Club Desire



1 Franklin Sq, Providence, RI 2903


41.814478, -71.405456




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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515 reviews for “Club Desire

  1. John Wayne

    Panties are at half-mast today at Desire to honor the brave. Show your military ID today for a free blow job from Reign, Venus, Lisa, Sammy, Naomi, Sky, or the house mom. Today only. Semper fi!

  2. Nicoteen

    Hey which STD is NicoletteHerselfGo giving out?

  3. Skibum609

    I want to pull Reigns throbbing member out of her yoga pants and suck her cock and suck it good. I want to swallow every drop of her cum. Some of it I will allow her to spray my face with while I cup her balls.

  4. Timmay

    Reign told me I have an impressive cock and said wow several times before milking me.

  5. Joe

    Nicolette has to be the dirtiest girl there, has diseases for sure, I a know someone that was with her few weeks and got std from her

  6. Baby Huey

    Anyone have recent experience with Reign? Is she still doing handys only?

  7. Baby Huey

    I need my cock and balls sucked and sucked good! Headin’ down to Desire right now. Gonna need to nap in my car afterward.

  8. Emily

    We need cocks and balls over here please. More cocks and balls. We don’t have enough to satisfy us tonight please!!!!! Now!!!!!!

  9. Hank

    Saw Peyton the other day and Tommy King aka Lux. One of them gave me mouth herpes but I don’t know which one.

  10. Johnny Thunder

    Gonna head in tomorrow night and get a blow job. Any recommendations? Bbbj

  11. Johnny Thunder

    I really, really, really want to suck Reign’s cock and balls. I want to swallow her load. I love you Reign!

  12. Frankie Avalon

    Summer is a good little whore but she doesn’t work at Desire anymore and I haven’t seen her at Cadillac for a while. Does anyone know where she’s spreading her whore legs lately? At Desire I spent $500 on Venus after already giving her $100 and the house $50 and she let me go around the world bareback. I fucked her pussy, asshole, and then her mouth and then came in her filthy asshole. She was trying to say something about a tip and I said shut the fuck up whore!

  13. Cum Daddy Cum Daddy

    How much she charge these days 4 OTC? how much she charge you 4 a gangbang? will she take multiple loads in her pussy one after another? appreciate sum details about ur experience with gangbangin her. yea her bad attitude makes u wanna fuck the shit out of her 4 sure!

  14. Big Bad Wolf

    Yeah I saw her suck cocks out of a nice hotel room in downtown Providence last week looking good with cum on her chinny chin chin!

  15. Summer Lover

    She loves cream pies. One of her favorite things is to try and make guys eat them after they make them.

  16. Rudolph Valentino

    Summer is one of the go-to pussy and anal cream pie girls in Providence and the cape. She is an amazing lover. She has a real attitude that just makes you want to fuck the living shit out of her. She is an amazing cock sucker and edger too. She does OTC and that’s the best way to have her. She’s great in a threesome or in a gangbang too.

  17. Mayor of Providence

    Summer does otc and gang bamgs

  18. Cum Daddy Cum Daddy

    Hey I know Summer is at the Caddy now but remember her from her Desire days. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with her doing bareback creampies with more than one dude at once? I got a few friends that wanna put multiple loads in her one after another in that tight pussy of hers. She’s such a hot little blonde spinner. Anyone know if she does meetups otc?

  19. Donald J Trump

    Naomi and Venus have beautiful cocks

  20. Pedro

    I got the blow job from Naomi. She did a good job but Leo coming at me for more blow jobs and tips for the rest of the night.

  21. Naomi

    I’m giving a discount on bbbj this week because of the cold weather slowing things down. Cum on in and cum in my mouth! You won’t be disappointed and I need the protein daddy.

  22. Penos

    Venus will rawdog you for a lil’ sumpin extra. She let me cum in her cunt and in her mouth. Might try her asshole next. She sweats like a pig but it was nice using her as a cum dumpster. You just have to tell her to shut the fuck up if she tries to talk.

  23. Mr creampie

    Ryder and Fiona are bbfscip sure things.

    After a few vip rooms Tiffany finally let me it it raw and nut in her. I had to show her a recent std test and proof I was snipped.

    Stella is now giving me bbbjcim and I think is on the ropes for bare fs.

    Crystal is still the best bj I’ve ever had

  24. Skibum609

    I need a cock and balls in my mouth right now!

  25. Paulie

    A friend of mine who’s a capo collecting payments from places went to get his weekly cut from The Bullpen in Providence. It’s like a video store where they have gay glory holes in the back. He said that there was a guy in there sucking off men while a stripper from the Caddy was calling him a faggot which he was paying her to do. His handle is skimbum609.

  26. Sir Mix-a-lot!

    It’s a mix. Definitely some truth in here. Like Rosie is a pig fucker mos def!

  27. The King

    Are all these fake reviews from the same deranged individual . This idiot has been posting for years over and over .

  28. Big Boi

    Hey which liquor store does Lux aka Tommy King’s daddy own?

  29. Rosie

    Give me money and smell my stinky twat hole!

  30. Rosie

    I take out my dentures and I suck your dick bitch! Gum job best ever! Gimme lots of money!!!

  31. AA

    Is Lux the cock sucker still at Foxy? What abut Lexi the Anal Princess?

  32. Peter

    Piper will suck your cock as long as you’re clean looking and pay her a lil’ more. She has nice pipe fitter lips by the way.

  33. Jake Paul

    Any info on Piper does she do extras now, only ever got a hand Job

  34. Reign

    I am the Mighty Reign! Your husbands and boyfriends hand me their cocks and balls and I milk them! I capture their seed and their soul! Bow down before me!

  35. Bimjo

    It depends on whether you enjoy farts being shaken loose

  36. Jimbo

    Is the miss nude thing lame? Just a bunch of old ladies slapping their asses like that’s supposed to be sexy?

  37. Jimbo

    If I want an ugly brunette pig with bolt-on’s I’ll just go see Rosie and have her rip me off.

  38. Uncle Sam

    This place will never shut down, if it does you can all come party at my house, Happy 4th of July !!!

  39. Jimbo

    Several non- extras girls here are now doing extras. Several who were only doing handjobs are now giving blow jobs or fucking.

  40. Jimbo

    No. They’re adding a fourth floor and swimming pool.

  41. Fisherman's Friend

    Is it true this place is shutting down at the end of the summer?

  42. Jed

    I order you to suck my cock right now you filthy whore! You suck it and you take what I give you!

  43. Big John

    I got a handy from Reign last night. When she unzipped my fly she gasped at the throbbing member before her eyes. She’s said “This is a big cock.” and made dire f eye contact with me. She immediately dropped her smiley act. She needed both hands to stroke it and and then asked if she could suck it. I didn’t even answer. I just smoked and she sucked it for dear life. She then spread her legs and I fucked her hard. She said it was the biggest cock she’s ever seen in her life. She asked me not to tell anyone because she has a boyfriend. I promised I wouldn’t and I blew my load inside of her unprotected. Hopefully I don’t have Reign babies on the way.

  44. Ben Kenobi

    What the fuck is wrong with Rosie’s pussy? That’s disgusting!!!

  45. Willow

    Who knows how to really milk a bull here?

  46. Uncle Junior

    My balls are dry.

  47. Wrigley’s

    Rosie is gross. I’d rather fuck the house mom. And does she even put out or is she a one and done scam artist?

  48. Best extras

    Sorry Madison is at fantasies. Left under wrong club

  49. Best extras

    Maddison is the best extras girl. 1.5 on top of the house and never ask about a rubber. Never asked for pull out and always tell me that I leave the biggest creampie ma she’s ever had

  50. Billy Jack

    what’s up mr Wrigley, the best extras can be had from girls like Rosie, the problem is she’s part of the Club Desire busted pussy crew, which means she’s been fucked so hard and has taken so many giant dicks in her pussy and ass her intestines are literally falling out of her asshole and her vagina has become inverted. You can lube her up for some slip and slide but ur not going to get that tight pussy feeling, it’s just a sloppy mess down there.

  51. Wrigley’s

    Yeah who are the best extras girls dawg?

  52. Johnny Cash

    Best extras girls…..

  53. Trough Fed

    oink oink oink oink oink

  54. Johnny Cash

    I’d say less than half of that because trump stuck his little mushroom in there.

  55. John Lord

    How much do you think full service, bareback is worth from Melania Trump? I’m gonna say one fiddy tops. She’s old and has
    Implants and a lot of plastic surgery.

  56. The Pineapple Alarm Clock

    A well uh think quick suck my dick lick both of my balls… think quick… suck my dick…

  57. Providence Place Dairy Queen

    Lexi and Lux/Tommy King are both at Foxy now. I’m not sure of their rates for bareback anal.

  58. Dam

    Was a sausage Party Saturday afternoon, I got here around 1:30 on Saturday, passed through a metal detector on my way in. There are many, many reviews describing the club and the girls, I guess I arrived too early?

  59. Corn Fed

    I heard you mama works here but she is too ugly for the club so she working out back sucking dicks behind the dumpster.

  60. Big Black Beef

    Yo homie, you know which of these hos like to take big black elephant dicks?

  61. Captian Jack

    Mr. Spermanator, it sounds like I need to schedule a date with Lexi, I love girls that love anal and if she is truly the anal princess then I have some big beef hot and ready for her. You sure she will take it in the back door, what are her rates? Hopefully shes not a rip off, you have her number?

  62. Limpy Lust

    Hello Mr. Spermanator, do any of the sluts here like to get down with the hard, if so lmk which ones and I am not talking about my hard dick as that has been limp for several years.

  63. Providence Place Dairy Queen

    Reign is now serving up soft serve here!

  64. Mayor of Providence

    All of the girls do otc here.

  65. The Sperminator

    A ton of girls do otc here. With some they might need to get to know you first but most of them will. Lux went to the Foxy Lady. She’s called Tommy King now. You can find her on Only Fans too. Peyton (Eastwood) used to strip here and now does escorting. Samantha does it for some clients. Lexi the Anal Princess is at Foxy now and on Only Fans. She’ll do OTC. Rosie does OTC but will steal everything and anything not bolted down in your house. Summer is at Caddy now and does OTC.

  66. Anonymous

    I am looking for a hot stripper that would do OTC at a nearby hotel. It’s hard for me to get off being rushed and watched and continuously hit up for more money. I like to pay my dues and enjoy without the drama.

  67. Hungry Man

    when is this girl Lux working I wanna take her for a ride. !!

  68. The Sperminator

    I gave Lux a good ass fucking at her request. She squealed, had an orgasm and thanked me profusely. She said that was the only way she could cum.

  69. Dirty Harry

    I’ve had both Lux and Sassy peg my ass. They don’t have cocks but they did it with a strap on. Does Reign have a real cock and balls? I want her to shoot her load all over my face and down my throat.

  70. Tony

    I’m not gay but I absolutely love sucking Reign’s cock and balls. I can’t get enough of it. I want to let her fuck my Virgin asshole with a liberal amount of astroglide. I’ll have her start with just a finger first.

  71. Vito

    Rosie has a fully functional cock and balls if you can get her filthy fucking panties off.

  72. Ricardo Manuel

    Has anyone actually taken one of these girls in the back to find they have a penis swinging between their legs>?

  73. Jacko

    I want to have my wife work at this club as a stripper so I can hang out at the bar and watch her getting used by all of the guys that come in here. Does this mean I am a sicko or something? Instead of being jealous it just turns me on and provides me with good mental content when I masturbate.

  74. Vito

    Rosie has a beautiful cock. Stop making fun of her! Now!

  75. Uncle Joey

    Wise guys know the 411 on Rosie, that she got her STD from doing 69 with skibum609 high on an 8-ball for a 5-spot while he was dropping a deuce

  76. Paulie Walnuts

    Did a fucking CR with Rosie. Kissed her. Literally the next day I have a cold sore that looks like fucking skin cancer or some shit.

  77. Paulie Walnuts

    Did a fucking CR with Rosie. Kissed her. Literally the next day I have a cold sore that looks like fucking skin cancer or some shit. Glad I didn’t have her suck my dick for a thousand dollars like she wanted.

  78. Assman

    Cassandra is hot!!!!!! Is she only 5 feet? That makes her even hotter!

  79. Ron

    Who is better in the CR, Fiona or Cassandra. Is Cassandra a 5′ slim blond with medium tits

  80. Assman

    I need a Cassandra report please! I’m dying over here!

  81. Assman

    How is Cassandra in the cr? She’s so hot? She just needs to erase the tattoos.

  82. Donald Trump

    Summer has a nice cock over at Caddy. It’s smaller than Reign’s so it’s a nice starter cock if you’re just getting started with ladyboys fucking your asshole.

  83. Charlie Sheen

    Just saw Reign. She jerked me off good. Gave me a nice big boner. So I peeled off her panties to reveal a nice big cock that sprung into action. So I sucked it. Sucked her balls too. She came all over my face and I swallowed a gallon of her seed. The she used it as lube to fuck my starfish!

  84. Nature Boy

    She’s using my dried semen as denture glue now.

  85. Nature Boy

    I ripped Rosie’s dentures right out of her fat fucking mouth last night and made her sick my dick for free. In fact I made her pay me $400 for it afterward.

  86. Judge Roy Bean

    Lick that penis jerk it around gonna suck that shaft and lick it up and down. Lick lick lick lick lickity lick! Suck fuck suck fuck lickity split! Sniff her pussy!

  87. Tornado Chaser

    There is a perpetual dust devil / funnel cloud over this place. Now that’s a quality blowjob!

  88. Gerard

    I made Rosie give me a gum job the other evening and when she took out her dentures a bird that had gotten inside the club and was flying around actually died from the smell. Her guy doesn’t know she has dentures so she often doesn’t take them out and put them in the Polident overnight.

  89. Toothless

    Holy Shit, Have you ever gotten a blowjob from Rosie with her dentures out? IT IS FUCKNG AMAZING!!!!

