Pure Gold’s Crazy Horse Nashville



300 Mc Cann Street, Nashville, TN 37210


36.150246, -86.769343




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pure Gold’s Crazy Horse Nashville

  1. theman
  2. review

    If you like smoking hot white girls with banging bods, you better go to Kens. If you like black girls with fat ghetto bootys, then Crazyhorse is your place. I didnt know this was a black club until I went there.

  3. player hate

    dont hate the player hate the game……..

  4. Tom

    place sucked to bright and felt very unsafe there.then had a girl yelling about how the club stoled $9,000.00 from her .very bad … club is so bad there stealing from the girls …thats sad

  5. DJ VANE


  6. biggie smalls

    if this aint like home i need to change my address

  7. re Whoooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree this club definately looks the best out of all the clubs in Nashville and has the best dancers.

  8. Passing Through

    Highly overrated; boring; no talent dancers; supercillious management.

  9. Alex S.

    Awesome. Absolutely love this place. My wife and I come here often and it is an amazing date night. Clean establishment, beautiful girls who aren’t too pushy about lap dances and they have a respect for couples. It’s nice to have some laid back entertainment like this. Music is poppin’ and security keeps the place civil, which is almost unnecessary with the kind of clientele that frequents crazy horse. I’ve been to every club in nashville and this is the one we’ve made our regular joint. Do yourself a favor. Go to Gold’s!!

  10. hard_sixx

    The girls are agressive, the atmosphere is terrible, even have to tip the man in the restroom for using it! Nothing but a flat out RIP-OFF1

  11. pauly

    had the best entertainment in a long time

  12. MB

    Whoooo! I Have A Mic on my face! WooHoo!

  13. crazy horse!!!!

    This club rocks, check it out for the weekend parties!!!!

  14. Rico



  16. johnny holmes

    take it all girls the after party is off the chain

  17. Ricky

    DJ VAIN is a dick and needs to get a real job oops he cant he dont know how to wrok hard… That gay ass loser……

  18. Whoooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    Out of all the clubs in Nashville, this one definately looks the best.

  19. This Sat!

    Anniversay party this weekend!!!

  20. Better Than Any of YOU

    you all talk shit until that person is there then you want to hug them like there your best buddy YOU ALL RIGHT ALONG WITH


  21. cup4fun

    the worst strip club we’ve ever been to. what’s up with having to throw the money on the stage (the three foot gap rule in between customer and dancer)?????? byob – and pay an additional $1,50 per bottle of your OWN BEER that you already paid for??? yeah, you get free beer if you pay $16 cover – free, warm, flat, cheap and you have to get up and get it yourself. all nude was not all nude, girls was average, nothing special. if this is the best club in nashville than that’ very very verrrrrry sad…

  22. white man

    i wish those nasty ass niggas -dancers and customers-would have there own club and stay out of the white folks place

  23. Big Daddy

    Very nice club. Great variety of women. Go see Madison or Jasmine or Jessica or AThena or…

  24. markus

    cant enough of there love

  25. hell yeah!

    love this club!

  26. Hector A.

    Este lugar aspira. El dj no es bueno. las muchachas es bajo.

  27. yay
  28. jethro

    Club has some nice ladies, but the best looking one never took her clothes off! Also, be prepared to have your wallet drained. $20 cover plus $6 drink set-ups plus they bug you to buy drinks for the girls. They seldom honor their coupons, too. But they have a relatively nice selection of women. Such is the shitty state of the current Nashville strip club scene.

  29. Blows

    This place blows loads!!

  30. USUK



  31. party party party

    new year party tonight!!!!!

  32. smitty

    big bang 4 your buck party on

  33. Hey

    All the clubs have 3 ft rule, you dumb ass…

  34. micheal

    best club in nashville

  35. coybow bill

    rode them like i stoled them them ther girls are fine stock

  36. Dash

    Overall a good experience. Quality of the private dances varies greatly by the dancer…as does the price. Clean club, friendly girls and no at lot of pressure.

  37. DR. SMITH

    great place to release some steam

  38. what

    what is up with this site? I have rated this club a 10 like a million times and it never changes. hmmmm

  39. biggie

    shazam dis is the house da visit. check it out guys

  40. ha!

    This club’s rating is 69! Yes!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Fenimore

    Those last reviews are so bogus. Like every other club in this city, Crazywhores is pitiful. It sucks on so many different levels.

  42. I've never had so much fun!

    I came in last night and had the best time. There are some real party animals there! The club was slammed and the girls are really good, at dancing that is. I’ll be back next weekend. Thanks for best Saturday night I’ve had in a while!

  43. mike

    It really wasn’t all that, nice building in a ghetto area. The girls were bitchy and had bad attitudes. Not worth my money or my time….

