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0 reviews for “Treasures

  1. Jessicka L.

    This probably should be a one-star review…The extra stars are only because someone in management/ownership understood I’m not a “dumb drunk bitch” and have a brain. Went on Saturday night, with thanks to a promoter who was hoping to show 3 girls a good time (two of which were celebrating their 30th birthdays; one of which, was me). Promoter told me in advance there would be no cover but a $27 two well-drink minimum (which is paid prior to entering the club). Okay, fine. We’re given receipts (which are also drink tickets). After sitting down and getting a feel for the vibe, a server comes over to take our drink order. At the same time, another server swooped behind my girlfriend and took her drink ticket(s). Original server said she could only serve us 2 drinks for the 3 of us (after we had explained another server just grabbed the tickets without taking an order). And, wait a minute, we had 4 additional tickets between 2 of us…?What just happened here?Pretty sure 3 chicks x 2 drink tickets = 6 drinks. This is where management came in, asking who took the drink tickets and they’d be happy to compensate the next round of drinks. That’s nice and all, but I already PAID for the SECOND round of drinks. Me and my girlfriends decided it wasn’t worth staying and asked the front if we could at least receive half of our money back. We didn’t even take but one sip of our drinks before attempting to walk out and the entire (shady) debacle had me completely on edge. Another manager (may have been an owner?) came out to explain there would not be an opportunity for refunds, but he wanted to try to make it up to us. Being a business owner, myself, I would want the same opportunity before someone completely gave up on me. So we followed him back in and were accompanied by a private table, server and bottle service — all which were excellent, unexpected and much appreciated. Long story short:-The men who worked there were respectful and helpful. -The female servers try to pull wretched shit over other females. -The entertainment is so-so (some entertainers were really into it and others were not). To any female party interested in checking it out:I’d most definitely proceed with caution, add dudes to your group or just pay for a reserved table.

  2. Trevor

    The food here is GREAT, that’s the only word I can use GREAT!

  3. Singer

    I’m in love with Brook

  4. Johnny

    Great club!

  5. Average Joe

    It is a fancy place. Too fancy to be able to enjoy myself. It reminded me of my mothers bedroom: dark, over decorated and a little frightening.. The girls are not happy to be there. No one is happy to be there. Clubs are about the women and when the women are sad, snotty and a little mean. It isn’t a good club.

  6. Oh Yeah

    There were twins working last weekend. One wasnames Jenna and can’t remember her sister’sname but OMG!!! Perfect 10’s


    I flew into Vegas to come to work at Treasure’s as an entertainer and I have never been treated so poorly. If I didn’t have the looks nor what it takes to get a job there I wouldn’t have even made an attempt to come all this way to be treated like the dirt on the bottom of their shoes.I went into Treasure’s with a good look, positive attitude and ask to do an audition they ask me if I had a two piece and I said no I have a pretty short dress. So from the very begining they give me the run around and say that it has to be a two piece because it shows my body. So, I told them sure I have one, I’ll go back to the hotel and get the two piece and mgt. says ok go ahead but there’s no garuntee you will get the job anyway. So now there giving me the run around, after returning with the two piece- mgt takes my I.D and shows me the way to the dressing room and says go ahead and get changed. I go into the dressing room and get changed which only takes me no more than two minutes and come out into the hallway where mgt. is and he says to me get back over there in the corner. I stand in the corner for 15 minutes like a two year old kid for TIMEOUT and then a fat guy in a suit walks up to me and says r u the audition and I say yes and he goes get dressed. Now I’m really confused I don’t go on stage or even get to see the inside of the club. Mind you I had never even stepped foot onto treasures property before this day- so why they repeatedly treated me like I was a bad person I don’t know. If you’re wondering yes I am black but, I would like to think that this should have nothing to do with it. Being that mgt. could see that before I went and got changed. Does any one have a clue or know exactly what this was all about because I sure as hell don’t. I’ve been dancing now for five years and haven’t experienced anything like this before and I have worked at some of the best clubs. I never have this problem because I have the looks and the talent I’m 5’7″, 130 lbs, size 34d breasts with pretty long brown hair. DANCERS READ THIS REVIEW AND BEWARE BEFORE YOU BECOME ANOTHER ONE THEIR PRANK VICTIMS.

  8. Johnnyboy123

    This is the spot in vegas when it comes to Strip clubs. I’ve been to all the major ones. Rhino, Saphirre, OG, Hustler, etc. I have to say overall this is the BEST. The cover is way cheaper than all others $28. The manager was super cool (you NEVER get that at strip clubs). And the girls were pretty AND friendly. Hard to find BOTH that combo also. $20 lap dances as usual. I def give this place 5 stars. That’s my new titty bar spot in LV 🙂

  9. Savvy Traveler

    Was out of town for work and decided to check out this club. Let me warn you that this is a negative review. The only nice thing I can mention is that the building is extravagant.

    After meeting one of the dancers and chatting it up for about 30-45 mins, I decided to do a 1 hour vip thing for $500 (I won a lot of $$$ that day so why not). After agreeing on the service, it was $100 for the bar tip (not really a tip, but its’ a open bar for one hour, and you have to provide a tip). The vip service was a complete waste of money. It seems to be the same as getting a dance outside the private area. For about 20-30 minutes of the 1 hr vip service, she was just chatting it up some more. After the service was complete, I was asked to tip the dude that was standing outside the private area so I gave him a $20 (for absolutely doing nothing, he was just standing there). Afterwards, he had the audacity to act ungrateful as it was not “20%” of the service. Does he want $100 for standing there? Management is terrible, I will never be back.

  10. maxxy1

    VERY expensive liquor, but very good. Must be seen to believed. Would be a 5 star if full nude.

  11. Leilani C.

    My husband and I came here together. My first time being in a strip club. Here is our story.We were on the strip and got talked into going. We actually misunderstood her we thought she said we only had to pay $30 for both and a bunch of other stuff. When we got there they said $30 for EACH I told them we misunderstood and we were about to take off but they let me in for free because of the misunderstanding. Which I thought was beyond awesome.. There are some VERY pretty ladies in there but most look pretty depressed one chick smelled like B.O. but for the most part it was cool for my first time. My husband and I preferred the Thicker ladies and there werent many.. One thing I wish they would have played better music. But overall it was a nice place.

  12. Jack

    Great club, gorgeous girls!

  13. Benny

    This place is the shit. Fine women everywhere.

  14. K L.

    Ok….. went here last weekend. Actually I was pleasantly surprised. My husband tells me that he has taken CLIENTS here to the steakhouse and they had a great time here at “dinner theatre” LOL. It’s our private joke. Usually the fare at these joints is absolute crap no matter what you spend, but the food here was actually good. We must have had the hook up because hubby called this number and a limo pulled up to our hotel pronto! We had an excellent steak dinner with two side dishes and a nice Italian bottle of wine. Our server was this lovely lady from NY. Although dinner was pricey, it was in decent restaurant and you did not feel that you were in a strip club. I was expecting crappy food like hot dogs and chicken fingers, so prime cut steaks cooked perfectly, was a treat. I also got a few chuckles watching some other parties of guys eating with scantily clad ladies. So if you hate eating alone on business, this is the place for you. So after wine, dinner and dessert… we proceeded to the club area…. We were escorted to the seating area. There are two stages. The ladies looked fairly good looking. Actually better looking than in the bay area and less pushy. I saw a lot more male/female couples in the audience with a few male posses in the audience. The ladies were doing their lap dances for $20 right on the spot. Pretty decent grinding topless lap dances and you can fondle them. It was nice having drinks served from the bar. Bar service is pricey, but hell this is Vegas. I imagine all you guys are bitching about the prices and all. You can go to SF for soda, $40 cover charge, pushy chicks and lame touching if you are that broke ass!!!! But while you are here you can also go into the private rooms/private areas for a little more money. We ended up dropping around $600 for dinner, drinks and about a 45 minutes of “play” with a very friendly girlie. So I guess the spouse is happy. Hell, its Christmas in Vegas and all :)We tipped pretty well and saved on the cover charges by eating dinner there and we had a great time. Think of this as very expensive entertainment – Kind of like a VERY adult Vegas show!

  15. Alex

    Chelsea is the finest woman I’ve ever seen in my life.

  16. Stan

    This place was great, loved the upstairs VIP booths. I’ll be back!

  17. Rattie P.

    I’m from LA and been to Vegas many times to the clubs with my friends. I’ve been to most of them and they really work the same as far as ViP rooms, dances, and drinks. Why are you guys surprised at the cost factor? The cost of drinks & entrance fee Is like going to LA dance clubs. (not a dive bar!). Its Vegas and nothing is Free.! Vegas is all about tipping & service. The promoters don’t work the same as the dancers in there. Ive met some really nice good looking girls but also met some mean ones as well. All clubs have that and pushy ones too. I’ll say, this is the most laid back one around. You just have to go with an open mind, have fun, and chill out.

  18. Stan L.

    cheap lap dances (20 bucks).. lots of talent.. although a lot of that talent disappears by 3 AM.. at least my bachelor friend had a good time..

  19. richard95

    Hands down the best gentlemans club in Vegas. Beautiful girls who are not too pushy. The club is a bit smaller but you get the sense that there’s more attention thrown your way because of it. It’s the only club I will go to when in Vegas.