    I have a Very Attractive Older neighbor a few houses down. I am guessing about 60. She is in Good Shape. She had a flat tire and asked me if I would change it for her. I said sure. It was cold outside, so she went back in the house and she asked that I knock on the door when I was done. I took care of the tire and went to go tell her I was done. She asked me to come inside for a minute and get warm. I didn’t think to much about it.
    When I went inside she said she wanted to pay me for the tire change but had no money. I told her not to worry about repaying me. She basically came down to saying she used to repay favors by giving oral sex and how much liked to do it. And could she repay me that way. I figured what the heck she was Straight Forward about it and I’m not one to turn down a blowjob.
    She had me sit on the couch. Taking my pants down she took my cock and started stroking it. She definitely knew what she as doing. \She Stroked, and teased and had my cock hard as hell. She licked and teased my cock with her tongue and mouth driving me crazy she started to suck the head of my cock. She stopped and said just a minute. She took her Teeth out. It kinda freaked me out. Kinda gross but I was so damn horny I didn’t care. HOLY SHIT. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. It felt amazing, NO teeth in the way. hot warm wet. I don’t know what all she was doing with that toothless mouth but it was the MOST AMAZING BLOW JOB I HAVE EVER HAD. She sucked and squeezed and rolled her tongue and it didn’t take long before I was shooting my load down her throat. She just kept on going for every last drop. All I can say is WOW. I came so HARD I just sat there for a few minute trying to come back to reality. She kept rubbing and licking and using her mouth while I did. When I could stand up again. I got dressed and she thanked me and I told her how amazing that was. She Laughed and said there is More where That came from.
    I Would NEVER of thought a toothless BJ could be so Amazing. Prior to This I think it would of grossed me out. I am Definitly going to take her up on her “there is More where that came from”

  90. Larry homes

    Here’s Rosie’s husband in the emergency room tripping on the phenyl


  91. G love

    Yo Rosie having no teeth is really a blessing she lets me skull fuck her for 3 songs and I didn’t get scratch marks on my Dick she did a good job and I blew it deep down her throat. What a great performance love them dirty hoes

  92. Club Management

    We now have almost all of our gals doing extras. Those who did limited extras now go one or two bases further.

    Please tip the clock keeper

  93. The Pineapple Alarm Clock

    Come and suck my penis and lick both of my balls… c-c-come and suck my penis you can swallow it all…

  94. The Pineapple Alarm Clock

    Think quick… suck my dick… hey I don’t think Reign washed her hands between jerking off my best friend and then jerking off me. Does that make me gay now or just have a dirty dick?

  95. The Pineapple Alarm Clock

    Think quick, suck my dick, lick both of my balls… think quick…. Suck my dick….

  96. Peyton Eastwood

    I’m now doing doubles with Lexi the Anal Princess including re-enacting that double-dong scene with Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream! We do in-calls or outcalls in Rhode Island, Southeastern Mass, southeastern Connecticut and Boston.

  97. Hermey

    Rosie just had all of her teeth pulled! See Rosie now to have her pull out her temporary dentures and give you a gum job to die for! Her training dentures don’t fit her that well so jizz all over her sore gums for her dawg!

  98. John Cougar Mellencamp

    Hey little ditty, suckin’ on a titty… suckin’ on a titty dawg… outside the Tasty Freeze….when you’re suckin’ on a Dick and then you lick a hairy clit she’s a dirty girl… give ‘er a whirl…: lick my cock and suck my balls. Reign’s got my chili dog in between her buns right now. I’m watching her titties bounce!

  99. Newt Gingrich

    Make sure you pay Rosie Rip-Off AFTER she sucks your dick and not before!!!!!! Otherwise she will take all your money and not even take her filthy fucking panties off!!!

  100. Donald J. Trump

    Rosie has a big gaping asshole. It’s far too large and cavernous for my tiny deformed mushroom dink. It’s really dirty though and I did bond with her on that because I am incontinent and she is too.

  101. Flexin

    does Rosie like to get torn up by big strong hung black dudes? I wanna rip her a new asshole. !!

  102. Donald J. Trump

    Just a reminder that my rape trial is coming up on April 25th! Thoughts and prayers and send me money!

  103. Peter Piper

    Between the tattoos and the implants and the cigarettes and the weed and the face and the lack of a brain I can’t get a boner for Rosie.

  104. Rosie

    Please bring your Venmo

  105. Rosie

    Me suck your fuck stick for $650!

  106. Sammy The Bull

    I don’t think any of these dirty stripper girls know how to suck a dick anymore. They should have a cock sucking training class to teach them good bj technique.

  107. Rhode Island Biker Guy

    She’s just a dirty girl… give her a whirl… when you’re suckin’ on a dick and then you lick a hairy clit… she’s a dirty girl. Give her a whirl.

  108. Billy Big Cock

    My cock is enormous and hard. I dont wanna stick it in her herpe hole. I can’t believe they haven’t fired her yet

  109. Hey Gina

    Can you light up a cigar and smoke it?

  110. Gina Jones

    try sticking ur limp dicks in this hole…

  111. Billy Big Cock

    Rosie’s hole is too big. Even for my monster cock!

  112. Rosie

    I have a gigantic, gaping, hole.

  113. ThisIsHowYouDoIt

    This is how you do it

  114. Rosie

    I’ll make you nut so good! Just bring lots of cash and your Venmo app. Then I’ll take every penny I can from you and not even take off my filthy fucking panties. You’ll just have to get off looking at my cheap tattoos and lousy implants!

  115. Vinnie. Fiona’s boyfriend.

    Mother fucker!!!!!! That’s what I’ve been eating in that old snatch of hers after her shift? I thought something tasted off!!!!!

  116. Response to lover boy.

    Fiona is the most fun but only lets me finish in her at the end of her shift. She’s even more fun out of the club. Does she make you pull out

  117. The Boss

    Is she a tattooed pig like these two?

  118. Lover Boy

    Fione is a very naughty girl and does a great private girl on girl show where she rides it raw from behind. You will absolutely love it !!

  119. spanky

    I like it when my daddy comes to the club and spanks my ass.

  120. Frank

    Is Fione dancing dancing days? I miss her, is she worth taking to a room??

  121. Scott

    Club desire is a hidden gem. The best part of the place is club Lust, upstairs. Up there is classy , pool table upstairs, great food and very attractive bartenders that are very engaging, attentive and professional. Ariana is the Queen of this establishment , she is a diamond that shines brighter than any bartender, waitress or dancer could even dream of . Spend the $300 to get upstairs bring friends etc and you get $300 in food and drinks . You like pool , gorgeous women and great food , Lust is for you . Downstairs is fine , my suggestion is to join lust and go to both , I can assure you , you will come back !!;)

  122. Anonymous

    I hadn’t gone to this club in a while, because the dancers were always trying to upsell me for private dances, using whatever rate they felt like giving at the time. I will say that dance prices seem to have changed and become more standardized, but the dancers will still aggressively try to upsell you the entire time during your dance if you don’t choose to go to the more expensive private rooms, and hold back a little. I tried this club again only because Desire was open a little later than other clubs I would go to.

    I paid my cover, spent some time at the club, then went out to my car for a minute. But then I tried to return (something I’ve definitely been able to do before), around 1:30am, so half an hour before they close according to their own advertising. The guy at the door stopped me and refused to let me re-enter, saying that they were closed, despite it not being 2am yet. When I told him that I had already paid my cover and had just stepped out to my car for a minute, he still insisted. People were still inside the club over the next half hour.

    I was really annoyed, especially since it hadn’t been that long since I had paid and entered in the first place. Foxy Lady has a much lower price for private dances, and the dancers there are not as aggressive and overbearing trying to upsell you. Will not return to Desire again

  123. Richie Summers

    Tonight myself & a co- worker took one of our residents Evan for his 30th Birthday.
    Evan is a physically and mentally challenged adult.
    Where most shy away from what is unknown A dancer by the name of Valerie was more then happy to share in his experience. Valerie was well mannered ,polite,and most of all happy to go out of her way to dance for him.
    Valerie really was excellent with him. Iknow this made his day, year and the 30 years he has celebrated.
    I can not thank her enough.
    We will definitely be taking him back and we hooe that she will be there for him again. 20+stars.
    Thanks again Valerie Lisa & Evan

  124. 8ballin

    I am looking for a dirty little nasty stripper girl that is willing to play OTC and ski with me, who has got the intel on the best OTC sluts that work around here?

  125. Bob Crane

    How much did Summer charge you? Was this OTC or at Cadillac? What does she think of Russia invading Ukraine?

  126. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    Summer was the best ever, I got in her panties and fucked her for a few minutes then she turned the focus on me. She actually lubed me up and stuck her finger in my ass and massaged my prostate while she blew me…!!! She pushes her finger a little deeper and deeper and rubs the prostate a little harder and faster while sucking my dick it was soo good. She loved feeling my ass clutching in pleasure as she swallows and sucks gently, sliding her finger in and out, she feels my twitch before I exploded and then she obediently swallows every last drop of my delicious cum before she pulls her mouth off my cock. She looks up at me and winks and says, “We are soooo doing that again, my love.”

  127. Dirty Little Story

    I am a man, and I’m writing this as a man. This is the fantasized story of my girlfriend’s real-life impromptu one-night stand as a stripper at an out-of-town bar.

    One evening she and I went with a group of friends to explore a new venue on the outskirts of town. Upon entering, we learned it was a strip joint, and that this was amateur night. Right away she was interested, and I and the other men in our group encouraged her. The other women weren’t so sure about themselves entering, but they surely did encourage my girlfriend. After we settled at a table about midway back from the stage, she registered and was given a number.

    After the first few women wiggled and shimmied and wrapped themselves around the pole, each eventually getting down to a thong or lace panties or bikini bottom, her number was called. In her street clothes she went up on the stage and into the glow of the footlights, and waited while the MC introduced her with a fake name and backstory. Since she hadn’t planned on being a stripper that night, she wasn’t wearing layers of clothing to tease the audience with. True to her usual habit of shunning underwear, all she had on was a short thin dress.

    So, with only one garment to dispose of, she quickly whipped it over her head, handed it to the MC, and just stood there facing the crowd, naked. Full naked in less than a minute, with no build-up. The audience and the MC looked confused, and murmured back and forth, while she stood naked above them. She looked like she didn’t know what to do. This was a complete shift from what the earlier performers had done, and judging from the whispering and then the silence, the audience was stunned. She just stood there in the darkened room, the only light was the warm glow of her nakedness. For a while she nervously tried talking, stumbling over her words and looking to the MC for direction. No help there. After the initial moments of unprotected full-frontal, she placed one arm across her breasts and the other hand over her brazenly exposed shaved sex, and convinced the audience how nervous and embarrassed she felt. She told them to forget the made-up name they’d just heard, and gave her real name and age and profession, including her PhD in engineering, and pointed me out as her boyfriend. I thought she looked glorious up there, and felt proud to be claimed by her. A spotlight found me, and I blew her a kiss. The punters hooted and razzed as she answered by timidly lifting a breast in my direction. But she was still attempting to cover her bits with her hands.

    In response to some crude catcalls she dropped her arms to once again fully expose herself. Standing there, wearing only a few small bits of jewelry, heels, and her eyeglasses, she now faced the audience front-and-center at the edge of the stage, and let them again take in the full view of her bare breasts, now erect nipples, and the intimate folds of her sex. But it still looked like she didn’t know what to do. At first I felt sorry for her that she was up there alone without a clue, but soon I realized she was playing the innocent virgin, which she sensed might appeal to the crowd. So, she really did know what she was doing!

    Explaining that she might feel more comfortable if she faced away, she demurely turned to show her backside. Suddenly she spread her ass! Then, smiling and winking over her shoulder and completely disregarding the music, she spread her legs and bent at the waist to give them a view of her cute little anus and the rear view of her genitals. Each time she did that the crowd cheered and threw large bills onto the stage. There was no hiding the view right into the depths of her sex, and her wetness was very apparent. Some coarser members of the audience loudly pointed out the juices running down between her legs. She responded by playing at wiping away the wetness then licking her fingers, which drove the audience crazy again.

    Moving around clumsily to the music, she gave evidence that she wasn’t much of a dancer. She apologised for that, saying she had spent too much time at university and never learned to dance properly. She talked them through some yoga poses that involved lying back with her bottom in the air and doing leg splits, and now her juices were trickling out of her upraised vagina and onto her inverted abdomen and chest. She let on that she still didn’t know what to do, and the audience seemed to not know what to make of this totally unprofessional and uninhibited display. But they went wild each time she awkwardly moved into another pose or position, and kept applauding and throwing more tip money onto the stage. She went over to the pole and rubbed her clit against it, leaving a visible slick there. Reading her face and nipples, I could tell she was trying to hold off an orgasm and at the same time enjoying pleasuring herself.

    When her time was up, she took a few deep bows, turning around to give more views of her bare underside, then bent over to scoop up the piles of tip money. She took the time to let her breasts swing and jiggle, and to give more views of her ass. She rose, then descended the steps to get down from the stage. I was waiting for her at the foot of the steps, and as she stepped down I, and probably everyone close by, became aware of the musky yet sweet scent of her wet sex. I escorted her as she shielded her nakedness with her hands, made her way through the cheering crowd to the restroom, then we made our way through the appreciative crowd again, looking for the MC to get her dress back. As we crisscrossed the room looking for the MC, I think everyone in the venue was treated to the smell of her sex. Many commented on it. We finally found the MC at a back corner table, where he offered the dress. Holding it in front of her body, she braved her way through the crowd, closely followed by me and the nimbus of her scent, to reach our table to sit with the dress draped loosely over her, with her bare bottom on my lap to watch the remaining contestants. I can tell you it was surreal walking through the crowd with this lovely naked woman at my side. Seated on me, she was still breathing hard from her own performance, so in the dimly-lit room I offered to give her some relief with my finger, but she said she wanted to hold off till we got home. So we sat and took in the rest of the acts. In the darkness, the lovely smell of her sex was sweet and pleasant.

