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41.712837, -71.90369




8am – 8pm


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0 reviews for “Stars

  1. lisa

    i like going to clubs to see the girls but not here there are none what a shame.maybe next time i,m back down this way i,ll try it again.

  2. many time

    yes i’ve been there many times and this place looks good but the girls are lazy and the staff are just as can’t go on first impressions sorry. you have to read the hole book .and this is a sad story

  3. HATE IT


  4. kaitlyn

    Dj didn’t like to play my songs

  5. Jeff Gretch

    Don’t get this club at all. It’s big , beautiful, clean, and very modern. But man

    there’s never more than 5 strippers there and its always dead. I like the club

    a lot but I wish there were more girls and more action. Try harder guys!

  6. me

    nice club. hot girls, clean environment.

  7. employee

    love working at this club love the people love the club say what you want it is a great place to work

  8. fools

    this place is for fools there,s nothing here there,s no girls no people just a sad place. keep up the good work and for the people that do go get a life there,s more than this place out there.check them out you will be happy with a better class of girls tooo

  9. Loyal Customer

    Great club

  10. mike

    awsome club: hot girls, management way cool: will be back!! sure to be the hottest club around…

  11. Jay
  12. dwane
  13. anywhere but here
  14. happyhillbillie

    She said ‘hookers in moosup’ haha. Musta met Electra. She must get a

    discount on those rooms by now!

  15. Jones

    WORST club EVER! No girls No fun!

  16. the loyal customer

    love stars it rocks everthing about it

  17. XxxtrentxxX

    No girl on the stage and no girls doing dances. When I asked the guy in

    charge, I think the owner, what was going on with girls he got mad and told

    us if we didn’t like to leave. Not the best way to treat a customer. I’ll never go


  18. J.T.

    just wanted to give a shout out to my boy scotty, you were right this place is off the hook! they got this one little shorty there shes smokin…

  19. to bad

    ya this place don’t rock been there a few times never seems to pick up,must be something in there watered down drinks

  20. lapdanceking

    all i can say is keep it up love this club

  21. BIKERboy07

    Rode the bikes there one day but they only have one girl on during the day.

    She didn’t seem very interested in talking to us. Probably wouldn’t waste my

    time going there again.

  22. E.S.

    How this site works…. you should rate the club, if it was a good experience then go back. If it was bad rate the club give your honest feedback and then never go back, but the same person keeps on saying the same thing obviously a hater with alot of time on his/her hands get alife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We love stars and the stuff that i read on this site is simply false!

  23. Rob the Dj

    Never any girls and if there is they tend to ignore you. Horrible service,

    people are always being thrown out if the owner doesn’t like them for some

    reason. They seem to cater to the middle eastern crowd for some reason.

  24. this place make's me lol
  25. tommy

    Great looking place. The few girls they had were super hot too!

  26. bigdude

    this club is so over rated. the rub girl is a fat pig

  27. G$

    No girls here just rednecks!

  28. big tom

    thank you this place sucks

  29. angel


  30. keith


  31. Quinten Rodriquez

    Wasn’t too bad. There was only 2 or 3 girls and it took forever to get a drink.

    Also I had to ask for a girl to be put on the stage and it seemed that whoever

    was in charge was arguing with the girls to get on the stage. Once the girl

    got up there she didn’t really dance, just stood there looking mad. Left after

    one drink. Not a club I’d return too.

  32. Ted S.

    Very nice club and extremly hot girls! The dances are really dirty and for the

    right price you’ll definetly get one for some ‘service’ outside the club. Any

    place I can get quality hookers is all right by me. Keep up the great work!

  33. dave

    went to stars for the firt time to see nikke benz. she was so hot… the club is a must see. staff was very friendly, prices were affordable, very cool place to hang out cant wait for carmen hart in may.

  34. vinny
  35. waste of time and gas thank
  36. laney
  37. Chip

    Shitty service no women shitty club what a waste of a long ass drive!!!!!!

  38. CusTomEer

    WORST selection of girls in CT!!!

  39. Gerald

    This club is really starting to fly hot girls always a good time

  40. Simon

    40 minutes from Prov, don’t bother

  41. truthbeknown

    not sure what club you were at but it was not the same stars thati was at!!!!!!!!!!! this was the best club that i have been to in a min. the girls were all hot and the waitresses and the rest of the staff was great even the manager was smoking hot thanks for a good time please let niki know that i will not forget the bond we had hope to see her again if your ever in california look me up

  42. CT

    stopped by the other nite for a drink; this really is a beautiful club…checked out their new outdoor patio. its awsome. they set it up really nice. cant wait for summer to sit outside with my fav dancer, drinking, and smoking! very comfortable, i think this will be the place to be at come summer……

  43. bIG bILLy


  44. big boy

    this place rocks…the girls are hot and staff is real nice…cant wait to go back and all my boys think the same about the club…keep up the good work stars

  45. get some girls
  46. peggy

    was my first time in a club and it was great, the dancers are all friendly and the drinks were great.

    thanks for a great time

  47. mindless

    this place has no clue shut it down you bunch of mindless assholes

  48. Bo

    Pasties, not interested

  49. klubguyvinny

    Had good and bad times here. Wasn’t happy a couple times we went

    because of this ridiculous music they played like all night and there was no

    girl dancing for most of the night. Event nights seem to be pretty good though

    so I guess it depends what night.


