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12900 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48126


42.3242532, -83.1688393




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Pantheion Club

  1. man

    loved the night i had there

  2. not impressed

    I don’t care if the dancers are hot. Terrible service. Big waste of a cover charge and parking. Big waste of time!!!

  3. re:anna

    get ready for what? playhouse sucks

  4. Bigboi

    This club has the best dayshift going, food and drink specials. and lots of dancers.

  5. Pickle

    I liked the girl but hated the club

  6. Weedman420

    My post is mainly about the food and drinks but I can talk about the atmosphere. Sunday from 12pm-7pm lambs for $2. I got there at 8pm. Cover was $15. The drinks were $15 and they were decent. Not extremely strong. The drinks are buy two get one free. The food. I ordered a blackened salmon, veggie melody and Mac n cheese. The Mac was extremely good. Almost as good as Cliff bells Mac. The salmon was really tasty as well. I ordered a lamb ($4) on the side which was only okay.It’s loud, smoking is allowed, woman dance and food/drinks are served. You can park on the streets for free.

  7. Edgar

    Great time, great girls, overall a fun time nothing like the other comments said.

  8. Al
  9. Harami

    drinks are cheap and so are the dances.a bargain bar. discount like the dollar store

  10. Yea Right

    Get the ghetto out of this place

  11. FRED
  12. hate it
  13. Opie
  14. Joe Dirt

    The waitresses racialy profile customers, and this one dancer sat her bag

    down next to me at the bar and i brought home bed bugs!!! Cant say i

    expecred better, so i am not to disapointed as i sit here steam cleaning my

    carpets a second time!

  15. steven

    great music, alot of girls, waitstaff sucks

  16. Matt

    This is the place to go!!! Great girls and great service, they took care of us!!!

  17. Aj E.

    The club is nice. The atmosphere is decent. $6 for Valet is less than what other clubs charge. If you opt not to pay, there’s usually parking along the street, if you arrive early enough. When I went, this past weekend, I went with my boyfriend and we ordered wing dings, a bucket of beer, and a long island. The bucket came with five 12oz beers for $25 (they dont do pitchers of beer). The wings were pretty good. The long island was kind of small for $15, but it was strong so that made up for it. I didnt really appreciate that my boyfriend had to go up to the bar every time we wanted to place an order because SEVERAL servers kept bypassing our table, without so much as acknowledging us. After we finished our wings and beer, one of the older ladies picked up our plate and bucket. She was in all black so I guess she was a manager. And one of the servers eventually grabbed the last empty beer bottle, only because she was blocking my vie, while she was talking to a guy at the table in front of us.The dancers were eh. Most were cute. Decent shapes, but that’s about it. Very few had high energy during their stage shows, and they opted to lounge around and eat, when they were suppose to be on the side stages. I didn’t see many giving dances, but rather spending time in the faces of the “best dressed” guys in the expensivs glasses and baggy jeans. If you weren’t wearing that, you weren’t getting attention from the dancers, or the servers.Overall, the atmosphere is decent, but you cant go dressed in a sweater vest, loafers, and slacks (exactly what my boyfriend wore). You have to go, dressed like you drop stacks on your jeans and belts and shoes, and maybe you’ll get some attention from the dancers and servers.

  18. jason

    is this even the same club? i see some of the same old dancers but lots of new hot ones and i dont recognize any of the staff. everybody was nice and service was pretty damn good. it just took a little longer than i like to get a drink but it was so packed in there it was understandable. the new girls are hot so keep em comin! still need to get rid of some of the old bigger girls but things are really looking up here.

  19. Wendal

    There’s a new home for me. The Pantheion is doin’ things!

  20. LMAO

    1st off the owner is the day time cook! That should give u an idea about this so called up scale club. I spoke with 1 of the dancers who stated that the club limts the amout of black dancers a shift. What happen to this club? Last year it was great now its like a bingo hall. The owner is like 90 years old. he needs 2 retire, sell the place or set it on fire for insurance $$$

  21. scooter

    nice atomosphere but something missing. It’s all about the specials, not the girls.

  22. sam
  23. nick

    marvin will tell on you

  24. wtf
  25. shannon

    this club is awesome…you really get your moneys worth…for about a hundred bucks youll be able to blow your load in someones mouth…just tip the big bouncer in the vip section…hes a cock sucker…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  26. custo

    came in a few days ago and was very impressed by the quality and variety of the girls. Will be back for sure!

  27. Chris

    I was surprised at the variety of girls in the club–lots of hotties, no one seemed snotty. The lighting isn’t great, but a lot of the girls put on a really good stage show. Good food & drink specials, too. VIP dances in the curtains are GREAT.

