Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Baltimore



409 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202


39.2896286, -76.6099898




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Baltimore

  1. jimmy shope

    nasty, nasty , nasty.

    I have seen better in the back alleys of Dundalk.

  2. Keith

    Had a nice time, but the Music at this club is terrible!! It ruined the entire experience! i probably won’t be back…

  3. frank

    this place is a disapointment, the girls have went 2 shit, n way over priced n parking is horable! will not go back there again

  4. SB

    My wife and I recently stopped in on a Friday. There was a mix of dancers ranging in appearance from average to attractive (a few were very attractive). There were quite a few couples in the club, which made things more comfortable for us. We were approached by several dancers, all were friendly and none were overly pushy. The more attractive dancers tended to avoid us (and the other couples too – I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed that tends to be pretty common). Cover and drink prices were a little high ($15 cover for men and women, domestic bottles of beer were at least $7.50 and the couple of mixed drinks my wife had ranged in price from $8.00 – 12.50). Overall a fun place and very welcoming – not intimidating or uncomfortable at all for couples (much more inviting than Scores Baltimore). We’ll be back next time we are in Baltimore.

  5. Bachelor

    Great girls…..excellent service….perfect Bachelor Party night

  6. Phil

    Very Nice will be there this saturday

  7. Kyle

    very nice upscale club with cigar lounge!The girls are hot and i’ll be back πŸ™‚

  8. Jason

    Cramped, not upscale. Tiny bar. Rarely any hot girls. Only good thing abt the club is that it is near Powerplant.

  9. D.j.

    place looks big n nice, they just gotta get some girls, the girl there were not hot ,

  10. Not happy

    Wow this place has gone down hill they are running this club into the

    ground fast I have not been in this club in about a year and it is a just

    another shit hole like ever other club on the block I waited 45 min just to get

    there fake money also while standing there waiting hearing some manager

    complain and referring to all the dancers as bitches he looked more like a

    want to be pimp than a manger with his ponytail I word ghetto

  11. DD

    This place blows—scores is the hotspot

  12. NatDaddy

    Best in Baltimore. Hottest chicks on Baltimore street.

  13. bristol98

    This is the only club I have ever been too and my husband and I love it. We haven’t tried anywhere else because the girls treat us both so well we haven’t felt the need. Lots of personal attention from all the staff and dancers. If the drink prices weren’t so steep I’m sure we would visit more often. Hi to our favorite girl “Nicole”!!!

  14. Jared

    I agree with Dan’s comment from below about Nicole- She’s stunning and has a great personality. I know shes back in school now, but does anyone know what nights she works?

  15. essex


  16. Nick

    Best club in Baltimore by far. Great place to bring your buddies for a night out or clients in from out of town!

  17. I'd come back

    I’ve been in here a few times over the past couple of months. The quality of girls has gone up since a couple of years ago. Tues has an awesome all night drink special if you want to bring a group out. The Honeys are mostly hot. There’s one lady in particular that I like to see; she has curly brown hair, does pole tricks, anyone know her name? The staff has always been friendly to me, the bartenders move a little bit slow but make decent drinks.

  18. jay

    gabriella was my favorite dancer. uuhhhhhhhhh.

  19. anonoymous

    This club is cool. The girls are above average. I like the atmosphere.

  20. anonymous

    Not alot of variety. there are some beautiful black women there but not enough! Hustler needs to hire better white girls with better bodies! some of the girls look like they just gave birth!

  21. insane

    place used 2 b the premier spot on the block, now its just shiy like the other ones. girl ant nothin pussycat or any of others r just the same girls wise

  22. Drew

    Awesome experience. Very classy and clean atmosphere. Fun and enjoyable!

  23. George

    The best club I’ve ever been to in Baltimore! I stop in every day I’m in town!

  24. zPatron
  25. m
  26. LC K.

    I’ve never been to a strip club where the girls didn’t advertise private dances. Also, the female customers and bar tenders were much better looking than the stippers. I spent more on getting something to drink than handing out ones or lap dances. The was no showmanship among the dancers either. I only gave out pity dollars. It was garbage.

  27. Gus
  28. Doogie

    Nicer than recent comments would leave you to believe, but still (compared to other HC clubs, not just other clubs in Balt.) way too expensive.