    When the remaining contestants had all done their routines, it was time to annnounce the winner. She rose and turned toward the stage, leaving me with her dress. And with my lap soaked from her warm, wet, bare bottom! As she made her way back to the stage, the audience again went wild for her, and some crowded round for closer looks at her nakedness. Obviously, she had outdone all the others, so when she joined them on the stage, amid loud cheering she was awarded first place. She gave all the prize money and half her tips to the other women to share and said the rest would go to a charity. Some of the other women had put their street clothes back on, and the rest were in the underwear or bikinis they had stripped down to, but there was only one woman naked. She proudly stood there, erect nipples brazenly forward, legs apart so as to hide nothing. Looking at her up there, again I thought the eyeglasses, ear rings, and heels made her look even more naked. And the juices were still running down between her bare legs. My pants were a mess, but I wasn’t on display like she was.

    Before they were allowed to leave the stage each of the contestants had to stay a few minutes longer to endure some light-hearted ribbing from the MC and the staff. Of course, most of the fun was directed at my girlfriend. She had to stand there, still naked, while the audience laughed over the staff’s remarks about setting a new world record for fastest strip, only stripper they had to mop the floor after, and worst coordination with the music. Plus, she got razzed for distributing samples of a lovely new perfume, which they thought should be bottled and sold.

    She took the humor graciously, but was determined to have the last say: Before leaving the stage she faced the audience, smiled widely, then tipped her pelvis upward, placed fingers at the top of her slit and pulled her vulva up a bit, causing her clitoral hood to rise and spread apart, lifting her clit out and into plain view. Just for a brief moment, but long enough for many men, and quite a few women, to rush up and throw even more money at her feet. She left that money there for the other girls.

    The MC invited her to stay for the second set, but she said the only way she’d be able to manage another go was if he’d agree it was OK to orgasm on stage. He agreed, so we stayed. And she did.

  128. Bob Crane

    That happened to me with Peyton. She showed me her beautiful cock and balls and then made me get on my knees and show her friends what a good sucker I was. She came all over my face and I sucked her jizz and swallowed it like a champ. She was still hard enough to fuck me afterward and blow a second load deep inside of me.

  129. Donald Trump Donald Trump

    Donald J. Trump Quotes
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    Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won’t happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here.
    Donald Trump
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    As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big.
    Donald Trump
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    Show me someone without an ego, and I’ll show you a loser.
    Donald Trump
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    When you are wronged repeatedly, the worst thing you can do is continue taking it–fight back!
    Donald Trump
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    What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.
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    Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.
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    What’s the point of having great knowledge and keeping them all to yourself?
    Donald J. Trump, Why We Want You To Be Rich: Two Men, One Message
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    Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken.
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    I know words. I have the best words.
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  130. The Donald

    I saw Reign last night for some Billy Squire style action and she didn’t disappoint! When I finished she cleaned me up with a napkin and I told her I wanted to return the favor in spades. I reached down to remover her panties and she tried to protest. But I insisted and slowly pulled them down and pig sprung a beautiful 8 inch cock and balls. I asked her a question if she knew that Rein meant queen in French and she told me to shut the fuck up and suck her cock and balls. “Show me what a good cock sucker you are!” She said. So I sucked that cock like her balls were full of Cinnabon glaze and it turns out they were! She sprayed her hot cum all over my face and I sucked up the rest and swallowed every single last drop and then kissed her feet.

  131. Putin

    Rocco by great in the back do you mean her asshole or in the CR? Is she at Cadillac now?

  132. Rocco

    I have had some fun with with Summer she is great in the back, always aims to please and her tight ass smells like fresh strawberries, she is yummy.

  133. Nurse Racthed

    Hey Jack Nicholson were you able to get into Summer’s pretty pink panties and from there into her puckered little starfish?

  134. Little Rocket Man

    Anyone see a new girl called Samantha? How is she in the CR?

  135. Anal Buttcheeks

    Hey what’s that liquor store that Lux’s dad owns? What’s his name again? I wanna go ask him for permission to marry her before I pop the question in the cr.

  136. The Pillsbury Doughboy

    No fight at all! But she did give me a nasty yeast infection in the cr.

  137. Robert

    is Renesme still dancing She is my favorite Cute, cudly, wet and warm

  138. Summer Nights

    Summer loving had me a blast
    Summer loving happened so fast
    I met a girl crazy for me
    Met a boy cute as can be
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    Uh huh (doo doo)
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  139. Ralphie Richards

    This place is a total whore house and I love going here and luv blowing my loads and my cash. I pushed my finger in Summers butt hole and lightly touched her clit with my fingers, eliciting a quiet moan from her sexy mouth. Her hands clawed at the fabric on the couch as I slowly licked her pussy lips from top to bottom, before nestling into her sweet hole. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could, enveloping her entire cunt with my mouth. Her hands went from the couch to my head, running through my hair, urging me on. Reaching up, I gently spread her pussy lips and went to work on her clit, sucking and nibbling it with my lips. Summer took one of my hands and placed it at her pussy, obviously wanting more than a good licking. I took the hint and slid two more fingers into her as I flicked her clit with my tongue.

    She was tight. Tight and wet. As I worked my fingers in and out of her hot little cunt I probed my fingers in and out of her tight asshole, a thin trickle of fluid ran down my hand as I thrusted back and forth. Suddenly she pulled my hand away and brought it to her mouth. Her eyes burned into me as she put my wet anal juice covered fingers into her mouth and she sucked them clean, just as she had sucked my cock minutes earlier. I had never been more turned on in my life. I wanted this girl bad. I wanted all of her and she gave it all to me for only $500 bucks which was some of the best money I had ever spent.

  140. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    I have got a nice spring sausage for Summer and I am going to try and get in summers panties this weekend to verify this and I will see if she will let me in through the back door and for how much. I will report back with the latest intel next week my friends, wish me luck!

  141. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    Wondering if that is the real Big John from NYC, anyway Summer is a sexy cool queen bitch, there are a lot of very dirty little girls working at the caddy, Dick Shappy the owner likes to hire them that way, the dirtier and sluttier the better. Used to be lots of coke whore lady boy chicks with dicks working there and they like to do the bare back bj anal thing in the bathroom while doing lines. You can buy just about anything at this place 8balls LOL!!!

  142. Big John

    Summer is at Cadillac. She is DTF inside the club or OTC. I didn’t realize she does bareback anal!!! That is awesome!!!!! I can’t wait. Does she let you shoot your load into her hot pussy too?

  143. hungry man

    Do u think summer would let me unleash a huge hot beer piss up inside her rear end? I have been dying to try this out and just doesn’t work well if your wearing a condom.

  144. Corn Boy

    They all made me wear condoms when entering their corn hole except Summer, she let me bust a big one deep inside and it was warm wet and beautiful up in there. It actually made me fall for her big time, so I am now deeply in love with that girl.!!! if anyone can find her and actually gets to spend some quality time with her please treat her well cuz she is the best!

  145. Dell’s Lemonade

    When Emily, Reign, Summer and Lux gave up their corn holes for $150 did they make you wear a condom or no? I know Lil’ Emily and Reign are still here. Summer is at Cadillac right? Is her name Summer there? Is Lux at Foxy now? Is she Lux there? What’s with her new porn name “Tommy King”??? Lux loves getting her starfish fucked!!! That’s how she cums.

  146. Corn Boy

    Cornhole (slang)
    For other uses, see Cornhole (disambiguation).
    Cornhole (sometimes corn hole) is a sexual slang vulgarism for the anus.[1] The term came into use in the 1910s in the United States.[2] Its verb form, to cornhole, which came into use in the ’30s, means ‘to have anal sex’.[2][3]
    Connotations and variants
    The term is apparently derived “from the practice in the days of the outhouse of using dried corn cobs for toilet paper.”[4][5]
    By the middle of the 20th century, the term was used among American criminals.[6] According to a 1944 report on male-male prison rape, the term had taken on a more specific meaning of taking the penetrative role in anal sex.[7] It was also popularized in part through use in gay culture.[8][9]
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  147. Bill Jones

    Emily, Reign, Summer and Lux have all given me their corn holes for 150$ price range and it was always a great value. Now day’s these bitches are asking for 300-500 so what the fuck is going on with these cray prices shit is getting out of control at this place.

  148. Respect

    My boyfriend wants to pee on my face in the shower. What does this mean? Is this normal?
    There are people who enjoy this kind of ‘play’ as part of their sex life. It is not abnormal, but it’s also not something you’ll run into every day. It’s often referred to as ‘golden showers’. For those who enjoy it, it’s harmless enough. For those who don’t it can seem repugnant. Takes all kinds to make a world. If you don’t want him to pee on your face or any other part of you, then you must say so very clearly. Sex play has to be consensual for both partners, not just one of you.
    If he tries to do it anyway, that is extremely disrespectful, to say the very least. I would be looking for a new boyfriend if that happened.

  149. Piss on me

    Why are some people into pee? Why not? I think pee can be as sexual and sensual as cum. Pee comes from/through your partner’s genitals, I think that’s pretty hot. I met a nice woman that wanted to be drank – she needed a male toilet. I obliged – she mounted my face correctly and started pissing in my mouth and just kept going till she was done! I drank every drop, cleaned her up and went back to sleep very happy and satisfied. But we broke up – my idea. Why? She was damn near COVERED IN TATS – I just am not having that.

  150. piss hole

    Have you ever let a man piss all over you and like it?
    I absolutely love being urinated on. Even the phrase arouses me. I don’t know if it’s suppose to be degraded or just kinky fun. The shame of being degraded is stimulating on it’s own. I’ve done both n it feels good to spray piss all over a guy but I like to be sprayed. And the best golden showers are the surprise ones. Like when I’m all relaxed on the couch and u need to take a leak then come pour it on me then walk away and go about your business. Treat me like a urinal I swallow and love it when a man pisses inside my pussy lol it literally is amazing.

  151. Dell’s Lemonade

    Sam can pee on my face and in my mouth if she wants.she is so fucking hot.

  152. Ben Dover

    Who keeps deleting posts on here?

  153. Dicky Dirty Dog

    I happen to like the dirty skanky girls Rosie included, they are more fun and playful and try harder to earn your cash! So fuck all of you haters everyone always rippin on these girls. At least I can get my dick wet when I come here to play and all u dudes are always complaining like wtf are u looking for ?? supermodels and u spend your cash and get nothin in return WTF value is that? and by the way I fucked Rosie many times front and back and her pussy does not stink it smells just fine.

  154. Peter the Great

    Rosie’s M. O. is to promise extras but ask for payment upfront. She will take every penny you have and then pressure you to give her more in Venmo. THEN what will she do? Jack squat!!!!!! The pig won’t even take off her filthy fucking moldy panties and won’t put out at all. But why would anyone want to? She’s a fucking pig.

  155. Vladimir Pootin

    Is that where most of the caca is from?
    Is this because in capitalist society there is competition so she is paid more for better shit or she offers cheap prices for poor shit?

  156. HR

    Stop hiring truck stop ghetto sluts over there! Go back to hiring college coeds!

    If someone is harassing Rosie they need to get their eyes checked.

  157. Rosie’s Mark

    You’re married to that pig fucker? She’s a 2 bit hustler.

  158. PissedOff

    To all these people talk shit about my wife on this fucking board and that she is fucking half the bar is incorrect and not true…I still want to know why my wife and a lot of the other entertainers, that told my wife we are being bothered by one of staff keeps bugging her to go out . They have already brought the problem to the Management attention absolutely nothing has been done this is Sexual Harassment. Other complaints by this guy and the entertainers and waitresses told my wife Rosie that she is a whore. If something is not done immediately I will legally and me and my associates will take care of it. From what I was told he is a predator and preys on girls weakness and gives the girls a hard time if they do not go out with him. I will make it a point and bring this matter public with all the girls and take the matter in my 0wn hands thank you.

  159. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    The club use to be really upscale. Not that I am prejudice or anything but it is full of Latin Whores now. Lots of the girl are from Brazil now, that doesn’t like to dance at all. They rather go to the private room and get laid or give blow jobs. Most of them don’t even use condoms for either services. The door guy can get you anything that you want. Dancers if you are looking for upscale don’t go here. Lots of pimp girls too. There’s potential money but you have to hustle and game your ass off.

  160. Robert De Niro

    Rosie gives a huge big dick discount.

  161. JJ Watson JJ Watson

    If any of u bitches at the club have a sorry mans at home who cant give u the big dick hit me up cuz im working like yal and getting that money and if you look good im a give you the big dick discount for my services. I ride it hard and long and strong fo my sistas.

  162. Robert De Niro

    He said he wanted higher quality creampies. Not you. You dirty tattooed rip-off artist! Go back to the ghetto!

  163. Rosie

    You can cream pie any one of my stink holes. I require payment up front. Cash and Venmo.

  164. Hostess Cupcakes

    Is Gina different from Lexi the Anal Princess?

  165. Chris

    Gina you’re so hot please marry me please. I will give you all of my money transfer my bank accounts and title to my stock portfolio and will buy you a new car of your choice, and I will even throw my shit bag wife outta the fucking house if you come live with me.

  166. Gina Mathews Gina Mathews

    I am in California for the month Babe, I remember and miss you big daddy $$$…Hit me up and I will cum visit you soon xoxo Gina…

    My love of anal started when I was 19 and exploring on my own. I found I loved the sensation of playing with the opening of my ass hole which then progressed to inserting a lubed finger in there. Over time I explored more from two fingers up to sex toys. After a few months I bought my first butt plug to help in opening up my tight bum. Just the feeling of pushing the plug into my bum was enough to get me going and turn me on immensely. After a couple of months exploring on my own I had built up to being able to insert and fuck myself with a variety of my sex toys. There was nothing more I would love than inserting a sex toy in both holes and then rubbing my clit to a furious wet orgasm.