  28. jimmy

    getting better with george and lenard

  29. Alex

    WOW! Place is remodeled, new staff and kicking ass! Great fun.

  30. :)

    this club has really come a long way from what it used to be….soo much better…keep it up poolballs your doing an awesome job!!! luv ur white chocolate

  31. wixomstarlett
  32. Anna

    Get Ready//The Playhouse in Romulus is accepting new dancers and welcoming guests! Call info for the phone number

  33. yoyo

    Lovely staff

  34. asdlfj

    Half the girls here need to go on Jenny Craig and the other half look like they needed to retire 20 years ago.

  35. Omar

    I went to the Playhouse and yes, it was nice and I had a good time.Lot’s of girls for me to play with!

  36. Amanda

    This club is absolutely fabulous!

  37. Rob

    Awesome place! Needs more business though!

  38. Andy

    I used to love this club. Always had a great time with the dancers AND the waitstaff. Now, there is a whole new group of people and when I try to find a waitress, I see her sitting in a booth doing shots not even looking around to watch her customers. How disappointing. Saturdays used to be great but where did all the fun waitresses and shotgirls go?

  39. DANCER

    If you can’t afford to come into a strip club, buy a drink, get a booth, and get a few dances… PLEASE stay at home. So tired of guys complaining about how much the drinks are and how much the dances are, most of you guys don’t even get dances. You sit around looking irritated that you have to spend money at all. Just a tip… we are here to make money, not entertain any loser that comes in for a beer. WE MAKE TIPS ONLY!!! we don’t make an hourly rate AND we have to pay to WORK here! So quit bitching and stay at home. We pay 100 a night to dance at any club in detroit plus 400 a year for a dance card. SUck it up


  40. john blindon

    taking over on michigan, thats what this club lacked’ manegers that know somthing….. except the waitstaff, clean house and get rid of the drunk barflys you have waiting on people….

  41. Bo and Marvin

    Ha they have bo from subis there now. Here comes all the white trash hilbillys from down river. I know subi’s having a good laugh. Starvin Marvin took this bar over and now instead being worried about a dancer ripping you off you should worry about the feds busting you. They are watching marvin like a hawk. STAY AWAY

  42. Dan

    Great club! Will most definitely be back!!!

  43. Ryan

    A great atmosphere, hope it gets more business, it really is an awesome club.

  44. Darnell
  45. The Landing Strip

    The Landing Strip is being completely remodeled!!!

    We are hiring new beautiful girls for our new club!!!

    Come in and audition today!!!!

  46. ziggy

    gotten alot better busy on nights ,good music, service needs work

  47. Romeo

    Bad Performance, Bad entertainment, Average food, Bad management, GOOD to leave!

  48. steve

    if u like paying at least $50 just to get in the door and sitting down

  49. Ali R

    Great time, great service! Met an awesome waitress ABBY!!

  50. Penthouse Halloween Party

    Come spend your Friday at a true gentlemens club Penthouse.

    Friday 10/29 is our halloween party. 50 of detroits finest dancers

    will be there.

  51. Leslie

    I went to the Playhouse in Romulus and had a great time. I saw a couple of former BT’s and Panth girls working there

  52. theman

    wheres marvinnnn?

  53. franky
  54. Tom
  55. Nigel

    It is a great T & A Bar. The Waitresses And Bartenders are Hot!

  56. tt

    sucks all black



  58. Irishman

    Like Henry Ford said, you can get it in any color you want, so long as it’s black. If you are OK with that, will like the girls here. A little uncomfortable being one of a very few white guys, but that is to be expected.
    Did not have any dances this time as was not planning on going out after watching the Lions dirty their drawers, but was impressed with the talent. Will be back.

  59. Jerald

    Nothing here..nothing..better at FC or Playhouse

  60. Paul

    Playhouse is only minutes away and the party is on! I was in there last night and they were busy. Summer is over and Playhouse is jumping.

  61. abe

    club is poor quality..better action elsewhere.

  62. le

    This club has came a long way!it has the cheapest drinks in town,run alot of girls(differnt varity) cover is like any where else you go to.(In less you go to a hole in the wall)the girls are friendly not stuck up at all.( Even the real pretty ones.)overall very nice club.

  63. Don

    Business slow? Are you bored? Not making enough money? Well, what do you expect?

  64. detroit80

    Haven’t been there in a while but boy this place has change

    it is off the hook

  65. big daddy
  66. Phil

    This club started to do something, but now it’s fallen back down…All the employees that moved here from other bars, have either left, or wish they never started here

  67. Augustus

    This bar needs to upgrade the Dancers. The women are not attractive. You have to be drunk. I have never seen so many women built uncomfortable in all my life.