  50. it,a shame

    to bad for this dying club gone to shit fast what happen maybe new mangermint maybe just lack of caring who know but it,s to bad that you can,t stop the bleeding well good luck to you all

  51. joesmo
  52. fred
  53. bikerman226


  55. nothing there

    there was nothing there, what’s up with that i thought these place’s rock, not this one to bad

  56. Harry

    What a waste of a beatiful club! Never any girls, the drinks ate way over

    priced and the staff was very rude. It seemed like the girls weren’t interested

    in talking to the guests. DO NOT GO HERE!

  57. DUMP


  58. love this place
  59. xxx69xxx

    Only good thing is the girls like ‘earning’ thier $.

  60. don

    i didn,t like it sorry slow sev and not rude but i found it to be not that freindly

  61. 2 Cups
  62. T-Man

    Beuatiful and friendly girls. No attitude.

  63. great times
  64. stars

    awsome club

  65. jon

    went to stars for the first time, saw nikki benz there. awesome show and beautiful club. management was super and so were the girls. heard carmen hart is coming in may, cant wait to go back.

  66. No girls

    This club was a big disapointment-No girls-super Slow service-waste of time.

  67. Ashley

    Such a beautiful club!

  68. what a dive

    this place has nothing and thy where rude.thinking there better than others .will guess what your NOT

  69. johnny
  70. dumpville

    sorry but i will never be back the bathroom stunk like piss ,shit on the seat ,someone said classy NOT unless your a pig.nevermind there were no girls nice place keep it in the woods

  71. Desiree

    She’s cute! Club is empty.

  72. 09seth09

    All I wanna say is STOP IT WITH THE WEIRD MUSIC! gone a few times in

    the last couple months and I thought the place was awesome the first few

    times. Great girls great service and staff but MAN they were playing this

    awful music. I mean it was bad and it wasn’t English that’s for sure. Besides

    that though it’s a pretty good club.


  73. matt
  74. what happened (again)

    Wrote in a couple days ago because we were a little disappointed with the

    service we recieved, the treatment we got from the girls and staff, and the

    horrible music they were playing. We used to love this club but that last

    experience was so bad we weren’t going to come back. So we tried again

    with the same results. Not going to be trying again.

  75. sux!

    this place is a serious waste of time. the staff is a bunch of egotistical, wannabe mobsters. the girls are stuck up and rude. the drinks are overpriced and weak. the douche who owns the place thinks hes in vegas, wake up buddy, youre in CT dumbass! dont waste your time.

  76. Nate
  77. bosox
  78. bj

    ask for nacole

  79. patron
  80. jerry
  81. regular
  82. Worst

    Horrible club! The Few girls they have are UGLY the DJ sucks. NEVER going back!

  83. just regular guy

    I really don’t understand why this place isnt busier. Very clean, so much better

    than the styes on rte 20, and the girls are far less shopworn. Casual, no

    pressure atmosphere where you can spend time with a girl. Girls are very

    friendly and, though of course they like to be taken care of, not nearly as

    brazenly money driven as other places. Good clientele. Very nice private room

    which charges about half as much as the place up the highway.

  84. boston


  85. george

    anyone know if there is a feature for april?

  86. Tod

    great lookin club vegas style friendly staff and hot girls

  87. ricky

    You get the samething you get at Cheaters but it just costs a little more, the

    girls are hot, and you might be inconvienced by a trip to the Plainfield Hotel

    but you’ll get what you want!

  88. David
  89. Sooo Lame

    Its no the club thats lame its the fact that if u read these commenets its OBVIOUSLY the same person making up new names how many ppl are so soo stupid that they use commas where they should use an apostrophe your so gay!! grow the fuck up take an english class and get a life loser…. I love stars

  90. mike poor place
  91. Gabriel
  92. Jeff

    Horrible club! Do not waste your time or money!

  93. Worst Club EVER

    No one there and the few girls they have are rank. Worst experience EVER! NEVER GOING BACK!

  94. poor
  95. stop it

    i stoped by today 7/7 not one dancer there nice job

  96. close the doors

    fucken dump close the doors

  97. love stars

    i love stars n the girls

  98. Fuck the Haters

    This club is fucking awesome!! Plenty of hott girls and to all you fan gia is back and hotter then ever!!!!