    From then I was desperate to know what it was like to be fucked in the ass with a real cock and eventually a lad I was seeing agreed to fuck me in the but one night. After some heavy foreplay I took the lube out and lubed my ass and his cock. With a bit of difficulty and fumbling he finally managed to get the head of his cock inside my tight bumhole doggy style. It hurt in the same way as when I pushed any type of toy or butt plug in my hole in that I still enjoyed it. I had taken bigger toys in my backdoor but everything had always been with me in control. Now having a cock actually fuck me in there was a different ball game and I loved it straight away. The motion of someone pushing past that outer ring and then fucking deep inside my ass was something I was about to become addicted to. Unfortunately for this lad the tightness and excitement of fucking my ass meant he shot his load very quickly but even the feeling of cum in my ass was a new found turn on.

  167. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    I am looking for Gina the Anal Queen of Providence, she used to work here then she moved to foxy’s then worked at the Cadillac Lounge. This girl definitely gets around. Just trying to chase her down as I desperately miss her, I have a bulge in my pants as she is always on my mind.

  168. Bubba Jones

    This place is a full blow whore house and the entire police force is on the payroll.

  169. Me


  170. Hostess Cupcakes

    Emily and Reign both allow creampies now. Former dancers like Peyton, Summer and Lux aka Tommy King allow them too. Lux offers anal cream pies

  171. Mr. Creampie

    Any other creampie friendly girls here besides Rosie, Tara and Fiona. Hoping to find a little higher talent that will allow creampie.

  172. Abel

    I’m bringing my big ten inch penis in tonight for and dancers who wanna see it.

  173. Mrs. Putin aka Donald Trump

    Vladimir my Dear,

    I used to have Russian Summer pee on my face and in my mouth here. Do you know where she is now? I need pee.

    Your catcher,


  174. High Volume Voluptuous Vixen

    We need more cocks! We need more balls! Come on let’s go! Poste haste! We need cum and we need it bad!

  175. High Volume Voluptuous Vixen

    We need scrumptious cocks. We need big soft balls. Please. Bring them in TODAY and all week long. I’m begging you! We need cum!

  176. Vladimir Pootin

    Can someone update me on the current caca situation?
    Some of our best agents come from Providence.

  177. Cree-Mee

    Bringing my big ten inch in right now!!!

  178. Cree-Mee

    You desire Reign.

  179. Limp Dick

    There’s no desire to be had here

  180. Paulie Walnuts

    Hey what is the club open today? I got nowhere’s ta go, nowhere ta be. It’s just me and the ghosts following me around.

  181. Facebook

    I need to get my chili whacked. Is this joint open tomorrow?

  182. Feech LaManna

    I like feet too.

  183. FF

    I have a foot fetish. Who has the nicest feet here? They must be clean and odor free.

  184. Michael Moore

    Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes has guys fucking his eye hole in prison because he thinks it isn’t gay.

  185. Rosie

    All this week hire me for 15 minutes in the CR or more and I’ll take out my glass eye and give you a wink job!

  186. Reign

    Discounts on extras between now and Christmas Eve!

  187. Eddie VH

    I hear that krystal was scared away by caca guy
    He gave her a turkey on Thanksgiving, but the stuffing wasn’t breadcrumbs…

  188. Krystal

    I’m here Meester Providence cum n get mee!!! Cum inside Krystal’s cave!

  189. Dr. Now

    Jerk that penis whip it around gonna lick that shaft and suck it up and down. Lick lick lick lick lickity lick. Lick suck lick fuck suckity suck!

  190. Mr providence

    Does krystal still work here?

  191. Mr providence

    I wish krystal would come back too. She was one of the all time best Dancers here

  192. Eddie M

    She’s just a dirty girl… give her a whirl… when you’re sucking on a dick and you lick a hairy clit she’s a dirty girl… give her a whirl…

  193. Eddie M

    I kissed Rosie and I have herpes simplex 10 now. Fuck you Rosie!

  194. Andy Travis

    I think what the club needs is to switch the musical format from tired old rap and autotune to rock and roll. I have a dj from New Orleans I want to bring up here.

  195. Herb Tarlek

    Here there’s a possibility of death by boredom

  196. Steely Dan

    Hot Rod you can whip your cock out when Rosie Rip-Off is on stage.

  197. Hot Rod

    I am a bit short on funds due to the holidays.
    Is it ok if I stroke off in my chair to the stageshow?

  198. Anonymous

    I would like to put some vasiline in the asshole of novaline

  199. Chuck Berry

    From what I’ve seen, Novaline is one of these hustlers looking for fresh meat every night. She doesn’t put out at all so she doesn’t usually get repeat business. She just sits there with her panties on and talks.

  200. Lil’ Douchebag

    How’d she taste?

  201. jimmyjam

    I was really drunk one night and paid her 200$ and she let me lick her box and I put my tongue up her ass.

  202. Lil’ Douchebag

    Hey does Novaline ever put out at all? Will she let me put her feet in my mouth or lick her bunghole?

  203. Big John stud

    Fiona is oral and pussy for sale

  204. Benny

    Fiona will trade for things she needs. She let the oil man raw dog her starfish for filling up her tank in the winter.

  205. billydean

    Yo thanks for the intel I love a dirty girl that does the raw. Will Fionna take it in the backdoor, cuz I love dat fresh cornhole, or we talking only oral or she just sellin that pussy?

  206. Big John stud

    Miss Krystal wish she would return. Great time in vip booth for $$ plus the house fee. Had a great time either her and Tiffany but it cost a little more then I’m used to spending but worth it because Tiffany is next level hot.

  207. Big John stud

    Miss Krystal wish she would return. Great time in vip booth for $$ plus the house fee

  208. Big John stud

    Fiona is not the hottest but provides the most raw service in the place. The things that others won’t do she will for a reasonable fee

  209. Bored John

    What’s the deal with Novaline? She looks soooooooooo good! But is she still a big nothingburger in the CR? No panties off? No touching? Her just talking?

  210. lady lust

    She was ready to be fucked, but I had other plans. I had her sit back on the leather couch and snaked my way down between her legs. Her silky white thong panties were right in front of my face, and I marveled at the wet spot right in the front of them. I leaned in and dabbed my tongue to the fabric, tasting her and soaking in her juices. Her smell was intoxicating – so sweet and delicious. I pulled her thong back, exposing her pussy. Tara moaned as I examined her – lips tan outside and bright pink inside. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. Her swollen lips were engorged and shining from her leaky slit. The closer I came to her pussy, the harder her breathing became. She wanted my tongue in her. I fulfilled her pleas and licked the undersides of her lips. Tara pushed her hips against me, forcing my tongue deep inside her wet walls and making me tongue fuck her. I held her hips tightly, pinning her to the couch. Tara’s moans of pleasure increased the speed of my fucking. She flowed precum all over my face. I was a mess, my lips and cheeks stained with her glazed juices. I knew she was close to cumming. She begged me to set her free – to make her cum. But I stopped, looking up at her and smiling. I wanted more.

  211. love it

    Tara unzipped my pants and then enthusiastically pulled them down to my ankles, taking my boxers with them. Her stare was captivating – those blue eyes piercing into my body and soul. She returned her attention to my cock and grabbed it excitedly. This girl was on a mission. Her eyes lit up as she squeezed my member, and a clear glob of precum formed at my slit. She followed its path as it leaked down my tip and dribbled down the shaft. The tip of her tongue touched the clear fluid; and as she pulled it away, a glazed line of precum joined my cock and her tongue. My eyes got big as in one swift motion, she put my entire cock in her mouth. She slurped my warm fluid as her mouth clenched and sucked me. I couldn’t help but wiggle as I felt my tip push deep into her throat. Tara really was amazing at giving head. She bobbed up and down on my shaft and then pulled me out, leaving only my tip inside her. With her hand, she jerked me off. Warm sensations continued filling my body. It felt so good to have her give me a hand job and blow job at the same time. No girl had ever done this to me before. I felt I could cum any minute. Tara stopped this, pulling me out of her wet mouth.

  212. Fast Eddie from Miami

    Hey Billy what’s your mom’s name?

  213. Billy

    My mom has worked at this club for the past few years and a few of my high school friends found out about it so the assholes that they are, they went down to the club used a fake id and had a few drinks and dances and then paid 300 bucks to fuck her. They even took a few sneak pics on their phone. Now they are running around my high school showing these photos to other people and telling everyone how they fucked her and she is a whore at club desire. I don’t appreciate this at all in fact I hate this place as its been ruining my life…I cant wait to get out of this town.

  214. DJT, Jr.

    Hey Charlie I know you like ladyboys. Does Rosie have a penis? If yes is it fully functional? How many inches? How big are her balls?

  215. Charlie Sheen

    I had a good experience with her too. She blew me bareback even though I told her I have the AIDS. I gave her the Rolex that trump gave me as payment which she readily took. It’s a fake not even worth $50. So now she has my HIV/AIDS juice in her beer gut and trumps fake watch.

  216. Anonymous

    What’s the point of having undercover police here if they never arrest anyone? By the way I scored with Rosie too! She took out her glass eye and gave me a wink job! She charged me like $400 but I pickpocketed her afterward and got my money back and an additional $1110!

  217. J Donovan

    I actually had a good experience with Rosie but she charged me way too much. After a lot of pressure I finally got her to give me head. She took out her dentures and gave me a gum job.

  218. Joao in East Providence

    Bolsonaro lost!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Bolsonaro you dirty fucking pig!!! And fuck anyone who voted for him!

  219. Billy Bob Billy Bob

    I love it when they wanna try and ride and grind on me and I can sit back and chill let them do the work.. This place is all packed up with the under cover popo but u can hit it in this place for real.

  220. Festus

    Does anyone know of Lexi the Anal Princess is still at Foxy?

  221. Festus

    Just woke up in the club! I fell asleep in one of the booths after one of the dancers bled my lizard tonight. Can’t figure out how ta get out of here without setting alarms off and shit. Does anyone know where the entrance to underneath the stage is? I heard a couple of the girls live underneath it. Reign and another one maybe? Wanna git me some third shift luvin’!

  222. Gene Simmons

    Lots of delicious pussies and cunts here tonight!

  223. Robert Kraft

    I called her. She sounds dirty as all fuck!!! Barely speaks English and sounds drunk or high.

  224. Billy Bob Billy Bob

    You and Me Today…..
    I’m from Europe, I’m like travel, always in good mood.

    don’t be shy, come and introduce with me

    500 incall (one Beautiful session) No rush u can fuck me as long as u like until u bust







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    126 Lb


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  225. Rosie’s father

    You’re going to suck my dick and you’re going to suck it right now!

  226. Rodney Dangerfield

    There goes the neighborhood!

  227. Big Ben

    Yeah you really sound legit. The content on here is truly sublime. We write insightful articles, reviews and editorials that elevate the art of hustling to a new level.

  228. Rosie Rip-Off

    I’m lactating. Come and get me and my silicone milk. Oh and I have Covid too but don’t worry.

  229. Tony Montana

    I have steel in my balls. Will that set off the metal detectors?

  230. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    These bitches are huge and nasty…just the way i like it!! I love these nasty dirty fat huge bitches!! I love the dirty slutty whores! YESSSSSSSSS! We loved the private dances with the ‘happy ending’. 🙂 These cheap dirty sluts worked hard for my dollar. I spent all my rent money on these whores. Oh yeah, and all of my newborn’s diaper and formula money went to these fat bitches but it was totally worth it. We loved the nasty stretch marks and pimples!! Our wives are way hotter than these hoes but we love this shit!! Who cares that our wives were home taking care of our new babies. We’re disgusting nasty police officers that love to cheat with dirty whores and treat our wives like shit! I just wish we went there on quarter night so we could’ve thrown quarters at these fat whores and watched them bounce off their fat rolls!! The whole dam place is filled with the corrupt providence police department and these pigs get to fuck the whores and eat and drink at this place for free.

  231. Ray

    I wish she was as hot as the heifer in this video! She had fake udders. Do any of you guys have women you recommend who won’t rob me?

  232. Management

    Rosie will do that for you for $750 and your Venmo password. But we are suspending her because of all the complaints. For the next three months she is only allowed to do CR’s with Indian guys and biker gangs and she has to address all men in the club as Master.

  233. Vato chocho

    I’d like to find a girl that would sllap me across the face throw me on the floor urinate on me while she pulls on my pathetic little weenie and smothers me with her soiled panties

  234. Bill spanksalot

    You can pay Rosie take her into the back room tell her you like to spank girls on their ass and when she bends over your knee u slip a finger up in her dirty little hole…she likes it like that

  235. Homie

    For all you people that are afraid to post comments because you think you have to drop your real email address you can put any made up fictitious email address and the post goes through so you don’t have to be worried that it’s going to track back to you somehow u can speak the truth and all is anonymous, word is born!!

  236. Zozo

    Rub some fetnyl up in her dirty pussy and see what happens

  237. Seamen

    She is a big fat dirty pig with a dirty smelly Twatt she’s a cock sucking whore sorry you got ripped off if you got the balls get your revenge… just like they do it in the joint respect!!!

  238. Pachanga

    Fuck that cow she can suck my dick! You hear that pig?

  239. Lalin Miasso

    I didn’t do 5 years of a 30 year stint in Attica to come here and get ripped off man. How the hell is this Rosie chick allowed to roam free here, chew her cud and rip people off? I kept my mouth shut to protect Rolando Rivas and this is how I get rewarded???

  240. Lindsey Buckingham

    Make sure you tip the guys manning the CR. Some of them like Matt are cool, honest dudes. Imagine the drama and crap they have to deal with with some of these girls and some of the clowns that come in on certain nights?

  241. Michael Cohen

    I was in the other night and Reign offered to “squirt” for me. Squirt is mostly pee. Who’s having to clean up this shit?

  242. Herpe the Love Bug

    Yeah her mouth and cunt have seen a lot of traffic. More cocks everyday than trains going in and out of Providence Station.