  29. gregory turner
  30. Simon

    The strippers would annoy you until you let them give you a lap dance. I got a lap dance from BRANDY and it was the worst one I ever had. She sucks. I actually wanted a lap dance from Marley – but she was hanging out at a table the whole night with a few customers. If your going to work at a strip club – work your ass. The dancers were pushy and some were really skanky.

  31. me
  32. dong

    nicest club on the block. fine ass dancers

  33. paul

    best time ive ever had apple u are the greatest. i love to just sit there and chat with u. u made feel like we had been friend for years

  34. John Doe
  35. janero

    it suks…. what a rip off

  36. oo
  37. timmykilla

    The management here is incredibly sketchy. We agreed on a price for 30 mins in the champagne room. They ended up charging us $300 more than we agreed and only gave us 15 mins. $250 of that was for champagne they didn’t even give us. When we brought it up they said the champagne fee was also a room fee and they felt bad they didn’t give us the alcohol but they weren’t taking it off the bill. They said if we came next week they would give us a free bottle. Why would I go back if you over charged me in the first place? They never explained the champagne/room fee. They only brought up the room fee after the fact when we said we didn’t get the alcohol.We also had a bottle of Grey Goose and a reserved table. We went upstairs for some lap dances and when we came back the bottle was gone. Someone stole a $400 bottle of alcohol! When we told the waitress and manager they said that never normally happens and they brought us a different bottle that was a 1/4 lower than when it was taken.The management here is classless. Be warned, if you go they will try and scam you!UPDATE……We went to our credit card company to dispute the fraudulent actions of the club. When the credit card company contacted the club, the club said they “lost” our receipt. When we supplied our copy the credit card company saw that the Hustler club charged us $80 more than what the receipt showed (another awesome move by management). Then the club told the credit card company a different story than what they told us as a way to keep all the money. Luckily we were able to get some of it back.DO NOT GO TO THIS CLUB!!!!

  38. Happy Camper

    I love the hustler club. Been going for years now. Dayshift girls are definitely the

    hottest and actually enjoy spending time conversing with you. I come for my

    lunch break. Cigar lounge is an added bonus

  39. Rick

    great happy hour ,my fav club! can’t wait to go see tera patrick!!!

  40. andrew


  41. stan

    the place looks very nice,they just need girls 2 match,n the out side is horrablie i felt like somebody was waitin 2 rob me , the location is very bad ,n the service 4 havin 2 bars ,was not very good

  42. ron

    would not go back place is big n try 2 b clasie /but girls ant notin special / never go back

  43. NJFF
  44. doug

    what a rip off!!!!!…..not upscale block trash pushy for lapdances they even run a blue light special like k mart save your $ the block is a rip off

  45. rimmy

    Great best on block

  46. Brian

    An average club, when compared to some of the other clubs in town.

  47. fantasies

    this club sucks fantasies is the greatest ever

  48. Robert
  49. nayte

    the cover was a little high. Why charge one at all if you can bring in the business? i didn’t see a big advantage of this club over the other ones i have been to. nothing stood out. in fact, all i saw was a real life “hustle”. A few girls asked me to go upstairs for their signature ultra private dance for $400, or some thing like that. I just said, “well, I’d rather play it safe, and call an escort later for that amount”. I still spent at least half that on drinks, unearned tips & couch dances. One girl simply accepted my $25 & sat on my lap and talked for the term of the song. overall rating: AVE – nothing special here.

  50. wal


  51. ray

    loved it great girls loved em all

  52. JT

    smoke my cigar at the cigar lounge there and hang with all the lovely dancers- can’t find a better place then this !

  53. wayne

    this club is over priced and they are ripping off the girls on there money

  54. Wheelchair Larry

    You won’t find better anywhere, but if your button was pushed at another club while you where drunk and getting over your ex then you will wrongly believe better is not here. As always: 50% incredible girls, 25% great girls, 25% stage filler which would be the best anywhere else… I rate it 9.5 because a better pole warmer is always turning 18 somewhere, soon to show up here. W.L.

  55. a fan
  56. Johnny

    Rude fat bitches

  57. Fishman


  58. Bob C Koch

    Crack Ho’s!