  20. Jimmy J.

    Went to Vegas for our sorry friend who’s getting marrie….oh, sorry, the great news of another wonderful marriage. Anyways, got tickets off those annoying hand slapper guys off the strip “free limo, free entry” and had to pay $12 for 2 drinks. Long story short, we got in with that- no catches. 2nd night of bachelor party- got same free limo ride, got same free entry and this time no 2 drink buy-in. I was happy both times that there were no catches involved- just solid fun.The limo will drive you back for free as well- very nice feature. Got excellent service from Shico Antoun the VIP host- this guy really goes out of his way to make sure you have a great time.Beautiful girls all around.

  21. igor34

    Came here for my bachelor party and kind of wish we went somewhere else. The smoke was horrible, it was dark and really couldn’t see anything. Instead of only one song, more then one girl went through two and then demanded I pay more-I didn’t ask for an extra dance. The drinks were pretty good but I was not impressed with how the girls swindled us.

  22. Franklyn

    This place has a nice little racket going on where they hire promoters on the strip to do their dirty work for them. What is their dirty work? Lying to customers about what club they’ll be taken to, and then shuttling everyone here, to Treasures. And when you realize the bait and switch? They berate you for wanting to go elsewhere. If this is how they treat potential customers on the outside, one can imagine how they treat the trapped souls inside.

  23. Jay

    This is the ONLY Strip Club I visit when in Las Vegas.

  24. Happy Man

    Guys, this place will not disappoint you. I was in last Saturday night and I could not believe the number of really attractive girls who were working. They were friendly without being pushy and there was a hotty for every guy’s taste. I only wish I had been in town longer.

  25. Nawal D.

    This was uhm… interesting. We had friends come down to visit us from Michigan and we were looking for someplace decent to eat and planned on going to a strip club afterwards… went to tix4tonight and came across Treasures-50% entrees, free admission to stripclub, and free limo! We figure sure why not! its everything in one, plus a free limo! The restaurant and strip club were in one building, but the restaurant part took over half of the building and the stripclub was in the other half.The food was alright, but it was weird trying to eat, and strippers kept walking by to get to the table behind us (im assuming a bachelor party maybe?) I dont exactly enjoy eating with naked ladies in my presence haha but hey, I guess some guys enjoy that. No regrets though, it was an interesting experience. checked out the stripclub for a little bit after food, but it wasnt that great at all. We left pretty quick.

  26. Kevin C.

    I don’t frequent strip clubs because its only a tease but we were here for my friend’s bachelor party…The place was rather small but there was quite a few strippers on hand for a Sunday night. Our hostess was very attentive to us, but that was expected…Other than that, it’s just another strip club.

  27. 1sexycouple

    Beautiful Women especially the Columbian girl Don’t fall for the “private room dances with 150.00 bar tabs — its no different than the couch dance with a 50.00 bar tab. They say they “have more fun” in the private room — its no different. Beautiful Classy club.

  28. Bryant

    Sierra is my girl… the most gorgeous girl in Vegas.

  29. Bif

    Your better off going some other club, mgmt. sucks & they r psycho, they watch every little thing you do, no privacy.

  30. joe

    love it

  31. Jake

    Awesome club and hot girls!! Will be back!

  32. ut
  33. dc


  34. Kelley

    They don’t try to rip off every dancer, I think they do rip off every dancer.

  35. Eric

    Came in there for my bachelor party, had a great time and more girls to choose from than I could imagine. Super time.

  36. Brad


  37. Oldude

    With a few changesthis could be one of the best in town. The prices for dances in all the different parts of the club can be confusing and the drink prices are above average but the quality of the drinks and service are above average. On my last trip the dancer quoted all the different prices for dances and then since it was slow offer me “specials”. I had great time with that dancer in what is the nicest looking (IMHO)club in town. Quality of dancers has slipped a little since it opened but is still quite good, but with a smaller selection than before.

  38. To Average Joe

    Treasures isn’t dark at all. Try taking off your sunglasses, it might help. The club isn’t about the women, it’s about the men. The customers. Without the customers, dancers would be out of work.

  39. qwerty
  40. Zek

    Spent time with a hot redhead named Vivian. WOW

  41. Scott H.

    The strip clubs in south Florida are better. Had to wait 45 minutes for our waitress each time a drink was needed. The girls are lazy dancers. The bouncers treated us like we were children. Very disappointed!

  42. Howard Z.

    The happy hour here between 4-6 is pretty bomb… plus all the attention since we were basically the only ones there….Don’t judge me! :O

  43. Charlynne C.

    So we just left Treasures on our last night in Vegas. We had a party bus drop us off for no charge and the two drink minimum was fine and easily understandable. Drinks were strong. The girls were sweet and very talented. So why the two stars?My beau went up to a girl to try to get his friend a dance and on his way up, he accidentally dropped his winnings from earlier that night. Before I had a chance to even say anything, a girl ran over and picked it up and ran back to some dude’s lap. I confronted her about it and she was about to give it back to me when some senior stripper told me “any money on the floor is fair game”. And the girl stuck the money back in her purse.I was having an absolutely amazing time until then. We left right after that, there’s no reason to give any more money to thieves. Watch your back when you’re there.

  44. Thaila

    The club was great I have went to few strip clubs with friends and treasures is number one on my list I love the pole in the main stage the fan blowing the girls hair and the smoke that comes on stage when the girls are on stage it’s every thing a strip club should be hopefully one day I’ll be that girl on stage I’ll be fun.

  45. brandonresh

    They raised their prices on everything!!! Like triple what it used to be. Its like they pay out so much in kick backs by the time you get to a dancer you”re broke And still sober!!!. For a drink and a private room deal go to hustler club or little darlings. They won’t rape your wallet.

  46. Bobbie

    One of the best clubs I’ve ever been in my life,

  47. Cat Q.

    We were here with party of 15. Entrance comes with 2 drinks. The building is nicely decorated with Roman statues from the outside. — Cocktails were expensive, but it tasted cheap. —It’s dark and smokey inside. You don’t get to see any faces until they were 3 feet away from you. —There were a lot older dancers here. The general age of the crowds were older as well. Personalty I felt awkward to pay a dancer that looks elder than my aunty. Not my cup of tea. —There were a lot of f*gly dancers around. Some of them look really like lady-boy(maybe they were). —When I get into the toilet, I was really shocked by how ugly some of them were under the light. —The girls on the stage who were pole dancing weren’t attractive. Some of them have nice bodies, but again, ugly faces. —They are not friendly with couples, they will look away. We were with 5 couples there and we need to flag them down by ourselves. —Lady from East Europe looks pretty in the dark and her silicon boobs looks nice, however she was super greedy. She didn’t allow men or women touch anywhere. She covered her boobs the whole time while giving lap dances. WTH? You do notice this is not a modeling agency right? +++The short haired blondie with a big ass tattoo was super fun. She is really an entertainer. She works hard for her money and we do appreciated her service. Why won’t the manager hire more of those girls? The girls that are sincere doing their job. Treasure is like shopping at Trader Joe’s. The fruits at Whole foods looks pretty and almost perfect. There is a lot choices. Trader Joe’s on the other hand? The fruits were limited and you have to be careful whether the fruits were rotten or not. Treasure makes you feel like you have a bunch of over-riped apples and you don’t know what to do with them. This is a boring place to start a stripping club 101 experience.

  48. Marty J. W.

    At Treasures they probably have 4 girls to every guy who enters the door. So the funny thing is you’ll probably never see the same girl twice. Problem is they’re really just all working so they won’t hang with you if you don’t get them a $20 for a lapdance quickly.

  49. Ryan K.

    Went here a couple years ago and didn’t leave until the sun was coming up. I think after all those wild turkey cokes time or money did not matter. I had several dances including two privates…that was two consecutive privates. It ended up being a night both the stripper and myself regretted but hey, it’s Vegas and whatever happens in Vegas…???

  50. Dawn C.

    So far I have been here 3 times with the hubby. Its a beautiful club. Didnt eat while we were there..who eats @ a strip club? LOLEvery time we went we sat by the stage..the best seats in the house!Hubbys goes and gets 100 in singles..cuz thats what we do..we like to tip the ladies & they like the attention. Most guys dont tip..they just sit and stare..lame!Always a nice amount of dancers on hand.The girls all do the same thing..walk around asking for dances or VIP.I think we found pretty girls every time to dance for us. And they never were pushy about drinks or VIP.Some day we will get to visit Treasures again..someday..

  51. Jamie C.

    Best HAPPY HOUR ever!!!4pm-8pm everyday!FREE buffet!$1 and 2 for 1 beer, well, and call drinks!FREE cover when you drive your own car!HOT dancers!It’s only 2 blocks off of the Strip!NOTHING TO LOSE! CHECK IT OUT!I seriously give it two thumbs up:)

  52. moneyman2

    I wish I could give this place 0 stars because it was the worst experience ever. Decided to go here for some entertainment with a few others and ended up disgusted. There’s a 2 drink minimum but the drinks are watered down. I had to ask for two straight shots which I had to pay extra for just for it to taste like alcohol. Then I go to the women’s restroom and I see strippers sitting in chairs talking like it’s a break room. To top it off, when I was existing the restroom, there was a waitress walking in with plates of food. She’s nasty for taking it in there and the strippers are nasty for eating in there. Have higher standards for yourself. Geez. One of the girls there that night was OK but the others, I thinks not. They could not dance or do tricks. The atmosphere isn’t the best. Seats are nasty, stood up the 45 minutes I was. Others I was with fell asleep. It was such a waste of time. However, I am grateful for this experience as I was able to see the good and bad of Vegas. I will not return or recommend this place.

