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6105 Phillips Highway, Jacksonville, FL 32216


30.307531, -81.643451




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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100 reviews for “Doll House

  1. Joe Blow

    I haven’t seen Eve in some time she was great gal, and I miss her fine oral skills!!

  2. Mike

    Does Eve still work there?

  3. g

    good club

  4. Larry

    Wow My bedroom is bigger than this club. I had a girl offer to give me a dance for a bump of coke, I said no sorry she said fine we go behind those curtain booths and we can fuck if you give me one line. wow. stay away guys not worth the time. when you walk in the front door you almost bump into the stage that is on the other side of the bar it’s tiny 40 people pack this place full and girl’s are nothing special.

  5. xxx

    bunch of cracked out girls. come to sinsations for a better party .

  6. bg

    this is a “cozy” lil club, it is small but when u come here its like the neighbors next door. Nobody is rude or hatefull. Everybody looks out for one another. You will never get picpocketed or overpriced for dances. All the girls are quality women.

  7. The Pro
  8. gigi

    definitely a place to be

  9. Billy Stevens

    So you can make your closet into a strip club??? There should be a square footage min. for a club, it took exactly 12 steps to get from front door to bathroom (which is in the back of the club) and from bathroom to bar took 20 steps then another 15 to get back out the door (yes I really counted cause there was nothing to look at there and I was not staying long, might as well entertain myself somehow cause none of the girls could) in others words gross girls tiny club it would be better to make my garage into a strip club.

  10. Rich

    First club experience in Jacksonville, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Katya is the best!

  11. help not hate..

    redirect new girls not to be pushovers instead of just talking shit.

  12. bean

    this place is boring

  13. kenny t.

    just a another dumpy bar

  14. shy

    you go girls

  15. Roy Scott

    Was here tonight and boy was I shocked. I got three dances which were only so-so dude to the lack of hot girls. Like the Guys before me stated “Mostly Trailer trash”. My last dance was from some Russian woman who’s name I did not catch over the over bearing loudness of the shitty sound system. Russian Girl wanted to suck my dick and seemed pissy when I refused. I am a Married man seeking a visual thrill not a desperate whore. I even refused nicely. So I will seek another strip club better looking females and hopefully have a better time. Good-Bye Doll-House.

    Grade: D+

  16. disgusted

    wow this bar is small and shitty girls were stuck up and thought they were hot shit and they were nothing but trash never felt so uncomfortable in a bar

  17. chad

    decent club with some good looking girls.definitely better then sinsations.

  18. Don
  19. scott powell
  20. marvell
  21. mike

    old dumpy bar with ugly dancers

  22. Monica

    I worked at the Doll House 7 years ago…and I had worked there for 3 years. It is the best club in Jax. Loving me some Charlie, Brad and Gary!!! Go See These HOT Girls! The club is great and above and beyond any club in Jax! Love u guys!! Monica

  23. big T

    This club is really lame.Place looks like from the 70 s.They had only 2 decent looking girls other than that it snot worth your $$$$$.Try emprerors you wont be dissappointed

  24. Med. Pimpin

    Great place aside from the crack heads on day shift, the suckfest of russian/asian whores with a galore of stds from the buffet of dick injections taken daily which is why I stay away from this time slot.

    *Night-shit is full of Catty MILFS mostly with fake tits that are just cold bitter coke heads. There is a few outgoing decent girls there however.

    I hope Managemnt clean’s out all the trash and the lil’ bitches that “think” they run the place because thier lil’ Attitude chases potential longterm customers off. other than that this club would be a-ok IMO.

    I still prefer Sinsations with this place a close 2nd.

  25. pdidy

    i like sinsations cause they have alot of black girls thats why i wont go to doll house anymore

  26. Matt

    I’ve been going here on and off for 4 years now, and have always had a great time 😉

  27. wow just wow

    Why does anyone come here??? There is nothing to see here. The girls are not great trailor park queens at best with scattered crackheads. I saw two special rooms by the bar with curtains, everyguy that came out was always smiling gee wonder what went on back there. There was one girl that looked ok and she asked me for a dance a few times finally said yes, then while back there asked if I wanted anything extra??? what the hell, I just wanted a dance, got just a dance. Should have gotten the extra’s may have been worth my money then. I will be back to try for extra’s but would rather go to stud’s pub than here for enjoyment.

  28. the man

    the dollhouse is a great club i go there on day shift and all of the girls are very nice its a great place to do to get dances

  29. julio

    this place dont like mexicans. me and my essay went there and we got thrown out cuz some ho said that we were not tipping on stage.F… you doll house hoes.