  243. Billy Bob Billy Bob

    this place is a straight up brothel, cops are on the payroll and hang here all the time. They also fuck these dirty skanks and eat and drink at this place for free, so can u imagine how many dicks Rosie gets in a week? Of course her pussy is gonna stink.

  244. Billy Bob Billy Bob

    I would be willing to stick in her Rosie fat ass because that hole is probably much cleaner then her stank pussy.

  245. Ernie

    Any recommendations for girls who are worth seeing here and going into the cr with? Looking for women who smell nice and aren’t covered in tattoos. Natural breasts is a plus. Someone who may or may not do extras but is worth the money and won’t rip me off.

  246. Nick the Pig

    I was doing some work in the club sweeping for bugs and I saw her pee standing up! That might explain her keeping her panties on and not following through on promises that she’s DTF.

  247. Andy G from Mayberry

    I’m gonna do a CR with Rosie and whip my cock out and start jerking off. When she tries to say something I’ll tell her to shut the fuck up. Then I’ll cum all over her and leave without filling her a dime.

  248. Andy G from Mayberry

    I’m coming up from North Carolina for a work conference tonight and tomorrow. Are there any other con hoe’s like Rosie that I need to watch out for?

  249. Frank Lopez

    Don’t be so hard on Rosie. She has to hustle the shit out of customers to feed her drug habit, her baby and her pimp. She also has to pay off her implants. Thanks to her bilking Ray the other night, the has now paid off the bill for one tit.

  250. Rosie’s Pimp, Sheldon

    RIL is a Regular in Love. What is a PL though?

  251. Nurse Ratched

    What is an RIL?

  252. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    Strip Clubs are like other business in that they have a concern for repeat business, which can be lost if customers feel they are not being treated fairly and don’t return and give the Strip Club a bad review warning others no to go there.
    Some strippers however think extra money immediately is worth the risk of being called out for cheating or loss of business in the long term.
    With customers having almost no recourse when treated unfairly, strippers can rip off pretty much anyone they want, either overcharging, or promising the moon and not delivering, or giving an air dance when full contact and extras was agreed.
    A combination of little chances of getting punished with a desire to maximize profits, and some strippers have good reason to cheat customers. “charging more or providing less quantity or quality is good business, all else equal,” they think.
    However those strippers don’t go ripping off every customer. Some get exactly what they pay for, at the going “market rate”.
    They have to make the decision of how to maximize the money and minimize the time and effort, and select who they thing they can take advantage off and get away with it.
    So who do strippers rip off and why?
    1. First-timers, tourists and irregular customers:
    Regulars and repeat customers are a source of stability in a unpredictable business, some strippers recognize the benefit of regulars and dealt fairly with them. Non regular PL don’t have that going for them, though, so some strippers often cheat customers that are unlikely to become regulars, securing a short-term benefit when a long-term one probably won’t materialize. If a not regular customer don’t spends a lot he probably is not going to get as much as a regular might.
    2. Customers who ask for more/extras but don’t want to pay more or don’t have the money:
    Teasing them but given nothing extra is a way to offset the hassle of having to negotiate with them, and as a motivation to bring more money next time.
    3. Customers who don’t know the prices:
    Frequent targets because they don’t even notice they’re getting cheated. That’s free money, with little or no risk, unless the customer suddenly wises up.
    4. Timid customers (Soft targets):
    Some customers just take what the strippers give them. They’re unwilling or unable to do anything about being mistreated, so some strippers will worry less about losing repeat business and instead focus on the immediate profits that can be gained risk-free.
    5. “Wrongdoers” / “Offenders”
    Not all rip-offs are financially motivated. Some are retaliation for a stripper that fells she has been offended. If a stripper has a customer that she feels she treats fairly, but the customer repeatedly complains that he was being “cheated”. She might toke offense and “get even” by doing exactly what she was being accused of.
    6. Regulars In Love / Infatuated Addicts:
    The more-desperate “customers” are the RILs they are the group of PL most likely to be cheated because their “love/infatuation/addiction” puts them in a poor position to bargain or complain, even when they’re mistreated.
    Some strippers see cheating RILs as a strike against the “lowest of the low” on behalf of their group because some RILs have to rob, steal and do all kinds of things to get money for their “Strip Club addiction”
    These are some ways to avoid being ripped off by strippers that engage in their own kind of deceptive business practices
    (1) Portray yourself to the stripper as likely to buy more dances or a private/champagne room if satisfied.
    (2) Buy dances from the same stripper on a regular basis as long as you feel she provides the level of mileage that “makes you happy”.
    (3) Become acquainted with the strippers to the greatest degree possible.” to make her feel more comfortable.
    (4) Pay the dollar amount specified by the strippers; As long as you know is marked rate and you are convinced is a fair price, do not bargain, and tip well if the “service” is “excellent”.
    (5) Be informed about the going market rate: price per dance of a particular kind, extras of any kind and full service ITC and OTC.
    (6) Do not ever offend the stripper: No need for drama if a stripper is not your type or does give you a good dance, be a gentleman say thanks and move on.
    (7) Present yourself as willing to take your business elsewhere: Let her know one way or another that you value service, punctuality, sincerity and follow a two strikes and you are out policy.
    (8) Do not become an Regular In Love: Do not fall in love or lust with an stripper. Remember as far as you know, she is having sex for free with her husband/boyfriend/pimp/or other customers she likes and she is using the money you pay her to buy things for them.

    Please let us know about your adventures in the Happiest Places on Earth; Strip Clubs with Dream Strippers.

  253. Hector Salamanca

    Q. Do you think Rosie is a con artist?

    A. Ding! (Yes)

    Q. Do you think Rosie is worth even $25 for a lap dance?

    A. Ding! Ding! (No)

  254. El Mayo

    Don’t send her here gringo we don’t want her. Some of our capos in Providence used her pantyhose for a heist and passed out before they even made it into the getaway van. They were found lifeless with her hose over their heads the next day by the river with their eyes wide open.

  255. Hector the Toad

    I feel badly for your friend for getting ripped off like that. Get him some glasses though because she is not that hot. He might have dodged a bullet by her keeping her panties on though. You would have been soaking any body parts of yours in tomato juice that touched her snatch for a week to try and get the stink out. The club needs to steer away from that kind of 304. She shouldn’t be allowed to work there. It’s a regulars club that has had some great women over the years. They don’t need this crap.

  256. Jojo

    Years ago I put exlax liquid drops in a strippers drink because she ripped me off. She actually shit herself when she went up onstage it was hilarious. People were like what the fuck, she was so embarrassed she had to go work at another club.

  257. RobertoColumbo

    she used to suck dicks at the modeling studio next to wonderland but they kicked her to the curb, I don’t even think she could get a job at the local glory hole, bookstore, she’s is a stank bitch someone should poison that bitch drop some roofies in her drink and sell her to the cartel so she wakes up in a brothel in Mexico.

  258. BobbyBlack

    I agree rip off Rosie is a dirty whore with an even dirtier stank pussy. Management should fire that bitch. Your better off she didn’t take off her panties cuz last time I fingered her twat and my fingers stunk like rotten fish for days even after I washed them numerous times with soap and warm water. This place is a total whore house, much better choices here than dirt bag Rosie.

  259. Ray

    Good idea on the IRS George. Rosie should be working at one of those dank places next to Wonderland. Either at the fake lingerie place or the bullpen sucking gay cocks. She will never last here.

  260. George Sheffield, Esq.

    What’s her real name? Your buddy should turn her in to the IRS and get his money back in a whistleblower reward.

  261. Tony Montana

    Fuck that cockaroach! There are a lot of women here more attractive than her and who won’t rip you off like that. I’m looking around here and I see Reign,Toby, Sam, Maria, Alice, Rosie rip off, Alex – a really hot & young brunette with long hair, Louisa, Alanna, Chelsea, Corinna, Jezel… and some slightly chubby redhead I see that I like. No one needs to deal with her bullshit.

  262. Ray

    Watch the fuck out for Rip-off Rosie!!!!!!! I was kind of out of it tonight after a long day of driving and she ripped me off BIG TIME!!! Fucking 30 minute CR and she conned me out of hundreds more with promise that she was going to “finish me off”. Not only did she not do that, she tried getting me to Venmo her even more money and then didn’t even take her filthy fucking panties. I would have had a better time with the mountain men in The Deliverance than with this cunt with bolt-in’s. Fuck you Rosie! I’m paying my witch doctor to curse your dirty ass!

  263. Cartman

    Just making sure everyone is ok and seeing if anyone needs any provisions. Still trying to get a status check on the midget. That former dancer Elena can’t move her arms from too much cocaine use too so we need to make sure she’s ok… hard for her to swim.

  264. Oprah Winfrey

    Who are your favorites girls who work here who do porn or Only Fans? Remember Lux? I think she is at Foxy Lady now but is also doing porn as Tommy King. Her porn is actually pretty convincing that she is enjoying herself. I saw Lexi doing it on Only Fans too as Lexi the Anal Princess.

  265. Kimberly-Clarke Corporation

    All we know is Reign has single-handedly increased profits for us with our Kleenex brand by 287% in southern New England.

  266. Danny DeVito

    Look for the one that who’s permanently slack-jawed!

  267. Tommy DeVito

    Who gives the best head in this joint?

  268. Missionary Man

    I’m cumming in today and I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. Harry

    I heard all the no-extras girls are now giving extras. And all the first base girls are allowing doubles and triples!

  270. Lloyd C

    Does Peyton have money pox? Just checking because I was gonna hire her to escort me to Water Fire and aa dinner at the Capital Grill.

  271. Sea Bass

    For manly love be in the stall in the mens room tomorrow at 2:15 pm sharp!

  272. Junkyard Willie

    I’m going to get my chilli whacked by a baby doll. The day shift here has all the fixins!

  273. Eric Trump

    Reign is so fucking hot!!! Those titties! She’s so sexy that if I pulled off her panties and a cock sprung out I would eagerly suck her cock and balls and spray her cum all over my face and swallow the rest of it and then let her fuck my ass.

  274. Rudolph Valentino

    There is a second and third floor. The elevator is by where the guy is who checks people in at the door. The second floor has bigger rooms that are more private. Guys definitely bring in more that one girl in their for private orgies but I don’t know about some kind of big thing involving everyone. That said, Providence has an active swingers scene where that does happen.

  275. JoeyRocker

    Can anyone tell me if this is the club that had the orgy room going on 2nd floor and if its not here please advise as to where that club was and if there still in business.

  276. Rudolph Valentino


    Sorry to hear your dad’s gay little club was raided tonight. Hopefully he ends up with a nice big bull queer in prison to protect him. They’re gonna love that big white mushy butt of his!

  277. Eric Trump

    These women don’t care about us. I overheard one who’s been here a while making fun of us tonight. All they care about is hustling money out of us. That’s it.

  278. Rudolph Valentino

    I don’t think it’s allowed here but has anyone ever gotten a cr with the house mom or with one of the bartenders or cocktail waitresses? There’s a really hot bartender I want and the house mom is kind of sexy too. I want to see their feet and their boobies and stuff.

  279. Jimmy Johnson

    Has anyone ever heard of a the soviet steamroll??
    this is when a man positions a woman on her knees, face down, ass in the “up” position, anally inserts an open (preferably higher end) vodka bottle in her ass, then inserts his penis into vagina and places one foot on the back of said woman’s neck. this technique has been dubbed, “the soviet steamroller”

  280. dirty Larry

    wow youre really sick I thought what the hell is a russian steam roll so I googled it and this is what i found. Russian Steamroll is when you defecate on someone chest during intercourse. Dude you remember that hot girl from the bar she thought it was funny to give me a russian steamroller it smelt so bad.

  281. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    Those russian bitches are so hot. I would let summer pee on me and drop a Russian steam roll on my chest.

  282. Benny Hill

    Mr. Trump you might like Summer because she’s Russian! No accent though as she grew up here. I suspect that she would pee on you too since we know you like that. She might be like 22 years older than your favorite age range though.

  283. Donald Trump Donald Trump

    I agree with Valentino I also would like to find this girl Summer and stick my tongue up her ass for about a half an hour and then pump her hole with the beef stick until she squeals like a pig…

  284. Rudolph Valentino

    Does anyone know where Summer is now? After reading all of this I am dying to tongue fuck Summer’s tight little starfish again. Also is Lux or Tommy King still at Foxy? I’d like to tongue fuck her asshole too.

  285. Buddy

    Look if she is good with it and enjoys then do it, just ensure she is clean prior to rubbing your tongue in her ass. My wife loves me to lick her ass, and then slide a finger in her ass feel around inside of her.

  286. Buttbutter

    Guys like eating girl’s butts! So the butthole is the centrepiece, it’s filled with nerve endings, and it’s also a usable hole 

    I have encountered more girls who enjoy getting their assholes eaten and licked than girls who don’t.

  287. Stripperpussy

    I should have also added: full mouth (i.e real) kissing itself is relatively common in clubs, i’ve previously put the number at somewhere between maybe 5 to 10% (for first time customers in VIP private and/or high spending situations with random dancers) – all the way up to 50% or more with dancers and customers in longer term “relationships” Some of the (often no extras type) hottest girls in a club will often times engage in this, sometimes with only select customers.

    However in regards to oral sex on dancers, the only ones (approx 3 to 4) I have personal experience in clulbs with – that also offered this, were also offering full service so obviously they are not “no extras” type dancers.

    I assume you are not counting as oral sex where a dancer stands facing you on for example a couch or chair and encourages you ur lets you do a very limited form of it on her. that wouldn’t count really.

  288. Asseater

    I would love to eat summers asshole. Me being a military man whos been all over the world, I’ve gotten to eat multiple associates and pussies of every single race . For the most part, all taste and smell the same, but from my personal experiences the Latina girls have the sweetest juiciest pussies ever and I mean that. There’s nothing I love more than to find a beautiful Spanish girl and straight up ravish her pussy with my tongue and drink her juices like my life depends on it. Makes me wish I had married one when I had the chances, but I was too obsessed with finding more and more pussy every single day.

