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0 reviews for “Belle Starr Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Chanel:Entertainer

    Well this is HILARIOUS! I love all the feedback, i just wish it was more useful. I am one of the dancers at this club. I find truth in the positive comments as well as a little bit in the negative reviews. As far as the ladies there is a little something for everyone, i really mean that. I think we are very accomodating when it comes to drink specials and basically no cover. Although, we have very little competition (Shotgun Willies, Rapid City)our girls, dj, bartenders, and bouncers blow that club out of the water. It really is a fun place to be (I was a regular for 2 years before i started dancing). Its a no hussle, no hassel type of club that is both affordable and entertaining. We get quite a few road girls that keep the mix fresh and the house girls that know the regulars and make you feel welcome. So come in and get some boobies in your face, EVERYWHERE else they can’t touch you!!

  2. Rivera
  3. Regular

    This club is an awesome club. The girls here are all very unique. There is a huge variaty of girls. the drink prices are almost the best in town, they always have specials going on. The new manager is doing an excellent job. As far as the accusations about Rae Rae she was not a prostitute. I know Rae Rae on a personal level and she is a great person and an excellent dancer.Every time I have gone to the club I have had a great time, there is a very good atmosphere, since the club has reopened. It is the only club I have ever gone to that every single person in the club has fun.

  4. tom
  5. richard95

    This is the funnest bar in Rapid City. Sure there are main street bars. But I am not a trendy person. The dancers and bar staff are a blast. Its topless only. Drinks are strong and cheap. No matter what day you go there’s a good crowd , unlike main street where its only crowded on FRI SAT …When I say crowded the whole city cams into those joints. Best topless bar I ve ever been to and I ve been to Portland, Seattle, Canada! The girls arn’t all 10’s but their personalities out weigh it. FUN! I Miss it.

  6. shawn
  7. rogerrab2

    Fuck the belle star and their limo service especially their driver Tim. Horrible experience. Don’t waste your money

  8. kijhy
  9. Camm

    Been to the club off and on over the past 4-5 years. I’m sorry to admit I don’t remember the ladies name who is now managing it but she knows what she’s doing. The club has improved since I was first visiting. The only down side to my recent visits was that several of the girls push for couch dances. When I say no I mean no. They were good looking girls but seemed a bit pushy for me. Now on the other hand last week I spent some time with Monica. She’s hot…tall, in shape, fake boobs but they are nice. Last night I found Keera (sp?)! WOW! She is one of the few girls who truly knows how to shake her ass! Also, she gives awesome stage dances and better couch dances. I spent waaay more cash than originally planned because I met Keera!She’s not pushy just easy to hang out with. Very pretty dark skinned lady who is personable and can hold a legit convo at the table. Thanks for an awesome night babe! The club is great.

  10. howard
  11. lared


  12. DieselFuel666

    Diesel and Stormy want to thank all their customers and friends for the memories and laughs. We will miss everyone, but please stop and say “Hello” at our new job! See ya soon! Diesel and Stormy

  13. Whoever

    Dancers from other bars need to stop talking in 3rd person to make themselves look better than they actually can. We all know you wrote that for yerself, and that’s sorta super pathetic… Guy underneath her is also a her who got fired recently… Head for 5 bucks?? W-O-W. Sad attempt, very sad.

  14. LackedEntertainment

    I went to the belle a few nights ago with some of my buddies, and I can say what a hole. They need more bar staff, because to wait 15 minutes for a drink while I’m sitting at the rail was STUPID. The girls didn’t really didn’t talk to any of us. I overheard one of the girls tell a guy that was sitting behind me to not get a dance from another girl for some reason or another, which was in really bad taste. The girls seemed to really pay attention to the regulars, or who I think were regulars. I think the only real time a dancer came to our table was during dollar dance time. One of my buddies gave one of the dancers a dollar, and she rubbed her titties in his face for 2 seconds and left. What a ripoff!

    I was there before with some guys from my company, and it was pretty well the same, save for one of the female customers, who was talking to more customers than the dancers were. I asked her who she was and what she does for a living, and she told me that she was a dancer! I asked her why she wasn’t working and she whispered in my ear that she danced at Shotgun Willies. And she even went up to the stage to tip the girls at the Belle! What a good sport, considering the obvious rivalry between the 2 places. And she didn’t announce to the whole world that she danced at a different bar. I consider that to be in good taste.

