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0 reviews for “Penthouse Executive Club

  1. J C


  2. Ken C.

    fine dining and classy strip club into one. amazing.ordered the porterhouse on the menu which was juicy, edible and fantastic. lots of meat, couldnt finish tho because i ordered mashed pots on the side which cost like $15 just for the damn side. drinks are expensive too. $11 bucks for a beer. its so cool that you can dine while you get a lap dance at the same time. very classy, nice ambiance and very upscale. i wish i was a-rod. =)

  3. Mark N.

    Yes the girls are mega hot but this is a great place to AVOID. Organized crime is alive and well here and these folks know all about extortion and ripping guys off. You will be radically over charged.

  4. ryan123

    Coat me in glitter, give me champagne, buy me a lapdance. I LOVE this strip club! The girls are the most beautiful babes, in my opinion, in the NYC strip scene. The managers Mo and Michael are the sweetest guys, and are amazing hosts whenever I visit. The girls are friendly, sweet and generous with their time and moves. Not to mention Robert’s Steakhouse is just delicious- and I’ve been a fan ever since I read Frank Bruni’s NY Times review.

  5. toonice

    There are many beautifull dancers and they know the job.

    But the real attraction the waitress they are hot as hell and really nice.

  6. nickstrip

    Yes, a review for a strip club. But this is not your ordinary, “strip joint.” The best way to describe it is with one word: “Class.” From the moment you arrive and are greeted by the doormen/security (these guys are huge!) to the front desk and coat check, you already feel pampered. There is no lack of handshakes and assurances that, “If there is anything you need, let me know.” The ladies are all absolutely beautiful and most importantly, NOT pushy. If you’re not interested in their company (and I can’t imagine why if you’re there) they move on. Personally I love getting a neck and back massage. These ladies have the strongest hands and make stressful muscles feel tip top. The other great part of the Penthouse Club is Robert’s Steak House upstairs. (See my review for that)

  7. Fred

    Its not as classy as you may think.

  8. Robin


  9. DexterRexter

    I think I was either there a) too early or b) on an off night. Our waitress and dancers were nice enough and very kind. They were entertaining and definitely kept the guys in our group very happy. It was a quieter night and the drinks were stills super expensive (despite catching part of happy hour) but then again what do you expect when you’re there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. abazope


  11. joseph1k

    Gotta love Penthouse.. Been to this place on numerous times.. Must say my last trip there the club was quite empty… Than again it was an off night and quite early(9pm).. Very classy buildout and the doormen are all amicable and friendly.. The chick in coat check was hot and had a sweet bubble on her. Banged a bunch of dancers who work here, trust me there all a good time. Steakhouse upstairs is sweet, the design and layour of this place is awesome.If you want to meet them without paying the exboritant back room prices I suggest Pacha around the block or one of the other numerous after hour spots.. One thing is certain you will see some nice dime pieces here and hell Id rather stop by and have a drink at Penthouse than hangout in some Irish shanty bar.Penthouse is not a bargain. In fact none of the strip clubs in manhattan are. Like the apartments these places dont offer much and you definitely have to pay to play here. A beer is 11-12 bucks, drinks are 17-20, save your money, either drink before walking in here or do drugs. Than use the twentys you just saved for lap dances with the dirtiest animal in the place. Try to meet her when she gets off her shift, at this point she will be high/liquored up and willing to play with the old meat stick. Great place for a quick drink, but still reminds me of why Atlanta has way better strip clubs.

  12. Gavin

    Better then a 15 minute room at some clubs – at least here i have a challenge

  13. eddyL

    The girls are really hot. Expect to drop a lot of money. The dancers are extremely, extremely friendly. I mean women are drawn to me naturally, so I’m not sure if you’d have the same luck.And I’m not joking. The steakhouse is great. Very expensive, but the food was well prepared. I recently fulfilled my dream here. I always wanted to have a steak in one hand and a stripper giving me a lap dance in the other. This was achieved. Having said that, I will never eat at a strip club ever again probably.Bottom line: Hottest strippers in New York. Most money you will ever spend at a strip club. If you’re charming and decent looking, you’ll get far. That last sentence is just good advice in life really.

  14. Stripped

    You better have a lot of $$$

  15. Jack
  16. Larry

    To Nick: I wont trash the club with harsh words but working hard on Wall St. and being able to relax and spend money on hot girls is my passion. I cant seem to get enough.

