgirls ends. Actually, I don’t rememer. Did showgirls feature a stripper in her 3rd trimester?Whereas the tagline for Showgirls was “Leave your inhibitions at the door”, Bandaids follows up with “… and your guns, knives, nerve gases, babies, peg legs, raptor jesuses, gold crown deodorizers, and herpes.” Although I think most in there ignored that last one.So, upon entrance, you are greeted with a very Judge Dredd-like chain-link protected cashier who takes your Abe Lincoln and motions you over to the bar. One thing about strip clubs in general, is, you don’t really wanna schooch by anyone … but at Bandaids, they make this awkward dream a reality for everyone! The walk up to the bar is like cutting to seats 34 and 35 at Giants Stadium. I felt like Tyler Durden contemplating whether to give the vatos the butt or the crotch as they stare blankly at “the talent”.Whoa boy. This place has talent like the old Washington Bullets … but shorter, fatter, and more pregnant.I gave one of my buddies a dollar to snap into one of the monster’s string and she gave him a “whusssuuup” that featured her sweet gold grill. To appreciate this, you must know that my friend is quite possibly the sweetest guy on the planet, and gave a friendly “Hi!” to her in return before about-facing to our bistro style table where 8 Coors Lights were posting up our jaws.This was a nice, natural cue for a quick exit, rattled our half-drained beers into the bins and shot out. We couldn’t stomach anymore of anything.But wait.On this page you will notice Jason C., and along with the others in our laughter-induced group, came his big mouth. This was his opportunity to mock the sawed-off, convertible, primer-gray Chevy Blazer parked mere feet from the entrance/exit to Bandaids, and although the details are lost as to the specifics, mentioned something about “check out THIS fucking thing!”, which was the perfect timing for one of the busted, ghetto-flab strippers to walk out and proceed to angrily say something like “Fuck you. That’s mine. What of it?” In response, and generally because he’s a giant puss with scary strippers, said something like, “Oh. Its nice. I like it.” before shitting himself.I’m sure the rest of the group howling with laughter really set her mind at peace. Anyway. That’s the Bandaids story, and you can have one just like it if you give it a chance.

  10. tim

    What new manager?

  11. goodtimes

    DAMN…. Your bartender knows how to fuck! She was great but not the tightest.Great club i’ll be back next pay cheack

  12. Re;

    to the previous persoon who posted,who are you talking about?

  13. alejadro

    Wow – this club is a fun party with drink specials and great girls. Just relax and enjoy the vibe.

  14. Scott


  15. new to phoenix

    i was in this shit hole and i stepped on a fucking rat and killed that fucker dead …………somebody needs to set up some rat traps this place is disgusting i wont be back !!!!!!!!!!they need to get rid of the rodent problem that cant be healty i wonder how many rats shitted in the drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. tommy

    I fist start going to the club a lil.over a month ago and some days are better than others,but i must say there one girl that stick out when ever she’s over all i rate the club+7

  17. harryharry

    Marginal dancers, poor choreography, many out of shape dancers with to many stretch marks. Blonde bartender cutest of bunch to bad she didn’t dance.

  18. tinman

    Very slow with the summer heat and no smoking, but the girls do their best….like a previous poster said, it helps to be a regular. New barkeep is really cute.

  19. dhsfh
  20. Bill

    Was there for a noontime brew and had a lapdance from Lisa Marie. She enjoys her time with you and is a lot of fun. Thanx for the mammaries. Best in house

  21. AssnTits5

    If I ever got the urge to become a stripper, I would get a job at Bandaids. As Dottsy so eloquently explained, these are your average, run-of-the-mill girls you would find working in your neighborhood. I can’t compete with the likes of Candy and Barbie at the Scottsdale clubs, but I may be able to hold a candle to girls of Bandaids.While I must admit I have less of an imagination than Dottsy (I don’t find myself wondering what people would look like if they stripped. Often.) I recognize and appreciate this establishment for what it is. I had my power hour here back in the day when the hooch stopped pouring at 1am. This is really very irrelevant to my review, but at the same time, seems wrong to omit. I kind of feel like they used the remnants of someones drink for my vodka tonic this past Saturday, which is unfortunate because I paid $8, but the $6 Corona served me well and I was not horribly chapped by the high cost considering this is a strip club.As a woman, I don’t have to pay a cover charge. That means that I can walk in and look at boobies for free. Wait, why am I not giving this place 5 stars??? Really what more do I need to say?