  68. Fred Stone

    been to bts, silver crickett and the flight club and I have to admit that the pantheion is a better club. Lots of women, sexy wait staff and good drink specials on saturday it was dollar beer. flightclub is a pretty club with lots of women but its to fake. bts just suck all together. Was there ten minutes and 4 crackheads approched me

  69. johndoe
  70. ?

    How is this “club” rated anything above a 0? Obviously the employees are doing the ratings. I almost puked watching these girls dance. Keep your clothes on, please!

  71. Rodger-texas

    I really like the club, nice girls and lots of them. I moved here from Texas 6 months ago and have been to the pantheion every week. Thank god for the vip room.

  72. Visitor

    Visited this club a month back. Dancers looks average to below average and I did not see anyone one as attractive. Had a couple of dances with average looking dancer and paid 25 per song plus 5$ for booth. Overpriced and no value for the money. Will not be back again. Detroit area has many other clubs where I can get more value for my money.

  73. N.A.

    I like this bar for the people who work there. Dancers are better on night shift. And they have seventy-five cent beer saturdays and sundays.

  74. ysl

    managers are wonderful, especially george. john works there for the girls, he’s nowhere to be seen. the bouncers do not do their jobs well. there have been a lot of fights there. the bartenders are good except for melissa. the dancers are nice but some huge crack heads. oh and if you go there at night and sit in three different sections of three different waitresses, you’ll get three different drink prices. the waitresses aren’t honest.

  75. Terry

    Ghetto in Dearborn. Fake asses and bad boob jobs. I told the manager i was over charged and had to wait 15 minutes before my issue was addressed because he sat on his fat ass eating. Never again.

  76. john
  77. Joe

    The club is beautiful, the service is good but they are lacking in dancers. Saturdays are a blast!

  78. freddy
  79. jasmine
  80. DayShifter

    Best 10$ VIP Dances in the city!!

  81. Nate

    Things have really slowed down here. I was at Playhouse on Thursday night and they were packed

  82. shut down

    This club is a joke. From the washed up ex dancer door girl to the

    android bouncers to the joke of the town bald short fat onwer

    starvin marvin. Since a new owner was taking over I figured I would

    give this place another try, bad move. First they charged me to get

    in, then they charged me for a booth, then its $20 to enter the v.I.p.

    and 25 a song on top of that. Who does this club think they are

    Penthouse. All most all the dancers are fat and druged out of there

    mind, the only good thing in the whole bar was there night time

    bartender david. Its pretty sad when you go to a female strip club

    and the best part about it is their male bartender. As for the

    managers they have bo from subis and we all know why he left

    there. Did marvin really think that hireing bo to manage was going

    to help that place? The girls are getting worse by the day. This club

    will be shut down in 6th mo. And marvins short fat balding arab ass

    will be back in jail where he belongs. Beware of who you hire in your

    club everyone knows marvin tried to have onxy shut down a couple

    of months ago when he dropped a 14yr old off to dance and then

    called the cops. What a stupid man you are marvin, you must think

    we were all born yesterday. LOL

  83. CityLife

    Was here this past Saturday for the 75 cent bottled beer, the best drink special in the area. Lots of dancers good time. We came back Monday day after the Super Bowl about 5 pm only 3 dancers it was slow and there were long stretches when no one was on stage, even when more customers came in.

  84. Bill

    Place is laid back, great fun!!!

  85. The Big Guy

    My wife and I went on New Years Eve. Cover was a bit high but it was NYE. I got a booth right off which was good. Our waitress was spectacular, I can remember her name but she is the tall blonde that should have been on stage. At first it seemed like the dances were sticking with their regulars, would go do their stage thing, then go right back to them. Hell the shot girl didn’t even move for the first hour and a half we were there. From what we saw there was a nice variety of girls and a lot with nice big tits (so this is where they were all hiding) We ate, the food was good and actually reasonably priced. As the night wore on a couple of the girls started moving around and talking to the rest of the crowd. We usually wait till the end of the night to get dances and ended up getting 4 songs with a great girl. She knew how to dance for a woman which is a plus (some don’t) Overall a good time and hopefully will be back in mid feb.

  86. Eric

    People are going to the PLAYHOUSE..15 minutes away..734-941-3144

  87. kisses

    its ok

  88. dancer (private)

    I heard that the Playhouse is making lots of changes and that dancers are making money. I heard it’s near the airport..what street is it on?

  89. jessica

    IT SUCKS!!!!

  90. Mistakes, Mistakes

    Well, some managers just don’t get it. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. In fact, sometimes there isn’t any grass at all…just plain old DIRT! Some managers get off track with the idea of better times elsewhere. But the truth is that there probably are better times somewhere else besides BT”S or Pantheon. Go Figure.

  91. nicole


  92. jt

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