7752 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD 20747


38.8447779, -76.8709778




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bazz&Crue

  1. The Sh**

    The Best in the Metro Area.

  2. tony

    great afterparty spot good place to hit after leavin Love or the regular club.they dont sell drinks so i dont know what the other reveiw was about. this club is better than the other pg spots in my opinion.

  3. Ghop

    I like that no trouble ever broke out since i been going for a year now. The Sound System could use improvement, the girlz can be taught more Dancers’ etiquette, too many girlz walking around back and forward doing nothing or just sitting down. Last year was the Best because of the Girlz were out to get that money they would ask if you want a dance, if you said no, 10 min. later they asking again, you can’t help but to say yeah come eah’ Gurl lemme Freak Dat!!! Most of the 2 Dancer acts on stage are very good, it really looks like they doing each other orally and sexually…. I think the gurlz can take a course on costumes too, most of their costumes are the same just different colors and maybe slight different accessories. One thing I liked from a few of the Dancers last year was Fishnet Stockings & garters, I don’t remember seeing any of these gurlz this year in Fishnet stockings or Garters. I really enjoy women in those, so hopefully the owner & partners take heed in what I say, I’m not just a critic but I am also a Member….Thanx

  4. somm

    Very beautiful girls, very affordable and nice setting.

    The music is little too loud for me. Excellent over all.

  5. jack jack
  6. King of the Street

    Two thumbs down!!!

  7. KT

    This was my first expirence at BAZZ CRUE and this club is mos def Hott esp. this short light skinned dancer i don’t recall her name but she made my night!!

  8. A.Z.

    I Like the club alot because of the atmosphere and party type vibe. But if you want to know you wont get acurrate reveiws on this page because some guy has a problem with a dancer there and writes untrue reveiws.It doesn’t effect the club because the people have chosen this club by the high degree a play they give it by them going all the time.People behind computers lie. NUMBERS DONT. They have the proof in the pudding. And folks love this club. Fuck Dudes opinion he’s not US.

  9. Not going back!

    This place is a dump. Needs to be condemned or investigated.

  10. tina

    i enjoy going to this bar.there is alot of really talented dancers long as you dont go when rebecca is working the service isnt bad either.

  11. Bobby Dyegitalle
  12. P

    Several of the dancers almost made me bust a nut

  13. Micheal Naylor

    This is a great spot to go to with your boys. Other than the smoke the lapdances are amazing hard on instantly.

  14. Paul Covarrubias

    The clubs atmopshere was fine, but there is definitely room for improvement. For one the club definitely needs a wider selection of girls and a new look. I believe if the club was to be made larger it would help alot. I also believe if they had their dancers schedules it would increase business as well, that way clientel can check when their favorite dancer is working.

  15. Trey
  16. prymetyme
  17. CJ

    This club is worth visiting. I like it and I like it alot!

  18. Young M

    Had a good time. Bad Bitches! for sure. About 2 or 3 of dem bitches should NOT be there tho, on the real they ugly as shit. But the rest are very nice looking.

  19. Farrell

    Damn this place is gone downhill bad! I used to come here a lot when I was stationed at AFB a couple years ago. We used to have an aright time. Now the place is a dump. Girls are broken and always hussling.

  20. C Block

    DAYUM! This joint is busted! the girls are dusty and the inside is dank. Lots of baby mama drama goin on in there too!

  21. Fox

    I read the reveiws the positive ones turned out to be true the bad ones were bogus. its a good club. the guy that wrote the fairy tale below mus have really got his feeling hurt. that parking lot is always protected by state troopers. and p.g. cops ride back&forth with they’re lites on for security for the cfe events center next door. that story about dude fighting is bogus. dude is a jelous pussy who couldnt bust a grape.that story never his red bitch got nice tits thow…

  22. luvstrippers

    Bazz&Crue is the longest running and best club in the dmv. I cant lie it was a little diffrent when the old MC wasent there but he’s even back & the club n girls are better than ever…The guy in the reveiw b4 mine is tripping they dont sell drinks…he must be a broke looser… broke guys shuld not go to stripclubs. Those girls work HARD.

  23. tim

    Love the spot..Just back from Iraq, I needed that..great variety.

  24. Donald

    Its the best club ive been in

  25. fatz

    loved it

  26. Frank White

    This Spot is always live and the girls sexy as hell. the set up is clean and fresh looking. Its a tight club. The people that write those negative reveiws must have some personal problem with a dancer or something there. from the looks and sounds its like his girl works there lol! because the bad reveiws are way off and it stays packed in there.

  27. Anthony

    You think your in vegas when you walk up..i couldnt beleive we didnt leave out of there until 7am. Had a ball-

  28. Jazz

    This club is GHETTO. Strippers were busted, lazy, and do not pay females any

    attention. The music is nice tho, good hood/gangsta music.

  29. Kamron

    Plenty of Freaky Fresh Girls Not all burnt out like most clubs of its caliber bazz&crue is dc’s lil king of diamonds the music and mc hypes the party like yea! I see why u may not want to bring a Girl…This my shyt..

  30. Steve M.

    One word: GHETTO.

  31. T.J.

    I’d like to have one of them as a baby mama! I’m stationed at andrews now and i’ve been to all of the clubs. this club has stepped it up alot compared to what this area has to offer. REAL walk up and think your in vegas and shyt. i went this weekend..somebodys hating…

  32. j


  33. marky

    bazz&crue is consistantly etter than the other clubs. i worked for club xtacy&sinsationals as security but b&c keeps fresh bitches&the joint looks good. but i dont want no babymama striper..he trippin..thats why the uva dude mad&dont like the club. we see is babymamma naked bitches sexy in that joint.

  34. Booker

    This spot is nice. They came along way. I’m just back from Iraq and I started coming when I got out of high school. What a differnce.

  35. M

    1st time I loved it. Dancers were sexy and talented putting on a great performance!!!

  36. Chaz

    This place is a joke. Ridiculous application at the door (who da fock does that?!) just to get in. Over priced drinks. Bored looking dancers who can’t smile to save their life. The place is a dump and needs serious renovation. Went there once and won’t go back. Plenty of other places in the area that offer a MUCH better time for your money. Maybe if this place offered free entrance, free drinks and free dances I’ll go back. Nah….lol.

  38. Jerome

    Went there this past Friday with some of the guys I work with at AWB. Thought things were sketchy with some dudes hanging around the corner. In case you never been there the club is at the corner of a run down shopping center. Anyway we go in and after a few minutes my car alarm key chain starts buzzin telling me that something is wrong with my car. I go outside and I see 2 dudes going through my car after they smashed my window. Alarm is going off and dudes are still ff-ing with my car!! I tell the bouncer to call the police and he just stands there! I go to confront the f-ers who are in my car and all of a sudden i get jumped from behind from the other guys who were standing there earlier. Lucky for me my buddies also just come out and we start brawlin. After a while they all jump in there car and take off.

    When I talked to the police to fill out a report for my stolen stuff and window busted out the officer said it happens a lot there. Its the last time I go there!

  39. MURDAS



  40. yung_boss

    got damn it some bad bitches up in there next time i go its v.i.p and i aint never coming out

  41. c.j.

    i cant say anything bad about baz n cru its a landmark and been official for ever so i cant hate on them theyr legit

  42. Kev

    This place is a dump. If you’re into stretch marks, wannabe pimps walking around and overpriced drinks you’ll love Bazz n Crue. Otherwise if you want a real good experience go somewhere else. This place is ghetto!!

  43. maurice

    I come everytime I am in town.

  44. B

    I just went to see whats up and this club is pretty good…should have brought more gwap though!

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