  289. Rudolph Valentino

    Lux aka Tommy King and Summer used to do stuff like that. Summer would make you eat her asshole.

  290. Freakshow

    I wanna find a girl that can bitch slap me spit in my face throw me on the floor and bang me with a strap on dildo. Force me to drink her urine as I eat her dirty snatch and this is what turns me on so does that mean I’m a bit of a freak and does anyone think I could find a girl here that can satisfy me in such a manner.

  291. Rudolph Valentino

    Man! The daytimes here are the best kept secret in Providence! Great supply of sultry dames aiming to please and not too many men either. I mean it’s hardly dead in here but just a great ration and really relaxed atmosphere.

  292. Rudolph Valentino

    Emily raw dogged me tonight!!!!!!!! It was amazing! Don’t know if she is on birth control. Don’t care.

  293. Benny Hill

    Reign told me I have a beautiful cock and nice soft juicy balls.

  294. richie

    This place is an acquired taste and isn’t for everyone. Stage dances are boring and there are no cabarets. The way dances work here is also wierd. You usually sit with the dancer, chat and then go for a dance. Sort of like a date you pay for, but without sex. If you’re the type who wants dances with a variety of girls this isn’t your place. If you want to spend a lot of time and money with one girl; pretend you’re dating; or find one special dancer to spend money on then this place is it. Having said this I hold Gerard in great respect as one of the few strip club owners who understands the concept of hospitality. For me this is a great place to have a few cocktails, but I prefer the variety of CF.

  295. scammers

    Bottle service in general is designed for two types of people: fools and guys who get off on conspicuous consumption. If you fall into one of these categories, do yourself a favor and watch them open the bottle. This is true of any bar, titty or otherwise, but since distractions abound at the strip club, it is far easier to get slipped subpar alcohol when you’re watching the pole.

  296. jojo

    I REALLY don’t get the negative reviews. I’ve only ben here in the afternoon when talent/guest ratio is high, but this is without a doubt the best club I’ve ever been in. Mostly Brazilian hotties. a few 6’s and 7’s, but 9’s and 10’s also. LD services are CRAZY. Yes, I’ve noticed some of the cattiness, but that’s what happens when you’ve got a room full of semi-clothed girls hustling for tips.

  297. Benny Hill

    What the hell is VT guy talking about? Nude room? What nude room?

  298. Rudolph Valentino

    Be careful of scammers. My buddy tonight asked for two topless dances. The dancer took off her panties too though and charged him the extra dough. Of course he should have said something but it’s hard to tell a hot chick to put her panties back on. Unless you have a foot fetish and you want to start with her feet.

  299. Rudolph Valentino

    Can we send Emily to a Russian hypnotist? If she quit smoking she’d be perfect! I want Reign to smoke my pole.

  300. Ana LeGasse

    I came, I saw, I farted.

  301. dirt boy

    Rudy I love the truck stop gutter sluts, we need these girls as well, not just the hotties, otherwise I would have no were to put my dirty smelly dick.

  302. Rudolph Valentino

    Well it depends on the girls you select. There are some delicious young hotties here. But there are some stinky ones too who are covered in tattoos and smell like cigarettes or weed. So yeah there are some boner of the months here but also some truck stop gutter sluts.

  303. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    if the girls here cant get your dick hard then u need to buy some Viagra.

  304. Rudolph Valentino

    I tried pulling Reign’s tampon string. It went “ding! ding! ding!” and I won a free milking with a Russian ending!

  305. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    This one is a real firecracker if you know what I mean, beautiful face and nice big ripe ass you can hump her all night long. I think I am in love and wanna share her with you boys. Call or email her she wont disappoint. 1 917 280 4995

    FemaleAge:27Ethnicity:Latino/HispanicHair Color:BrunetteEye Color:GreenAffiliation:IndependentAvailable To:MenAvailability:Incall / OutcallCONTACT DETAILS 1 917 280 4995

    Oh, Angie, don’t you weep
    All your kisses still taste sweet
    I hate that sadness in your eyes
    But Angie, Angie
    Ain’t it time we said goodbye?

  306. Billy Bob Billy Bob

    So who is the best cum dump in the area, I am a real sex pig and I like my women dirty and nasty.

  307. Rudolph Valentino

    Hey is Reign’s period over yet?

  308. Rudolph Valentino

    Mr. Trump I fully concur with you on sweet Emily’s little ass. I want to get my tongue in there. I think she might be a tad too old for you though. I know you like them young… like 13. But Emily is at least in her twenties and is a single mom I believe too.

  309. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    Hey Valentino, I’m not just talking about my wife, I’m talking about my LIFE, I can’t seem to get that through to you. I’m not just talking about one person, I’m talking about everybody. I’m talking about form. I’m talking about content. I’m talking about interrelationships. I’m talking about God, the devil, Hell, Heaven. Do you understand…?????????

  310. Donald Trump Donald Trump

    I would like to eat Emily’s ass, I bet she tastes like cotton candy.

  311. Rudolph Valentino

    Reign will let you eat her out and will “squirt” for you too… ie pee.

    How far does Emily go?

  312. richie rich richie rich

    I was doing a session with Reign and spending good money with her she got up in my face real close with her pussy and I saw a tampon string hanging off to the side of her G-string and I was like thinking wtf girl ur putting ur nasty stank period pussy in my face, u got no shame girl. U need to bee taking a day off, she’s a ruthless bitch.

  313. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    Emily has a cute little face and a beautiful tushy. I want to spend some time with her in private. What are her rates>? How much do I have to spend to get lucky with her ?

  314. JJ Watson JJ Watson

    I agree Emily is a beautiful girl, I love it when she rides up and down on my big black pipe.

  315. Rudolph Valentino

    Was gonna go have Reign work me tonight but then I saw Emily and couldn’t resist that cute little face and sweet little ass of hers. What a cutie pie! Anyone else enjoy her in the CR?

  316. skibum

    Mudslide in the valley! Must try those slopes!

  317. Rudolph Valentino

    I was just thinking of one instance where a favorite bent over and nearly knocked me out cuz she was dirty in the ass all of a sudden. Sometimes the girls who get physical on the stage get stinky afterward too.

  318. Stinkylove

    You talking about showers for the girls or for the customers. I’ve seen guys wash their dicks in the bathroom sink. I’m sure the girls have a way to clean their vaginitis and or if they stink from previous customers you would expect them to be able to clean themselves somehow. Some of these girls go all night and get with 10-20 customers and they don’t wash until they get home. Some don’t even do that hence the term dirty girls and some guys love all that dirt and grime. New a guy loved the smell of stank pussy all over himself would smell his finger’s for hours and not wash his fuckiing hands like a sick fuck would offer others to smell his fingers lol.

  319. Rudolph Valentino

    It says they have showers here. They don’t. But they should. Not fun on the occasion you get a dirty ass in your face. A lot of clubs surprisingly don’t have them.

  320. PervDollas

    Yo RIGUY what’s the action like at Fantasies? I like them naughty girls that aim to please>>>

  321. Rudolph Valentino

    Now is the time for all extras before trumps Supreme Court picks make abortion illegal in all fifty states. Although heck I wouldn’t mind knocking up some of the hotties in here.

  322. skibum

    I blow snow every time I hit a pair of moguls here!

  323. RIGUY

    Fantasies is better

  324. Sabrina Latina Sabrina Latina

    Hello Rudolph if you have some money and a nice big juicy dick you can cum and play with me.

  325. Rudolph Valentino

    Yeah I done figured dat out. Reign has taken like thousands of my heirs away and then just tosses them in a tissue into the waste basket. She don’t care none neither.

  326. Jojodancer

    Did y’all niggas figure this shit out yet? These bitches want all ur money, they’ll eat your children if u let them.

  327. PervDollas

    I agree Sam is so beautiful, soo hot I love it when she bends over in my face during a dance. I wish I could afford to eat my dinner between her legs every night.

  328. Rudolph Valentino

    Sam isn’t known as an extras girl but is well worth it in the cr in my opinion. At least she’s not like that hot Uruguayan girl- I forget her name- starts with an N- who literally does nothing at all. If you want someone who will do anything then she’s probably not the right girl for you. But they have those too here.

  329. skibum

    This place is an acquired taste and isn’t for everyone. Stage dances are boring and there are no cabarets. The way dances work here is also weird. You usually sit with the dancer, chat and then go for a dance. Sort of like a date you pay for, but without sex. If you’re the type who wants dances with a variety of girls this isn’t your place. If you want to spend a lot of time and money with one girl; pretend you’re dating; or find one special dancer to spend money on then this place is it. Having said this I hold Gerard in great respect as one of the few strip club owners who understands the concept of hospitality. For me this is a great place to have a few cocktails, but I prefer the variety of CF. Would also like to state that Iris moving to Florida is a tragic loss for this club. She might be the finest dancer I have met in 30 years.

  330. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    Yes I remember this place, I didn’t know it was still open. How is the action here these days since the covid BS is hopefully now behind us.

  331. GuruJames

    Sam is hot but does she have an extras menu? Many of the hotties here are very stuck up and they think their shit don’t stink, they wanna grab the money and run. I prefer the dirty girls that know how to satisfy a real man.

  332. Rudolph Valentino

    Some nice dames here y’all! Sam is the hottest one!

  333. Riguy


  334. skibum

    This place is an acquired taste and isn’t for everyone. Stage dances are boring and there are no cabarets. The way dances work here is also wierd. You usually sit with the dancer, chat and then go for a dance. Sort of like a date you pay for, but without sex. If you’re the type who wants dances with a variety of girls this isn’t your place. If you want to spend a lot of time and money with one girl; pretend you’re dating; or find one special dancer to spend money on then this place is it. Having said this I hold Gerard in great respect as one of the few strip club owners who understands the concept of hospitality. For me this is a great place to have a few cocktails, but I prefer the variety of CF. Would also like to state that Iris moving to Florida is a tragic loss for this club. She might be the finest dancer I have met in 30 years.

  335. Dick
  336. Richie

    Dump city

  337. RI
  338. MyKee

    What happened to this place? Used to be good.

  339. Mike
  340. Dude

    The construction around the club is finally over, and this club is located just below the elevated new intersection of I-95 & I-195. There’s a pretty large parking lot in front of the place, and there’s also valet parking available…dunno why you’d pay for that since the parking is free otherwise. The new entrance is located just off the parking lot, and the elevator that goes up to the members-only “Lust Gentlemen’s Club” upstairs is in the new foyer right next to where the bouncer is at the main door. The cover charge was $10, and drinks started at around $5. I got a private lap dance in a closed cubicle from a short, short-haired, local blond dancer with fake breasts (one was kind of messed up) that had recently come over from working at the local Fox Lady. The charge was $130/20 mins, and there was plenty of all-nude, mutual, all over touching for the entire time. The first $30 goes to the club, and the other $100 charge was the “minimum” payment made directly to the dancer. It looked as if the club had added more fully-closeable cubicles for LDs at the expense of their Champagne Room, and the cubicles were much more secluded than the last time that I was here. Stage dancing is topless in the main room, but you may see a peek at a bit more…especially at the smaller satellite stage at the very back of the club. The girls here were very varied in terms of looks and ethnicity. There were a ton of dancers and customers at this place, but the hustle factor was pretty low. I had my dancer give me the low-down on the upstairs, more upscale club (“Lust”). The membership fee is currently $300 there, but they give you a club drink/food card that’s worth $240 right after you sign up. There’s no limit on how long you have to spend that amount of money, but you can’t use the card for LDs at all! The same dancers from Desire circulate upstairs at Lust, but there is apparently no stage dancing upstairs. The LD rooms are apparently much larger upstairs & contain a couch with a TV. There’s apparently “fine dining” available at Lust as well, and the the third floor (Lust is located across the 2 upper floors of the building) has a smoking area where you can partake in a Hookah if you’d like.

  341. Ghetto
  342. thomas

    isnt this a fag club

  343. stripclubman

    beautiful woman, great atmosphere, love this place , always a good time here.

  344. dej
  345. FDNYC
  346. willy
  347. Pp
  348. Newcomer

    I was in Providence on business and I took a friends advice to visit Club Desire. Got there early Thursday night and saw a variety of hot women, got a free drink from the manager and a wow private dance from a curvey blonde. Great place!

  349. Dana

    By far one of the best clubs I’ve been to, laid back atmosphere, beautiful dancers…. always have a great time when I’m there

  350. TomBrady

    This is the best club in Providence in my opinion. They usually have a fair number of girls next door here… ie young women without tattoos, cigarettes or implants. That’s what I want. Tattooed truck stop gutter sluts are a dime a dozen. The staff here are mostly great people who are really nice to the customers. This is a regulars club where you can develop a relationship with the women you prefer the most an tailor your experience a bit to what you want. Not all of the women are perfect but there are usually a fair number that are high quality Grade A. Scammers here usually don’t last long. Very couples friendly. I counted 18 couples here one night. women love this place.

  351. Deacon

    I’ve been visiting these clubs for a long time and I’ve never found one as friendly and hospitable as this one. The staff is great. The bartenders are cute. The girls are a variety of every shape and ethnicity. Hat’s off to Club Desire!

  352. Donewiththisplace

    Just stopped by this club for the first time in about a year. I tipped the dancers on stage , chatted with a dancer I’ve gotten a bunch of dances with in the past, and was watching the game when another dancer came over and started talking to me. Within 3 minutes asked me if I wanted a dance and I said no. She accused me of wasting her time and told me I was a freeloader. She then came back five minutes later and threatened to have “her boys” kick my ass. Because apparently stepping foot inside that club means I owe this one dancer specifically.

    Fuck this place and their shitty dancers. Woinderland, Foxy, or even Wild Zebra are better,

  353. Carlos

    All girls do extras. Hook up with that guy Chris and slip him a couple $$ he will give you the right girl for what you gave him. Still cheaper at Cheaters and now they are cleaning up and alot of Desire Ladies have STD. Yes ask me!