    All in all I can say that the Belle Starr, for lack of a better word, sucks. The next time some of my crew wants to go there, I’m telling them HELL NO! I’m going to Shotgun Willies to find that girl, and I’m going to tip her well. Brown curly hair, a hot firefighter tattoo, and friendly! More than I can say for any of the girls at the Hell Starr. And on a sidenote, at least Shotgun Willies doesn’t have a manager pending sexual assault charges. Shows the caliber of people the Belle likes to hire!

  15. cowboy

    it is a fun club to be in and anyone is welcome to have a good time it is alot better that it is under new managment

  16. Mike
  17. Busta

    This club has really turned around lately. The owner can be a little hostile, but he just doesn’t put up with any BS from anyone. The staff was great and one of the bouncers put ones on the stage in front of me off and on throughout the night. I just wish Alice the bartender would get on stage. Overall, I thought the girls were as good as any club I’ve been to in the midwest.

  18. stripper king

    iloved it it was awsome

  19. ex-employee

    the escort drianna listed on craigslist under erotic

    services is most definitely rae rae. I would be willing to

    give her the benefit of the doubt that someone had her pic

    and made a fake post, but there are other escorts listed on

    there posing on the exact same couch. Rachel, next time

    don’t post a pic with your face and tattoos on it.

  20. chipper

    these are girls talking about themselves on here in the previous review! rally week was so much different this year!

  21. fun time

    i was there last night – pretty slow for a friday but managed to still party- starr and jersey were keeping us entertained- awesome ladies! i will be back!

  22. JR

    Thanks for the info. Its great to hear right from the dancers. The last time I had a chance to review the ordinance, touching was not allowed. How much touching is there. Thanks again for the info and I will be in to check it out.

  23. dave

    it was really cool night to have a b-day

  24. traveler69
  25. never again!!!!

    This was the most DISGUSTING club i have been to. I mean DIRTY from the tables to teh bathrooms to the girls. Girls are fat and just walk around the pole. would not even call them “dancers” they don’t dance and no wonder they can’t make any money. there is no entertaining to their regime. stay far away boys, far away. and then there was a young one who called herself BLUE (me and you and a DOG named blue) who propositioned my brother in law for $40 for sex!! we didn’t report for prostitution because it seemed as though she was doing it on her own, none of the other girls did it and i don’t think the club had anything to do with it either. just consider yourselves warned…

  26. jimmy
  27. Traveling Girl

    I have danced at many clubs and I have been going back and forth between here and Wyoming alot. I dance at a little bar called Bryans Place that has two stages in Rozet, I would suggest all of you girls given that place a try too, I make better money there by far but still enjoy the atmospheres at both places… Hope to see you at both

  28. cowhauler

    Well, if anybody cares about a trashy ol trucker’s opinion, I thought it wasn’t too bad of a place. Slide the bartender a few tips and she’ll take good care of ya. Couple of the girls weren’t much to look at but with some like Jersey, Mary Jane, and especially STORMY…I’ll def be back again.

  29. manko

    was just passing through on business thought i would take a break here! its a somewhat relaxing environment…the tall native girl with hair down to her butt kept walking around like she owned the place! but most of the girls i talked to were very nice!

  30. Bouncer

    I actually work at this club and I think this board is a bunch of roadies/fired dancers talking shit. This club is fairly upscale compared to most Midwest strip clubs I’ve been in. The girls aren’t pushy and aren’t hookers so it makes for a fairly laid back atmosphere. The drinks are as cheap and strong as any place in Rapid.

    I would guess that most of these negative reviews are coming from several girls that I know that couldn’t seem to follow the simple rules, and were either picking fights, not showing up for scheduled shifts, or underage girls that were sneaking their own alcohol into the club and got caught.

    Anyway, we have some really good looking girls here, and if people think shotguns is better, just come check out our club before you make the final decision.

    We are also offering free limo service to and from the club from rapid on weekends. Just call and we’ll set it up.

  31. jeff
  32. Roy

    I hate this fucking dump the bar staff sucks and that fucking bitch Ciara is down right ugly these bitches are fat has more stomach than ass cant dance and always trying to get rid of the beatiful road girls and that road girl Amil looks like a man and so does Aziza two of the girls are cracked out they do it in the bathroom

  33. Scott
  34. b6b
  35. Nadia

    We worked at this club and were harassed by the insecure house girls. The went to the mangement and lied about every single one of us..and the mangement knew it was a lie and said so. All this was lead by “housemom” Taylor. She went out of her WAY to drive the new girls out. At the end of the night they made us SCRUB the club clean. I had mirror duty and was made to repeatedly clean it for over 30 mins… It was abusive and I couldn’t walk out because we are paid for our dances in chips and we couldn’t cash them in until all the cleaning was done. I made 200 but most of the 6 other girls with me made under 100. Rally week sucks. BEWARE!