  59. billtheguy12

    Wow! Talk about a new level of low! I’ve never been here before last night, but have been to tons of clubs over the years. I would have expected a MUCH higher level of talent from this place. Only (2) girls were fairly hot and were working hard. Other than that lazy “cottage cheese asses” were everywhere! Not worth the $15 to get in. They should be paying YOU to see these girls. Also the whole thing seemed very unorganized. Girls would dance for ~2 minutes, then switch, and the DJ was CONSTANTLY calling out the dancers to stages which was annoying as hell. STAY AWAY!

  60. thomas

    I was disappointed. I thought since this was the only club on the block charging a cover it would insure great looking girls. It was hit & miss just like anywhere else.

  61. striper man

    its a shame this club is so nice. they just have no girls 2 match it . but i will return.

  62. cunt
  63. guy

    2 much money 4 nothin

  64. Jackie

    We had an outstanding time and when our car was hit and towed they got us a shuttle home. We couldn’t have been more happy and thankful. Everyone was top notch.

  65. Alex

    my fav club-i just love it!Great new drink prices and $15 dances-can’t find that anywhere else.

  66. Admirer

    Best Strip Club I’ve ever been to! I’m coming back again and again.

  67. hifi
  68. jack

    fat or bony flat chested girls who perform like circus freaks and not in a good way they need to have weight requirements for some of these ladies. overall boring i wanted to curl up on a couch and sleep then i go outside the joint and get robbed by gangstas not cool

  69. Jimmy

    best club in Baltimore – always have a great time there!

  70. Derek

    best club in town and hottest girls. tori black was amazing can’t wait to see tera patrick πŸ˜‰

  71. traveler

    been 2 two other hustler clubs n this one was horrable

  72. Heather W.

    This place has great happy hour specials, if you’re into going to a strip club during the day shift. I love this club. Every time I come here I feel like a princess. The girls are so nice and my hubby completely enjoys his time here. Generally all the girls are amazingly gorgeous and respectful. There is one girl who came up to us in the VIP area and requested that we come up and tip her when she danced. So DH went up to the bar to watch her dance and she was horrible, he gave her a dollar and left, and she literally said, “that’s it?” She came over to our table later asking to get money for a dance, dh declined since she was not his type and obviously not a good dancer, and his excuse was “I’m here with my wife” she looks over with daggers at me and rolls her eyes and leaves. That was my only bad experience here. Make friends with the managers, they are the nicest people in the world. You’ll get invited to all kinds of VIP parties and generally it’s free drinks and free food. It’s fantastic, the drinks are strong as they should be and the girls are naked, as they should be. Very honest strippers too, I was drunk once and had my money stashed in my cleavage, apparently that’s the stripper signal for your tip is in my cleavage. I didn’t mind that she put her face in there and took all my cash but she said, oh I don’t think you meant to give me this much and gave it back. Just the fact that she did that inclined me to give her all the cash. She was very sweet. All the girls are hot and sweet, the managers make you feel golden. They have cool contests too… they have a pole climbing contest sometimes for the girls and they sponsor a patron, whoever gets up and down first wins their patron a cruise! Awesome!

  73. jon

    Full Bar and Nudity! Nuf Said!

  74. XhXeXy

    OMG This was AMAZING!!! Now mind you i had never been too a strip club before so i had a pre-meditated idea of the experience i was going to have but man oh man did it exceed my expectations i went two nights in a row during the tattoo convention to see pornstars Joanna Angel and Emily Parker Preform, let me tell ya weekend made, not only were they great but the regular girls are spectacular too not much to offer in terms of drinks but what they lack in variety they make up for in entertainment and fun

  75. Puff

    Damn they are ugly

  76. Wendy

    As a female, I feel very comfortable in this club. The girls made me relax & we all had innocent fun! Nice you don’t need a male escort to come here either…

  77. Joey

    I was in there for the first time in awhile, is Honey still around? She did all kinds of nice stuff

  78. Russ

    best club in town, love the ladies

  79. man

    IT SUCKS!!!!!! and i dont mean they suck dick

  80. dave
  81. old fasioned

    If this club would hire classy girls and not trash I think that your club would make ALOT more money and attract more presentable clientel…….pretty girls like Bree,tawny,nichole,and marley…the other girls look like recovering H addicts…..

  82. Fat Steve

    Loved the place while I was stuck in Baltimore. Gonna miss Deena and Lana. Mixed bag on the dances, some were outstanding, some not so good. Isis is the best.