  99. Strip club luver

    Got charged $8 to get in and they had 2 not so good looking girls. Talked

    with the owner for a minute and he seemed to have no idea how to run a

    club. Could be good if they got it together but I wouldn’t waste my time.

  100. j

    horrible looking girls, beautiful looking club. looks like they HIRE anyone who walks through the door.

  101. jack

    went here when STARS first open, my the mighty have fallen. shell of its former self. didn’t recogn one face. what a dump.

  102. Jonah

    NO GIRLS NO CONTACT slow service-This place sucks.

  103. Will

    Wow. People get pretty defensive about their fit bars up here. Stopped in

    after droppin off a load at the walmart. Very nice club but I do agree there

    weren’t no girls really. Not to bad though

  104. ya rite

    Tried it didn’t like it won’t be back!

  105. roger
  106. stanley

    i am visiting this site for the first time and i can’t believe what i am reading who ever is writing this stuff is someone that is angry i go to stars often with the guys from my office and we love it i have never experienced any one being rude sometimes there is not a girl on stage but as soon as we walk in they go up we tip them we eat and drink and we always leave happy to kenny and crystal good job if you read this just want to say thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. lameville

    what a shit hole

  108. LAME SHOW


  109. CarpenterStud

    This club is just getting better every week. I have a feeling it will be standing-room only come Spring/Summer. I’ve gone back to my old hangouts and gotta say this is the freshest place, the liveliest dancers and most appealing club in the Northeast! Thanks for coming STARS!

  110. Liz n Dave

    A buddy suggested me n my girlfriend go here but it wasn’t very good. One

    of the bouncers was hitting on my girl n when I said something about it we

    got thrown out. I’ll never go back.

  111. Taft
  112. more
  113. too good for me?

    Went here recently. No girls on the stage and a rude bartender. Good

    looking club but not very good place to go.

  114. JT
  115. offended!!!!

    I’m a soldier with the USMC n I’ve done 2 tours in Iraq and the only time I’ve

    ever been here all they played was this AWFUL Arabian music. I gotta say

    after everything me and my friends have been through over there it really

    offended us and it brought back some painful memories. We’ll never go back

    here and neither will the rest of my brothers. This is the USA and we want

    rock n roll, cold beer and nice girls. THIS PLACE HAS NONE OF THESE!!!

  116. staff

    i can’t beleave this place has no people coming .please i need this job so come down. please i’m begging you.

  117. loyal

    i get good servicev nice girls i go all the time

  118. Trixie

    Me and the BF love going here! The service does kinda stink but we like it


  119. The E

    Building is really nice but there was on ly one girl there until about 8PM and she was pretty grouchy because she hadn’t made any money all day. Probably a pretty cool place on a weekend night.

  120. DJ


  121. favorite

    I love going into a club that i feel comfortable and welcome my husband and i go to stars often and we love everyone it is always clean and the girls are beautiful we love all of the staff we could never go any where else keep up the good wrk stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Skippy

    Hot girls ( rude though) , slow service, horrible music (the Dj sucked so bad),

    and there wasn’t a girl on thier stage. I wouldn’t suggest wasting your time or


  123. AC


  124. xxxguyxxx69

    Used to go all the time but recently they’ve gone downhill with their talent and

    service. I’ll be finding another place to go.

  125. this place sucks

    that’s right this place sucks along with the owner

  126. love it

    my favorite club

  127. Chico

    Naww forget about the waitress i would rather see the blonde bartender naked on that pole

  128. N/A

    Cleanest Club, clean girls with lots of class!

  129. tim

    stopped down the other night it was dead. Felt like i was in a grave yard waiting for the girls to come out will the three that were there did at sometime. Sorry this is to lame for anyone to have a good time. TIM

  130. good times gone bad

    went there and this place sucks thought i was going for a good time but this place offers nothing don’t waste your time or money thanks

  131. stars sucks

    this place sucks thats all there is to it.everything about this place is long will it last ?.change or die

  132. woooo


  133. chevyman

    its allsome club by far shower two stories too

  134. joey

    went to this club on wed, its alrite guuy at the bar said the owner’sgirl is stupid fine and models is new york sometimes dances in the club

    is she there on friday nights? i was there on friday nite and didnt see ahy super hot girl..

  135. must be nuts

    this is the cleaneat club that i have ever been in the girls, the waitresses, and the rest of the saff are awsome you rock stars keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. f.u
  137. Rate

    What a failure.. no girls and the ones they have are old used up std carriers. I

    swear one girl has a breakout of something on her lip. I want to get turned on

    not grossed out!!

