Arety’s Angels



11 East Fairfield Drive, Pensacola, FL 32501


30.44752, -87.227458




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Arety’s Angels

  1. L.Baker

    I got stuck in the bad storm last night and I can’t think of a better place to wait out the weather. The music was kicking, the dancers were hot and the waitress were as hot as the waitresses.

  2. Marcie

    My boyfriend amd I had alot of fun amd the prices were not bad.

  3. Terry

    some of the girls decent enough to spend a couple of dollars but I donot plan on ever buying one of them a bogus 20 dollar drink. The one time that I did spot a cute Asian I spent money in the champaine room she left multiple times and the rest of the staff didn’t deserve a 25 cent tip. the only guy that I would ever give a decent tip to in this bar is the door guy got me a taxi and chatted with my drunk buddies.

  4. arety club

    this club has some heffers

  5. Brooke

    I work here and I love it!

  6. babyH
  7. Zorro

    I love this place fo sho! I will be back I promise. You guys are the best.

  8. Mike

    Dirty Club. Roaches everywhere. Arety the owner knows how to ruin a lap dance. Feels like my grandma is watching me while I am getting a lap dance. Stay away and save your money!!

  9. Sam

    First time in a strip club. Loved it.

  10. waitress too

    best work environment in pensacola or anywhere PERIOD. Stop the games to all the people who lied and stole and got caught. just do your job and have fun

  11. watcher

    we know who you are and what you are trying to do. you are not smart enough to understand. we like it that way.

  12. Taylor

    I know were you can find nudes pics of Arety Sievers

  13. huy
  14. Farrah

    Come on Penni Sue, or savannah. Stop with the fake comments about Arety. You are so jealous you can’t stand it. We are all thrilled you have Greg now and WE don’t have to deal with him. Keep your big fat ass in bed with your little Frannie. Arety is a class act and you will never be close. now just shut it! Whore.

  15. Diamond

    Used to dance here, and let me say Arety is a scam, and a faurd. She lies to everyone, and she used that hole Mike Price thing to try to get attention, insted she got 15 seconds of fame and that was it. Everyone is drunk here, and some do get rude

  16. roller girl

    Ladie are welcome here and that’s a plus for this club.

  17. Ryan

    The girls r 4 reel and the club rox.

  18. Amber Nicole

    I used to work here, too. I am now a nurse and this club put me in school.

  19. Hitch

    I took my wife here on Friday and she loved it. How cool is that?

  20. Bobby & Joe

    We have been in this club a few times,and had a great time!About 6 months ago it was a fun place to be.We went back on a friday night resently and it was awful.They bruoght us drinks that we did not order.Our point is that if it was our first time in .We would never come back.

  21. Earl
  22. lady
  23. C.A.

    I just want to say that this club has really pretty girls but Shannan/Victoria is the most beautiful one ever. I have seen lots of lookers but she is by far the most beautiful.

  24. Joshua Dixson

    It was Excellent and I would come back again

  25. Dan

    Save your money and stay away

  26. rage

    memphis is hot

  27. Bunny

    i love this place!!

  28. employee

    David is the owners ex-nephew and mad b/c she won’t hire his drug addicted ass to work for her.

    This club is great and I wouldn’t work anywhere else.

    nice try Greg and David.

  29. Rachael

    Fun times here

  30. loren

    we had fun. thanks.

  31. BD

    I am interexted in taking over this club. I will bring back all the people who hate Arety like T, N, B, and my new girlfriend who used to dance in feathers here. We will stay drunk all the time!!! LOL

  32. cedo
  33. Jamie

    Love the place – friendly girls, good drinks, nice atmos[phere

  34. Aaron

    My going back to Iraq party was the best! Thank you, angels.

  35. MAXI


  36. Dr Jim

    Wow where is the health department at? Can you say gross!!! I guess this place does not know how to clean, or the city is now dumping out there trash here.

  37. champpy
  38. Big Luv

    No competition here. No other club rocks like arety’s. No rap, Rand B or any garbage. The DJs are part of the show.

  39. Randy

    This club has the most excitement I have ever seen in a strip club. It’s a definate party !