  17. Scott Bell

    Yeah she’s cute too but no one out scores Mika – I think everyone should go in and see for themselves, Her birthday is this week so everyone make sure and see my girl tell her scott bell sent you

  18. harryharry

    Exactly what you would expect in terms of slightly overpriced steaks and slightly overrated girls. I personally prefer Flash Dancers over this but wanted to try the steak house with a bunch of guy friends. It was definitely entertaining. FYI the Sauternes were very reasonably price outside of the 50 dollar steak price tag. Sides are good in portions. Saturday the girls were okay. i would say 3 out of 10 were actually hot and there were a lot of girls who were way pass their prime age for stripping. It is very convenient to have the lap dances right at the table. The massages were great, can’t complain. I would say if you want to come here for the special treatment definitely expect to drop some money at the champaign room. probably about 800 – 1000 a pop so expect to spend big. if you don’t want to spend big then go to a slightly more local establishment for your fun. You’ll get more bang for your buck, literally.

  19. Batman


  20. Nick

    I have to let everyone know that my experiance at this club was horrable. I went in with 7 of my buddies and spent 20,000 on food and private room dances. Not treated kind at all. Very Unprofessional.

  21. Penthouse Regular

    Jamie Lynn at Ray’s Inn, NJ, should be in Penthouse.

    She is Gorgeous. Get this girl an Agent. Penthouse should

    give her a shot. She’d make it to Hollywood.

  22. JimDundy

    Penthouse Executive Club was renamed Executive Club after ending its affiliation with The Penthouse Clubs chain. It was a lot of fun when the hot Girl Next Door dancers from Le Rouge Lounge, the original Lido Lounge, were dancing there on the main floor called Silly Rabbit. Unfortunately, the club permanently closed down during the pandemic.

  23. Chino

    Made me feel like I was a millionaire – they treated my $1000 like it was $50,000 – love this place

  24. Se Casser

    The club is great – it’s a high class establishment – the best girls – terrific food – and an amazing staff – I think there’s a reason why we have so many original staffers

  25. Kayla D.

    Nice building. Awkward ass walk-in. Strippers making you feel mad uncomfortable when you’re walking in. But the cashier chick was very polite and outgoing. The strippers were fucking beautiful but no one came through with the clutch just the “massage therapist” who gives you a really good massage but rips you off at the end. $20 per minute of the massage. Fucking rip off. This chick ain’t even tell me ’til at the end. Fucking rip. Oh and don’t ask for water, it’s like $7. Not tap water. Came here on a Saturday night at around 150am. Seriously so dry and dead!!! Nothing but 10 guys and me in this big ass club.

  26. Jack Stellar

    Mika is hot – but what about Jazmin?? now that waitress is smoking!

  27. richard95

    +++- Very nice establishment with plenty seating, walking space- Ladies are very acrobatic, they put on a fantastic show. I felt badly because the fellas were sometimes into their food and drink to notice the main stage and tip appropriately. I think some of these ladies deserved more than they got.++- Our waitress, Victoria, was A+, we never wanted for anything- I didn’t feel harassed by the models, into purchasing lap dances- The turnover is high, each model dances on the stage for about two and a half songs. – I like how they put the rookies on stage in the beginning, and the ladies get more prime time as the night progresses+- This place is great, if you like fake boobs- I think they tried to cater to many peoples desires. I believe there were a variety of ethnicities for one to take interest in.- Clean bathrooms– Not enough bartenders to accommodate high volumes of people- EX-PEN-SIVE drinks, but I guess typical for manhattan— A (female) friend of mine purchased a lap dance, the dancer told us that she must refrain from caressing the breasts or buttocks because that was considered harassment. This lovely lady has been spoiled. The places I’ve seen in the outer boroughs, caressing breasts and buttocks is standard practice. They look at you funny if you DON’T do that, lol.- Another friend in our group got profiled at the door, he is hispanic, but wore a polo shirt, jeans, nice sneakers and got accosted for the dress code, meanwhile nonhispanic people were inside wearing the same thing. I think they only let him in because at 7:30 pm on a Wednesday, this place was pretty empty

  28. blahla

    So meanwhile, Niles is walking around with about 6 or 7 STD’s and shall now be known as “Screams when he pees.” Here’s the sitch…in every strip club, this one included, there are a few hookers hanging about…what can you do? If you really come to a club like this to get laid, you’re a sucker…first off, they probably have diseases…secondly you can have sex with your wife or girlfriend or fuck buddy for free…so not a great plan. If you’re a true gentleman and looking for a great time with beautiful, intelligent women that’s definitely possible at Penthouse. The girls are pretty and smart and will make sure you have a great time…like a party. And yes, the food is also amazing so you should have dinner beforehand. so, don’t be a Niles and end up with urine that burns your dick!