  138. nick

    love this club love the girls love the waitress always have a good time

  139. handsome

    not what people are saying

  140. Timmy

    This place is nice but I have to agree there aren’t ever many girls there. Itd

    be great with more girls

  141. horrible


  142. new customer

    i had never been to thiclub but heard alot about it. it was worth the trip. i was really impressed with the layout of the club. I’ve been to many strip clubs and this one was definitly one of the nicest. The girls were good looking, the club was very clean, and the vip rooms were very comfortable. I will be back next time i come through the area. Good job Stars!!

  143. NICE


  144. Worst Club

    Club sucks! Worst club i’ve been to!

  145. KEN
  146. brianni

    I hope they find somebody who knows how to run a club.

  147. #1 Fan

    i love it keep up the good work

  148. rude girl

    Went to see the porn star on sat. She was great but the girls that work there

    were so rude! One slipped my man her number n said she’d meet him at the

    hotel near the hiway! Didn’t know we had hookers in moosup…

  149. scumbags

    this place sucks bunch of scumbags fuck you all

  150. me 2

    went monday no action slow i was bored to death .poor

  151. jollyrocket

    beautiful clean upscale club. stopped in last night for the first time, but will be back. it’s new, so they’re still building clientele, but has potential to become the best club around. girls were 7-9, very friendly and fun to hang out with. check it out!!

  152. the brain
  153. Mario

    No hot girls in Nowhere CT

  154. mAc

    carmen hart will be at stars this month. she is super fine and knows how to get the crowd goin cant wait stars is getting better and better…..

  155. gone

    i went had a good time everyone must have gone win i got there ,the place had about 5 poeple in in

  156. not rue

    i go to stars 7 days a week i love it! i have to be honest i have never paid a $7 cover 6 or 8 maybe you should get a life obviuosly you do not go there and just want to hate.

  157. luvsdaladees777

    I gotta say it is a beautiful club with beautiful women but the music is horrible

    and the staff is rude. There’s usually not that many girls and we’ve had to

    ask them to put the girls on stage a few times. Used to go a lot bit it’s gotten

    pretty trashy lately.

  158. billie
  159. Negativity

    Why so negative everyone? I had a pretty mediocre time there n the girls

    were lame n scarce. But I’ll be back if I’m in the area. It’s a titty bar what

    more could you ask for? Strippers are shady and strip club owners are

    wannabe pimps. It is what it is.

  160. no show

    that’s right nobody shows up there what a lame place to bad tooo

  161. happycustomer

    Club is great…staff is very polite and helpful.bartenders are great.set up wise and appearance think its one of the nicest clubs around.always have a good time when i go.dancers are good also.recommend it to people looking to go for their firt time

  162. Guido

    Lame, almost empty most of the time

  163. no talent

    this place is going down the drain.what a waste of a nice building.but win you get asshole’s that run the place that’s what happens kept up the good work.

  164. maisey

    too bad nobody goes there anymore. looks like a pretty club.

  165. this guy

    this guy still loves this club always have and im not letting u losers change my mind everyone here is down to earth great friendly people and i have a great time when i come in so u guys go get sucked off by some whore and ill have a good time here… stop waisting ur time talking shit on the club u said u dont like it so drop it and leave the poor girls alone and get a fucking life

  166. Bobby

    Awsom club always have a great time

  167. JudgeJoe

    One of the Worst stripclubs around No talent, slow unfriendly service and a hack DJ

  168. Real Customer

    This club is so boring. No women shitty service Waste of time ! The only good

    reviews must be coming from the owners cause no real customer would say this

    place is good.

  169. apostrophe,boy

    Clearly the same retard who uses a comma instead of an apostrophe has

    been leaving these comments. Ignore him. Douchebag. Anyways stars is a

    really big new clean club but it is run extremly poor. Service is slow the music

    isn’t that good and they never have any girls. A little tweeking would do this

    place well.

  170. NEIL


  171. Absolutley

    Gotta agree. Place used to rock but the last few times we went the talent

    was rough and the service was terrible! Wish they’d get thier shit together

  172. keepin it real

    one of fav places to chill… always end up havin a good time eveyone is made funny n still funny n positive even if having a bad night

  173. pete

    stars rocks go to alot of clubs and by far this is the best one around!!!!!!!!

  174. Jamie


  176. Rip OFF

    6$ or 8$ for a cover! AND no girls! What a RIP OFF!

  177. Rob

    No girls slow service lame ass club Gold Club is so much better. Thats where all

    the girls are.

  178. greattimes
  179. Glenn
  180. Byran

    Always have a great time at stars

  181. JoeyC

    Well, I’m not an owner just a customer. You all are talking smack here I’m afraid. You all sound like other jealous former dancers or whoever otherwise jealous club owners who are cranked that Stars is cleaner and better. Stars staff are good people, only bad time I see is when some of you act up and get asked to leave this club, and worry that you won’t be able to come back. I’ve seen guys beg to be off the banned list. So yeah, maybe there’s not 100 ladies here dancing. I only want one or two, I’m not that rich.