    If in area work at Shotgun Willy’s, the mangement is way cooler than Belle Star.

  36. Henry

    Worst club I’ve ever been to….ever. Don’t waste your time.

  37. Derrik
  38. Sista
  39. fred
  40. Ned

    I was told this club was shut down by the city approx 2 days ago. Good to see it go. It was a nasty *hit hole anyway. Dancers had to act like hookers just to make a buck. And that manager what a prick!

  41. JD

    I’ve been to many clubs in many larger cities, and believe it or not the Belle Starr is one of my favorites. All the girls seem fairly nice, no attitude, and are extremely low pressure — quite a change from most clubs. In fact, I never thought I’d say this, but the dancer don’t quite hustle enough at the Belle! There have been a half-dozen times where I’ve had several hundred dollars in my pocket ready to spend, and the dancers are so laid back that they never even approached me, and I went home with a lot of that money in my pocket. That’s not really a complaint on my part, just an illustration of how low-pressure the girls really are.

    The private-dance quality varies, but is usually very good. Of course, it depends on the girl. Monica and Jada are my two favorite girls and they get all my money when I go there. They’re very different, but both goddesses in their own way. Brooklyn, who has since quit from what I understand, was also outstanding. They seem to enjoy giving private dances, which makes all the difference in the world to me. When you get one of those girls who is just blankly staring at the wall and pretending she’s somewhere else, that’s pretty awful. I’ve had one or two of those at the Belle, but I won’t criticize by name here. I believe that both of them were just passing through and have now left the club, anyway.

    Most surprising, I think, is just the overall atmosphere of the place. It’s a very friendly joint…groups of friends, guys and girls, seem to hang out there a lot. It’s almost like a normal hangout bar that happens to have naked chicks walking around. A very comfortable place. I really like it.

    — JD

  42. Dan

    I have talked to the club owner and it will reopen on the 15th of September, it was not closed down by city

  43. Ciara

    So I was reading through and realized the previous comment was written by a dancer who got fired that night. Just keep that in mind

  44. t=rab

    fuck this place…daisy and marie used to be hot as hell but they both blew up and got fat well daisy has crackhead teeth..typical stripper stereotype..they have some black indian looking girl whose face looks like a caveman..lazy eye style, neveah butt ass fugly…parker ur a homewrecking whore…jersey was with some black dude at the mall kissin on him most likely a customer…-i always see strippers out with their regulars….gross!! i wouldnt recommend sittin on the toilet seats..u may be bound to catch something! the bartender is hot tho Dulsy i think her name was,,,,never seen her b4 said she danced b4..i would pay her to take any of these nasty bitches spot! for some of you ladies..u should proly have retired a long ass time ago!!

  45. The General

    I think the Belle gets a bit of a bad rap on here. I am a somewhat frequent visitor and can give you the straight scoop on a few things. I am not affiliated with the Belle Starr in any way, so this is my unbiased review.

    1) Probably the strangest thing about the Belle is exactly HOW laid-back the dancers are. If you’ve been to most strip clubs, you’ve experienced dancers who frequently stop by, talk for a bit, and then hit you up for a lap dance. That’s how it is — the girls are there to make money, so they try. Man…the Belle is not like that at all — and almost in a bad way. Well — it’s great that you can sit down and hang out without being pestered 100 times for a dance. No complaints there. But honestly, the Belle girls are almost *too* laid back. On several occasions, I’ve walked in with several hundred dollars or more in my pocket, and left without spending a dime — simply because all the dancers were socializing with other guests. And when I say “socializing,” I really mean it — they choose a group of guys/girls to sort of hang out with when they’re not dancing, and rarely leave that particular table. Now, you could certainly reply that hey, if you want a lap dance (which is where I spend all my money — never at the stage/pole), then you should go hunt the girl down and get one. And I would reply that, sure, I do just that when the girls are walking around the club or at the bar or something — but when the girl is sitting at a booth-table , sitting against the wall inside a few other patrons, then I take that as a sign that she isn’t interested in my business. Again, I know it’s odd to be sort of complaining about how NON-aggressive the dancers are, but the fact that I’ve come in many, many times with a wallet full of hundreds and left without spending any of them speaks for itself, I think. Because believe me, I wanted to spend it!!!

