Hurricane Betty’s



350 Southbridge Street, Worcester, MA 1608


42.2529859, -71.807328




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Hurricane Betty’s

  1. steve

    I have to say that everytime I go, on the weekends the place is packed with different girls and lots of female customers too. There are a few really in shape athletic girls that won’t drop after 3 dances. (I spend a lot of money on the girls and I don’t want them to be tired after 2 dances ;)) I prefer strong, sexy women and there are a few there that could probably kick my ass. Anyway there is NO LACK of entertainment or amusement. Very rarely have I been bored visiting HB’s. The prices are the same as anywhere else and no I do not work there or in any other strip club. I hope this helps. The only thing they could use is some food or snacks. Bye.

  2. talker

    girls are friendly and hot, prices are right, atmosphere is comfortable and fun!!

    I’ll be back!!

  3. woo kid

    the best choice if you are staying local lots of talent…

  4. nixy

    good club. pleasant atmosphere. not pushy. nice girls. great dances. great variety of girls, black, white, asian, latinas, etc. def will do it again soon.

  5. Regular for 2 Years

    Hopefully this does not get pulled since it is the Truth!

    #1 Bathroom Facilities are BAD. Besides them, the club is clean

    #2 The selection of girls are ok, For Southbridge St in Worcester.. they are ok. Just wish they would seem to show that they want to be there. They always bitch and complain

    #3 Too many young kids along with too much of the bad crowd. Also it is like 10 dollars to use the ATM..C’mon it is Worcester, not boston

    #4 Overall , not that bad of a place .. Just as long as you realize that this is a place you go to for a quick beer and not a place if you are looking for upscale.

  6. karan

    This place rocks. very friendly girls and staff. only downsides are size of this place and parking lot. it is worth to have lap dance with most of hotties around here. I have been to this club 4 times and every time I had a great time and fun. only $5 for cover and $20 for lap dance.

  7. i76ri7e
  8. adamrod

    Gals are looking for more than what meets the eye…come on really…gotta pay your dues before hollering at a Gangsta from the hood na meanz…

  9. fweq
  10. guy
  11. Don't you know Steve

    This place is not a dump come see for yourself. Steve got kick out don’t be mad.

  12. love it
  13. Selena

    Selena I heard that she was a hottie.(buddy of mine) Can she dance an what does she look like?

  14. primo

    overall the club is a great time. If you are looking for hot girls and a fun atmosphere then this place is the best!

    The prices are right and it is FUN. It’s not a palace but who cares the girls are just as good as anywhere in the area…if not better!

  15. doesn't matter

    i got a great lapdance from on of em!!

    A couple hot girls and a couple not so hot.

    id go again

  16. D

    simply amazing

  17. vinny

    Was in Sat night. Danni and Tessa great LD’s. Two new Brazilian girls…Smokin HOT!!

  18. AssnTits5

    Went with my gf at the time. We had to sneak in with a guy we met outside since gay women aren’t allowed to have any fun in here without male escorts (helloooo Saudi Arabia wtf…) At the stage talking and tipping the nice dancer when the bouncer crept up in between my gf and I making us very uncomfortable to point out we were not allowed to hold hands! He made a disgusting misogynist comment on our public display of affection being “high on his list of all time fantasies” (EW fkn gross!) but that he must ask us not to touch each other. If you support equal rights and the LGBT struggle I’d have to boycott this titty bar, without us there would be no money for these immature little boys. Hope someone slaps them with a lawsuit.

  19. needadump

    in town and want a good strip club with plenty of women customers which means lots of free lesbo action? get down to bettys it rules drinks are cheap and girls are friendly and sexy

  20. worcester kid

    love this place

  21. Big Fan

    This club has nice, friendly ass shakin sexy girls

  22. richard95

    Place reminded me of The Weeknd’s, Wicked…Lol the artists, as I like to call them, were ON POINT. What a great night! Probably the funnest one from my stay in Massachusetts. Felt like I was in one of those rap videos. Hella fun

  23. joe


  24. Tony

    Thats the problem with some of you people i like this club so if they charge 10 at atm no big deal it is a strip club not a mobil mini mart and you say this is not boston it is worcester that is why you will always be stuck in time maybe if it was more like boston things would be better get out of your time machine if tey want to charge whatever they want I am fine they paid to own this club and complainers like you keep them back manager joe u do a good job charge what u want they might bitch but this is a strip club

  25. jealously

    man you guys are jealous of this place. by far the best time in mass!!

