Club Fantasy Gentlemen’s Club



7240 Peppermill Parkway, North Charleston, SC 29418


32.9176252, -80.0740298




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Credit Cards

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0 reviews for “Club Fantasy Gentlemen’s Club

  1. alvin

    very nice club

  2. doe

    Beautiful Club & Beautiful Girls!!!

  3. scot

    boring, dancer to guest ratio was good because the place was empty at 11:00 on Friday night. The place is fully nude, but if you expect to see anything-be prepared to tip big time (at least $10 to the stage)

  4. fridge
  5. No Prostitution!!!!!!!!!!

    Every last one of those prostitutes tried to trick off in the back of he club in little like rooms divided by black sheets. They all individually approched me to trick, some for as much a 100 dollars, some less than that. They didn’t look good and they didn’t smell good, if you didn’t want their services they tried to sell you alcohol and drugs, no longer a fantasy, more like slut are us…………..

  6. Mike Honcho

    Your club is mad wack bitch. You need to pick some dancers that got bodies. Please no fat chicks.

  7. Dissappointed!

    I really cant say how it is during the week but friday and saturday nights are whack. The music is horrible no variety at all.Girls won’t dance because nobody’s tippin. Some chicks need to hit the salon and gym before hitting the stage More like a whorehouse/escort service than a strip club. Not SEXY at all!!! I know ya’ll can do better I would love to return and make it rain on you hoes!!

  8. outoftowner

    if paying $20 a head at the door for one fat old worn out looking girl is your fantasy, this place is for you.

    if two big guys playing pool, staring you down trying to make you feel like what the fuck did you walk into is your fantasy, this place is for you.

    if two punk jerkoffs at the front counter telling you using the parking lot to park is for “vips” and will cost extra is your fantasy, this place is for you.

    on a funny note AFTER paying, they do tell you its no alcohol and recommend you go down the street to hess for beers if you want to drink then come back.

    just… a horrible place. went on a tues night 1am ish, saw 3 girls. two were attractive, but zero variety, punks at the door kept saying all the girls were in the “vip room” …. <.< left after 2 cigarettes, you can smoke in the club. thats a plus. of course could not get refund on cover charge. even after only being there like... 10min. it was terrible. i'll never go back and it was bad enough where i feel moved to warn people off. i never write reviews =(

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