  53. John
  54. Wendy

    I love dancing here, the staff is great.

  55. Phillip

    Best club in Vegas

  56. Tommy B

    Best club in Vegas!

  57. doe

    hate it

  58. Dave J.

    Meh. At least the drinks were strong so you would be drunk enough to buy a lap dance from a relatively clean girl.

  59. nikki lover

    nikki is top notch

  60. Wes

    Best club in Vegas

  61. harryharry

    I’m sad to say that I no longer frequent strip clubs like my younger days. Long gone are the endless nights at Sapphire, leaving at sunrise with a few debit and credit cards less than when I came in with. Hey, the recession is tough on everyone, myself included.Suffice to say I wanted to go somewhere new and Treasures has always been on my list. I’ve heard endless stories of the Chris Farley portion-sized steaks and steak and legs is the motto. Treasures can definitely be pricey if you allow it to be. However, for $3 per person you can purchase a dinner voucher from Tix4Tonight that will allow 50% off your entree.I ordered a massive New York Steak (18 oz?) with a baked potato, and my friend also ordered a over sized piece of meat. We skipped on appetizers because we knew the portion sizes were going to be insane and we were also given bread and butter. Our waitress was friendly and courteous throughout the whole service. She told us stories of regulars who come in and wolf down 28oz Porterhouses on a regular basis…INSANE.My New York Steak was nothing overly memorable but was definitely Steakhouse quality. The meat was tender, juicy, and cooked perfectly to a medium rare sear. I barely touched my baked as I put all my effort into finishing my steak. Unfortunately, the steak won and my jaw was beat. My friend also enjoyed her dinner, but we could not move as our food coma started to take over.If you like strip clubs and steak, this is your place. The interior aesthetics are very brothel-like with lots of velvet. The chairs at the dinner tables are big and comfortable and don’t help against the cause. The dinner area and strip club are in separate rooms but less than a 15 second walk, as they are in adjoining rooms. My friend and I had an early dinner (8pm), which meant the strippers weren’t out in full force. I was a little bummed, but I was ready for a post-coma nap anyways.Note: Unless you want to pay $10 for a diet coke at dinner, I suggest sticking to water.Happy Hour: $1 Well Drinks & Domestics from 4-6p.m.; 2 for 1 Premium Drinks from 6-8p.m.; Free Buffet 4-8p.m.Ambiance: 4 Stars (out of 5)Food: 4 Stars (out of 5)Service: 4 Stars (out of 5)Price: $$Overall: 4 Stars (out of 5)Pros:+ Steak, steak, steak+ Steak and legs+ Brothel interior+ Tix4Tonight discount (50%)+ Free limo pick upCons:- Lack of strippers during dinner time (8pm)- $10 diet cokes

  62. Tito

    Best club in Vegas!

  63. Chaz M.

    Was here for the AVN so a friend wanted to try out this club . Great dances if you pick the right girl ! Came here cause I was force against my will . The quality of girls are good . Tried out the VIP again was force against my will . Drinks are pricey & especially in the VIP which the drinks is totally rip-off ! You have to pay for 2 & you’ll be lucky if the waitress gives you back your change so you pretty much get ripped-off twice ! Girls here can get money hungry so they always try to get you to do VIP which pretty much the same dances you get from the regular couch dance . Unless you’re like Charlie Sheen … you’re better off getting dances from the couches ! P.S. Was my friends idea to come here in the first place .

  64. AJ

    Classy but fun. Girls have great sense of humor.

  65. XXXbeast

    This place is classy not that warehouse of a club (SR). We went for dinner it was awesome best sea bass and lamb chop ever. It is pricey $$$$$, but well worth it. Our server Nancy the best, I love that this place has an old school steakhouse feel to it. Cannot say anything bad about our visit. Once we finished our dinner we were escorted over to the club side where we had a table waiting and a plethora of classy women to choose from. I did not see any full arm or leg tats, ear Gages. I dislike women covered in tattoos looks trashy( but to each their own) but like I said before this is a classy place

  66. Jafey A.

    This place wasn’t too bad. I was there for brother’s bachelor party and (with a lot of money) they did a nice job taking care of everyone, especially my brother. The drinks are a bit too pricey, and my oddest complaint is that for how huge it looks, the seating is done so poorly it is a bit crowded and uncomfortable.

  67. dannyboy7

    I LOVE THIS PLACE! As much as I would love to keep this place all to myself I have to give credit where it is due. The lap dances are so amazing and everything is so reasonably priced. It’s so much cheaper then sapphire and so much better! It’s two stories. You actually get you’re own seating area. The strippers are freaking amazing and the lap dances are so much better ;). They offer you quality drinks for just a little bit more with the drink tickets and their drinks are very strong. I’m not sure why this doesn’t have a higher rating. Don’t waste your time anywhere else. This is the place to be. Not sure why the reviews aren’t better.

  68. Trey

    The best looking girls in Vegas, no doubt.

  69. Paul P
  70. Me

    I will never go back. Management always has its hand out. Security is non existent, service is awful, girls generally should be put on weight probation

  71. Dan

    I think I died and went to heaven. just to many beautiful dancers in one place.

  72. Jon

    This is the only StripClub I go to when visiting Vegas. Been here twice, had great time. Days from 4pm-9pm is best, free buffet, hottest girls work days and you get more time with them and more privacy. By 11pm its jam packed, there is a waiting line to in, nowhere to sit, and can take awhile to get drinks. The $500 champagne room is highly recommended!

  73. Dave
  74. Mike L

    this club sucks!!!Hey managers, do I really need to tip a 100 bucks to sit down. you might want to tell your floorman to not be so obvious when they are trying to rape me before I even order my over priced drinks.

  75. Mr. Tibbs

    When I first pulled up i thought I was at the Playboy Manson. What a club, what women, what a night! I’ll be back.

  76. Barry Dingle

    Girls are friendly and all over the place. One of the best clubs in Vegas. I’ve been to just about all of them, and this is in my top 3 (so far). #2 if your planning on keeping score.

  77. Dom

    I’d like to see Angela the cocktail wattress onstage. What a body.

  78. Biz Man

    Treasures is my choice in Las Vegas. Love Lorelei and Isis the two best dancers that club has. Both are smart, sexy, classy and fun to hang out with. Worth the VIP experience. Treasures Restaurant is excellent too, was impressed with the extensive wine list.

  79. Merrill M.

    VERY VERY PACKED!! But what strip club isn’t in Vegas. We got a table upstairs and paid about $40 to get it. It was worth it. The drink were the same like anywhere and everywhere in vegas…about $10 a drink. The girls were 80% great and the frequency of their visits were great. Our bachelor had a great time..lets leave it at that. We did use the limo service to pick us up but the wait to be brought back was super long. Some Lil punks try to swoop in on our limo but NO i wasn’t having that . Told them to get the F out or we would have to handle this out side. The driver remembered us so we told them to get the F out. Nice!!! Fun times. Great SC.

  80. Louie

    Best club in Vegas!

  81. Bob

    Nick cheats on his wife. This club sucks.

  82. to the guy below

    What? A club is about the MEN. You gotta be homo. Treasures is a beautiful place with a bunch of snotty women. Have fun with that.

  83. Traveller

    Had a good time on a Sunday night. Many pretty girls with high milage dances.