  40. to Greg

    Please just leave us alone…

  41. Jim

    I was there Sunday – had a great time, It was my first time, new in town, but I will be back.

  42. Hero 11

    All I can say is LAURA! She is so HOTT!

  43. anonymous

    I said “I do” after the best party at this club. A night to remeber.

  44. Voyer

    If your looking for a better club try Babes

  45. Talk of the Town

    I used to come to this place a lot, but not anymore. Now, the only club that I go to is in Las Vegas. It’s called Talk of the Town. It is an elegant club located between the world famous Strip, and the world famous Freemont Street (old Downtown). The girls are hotter and friendlier than any club I have ever been to, and best of all they will get completely nude for you for only $10! You should try out Talk of the Town next time you are in Vegas.

  46. Greg

    I used to come here when it was Bennie’s Dollhouse and Arety was a bartender. She always said she would own the bar one day. Congrats1

  47. Dayman
  48. unknown

    tried to call the ckub 5 times last night but no one answered the phone.We went anyway and it was packed out with hotties and and wall to wall customers. We had fun.

  49. JR

    I love this club. The managers are friendly and go out of the way to make first timers feel welcome. and the angels are just perfect!

  50. ricky
  51. Rico

    You guys never disappoint. Gary in the cheerleader outfit was over the top but a great time was had by all.

  52. Eddy
  53. SD
  54. Mike Price


  55. AssnTits5

    Ok little spot. If looking for high class girls, go somewhere else. Girls here are ok for the younger crowd.

  56. B

    The managers here really know how to run a club. Very clean, great girls, and prices are great.

  57. richard95

    Trash. Straight up trash. If you’re into second hand smoke and girls who look like they’re past their prime then come here. If these girls are Angels then I”d rather be in hell.

  58. Wally

    WE went to all the clubs in town and Arety’s was the only place that had any business and the hottest girls anywhere. There were about 30 dancers and the waitresses ere smokin!!! I hate to see the owners ex-husband, that cop that got fired is posting all that fake crap about my favorite club. The truth is this place is the best hands down.

  59. ana
  60. Brandon

    No rap. All rock. So nice:)

  61. janna

    thanks for treating me so well on my bierthday. you all rock.

  62. Deon

    Place was nasty but some of the women are beautiful

  63. Pat

    Last night was fun and I won all kinds of great prizes. Thanks for being home away from home.

  64. JJ

    I agree, Shannon is the best stripper in the club !

  65. Fan

    ARETY’s Angels is ARETY’S. That’s why it is successful.

  66. Marcus

    Athena rocks the house. She is seriously the hottest of the hot.

  67. Sbbr
  68. hallie

    love my bday party at this club. girls feel welcome here.

  69. Tiny

    I was here years ago when it was Bennies and it was pretty bad but the new owner has made this the best place around anywhere. I make it to Aretys at least twice a month and aleways enjoy the ladies and great prices.

  70. Anon. woman

    Thanks for letting our group of women from TN in this weekend. We felt like royalty. The other adult clubs wouldnt even let us in without men…BOO to them.

  71. Sterling

    Nice club. Sweet girls.

  72. ANGELA

    I had the time of my life. Are ya’ll hiring????

  73. JB


  74. No Way!

    That ugly chick or dude or whatever GS was seen at Chan’s with is his girlfriend? He used to date hot chicks. What’s with the he/she??

  75. Victoria (Vicky)

    So, I randomly found this website. After dancing at Babe’s… I still want you guys to know you are the BEST and you rock!! I miss everyone… especially KC, Casey, Athena, Daren, Devin, and Gary!! I was actually thinking I should come back soon! 🙂 Love you guys!

  76. Purdy

    Let’s be honest, this club rocks.

  77. Freddy

    Worse club I have ever been in, stinky, dirty and filthy. Showed them my military id to get it, treated like I was a criminal, also brought my black friend with me, racist club, never will be back stay away

  78. C.C.

    To Arety and the angels, thanks for all you do for our community. It doesn’t go unnoticed. You guys rock.

  79. dj

    The owner is a coke whore and went down on two marines.

  80. Pete F.

    I am a DJa and thought the place was pretty good. I spin records still but the rock music was classic and some new. It was OK.