  29. Ana Paula
  30. Niles

    Robert’s Steak House is a top class restaurant. But then, the best cut of meat is still on the dance floor. Most of the girls will give out their phone numbers and “anything goes” for the right price. You don’t need to use the large, expensive VIP rooms. There is a whole section of small VIP booths in the back. Just be sure to tip the VIP host. Talk to the girls before hand to be sure to get a girl who is willing to put out. If in doubt, just ask one of the managers or hosts to suggest a girl for the VIP room. Most girls will drop to their knees and give you an “Executive” style “uncovered” BJ. Some girls will even slide their G-string to the side and ride you. Be sure to bring plenty of cash. A great club for the “big spender”.

  31. Jenn Jenn
  32. XXXbeast

    Good old fashion family fun! Stopped here after the M&M store in Times Square. My kids, ages 6, 9, and 11 loved the show and had a good laugh when grandpa got to go up on stage. Food wasn’t the best, but reasonably priced. We will be back!

  33. Willis W.

    Ok…ok…ok. Another strip club review. I have tried not to review the Penthouse Exec Club for a long time but now I must let it out. First of all, everyone that knows me, knows very well, (say it in unison)… “Willis HATES Strip Clubs!” If you’ve read my review on the cultural phenomenon known simply as “Smiles”, you pretty much get the idea. When I’m in a strip club, I’m bored. Not really much of a breathtaking experience. If I’m rolling with the brothas and they wanna go, I ‘m there…Anyway, it’s my bachelor party and we’re walking down 8th Ave aka PORN ALLEY and we wound up at the Penthouse Exec Club (unknown to me that it was a targeted destination) and I was impressed before we went inside. Strip club doormen wearing tuxes? We are not in the Hudson Valley anymore. It was pretty nice inside. Mirrors everywhere (of course) and the always hot, euro-trance beats. There were A LOT of couches.. it’s more of a lounge with the couches as lap dance magnets. We got word that there was a VIP room with a minimum $300 champagne purchase. We decided that the other patrons would enjoy it much better. I personally felt, as I looked around, that I was in a casting call for Sopranos extras. There were a lot of mob boss types in that spot. What about the women you ask? I am not trying to sound like a typical alpha male by any means, but I must say that I’ve never been to a strip club with so many attractive dancers! It was almost sad, seeing all those pretty women thinking “Why are all of you strippers? Why no Vogue covers shoots girl?” These dancers did not look trampy at all and that was refreshing. Last, but not least, the drinks. DAMN PENTHOUSE!! Larry Flynt needs to calm those prices down. $12 for ONE Corona? I can add a dollar and get a six pack of Coronas. $16 for a Rum & Coke? WOW. Thanks for reminding me how broke I truly am…It IS NYC folks and it IS the West Side…at least Manhattan drinks are beyond strong and you don’t need that many to feel loose. You really, really, really don’t need that many…trust me. When all was said and done, I was with my boys, acting wild, walking down 8th Ave brown-bagging the Jamesons and feeling good. We had fun…tons of it and I forgot I was in a strip club…for 28 seconds… The only reason I gave this place 4 stars and not 5 is because I really didn’t want to take out a HEQ line of credit to get drunk…if you go here, one word…TAB. We capped it off by hitting Mission in Chinatown. Definitely check out my review of that special, sorely missed spot. Good ass fun ya’ll.

  34. Harrison69

    I went here with one of my girls. It was an empty night .. I noticed there weren’t really any poles. This spot seemed upscale somewhat. The girls were ok . I heard during the weekend the turn out is better. I look forward to going on a packed night to see the type of crowd that frequents.

  35. Neil

    Just went for the first time. A little pricey compared to other clubs. Personally – don’t think it’s worth it, but if you do go, Mattea is the hottest girl I have ever met!!!