  84. Diego S.

    What a monumental shithole Treasures.Cover charge at 4:30 in the afternoon was $33.00. Almost immediately upon entering you’re besieged with hustling bitches trying to shake you down for table dances at twenty bucks a pop. Should you decline, they’ll step up their marketing skills by offering you a package of five dances for only one-hundred dollars. God, they’re clever. I think that works out to, oh wait, twenty dollars a dance.As I said, clever.When servers ask for your drink order, they’ll immediately ask how you’re going to pay for it, suggesting perhaps you may be homeless and without funds for such a wondrous event. The look on your face suggests you’re experiencing a wtf moment. ” Cash or credit card?” she annoyingly barks while you’re still in disbelief.Shaken down at the door, now insulted, as if you were going to swill down a beer and beeline it for an awaiting cab without paying, you begin to reassess if any of this was worth it.Whether your response is cash or credit, they’ll demand payment up front prior to taking the order. I believe this is because, and this is only conjecture mind you, their default statement is to not trust anyone who graces their shit hole establishment for fear they’re part shit hole too. It’s a projection thing I guess.Don’t get suckered into a VIP dance in the back room by one of the many fleeting nubiles promenading about.. They’re there for one reason. To take you to the ‘back room’.If you do get suckered into a back room dance, the fee starts at $100 with a $32 two-drink minimum, again, all paid up front of course. And god help you if you happen to get caught up in the moment, losing count of your five song ‘deal’. The sixth song just shot the price up to $250 along with a now $50 two-drink minimum. It’s like being penalized for getting caught up in the music and whirling tits!You’re now knee-deep in the shit, having unwittingly purchased the multi-dance package and guess what? This time, the dancer doesn’t shake you down for loot, she waltzes you over to some guy bigger than all outdoors, whose tone of voice is lower than a 30″ subwoofer and whose countenance is that of a guard at Buckingham Palace. “Two hundred fifty bucks pal, how you gonna pay?” I panic.The eighth song just began playing and I don’t know what the rules are. The seventh shot the price from twenty to thirty-five. After everything I’ve seen thus far, I’m thinking they’re going to ask me to pony up a nut when song number eight begins playing.I cut my losses and head for the door.When you’ve had enough of their bullshit and want to take a cab back to the hotel, guess what, no cabs. Oh there are cabs, a cab line and a valet, but you’re not going anywhere…not just yet. That’s because you’ll need to grease the valet, this or else wait in a terminally long line of losers who didn’t have money to line the valet’s pockets.Here’s what I did.I saw an off-duty cab about 100 yards from their driveway entrance and started toward it. “HE’S OFF DUTY!” the valet shouts. “FUCK YOU,” I respond politely. I offered the taxi driver a fifty to take me anywhere as fast as he could. This so I could begin erasing the entire shitty experience out of my memory. He declines, saying he’ll get in trouble with va-ray. (Asian)I make it a Franklin. ” Hop in” he says.Everything about Treasures smells to high heaven, including the plethora of Russian whores in cheap perfume and glitter. You’ll know who they are immediately.They speak with the same dialect as that ugly bitch from Rocky & Bullwinkle.I would only come back here if I won the lottery.

  85. Marilyn G.

    Went here with hubby to celebrate his birthday. We told everyone it was his birthday, but nothing special was done nor did they appear to care. There were all different types of girls here, but barely anyone came up to us at all. I believe we asked two girls to come talk to us and they were very nice and gave us dances and introduced us to a friend who also gave a dance. We went up to the stage to ask girls to come up to us. I am not used to have to beg women for attention at a strip club! The club itself is nice and spacious, if they actually had girls walk around the entire club and not congregate in the back of the club, it would actually be just as good as spearmint rhino. We left after feeling frustrated that we could not get any girls to come up to us.There were several couples in there so i was happy that they were welcoming to women. The black dancers in there are very friendly. Can’t speak on the white or asian ones because they ignored us.

  86. Smokey

    Can’t get enough of Michelle.

  87. ac

    best club in vegas

  88. Sloom G.

    The people in the reciption asked for 30$ for 2 drinks before getting in. They refused me to take a look even.

  89. Sofa King

    great place, great gals, but expensive

  90. Colbys

    Worst place to go ever!!! Very small and dark and only one woman came up to us. She was HORRIBLE! Completely scammed us and was only about trying to rack us up a huge bill. DO NOT GO TO DEVINE!!! She’s horrible and rude. Worst experience ever.

  91. local
  92. Carol R.

    The place is filthy….Warning…theres bugs BED BUGS…I work for a internal med Dr. And I know what those little critters look like I got up to go to bathroom and I thought what the f*** is crawling on me and long behold there was one of those little critters crawling up my leg…. In the bathroom that was filthy girls are actually sitting there eating their dinner Yes in the bathroom eating gross disgusting… Then was another girl actually doing drugs right out there any open whether it was cocaine or meth I don’t really know the place reeks of marijuana… Then I overheard two dancers talking about how they buy their drugs from the house mom then some big old blonde lady fat one comes by… and tells the girls oh okay I got it come on I’m like really are you kidding me this is supposed to be the house mom…. needless to say I don’t care about the drugs but the bugs bother me so I got my party together and we all left I still feel itchy for the rest of the night and all I could think about was that f****** disgusting bugs crawling on me so it’s not a place you want to go if you want to have fun unless you like to be itchy and have fun with bugs..By the way bed bugs I really really difficult to get rid of

  93. sara

    I love this club.

  94. Trotter

    Great club, with one exception. After dropping hundreds for table dances, I had to say “no, thanks” to one gal who offered. So she said “you just don’t like me because I’m black” and accused me of being a racist! Bullshit! I never felt so under-appreciated and will never go back.

  95. eddyL

    My coworker wanted to go to a strip club, and for whatever reason he wanted to come to Treasures. From the outside, the looks of this place seem ultra fancy and extravagant, it definitely catches your attention. The inside looks fancy too, like a better Spearmint Rhino. I was impressed. Now, you would imagine that a steakhouse + strip joint would be every man’s dream, but somehow I managed to leave slightly disappointed. First I’ll rate the dancers. They had all sorts of women from different ethnic backgrounds, so if you appreciate variety you’ll appreciate Treasures. Most of them were friendly and didn’t bother me too much when I politely declined a dance offer (I did buy a few), but some did give a little attitude. Also, I was annoyed how some of them were bugging me while I was eating my overpriced steak in the back. Common courtesy suggests maybe leaving an eating customer alone. Dances start at $20, I don’t know what VIP rates are.Drinks: You have to buy 2 minimum upon entering the club, at $14 a pop. You can get crappy, mass produced beer in a bottle, or a rather weak mixed drink. I bought a few more drinks throughout the night, however I don’t recall if they were also $14 each or not.Steak: The woman who runs the steakhouse is named Cici, who has a warm personality and wants to make sure you leave satisfied. The fact that I remember her name weeks later lets you know she is good at what she does. All the steaks were dry aged 28 days at least. Initially I wanted the porterhouse, which has always been my favorite cut, but she recommended the rib eye, which was $3 more. Now, I love steaks to death (quite literally, it may kill me), but generally speaking I prefer to grill my own. I’ ordered it medium rare. It was a good, not great steak, somewhat slightly overpriced. To be fair I think any other Vegas steakhouse would have charged about the same. However, due to the poor lighting in the strip club, I was not able to remove the fat from the meat.After we left, my intoxicated coworker was flirting with the idea of getting a dirty massage but I convinced him otherwise.

  96. rogerrab2

    I unfortunately did not get to visit because my time was short. But I did meet Glenn (with 2 N’s) and Jasen (with an E) on the strip and they were lovely.

  97. dopeboy19

    Went on a Tuesday night and they had a good selection of women. Called the club for a free limo and no cover charge. The staff was professional and the place was clean and nice. A few of the girls were too pushy to score a private dance. Even after my friends and I told them we wanted to sit and enjoy the show they kept pestering us. One even asked my nephew if he was gay. Several times the stages were empty because I guess they were busy doing lap dances. We were having a good time until we started getting warm beers. I know this is Vegas but $14 a beer is a bit much, especially warm. We left early but had a good time and would have stayed much longer if the beer had been priced closer to 8 or 9 dollars.

  98. John P.

    Super expensive, and the charge me extra because I came in a cab. I’m a local just tring to be safe. I will never go to this place again!

  99. Rich

    This club owns the most beautiful building in town. From there is all kinda breaks down. It’s not as fun as some of the smaller clubs (like Can-Can and Mile High), but it’s not as crowded a the other bigger clubs either (like Spearmint or OGs). The managers are nothing more than dressed-up panhandlers, begging for money from the customers and the girls. I’ll bet, though, that with the right leadership, this club could shoot straight up to number 1. BUT, I seriously doubt that will ever happen. If you decide to stop by, you will have a lot more fun, and be treated a lot less crappy, if you give each of the managers at least a $20 (for doing nothing).

  100. Da X.

    I really shouldn’t be reviewing places like this because I don’t want to admit I’ve been here, but since I like being honest here goes:The Ladies: 50% Good looking, the rest, not so muchThe lighting: It’s like shopping at HollisterThe prices: $20 lap dances, ~$15 drinksThe ride back to hotel: Shared limo stopping at 3 hotels, sometimes you have to get in or wait forever for the next one.If are coming here via limo/by a promoter, make sure you get their number and test it out, we were promised a few free lap dances and drinks, neither were present when we got there, and I lost the guy’s number. However, one of the guys inside hooked it up with 3 free drink tickets.

  101. fritter17

    nice venue decent looking dancers would come back again

  102. dEEBO

    This place blows! angry old women, rude staff and management, dont waste your time. too bad. its a beautiful place.

  103. tish

    i wanna fuck the dj

  104. Toby

    Love the food too

  105. NewA

    Pricey, but very good club, will definitely return one of the best clubs I’ve been to. Better than even the Miami clubs.

  106. b
  107. Shannon S.

    I had just been to my very first strip club across town. Because we were drunk, and hopped up on stripper fumes, we thought it might be a good idea to visit a full nude strip club. We hopped into a cab and headed over. We arrived at 5:30am, only to be told that they close at 6:00am and they weren’t taking any more customers. I was bummed out but we carried on over to a competitor.

  108. Sonny

    Love this club

  109. S.C. Hoppin'

    After reading all the stories & from my own previous visits confirming the decline, I decided to check this place out again on a Sun at about 11pm. It wasn’t packed, but was slowing increasing occupancy. At first, there were like 2 8-rated girls and the rest weren’t as great. Possibly saw a couple more 7-8 rated girls slowing coming out. Those initial 2 lost out by just loungin’ and looking towards my direction without making the approach to sell, so I quickly bounced on over to the Rhino. Before I continued the hoppin’, I got a VIP dance with a 6.5-7 rated girl who after closer examination turned out to be a 6-6.5, and of course asked for a fuckin tip when it wasn’t all that. The dark-haired latina bitch (I hardly ever call girls a bitch) forgot to mention that I also had to buy a 2-drinks minimum which almost costs double then buying it at the regular seats… If I make future trips out to Vegas, I am so ready to blatantly shoot every fuckin dancer down who tries to sell VIP dances and ask for tips.