  354. OldGuy

    Went in on Thursday. Saw a variety of dancers of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and energy level. Many were parked at the bar with guys but many were roaming the area and some were standing in front of the DJ Booth which says, I’m available. If you want attention, you have to make the first move as very few girls do the “Wanna dance” duty. The booths for individual song s are small but private. Bigger booths available for 15 minute increments with more privacy. Private club upstairs for members is swanky with ultra private CR’s.
    Staff was friendly and drink card gives you $25 for $20. Hard to complain.


    best strip club around, pretty girls, claen club , buffet daily no cover till 8pm , friendly, courteous staff day and night. more of a relaxed atmosphere then the other clubs, you always feel welcome here at desires.

  356. mr macho

    the stage is a joke.not redy for the big time.girls are not too bad. smells like ass in here. oh forgot. use to be gay club

  357. Greg
  358. Boston Irish

    Nice place

  359. Frank

    Best talent in Providence.

  360. Faloughi

    Wendy is the BEST barmaid!

  361. asdf
  362. Scott
  363. Adriel F.

    Hands down the best quality strip club I’ve ever been too. Being a military guy, I’ve traveled a lot and have seen many strip clubs and this one hands down has the highest quality in women. If you considering coming here, stop considering and just go. You won’t regret it. Cheap dances, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, and cheap drinks

  364. cuminmypants

    caught the end of the day and beginning of the night shifts. Audrina got me started during the day and Scarlett finished me off. Hadn’t been here in a long time and now I think I’m going to move in:)

  365. Luke

    Tyler is gorgeous!!!!

  366. cruiser

    This club changed. It was only OK before and now it sucks.

  367. chip
  368. Stew

    I came in, was not happy with the girls. None of them were attractive. Most were fat and cranky. I tried a lapdance in the booth…needless to say it was the laziest, sloppiest dance I have ever gotten, then she offered to do another. I left. The girls do not get nude, and are rude when you turn them down. Bartenders were great though, and the drinks were good. I dont think Ill be back.

  369. Raffanelli Kerrie

    Very pretty dancers that’s about it though ? Upstairs

    room is nice but then just don’t treat ppl right ?

    ESPECIALLY THE Bartenders !!! Nicolette is a JOKE ? Hit a

    fuckin pole ot a tree or some stupid shit ? For treatment

    other WAAAAAY BETTER CLUBS IN RI, and I hate strip clubs !!!

    Except this one, but BAD outweighs the good !! See U girls

    back at Fantasy

  370. Jo

    First off you dont have a waitress coming to you to take a drink order, you have to walk up to the bar and wait. Secondly, we went on a Sunday night so maybe the caliber of the girls wasn’t up to par with the busy nights. I’m a girl and when I walked in the men working instantly bombarded me begging me to work here. I found out why when I walked in. All of the girls were very unattractive and do not get fully nude unless you pay $45 for a lap dance which is for 5 minutes. This is the worst price arrangement I have ever seen. If the girls aren’t 35+ with bad boob jobs, they are young and quite overweight, look miserable, and don’t take their bottoms off (it’s at the dancer’s discretion). There was one girl whoever who had a lot of talent on the pole and she hung from bars on the ceiling which was very neat to watch. I’m a big spender at strip clubs, I drop $70-$100 a visit which is a lot of money for me. I walked out only spending $3 for the whole time, because I truly saw the talent in the girl doing all the tricks, but come on, $45 for a lap dance that only lasts 5 minutes? Miserable looking girls, don’t go here if you want to see quality chicks or you will be upset!

  371. Boring


  372. Playr6969

    I used to be a Cadillac regular. I came here for the 1st time in 2 years, as it used to be all dancers just hung with regulars and if you weren’t you got ignored. The place has the best variety of girls, out number Caddy by 2 to 1 and much better looking and hotter. The girls could still be friendlier , especially when the place is not crazy in day time. But I had fun with a girl named Maria, very hot Spanish girl and very easy to talk with. The place is clean and has a good vibe. I got to watch football and hot women for hours. I will be making this my new regular place!

  373. beany

    Great Club

  374. felixnada

    The place was very average. The dances are overpriced, especially considering what you get in other clubs for same price. There were some really old dancers as well. There are far better options in Providence.

  375. Mr k

    This is a five star club across the board. Best club in providence by a landslide . Met alot of great dancers here over the years including Amanda and Sam. No such thing as a bad visit here.

  376. me

    outdoor patio saves this place

  377. Secret Agent Man

    The club trys to promote itself as “upscale” I did not find this to be the case in terms of the overall atmosphere or the quality of the ladies. The layout of the club is poor at best, drinks were lousy and the services were very high in comparison to other clubs in the area

  378. 69WongWay

    A decent club. Well known to cater to regulars. A bit too many ratty tattooed chicks but they tend to also have a few girls next door on hand so worth going to. It has gotten a little bit iffy though with the clientele in my opinion. It used to be a good couples club but not sure it is anymore.

  379. Mistercap12

    Terrible! I sat there sipping a scotch and the girls walked by like I was invisible. Not one girl approached me. The drinks were reasonably price and no cover. Don’t waste your time unless you want to just go to a bar and watch the dancers.

  380. DesiresFan

    This club I believe is the best in Rhode Island. Anytime I go in there, there is always a girl to pick from. I must have had tons of privates from so many different girls. Gia and Selena are two of the most beautiful dancers I’ve ever seen in my strip club ventures and believe me I’ve been going to RI strip clubs for quite awhile. Keep up the good work. 😀

  381. Easton

    What happened to the boards? Do you have to register now? I think it’s a good thing if so, one person used to post 50X a day.

  382. zVMKXBLvtDayD


  383. Miami Meat

    Much better atmosphere and prices than Cheaters. Great private dance from Mercedes — she’s the best

  384. legMan

    Very surprised at the number of couples and women at this club on a Friday night. Watching women getting a lap dance was pretty hot. I recommend the private dance room.

  385. Traveller
  386. Happy Dancer here!

    I just started here, and I already feel at home, so many talented and beautiful girls. The customers are nice, and the drinks…you all should try Gerards new Harvest Martini…I don’t drink and I think its awesome!!! The nude room is stunning. Come and see it guys!

  387. adamrod

    MEH..Big TIME.Seriously. How hard is it to enjoy boobies? Truth is: not really that hard at all. But I’d at-least like to see more than one girl actually do some pole work. The girls are alright, the best one of the night that I saw was a suicide girl who literally jumped on the pole and worked it so hard she made up for all the girls who were literally just walking circles.Come on… put a little effort into what you are doing sheesh. Save yourself the hassle and try one of the 15 other places within walking distance.

  388. joel
  389. Vanessa

    That is BS about Vanessa she was as sweet as pie and I never heard of her

    ripping off anyone at the Caddy. I think you meant the Vanessa with the fake


  390. TK
  391. steve

    the club is great but watch out for dancer named daytona she is crazy lies tring to sue me shes money hunggy and she makes the club look cheap remember guys stay away from daytona

  392. Jackbenimble

    Had a great time with my buddies
    Place is clean and friendly…no FRIENDLY

  393. Harry
  394. Eric Orabona

    Strippers names

  395. JohnnyB

    Some of the girls are the best in the state.

  396. ralph

    no commnt

  397. Dirty


  398. manny sousa

    over rated, over priced , to small inside. Shootings in the parking lot. much better places.

  399. Kid


  400. Ron

    Been doing the strip club scene in Providence since Jackie O was on stage at the old Fantasies. The club is clean and friendly. The “talent quotient” is high with a wide variety of girls. The “friction factor” varies from girl to girl. Everyone has their own boundaries but the fun is finding.

  401. Tony
  402. JG
  403. larry
  404. Small

    Small club, waste of time.

  405. RJ

    Please do not go this club. Not even one penny worth, no touching at all for lap dance…30 $ ones….when you go for 45 $ nude lap dance also not worth..little touch. Going to rhode island strip clubs is for full service kind of you it’s completely different.

  406. daddy mak

    every couple of weeks i go to this site and it’s always the same people running off at the mouth about the same shit. try something different instead of going to the site to start shit over the computer terminals. talk about the club, don’t rant about irrelevant shit

  407. Massguy

    The clubs in Mass can’t compete. This place has great hospitality, great talent, great atmosphere and great service. The variety of girls provide someone for every taste in women. I’ve never left here disappointed!

  408. Jughead

    Why did they ban me from posting?

  409. BBking

    Went to this club Sunday night, there was no action at all. Only saw about four girls in there. It is a boring place. Definitely overrated!

  410. R.J.

    Some good talent here and there. Not always a good stripper to customer ratio.

    They really stick to their regulars. The club is a little small. Bartenders are good.

    15 minute booths are a great place for some extras.

  411. B

    Need more big boobies

  412. vvvvvv
  413. bobby

    its great

  414. larry1

    Complete and utter bull crap. Wouldn’t let us in because we’re women. Sexist AF. Unfriendly, unprofessional, absolutely terrible door staff. Had already spoke to the VIP coordinator prior to our arrival and we were still denied entry.

  415. Fernando
  416. oldtimer

    This club was good for a while. I don’t know what happened here.

  417. Sparky

    This was the first club I’ve been to in RI since the state went to “Touching allowed”, and I dont think I’d try another. No cover til 8pm – even on a Saturday. Sometimes the girls are unapproachable, but they are getting better. go on a week night to get the most attention.

    My only beefs which by no means are show-stoppers are: 1) non-alcoholic drinks are just as expensive if not more expensive than beer. If a light-weight wants to pace them selves so they can stay longer, it should not coast as much. 2) The amt of touching depends on the girl. I am not sure if the difference is paying for a topless vs the nude, but there is a difference. Go for a $20-30 “test drive” before dropping 120 for a private booth.

  418. Tink

    This place has gone downhill

  419. name


  420. jack

    some of the dancers are friendly and attractive, stage is way too small, a negative is that management doesn’t provide information to customers by phone if a girl is dancing that day. When the B team is working at least you have something to munch on (food).

  421. King Muscle
  422. Paul
  423. I agree

    Wendy is the best. They have a great crew here, but Wendy has always been my favorite. Nice lady.

  424. jim
  425. Code

    Place sucks

  426. Amber

    I am here to let you all know that Desires is the #1 hot spot in Prov. This place rocks.The girls the dances every things about this club is hats off hard ons rocken hot. I love it.

  427. SJB

    It was awesome

  428. Link


  429. jj

    this place is declining all the pretty girls have left

  430. Phil


  431. eddyL

    I have never been to this place before, I most likely wont go back.The cover was 10$ that’s not to bad in strip joint terms. Once I got inside I ordered one coke, it cost 5$ and it came in a very small goblet, filled with ice and about two mouthfuls of coke, def a rip off.The girls were cute, not the usual run of the mill with huge fake boobs and loads of tats. But, they never spoke to me once, they collected tips if you sat at the stage, but never approached me for a lap dance or anything else.All in all, it was very expensive and not much fun.

  432. Sceret Lovers

    This place is great.Lots of sexy women.No nagging whores bottom grubbing for money.It is nice to be able to sit around with pretty girls and not be hounded for cash. Keep up the good work lady.

  433. whocares

    No idea what has happened to this place, but its off my list

  434. garrad

    they owner is a flaming a-hole ..give him a dime bag and he will be ur friend for life .. and he finally got caught for tapping the bartender for 2 yrs now …good

  435. Jones

    Nice people, meaning the dancers and workers, but way too small, not enough girls, too many “regulars”, very expensive for the CR.

  436. Rob
  437. wow

    This place fell off



  439. Faker

    This place has as many HOT girls as any other club in Providence.
    The Private Dances are PRIVATE and for $140 there is 15 minutes of fun, fun, FUN!
    The staff treats you like a long lost brother.
    Typically there are 20 to 30 girls in the afternoons Tuesday to Friday and 30 to 40 at night
    This place has a variety of women where everyone should find someone to their liking.
    No cover till 8
    Buy a $20 silver card and get $25 dollars in drinks ( And the mgr passes out yellow cards for a free one)
    Free lunch daily or you can order veggies, dip and shrimp.
    It’s like a neighborhood bar that happens to have good looking young women walking around almost naked
    DJ plays what the girls like

  440. mass guy4

    best club in new england, pretty girls everywhere i love this place always a good time, outpatio with a bar great atmosphere , i highly recommend.

  441. Rude

    Extremely rude staff

  442. Tyrone

    Good but not great

  443. Dee

    What the hell happened to this place?

  444. Assholes

    This Club is full of assholes

  445. y
  446. skier

    If anyone has ever been to a really good Italian Restaurant, you’ll meet a front person like Gerard. He makes you feel welcome. Its not just the free shot every hour; or the free drinks he buys regulars; its his coming by to say hello, shake hands and ask if you’re having a good time. He lets you know that you’re business is appreciated. He is unique among owners and as sad as it is to admit this I have been to about 600 strip clubs in 3 counntries and 33 states.

  447. Goonie
  448. Beckett

    Comfortable place

  449. Cheechie bean

    I was there for a bachelor party on April – 12th ,and meet beutiful summer she was amazing had a great time with her. , would love to meet up with her again what nite and times is she there

  450. JustDontCare

    The club was fun and relaxing. Enjoyed the atmosphere, and the girls. Drinks were fairly priced and dance prices are equal to other clubs. The only problem I felt this club has, not enough dancers to customers. The ratio is off balance. I was there on a Friday night and way too many guys and not enough girls. You have to fight for the dancers attention.

  451. hrm annoyed.

    To that last rating…what a joke. One shooting unrelated to the club is no reason to not to come. Way worse things have happened at other clubs and not made the news…this only got attention from desperate reporters looking to hype up a “story” by making it resemble something like what happened at the Foxy Lady NB. It was all but forgotten as soon as it happened. Clean club, roomy if you get around to actually using the club, attractive, personable girls. Free hourly drinks, and free lunch? Whats not to like. Stick to your shithole haunts, and we’ll just keep it classy and fun here.