  22. fuckery12

    The thing I like about BandAids is that they always have a variety. The girls range from nasty to 10’s most every time I have gone there. The bathroom could be nicer but overall the place is not too much of a dive.

  23. StripClub431

    Best strip club I’ve been too in az. Everyone here is super friendly and want to make you feel welcome. This place has the hottest girls. Thank you for making my birthday enjoyable

  24. brown hound

    the girls are very friendly, lap dance from lisa marie will turn a man into a hunk a burnin love, rare not ro get a hand shake from the staff when i visit the club.

  25. customer

    why is it that everytime i step foot in this club i see different dancers all over the doormem? do you consider talent good blow jobs? if thats the case you guys are doing great in that. you should really get classy girls in there.this club should just be closed down!!!!

  26. Jack
  27. Joe

    An old Mexican hag flashed me her pussy and I almost puked. Whats with all the fuckin grandmas that work there? If your into old nasty hookers this is the place to go. And the thing about the fat chicks is true too. If I wanted to see thunder thighs Id talk my wife into stripping. The chairs are uncomfortble too and I’m surprised the fat chicks havent broken them yet. Cocktail waitress was a real bitch. This is the worst strip club in the valley.

  28. your dad

    I like those big chicks. Theres plenty of big bitches in this club so I had a good time. If your sick of all those skinny bitches at boring places like Bourbon Street and want a real woman with plenty of extra pounds and some hips and ass and thighs to show for it then cum hear.

  29. Kevin H.

    As a card carrying member of the GABC when my son visits, I have to say the vibe change here was refreshing. I was expecting a whole lot worse from what I had read, and I tend to lay the pole horizontal and set it low regardless of where I get my lap dance on. It leaves room for the pleasant surprises. With the illusion of security, this place is pretty entertaining. They pat down and wand the dudes, but the dudettes that I observed heading in before me were given only a cursory glance and purse check, while I got the wand and a full pat down, but just short of a full cavity search. Out front before entry some dude dressed in camo swat gear came around the corner from the side parking lot in a rush, it was laughable. The crowd was mixed, and rather well behaved. Service was pretty good for a club of this caliber as well. The talent was somewhere in the mid range for me. I mean this is one of my favorite sports titties and beer, so it is hard to complain, but I did not feel compelled to shell out many dollars, nor did the crowd from what I noticed. I certainly never even entertained getting a lap dance as I did not find any worthy of my lap. I would return just to crowd watch, well worth the five dollar cover, the titties and beer a big bonus.

  30. XXXbeast

    It’s a six dollar cover. Not a bad place for the price, but not a top quality one with politicians. Small seating areas but worth it. The women are great, beers cold, and good tunes.

  31. Hector Hot Tubb

    A petite black girl named Lovely who works on day shift is worth the price of admission. Sensuality. Femininity. Alluring. Eroticness. I could go on for days!

  32. Dottsy Z.

    Have you ever looked at the every day girl that rings your order up at Starbucks, or the semi-cute chick at the bank and wonder what they would look like topless and shaking their money makers on a stage? Is it just me that has that kind of imagination? Anybody? Well, if you have wondered about that, go to Bandaids to find out. I had the opportunity to visit Bandaids and I don’t regret that I did. We were allowed in after a quick bag check by a bouncer. Another bouncer was nice enough to get us a few tables front and center stage. The service was good and fairly quick considering the number of people in the bar. Some of the guys are a bit pervy of course…offering to buy drinks or lap dances for you in the slight hope that you might be interested in giving them a private dance. No winners that night! Besides, I was there for some boobage! The women of Bandaids aren’t perfect, they don’t have fake boobs, they don’t have perfect bodies. They are every day women that happen to strip for the dough. I wasn’t left panting over any hotties unfortunately, but I was impressed at the bravery of some of the women that got up on the stage and worked it. I felt A LOT better about my body after going to Bandaids and seeing some of the girls there. Will I go to Bandaids again? Yep! It’s a chill place and the girls aren’t pushy and I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable. It would be nice if they improved the bathrooms for the girls, but that’s a small detail. Just hover and you’ll be fine! I guess you could say I’m a fan of the dive bar and we were treated very well there. Is it a fancy Scottsdale strip club? Nope. It’s your friendly neighborhood strip club to grab a beer, see some boobage, and move along.