    2) The quality of the women dancing here generally gets a bad rap — there are LOTS of very sexy girls who dance here. Of the current roster, Parker, Neveah, Jersey and Lou-Lou are incredibly sexy. Sky was also wonderful, but has left. Shay is also very sexy…there are more, but I can’t always match the name to the face.

    3) Lap dances — quality really varies here. Here’s the thing — in the back, some girls are dancers, and some girls are grinders. In other words, some are gonna dance around a lot and make very little contact, and others are gonna skip a lot of the dance-around stuff that they do on stage and instead do a loooooot of grinding in your lap. Guess which dancers make more money? (Listen up girls!). It’s the second kind! This is just my opinion, but I know I’m not alone — dancing is for the front. The back is for grinding/contact/stuff you don’t want/get up front.

    4)My personal choices on dancers — they’re just my choices but I’ll give them to you. For my money, Lou-Lou is umatched on the couches — her body is just incredible, and she’s such a sexy, sexy grinder in the back. Shay is also very nice in the back. Parker may have the most jaw-dropping body on staff — but unfortunately, she’s almost all dance and no grind. Haven’t had a lap dance from Nevaeah in months, but it’s worth a visit to the club just to see her ass and her flat abs. Wow. And she’s not a dancer, but Alice the bartender might be the main attraction of the whole place. Huge brown eyes, beautiful smile, huge rack, phenomenal lower body as well…how they’ve not managed to turn her into a dancer thus far is beyond me, but oh well.

    Other girls I can’t comment on because I either haven’t seen them or don’t remember their stage names. I’ll do my best to post updates here when I return. Best of luck to all visitors and, of course, the dancers. ;0

    The General

  46. Another gal

    Althought they are following local laws, the gals cover themselves very conservatively.

  47. Wyo

    Wont be back.

  48. heather angel

    thats just a girl from the club talkin in the review below mine..i was there this weekend and no this club hasn’t turned around…manager just sucks balls no matter what! chic is the only cool guy there! love ya baby

  49. marty
  50. bill
  51. TheBigIndian

    tbis place was good for a thursday night, the atmosphere was perfect the dancers were great

  52. loveit

    This club is a lot of fun i would recamend it to anyone in the are to stop by and check it out you wont regret it

  53. haha..YES

    it got closed down cause jason the manager was a perv and sexually assulted one girl employed there…and she’s pressing charges..the owners just closed it down long enough to get jason the fuck outta there and get someone new in…i’m excited to see who runs it now..i think Chic should cuz he’s a bad ass dude!!

  54. nnnnnn
  55. h0
  56. tj
  57. Em

    I loved it so much I applied!

  58. george
  59. bobbie

    Roxy Bambi and Jersey are some of the best looking girls at this club. The three work together really well, i suggest a triple couch dance from them. Great club i will be back! Security is on point but also sociable. Rich made me laugh all night.

  60. B

    I am a customer. I have gone to this place a couple of times and every time found that it still does not have any talent. The dancers remind me of curb walkers, offering to give a little head for $5.00. GROSS! Warning guys these bitches are UGLY and above all, it is no wonder they can’t make any money here outside of hooking.

    There are whores here. Have to be otherwise the manager wouldnt be in business. Hooker gross ville. Curb walking trash.

    Save your money.

  61. cliff
  62. me
  63. Stoney

    Just had a bach party for my buddy, had a great time. Had a feature girl that night that took good care of us. The dj Chic is supper makes sure everyone is having a good time and gets involved with the customers, have followed him around the different clubs he’s worked at always makes sure I’m having a good time. never had a bad time there a the girls are great, especially Maria.

  64. Scarlett
  65. Barake

    i have been going to the belle starr since i turn 21 and out of all the strip clubs in sd this is the best one i love all the girls

  66. bobnd

    I get to this club every couple of month. What the general said about being to layed back is right on track. I’ve had the same problem, if that’s problem, not being even asked for a dance. I’ve had to hunt out a girl to get a dance with. I’ve been here a few times and told myself that the next girl that i talk to gets a few dance. and guess what, I never spend a dollar. I’ts hard to believe, but true. Planning on heading down next weekend, maybe i could spend a few bucks, i hope so anyway.

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