  44. Pole Queens indeed!

    I went to the pole contest friday and saturday and it was intense! The best competition by far!!!!

  45. wow

    tanya taylor is hot

  46. new

    yeah right..$750.00 total for a shower show, like anybody’s going to pay that kind of money. Otherwise girls are nice and many are good looking. Privacy in lap(??) dances is less than other clubs

  47. Dale

    Plenty of dancers-maybe too many. Kitty and Ginger are both the bomb.Private dance area is not so private.Cover is too high.

  48. Flip

    Excellent couch dance. well worth the $$ Lots of girls and the stage was always filled.

  49. Ruby rocks my face off!!!

    Ruby rocks my face off!!!!!!

  50. Gabrielle's VIP Club

    Gabrielle’s V.I.P. Club will be hosting its annual Ms. Exotic Nashville Competition Saturday, October 26th from 10 till… Any dancers who wants to compete is very much welcome to compete… Cash prizes for the top 3 dancers. Come join us along with 102.9 The Buzz for our Halloween and 4th Anniversay Party that will be going on All Night long! Prizes are being given away to our customers as well courtesy of 120.9 The Buzz. Wear a costume and get in for Free Cover. See you there! You don’t want to miss this Party! 1711 Hayes Street, Nashville, TN 37203

  51. Gooooo Ruby!!!!

    Ruby can be the queen of my pole!!!!

  52. JEREMY

    don’t waste your time here. you have to bring in your own beer or liquor, then you get charged for each beer you bring in, cover is $16 on top of that. drinks are $5 for a soda, it’s no smoking, and there’s not many girls. then you got some ugly ass dancer trying to talk you into a VIP for $350 for 30 minutes. on top of all that they have a 3ft law!

  53. Alex

    i really like boobs!

  54. I work here!!!!

    This is the nicest and cleanest club in Nashville. Everyone hates on us cause they aint us!!!! Come check it out!! Pole Queen Contest on January 26th and 27th. (for employed CH entertainers only) Monthly features!!!! We accept all passes!!! See you there!

  55. capt sam

    a experience i will take with me to remember thanks jersey

  56. Elmer Johnson

    The blonde dj sucked. the girls were anywhere from pretty to skanky, the lapdances SUCKKEDDDD!!!

  57. layla

    best club in town

  58. secret CH fantasy dancer

    I work at this club and it is a very very nice club!n about the gurls being bitchy its because we work why to hard to be disrespected and gropped on now if you are nice and respectful then so will we but come on guys we get tired of people coming in talk bout they gone do this n that n do nuthing but that talk!well if you wanna have a good time its not free n we love the company but we are workin remember that!!!!! but anyway check it out thers a beatiful varity or gurls just find youe one xoxoxoxoxox

  59. killer b

    a flash back from my frat party days loved it.

  60. dink

    nude stage show but full dress dances

  61. Anonymous

    I had a horrible experience here.The workers were awful

    especially the manager. The manager was very rude. They are

    also are very strict about everything like we couldn’t even

    dance without them saying something. This was the only strip

    club I’ve been to with more rules than a school. The

    strippers were okay. It wasn’t worth the money! Wouldn’t


  62. jack

    well jack me off that was a great experience

  63. livinlikelarry

    This bar is bullshit. I been going there for a while. They never charged me 20 dollars as a female till tonight. Been bringing several people here and always been charged 5 dollars or free for me but guys were 20. Which I have no problem with. Then I got disrespected by the manager. He needs to change his attitude. That job has went to his head. He used to be pretty cool back in the day. Now he’s got a God complex. I will never go to this club again. Just sayin

  64. Mike Jones

    The DJ sucks really he does!!!

    send he to school !!!

  65. Re:hard_sixx

    hard_sixx, u sound like a cheap bastard! If u ain’t got money & willing 2 spend it, keep yo broke ass at home! That’s why they’re here dumb ass, 2 make money! Why u even wanna go out with an attitude like that? Buy a porn, stay home & beat it till you’re finally happy, you’re pathetic!

  66. Bill

    This club was awesome, the atmosphere was right. The soft core porn playin while gettin a lap dance was something new for me. The variety of girls is nice too. From small girls to thick girls. Very few, verrrrrry few ugly ones.

  67. turnip greens

    2 many nigz

  68. bobby

    if ur 18 dont go they make u wear a t shirt that says im not 21 its gay

  69. jc

    the cover and drinks are too high and there’s no smoking in the building.

  70. whooooooooooooooo
  71. Billy

    I had a great time at this club. It should be a 10 not a 7!

  72. I love this place!!!!

    Did you know that the Crazy Horse chain has over 7 clubs in North and South Carolina and Tenn? Memberships are good for all of them!! Details at 300 McCann st. Cum one Cum all!!!!!