  30. dick

    hey all the losers at sinsations, come to doll house and find out why we are better than you

  31. Jeff

    Kelly, I love you…please marry me 🙂

  32. Diamond Don

    Lighten up people! This club is alright. If you’re looking for a Vegas atmosphere, bitchy dolls you can’t touch, a dude in the men’s room to dry your hands, this place IS NOT for you. If you are looking for friendly, attentive ladies, great private VIP dances, chillin atmosphere, the Dollhouse is your club. Don’t talk shit about these ladies, they are working just like the rest of us.

  33. sss

    doll house rules baby.

  34. WD Hustler

    Katya and Virgina are the hottest dancers there. Great atmosphere, the club is small, but that gives you a better chance to talk to the girls and feel like you belong. The club goes out of it’s way to make you feel comfortabble and IMPORTANT.

  35. trippin

    thiz plaze iz da bomb

  36. x

    it’s ok I guess

  37. annoyed dancer

    come on now, in this place you can get your weener sucked off by couple russian girls for only $25 to $30 . thats why i dont dance there anymore.i am a gourgeus dancer but How can i compete with and dj sucks there and girls run the place.

  38. money g

    thiz club iz cool

  39. jim

    i like doll house because they got nice looking gals working there.i never been disappointed at this place . thanks for good time

  40. will

    Doll House is the best.if you want hookers and junkies goto sinsations we dont want you!!!!!!!!

  41. dear monica

    Mercy mercy me this place aint nothing like it used to be.

  42. Tim
  43. puff dady

    its just a another dumpy strip joint go to sinsations

  44. not the same

    Hey diamond doll these girls are not like everyone else. They take there cloths off for money. This club is not bad but the girls are not good. Rude and gross for the most part. Not likely to thank you for the money you spend either. Later I will never come back.

  45. Andy

    Great girls, especialy Violet.

  46. wess

    come to sinsations much better place then dollhose

  47. pdiddy

    Went there…manager was a dick….dancers were ungrateful….just overall shitty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. WOW

    they should include barf bags with admition, how does anyone like this place??? must be trailorpark regulars and they get blown to talk good about them on here, sorry but i like my woman with all her teeth and bathing daily not bi-monthly.

  49. jimmy paige

    i guess i would prefer this place too eveidently lots of cock sucking going on 25 to 30 for a bj u cant beat those prices that place is a fucking joke go to sinsations

  50. LOL

    Yeah dollhouse is about as clean as a 20 year old crackhouse, that place is nasty. I have been to sinsations it is not dirty at all the vip is open so how can they do anything there??? trust me I tried they won’t. On the other hand I went in the vip in dollhouse and they have curtain, girl pulled my dick out and said its only an extra $20, what a deal! thats about the only positive thing I can say about dollhouse cheap lays and bj’s I was in their very private vip a few times. Girls were all ugly but one but atleast they service.

  51. Tony

    When are they going to shut this place down???? Everytime I go in I try and give it another chance but it sucks everytime. It’s an eye sore to look at the building the space would be more productivly used as a parking lot. it’s way too small to be a good strip club, so why not just level that place??? please just give up this bar sucks, there are 2 other good nude clubs in jax you can visit.

  52. t

    i prefer sinsations gentlemens club

  53. cuz

    dont be hating

  54. U R an Idiot.

    Shitsations, how long did it take you to come up with that one.

  55. pete

    Another shit hole that thinks it’s worth someone’s time, lol right.

  56. lemont

    i like doll house dayshift cause you can get lots of extras for little money. last time i tried haley ,she is not bad (at least for the price). i used to go to sinsations but lately they got no girls on days so i ll be going to doll house for a while. i still got couple girls on days that are stil my favorite for extras. see you girls next week in da club.


    Well, in the north of florida, this place rocks the cock! These girls are value added 🙂

  58. fred
  59. bob

    definitely a great place to hang out

  60. nelson

    The day shift girls are awesome.

  61. Yawn

    club is boring nothing special here.

  62. good choice

    i like doll house.i only go to 2 best nude bars in town and they are Doll House and Solid Gold. People that are talking shit about these 2 clubs are probably from shitsations oh i mean sinsations. Honestly sinsations is the worst tity bar in town.they got the most drugs,ugliest girls and drug dealing managers. Go to doll house they really are much better and safe club then sinsations (its only 3 miles away from it.)

  63. brew_meister

    When in Jacksonville, this is as good as it gets.