  33. XhXeXy

    As it turns out, Bandaids is not as bad as any of these reviews indicate and is very rarely as scandalous as these reviewers report. Real girls: some implants, some without. Some girls with tattoos, some without. Big boobs, small boobs, middling boobs. Big wrecking ball booties, small booties. Male/female/gay/couple friendly. Cheap drinks, strange regulars, ugly signage. The occasional girl that shouldn’t be stripping anymore. All in all, a lot of variety under one roof- and isn’t that what makes a titty bar entertaining? If you want an army of malnourished blonds with bolt on breasts to stare blankly at you while they take your money, then skedaddle on to Bourbon Street, my friend. Bandaids has personality; you may like that personality or you may not. Depending on your behavior, you could be charmed, chatted up, romanced, shanked, talked shit to or put firmly in your place. So be nice. Bottom line: these girls are lots of fun, but they aren’t accustomed to taking shit from anybody. Especially you. 🙂

  34. Bernie

    Great club, nice girls for all the chicos; bring your money boys.

  35. Marcus

    This is one of the best clubs in the world. I enjoy when a stripper will sit on my lap for no reason: without me paying for a lap dance. When I do buy a lap dance it seems like the women want to make a man cum. Thank you this will be my new spot for life. Thank you all the strippers and please keep up the good work: if you all go down the hill like SINN did you will lose another customer. Ps> I love fat strippers as long as they make me nut during my dance.

  36. Montel

    If we knew there was a fat chick on stage we wouldnt have paid the cover. One of the fattest broads Ive ever seen at a club. I’m surprised she didnt break the stage and pull the pole off while she was at it. There was only one got girl and shee was giving dances to someone else so we were screwed. All the other chicks were old and fat. This club is total crap too. Spent less than 10 minutes at this dump. Didnt even finish our drinks. The bartender wwas really hot tho. They should make her dance instead.

  37. jim cording

    got a bj in vip for $120. she swallowed every drop

  38. Sara


  39. eddyL

    I popped in one night with a date to have a drink and check the place out and was majorly underwhelmed…high drink prices ($5.00 for a coke) and the “talent” left a lot top be desired. Save the time and trouble and go elsewhere.

  40. Brandon G.

    5 stars!! Its a small club but still one of the most affordable in town. Women here are pretty hot unlike some of the other small clubs. Money well spent

  41. lizzardking

    Good place, good selection of girls, but the chairs and seating aren’t so good.

  42. Bearcat

    A nice variety of dancers, YMMV on the lapdances, it helps to be a regular.

  43. ryan123

    What can i say? i am a smutty bitch..Been to all the seedy places in town an then some..Ok, so your a middle class man, married, your wife NEVER puts out, what is a man to do??? Hummmm BANDAIDS… Disco!! I am telling you i have never in my life seen more cocks out in one room at the same time.. the girls, gritty an down an dirty in more than one way!! But hey!! the smell in the bar is a mix of that really bad stuff you could buy in the bathrooms and put on yourself to smell good and then straight up cum buckets.. Yeah really… But i think for 10 buck and the investment of a condom you may have a VERY nice evening..I am sure you will leave with empty balls!! And there is NOTHING wrong with that… I saw blow jobs, grinding with cock going in an out{ i did not see the investment of a condom on that certain person, hummm?} a few hand finishes here an there… I would say DRINK before you go fer sure!! good times to be had for all…

  44. Hector Hot Tub

    1. The sound system here is played at ear splitting levels. I’ve heard that both dancers and customers have complained to the dj and management. So far – no luck.