  81. church goer

    What this club did over the weekend to help raise money for a local church was wonderful!! KUDOS to Arety and her staff. This town needs more businesses that are so unselfish and give bac like this one does. THANK YOU!

  82. Tammy

    I am a cow and I am sooooo jealous of all the beautiful girls at Arety’s. Arety is soooo hot!

  83. david

    atmosphere is awesome

  84. Jay
  85. Laura

    I’m in there about twice a month with my boyfriend – LOVE IT !!!!!

  86. Tom

    Everytime I’m in P-Cola, I make a stop in at Arety’s. It’s a great place to hang out, have a beer, and see some tittes. It’s one of the few clubs I’ve been to that plays strictly ROCK…old rock, new rock, metal, you name it, they play it. There is NO COVER all night, every night. Beer is about $5 but the shots were $2. Girls are pretty good looking for the most part, but like any club, there are those few that are either too old, too heavy, or too saggy…but there’s usually some guys that go for them. Went this past Friday and enjoyed Devon (the Birthday girl). Bartender Heather was awesome. At one point in the night, she was giving out handjobs for $2…no, not those kind, the drink (you pervert). Didn’t have one, but did have a couple other shots with her through out the night. Overall, it was a fun night. I was there for about 4 hours and didn’t need to spend a month’s rent to have a good time.

  87. Bruce

    Even though I got fired for stealing and sexual harassment and makeing threats against the owners husband…I still still love this place!! At least my son works here so he can support my dumb ass…

  88. Phil S

    I just come here for the waitresses. HOTT HOTTTTTTTT

  89. Brad

    Looking forward to the weekend…can’t wait to party with the angels.

  90. lovalova
  91. virgil

    had time to kill last night before heading to the airport so I decided to go to the 3 major clubs in the area and arety’s came in last , 6 dollar cover which is typical then to be hit with a 7.50 drink ouch… only to watch fat mexican girls sweat on stage , the other dancers must come from the trailer park down the street. The quality of dancer was what I would expect at 2 in the afternoon not at prime time…not 1 ringer (hot chick) actually outta the 3 clubs i went to there was really only one smokin’ one and that was at babes although they had a few more that were semi attractive..and sammys well was “ringer” girl but a bunch of overweight averages……..bad night in pcola

  92. Keith H.

    I came here expecting the same old thing like all other titty bars. How shocked was I that Arety’s is the best Ive ever been to and I have been from east to west coast. Keep it up!

  93. Boo Boo

    the place rocks like no other.

  94. sister in Christ

    You think I am with G because I wnt to be you!!!!! I love me and G and you should just be happy. Stop hating and maybe you will be not so ugly and angry, Try God. He loves us all!!!!!

  95. HMS

    Been gone for a few years but the place look great and girls are pretty and Arety is as sweet as ever.

  96. JC

    Great bar to relax at after work. No pressure and lots of pretty girls.

  97. SealTeam006

    Awesome mix of girls and rock and roll. I loved hanging out at this bar!

  98. Martha

    Thank you angels. My batchlorette part was the bomb. You guys rock!

  99. Frosty

    the concert was so much fun Thanks for the tickets. You guys rock!

  100. BigMoneyWaste

    I come from a big city and I have been to many strip clubs in my day and that is by far the biggest scam of a strip club I have ever been too. Usually when you pay $25 you atleast get a boob or two rubbed in your face. I might has well have bought a porn because the dancer did not ever touch me, what a rip off!

  101. Jen

    When do you guys give more concert tickets away? Are you doing the Foo Fighters show? Keep us posted. Thanks. Jen

  102. Tristan

    The only club to work at in pcola. I live in NY now but I miss this place. Really nice people and my customers here were nice to.

  103. nick noel

    I love arety’s its a great place to hang out

  104. Shelley

    The best place in town for women.

  105. Scott J.

    I had fun. I left babes to come here and had fun.

  106. kev

    me and my friends from work came here yesterday and had fun. The prices were good and the dancers were pretty. The bartendes were to

  107. You know who!!!

    What do you think that she gains by putting you through all this? What a psycho, menopausal, dried prune faced, lypo sucked, women hating, jealous, anal, narsacistic, sociopathic bitch. She is acting like you broke up her marriage and that is confusing as hell to me. No matter. You know that you are

    Penni-licious so let her rant and rave and pitch her hissie-fit. Just showing her true colors. Consider the source!!!