  83. first timer

    This is definitely the hottest club on the strip. The girls were sexy and friendly. The $15 cover was well worth the dances with Brandy, Isis, and Keisha. The lap dances were hot and I’ll definitely be back . . .

  84. yo mama

    excellent club! Beautiful woman and plenty of them. had a blast! too many cameras though : P

  85. iulweahrgpnfc

    Diamond has been at fantasies for a few months.

  86. Kirk

    Extreme dress code. Won’t let you wear even regular sport coats. Overpriced for a cramped, uncomfortable club.

  87. eddy

    what hapinend this place went 2 shit / do they just let any old scank work there now!

  88. Leroy

    Good club Good girls Good time

  89. What happen to HC?
  90. tom

    love this club!hot girls,there is a room to smoke now and i can’t wait for $2 tuesday!

  91. Brad

    This club is awesome! A comfortable atmosphere, polite staff, and beautiful dancers. They’ll see me again.

  92. Sutla5aolcom

    Anthony was the best…….gave us Quality service last weekend in VIP. Miss you ?kristen Chris…greek auditor…what a lovely lady u are

  93. Bella

    Bella has left the hustler and is now at Scores

  94. B

    The girls here are a bunch of tens. I’ve been to every club in the city, & hands down this place has the best looking girls.

  95. Tim

    love this club!

  96. visitor
  97. Mickey
  98. joe jo

    didnt think hutler hired girls wit drug track marks all over there body, they r a discrace 2 hustler in genaral

  99. happy!

    Went to Hustler about a month ago and had the “ride”of my life with a hottie in the back room! Going back to polish off some more!

  100. Bret
  101. Sean

    love the Hustler Club they got great new drink and dance prices!

  102. wowee
  103. John

    i had an excellent time with the entertainers, the bartender was nice and efficient. the music left a lot to be desired. with all the techno styled music i felt more like i was at a rave than at a stripclub, they should fix the music and fast

  104. Toby R.

    After drinkin’ (not drinking) in Canton, a friend and I decided to try LFHC. We enjoyed it. I managed to get a VIP card (and I only paid $25 instead of $200). We proceeded to go to the smoker’s lounge and have a cigar. Girls came up to us and they were friendly; they didn’t seem like money chasers (at first). When we went to the main floor, the girls asked us to come up to the VIP section. It was chill up there. Also, beers were only $4! Of all of the clubs on the strip, this one’s the best.

  105. HomeGirl

    Best on the block, if you’re into classy strip clubs and you’re not in there trying to cop feels and get fukked. A big issue that this club has is that it is surrounded by nasty clubs where you’re allowed to touch and even fukk some of the girls and Hustler doesn’t tolerate that kind of stuff. It’s upscale. The girls have some dignity. They are the prettiest girls I’ve seen on the block. There’s a nice variety of races, shapes and sizes. They treat you good. There’s bathroom attendants and staff everywhere. It’s safe. VIP is way too expensive for no reason…and the music is outdated. Other than that, it’s a great club. Marley and Isis give the best lapdances. Honey gives the best pole performances!

  106. moe

    shity parkin/ maagment n sevice sucked /wouldent go back

  107. roy


  108. zach
  109. Ben

    YES-can’t wait to see JESSE JANE!love you guys and her too πŸ™‚

  110. Alan

    I had such a good time I went back night after night for 4 days. The staff and dancers are great. I was in town for a boring conference in Baltimore. Let me say that the club was the only nice thing in the city (unless you like seeing plastic dead animals). The girls are great!

  111. T

    Jesse Jane was so sexy!Thank you for bringing her to Bmore, i love you guys!

  112. the only ones

    I brought some friends into the Hustler club last week and I must say the best looking girls I saw all night were Tiona and Alia! They sat and talked with us for a while unlike the other girls that were nagging us every minute for dances. Before we left I got alot of lap dances from them and let me just say one thing…WOW!!!!!!! I’m definitely coming back again and when I do I’m looking for those two girls!!!! does anbody know their schedules???