  45. Adam M.

    The motherfucking dive bar of strip clubs.If you BYOC (bring yo own company, bitches!) it is awesome. In this case, I was the company for a totally non-trashy, very classy female friend of mine who was in the mood to slum it. She lives down the block an had been wanting to check the place out for a while, so after a few hours of daydrinking, we hit the spot. Wow.Stretch marks. Lots of grinding and wandering hands. Tits everywhere… and shit, that’s just the male patrons, holmes. I was wearing all black (as usual) and put on my sunglasses for the lulz now and then, and my exceptionally skinny and lovely companion was paying with a stack $1’s that she won in a dice game the night before… so the ladies and waitress probably figured that she was a stripper (she’s actually an RN in an ICU) and that I was her coke dealer, and the guys were jealous that I was hanging with a hot babe whom I didn’t have to pay for attention. So I guess that made me by default the coolest motherfucker in the place. How could I not give it 5 stars after that?In reality we had a sociological discussion about the patrons and employees, and discussed a few articles in the latest issue of the New Yorker, which she happened to have in her purse. Some of the characters we saw:Saigon ’68 – Old dude who only got dances from the asian girls, reliving the glory days in ‘nam.Hombre – in his sunday finest with cowboy hat and boots, looking very confused. He might have jumped the border last week.PCC – White haired, super thin, wrinkly cracker who probably wandered in from the Phoenix Country Club across the street, in shorts, white polo, knee high white socks, and of course velcro sneakers. He looked reminiscent of a corpse…. except when he got several dances from well endowed black women, at which point he really became alive. Short Dick Man – He had clearly sprouted some wood, and it wasn’t very impressive. Vatos – galore.So – think dive bar that is totally ghetto fab. If you wait around long enough, they’ll have 2 for 1 drink specials, though I am sure that the “grey goose” I ordered was some shitty well shit and not the goose. Whatever. Ghetto fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  46. holly

    i just wanted to say that isabella is the hottest girl in there i went in yesterday and could not take my eyes off of her would go back just for her.

  47. j. jackson
  48. Max A.

    Absolutely horrifying.This is clearly where strippers go to die. Fat, old, bored, and heinous looking moms and meth-heads giving not-so-discreet handjobs to shifty patrons… nobody tipping at all (which begs the question, “why do they come to work?”)… and an overwhelming cloud of depression and angst looming over the whole nasty parade.The place was surprisingly active for a Wednesday afternoon. It took several minutes for my eyes to adjust to the darkness – I imagine keeping it so dark can only help given the sorry state of the girls. There’s no VIP room that I could tell (unless you count the shabby bathrooms), but that didn’t stop the shenanigans going on out in the open for my virgin eyes to see. There were definitely men being “gotten off” here which disgusted me to no end. I have no idea how much it costs, but it can’t be terribly expensive (and yet it’s surely too much). Another possible “up-side” to this place (depending on your perspective) is that they will serve you an illegal amount of alcohol… the law be damned. This is perhaps another aid to help make the beasts on stage easier to stomach. Speaking of stomachs, Eric was right – there were definitely some very pregnant ladies here. Kinda disturbing. My friend decided she wanted to get a dance from either the oldest girl or the fattest girl in the joint. The girl she picked put her mouth on my friend’s vagina through her pants and did some sort of heavy breathing and moaning… my friend looked mortified and all she could do was let out some uncomfortable panicked laughter. She was also groped and molested beyond her comfort levels. Nothing in here was sexy at all – it’s basically a really dark and moderately scary dive bar with a bunch of whores walking around with their ugly boobs out willing to do whatever for a few bucks. These girls clearly don’t make much money (unless the special services pay well)… my friend and I would tip 5 bucks to the stage dancers (and their center stage is a joke) and they would thank us with a surprised look as though it had never happened before. The seating looked like it was purchased from a conference hall at the Ramada Inn that was shut down 10 years ago and the girls looked like they wandered in off Van Buren 10 years ago. I suggest you stay away, however I can attest (as Eric P pointed out) that this was a source of some amazing comedy and laughter… hence the extra star.Edit Dec 2014 – I feel bad about saying “whores,” “fat,” “ugly boobs,” “heinous looking,” and “beasts.” Those are ugly words and I wasn’t raised to talk like that – I was just trying to be funny. Also, I regret not mentioning that someone brought in some shrimp cocktails in styrofoam cups to sell. Like, where the hell did they come from? He came in through the front door. The regulars and bartender acted like it was a normal thing for a dude to walk in off the street selling seafood in a dark, dank strip club.

  49. Jerry

    Bandaids isn’t showy – don’t let the outside fool you. Inside you’ll be reated well and if you’re a regular – extra well. My fav is Lisa Marie who gives the best lap dances and has the cutest ass. I’d recommend this club over the big advertizers – more like a neighborhood bar – with friendlier girls! LOL

