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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Goosebumps

  1. Big G

    This place is hot. Great lap dances for $10. Nice comfortable VIP room. I’m going back to Atlanta just to go to this club.

  2. d'mo

    this is a great synergy of ballers and business men the early evening gown series adds a touch of class to the industry.

  3. Jarisus H.

    never ever go to goosebumps!! cougar alert one woman was my mom’s age with long breasts no booty!! so not attractive! one girl i got a dance with was kool conversation and cute but dance skills was straight s@#*&*!!! waitresses want a tip everytime they give u drink!!!!only one fine sexy dancer….rest were really not up to par! the women in the crowd were dancing better than the actual strippers!!!! lap dances… well my lap dance wasn’t worth $5 her booty touched my lap maybe twice!!! just don’t go never ever ever ever go there! And one more thing already have your change or exact money you wanna spend before you go cause it will take a lifetime to get your change back!!!

  4. Scott

    This is the worst club I have been to in years. The girls in there have hygeine and attitude issues. The waitresses are lazy and or have attitude problems. The rooms in the back are very small and dirty. The floor in the clubs is sticky and old. The bumbs outside harrass customers when they leave and security allows then to hang out around the door or on the property. Very disappointed about this place considering it is in downtown Atlanta across from the Hilton.

  5. Alize
  6. Shadow

    Small club for Atlanta standards. Cover charge for getting in is crazy compared to other clubs. That alone is enough to make you go other places. There is no street level parking so you have to pay in the lot next to the place. The ladies are nice but once they do their stage shift, they either run to the cat they know or back stage. I went with a group of fellas with stacks to spend and damn near had to tackle chicks for dances. We promoptly put our money back in our pockets and went to Onxy and had a ball.

  7. sexylady

    GHETTO… HOLE IN THE WALL if you are looking to get your money’s worth dont go in this club because you might come out with something else. There VIP rooms are so tacky I was afarid to sit on the counches. It is super small, and it is not worth the cover charge. I do not recommend ANYBODY to go here…

  8. Benny B.

    Just a little hole in the wall “strip club.” There are some busted looking broads in this club. Stretch marks and pot bellies aplenty. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of stretch marks but when her stomach looks like a wrinkled shirt it ain’t too cool. Of course you will find a few dimepiecish (not quite a dime) looking dancers. Best looking one in there was Jazz. Tall, thick and red with a whole lotta ass. This club really isn’t even close to the best that Atlanta has to offer but I guess if you’re staying in the hotel and you don’t want to go far this will work for you.

  9. Skye

    I like this club. The girls are hot, and friendly. I would go back.

  10. Alek Z.

    Yeeeaaahhh…far better strip clubs out there. In fact, the next day after I visited here, I was standing on the corner, talking with a native Atlantan. Somehow we got on the topic of strip clubs, and I mentioned that I had stopped into Goosebumps. The guy looks at me and says, “That doesn’t count as a strip club.” That should give you an idea right there.I don’t know if I looked like a cop or what, but when I get to the dude out front, he pats me down for weapons! I was like whatever and went in. To their credit, some of the dancers are pretty damn hot. It was an all-black club in terms of the entertainment, from what I could tell. And these girls go down all the way, they show everything.The drink prices were about what you’d expect from any other bar or club. If you do decide to go here, be sure to take out cash beforehand; the ATM’s charge like a $6 fee.I got the impression that the so-called dancers did a little more than just dance, know what I mean? I gathered that from what I got of the conversations going on around me, and the fact that two girls kept trying to get me to go to a private room. If I was even considering it to begin with, I was especially turned off by the price. They wanted $125 for 15 minutes and $225 for a half-hour. I haven’t been to many strip clubs, but that sounded exorbitant. Especially for just “dancing,” know what I mean?One of the main reasons I give this place 1 star is this one uppity dancer who tried to rob me for all I was worth. I was kinda drunk, so I sat back and let this one dancer do her routine, and after what I swore was like two songs I told her that I had to get going, and thanks, expecting to pay the usual $10 per song wage. I don’t know where this…woman…got off, but she said it was *20* songs and that I owed her *$200.* Not even kidding you. I asked her if she was joking, but she was serious. Now I’m all for helping these ladies get by, but this was just bullshit. I somehow ended up talking my way out of it, and luckily no bouncers got involved. But that was a shitty move on her part.Never going back to this dump.

  11. curtis17

    On the second night of my trip to Atlanta I wound up here and it was ghetto-FABULOUS. After spending the previous night at Cheetah Lounge, I felt that I really needed to dive deeper into the Atlanta strip club culture.Night and day does not begin to describe the difference. The place reeked of weed, a fellow patron kindly offered to procure coke for me if I wanted it, there was live hip-hop and the crowd was lively.My hostess, Tina all but MADE me take a lap dance so I applaud her persistent entrepreneurial spirit but I almost lost an eye on more than one occasion due to her gargantuan, engorged nipples.I need to be clear that I fully agree with the one and two star reviews on here and this place is not for the faint of heart. The hotel warned us NOT to go and with very good reason-one friend who went with me says he is scarred for life. But I went in with very clear expectations and Goosebumps did not fail on delivery and as a result I had a good time that I will not soon forget.

  12. AssnTits5

    Never again. Went here last night with my boyfriend. Came here because it was across the street from our hotel. Dancers are good, but have very poor customer service. Everything was fine until my boyfriend asked for a lap dance from a dancer he thought was cute. Now he did get one earlier in the night from another one because she approached him in a friendly manner. That dance was only $10. Cool. He assumed that the other dance would cost the same. The dancer he really wanted boldly told him “I know you have more money”. Wow. Pretty bold statement. Plus they were advertising $10 table dances. No wonder this club has a low score. Maybe we were better off at another club. Avoid at all cost.

  13. LadyK

    Overall I was not impressed with this club. I expected something better after paying a $10 cover charge. The ‘stage’ is small, not leaving adequate room for the dancers to really show off and half the dancers didn’t seem concerned about putting on a show, they were just after the $10 lap dances. Overall, I’m not impressed, I don’t think I’ll be back.

  14. LTD

    Nice little steamy spot in the middle of downtown ATL. Good cigars too.

  15. Local G

    Small, greedy bitches, lazy waitresses.

  16. danielson

    Amazingly surprised! What a friendly atmosphere and the staff and management couldn’t be nicer! Very welcoming, the music is amazing and the dancers are super nice. Felt very welcomed and had a great time. Will definitely be back when I’m back in town. Definately come here!!

  17. Johnnyboy123

    I’m 99% sure my friend was drugged while here. They also hustled my cousin for a ton of money.Besides those two terrible things the strippers were a lot of fun.

  18. one eye bouncer

    Back in the day, when I started off at Goose Bumps, after hours when the club shut doors, Basically turned into a Gay infested party! Sye and Nino (club managers) and myself the security guard, one eye guy we licked each other’s ass. I really just wanted to come out and reveal this for closure.

  19. Dee El

    Definitely not “ghetto.” Platinum 21 and Pin Ups are ghetto. Goosebumps caters to mature businessmen staying in downtown hotels. Most of the dancers are very experienced. They will sit and chat with you before trying to get into your pockets. My personal faves – Naomi, Craze, Flava, Isis, and Charm.



  21. Mike W.

    The best place I ever been to in Atlanta!!!

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