  452. Brian

    This place sucked!! I’ve been to a lot of clubs in my day in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and hands down this is the worst place ever. The atmosphere sucked, there was only 1 girl on stage at a time, and they don’t take the bottoms off. If I go to a club I want to feel like i’m at a club – at this place I felt like I was in a dingy friend’s basement and we just ordered a stripper for a few hours.

    I will give this club some credit and say that the talent was evident. There are some attractive females, but they didn’t make up for everything else sucking. What the hell kind of a strip club is it if the girls don’t actually strip off all their clothes – that should include bottoms. If I only wanted to see tits I would look at my own. Lastly we went on a hot summer night – would it kill them to put the AC on!!

    Don’t go here – Fantasies might be a little more ghetto and the girls may not be as attractive, but at least they get totally naked.

  453. Kyle
  454. uncomfortable

    place sucks

  455. Nate Dogg

    Went and they had a couple of girls that should be out of the business by now… Big turn off

  456. Frozen in New England
  457. ez of boston

    I go to the club to relax, catch the game, talk to a pretty girl and maybe a dance or two. This club provides the best laid back atmosphere of any club in Providence.

  458. J
  459. l8
  460. DonaldTrump

    Let’s make this place great again !!!

  461. Fluffy painter

    Great club that caters to regulars. Mix of girls for anyones tastes. Club Lust has great food and is a smooth atmosphere.

  462. Eddy

    This place is the best in Prov. Nice girls – no skanks – good take.

  463. EXWohPGajMATyY


  464. Ted

    I always see messages on the main page talking about Gerard and wonder what’s the difference who the owner is. After finally getting to the club, I understand what the difference is. This club is cleaner than most.The staff (bartenders and bouncers) are friendlier than most. Dancers are friendly without being pushy ( “No, thank you.” gets a polite “Maybe another time”). And the #1 reason you go to a club is, of course, the girls. A variety of women that is sure to please. This will be my spot from now on.

  465. soldier

    place sucks little stage. girls ok

  466. nIebfjdpnqHuIAUOvKm


  467. New to RI

    Tried several clubs over past couple of weeks and none were as relaxed and comfortable as Desire. Girls are good looking but not pushy. Staff is friendly. Seem to be a lot of “regulars” that know the staff, the girls and each other. Dances and booth was worth the dough. Maybe next time I’ll try the champagne room.

  468. dj
  469. Kane

    Asshole city

  470. ouch!
  471. Gossamer
  472. Ant the Scant
  473. sc
  474. charles
  475. sean

    Unbelievably hot, sexy ,and friendly ladies.Private sessions are what guys dream about .Do not miss it.

  476. Steve C

    Poor management and hostile staff

  477. Mike hazard

    Awesome! Got too see a few girls I already knew from a previous club. Cleo still works nights at Cadillac. Don’t mind seeing her twice in 1 day:)

  478. Anon
  479. fuckery12

    I really, really wanted to like this place, I truly did, but I just can’t find myself to bring the rating any higher than a 2. I just had one bad experience after the other. 1. We went with another friend couple and the boys went upstairs to play pool while we stood at the stage tipping the girls and having a good time. After about 5 minutes of being alone a bouncer comes up and taps us on the shoulder and tells us we need to be escorted or we’ll be thrown out. We explain that her boyfriend is a VIP here and they’re just upstairs playing pool, but still no dice. I even asked if it would be ok if we stood down here if they came down and verified they were with us. Nope. Sorry girls on stage, we had more money to give you, but apparently because we have vaginas we’re not allowed to.2. AFTER the boys came down, I was just hugging my boyfriend and I literally KISSED HIM ON THE CHEEK and the same bouncer came over all pissed off and told us we can’t do that here, that it’s not “one of those clubs.” Ok, I would understand if I was choking on his tongue, but a quick kiss on the cheek? Give me a break.3. My margarita was weak, and I mean O’Douls style weak. All I tasted was salt and the mix. I even had the others try it and they gave the same look of disbelief. You would think that would be enough of a warning, but our friend ordered a Jack and Coke and received Nothing and Coke. For $8+ a drink that’s served in a glass the size of a rocks glass, I felt like I got kissed on the cheek while being .. messed with… in the butt.Sorry Desire….. you left everything but.

  480. NuNTbHnFLZLRZ


  481. Kirby

    No cover at 5pm on a Saturday. Kinda a pain to get to with the 95 construction

  482. Haver
  483. clubber

    My favorite in RI.

  484. Desire Fan
  485. teachr

    Best club in RI

  486. Alen

    If you’re looking for bad tit jobs and junkies this is the place to go..

  487. Santa


  488. Dontrelle


  489. DocErotica

    Desire is located just a mile or so down Allens Av..from Cheaters, but the two clubs are substantially different in character. The physical dimensions of Desire are relatively small and the layout is straightforward, consisting of one fairly open space, with a full bar, a rather small stage (with a pole), and a variety of seats, including some stools at the stage rail for tippers and chair/table combinations between the stage and the bar. The seating is comfortable and the facility is neat and clean. There are lots of mirrors, resulting in a room that feels larger than it actually is. The men’s room was clean and functional but the ladies’ room was undergoing some reconstruction.

    The corps of dancers during the time I was at the club consisted of about ten young ladies. Overall, the physical appearance of the dancers here is much better than at Cheaters, but mainly because none of the dancers at Desire (among those I observed) were less than about 7 on a scale of 1-10. None were 10’s (in my opinion), however, and only a couple were 9’s. So the difference between the quality of the dancers at Desire vs. Cheaters is not that there are more gorgeous ones at Desire, but mainly that there are far fewer at the low end of the scale.

    Desire has a relaxed, gentlemanly atmosphere. The dancers mix with the clientele between their calls to the stage but aren’t pushy about asking for private dances or VIP booth time. I tried to line up the dancer I found most attractive for some booth activity. She promised to come back to let me know but then didn’t. After forty-five minutes of waiting, I tracked her down in order to finalize the conversation, and she indicated she had forgot because a couple of her regulars came in. I had asked her for something specific and she added, “I don’t do that sort of thing,” which she certainly could have indicated forty-five minutes earlier, leaving me opportunity to try to line up another dancer. In any case, there was only one other of interest to me. Now, granted, this was my first time at this club and most clubs give their best treatment to their regulars, but shabby treatment of first-timers also pretty much ensures that they will never become regulars.

    Here’s my overall comparison among four leading RI strip clubs (CF = Club Fantasies; CL = Cadillac Lounge; CT = Cheaters; D = Desire)

    Cleanliness/Classiness of Facility: 1. CL, 2. D, 3. CF, 4. CT (distant 4th)

    Conduciveness of Layout of Facility for Observing Dancers: 1. CL, 2. D, 3. CF, 4. CT

    Most Dancers above 7 in appearance: 1. CL, 2. CF, 3. D, 4. CT

    Fewest Dancers below 7 in appearance: 1. D, 2. CL, 3. CF, 4. CT (distant 4th)

    Quality of Dancing: 1. CL (much higher than for the other RI clubs but way below Platinum Plus in Portand, Maine), 2/3. D and CT, 4. CF

    Most Potential for Touching: 1 CT, 2. CF, 3/4 D and CL

    Pussy Views: 1. CT; 2. CF; 3. D; 4 CL

    Most Potential for “Extras” on Premises: 1. CT (way more than the others), 2. CF, 3/4 CL and D

    Value for Cover Charge: 1. CL (one charge; no separate nude zone); 2. D; 3. CF (have to pay two separate cover charges to get most of the opportunity); 4. CT (nude room offers little added value but you have to pay the cover into it to use the booths)

    Private Dance Value: 1. CT (most dancers permit lots of touching); 2. CF (amount of touching varies with dancer but nude dance cost is an exorbitant $60); 3 D; 4. CL (little touching and short duration for $30). You can do better tipping stage dancers $2 at D and CL than buying private dances.

    Booth/VIP Value: 1. CT; 2. CF; 3. D; 4. CL. Too little added benefit at either D or CL.

    Summary: CL for eye-candy and entertaining dancing; D for eye-candy and relaxation; CF for booth time with nudity and low/mid level contact; CT for high contact and extras

  490. bob
  491. Stephen
  492. eddie

    desire has lost some of its best dancers, management wont disclose via phone if someone is working (so why drive a distance if you are not sure if your favorite girl is working)

    club is way too small, girls are are 3 out of 10 and over perfumed, club is difficult to get to, little privacy in lap dance area and chamgpagne room is way over priced.

  493. MJ


  494. joe
  495. hippie


  496. Carl
  497. William

    Went this past weekend with a buddy. Girls were so friendly and easy to get along with. The bartenders are great especially Wendy. Staff is professional and arguably better then other clubs around. We were looking for a new club to visit since the Foxy Lady is going down hill and this place seems like the one.

  498. John

    This was my first time coming to Desires and I loved everything about it. There is no need to go anywhere else.

  499. Come on man

    That shit can happen at any club.You know that,so stop your whining you millennial

  500. Redhead Vamp

    Club Desire is located on the corner of the notorious Allens Ave, home to Cheaters and Balloons. But alas, Desire is much different. My boyfriend and I went here on a friday night a few months ago for my 21st birthday celebration. Desire is a small, but relaxing place, which is what seems to be what it’s main reputation is that exactly: more relaxing that other strip clubs. That’s because the girls are very friendly but not at all into pushing every patron they see immediately into a private dance. The girls are also extremely attractive, and I only saw one or two that were out of shape. The cover is free before (gasp) 8PM, unlike the usual 6PM. There is also a free buffet prior to 8, and the food that I tried wasn’t bad at all. The only gripe I have about this joint is the drinks. They are overpriced…but than again, I’m talking about a strip club, not a hole in the wall bar here, so I guess the price is inevitable. There is a main stage and a side stage, neither of which are very elevated, not to say that’s bad. The main stage has a pole, though I only saw one dancer actually loop herself up and down it. Not that’s neccessarily a bad thing, either, as it seemed more of the dancers would give the tippers their turns on having their faces being smothered by their bosoms. What I think I liked most about this place is the lighting, as it wasn’t a dark, dank mystery like the places down the street. Well, that’s my review and I’m sticking to it. Desire is a nice place for relaxation, attractive women who aren’t constantly coming up to you and asking “wanna dance?” before even saying “hello,” and to talk to some friendly faces.

  501. Tom

    My basement is bigger than this place. I wont be coming back

  502. ronnie

    I expected so much more.

  503. QBWAtjwgWEzDUmjy


  504. Zeke

    Any club that has Leanni dance in it is a 10

  505. MassGuy

    My favorite spot in RI

  506. eric

    take the bachelor here. you will never laugh harder

  507. Brian P.

    It’s a strip club, what do you want me to say?I spent way too much money, paid eight dollars for a beer, and saw lots of big fake boobies.

  508. tm
  509. 66impala
  510. VT guy

    I went back to this club recently and had a great time! They’ve changed the “nude room” a tad, and it looks very wide open and tasteful…the all-nude aspect is totally up to the dancer though it seems. The cover charge was $10, and drinks started at around $5. I got a private lap dance in a closed cubicle for $120/15 mins, and there was plenty of all-nude, mutal, all over touching (including the kitty) for the entire time. The champange room experience sounds interesting with the right girl…I think I remember it being $200/hour…with the right girl going all the way apparently (dunno if they would demand a large tip for that in addition to the 200 though). The girls here were very varied it terms of look, age, ethnicity, and dance style/enthusiasm. The club staff seemed very freindly and not overly pushy at all. The entrance to the club is on the side of the building not facing the large parking lot. The club itself is a large rectangular room with the main stage on the left side of the club and the bar(s) and lap dance area on the right side of the club. The two stages of lap dance areas are on the far right-side of the club behind the 2 bars…one area is wide open (and cheaper) and the other is more secluded (the dance I had there was $20 to the club and $100 to the dancer). Along the farthest back wall of the club (from right to left) was the dancer’s dressing room, the smaller side stage, the entrance to the “Jaz Bar”, and the entrance to the Champange Room. The Jaz Bar is just an outside area where patrons and staff can smoke. To the immediate left of the club’s entrance is the entrance to the “nude” room and the hallway that eventually leads to the small bathroom (it wasn’t too dirty IMO). The “nude” room doesn’t seem to open until later in the evening (10 PM+?), and it’s a small square-shaped room with a stage in front and a large seating area in front of that stage. There were some additional cubicles in that room as well…but the only thing in them was a stuffed giraffe (no kidding). The funny part about that room on the nite that I was there recently was that it was so cold (especially the marble-type railing in front where the girls danced in front of you) that the girls were very chilly by the time came for them to rotate out…it was quite the nipply show…lol… There were a ton of dancers and customers at this place, but the hustle factor was pretty low IMO. This is a club that you should check out when in Providence…just drive slow cuz the ongoing construction in front of the parking lot there is quite confusing to navigate sometimes.

  511. Harvey
  512. female visiter

    This place was great, the best club in Prov IMO. The dancers were all 8,9,10s and friendly, and the atmosphere was great, real classy. Charlie was the best, gorgeous and super nice. The only thing that sucked was that we almost didn’t get in because every girl needs to be escorted by a man, but we had no problem finding some guys in the parking lot to accompany us. I def recommend it!

  513. Firefighter

    This club is excellent… management attentive to customer service more than any club I be in (name another club that will buy you a drink)… Girls are not pushy and attractive…good place to go to relax watch a game….. and excellent dance areas, couch booth and champaign …best arround I believe

  514. Just wandered in one day...

    and was delighted to find that this particular club was filled with Lovely ladies and Sexy bartenders. The free buffet was a nice bonus…drinks, dancing, then some lunch to sober up before heading home. No overly aggressive dancers here, very comfortable, very laid back. Makes a man feel like a man.

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