  113. wtyhyo


  114. Mike

    Too Expensive

  115. Todd

    Nicely rebuilt club. Brings a lot of class to ‘the block’ in Baltimore. Place was clean, the Girls were fabulous and very friendly, the staff were great and helped us have a great time. The servers were friendly, quick and beautiful as well. It was Monday so it seemed a bit slow for the Dancers and they were all giving it their all so we were all having an awesome time. 2 for one everything that night too. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  116. igor34

    Went here last night. The club itself is large and nice and the staff were courteous and respectful. Only complaint i have is i was ripped off by two different dancers. There are signs all over the club saying 2 songs for $40 yet I was charged $80 for 2 songs by one girl and $40 by another. I also did not get my change back after paying for the dance with $100 bill and after giving the dancer tips. That was the first time i had ever been ripped off like this and i didnt want to make a big deal. If i ever go back i will bring smaller bills and discuss the rate up front so i can avoid the sheisty workers. But all in all the club is decent and has more attractive girls than most places in Baltimore.

  117. Ryan

    The girls are ugly!!!!!!!! Not worth it at all.

  118. MArk

    Good times, expensive but worth it!!!

  119. WTF

    In response to last post wrong club my bad. Dio not know a Monique at HC

  120. club guy

    not so great I did feel ripped off with my 2 minute lap and stuck up attitude of the staff no fat dancers but ugly waitress ugggguh

  121. Gene

    great club,hot girls and 2 for 1 happy hour everyday! love it!

  122. Fanny

    This place was DEAD the other night. Not a whole lot of fun when all the dancers keep hustling you since you are the only guy in the joint.

  123. pete
  124. bill
  125. PS

    Had a great time! Staff was the most professional and the Honeys were the Best!

  126. Dan

    Though there were very few girls because it was New Years Eve/Day, the quality of girls was tremendous. Especially Melina and Nicole, they were amazing.

  127. LB

    Hustler is a great place to just relax

  128. JD

    This is the best club of it’s kind in and around Baltimore. An experience not to be missed if you are visiting the area.

  129. LadyLove

    This place is awesome. The dancers are constantly rotating between three stages and mingling. All of the ladies are very attractive. A scant few were “spaced” but most were very present and interactive. Lap dances were very…interesting…:-} Alea and Chastity are amazing entertainers, especially together. Drinks are pricey but very good and the cover is only $5 with a Maryland ID. Great place my husband and I will definitely be back, soon! Stay away from the Oasis Club, it sucks!

  130. Its sad

    What kinda of people are making these comments. Their english is horrid. Weant 2 da club on fri shit vas awfule. lol…

  131. BandL

    My wife and I love going to the Huslter Club. She gets the lap dances and the girls always treat her well. We’ve been to the Hustler Club many times and each time is a better experience. I believe it’s the best in Baltimore.

  132. richard95

    A letter from my friend, Arnie. He likes these kinds of places. I don’t. I personally hate them. They are places where bad people go to do bad things! Not that I’m judging. Just sayin’.————————–Dear H.R., I know you hate strip clubs, because, as you’ve said to me before, “They are places where bad people go to do bad things.” And for the longest time, I totally agreed with you. (Strip clubs. Yuck!) But I was on my way back from New Year’s Eve in New York when I got tired and decided to stay the night in B’more. But it was early, still. And I got a little bored.Now, I know that you’ve said before that idle hands are the devil’s tools. And that I should just put them together in prayer whenever my faith is shaken. So, I tried. But the night was so cold that I could not feel one palm pressing on the other. And something in me said that warmth–the kind of warmth that only a god-fearing woman can provide–was to be found on this end of Baltimore St.Oh boy, was I right! Well, partially right. There are many warm women on this street. But I cannot vouch for their god-fearing ways as many of them who performed at the clubs on Baltimore St. probably can’t wake up early enough on Sunday morning to attend church. Well, at such late hours that I found myself on this street, I also would not have been able to attend church the next day. A pity, really.But then I stumbled upon quite a grand and pink marquee with the name HUSTLER on it. You can’t miss this place! I bet you would, though, for someone like you whose heart and mind are of such a divine purity that it affects your eyes’ ability to see what is unsightly in the world. But to me, this little corner was lit up like little Vegas and I was ready for it to introduce me to something I’ve never seen before!Having been to the other, more gritty clubs this past evening, the upscale feel of Hustler was a welcome respite. While the others ranged from hole-in-the-wall to middle-of-the-road type of establishments, Hustler is clearly the upscale place in this red light district. Although I hear Scores a few miles away isn’t bad, either.The girls here, too, are not so bad. I mean, if you go to the other strip clubs, it’s a hit or miss. Here at Hustler, you’ll at least start from mediocre to possibly an actual cute girl, which they have a couple of. Not too many, though. But more than the other places in this part of downtown. They have a big stage, VIP upstairs, and “champagne” rooms which are really just red velvet booths for the more private dances. You must try one, H.R. These private lapdances are wonderful! I am very happy to have tried it!My hope is that one day you start to relax your expectations a little bit and stop living up there and start living down here. I’m not mad at you per se, I’m just kind of disappointed that you’ve kept this from me for so long.Look, I gotta go. I got $20 burning a hole in my pocket.Yours truly,Arnie.