  73. lenny

    american woman.. great selection of entertainers

  74. scotty

    beem me up scotty i got a booner

  75. Staff

    Good news scotty got fired and lee’s penis is enormous!

    We all fuck each other after work in a big giant orgy, and all you assbags have way to much time on your hands, Yay! Who wants ice cream?

  76. Raff

    This is the best club in Nashville! First of all, the quality of their talent is unmatched. Just about every girl was a 10, gorgeous variety and excellent service. Lucy, Asha, Brianne, Cheyenne – all were incredible. $160.00 for 20 mins in the VIP is totally worth it and there are no switch and bait gimmicks like you get at Dejavu. The club itself is very clean and spacious. The server was kind and attentive. There was no pressure at all. If you are wondering where to go for a party in Nashville, this is the place!

  77. josh

    what a great place katara was my favorite entertainer

  78. peter

    this club has the best looking women…the petite blond with boobs is awesome

  79. joseph1k

    Wow this place is what I would consider a gentleman’s club for sure. Only been to a few different ones but this one is for sure the biggest and cleanest by far! They have a diverse group of classy ladies who make it worth your while. I would suggest to eat before you come here but they do have places that deliver. Can’t wait to go back on a weekend where I’m off the next day so I can take advantage of the free shuttle. Some of the reviews saying go to atl instead…yeah don’t! There was one door guy who took himself a little serious but he’s not what I came for! The VIP isn’t a bargain but I guess that’s what makes it VIP also it is VERY nice. I was offered an ashtray as I do smoke but would have felt bad for smoking in a place this clean!All the girls were dolls with great bodies that varied quite a bit. They all stood out though as they looked different from one another. Variety is the spice..you know the rest! The byob rule saves you plenty of money to spend on the girls. To the people leaving shitty reviews: life is short if you don’t like an establishment then leave and take it as a lesson learned. If you get off on saying girls are ugly etc on the internet than you should perhaps invest in therapy! Anyone who has dealt with the public knows you can’t please everyone. Lol if this is the worst club you’ve been too than you’ve probably not been elsewhere. Thank you for the great nite!

  80. Guest
  81. Franklyn

    I googled this place and everyone warned about going there. I should have listened.I went to treat my brother who serves not far away and was totally stopped because their ATM was out of money. How the hell does your strip club ATM run out of money at midnight? The owner should shut the business down if he can’t even stock money in the machine that will fund his business.We were there all of 5 minutes and weren’t even allowed a refund for this. What we were offered was for me to “charge” my credit card for an additional 10% surcharge PLUS the possibility they charged as cash to my card which would be an additional amount of my card.I would recommend skipping this place at all costs. This isn’t how you treat customers.

  82. Ruby rocks the house!!!

    Ruby rocks the house!!!! She rocks the freakin house!!!!!! Vote for her to win the pole contest this weekend!!! She deserves it!

  83. kevin

    best ive been too

  84. well steve-o

    This club is great, and the dj is the same dj that opened the club. And no he is not dj vane. There is nothing wrong with this club or this town. It’s the retards that tried to control the hand that feeds them that have put a dent in this industry, but I see that changing now that there is no inspector. Know your facts before you talk shit about something.

  85. Scotty TOO FATTY

    I’m going to come back now that that faggot DJ is gone.

  86. tonycluber

    Please note – this is Nashville TN. 3 feet rule. No nude while off the floor. Don’t blame it on the club. No touching the girl while she is on the floor. Dancers will not sit on your lap and stimulate the genitals by law.I have been to strip clubs. people love to go to the stage and tip the dancer. she would come and rub herself etc. etc. But that doesn’t happen here. But the girls are really good. I have been to places where the dancers would rip you off if you are not careful.Top 5 beautiful dancers (again it depends on individual) Shanelle, Samantha, Carmen, Sharneigh, Jasmine. This place rocks and cool place to chill out. Bar service: Bring your own bottle. No sodas allowedEntry $20, Lap dances $25, VIP rooms available. Girls charge their own so varies. Official $100 every 15 mins

  87. Whoooooo!!!!!

    Buck Naked!!! Buck Wild!!! Check out the naked bullriding on the weekends . . . WOW!!

  88. Jhon Allen

    You’r DJ VANE is a sick bi man that has no life of his own so he has to be at a strip club 24/7 so that he dont feel so alone at home wait!! He has a man at home right ?Thats what one of the girls told me !!!! when I was there the other day and the club sucks too!!!Get him out of there like the vu did and it will be a great club !!!

  89. Satisfied Customer

    I go to the CH all the time. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I love it there. The girls are cute and pretty good dancers. There’s a Pole Queen contest on the 26th of Jan. I will be there!!!! Keep up the good work!!

  90. Chris

    There were lots of girls a few of which were good looking, but way to many black girls and heavy set girls. The few that were good looking had really bad attitudes. I’ll try somewhere else next time.

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