  50. richard95

    This is THE WORST strip club I have ever been to. I have been to a lot of seedy clubs as well. I’ve been to clubs where every chick is coked out of her mind to the point where she can’t even dance, clubs where chicks are dancing around while the other strippers are watching their babies, even places where girls say they have been raped by club owners. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is as bad as this club. The New York City bouncer out front was a nice guy, and thats where it stopped. The girls here are downright disgusting. These girls don’t even look good enough to work the counter at MVD. The place is also crawling with undesirables at all times of the day and night. Their drinks are about $7 for a captain and coke, there were no girls dancing when we were there, the three girls who were working were basically asking if we wanted dances and when I said no, then rolled their eyes and walked away. Well, maybe these girls could dance on stage and THEN ask for a private dance… I want to see what you’re made of first.The dress code out front, the disgusting women, the attitude from bartenders, and the overall grossness of this place earn it a one star. It would be negative one if it were an option. Hi LIter, Bombshells, and even Cheetah’s are a ton better than this place. They are cheaper, have better talent, and are very friendly places. Even the overpriced Bourbon Street would be a better bet than this.

  51. Mikey U.

    On name alone we HAD to check this place out, just for kicks.Ouch!Bandaids indeed; this place hurts and not in a good way. And you might want to spritz that with some iodine for good measure.I’ve got no qualms with talent, don’t get me wrong; the female form is a beautiful thing to behold in all of its varied curve-tastic shape and form. A woman is a woman is a beautiful woman, and I’m a sucker. By default, naked womanhood warrants an automatic 3-star baseline from me, but the slummy and desperate atmosphere in this dive is a soulsuck for all that dare enter.The squat brick building sits all by its lonesome under a tacky illuminated “Bandaids Show Lounge” sign, the surrounding parking lot emanating with “damn, I’mma get mugged out here” uncertainty and darkness.Once inside (yes, you go in through a sketchy looking front door that looks as welcoming as the sketchy looking service door), you’re met by security and carded; the girls headed for the bar while another friend and myself were subjected to a [sub-standard*] pat down – *sub-standard: the folding knife clipped and visible in my front pocket (CA law) went unnoticed. A printed “no sideways caps, no baggy/saggy jeans, no long tees” dress code posted by the door should have been a red flag. Classy!After getting a few beers from the pretty bartender (she was actually really, really good-looking – hottest girl on staff, setting false precedent for what the stage talent would look like), we made our way past shady regulars at the bar with their necks crook’d to the lounge, finding a couple of tables near, but not next to, the center stage.Most of us sat talking and laughing with each other, occasionally glancing at the stage just to see what’s up and watching the depraved humanity of the other patrons in the place, mostly empty on a Friday night…… the out-of-towner business man in the dark corner, getting dances from any girl that would come his way…. the mouth-breather waiting with stalker-ish anticipation for a dance with one of the, er, more amply-bossomed strippers…. the table of youngins, dressed exactly how the posted dress code prohibited.Girl after girl (a couple of “a’ight” girls, most “everyday” girls, and at least one “is that a girl?” girls) came to the stage, gyrated to cliche strip club music – some exhibiting-gymnast calibre pole skills and limberness – then cruised the showroom floor, peddling their wares with a repeated-to-monotone-perfection “…would you like a dance? …would you like a dance?” propositioning. Sales Basics 101: Always Be Closing, right?None of us partook in the festivities, but two friends in an adjoining party did. One, quite simply because he was bored and someone paid for it. The other, a recent migrant from war-torn and fundamentalist Afghanistan, got one of the [few] Barbie-esque dancers who would keep him entranced and occupied for 4-5 songs… and about $100.After a quick 30 minutes, we’d thought we’d seen the whole rotation of “meh” talent and skeevy behavior. And that’s when we saw it……the epitome of tacky divey strip club attire……the summation of the Bandaids experience……that’s when we saw it… …The HOOD-KINI*!It was time to leave… quickly. As we braved the parking lot, it was joke after FirstAid-alluding and Infectious-disease related joke. Automatic hilarity at the mere mention during the rest of our trip.”Band-Aids”, because correlating “possibility of infection” and adult entertainment is savvy business sense.____________________Yes, yes. A hooded bikini.In black and neon. A hood to obscure her face, while thin straps and patches of material covered her naughty bits. A. Hooded. Bikini. If she were gonna take your money, she might as well look the part.

  52. Bruno57

    Lots of latinas. I like that. Good value, good fun.

  53. tom

    this place sucks

  54. Billy the Kid

    These boys are right, Lisa Marie is the best. If you pay her the right price she will do anything. “Anything” I always make sure she is there before I enter.

  55. rick

    Zoe, Lisa marie,Krissa, Marie,and Cindy are the top dancers in my book for looks dancing and personalty

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