  108. T

    Ghetto club

  109. Jeff

    More fun then anywhere around.

  110. Matt

    Great time on Sunday

  111. sean

    hot women top notch

  112. Vince

    I came here with friends who call it home and I have a home away from now.

  113. Timmy

    I have been going here for about 10 years and it is the best around. Good prices and pretty dancers. Isis is the best.

  114. Ed
  115. D-Tox'n
  116. AL

    What a waste of time and money. Like the other post, Dirty. Stay Away!!

  117. vera

    was a waitress here…i love you guys!

  118. Jef-mo
  119. Dr. Anderson

    Dj was right. The owner did go down on the two marines one of them is my brother.

  120. Live Strong

    This club does have some heffers

  121. wesley
  122. CD
  123. PPD and proud

    I am proud to work here. I remember David AND Greg…what happened to you, Sarge. You ket your mentally ill nephew come to town and you resort to acting like a thug. I guess I was wrong to ever respect. Sgt. Hallman would be sick about this.

  124. Chuck

    I am leaving for overseas today but had a great time. I hope to come back in a year. Thankks Gary and the angles.

  125. Tiffany

    What is going on with the club? We been coming here for years.. Last few times we have been up there our favorite dancer Laura wasn’t there. On top of that the other dancer was bad mouthing each other. WHAT??

  126. john

    thanks for great time…A plus!!!!

  127. Andie

    Love this place. Thanks for a great time.

  128. Judd

    This place has more girls then anywhere. at least 20 on days. I came at night and they had a few stages going. It was fun.

  129. Arety

    Please go to our My space page and help us help MDA…make a difference!

  130. Mac

    Best place in town, or Moile; I take my whole crew in there on Fridays after work

  131. penni sue who

    I used to work here but I was so fat and smelly I couldnt compete with all the hotties. now i scrub other peoples toilets. such is the life of a smelly fat slob.

  132. Thad

    Total dump, the strippers are fatter than I am (I weigh over 300 lb)

  133. an Angel

    I am so glad to be back. Thank you to Gary for letting me return. I got married and moved away. No place like home. I had a fun weekend. It wasn;t even like working.

  134. PAULA


  135. J.M.

    Hang in there kiddo. You will get through this just like everything else you have been through in your life. We are always here for you and very proud of you.

  136. Allen

    That was the first time i went to a strip club and i had a lot of fun and everything was worth it the girls were amazing and i’m going to go back in a couple of weeks.

  137. Charlie

    I can’t get over how fine Shannen is. She is the prettiest girl in the world.

  138. eddie

    the pool tables are great and so is free beer.

  139. Nikki

    I love the new management. Devin Rocks! Keep up the energy.

  140. DC
  141. Soldier Man

    This is an awesome club. I hate to see the ex-husband and his wussy nephew(s) posting those fake comments about Arety. The one nephew is in Iraq and God help us. He is not right.

  142. Wayne

    went in for a beer, drank half of the over priced thing, and then left. What a chicken shack, Arety is rude and needs to get her teeth fixed.

  143. Machala

    The guitar giveaway was so much fun. Arety is great and who ever this Penni chic is needs to get over her self cause Arety is hott and so are the dancers. The only bad thing was the music was too much rock and not to much of what I like but it was fun.

  144. Lola

    The bartender at Arety’s ROCK! I love this place!

  145. Kent

    Oh yeah. The bartendrs here are the best. The DJs are funny and and the dancers are hot!

  146. Isis

    I absolutely love working here. It’s such a laid back atmosphere and so much fun. Always something new and interesting when I come to work.

  147. Taxi Dave

    Mercedes is one fine hispanic woman. The cover here has always been $5. This guy has race issues. He was at the wrong club.

  148. Pearl

    We had a great time with the girls hanging here with the angels. The bartendrs are so cute and the DJs play rockin tunes

  149. debbie

    i love it here. the best place for ladies to party!!

  150. DocJoe

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS CLUB! The management ripped my buddy off for $150. They aggressively roughed him up and called the police when he questioned the bill. Crappy service and bad management equal BAD Club!