  110. Tiffany Lover

    Sweet Lord, the perfect woman.

  111. Sarah Jane W.

    I’m usually more impressed by atmosphere than food quality — but here is a place where both are above reproach! I’ve been here twice, and both times I had an awesome meal accompanied by excellent sevice and even excellent-er people watching. Talk about dinner and a show! Treasures is a super-classy faux-baroque McMansion nestled in a cozy industrial area on a frontage road off the freeway. Once you make it past the dago thugs at the door, take a left into the plush, clubby, restaurant, seemingly decorated to evoke Colonel Mustard’s drawing room — white tablecloths and plush wingback armchairs, and a super-cool ultra-Vegas lady server with a raspy New York accent and a brusque yet affectionate tableside manner. The chef apparently paid his dues in some gourmet rooms on the Strip, and his pedigree is reflected in the food, every bit of which was awesome. I had typical steakhouse fare — Caprese salad, Caesar salad, filet, potatoes, creamed spinach, cheesecake, etc. and everything was GREAT! But for me, what really made the place special was the fact that you can watch strippers feeding and being fed choice tidbits of meat to/by fat old conventioneers and perverts. I think the wonderful lady server checked with us to see if we were interested in having female company, and since we demurred, we ate our entire meal unmolested by the girls. But we did go into the main room after dessert and give them some business, so all was not lost for the club.Anyhoo, if you’re looking for the QUINTESSENTIAL Vegas experience, swallow your square-ass Puritan qualms and go here! All that other shit is just Disneyland — thid is what the Vegas of today is all about!

  112. Firebung

    Had a great time at the club our host Big Mike took great care of finding the right girls that we were looking for. There had to be more than 150 girls working. Also one of the best steak houses I have been to, Nancy was the best waitress/bartender/hostess that you could ever have.

  113. no

    Not so much on this place. Over rated!

  114. nickstrip

    A rather cliche Las Vegas gentleman’s club. Great architecture, viable and diverse crowd of ladies and bouncers dressed like broad, tuxedo masks. Was brought here with my friend and fiancée by limo after a rather fun encounter with a promoter, which overall was part of the experience, but to judge the club itself by it merits, let us break it down. Pros: *Great service for me and my fellow interlopers. Perhaps it was the female in the party, whom enjoys the womanly figure, but the girls seemed to really enjoy our business. *The girls were kind and attentive, perhaps too attentive at some times. (explained later). *Diversity is always a good thing in a club of this nature. Some were foreign, some were domestic, some were older and some were young. While some may have one, specific demographic in mind, I myself enjoy all the unique qualities the opposite gender possesses. * It has food. While this is alien to me it is nice to have access to food. Steak was overdone a tad but it is difficult to complain in such a setting. * Great seating. At least, when I was there, I bet it can get crowded during busy season. * Music was as diverse as the women who danced to them.Cons: *Fabricated circumstances; the promoters and the door men seemed to have different stories regarding costs. While I was promised I’d get in for free, it became clear as we arrived that the only one getting in without cost was the girl in our party. They wanted 40$ per person but I implore you that you negotiate this if you mention the promoters offer. They will probably knock down the price to get your business. * It is dark. Really dark. The lighting could use a little more residual image in its wake. You will have difficulty discerning people at a distance. I understand the desire to obscure the feminine imagery but it was a little much. * these girls can be aggressive, and I fear it’s because of the income pressures brought on by the vestigial employees. Some are more patient than others, willing to sit and at least talk, but others are far too 1-dimensional in their propositions. They try, vehemently to get you into VIP, which is expensive and comes with a myriad of hidden costs that don’t even go to the dancer; this includes tipping the host bouncer, which is ridiculous because he is not the one providing me with service. I prefer to give my money to the hardworking females not the tuxedo clad sentries that stand there broodingly. * Expensive drinks. Your average lust inducing beverage is 15$, which is almost a dance without the fun. Come tipsy if you’d prefer not to spend hundreds on drinks themselves, and do not rely on any of the deals the promotors or managers give you because they won’t last past 15 minutes. * Some dancers aren’t as enthusiastic as others. While I was taken care of, my friend noted his particular girl was not as into the fantasy of it all. * Overall you will at times feel you are being scammed. I might not be local, but I’m not an idiot either. Be careful of what you ask for and if you want to have fun without wistful regrets, make a plan and remain adamant. Treasures has some of just that, but it all comes with a nearly constant pressure and hue of financial foreboding. If you do find yourself here, make sure you have surplus spending money for the inevitable occurrences of extra costs. In conclusion, not a terrible place, and some of the performers are legitimately nice as well as conducive; but at times it feels like you are in front of a slot machine, and a gentlemen’s club should never be a gamble.

  115. Hank

    So many beautiful women in one place.

  116. Mr G

    I love redheads and Vivian is the end all of redheads.

  117. Terry

    I love their Monday Night Football. Cheap drinks, a giant screen, great sound and I love Freddie.

  118. Andrea B.

    Came here based off the reviews. Sapphires reviews were bad so we passed. The girls here are pretty good lookin just a few here n there that made me ask how did they even get the job. Seats everywhere and the I like how there is a center stage and a main stage.The bad I came in there with no cash so the ATM was my first stop. Bouncer told me the charge was like 2.50 mmm no how about they charge $10 or 9% for every transaction which ever is greater.. I’m not really caring at this point until it hit me I’m going to be charged 10 for 20 dollars ughh PLEASE bring cash the ATM will kill your pockets as well. Women’s bathroom ..,. Well u share it with the strippers and a Mexican service lady and the room is soo small you would think 5 strippers wouldn’t hang in there taking selfies. The dancing overall was basic only a couple would do pole tricks smh and drinks are soso. If u find a man on the street make sure u tell him u want ladies in free or u are not going

  119. Aj S.

    Tried to charge 2 locals $60 bucks to get in on a Sunday night. Are you kidding me . it wasn’t even busy either. I’ll go to other strip clubs that let locals in for free

  120. Jenny D.

    This has been such a fun day! Where to next?! TREASURE’S!! This is the first time I’ve set foot in a strip club in Vegas for at least five years! It’s MNF aaaand they had AMAZING deals here! Football is on, on the BIG screen. $1 well drinks. Or they have buy one get one on their regular drinks. $12 buckets of beer.. Which WHY wouldn’t you when ONE beer costs $11?!!! Free food buffet, raffle tickets are given out for every drink you buy AND they have $1 dances. WHAAAAAAAAT. This was actually SUPER fun and I recommend going here if you are into football, free food and cheap drinks! Or I’m not even INTO football but I’d go for the free food and cheap drinks anyway! LOLOL.

  121. Erick

    Gizelle is an old nasty dancer bitch. You disguss me!

  122. Mary P.

    Me my boyfriend and his brother came here on a Saturday using a promoter it was 35 dollars for cover plus two drinks and ride back and forth. We had a great time we sat at the round table.

  123. Geoff L.

    this is the first time i’ve ever been to a strip club with no real complaints. Im thoroughly impressed at the customer service from the limo driver, bouncer, door man, waitress and large range of non pushy girls. the drinks are expensive around $14/$18 dollars but the atmosphere is great. whereever your hotel is, ask for Blaine to pick you up. Call him 702-343-2828, he’ll take care of you 😉 He reminded me of Sal from Breaking Bad lol. 4 stars because drinks are expensive

  124. R.G.

    This club is desperate for customers. If it was a good club they wouldn’t have started paying cab drivers more to bring them business.

  125. Jackielyn j.

    OMG! mouth watering steak AND lobster. I have never had better and dream about my next trip to vegas for some more. My boyfriend and I bought discount tickets for a lobster dinner at one of those places on strip, they don’t tell you all the details until the ticket is purchased. So we got a limo ride to the club and suddenly we were like ugh a strip club might not have very good food afterall its not the main attraction; right? We had the best dinner of our lives there and I will never forget it. We were the only other couple eating so service was spectacular and we got in the club free after dinner to boot. I will never leave vegas without eating there and I tell everyone about it.

  126. Perry

    I want Tiffany 24/7

  127. Robert W.

    Great place for Monday Night football with good drink specials. The good talent seems to roll in late at night. The steakhouse here is absolutely fantastic and highly recommended, Nancy will take good care of you!

  128. Josh

    This place is the shit. Never seen so many beautiful women in one club at one time. Reed is a bomb!

  129. Sam

    Ben around and this is oneof the best clubs there is.