  64. b

    cool p[lace

  65. I Smell Like Strippers

    Beautiful,classy women,best dances I have found in Jacksonville or any other club I have been to,can easily become an addicting habit,the girls in here are generaly not stuck up or mean like in other places..I rate it at a 9 because for me a 10 just doesn’t exist

  66. No U R an Idiot

    not long at all matter affect less then a second.You must work at shitsations otherwise what the fuck are you doing in doll house page you cock sucker.You and your club is disgrace to this business.Because of people like you got nothing better to do but sit on your fat ass and talk shitt about other clubs that are doing way better then you.So do me a favor and shut your mouth bitch and get off the doll house page.

  67. paige
  68. thaDEAL

    Three kinda Hoe’s up in dis’ bitch!

    1- Asian Hoe’s (will suck dickie dick but not swallow)

    2- Russian Hoe’s (will do anything for their Pimps)

    3- Trailer Park Milfs (wont fuck ya’ but will jack you off)

    and on a scale of one to ten. These bitches don’t score no higher than the grade they dropped out of. That Being SIX!!!

    I prefer The New Solid Gold Or Sinsations for your nude entertainment! However If you swing by this cave dwelling make sure you wear a condom. If you don’t have one just look between the seat cushions.

    You’ve just been scored by thaDEAL.

    It’s been REAL!


  69. whatever

    doll house is a clean club but on the other hnnd sinsations a bit different story.The comment below says all this crap about doll house but in reality you can only get that at sinsations plus all the gentlemen please go to sinsations if you want a STD if not come to doll house

  70. 2 days.

    Actually, It only seemed like two seconds. Which is what I came here to talk to you about. You need to go to rehab pretty badly. You know who you are. I wouldn’t say anything if I didn’t like you.

  71. Bridget

    this place is great. check out the day shift their the best.

  72. jaxguy

    Went on 8/29/09, some very good looking girls and some average ones but overall quality was good. The number of girls was too low, would have liked to see more variety. Will return.



  74. geez

    this fucking place blows

  75. In Agreement

    This place was horrible. Do they even wash their glasses behind the bar?? girls dancing that looked like they just walked off the street. ewww

  76. CANDI

    i love this place!! its really the best i cant wait to actually apply here and dance

  77. Bobby

    pretty good

  78. Scott

    The best! Love the day shift

  79. Joe Zucco

    Full Of STDS and Russian WHORES.

  80. Blahsome

    Friendly and warm place – nice staff and great dancers. If you get a chance, hang out with Fonda (the bartender). She’s got tons of great stories and awesome to talk to.

    And the private dances…oh my god…

  81. Addict

    most beautiful women I have met in this town;when the girls leave this club to work at other clubs they run the freaking house…so kind of a training facility for knock outs….very addicting for me…I love this club,I may seem confused at times but I realize it is just women earning a living,I just wish I was a billionaire so I could adopt some of them as companions….

  82. Big D

    well I went to your burger king drive throu and you forgot to put the cheese on my fucking sandwhich. Im really disapointed in you. 🙂

  83. carl

    its an okay club but it is too small for my taste but its definitely better than sinsations or tiffanies

  84. William G

    Beautiful women will walk up, press their young bodies against you and talk about getting better aquainted. There are so many I felt like a kid in a candy store.

  85. LoVe

    Go on and brush your shoulders off now, and play nice.

  86. stllhrny

    This place is awesome I spent all the cash I had on me and it was worth every penny. I will be going back soon.

  87. Yup

    I agree this place is horrible, only like 2 or 3 decent girls, cramped closet they call a strip club. Good bj in the v.i.p. though so next time I need an easy lay I will return.

  88. 2ManyWhores&Milfs

    25$ suck n’ fuck… enjoy ur aids!

  89. eric

    I just turned 18 and have been to a few other clubs but this was just wow. Nice feeling, hawt ladies, nice crowd and amazing dancers. Can wait to spend more money there.

  90. victor

    like this place a lot

  91. me

    best place ive ever been too

  92. Brown Thompson
  93. j

    another small town dive

  94. LORIA


  95. jack

    i love this club. definitely better then sinsations

  96. Traveller

    Great little club – personal and friendly…

    Stopped in late afternoon on Thursday and received a few dances from a sweetie named Raven. She is very hot and very attentive.

    It was a great experience! I’ll definitely be back soon.

  97. Jay

    i visited the place a little and it was an alright place to visit.

  98. Corn

    I had one of the best times of my life stopping at the Doll House. Look for Noel, and Icy as they are smoken’ hot and reallllly now how to take care of you. Noel thank you again for everything.

  99. frank

    my gosh what an old and outdated place with bunch of ugly girls.

  100. Christina

    This is an awesome place to hang, the gurls are friendly and so is the staff. Everybody is very entertaining and they make you feel very comfortable.

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