  151. the only owner

    it seems that GS and his sicko friends are messing with this site. I have asked the SCL team to delete my club from this forum but GS has logged on as ME and is using this forum to to upset his many stripper girlfriends and LIE…imagine that!

  152. New in town

    Happy 2008. This is the only place that stayed opened on New years eve. Everyone closed early. Had a blast with the radio people and the angels. New in town but will come hang here.

  153. Jef

    THIS PLACE ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  154. Ecurb

    The Ladies are nice but the facilities are discusting.

  155. MJ from NJ

    This is the only placed we partied at while visiting for MEM DAY and we had fun and didnt leave broke. See you next year! 🙂

  156. MM

    We are all proud to be members of AA! The best club around!

  157. baller
  158. Alex

    I really had a bad time last night, but this was not my first time either. The other 2 times I came in here were also bad. Dirty, Drinks are warm and overpriced.

  159. Tim H.

    best club in pensacola

  160. Tank

    Shannon makes this club come alive, me cum too !

  161. sandy

    glad to be back!

  162. GS

    best drink prices and great atmoshere.

  163. anon

    wall to wall…rock out…beautiful dancers and the waitress are even hotter.

  164. Guess what???

    NO COVER 21 and over!!! Still 18 to enter!!!! Women always welcome!!

  165. Shrin
  166. fuckery12

    Ok, so what roadtrip with me would be complete without some sleeeeze? While in the fair city of Pensacola I hit Arety’s for some entertainment and a few cold beers. First off if you like supermodel surgically enhanced ladies…move on…but if you, like me, are a fan of Suicide girls and women that look “real” then this is the place (lots of tattoos). There’s a $5 cover (free for ladies) and the beers were some cheap price-maybe $3…they have some utterly gorgeous cocktail waitresses walking around (really more lovely than the dancers at times) and these fine ladies were pushing cheap shots of something-I had a few-they were good. Overall a super friendly atmosphere-the lapdances are what you’d expect in the ultraconservative south-very tame and VERY expensive for what you get $35. It could just be the dancer or that I’ve been spoiled by Socal. Perhaps the best event of the evening was watching their “roll call” performed to “O Fortuna” classy-epic….try it…

  167. Lee

    Arety is the hottest girl here…besides jeanna! Yea so jeanna rocks1 One day she will marry me!

  168. WOW

    The atmosphere is so much more fun now that Chris is gone. He and Bruce are meant to be together. Can you say “thieves”??

  169. Jason

    Again, a great time. Thanks angels!

  170. Gail

    ok…ok…i’ll dance!

  171. some dude

    hahaha i love this place where else can you go and see pretty girls and have a beer and get your car washed?? the best music to. lol

  172. Mylan

    The whole staff here is so friendly. I got a tshirt and will wear it proudly when I go home for my leave.

  173. Donald

    too much to say! Too much fun for me and the guys from the car lot. See you all soon!

  174. MANAGER


  175. nate

    best club around. had fun and not expensive.

  176. Trevor


    Does the truth hurt? why do you keep deleting bad post on the comment board? Then do something about your rats nest. Also stay hidden at home insted of showing up when someone is getting a lap dance. You are dirty and old just like your club.

  177. guy

    please open a club in canada. i loved my visit.

  178. Zack

    We had way too much fun! Thanks for the memories.

  179. Leslie

    they made me cover up because they thought I was to big and I


  180. Tara

    used to work here!!! love it!

  181. Cooper

    My buddies and me are looking forward to another fun time this weekend at thsi best club around.

  182. B.M.

    I used to work here and it was the best around. I hope to beck in town this summer and want to come back? Please! LOL See you next month!

  183. Rachel

    I had MY batchlorette party last night and my groom to be as of next week went to another place. Us girls had more fun and the guys wish they had gone with us. Thanks Athena, Lilly, Daniel, Gary, Marcell and everyone at Arety’s.

  184. Savanah

    I used to dance here until I got fat. But Im fat and happy now being a janitor. I love cleaning other peeps toilets! Its Fun!!!