  182. Get real!

    I agree that this place is gourgeous and the women (when they have them)

    are beautiful. But it has to be one of the worst run bars I’ve ever been too!

    Everyone was extremely rude to me and ignored us most of the night. For a

    cheaper better time I’ll stick with the music lady down the road.

  183. not true

    this place is going only up… same great club… even better… what a great job you do stars keep up the good work… do not listen to those haters if you even have time to read this

  184. dumpsite
  185. Bob

    Amaze’n time

  186. bri

    good drinks and friendly hot girls

  187. Lil' Jon

    stopped in last nite, luv this place! cant wait for my lp with nikki benz….

  188. oldandslow
  189. customer

    i went to stars last week and WOW !!!! i went in a few times before and i wasnt impressed with the girls. not anymore! all the dancers were smokin hot. even the waitress and shot girl were fine. keep up the good work stars. i’ll be coming by more often…..

  190. don't waste your time
  191. JOHN


  192. must b deaf dumb and blind

    get real . this place sucks

  193. R.I.

    This club rocks. Obviously people are just tainted (been thrown out or turned down???). Or just plain haters. This club runs better than ever they really know what they are doing. I am there twice a week and will keep going back. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. JIMMY


  195. dan

    stopped in last week, hadnt been here for awhile. the club was even better than i remember it. lots of hot girls and very comfortable and clean. will definitly be back for more stars…..

  196. TOM
  197. andy

    went in last week for a drink and was surprised. there was a good crowd and beautiful girls. very comfortable, the club itself is better than any other around. i had a great time and will be back soon….

  198. sotrue

    that is trye it’s not funny this place never got off the ground to bad

  199. Disappointed

    I agree this club sucks. There are no hot girls. Haven’t these chics ever heard of sit-ups? Big disappointment!

  200. Benjamin

    Worth stopping if you need to take a wiz

  201. 21blakjak

    Do not go. Do not go. Do not go. Awful place. Just bad all around.

  202. Waste o' $$$

    Pretty rude place if you ask me. The girls weren’t on stage and the waitress

    ignored us. Won’t be back there.

  203. Yanni

    It’s the prettiest shittiest club you’ll ever see! When we say no girls we mean

    these guys have 8 on sat night and every other club in new England has 15-

    40+ . would be great if who ever was in charge would get their head out of

    their ass!

  204. Gone Downhill

    This club has gone way downhill. Used to be great now the club is dead. No women crappy service and shit for music. What happened? Did they change ownners?

  205. deadville

    this place is for the very old, why it,s slow and dead one foot in the grave should,t last that much longer just plain boring like old fats,

  206. Max

    Clean…..Good Sound System….Colorful Lights…Massage girls are cute….Lap Dance Rooms are clean and neat….Stage with pole is large….Dancers do not really take enough time with clients……I had a nice time…But I was rushed by some of the dancers…..I only dance with a slow-Dancer who likes to spend time talking and drinking….I’ll make it worth her time if I like her…

  207. useless place

    this place was useless unreal no girls to speak of and the was slow service.

  208. the pits

    wow i went there 3 girls on and now i know i will never go back please let people now that you only carrier 3 girls on any given night i could have gone anywhere but i tried this place and won,t be back .thanks for disapointment.

  209. Limo driver
  210. was that kneel and bob

    you must have had your beer googles on lol now kneel and bob

  211. peter
  212. BBoy

    This club sucks! Girls are ugly! Was expecting more based on the outside.

  213. no
  214. wow
  215. excellent
  216. James

    This club SUCKS! Big waste of time and a drive. There are like NO girls there. Next time I am staying in Prov.

  217. no class

    this place has nothing to offer, girls suck if any show up the place has gone to shit, don’t waste your time

  218. Ron

    Bad service crappy DJ and no girls this is a bar not a strip club and a bad one too

  219. lou

    Hot girls.

  220. f*ing awesome

    i love this club always freindly service n girls always feel wanted here and the bartender is fucking hot… well they all are but i love the one with glasses i went in sat n she was looking amazing she”ll be my future wife

  221. Badbadbadmuzik!

    Whats with the Arabian music! This is AMERICA! Rock and roll dummies!

  222. Krystal Fan

    I love this club going there tonight

  223. jonnnnnnny
  224. TED-DET

    Nice, modern, and clean but very expensive and there’s never anything going

    on there no matter when you go. Been times we went and there would never

    be no girls on stage

  225. Neisha

    I’ll be back for Summer!