  130. Rock
  131. G

    Slow.. old ugly girls

  132. Kenny P.

    Honestly don’t even remember how we ended up here after leaving surrender back when I was in Vegas celebrating a friends Dirty 30. Okay, I remember a limo picking us up at some point and my friends brother yapping about how we should go here. It was wayyyy to late in the night or early in the morning I should say to be thinking clearly. My friends brother picked up a friend from Bellagio who happens to be a dancer for Cirque du Soleil “O”. She was just getting off work for the night. Funny thing was that I had met her before a long time ago in SJ but just couldn’t put a face to a name. Entry was like $25-30 once we got there, game face was on and I was ready to tastefully throw around some money for my friends B-day. Got in and the place was dark and a bit small in my opinion. It looks so much larger from the highway for some reason ahaha. It is two levels, so we ventured up to an open table up there. I think a Asian stripper came up to me and started to ask me about the girl we were with, lol. If you go to a strip club, bring a girl cause it will always attract more attention. There was something very hot about watching our female friend get some freaky lap dances from the strippers… I might have even bought her a dance I don’t really remember 😛 I bought my buddy a lap dance from the Asian stripper who kept trying to hustle me. Terrible I can’t even remember what her face looked like; although it was dark and I was prob. partially drunk. —–(this is why I’m a photographer ***)Had a lot more fun once we went downstairs to the main stage. My friends brother had a whole stack on ones for the dancers. We found a table right next to the stage luckily and we immediately got service from the sexy servers. I noticed all the guys around us kept starting…. probably cause we were the only group that had brought one girl with us haha. My friend starting throwing around some ones, and I think I usually enjoy the main stage most at strip clubs because of the lights and music. I think my friends got me a couple lap dances but I can’t even remember the strippers now, LOL. I don’t remember how much money I spent that night but it wasn’t absurd. You really don’t need to spend a ton at a strip club to have fun IMO. Things I hate are the douches who smoke and get out of control around the main stage. Security is pretty good though at most places if anyone gets out of line, they will boot their asses out. I had fun b/c of the group of people I were with were down to party and have fun. Albeit I have been to much better strips clubs with sexier girls and better interior so I’ll have to stop this one at a 3 star rating. I likely will not be back to this specific strip club whenever I’m back in Vegas. I felt like our service might have been above average… or better than most of the other guys who were hanging out here. Our server was pretty attentive to our table and made sure we had all the drinks we needed. By the time we left the sun was coming up; I haven’t ever stayed up that late in Vegas before and time really does fly when you’re having fun haha.

  133. joseph1k

    First night of the 4 day trip we end up here after discussing Steak and Tits, not a bad combo right? Please read.$25 Cab rideDamn this place is far. We get out of the cab and this place looks cool. Okay fine, we go in cause there’s nothing else around and the cab took off already.$30 Cover chargeUmm okay…so I guess it’s Tit’s THEN steak? I guess. After paying cover we’re escorted into the empty Restaurant portion of the joint…um what? The “waitress” tells us not to worry, she’ll have a few girls come over and give us some attention. We tell her not to worry cause we’re hungry for Steak more than Tits at this point. So she laughs and gets our drink orders….5 minutes go by..10…I’m gonnd look at boobies..15 minutes..WTF did she go to Ireland for my Guinness? Oh there she is! She takes our food order…all menu items are ala carte…we all ordered steaks and there was no choice as to the size of the portion we ordered but they were all HUGE the filet mignon being the smallest 18oz!!!! But that shit cost $62!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!!!?!!!!! I got a 24oz $48 Rib Eye and the “Waitress” says the portions of sides are pretty big and 1 order should be fine for us all. So we just got:$15 Mashed Potatoes and$15 Sauteed mushrooms….hopefully it’s a huge portion of sides. Plus 2x $12 Guinness. So with our orders placed after about 5 minutes the “waitress” brings out some cold bread and butter…our 2nd round of drinks arrives about 10 minutes after we’d ordered them…keep in mind the Food part of this place is empty…We dig into the bread cause we’re hungry as hell….10 minutes later the beer shows up. We check out boobs…5 more minutes…Oooh look that one has got cellulite!….+10 minutes….*watches old man dry sexin a stripper doggy style*….friend says,”I smell fish or…is that blood?” Back to the table we go.+20 sitting at table talkin….coulda did this at the room…minus the fishy/blood aroma where we walked by.”Didn’t the “Waitress” say she was going to send some entertainment over to our table?””Yeah.” “Uhh k?”+5 Food comes “HOLY SHIT!!!” Huge meat is placed in front of each of us who had ordered. It was good too….wait…”who ordered the baby shoe sized portion of potatoes and shrooms???” Fuck it…we eat.Minutes later, we’re all so stuffed we can’t walk. The majority of us at the table are straight up carnivores that destroy buffets But damn. This amount of food, so late at night which is placed atop several pints of beer, shots of liquor and who knows what else, isn’t good at a strip joint.We finished eating, pay $685 for 6…yes…$685 for 6…so dumb. Then we go and sit in a corner to chill. After a while a girl comes over and sits on my in process 24oz steak….”I’m sorry, but no…please. Get off.””What are you broke?””No I’m FULL.” This happened to a couple more of us and we leave. When Steak ruins tits it’s never a good thing. Treasures needs to balance their portions…I’ll let you decide on what to make smaller your women or your steak, I like my girls with meat…so yeah please take the hint.

  134. Michelle M.

    Not my favorite strip club. Just because I didn’t feel the girls were really into the dancing. Just more about collecting their dollar bills. For us women out in the audience, we want to see some moves girls. You are living art, people paid to see you perform. Also dancers, you are supposed to give us ladies ideas on our private performances at home.The shuttle was a nice service to have. I was super impressed with hot large the place was. Two stories!!! Felt like it was a Chuck-E-Cheese from the outside, an adults playground on the inside.

  135. Shawn L.

    I went there for the entertainment with very little money in my picket I called ahead for the 40.00 deal free ride to & from with 3 free drinks. There IS tax on that, by & by. I mention I get a table & they lead me to a seat, which I get escorted by this sensual blonde in glasses, she explains to me I might want to save my drink tickets. You see it’s 100.00 for a ‘brief’ private session upstairs and you HAVE to order two drinks which will be discounted, & you HAVE to tip the guy working the small private area 20.00. The next tier up is 2 drinks 30 minutes all for about 260.00 which I couldn’t afford. I thanked her for the information, & then she asked about a lap dance followed by private I have a preference for exotic women and misinformed me about the type of girl I’m looking for that works there would barely speak English *lie* Then a drunk dancer climbed into my lap, & did her best to try and take me private… Finally I get the girl I want & I don’t have enough for the most time I want with her, & she barely performs… After it’s all said & done she sits in a chair on her phone ignoring me when I was willing to spend more money on her. Overall it’s okay but if your a hard working minimum wage guy like me you probably aren’t going to get what your looking for…Also the drinks are so watered down, there is practically no alcohol in them which is fine for me I need to lay off drinking, I asked for a water and was informed I need to pay for an overpriced shot or beer if I want it, which stung.

  136. Andy D.

    I went to this club with a friend and I am sorry to say it was less than mediocre. There are so many good strip clubs in Vegas but dont make the mistake of going here. P.S. dont get a lap dance from Morgan she took my money and never saw her again.

  137. San D.

    I tried to go here for dinner with my friend. We got to the front door and they carded us , im over 21 and my friend is 20 . we werent allowed to the steak house part of the club because of that . I herd good reviews about their food . So she and I left ……since you have to be 21 and over to apperently eat there…I try again some other time .

  138. Stanley

    The best VIP rooms in Vegas.

  139. Bobby

    This place is improving, although not at light speed. The girls are getting better, but the management is as bad as it’s always been. Maybe when they are sick of losing money, they will clean house and hire a competent staff.

  140. Todd

    I love this club. Lots of babes and the food is great. Just wish they were open 24 hours.

  141. Ted

    Love the 2nd level. those glass booths are the shit.

  142. curtis17

    Grea club. For sure the most posh interior in Vegas. Not overly impressed by art on walls as much as girls on floor. Pretty crowded on Friday night. Dancers are a bit on the aggresive side,butit is Vegas somthe girls are always on the hustle. Upside, girls,girls,girls everywhere! Downside, over priced drinks and VIP prices wayyy pricey. But,as Vegas clubs go!this is as good as it gets. Back for sure – some day soon!

  143. Insano Man

    Prettiest building in town filled with not-so-hot girls. I really can’t understand why this club could have so much potential, yet never take off like it should. They run off all their good dancers, and the management always wants some sort of handout. Pathetic place, really.

  144. Sammi

    I love this club

  145. golfan

    was there on a Tuesday nite…started out slow but ended up being a great nite. overall the girls were good, but one in particuliar is just simply amazin — Shay is a must see. u gotta see this girl, especially if you like a beyonce lookalike type.

  146. Harrison69

    If you are looking for girls 40+ you should go here. Worst gentleman’s club in Las Vegas. Smells horrible the second you walk in. If I could give them 0 stars I would. Don’t go here!

  147. jermey shockey

    i love foxy Dena

  148. XhXeXy

    While the girls were moderately attractive here, they were NOT couples friendly. They spoke with my husband and I while we were sitting at their rack and that was IT! Not a single one of them came over to our table. Which was their loss for sure cause we had some cash to blow. Also, our cocktail waitress was not the best, she took my drink order but didn’t even ask my husband if he wanted anything. And she ordered the wrong shot for me. I asked for a blonde slut and she brought me a red headed slut. I drank it because I didn’t want to look like a b*tch. I even specified to her it was LIKE a red headed slut but with pineapple juice, and I still ended up with the wrong one. :/ We left after about an hour.