  185. Dee Jay


  186. Jimmy

    Was in Tuesday night, and had a really bad time, not to mention this was a girl on stage on the rag, Music was awefull, will not be back.

  187. Philip

    awesome club…so much fun!!!

  188. to the angels

    happy mothers day

  189. jo
  190. Jayden

    This is like home for me. I love working here and my customers are the best. I work with the greatest people and Arety is the best boss ever. Love to all!!!!

  191. Navy Boy

    had a blast…see you all next time…Athena, Jade, Pheonix, and all the Angels.

  192. returned home

    Thank you, Arety! You really are an angel for getting rid of a certain so called angel. I have been back in the club now without being felt like a pervert because her “old Man” so to speak was watching every move I made but she was the one who was all over me. I see they are both gone and I commend you. Jody is awesome behind the bar by the way.

  193. Jermy

    trash the place smelled like a toilet

  194. JOEY


    What a dump, smells, is very dirty, beer is over priced and very warm, and he dancers are clueless. Nevery will be back.

    Also a note to Arety, do not try to force a customer to buy a girl a drink, stay at your desk, or even better yet stay at home.

  195. Wes

    no more babes or lookers for me. aretys and sammys are my best hangouts.

  196. Sin
  197. dave

    thanks for a good timeeeee

  198. Rambo

    This is aaron’s friend and I had so much fun at his going away party/ Thanks Toni,Blue, Cheyaane and all the girls who made it a fun time.

  199. Trukin'Tom

    One word, AWESOME. I will be back

  200. R.O.

    Best on the Coast

  201. R.S.

    To GFS…stop the shenanigans…YOU are the one who is trying to ruin this club… “solvency of the business” is your big issue so quit being a bitch!

  202. Jackie

    Remember me? I used to know Arety at the Baackseat. I have 3 kids now and live in California with my husband. Glad you are doinng good!!!

  203. max laps
  204. GF
  205. Dean

    PIXIE PIXIE PIXIE!! She’s the best. The sweetest angel on earth!

  206. Stan the man

    Back in town for the weekend and what a night. thanks to my friends at Aerty’s Angels. See you all next month.

  207. Chris T.

    I was lucky to have the best night in along time last week at Arety’s and the best part i got to meet the gorgeous owner. Always heard she was pretty but this girl is FINE!

  208. kyle

    had a lot of fun

  209. Becca

    I love this club. The music is great, rock and roll rules!

  210. Paul M.

    I just love to party here and hang with my friends. No pressure from the girls.

  211. DTV
  212. eric

    5 dollars to get in…not bad. hottest girls. all kinds for all kinds. Electra…HOT, Laura…HOT…smokin’ dancers! rocking music, fun party atmosphere.

  213. Glen

    The guy talking about not getting more action for his money doesn’t know the law here. The private dances are not for touching and sex here but for fun and entertainment, hence, adult entertainmet. Jeesh. If you want a fun party then this is the place and it won’t break the bank!

  214. T.J.

    The hottest girls around. I was here when it was bennys and it was fun because you could do about anything. But now its more about a party like everyone knows you and the did I mention the girls are hott!

  215. Henry

    Wow was in this afternoon, what a garbage pit. Never will be back. Oh to the bar tender, learn how to say thank you

  216. Mickey

    I am going to lie my ass off tomorrow in court and hope that no one turns me in for being a big time pot dealer with a diamond store as my front. That would suck. I just joke around about killing people. Some people get so touchy.

  217. DANCER


  218. Scott

    This is the best club ever. Period. All the staff is friendly and Arety has the best people working for her because she is the sweetest person I know. She is as sweet as she is beautiful. Keep up the great work.

  219. Chipper

    It is really obvious that the big guy manager is gone cause the girls here are gorgous. Thanks for a fun time.

  220. jomamma

    man i saw goddamn mo betta bitches at the goddamn soup kitchen. im just wondering when a bitch with one leg is gonna fuckin start working and why does the girl named mercedes look like a fuckin buick

  221. jeffrey

    had a great time thanks for the fun

  222. Josh

    The waitresses and girl bartenders are the best looking ones there.

  223. new waitress

    I just left FWB to come to Pensacola and I now work for Ms. Arety. I have never had a good working environment like this. Thanks to Chris and Bruce.

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