  226. Teddy G

    This place would be awesome if they actually had some strippers. I’ve been

    there a couple times and the most girls they had was like 10 on a Saturday

    night! So just get some strippers and this place would be great.

  227. Kerrie

    Maybe more of us would come if guys would open their wallets a bit more than some. I love this Club so clean and modern. Some men need not be so stingy.

  228. no staff allowed
  229. paul

    Love this club and everyone in it keep it up stars

  230. Travis

    Went to stars this weekend friday and saturday like always.the bartender across the room paid moore attention to the phne in her purse then me and my buddy.saturday both bars were great i had a great time both night love the girls love the waitstaff keep up the good work

  231. Disapointed
  232. Sid

    That car show went down today what a blast!

  233. billy

    if its a redneck wasteland, why did u go? u knew the club was in plainfield and went anyways you stupid fuk the club is classy maybe u r the fake

  234. Okay

    Kinda weird. Club is huge n really nice but there is nothing, I mean

    NOTHING happening there. Only a couple of girls n a limited staff. Don’t

    know if I’ll be back.

  235. Fatjohn

    Good bar good dancers nice place

  236. Steve F

    Stars is in the middle of no where in ct and is a very nice looking club.

    Besides that my experience was horrible. The girls ignored me and all

    seemed to hang out with a bunch of Arab guys. Also thereveas never amy

    girls on thier stage. I wouldnt suggest it to anyone.

  237. Jose

    Nice place. They’re right about no girls tho. Had 4 the night we went.

  238. Guest

    Great! Will be back!

  239. carl

    hi all went the other night had somewhat of a good time but is was slow and the girls where far and few so i would not go back just not the club to spend any sort of time in maybe just stop in for a piss about it thanks

  240. Josh
  241. what a shame

    this place has gone to the dogs. What a shame

  242. DapperDan

    This club sucks! Worst club I ever been to! There are no girls and the girls they do have are ugly.

  243. the pits old and slow

    try getting some nice hot gals not these 30 something with 3 kids and landing marks on there sides. worst thing in the world is to look up and see landing marks for a 747

  244. JKL

    Piss stop on Route 12

  245. ONE of the worst

    Not THE worst club in CT just ONE of the WORST. The girls there are trashy and so are the customers. NEVER GOING BACK!

  246. shit hole dive
  247. W.T.F


  248. wasteland
  249. OLD


  250. Mark

    Club is hit or miss. Been more miss recently last time I went it was dead!

  251. good for nothing
  252. Frank L.

    Not too sure some of the comments here are true. Found the dancers and people here cool and very friendly. Nothing like these crazy comments preceding ours. Busy every weekend we’re in town.

  253. joker

    this place is a joke.stars has nothing to offer.ya giveaways wait tell 11 pm than you might get a cheap shirt.bad service slow no girls.the place just sucks and thats no joke what a shame. put a nice place in a swamp what do you expect.

  254. Never Again

    This club sucks WORST selection of girls i’ve EVER seen. Never going back!

  255. Nessa
  256. terrrance

    love this club i come here for the girls not the customers and every time i go they are hot and i have never been offended by the guy sitting next me this is the classiest place arround!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. genesis
  258. close your doors

    i agree this place is dead,to slow for anybody looking for a good time.sorry but your place is lame .maybe you should try putting adds in a rest home

  259. get a life

    This constant bashing is a little much. Stars has it’s issues but it’s not a

    ‘horrible’ club like these reviews say. Could use some more girls and a better

    staff but besides that not so bad. The person writing this stuff is clearly jaded.

  260. DJopus

    Worst club in CT! Not worth the drive. NOONE there!

  261. ed
  262. what

    what a fucking joke this place is don’t waste your time

  263. big john

    thank you the reason there were no girls in site is because i had them all in champagne had fun with them all next time i will save one or two for the rest of you who want to come in and get a free show and save some money for me

  265. sad

    this place is sad,poor rating

  266. Greg

    Dead club until after 9 PM

  267. Hater

    This club is one of the WORST clubs in CT! The girls are all busted old and saggy. Where do they find this trash!

  268. alan
  269. nice place staff suck
  270. michael

    just heard krystal steal is comming in dec to stars. i cant wait to see her, i will be comming with my friends from out of town to see her cuase she is worth the trip. we would drive to see her anytime. she is so hot and the best porn star…. we cant wait!!!!!

  271. lloyd christmas
  272. tyson

    went for the 1st time last nite will make this a regular spot hot girls and great food

  273. TRUE


  274. Regular.....

    you people make me laugh….if you didn’t like the club or the girls then whatever! but to actually take the time to write about it is so f*&^ed up! are you forgetting its a strip club? if what you want are perfect 10’s and great personalities go to sleep and dream on….

  275. Vegas

    Lots of glitz, no action.