  149. felixnada

    Hello, well I went there for the happy hour and buffet, the bartender ignored ,me there was no buffet it was too dark to see anything the girls were of lower quality, this was a Friday in Las Vegas unbelievable spread the word!

  150. Sakura

    Disappointed that this club does not hire girls with tatoos at all too bad they missed out on some amazing stuff, but I was impressed by the beauty of the interior and stage with the cool spinning pole also your dancers are very friendly maybe get some new management though…

  151. Jeb

    Most beautiful builing in town, and that’s where it ends. This place really, really sucks (and it is way, way overpriced).

  152. fisherdex1

    If there were zero stars that’s what I would give. This woman by the name of Leila walks around like she is a stuck up middle eastern broad that probably did a few lines. She kicked us or of the place after the security told us to wait inside for an über. Maybe she needs to take the stick out of her butt and get some personality.

  153. Huy N.

    It’s true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Especially what happens at a Vegas bachelor party, but this story is too good not to share.Last day of my week-long Vegas stag party. Most of the gang already broke out early in the morning, but half a dozen of us diehards have evening flights home and we’re gonna get in one more round of blackjack, Crown Royal and T&A.Early morning the Rio treated us somewhat nicely at the BJ tables so we had a decent grip of cash to rain with. About 10am we head out for breakfast, but the limo driver from last night just happens to be pulling up to the curb and recognizes us. We couldn’t say no.So we had him take us directly to the nearest titty bar. The only thing open at that time was Treasures so we head over. 1st points in their favor is they comp us the entire cover when they find out it’s my bachelor party. Only thing is, the place is like a freaking funeral home. No lights. No music. No girls.Us: Is this place really open??Hostess: Oh yeah, just come on in!So my boy Hap walks past the entryway into the main room as we follow. Still, dead silence. “What, does this fucking place run on headphones or something?” he asks.Hap almost breaks his neck tripping over a big object in the darkness. Turns out it’s a passed out dude. “Oh never mind him,” says the hostess, “That’s Dan. He’s been here since last night.The fuck? Whatever.All of a sudden, the lights turn on, the music starts thumping, we’re whisked into plush seats right up against the stage, and a bikini clad blond materializes in my lap like she just came out one of them Star Trek Transporter shits.Freaking awesome. I imagine somewhere in the back there’s a panel with a switch that says “Off” on one side and “Music, Lights, Tits” on the other. Shit was amazing.We quickly dispatched a bottle of Crown as the girls came crawling out the woodwork and onto the stage. Good times, although the one single mom attached to my lap was really starting to put me in a deep sleep with her neverending dreams of going back to school. Luckily, it was eventually her turn to go up onstage.At one point they put on “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed and I jumped on stage and belted out a few lines (with my arms wide open, of course) before the manager came and escorted me down.As we were about to leave, there was more humor to be had. A stripper marches into the joint and confronts the manager. They exchange harsh words and she goes storming off. A few minutes later Mr. Manager has some security dude go after her. We go outside to see what’s up and girl is a couple hundred yards out, buck nekked except for a bikini top, 5 inch heels and a strip of floss between her legs — running across the desert in the middle of the day.Security dude jumps in his pickup and starts coming after her.She speeds up.Trips on something.Eats it, face first.Fuck, heels must be murder to run in.p.s.: To Ryan H. – I feel you on the grip of money you burn through at titty bars, but as far as pervs, most people really don’t go to these upscale joints ’cause of that. The pervs get their diddle on at the seedy little local joints. I’m not a huge titty bar fan, but the fun is in throwing a few dollars around and acting like you got it like that. Don’t nobody really live like that. Paying double for drinks and cover isn’t exactly my idea of a great evening out, but where else can you throw down a few twenties and motorboat a hot gal while she tries to grind your nuts into jelly?

  154. ed

    I don’t really care about the other clubs. Treasures has the hottest girls no matter what anybody ekse says

  155. Tracy D.

    I like the staff but the girls are a little bit to aggressive.Beautiful club ,love the service but I was disappointed that they don’t have the kitchen they used to but overall fun place

  156. Jason

    This club is beautiful, like a villa. And the girls are 10’s.

  157. Tyson

    Nobody rocks it like these guys do. Smokin hotties everywhere.

  158. Sally

    Who is the hottie working the upstairs vip room

  159. Michael L.

    If Spearmint Rhino and Treasures were siblings then Spearmint Rhino would be Charlie Sheen and Treasures would be Emilio Estevez. Spearmint Rhino is a lot more fun with a lot more going on. Treasures is small and booooooring. Bottle service is a lot cheaper though.

  160. rickywho2

    Holy shit. We arrived and there were no girls dancing. Wr paid 40 fuckjng dollars to get in and there were no fucking girls dancing. Dong get me wrong. I understand it’s Sunday. But really….no dancers. I fucking paid 80 bucks to get in. And this fucking manager said. “Sorry”. Wtf. Don’t go here. You suck

  161. Troy H.

    New meaning to the term Strip Steak!!! Despite being a “gentleman’s club”, this place actually has a really nice restaurant inside! They claim it’s prime, I really think it’s just a good choice steak. Their drinks are poured strong and stiff. The Caesar salad was good. The lamb chops I got were good, though lacked salt and pepper. The mashed potatoes, and other sides were fair to good. It’s just soo convenient that it’s attached to a strip club! How convenient!

  162. David

    I wish I owned this club. I’d be in it every night!

  163. Ben

    This club is amazing…the girls that are hot are SMOKING hot..ridiculous.

  164. Jerry

    Great looking ladies, really like Lexi

  165. Tyler W.

    I have had their steak and it is, admittedly, Mediocre by steak enthusiast standards. Specifically I had the petite fillet Mignon, I decidedly average steak. That being said, the women are the best in Vegas. I have been to Sapphire’s, The Rhino, and Scores but Treasure’s consistently delivers the same great experience each time. Here is a word of caution: If you call Treasure’s directly they will pick you up in a limo from the strip, waive your fee to get in, and buy you a drink! Tell the guys on the street trying to sell you the same thing to get bent!

  166. larry1

    Really enjoyed this club. There were a plethora of girls walking around so it wasn’t hard to get a dance if you saw something you liked and some of them were from other countries which was a bonus. Not the best of the best in Vegas but a solid place.

  167. Sag

    Been to many clubs in Vegas but this one is always has the best looking girls and the staff is on top of things. Great service.

  168. GarryWas

    I visited this place two years ago, I was told by a bouncer the entry fee was $27 which included a two drink minimum, my friend was told the entry fee was $12 which included two drinks by a different bouncer. We were searched for weapons without notice or being asked for consent, then were taken to the cashier. The cashier asked for $28 per person and said that was for two drinks and a “free” cover charge or we could pay the entry fee of $66 total for entry and drinks. My friend said he didn’t want to go here anymore just as I was paying, the bouncer physically grabbed him, pulled him away from me and took him to the door as the cashier grabbed $30 out of my hand and handed me two pink receipts for drinks and told me I had already paid and couldn’t be refunded. He long story short is this place ROBBED me, ASSAULTED my friend, LIED about prices. The bouncer also physically kept his hand on my shoulder as the cashier snatched my money away.

  169. The Z.

    We knew this was a scam but we didn’t realize how badly we’d be scammed. Avoid avoid avoid!

  170. Jody

    Best super bowl party I’ve ever been to

  171. Mimi L.

    Went there on a Friday night on a holiday weekend, friend arranged us a limo to get there, this place looked very nice from outside, with all those nice statues, I liked the decor. they have a steakhouse restaurant on site, we never tried though, but our friend said it was not bad.It is a big club, 2 big stages downstairs, we were taken upstairs to our reserved tables. there was a small stage there. and a few VIP dance boxes. I didn’t really like the showgirls there, most of them are older, not what I expected. and the drinks sucked bad, we paid $25 each for 2 drink tickets, but they were only good for well drinks, light beer, house wine, cheap vodka, yikes! we had to buy better drinks, those drinks were still so bad, I suspect they were watered down or something.There were very few attractive girls dancing on the stage, they did bring lot of girls upstairs for entertainment, a couple of them tried to give hubby lap dance, but when they saw me, they were like ‘” you are so pretty!” and just ran away! WTH… I came here for lap dances too?! That was very unpleasant indeed….Wouldn’t go back again . 🙁

  172. Zack

    Without a doubt the best strip club in Vegas. The place looks like a villa when you drive up to it, super sound system and more bueaitful women in one place than I’ve ever seen.

  173. Ashley H.

    free shuttle/ limo from the strip, $25 cover that came with two drink tickets….not that bad of a deal. lots of poles but i was pretty disappointed with the main stage. if i go to a club i want that pole to be taller and i want the lil mami on stage to be doing some tricks. it seemed like any other strip club ive been to so i wasnt that impressed. they did lap dances right there on the floor. i am not sure if they had private rooms but i can go to any club and see a chick giving some random guy a lap dance so again not impressed. but hey it was pretty much free so i guess it was fine.

  174. Rhonda

    This place tries to rip off every dancer that works there.