  36. KY

    some of the lap dances were pretty good. The rest were boring and dissappointing. Way to much pressure to spend $450 to $600 for the VIP treatment. One dancer took my $20 and then spent the entire lap dance hassling me to spend another $450 on her. I couldn’t even enjoy the lap dance because she was hassling me and trying to make me feel bad. I wanted my money back. Another couple of girls were so high pressure I was feeling guilty for wanting to watch the girl on stage. Then, the demanding “ARE YOU HAVING FUN!?!?!?!?!?!” Jeez, I was until I started getting hassled by psycho chick.

  37. pamela

    Had an awesome time – was taught the art of seduction and everyone was super sweet –

  38. Dillon Makenzie

    thanks for making my brother’s party great!!

  39. Peter A.

    Bachelor Party!Just recovered from my bachelor party at the Penthouse club so if you want the low-down, I’ll get right to the point. FYI, I did the 2hr. open bar package with a minimum of 8 people needed totaling $1,024…DAMN!Pros: The place is huge and spacious. Very clean and super trendy decour with dancing women up top and along the sides of the space. Women look hot wearing silky hot outfits. The service was super friendly and on point. Want a stripper? They’ll get her for you. The hispanic/latin women were off the hook…best lapdancers ever!Cons: This place is not cheap. Drinks will run you about $11-17 each. The drinks tasted good, but for that much money you’d think they’d put a little more in. Some of the women, although attractive didn’t know how to dance. Some danced more than actually sitting on your lap and, well lapdance. Don’t expect any privacy at this place unless you want to shell out $500 for like 30min. of “special fun” What exactly that fun is I have no clue, but I am curious. Bring cash and lots of it or you’ll be paying a hefty service atm charge and receive “funny money” instead. The asian strippers tended to stay clear of our section of asian guys for some reason. Guess they thought we’d know them for reason. Be specific with how many dances you want or they’ll charge you more without telling you. Worst part? I had this Gwen Stefani look alike giving me a lapdance and she farted twice..or didn’t wipe properly. It was definitely a downer. Overall I had a good time. Will I return? Only if they had a 2 for 1 deal or a discounted rate…definitely a one-time thing.*A little hint when ordering drinks through the open bar package. Order twice as much for each person or you’ll be waiting like 15min. for a drink.

  40. xo
  41. Soozie H.

    A friend had free 2-1 passes and so myself and a few other girlies went here on a Sat night over Easter weekend. I’ve gone to a few strip clubs before and so I knew what to expect. We went to “de-virginize” one of the girl’s who had never gone to a strip club before.The bouncer was very sweet and polite and we didn’t receive any strange looks when the group of us walked in. We checked our coats and were escorted to our table almost front and center. Although there was 6 of us, none of us are big drinker’s, esp me, who is allergic to alcohol. We were coereced into ordering a bottle/table service that cost $300! Goodness, for a bottle of Kettle 1 vodka and a bunch of juices?! Service was polite and prompt. The dancer’s were alright although some seriously needed to take dancing lessons! It was quite hilarious watching some just stand stock still onstage. Besides a few that were attractive, most of the performer’s were avg w/tiny waists and HUGE implants! I honestly would never go to these places, esp w/the insane cover. Would I go back? Nah, not my thing and only a one time event.

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  43. Betty W.

    I’m updating my review here as I came last night for their 11th Anniversary party and had a great time with my friends. There was an open bar from 8 – 10 with strong drinks (anything under $21) and passed hors d’oeuvres which were tasty (though I am sad I didn’t get to try the lamb chops. They never made it to us at all. Lol). I had the same cocktail waitress as last time and she remembered me (hey Valerie! ) and was very prompt with refilling drinks and checking on our group. I would definitely come back for a bday celebration or a regular night.

  44. Buddy

    Hi to Jade! Be back to see you later and to introduce you to my hottie friends. Black women I saw were stunning, but self absorbed. Rest of crew of a nice variety, but not memorable. Will come back on a weekend to judge again.

  45. jimmy dean
  46. John D.

    This place is a JOKE.Waste of your time and money – so many better clubs in NY. A disgrace to our city. if you are here it is because you are a CHUMP – enjoy. Expensive drinks and cheap girls – you tell me WHY you are here. MIKE

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