  276. Hileah

    This Club belongs in the city not out there in the woods. a better client base would attract more quality dancers and Djs. too bad.

  277. WTF

    LAME! used to be decent now its pathetic. Need more and better girls, better service, better music/DJ and more going on. Who owns this place? Have they ever run a club in their lives?

  278. JAKE
  279. MG

    Went here recently at the beginning of the month, which was a Sunday night, and the place was deader than a doornail. This place is located along CT-12 South, South of CT-14 & West of I-395 Exit 89. The doorman was nice enuff to let me in for free, since there was only ONE dancer working! The brunette bartender was cute though, and she was up for talking some shit to some of the guys. It looked as if the place just had a few regulars that were there to drink & “hang out”, which is pretty boring. This place is a VERY upscale strip club for being located waaaay out in the middle of nowhere. Enter through the main door where the doorman is, then the two-tier main room opens up in front of you. To the immediate Right is the Men’s room, and on the far Left is one of the bar areas (there’s another one on the far Right of the room as well). The stage area is very small & located in the middle of the room, with the dancer’s dressing room located behind it. The topless LD area is located to the Left of the bar area on the Left side of the club, but there appeared to be many open LD areas around the upper-tier of the club as well. The DJ booth appeared to be on the second tier directly above the stage, but they were just playing a mixed CD while I was there though. The topless LDs are $20/song & are mostly done in an all-mirrored (sides & ceiling), L-shaped room. The LDs were full-contact as well. You can get a lil bit of privacy if you sit away from the open entrance to the LD area. The Champagne Room was $110/15 mins., $220/30 mins., and $440/hour, which is waaaay too pricey IMHO. Based on the club’s location in the middle of nowhere, I can’t see making the drive to go here. If you are in the immediate area, I’d check it out…just avoid Sunday nights for sure. It’s about 30 minutes or less South of Oxford, MA right down I-395.

  280. TJ
  281. bunch of fucking losers

    stars sucks there all fucking assholes and can suck my fucking dick even pam the want2be.

  282. Brandon

    Stars is this very modern looking clean club that’s in the middle of nowhere

    CT. There’s not many girls there though. Maybe half a dozen on the Friday

    that we went. Couldn’t get a waitress to consistantly keep up with our drinks.

    Might check it out again to see if it gets any better.

  283. Bill
  284. RICH
  285. NO GIRLS!!!

    I don’t know why but this place is HUGE and very clean and modern but they

    have no girls working there. I’ve been several times and there’s never a girl

    on thier stage and the ones that are there don’t talk to you.

  286. rotflmao

    this place is a joke no wounder nobody goes there.wake up and get some real help. Because what you have now isn,t working.

  287. chris

    always have a great time here it is like disney land for adults

  288. xxxdudexxx

    ive always like the club but i went one day and the waitress was so dumb kept forgetting our drinks not that it was hard we had a bucket of beer the sunday waitstaff is horrible… thurs are better at least i get the right drink

  289. Donald

    Very nice Club!!!

  290. Vin

    Me and my lady had the best night ever since opening night! Last night’s action was out-of-control, 3 hot dancers on stage at times and at least 2 most of the time. HOT HOT HOT what a party! Love STARS!

  291. jackmeoff

    this place sucks even if it was free it’s a waste of time and money.

  292. Holy Haters

    I guess a lot of people havnt had a good time here. I usually do but I have to

    say I agree that the service, music, and talent have all been lacking lately.

    Hope they get it together cause I enjoy this club.

  293. Stripclubluvva

    A complete rip off! 1 girl and she was never on the stage. Not very fun at all.

  294. Worst CT club

    Anyone who says this is a good club is too much of a loser to know that it is the WORST club in CT. No girls and full of rednecks. I gave this club a couple chances incase it was an off night. It sucks EVERY nite!

  295. Why

    One of the worst clubs in Ct! THere are NO girls here! Suprised its still in business!

  296. Club Sucks

    It must be the owners writing all the good reviews cause this cause beyond sucks its the WORST club in CT Officially! Anyone in their right mind who has been to any halfway decent stripclub knows this club is horrible.The girls are horrendous and the place is small and cramped. It looks halfway decent but the chairs smell of fish and fowl. If you go make sure to get checked after you will catch something. The girls are all infested.

  297. x man
  298. jim

    This place is hot,hot, hot. Great girls good food Very clean place. Getting very popular. Porn stars flying in from all parts of USA. Easy to get to no bumper to bumper traffic. Motel and 2 of the worlds largest casino only 20 minuits away. It doesn’t get ay better than this. Prices are modest, country living and fresh air. Had a hell’ve good time.

  299. BigG

    This club sucks!! Full of hicks and trashy chicks. DOn’t waste your time. Whoever says there are hot girls there LIE! Yeah in comparison to the fat cows your used to sure. They are all pimply face and ass saggy tits and stomached sows. Who is hiring these girls???

