Aga’s Highland Tap Room



2128 Washington Street, Boston, MA 2119


42.33171, -71.0817085




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Aga’s Highland Tap Room

  1. Truth be Told

    Was there last night. Lots of new fresh sexy faces, young in shape, multicultual, and talented ladies. I like it there its small, safe, and near by. I read some bullshit by an x-dancer disgruntled, who made a lot of money there and met and dated alot of customers out of there “AUTUM” and never seemed happy, to me she was an ungratfull Cee U Next Tuesday! It must be hard in the real world or are you getting a check from the state??! To bad you were good on the pole, but never real and the body is worn out. But you are a thieving bitter person that forgets where you come from, and how quickly you forget the break that this small club gave you dispite all your screw-ups. It’s to bad you and girls like you can only do house parties now because your to old,and worn out. No club owner would ever put up with your shit you pulled there.Bad attitude,nasty behavior that you had at this club, and that the guys that do hire your likes are so desperate for bargin basement girls that will do anything for a dollar But you sure will not disappiont them there.Good luck to you and your type of sorry asses.I am going to keep going to clubs like this who are trying to bring some entertainment to Boston.

  2. rater

    sux ass

  3. Keith

    The place was slow, but with no coverit was well worth checking out.There was a hot young asian, sexy slutty white girl, fine spanish, and a big butted black girl working. It is a bikini bar with an extra ummmf. I liked it and wil be back.

  4. vieira
  5. Amy
  6. pete

    The club was a oasis in the middle of a desert of dry entertainment. Went there Sun night 4 sexy young, very friendly,super pole dancers, booming butts, all black girls. It was free before 10PM, the show was worth the price of drinks plenty of parking, and the place was clean and safe, easy to get to off the expressway, the doorman watched me to my car. I will be back!

  7. William

    hot. Good place to hang, full of hot girls and amazing dancing. Small and tucked away but worth it.

  8. Stash

    Looked like a small place it was but the girls were nice and I had a good time. The place is safe comfortable and relaxed.Hot boodees !!!! check out Angel…

  9. Jocko

    It’s small but alot of fun this time there. There is alot of new talent there, 4 girls were young and in shape.As soon as I got there the manager put on a girl she was hot and friendly.A much better experiance than the last time I was there a ugly wigged dancer woke up named Sashay yelled at me to tip her then tried to rob me, she had a face like a lizzard. After I tipped her she told me to wait for her outside but snuck out. Its good for me that she did I must have been real drunk a real fat assed sister. Managment has really cleaned it up there, hope they can keep the new talent. I am going to go there again real soon. If you like young girls with variety I would suggest you give them a try. It’s free before 10pm

  10. joe joe

    Liked the club for the area it’s in the middle of a real renewal, the area is changing and so are the girls.Last time I was there was not impressed but tonight. Young pretty and sexy liked what I looked at wish they could show more . Next time im in town I will check them out again liked the free admission befor 10pm.

  11. Frezz

    Found the club by chance, There were 4 girls and 4 customers.No cover, I did not go to see men. The place was very safe considering the area. The girls were young and very good looking, they looked to be college age. Good place to chill.

  12. "mighty" mike

    watch our for two or more girls asking you for a $ 50 drink while other guys sits at the bar and watch tv and don’t hardly tip and sit their all night and don’t buy drinks…

  13. richard95

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHA YES I DID ACTUALLY GO TO THIS PLACE. on a dare. Tonight in fact. It’s a long bar with an older russian woman wearing a full jacket with hat and gloves. Two bikini strippers were in the club. One skinny asian girl and one booty-tastic black girl. There are folding chairs around the 5 foot stage. On a Friday night during prime time (11pm) there were 3 people in there. My friend refused to come in with me. I left after 15 minutes. A shot of whiskey was 10 dollars but very necessary. Good bar to go to for a laugh. Wish I cold have convinced more people to come with me.

  14. Buzzhead

    The club was smalll but with a free entry before 11pm it was fun we had a good time. It has been around since 1947 wild man. I wish the girls took more off, I liked the chance to be able to sit and chat with them over a drink.. Lots of young, fresh, big booty, city gals mmmmm.

  15. Matt

    The girls are cute for sure

  16. Dee Bad Ass

    Was there liked it, the girls were nice and they were fun to watch.

  17. osama bin laden

    what a bummer, id rather b in my cave eating sand

  18. Not a real club

    this place is a bar the size of a livingroom that has a pole jammed in the

    middle. Cover is $10, drinks are $7 for you and $30 for a girl. Girls strip

    down to a bikini that shows less than you could see on the beach. There are

    no lapdances, no private, VIP, or champange room, and only 4 girls max work

    at once. Watch your wallet, these bitches hands move pretty fast.

    Oh, and it’s near Dudley square in Roxbury – take the train and walk up

    Washington if you STILL want to.

  19. Christa L.

    If you’re a connoisseur of dive bars that only appear intimidating from the outside but are in fact delightful, Aga”s is for you: It’s dark, seedy, cute, weird & fun. If you’re shy or stuck up, stay home!!! The cocktails aren’t cheap & you’ll want to tip the dancers so bring some cash… Not a cheap night out if you do it right which makes it the kind of place you might only go to once in awhile w/friends to have an experience.My boyfriend & I had a blast talking to Aga & her son as well the performers- no real stripping goes on, just g-strings. Loved it!

  20. Scout

    Gorgeous girls, all great dancers! All the staff and the girls are great. This is a small club, not usually very busy, but the girls make it worth it! Lots of attention from them, without them being money hungry hoes, these sweet girls are just fun to talk to. Not to mention it’s free before 10PM.

  21. phun

    omg! what are these reviews talking about? Don’t even waste your time. 3 girls, 2 of them were 180 lbs black chicks. the other was a cracked out white chick. place is dingy and small, smells like BO. Need I say more?

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