  175. lovin' vegas

    This club is AWESOME! the girls are hot, the drinks are strong, and the music is great. always have a great time at treasures

  176. Jackz C.

    On the strip we were stopped by a promoter claiming a free limo ride to and from the strip. free cover and free drinks. we got there and there was a cover fee of 25 bucks. the drinks were hella over priced, again no big deal however we were promised free drinks and got nothing.when a member of our party tried to show a door man the video of what was promised shit went to down. hella lame and we lost our ride.door man knocked our friends phone outta his hand. doing hella much. 35 bucks in taxi fee, we had to take 2 back to the strip. bay area got no love here that night.

  177. DexterRexter

    This place is fancy. As one of the best strip club in Las Vegas, it showed me how crazy Vegas is, and also how expensive Vegas is.I got there by the free limo, which is a limo bus/van with other people inside. When I was on it, I didn’t feel rich, I feel like a crimial who’s going to jail.Then I have to pay $35 to buy 2 drinks because I took the limo. So it’s not really free limo.Some girls here are very pushy and only care about money. I hate that. I was with a girl there, and she kept ordering drinks for me, got me super drunk, then she kept asking me to pay… It’s Vegas, it’s understandable, and the girl did a good job, but I didn’t enjoy the paying part.Nothing else to say, it’s just an evil club that wants your money. If you are rich and evil enough to be in Vegas, this is a good place to have fun.

  178. Pete

    Just got back from Vegas and had a great time at Treasures

  179. Zac

    Why isn’t this place open 24 hours.

  180. Al

    Boston is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Tight little body and she knows how to use it.

  181. Mistercap12

    probably the worst experience i had in this club and it totally spoiled my mood and day, The drinks which comes with the cover are diluted and not upto the mark. The waitress knowingly ignores you even after making the eye contacts and the management doesnt care about the overall experience of the customers. The beer rates are over the roof here 18$. Also while initial stage they tell you that the pick up and drop is included in the cover, but during the night when you are leaving, you have to wait for an hour before you get a drop and that is also not guaranteed. Also the manager & staff shirks responsibility when asked to arrange the drop off.I think this club is total waste of time, which can be spent on other wonderful & caring clubs. As majority of us come to Las vegas on vacation, we all have a limited time. so personally will advise not to spend time in this one and look for alternatives

  182. Joe U.

    Not the best in vegas! Can be better if they worked on they’re management! Pretty dam hectic in there!

  183. Sierralv

    Patrols can come and relax.We have a five star resturant. Our staff members provide free limo service. Best of all Las Vegas’ voted #1 lapdancer performs here-Me

  184. Nick H.

    Went in a group of friends trying to find a non-mournful strip place that was full of life. This was it! Double-powered drinks for $12 and really hot ladies that didn’t have bullet scars or terrible tattoos. I had a real clingy lady sit down on me in the middle of talking with my friends, a real rude one. But that was the outlier in the crowd of amazing women. Good times. Was amused by the idea of the steakhouse. Who eats classy at a strip joint?

  185. Benny I.

    Best meat I’ve ever had. – Talking about the steakhouse.

  186. d
  187. muddy
  188. Vineet S.

    I had apprehensions about going to this place since it was far from the main strip. The promoter who got us bands to get into the dance clubs convinced us to go here. We got the free limo ride from our hotel. When we walked in,there was no cover but they had a minimum drinks spend of $25 bucks. The place is huge and they also offer buffet here.The main space is divided into two parts and they have a huge bar. We walked in on a Friday evening and it wasn’t super crowded. Our server was nice.There were so many girls here. The good thing about the girls here was that they were ready to strike a conversation and not just right away start convincing to get a dance. It is a fun spot to have a good time though it looks less fancier than the other strip clubs in vegas.

  189. Irena T.

    Came here last night (actually, this morning…) via the “free limo.” Was promised to be let in to the place for free, but like everyone else has said here, they drop you off and up charge you like cray. After much arguing with the manager about what the promoter promised us, we started to walk out. Of course the manager stops us from leaving and negotiates with us (typical bargaining move!!). He agrees to let the girls in free, but the guys have to pay the “cover” of two drinks, which came out to $30ish/guy. After all the mess, finally our group of 10 went in. Inside, the lounge wasn’t bad looking. Classy-ish with two areas for strippers. I wasn’t very impressed with the strippers at all. The club said they did good pole tricks (yes, we asked about their skillz before we went) and we were sorely disappointed. Strippers here = boring. And there weren’t that many. The main stage went empty ALOT of the time we were there. The girls walking around giving lap dances were way cuter. They weren’t overly pushy with the dances, so that was nice. Some were also really sweet. Drinks were a ripoff. We’d use a voucher for a drink, but then the waitress would tell us there was an extra charge (ex. Sex on the beach was $1 extra because there were two types of alcohol on it. Okay.). Going home was sketch. We DID get a limo home, but the driver told us he was working on gratuity. So? Isn’t the club paying you?Based on the business practices of the club, this place would have 0 stars for ultimate shadiness. Girls make this place a 3.

  190. billtheguy12

    This is the worst strip club, all the girls are older and it’s mostly empty most nights well everynight I come with friends it’s always empty and we always end up at another club, last I ever visit this club on top on that that Asian manager who ever he is tried ripping us off on entry until he found out we wr locals, they scam and never stepping foot in this trashy strip club, goodluck!

  191. Danny

    Tons of hotties. Didn’t want to leave. They need more chairs, hard to find a place to sit.

  192. George

    Love this place, Happy Hour is the best in Vegas. The buffet has the best food.

  193. HM

    As a traveling dancer I’ve had an opportunity to visit and

    work in a large variety of clubs. I decided to try Treasures

    because of its visibility from the freeway and the dressed

    up exterior. The entrance fee is typical for most clubs in

    Vegas, as are drink prices. The dancers themselves I think

    really ruined the atmosphere of the club. There were girls

    with huge pot bellies and old wrinkly ones.

  194. Valerie C.

    Cece pirastru was our Bartender and served us last night giving us exceptional service. She was so entertaining we loved her. Had the Best time ever thanks to her. We almost forgot we were at a Strip Club. We will defiantly be back.

  195. Mike Z.

    My wife and I were in town for my Bday and we ended up here. We were getting back from a show and we walked pass the Cosmo and we ran into a guy advising us there was free limo rides and 2 free drinks. We thought about it for like 1 min and decided to go for it, since it was my Bday. We walked maybe 10 steps and we got into their limo. We meet a family in town for a wedding who were really cool and they ended up inviting us to the wedding the next day. The ride was nice, and the company was cool. I think it would be a little weird if there was not a party going on in a limo on the way to a strip club. So, we got in and my wife talked to a manager mentioning it was by Bday and he escorted us up to the top floor. This was a Friday night and it was packed. There were no seats available, but the person my wife spoke to was able to get us a nice seat that over looked the down stairs area too and it was right in front of the bar. I really don’t remember how much the drinks were or how long we were there, but it was an amazing time. There was a steady stream of girls coming over and asking if we wanted a dance, then it turned into my wife interviewing the girls to see if they were any good at couples dance. I ave to say, it is good to have a wife that not only would come to a strip club with you, but filter through the “weeds” as well. I would say after about 5-7 girls we decided on one and we went to the back room. There was a 2 drink min., but since there was 2 of us…it was not too shabby. We did have to buy a drink for the entertainer, but it was well worth it. It ended up being 3 songs for a bill. I had a good time and even better my wife had a great time. She could not stop talking about it the rest of the trip and that was just our first night in town. We were getting ready to leave and we ran into the same people we were in the limo with on the way there. Funny how things work out. So we got the free ride back as well and everyone got dropped of at Cosmo. I mean that is where they picked us up at so it seemed fitting. Everyone in the limo tipped the driver so I think he ended up with well over $150.00. I am sure he had a good time listening to everyone’s conversation on the way there and back. This was a great stop on our trip and I have a feeling when we are back in town next year, we may have to make another couples stop there. The place is huge and amazing. The people were super nice and we always asking if we were comfortable. We

  196. Chaz A.

    Good club. Cushy, comfortable seating. The seating has a dark, tucked away feel for the customers. Great main stage and talented strippers. Cute, classy girls. Next to Olympic Gardens, Treasures is my other gentleman’s club of choice unless I really want to get down and dirty in which case it’s Palamino Club.

  197. mathewater12

    *** After visiting this joint thrice now, I am a fan. ***Suffice that there are many pitfalls to place this huge …- Drinks are weak and overpriced.- Some dancers are true hustlers.- Staff is trained to extract your $$$.- No R&B or hip hop played after 8pm.That said I’ve somehow wound up here 3x yet left smiling.Each time was by happenstance … a guy approached acouple of us on the strip offering a free limo and cover.Each time I’m on my way back to the hotel just to sleep.So me and the guys always go “Ok, one last drink”. (ha)Most dancers here are quite personable and attractive.But definitely get your buzz on b4 coming since the drinkspricey are very weak, but the dancers are very cool though.*** Not a destination at all, but definitely a decent pitstop. ***

  198. Mikey

    free drinks and free food every day 4-6pm, best happy hour in vegas. dayshift has some really hot dancers too, which you dont normally find at other clubs so early.

  199. vic
  200. z
  201. Tony

    This place never disappoints.

  202. tb

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