  300. Mack

    Nikki’s giving BJs now?!!!!

  301. Steve

    Nice Building but they need new girls!! I overheard one of the girls talking to another that the one was pregnant complete turnoff!! Asked her to leave me alone not a good atmosphere for a pregnant woman. Please get nicer looking woman!! “Who aren’t pregnant”!!

  302. frank
  303. Brad

    Went last nite they had a 1st aniversary party had a great time free food and there were lots of hot girls good job stars

  304. joe

    The club was pretty easy to find and its only about 20 minutes from providence.

  305. the smell OMG
  306. Not too bad

    This is a really nice club sometime lack of girls but besides the few gross dancers like the trashy one with glasses this place is relaxing and has potential.I wish the waitress would start dancing tho shes fucking hot i would deffently go more then

  307. Traveler

    Clean modern look, very good sound system but a little too loud, friendly doorman, attentive waitresses, BUT…. PASTIES. I saw three dancers on stage and would rate them 9, 6, 7. I offered the 9 a drink and dances. She gave me the 1 minute sign as she left the stage and never came back. No one else interested me. Providence rules.

  308. gill
  309. tiny tim

    this place is for the old and even thy stop going hahahahaha. let it rain

  310. Leena

    Wow, we see the haters are all working overtime! Why all so jealous? Not used to going to a clean club with nice ladies? Me and my boyfriend enjoy it here, too bad your bad attitudes got you kicked out probably.

  311. rarara

    its off tha chain hot ass dancers

  312. Dont Hate

    This club is by far one of the best clubs i have ever been in. It might not be as as packed as some other cluubs but at least it is clean with down to earth girls. The management is fucking great and the waitress is just as hott as dancers.You guys can sit here and say how u love marios,eletric blue,gold club or whatever cuz you get a more ‘satistfing” lap dance and shit but u might as well stay there or go to juicees cuz if i wanted a good deal on a std herpie infested “happy ending” id rather pick up a prostatute that way at least i wouldnt have to buy the crack whore a drink later. if you want a good time in a clean club with clean hot girls then go to stars but if u wanna take the change then go to the other just dont forget to get tested the next day cuz u never know what those gold club/eletric/marios girls might be carrring from all the dirty shit they do there

  313. great

    went on friday lots of girls busy and a good time

  314. LG

    This club sucks and not in the good way. The girls are ugly and saggy pock-faced std carriers. The staff looks like they belong in a nursing home. I don’t want gramps and grams watching me get a lap dance! WORST CLUB EVER!!!

  315. Ripped off

    This place sucks! Some broad gives me a 30 second dance at the end of the

    night and demanded $20 from me. The bouncer and I think the owner ( some

    grey haired goomba) almost beat me up over it. Maybe you guys should

    check you scandelous whores instead of beating up your customers. EAT A


  316. lawn


  317. great place

    went there had a good time all by myself

  318. biZ MarC

    goin to see carmen hart at stars. she’ll be there may 18 19 20 she’s hot and so is the club… cant wait to meet her in person. stars is getting better all the time….

  319. biker

    i heard stars is having a bike show. anyone have any info? it would be a great place to have one!

  320. sad sacks of shit

    this place rocks but that was just the sound system

  321. jaci

    not worth the time.

  322. CoronaMAN

    Skip this place, girls are ugly, management is rude cokeheads!

  323. suckville

    what a waste of time

  324. Kevin M.

    Hot girls but not very many girls at all.

  325. Jammi
  326. Some guy

    It’s a nice club, clean, good looking girls, hot bartenders, good service….. The only thing i didnt like is when i went before there was this hott ass waitress who from what i understand isnt there anymore… big downfall. The waitresses n shot girls were usually way better looking then most of the dancers

  327. club


  328. What Happened?

    This club has gone way downhill. No girls bad service. What happened???

  329. justine
  330. Kerry C.

    Do not go here! Had like 4 girls on the Saturday I went. Took like 10 minutes

    to get a drink and the waitress tried charging us more for the same round of

    drinks the second time so we all left. Never again.

  331. Walt

    Beautiful clean but boring club. Slow service. Girls were 5s & 6s out of the 3 working Annoying DJ. Would not go back.

  332. Big john

    Good syripper bar

  333. Robb

    There is nobody there half the time including the girls. I went there was one girl working and she looked like she was catchy. Club looks nice but boring i just ended up overpaying for drinks and watching the game. Can’t judge a joint by its outside. Just a local dive bar. Rather go down the road to the MusicLady where the girls talk to you and theres actually other people there.

  334. agree

    this place sucks there is no good times to be found in this dive. change or die

  335. anothersatisfiedcustomer

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