  26. tommy

    sitting at the stage the other night and the chick dancing was bleeding on the floor andit wasnt a cut haha gross….

  27. some dude

    i really like this place. sometimes it can be a little ghetto for me seeing im the whitest white guy ever (no disrespect to anyone at all) they have the best lap dances known to man and everytime i see Taylor, i fall in love with her all over again! great place to go to!

  28. around

    This place is the best club in the area by far!!

  29. the truth

    I must agree…lots of hot young female customers and a great time. A must visit for anyone looking for a great night out!

  30. Bobby

    just a simple run down shack.. Tear it down and rebuild

  31. Mark

    The girls looked like guys!! WTF>????

  32. patron
  33. BigMan

    Sat Aug 5th. I showed up around 10pm. The place was packed. It was standing room only. The private booths were hopping. The girls were working really hard. They had a cop there for a while. He was doing a great job holding up the wall ;-). This place is very comfortable. Not over the top but not down in the gutter. The owners are always there to make sure everything is going smooth, although that too is a dual edged sword.

  34. idiot

    Chinese man must be a fucking idiot. best club in worcester by far. couldn’t buy out this club because you are a broke joke!

  35. acustomer
  36. nn
  37. Franklyn

    Best club in Worcester. Lots of hot girls, most of whom are very nice. Good size bar, nice TV’s, nice bouncers, keno. Only 2 downsides are the girls now asking for tips on top of the $20 dance, and the absurd ATM $9 surcharge.

  38. aguest
  39. matty
  40. dburg

    Back again, was looking for Cassie or China, But Lavaya was there !!! Will be looking for her the next time I am there.

  41. matt
  42. timbo

    Awesome!! Was in last night got some amazing dances from a couple different hotties. Check this place out…you won’t be dissappointed. Oh, and the haters writing the B.S. about this place are from another club.

  43. potter

    this club is tha shit!!! love it!

  44. winston12

    I have been here only once. The girls were okay. Nothing special about this place. Look for better options.

  45. eric s


  46. wootown

    Mardi Gras party was off the hook! all else said this club knows how to have fun!

  47. jim

    eya this is the best club in the city but there is one girl that works there her stage name is GIA and she likes to get around and play GUYS so becareful but other than that the place is the BEST

  48. A+Patron

    I love this joint. It isn’t upscale or over the top and it is perfect!!! I can’t go in there and not drop at least $200 on the *amazing* lap-dances by their athletic and enthusiastic dancers. I know some people might think this is a plug by someone affiliated with the club but I love it and love strippers that give a damn about what they do and these girls do and that makes me happy to give them my $

  49. Cappy

    Maybe not the fanciest club in the world and definitely on the smaller side, but a damn good time. Fair prices along with Friendly bouncers, bartender, and dj. The girls were super friendly, although there is quite a gap in “talent” level from one to the next. All the girls work hard and customer service is definitely a priority.

    Specifically, Isabella is just smoking hot and Fiona knocked my socks off, thats for sure.

    To echo what another poster mentioned, the parking lot is pretty awful…a small complaint but worth mentioning.

  50. gyul
  51. the one

    love this club not too big but really clean and classy for Worcester. There seems to be a lot of good talent and the prices are right!

  52. travelingguy

    This club is small, crowded, and the decor is dated but don’t let that stop you from going there. The girls are not the hottest but they are VERY friendly and willing to sit down and chat for a while. Obviously they are there to make a living so if you are not tipping/buying dances, they will need to move on and work the room but they come back around. I was there on a Monday night and there was around 10+ girls there. A decent crowd overall. These girls know why they are there – to make a living so they actively work the room offering dances but not in an obnoxious way. There was only 1 girl there, Kayla, I believe her name was. She was a hot blond that did not seem to be interested in offering private dances. She would do her stage show and then disappear. Her loss because I would have bought a lot of private dances from her… She had that hot girl-next-door look to her.

  53. regular around worc.