  133. Adam

    First Strip Club i’ve ever been to in America, originally from England. These girls are the best with Sadie my clear favourite, I’m just dying for an excuse to go back.

  134. ag


  135. Steve

    great club,sexy girls and $2 drinks every tuesday,i don’t know a better or nicer club then the hustler club.

  136. Diggit

    Expensive and not worth it. Felt ripped off.

  137. RJ & Aly

    Went there on a Tuesday before and after a concert. 15.00 cover included VIP access. Club was dull in the daytime but at night, it was popping. Can’t beat 2.00 drinks. We received a 2 for $40.00 private dance from Bella who sucked my wife’s tits and put some lipstick on her outer part of her jeans by her cooter. Tuesday’s seem like a great day to go due to the drink special. Lots of g/g action by the dancers too. Layout of the club is very nice. Being a couple the dancers weren’t pushy and really did not pester us. I think they were jealous of my hot wife but all in all we had fun.

  138. E & S

    My husband and I are becoming regulars! We love the Hustler club. It is a little pricey. Luckily we’re both military so we get discounted which is nice. Drinks are super expensive on the good nights to be there. Staff is EXCELLENT- everyone from the waitresses, bartenders, bathroom attendents, etc. Dissapointed that the girls don’t change up their outfits throughout the night. I’m sure guys don’t care, but lots of us can appreciate a girl who looks cute and changes up the wardrobe a time or two throughout the night. Marley is our go-to girl for lap dances. If it weren’t for the drive down town- we’d probably be there more often.

  139. hank

    place needs work n some better girls.

  140. kevin

    went to Hustler last night with a bunch of my friends-to check out the new Cigar Lounge and see Tiger Woods mistress.It was awesome!love that you can smoke there now and damn the Girls are HOT!Got my picture taken with Joslyn James and saw the naked truth πŸ˜› will be back tonight…

  141. Josh

    Expensive, the girls aint all that, the bouncers made me tuck my SWEATER in, had to almost suck a dick to get in the door because a friend wasn’t wearing dress shoes.

  142. stacey

    very classy club

  143. Randy

    the Girls r hot dances only $15 and you dont have to go outside to smoke πŸ™‚ best club ever!

  144. tonycluber

    I don’t spend a bunch of time haning in titty bars, but I end up in one every now and then. I feel especially dirty when I leave this place. I don’t know if that good or bad. They do have really cheap drink specials sometimes.

  145. ET

    Gorgeous women and a nice-looking club. Was nearly empty when we went on a Thursday night, but the staff said this was really unusual. Because it was so quiet the girls were working hard for their money, and even the servers got into the act, taking off their tops as they wiped down the main stage. Drinks were ridic expensive and not well made, but the quality of the girls and the relative classiness of the place made this my best ever scrip club experience.

  146. Big$$$

    I found this place overpriced and the quality of dancers were not much better thn other block clubs to have such a high cover and drinks. They seem to want to charge for everything like 10$ to go upstairs. Nothing special upstairs for 10$ what a ripoff.

  147. Boo

    Is the money here any good? Looking for a new club.

  148. keyon

    this club is losing to many hott girls and they r leaving all the shitty ones

  149. walt

    not treated good buy staff 4 money i spent

  150. Suck club

    This is a nice club but I think instead of giving away cheap drinks the club

    should focus on getting some hot girls this club use to be so much better

  151. customer

    This club sucks they need better looking girls and the way

    this club is being ran is a joke some guy dick with a ponytail

    telling guys to get the fuck out very unprofessional i cant

    believe that a hustler club would be ran so poorly i will

    never be back

  152. JJ

    total rip-off, overpriced everything, $25 just to get in the door after paying parking. $35 if you want to use the tiny upstairs bar. cheap seats, garbage microwave food

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