    They really are the only ones right now that know how to do it! Keep it up!

  54. hamms
  55. the actual truth

    I don’t get when people talk about upscale like they go to upscale clubs themselves and drop so much money-hurricanes is not just a place for a quick beer-it is a place where dancers are there to make business like any other place it is not a dive, so if you feel that way, don’t come in.

  56. wormtown

    This place rocks!!

  57. ????

    this place is amazing

  58. sweet

    I love this club really down to earth and there is always something going on!! Not too big and overpriced like some other clubs

  59. yanard12

    I am a female first time visitor of this establishment and highly likely I will NEVER go back-not without an apology. I had no idea they employ underage dancers. One of the younger dancers asked if I would buy them a drink and I obliged. Only to be approached by the owner who stated to me “if you buy another drink for an underage dancer, I will have you arrested”. Pardon me sir, but I had no idea she was under 21 and you stating you will have me arrested when I was paying money to be in your establishment is OFFENSIVE. Perhaps you should consider the fact that the problem is YOU are employing underage girls to dance in your establishment that happens to serve alcohol. Bad business. Owner and Bouncer rude to customers. I also happen to know many of Worcester’s finest police officers–would have loved to see where you got with the having me arrested part of your plan. This will definitely be discussed ASAP with my friends…maybe Hurricane Betty’s is due for a legal inspection of its business practice. The girls are super sweet tho and seemed to enjoy having a female patron around to talk to while dancing and between sets.

  60. truth

    gotta love the haters…you know a club is good when every once in a while some idiots from another club post bad things when all the other real comments are nothing but good! well done Hurricane Betty’s

  61. BG

    Marrissa is amazing. Ill be going back soon

  62. guapo

    girls everywhere damn no lack of them

  63. woo town

    I love going to this place…always a great time!

  64. customer
  65. viet

    yea dat club is chyll but r amy n tiffany still thurr, cuz them gurlz was BANGIN!!!!!!

  66. mhjdc
  67. hardhitter

    alot fuck up ugly strippers

  68. Johnnyboy123

    This girl tried to tell me it was $160 for a table dance. At first it was $100 and the house would talk $60, then she said it would cost 160. For a dump like this on a Monday, they get pretty greedy. No thanks.

  69. williamr

    Oh what a disgusting strip club. I found this place after asking a local heroin addict I encountered where to find naked girls. The ATM fee was $9 and then I wasted money on the worst looking girls in the state until I got bored. Then outside I encountered a local who told me he just got out of jail in Walpole for 18 years (I assume it was for rape or murder). Also, the bouncer was a big fat idiot.

  70. John


  71. Long Winded

    Went here July 20th for my bachelor party and have been back a couple times since. First time there was a Thursday night – it was PACKED, and my pals and I sat there for over an hour before they repeated a girl on stage! I wasn’t counting, but my friend said he counted 19 girls, and most of them were 7’s or higher. Private dances were nice – would have liked to have had slightly bigger dance booths, though; it was hard for the girls to really get into it because the space was so small. The other time I went was a Saturday afternoon. There were only a handful of customers in the place, but there were actually more girls than customers. Got 8 lapdances from two dancers (they were both recent hires and neither was sure they’d be staying, but if Sky or Brandy are there still, get a lapdance, they are fantastic). A good club, especially for Massachusetts. Not as good as the ones in Florida, of course, but a lot of fun and worth the money and drive to get there. Only downside was the parking lot – made me really nervous to park my car there, broken glass all over the place. They should invest the money to pave the parking lot and put in parking lot security.

  72. :p


  73. hurricane lover
  74. Harrison69

    you know what ta do wit the big fat butt. wiggle,wiggle,wiggle! it was super sexi! i met the h0test girlz evar! h0t,h0t,hot! i luv dis place!

  75. kudy
  76. 1
  77. Loyal Customer

    This is a fun place. People write bullshit on this site all the time… Check it out for yourself . You will get your money’s worth .

  78. nhcd
  79. ngx
  80. someone
  81. Carlos

    need to get rid of some of the garbage girls. some of them should NOT be dancing anywhere. put some money into the place . sound system, bathrooms, etc. needs a good cleaning too. overall though had a good time but girls argued too much and they seem not to want to be there

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